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even kuwait's in a mound the other g.c.c. countries see is an attempt to dictate negotiations and their outcome before they even take place having said that the kuwaitis and i've spoken to some officials over the past couple of days here are not convincing colp there are still continuing so the foreign minister has been going to serve all of the g.c.c. countries in recent weeks and they've also been receiving mystery's and other representatives of the governments in the past couple of days including from minister of qatar just a couple of days ago there is a sense however jane and this is another interesting thing among some people in kuwait that maybe actually they will also be targeted by these blockading nations because what we've seen in the past couple of months because kuwait has tried to insist on being a mediator and insist on being neutral in this the saudis in the u.a.e. actually wanted everybody to be in support of them so we've seen an attack on certain kuwaiti figures within the saudi and morality media that's something that's
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kept people wary here but in terms of mediation the government says it will continue to strive to find a solution and it is hoped for that something will come about although that optimism may not be shared by all the analysts in the region ok thank you iran is increasing the pressure of the twenty fifteen year kid deal it's notifying the u.n. of plans to accelerate the early stages of uranium enrichment iran's atomic energy organization says it's begun working on facilities for building advanced centrifuges at its natanz site it says the plans would remain within the framework of the existing agreement supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei a order to preparations to go ahead if the deal falls apart following the u.s. exit last month. i remodel. we got this message from some european countries they expect the iranian people to both tolerate the sanctions and deal with them they want us to go along with them and
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give away our nuclear energy activities and continue with the limitations i would tell these countries that they should be aware that this is a dream that will never come true the people of iran and the government of iran will never tolerate this to both suffer sanctions and nuclear limitations this will never happen. israel's prime minister is in france as part of his european tour to warn of what he calls iran's threats to the world on monday in germany penniman netanyahu urged chancellor angela merkel to adopt a tough approach on tech runs nuclear potential netanyahu claims that the country's growing influence in the middle east could create a new refugee crisis still ahead on al-jazeera. if you have the salmon seekers you face the risk of being thrown in jail the controversial votes in the latest crackdown on refugees by hungary's government. that's a new plan for italy the prime minister outlines his vision.
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hello there in japan we've got a lot of cloud at the moment it is giving us a fair few outbreaks of rain as well you can see it higer actually working its way eastwards covering most of us at the moment giving us some fairly hefty downpours in the south that behind it is bright and far i am pretty warm for thin fella temperatures up at twenty nine degrees and thirty in pyongyang and then behind that we've got another weather system that's still putting itself together but still a fair amount of cloud drifting its way across the eastern parts of china there and up into the eastern parts of russia so the north of that is really quite warm it looks like beijing will be getting to. around thirty five degrees and force in the toll will be up at twenty one now before the chills the south and there's plenty of rain here and isn't thanks to
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a tropical depression that's working its way towards the north and it's intensified the rains all the way across this region so the actual storm itself is fairly weak the winds with it and particularly strong but the rains across this region are going to be very heavy for wednesday and thursday to so there is the risk some of us in the southern parts of china likely to see some flooding towards the south there's also been lots of wet weather here in the rains are staying fairly intense for many of us as we head through wednesday this system out to the east of the philippines as a developing one and it's going to intensify the rains here. it would remove any pitch of doubt from certain that the country should be a people dispossessed a state established. to do with brownstein broke the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lives at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy
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years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe. you're watching out is there a mine of our top stories this hour the u.n. human rights office is calling on the u.s. to meet at the halt its policy of separating migrant children from their parents says detention should be the last resort for those escaping countries where violence would give them the rights to international protection. qatar's insisting it won't back down into a blockade imposed by side arabia the u.a.e. back grain and egypt foreign minister says his country won't be intimidated by
