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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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and it's been off limits to the company since the blockade began but the c.e.o. of qatari way says it can handle a loss in response it's boosting fleet numbers and adding extra destinations so as promised we're off to have an international airport in doha the times are going to what do you tell us more about how qatar airways has been handling this past year well there's no doubt about it come out of qatar airways to quote the c.e.o. has suffered substantial losses as a result of the year long blockade the airline has not released awnings or passenger numbers but we do know that prior to the blockade qatar airways was soaring in twenty sixteen it posted historic profits it earned more than five hundred forty one million dollars it flew twenty percent more passengers than the year before the blockade has halted some of that momentum at that impact us that increased a lot of flying time it put pressure on my operational cost but it did not stop the
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will and the determination of us to keep on our path of growth. there are eighteen cities qatar airways can no longer fly to in saudi arabia the united arab emirates about her and her reign and egypt the countries implementing this blockade and because they have restricted their air space what it means as a passenger is that sometimes you will fly a greater distance so that increases your flight time that means employees are working longer hours and of course these planes are burning more fuel now the cargo division has been trying to fill the void it's been putting more cargo into passenger planes there has been grumbling by passengers that ticket prices have increased in the last year that the frequent flyer program has become more restrictive to that the c.e.o. says that this is part of a business plan that will put qatar airways more in line with its competitors now
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for the forseeable future the c.e.o. is saying that it can continue to sustain these losses but the c.e.o. says that if this blockade continues in the long term we will be looking at a very different scenario for the airline and of course for qatar and the c.e.o. reminds everyone that this is a state owned airline and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility again if this blockade continues for the airline to ask for a government bailout and tell us a little bit more natasha than just expand on how the company has adapted given that it is a company with pretty much just one business i call business to fly airplanes. exactly look the theme i think spoke to the chief officer of the cargo division we spoke to the c.e.o. yesterday the theme that qatar airways is definitely promoting is one of resilience and there are many things that the airline has done in the last year in the face of this blockade remarkably to expand and grow in fact the c.e.o.
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would describe its mood of quote defeating the blockade as implementing a strategy of expansion so in the last year it's added these super power air buses that allow the airline to fly greater distance to more destinations when it lost access to routes the eighteen routes i mentioned it added nineteen more and it forged international partnerships with cathay pacific air italy and jet suite in the united states the c.e.o. is saying that more investments are to come and the big bright spot come out in all of this is its cargo division all of you remember the images from last summer of four thousand cows being airlifted to qatar where the cargo division has unbelievably not posted any losses as has maintained its perch as one of the top three cargo companies in the united states i'm sorry in the world. we're going to live at home at international airport here in doha thanks and. with us here in studio fourteen abraham fry how to associate professor of conflict resolution at
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the doha institute also the author of unfinished revolutions yemen libya and after the arab spring conflict resolution which is what we have not been able to achieve for the past year and you know talking to jamal a little bit earlier in kuwait city it made me think that we don't really hear much about the the resolution or any potential resolution to this conflict you are absolutely right unfortunately that's exactly the situation we have in the stalemate we are unable to proceed with other solution. that haven't been any serious suggestions to go back. as well before this of this conflict so we are stuck in the middle. have invested a lot in the beginning of this crisis and the clearing that have been demands. these thirteen demands have not been accepted even by many it as like the chef comments about in kuwait who said that some of these demands are. there that they violate the sovereignty of states and for us as mediators we are unable to accept
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this so where to go from here i think the american position has a lot to do to do with this does the receive the support that actually. give the green light in the beginning of this crisis but then the situation changed and the only clear winner as a result of this crisis has been the arms industry so there has been a lot of weapons sales in the u.s. and i think for that these and the u.s. is not a lot of pressure to end the crisis and to invest heavily in the resolution you used a phrase earlier neuron's you said about going back. can't really go back can they not after this not off to such a such a rift such demands which were never going to be met it's hard to see how things could quote unquote go back to normal exactly and that's what we call in conference allusion a situation of in class months when you invest in a situation but then you want the result is to justify the investment and that's
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what hasn't been the case because the book i think others have invested in this crisis politically and also economically actually economically all parties have been losing. saudi you name it all the pubs are in have been losing economically but not only this actually there is also the political losses that also the countries have in kept as a result of this which is mainly the g c c the g.c.c. as a security framework that was established on here to the one nine hundred eighty one to protect the countries and account of the challenges as it now it's on the fed there's nor in virtual existence of the g.c.c. it's split but so that has been a good process for all parties but at the same time if you talk about in the long run there are actually in terms of. in terms of the economy it's diversifying its economy politically actually there as we have seen strong
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in there no unity people rallying around a mirror so there are on the long run some gains politically and economically as well things and everyone lovely to talk to you thank you i hope we don't have to talk about it in another year i hope so you're always welcome back thank you we'll talk about that a solution yes it's all right let's check in with her here and i what's the conversation like online with this one ask follow this thing a lot of hashtags be shed on this occasion things like a yaris steadfastness cause how stronger and cuts how moving forward are among the top ones but most people are sharing images and pro. it's of qatar's amir one of the most prominent is a quote from his interview with a u.s. t.v. network last year where he said i quote qatar after the fifth of june it's not like qatar before it's we are stronger and quote and others have been sharing pictures of milk bottles which have become symbols of or national pride symbol and
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resistance for people in qatar this is because cowles had to be flown in from local production after saudi arabia close its land border and this one has a raised fist with the caption breaking the blockade now on a lighter note people also sharing something called the breakup album which titles things like we don't talk anymore and heartless and it was originally made by the artist got a bin ali and shared by check in my ass the chairperson of a cut of museums and the film institute and while the album has quite an interesting caption at the top there it's has a welcome message which says if you've experienced a painful breakup from a loved one or a neighboring country and moved on gracefully and eloquently this is your album interesting. and but a year on the men are many are so looking at the historic impact of the blockade saying that the june fifth will be marked as another day or national day for
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kata because it was able to maintain its independence and sovereignty despite facing many challenges and meanwhile others are expressing grief to to not been able to see their family members we had from one. i think nothing much has changed and the only concern is. mom doesn't have his child to see if she. would like to get your thoughts on the story kept us here share any of your messages and also all your all of your opinions use the hash tag agent is good or you can message me directly i'm at raynham and co thank you for that ray there is so much content online this is the front page actually down to zero dot com today that interview with the foreign minister which you saw a little bit earlier there is a lot more stuff to look at if you've got time to go down to the video section cause or be on the blockade is there also the siege of gaza full length documentaries and as always there is the latest updates page which has been updated
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every day i would say pretty much for the last three hundred and sixty five days it is the first place you should go to keep up to date with this story that is all for you of course at al-jazeera dot com and don't forget our gulf crisis one year special later on tuesday you can join me on a team of correspondents and guests for that live from the heart of the story here in doha eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. a little under three hours from now right after inside story. and do get in touch with us as ricky has said contact details are on screen for you right now we've got quite a few people on the facebook live stream at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera lee has left a comment there saying what of the blockading countries achieved in the past year if they don't intend to invade gaza then why are they so upset about the russian s four hundred missile deal what's of support for cutter at the moment i suspect is a lot of people here in doha and around the region watching today that numbers were plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine is that what's happened telegram number if you want to send in but just questions and comments but maybe
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a video of the news that you'll seeing around you so let's move on iran ramping up pressure on european countries trying to save the twenty fifteen nuclear deal it's no should find the u.n. of plans to accelerate the early stages of iranian enrichment iran's atomic energy organization says it's begun working on facilities for building advanced centrifuges that it's natanz aside and says the plans would remain within the framework of the existing agreement which terrine signed with that group of world powers remember the u.s. with jury last month so iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali hum and they have ordered preparations to go ahead if the accord falls apart the thoughts now of mostafa question is a political commentator in iran and says the european leaders should be taking to iran seriously. they have not embarked and they are not going to embark on assembly as long as the j.c. . is alive so to think two conditions should happen if iran wants to do that one
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is that if the j c p u a fails if they are all peons do not comply with iran's demands and i believe in maximum one month if they do not provide the needed guarantees that it that have been requested by the ring elite there and officials the j c p a way would collapse or at least iran would go on you know resuming manufacturing of these machines and assembly starts or eight to ten years after jaycee if you were if the j.c. stays alive iran would then be allowed to start an assembly of its machines so i believe the europeans should take this threat very seriously and they should provide the iran with what it's asking you know in the next four weeks they want to ron's prime minister sorry israel's prime minister has landed in france as part of his european tour to warn of what he calls iran's threats to the world he meeting
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emanuel necron in the next hour of one in germany on monday benjamin netanyahu chancellor angela merkel to adopt a tough approach to test runs nuclear potential netanyahu claims to his growing influence in the middle east could cause instability in the region which may create he says a new refugee crisis. iran's calls for our destruction. but it's also seeking nuclear weapons to carry out its genocidal designs we know that for a fact we have shared as chancellor merkel has said we have shared with the the german government german specialist the information that we retrieved from the secret atomic archive that iran has we think that it's important as the chancellor merkel has said that they investigate iran based on this new information
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a lot of new information that israel is now provided the i was well and it's important to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon we commit and i committed again that we will not let that happen. not to make light of what is obviously a very serious topic but you know the israeli embassy in the united states has kind of been doing that there was this tweet from the account of iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali ali herman a quote in comments about israel from one thousand nine hundred one he called it a malignant cancerous tumor in the west aging region to which the israeli embassy replied with a shift from the two thousand and two film mean girls is it going to animate why you have so obsessed with me it is now had upwards of nine thousand rate's weights and nearly twenty seven thousand lights apparently a lot of people don't see the humor in official trolling if i can call it that. do keep your comments and questions coming into us on the newsgroups if you want to
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know from facebook bars or go to next a story coming your way about how a bus is helping raise literacy rates in afghanistan those my friends that i just bought and then demands to force a controversial u.s. immigration policy the united nations says separating migrant children from their parents needs to stop now. hello there the weather still fairly unsettled across parts of the middle east at the moment we've still got that area of cloud in the far eastern parts of our map a more cloud from syria drifting its way across the caspian sea as well so plenty of clouds and not a great deal of rain for us as we head through wednesday just a few bits and pieces but it's pulling itself together and on thursday that's the west today looks like that rain will be stretching its way eastward so georgia seeing more heavy rain there and it's gradually pushing its way towards the caspian sea once more we still have those showers in the far eastern part of iraq as well
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they've been plaguing us for a good few days now but further south largely fine enjoy hot now baghdad forty five degrees i mean for the towards the south and it's also pretty hot for many of us here doha will get to around forty two on wednesday thursday will be the hotter day will get up to at least forty four forty five degrees it really will feel very hot for many of us on thursday towards the south of rome and more in the way of cloud air as they have been over the past day or say and that could just give us a little bit of drizzling rain at times down towards the southern parts of africa and here's our active area of low pressure just pushing a bit further northwards now giving us a few showers over parts of madagascar we're also catch one of the two showers around the eastern parts of mozambique as well. we do not and will not tolerate with people who fund terrorism unity is less areas
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we need to achieve in one year into the gulf crisis al-jazeera examines its political economic and human impacts join us for a special program at eighteen g.m.t. . this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. in this each one is still. demonstrably. with.