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reports of saudi threats of military action if cattle buys a defense system from russia. iran is notifying the u.n. of its plans to accelerate the early stages of uranium enrichment tech runs an atomic energy organization says it's begun working on infrastructure for building advanced centrifuges at its in the tons facility. jordan's king abdullah has named the education minister as the new prime minister. will now have to form a new government after his predecessor resigned on monday every day as a volunteer stares you protests in amman over plans for tax hikes and austerity measures king abdullah has promised urgent reforms. bodies he reports. it's official jordan's government has responded to the people's demands by accepting to replace prime minister hani and willkie parliament speaker out of a total not told al-jazeera he will reject the law that initially sparked protests
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last thursday. although it seems to the protesters demands have been met they continued to march for the fifth night in a row and. the resignation is a first step to reduce the tension that exists in the country the second step which is the main step is to withdraw the decision by king abdullah from the parliament otherwise things will not calm down they want to make it clear to the government that simply replacing him with the same old same will not fly people are looking for a paradigm shift they're not looking for changing faces like you know. second one prime minister and getting another one they're looking for a change in the policies of the policies have been determined tells to the daily lives of the people and jordan and they're looking for changes in these in these policies. the protests broke out after milky under pressure by the i.m.f. announced his plan to raise income tax by at least five percent. the taxes were
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aimed at shrinking jordan's thirty seven billion dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output jordan's a dependent economy has been struggling with a dramatic cut in donations by the u.a.e. u.s. and saudi arabia and a large influx of refugees from the surrounding conflicts have added to the crisis king abdullah met with reporters promising reforms in saying the country must meet its challenges challenges the middle class hope they won't have to pay for how middleburg d.c. al-jazeera congress parliament is debating laws that would criminalize those who help undocumented migrants navigate the system as part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban right wing government. jonah hill joins us from budapest why does the government jonah feel the need to enact this set of unusual. jane quite simply it's the fulfillment of an election promise the nationalist populist prime minister viktor orban in april won a third successive landslide election victory on
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a promise to protect this country to save it from hordes of mainly muslim migrants migrants beating at the gates bent on subverting this country's mainly christian values aided and abetted by a network of activists and n.g.o.s that he had promised to stop while the debate is underway in the parliament building behind me here on a set of laws that would criminalize the activities of those n.g.o.s as you said here's my report. where once there was an open border of the european union now there's an electrified fence migrants and refugees still trying to enter europe on welcome in hungary alone slide win in parliamentary elections in april has encouraged prime minister viktor orban and his feet as party to go further despite protests by the e.u. and local activist groups a new law is being debated that would criminalize any supporting clued in legal
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advice given to asylum seekers who do make it through access to justice and due process are fundamental values and this legislation specifically targets that saying asylum seekers shouldn't be helped because if you have the salad seekers you face the risk of being thrown in jail so i put that to mr all band spokesman your question implies that the so-called n.g.o.s that are active and operating at the borders to both sides of the borders or if it's about migration are humanitarian organizations and. our finding is that they are actively promoting migration of the borders. but where are these mainly muslim illegal migrants that state run media relentlessly warned during the election campaign would flood hungary and undermine its christian values the advance of victor and his policies has proved
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unstoppable in three consecutive parliamentary elections meanwhile the advance of muslim migration on this society has been pretty comprehensively stopped at what is now hungary's heavily fortified southern border it is as if this new legislation is aimed less actually legal migrants and more at civil society which brings us to the other great fear that stalks hungary's prime minister the billionaire financier george soros and the network of liberal minded n.g.o.s he supports he made it clear . what kind of future he thinks of europe he's pro-democracy he's probably. right the kind of the moccasin the form of democracy he promotes and his organizations are promoting are very far from real democracy because they rely or would like to relight so-called n.g.o.s that have been founded and financed by the church and the like minded people the new measures being debated are collectively known as the stop soros bill in anticipation of difficult times the soros funded
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open society foundations announced last week it was pulling out of hungary that's a loss to free thinking society but a win for one of europe's most illiberal governments that now looks i'm a salable. well the proposed legislation has been met with dismay inside the country among those n.g.o.s and activist groups as you saw there they worry that it's the thin end of the wedge today migrants and refugees to morrow minorities ethnic groups freedom of speech and so on outside of this country human rights groups of expressed their dismay the council of europe a forty seven nation body and the un's refugee agency have called for the legislation to be withdrawn warning that it incites xenophobia and mistrust of civil society but those warnings those harsh words unlikely to bother too much government a few days ruling party mr obama himself inside parliament behind me with their healthy two thirds majority thanks for the journey home. italy's new government is
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presenting its plans to parliament where it will face a vote of confidence on whether it can take power prime minister to separate counties addressing the upper and lower chambers of the senate in rome let's go over to sonia she is in rome just wonder what the plans are that we are hearing about. mr condé has just finished giving his presentation to the upper house the senate where he outlined what his government's proposals are for example you also mentioned his plans for stopping a universal income for poor italians as well as other issues such as tackling migration as well a lot of the business of migration he also spoke about it being a government of change and that he seemed to also own the term populous that if populist actually meant helping people but he declared himself to be one but that
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is also going to be voted in later on in the evening that voting will take take about a couple of hours. to do but it will likely be passed with a comfortable majority and the new government i mean how much of a headache is it potentially for the e.u. . well it was potentially a headache before they were. signed it and it looks likely that they will be definitely challenging certainly they aim to challenge some of the budgetary rules on. not just on the fiscal policies of the european union but also on migration as well the new interior minister of course from the coalition party of the five star movement the leg which is a far right movement the leader. now the interior minister has already been making waves as well saying how he plans to slash the budget and defy the european union
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back and he also wants them to go against the quotas as well he's against that and so he's siding himself with the likes of hungary poland on those rules and regulations of accepting quotas so really the european union really has to brace itself on that front jane thank you sonia. risk years in guatemala trying to reach remote areas after the fall where you go a volcano destroyed villages and killed at least sixty five people thousands of others were forced to leave their homes so evident more from psychotropic. in the village of sent. there is evidence of destruction everywhere a massive volcanic eruption unleashed a torrent of lava. which engulfed the community. the flow raced down the side of the flag a volcano giving people little time to escape rescue workers struggled to find bodies many of which were buried inside their houses. access
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is very difficult and it's really hot in the places we're trying to dig bodies out of the ash the deeper you dig the more intense the heat. by morning the scale of the disaster was becoming clear the volcanic mudflows buried entire families this is the epicenter of the slide and it's the focus of the rescue efforts right now rescue workers pouring out across this area going into houses and pulling out bodies in just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies both poll out there's not a lot of hope for survivors. sunday's volcanic eruption shot ash more than six kilometers into the sky and sent lava streaming down a highway it was the flag of volcanoes most powerful eruption in decades more than three thousand people fled to temporary shelters but while they might be out of harm's way the memories still linger oh i wasn't going to be over all yelling run get out because some people didn't believe it was happening so many people died it
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was horrible all we have left is what we were able to carry with me what i will as president visited the site on monday he promised to release government funds to help with reconstruction. the family in full remit until the early hours of the morning to ensure that all the legalities and agreements are functioning not just to go back to the congress to produce the sources into optician with complete transparency. but for many of those who survived it's difficult to imagine what it will take to recover the scale of this disaster is simply too great david mercer al-jazeera circuit the pick is what amala saudi arabia has issued its first driving licenses to women the ten who received them already had licenses from other countries the ban on women drivers is due to be lifted on june the twenty fourth despite the law changed and saudi campaigners for the right to drive both men and
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women remain under arrest their cues of trying to undermine the kingdom security and stability the executive chairman of a u.s. coffee chain caught up in control of a city is stepping down after thirty six years howard schultz oversaw the expansion of starbucks into the largest coffee chain in the world his departure comes after all its u.s. stores closed last week for staff training on race relations that followed protests at the arrest of two black men in a philadelphia starbucks who had been waiting for a friend. the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. human rights office is calling on the u.s. to mediately halt its policy of separating migrant children from their parents it says detention should be the last resort for those escaping countries where violence would give them the right to international protection last month the
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trumpet ministration announced it would separate all families detained at the border trying to cross into the u.s. without documentation catalyze insisting they were in baghdad a year into a blockade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. back rein in egypt the foreign minister says his country won't be intimidated by reports of saudi threats of military action if qatar buys a defense system from russia. there is no legitimate grievance behind this letter threatening the couple and violating the international law it's well it's an order international norms and. the most importantly it's violating the. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an attack against each other so we believe that this letter has nor any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis iran is notifying the un of
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its plans to accelerate the early stages of uranium enrichment iran's atomic energy organization says it's begun working on facilities for building advanced centrifuges added to the tons cited says the plans would remain within the framework of the twenty fifty nuclear deal with world powers. jordan's king abdullah has named the education minister as the new prime minister. will not form a government after his predecessor resigned on monday followed barely a week of protests against plans for tax hikes and austerity measures turkey in the usa a plan to withdraw kurdish fighters from the northern syrian city of man beige and stripped them of their weapons will begin in ten days the agreement was reached during a meeting between the turkish foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state on monday congress parliament is debating laws that would criminalize those who help i've been documented migrants navigate the system of
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a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban and right wing government those are the headlines talk to al-jazeera is up next. only. war is all it's all union city. it's been a year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind in egypt imposed a blockade on qatar cutting off land sea and and links so how is the state of qatar the world's largest exporter of natural gas coping with the crisis. what's the
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impact on the region's future. i'm sami's a down in talking to carter's foreign minister about one year on from the worst diplomatic crisis in the gulf cooperation council history one hundred. family talks while dizzy. it's been a years since a blockade was imposed on carter and this anniversary is marked with a resurgence of threats against your country i'm sure you're aware of the reports that talk about the saudi king sending a letter to the french president in which a threat was made that carter would face military action from saudi arabia if your country purchases russian missiles do you believe that qatar could face an attack from saudi arabia. first for just let us make it very clear that the purchase of any military equipment is
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a solved under siege and which no country has. anything to do with saw there is nor a legitimate grievance behind this letter threatening its violating the. national votes by writing all the international norms and. most importantly it's violating the. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an attack against each other so we believe that this letter has no any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power that represents an escalation for cutter to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as destabilisation because qatar is not representing any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we
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have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he saved the region from a war by helping in raising the prime minister of lebanon so this is something that they have been continuing as a pattern in their behavior do you see this report according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you think it's credible world we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government and have received any response one of they said their response. should be to more if it's confirmed what would your response be to the south. we are going to respond legally by.
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the response of a country that this is not violating international law and as a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community does cotta need to take any defense. military steps in light of this reported thrill we are going to take that all the necessary action to defend our country but it's like well what do you controversy this is first of all this is not there is nor any serious military threat out of this but it's the way it's been used to justify. or to create any disturbance in the region is just unacceptable so. is going to treat this. the same way they have we have treated their legal blockade we are going to seek all the international fora to make sure that this behavior is not repeated. one year on does carter face the threat of military invasion from anyone for the last year there was an announcement by mid of quit himself that he
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prevented a military action in the region. after the blockade of qatar we have heard several countries reported the same thing that was unfortunately a threat was coming from the region but since. since september we have seen that those threats being eliminated and thanks for all the friends and allies not hers that make sure that region states well this is going to be my next question is who do you credit amongst your friends and allies for blocking these attempts or reported attempts to invade cut or our friends and allies played a positive role in this in preventing any escalation from taking place in the region because they understand that there is and cannot afford further discussion saw our friends in the region like turkey. and iran and kuwait of course.
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as well as europe and united states i'll come back to that point in a minute if i may but i'm curious to know will come to go ahead and buy the s. four hundred missile system or are you are tall rethinking that in light of these reported threat. made all the options open for its defense for its defense procurement so we are seeking the best quality to defend our country and we have all the options open for this so it's possible that you may not need to buy the s four hundred says i will use this is subject to the evaluation of the military people it's not a decision which will be taken in light of that letter of that threat has absolutely no bearing no political bearing on the decision on whether you. remain independent country and that's protecting this independence this is would not be subject for any. but there is a longstanding ally the united states of america you have a lot of american and western hardware in your military forces why do you think
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needs now russian military systems is that an indication at all of perhaps your feeling or carter's feeling the need to diversify some of your foreign alliances as i just mentioned to you. out of the furnace. department is evaluating all the different options we are a longstanding ally and we are not going to compromise our alliance would be nice to us which is order number one. military ally we have a military alliance with several other countries as well it's part of the first letter g. the option is to procure any defense equipment will be subject to any differences. but has anything changed i guess is my question in the last year we've seen for example more turkish troops deployed in qatar we've heard an announcement that turkish air and naval forces will be at some point deployed in carter there was
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a cooperation deal signed military cooperation deal or m are you signed with russia in december carter announced deals to buy jets from france from the u.k. i mean if you put all this together is it would one be justified in saying that in the last year carter has sought to perhaps diversify some of its friendships the military alliance first for turkey. a nato member and we have strong strategic relationship and partnership with with turkey and also france or you ok they have been part of our of the first system. since dec it's nice to this as well where we where we horst the largest u.s. air base outside more than eleven thousand u.s. troops so all of this diversification. nothing that you were taught that we are hosting the center of command of the content of the. coalition you have
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no worries that you can still count on the us though as your traditional ally. the u.s. has been a longstanding partner with qatar has been committed and u.s. has been committed to this partnership do you believe that if faced any military action do you believe the u.s. would come to your aid if you needed. our defense cooperation with the isis we highly appreciate it but the first line of protection for the state of qatar is the killer abilities. with all due respect they can't match the capabilities of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . the u.s. defense cooperation agreement is stated very clear that the u.s. will. be. if it's its will be required and this is also stated in order joint communiqué when we have conducted this i think dialogue in end of january and also and the joint defense declaration which we have signed and
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your you will still confident that that will be the u.s. position even in this era of change in the us the us understand very well cannot afford to further escalation and the us is a strong ally for qatar and for the other g.c.c. them but they have played a positive and constructive role since this a bloc at this started and we are counting in their constructive vote to be continued as well i'm glad you mentioned the u.s. role there if we think back to perhaps some of the early statements by the u.s. president don't trump on june the ninth he was talking about how the nation of qatar has historically he said been a funder of terrorism at a very high level on april the tenth of this year we heard a different tone from the u.s. president when he referred to mir of carter as a friend of mine and quote a gentleman do you see a change not so much in the oval. all u.s. position but particularly and specifically the white house position on carter will . the u.s. position is the u.s.
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institutions and administration has been since this illegal measures being taken against the state of qatar remember very supportive to me in calling for the escalation and for unity within the g.c.c. . the president tweets at the beginning of the question is not reflecting. what we are yes a single evaluating coalition with us based on. the president has been informed by his institutions about the relation between qatar and the united states and. we have very strong and very constructive. engagement with the president himself and the president himself here he has spent a lot of force in the escalating the situation and calling for the unity of the g.c.c. trying to convene a meeting between the g.c.c. countries in order to feel that that can reach a solution you've had has has had an impact on the white house has had an impact on
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the us president and perhaps softened his position. communication mainly happen between within the system but our communication command at the highest level. since this crisis started and the us president himself from the first call with at the beginning of the crisis he expressed his support for this relationship and his desire for this relationship to continue. to be stronger calling for the unity for the g.c.c. as well following the blockade a number of other nations from chad in africa to the mold leaves in asia cut relations with carter now and that a year is past i mean how much impact or damage has this blockade done to causes foreign relations which you handle will we see. in the foreign relations. between. us.


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