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the anything at. the end . of the zero common what's trending towards the top by a tree but then the three more of course on the entry with the qatari foreign minister which is playing out on the channel on top trying to see russia at the
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moment as well and story about around richmond and what some other folks know which will be coming in just a moment that is what's trending it's true for you. where rescuers are trying to reach remote areas after the volcano destroyed villages and killed at least sixty five people thousands more have been forced to leave their homes the support now from david. in the village of send me get this there's evidence of destruction everywhere a massive volcanic eruption unleashed a torrent of lava mud an ash which engulfed the community the so-called pyrotechnic flow raced down the side of the flag a volcano giving people little time to escape rescue workers struggled to find bodies many of which were buried inside their houses. access
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is very difficult and it's really hot in the places we're trying to dig bodies out of the ash the deeper you dig the more intensely. by morning the scale of the disaster was becoming clear the volcanic mudflows buried entire families this is the epicenter of the fly and it's the focus of the rescue efforts right now rescue workers pouring out across this area going into houses and pulling out bodies in just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies bowl poll out there's not a lot of hope for survivors. sunday's volcanic eruption shot ashmore than six kilometers into the sky and sent lava streaming down a highway it was the flag of volcanoes most powerful eruption in decades more than three thousand people fled to temporary shelters but while they might be out of harm's way the memories still linger oh i wasn't going to bundle up. we were all yelling run and get out because some people didn't believe what was happening so
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many people died it was horrible all we have left is what we were able to carry and really look around was. what almost president visited the site on monday he promised to release government funds to help with reconstruction. families in full . until the early hours of the morning to ensure that all the legalities an agreement is functioning not just to go back to the congress to produce the sources and opposition with complete transparency. but for many of those who survived it's difficult to imagine what it will take to recover the scale of this disaster is simply too great when we talk to him on the phone around this time yesterday we've got him in front of the camera now david murtha live from the designs there is sun we go last look that nice to see you david and great to see your reporters will tell us about what's happening behind you know ok well
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you can't see it i don't think behind me right now that this is the volcano this is . the site of the slide you can see some of the rescue vehicles in here behind me as well now yesterday in the afternoon it rained that shut down the operation at that time and this morning it started again but they're not allowing access to the press this morning either being much more controlled there were some moderate explosions starting this morning about eight to ten explosions per hour and when you can see the volcano you can see that volcanic ash pumping out of the funnel and so they're being a lot more careful today allowing access to these locations and basically at this stage there isn't any hope to find any more survivors and so it's simply going through and trying to find as many bodies as they can and trying to get to some of these areas that have been cut off and trying to trying to recover the dead in those areas so a bit more so solemn today than perhaps yesterday there was that more expectation
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and a bit more movement hoping that they were going to find survivors but that has pulled down a little bit and sort of the reality of the situation has set in i think there is a current count about sixty nine sixty nine people who have been recovered from these sites here there in aid effort going on as well david i just imagine the people who have been affected have pretty much lost everything. and that's what happens when the signal freezes unfortunately i think we did well though to have a chat to david we were talking to him on the phone yesterday but he has managed to get there and just bringing us some of these extraordinary extraordinary pictures from the volcano the way go volcano. in guatemala as david told us there before we lost communications really no chance of finding anyone else alive the current death toll is at sixty five stop separating migrant children from their parents
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that message is coming from the united nations human rights body to the united states last month the troubled ministration announced it would begin separating all families detained at the border we are trying to cross into the u.s. without documentation the u.n. is saying however that is against the law just to remind you of where we're looking at exactly here most of the people trying to come across the coming from these three countries down here hundred us out salvador and nicaragua as well and it's a big journey all just sort of roughly skitch in the border that's the us mexico border so a big trip through central america to try to get up to that border and then they are finding that they would be getting separated from their families as well. it's a violation of the rights children should not be separated from their families and should not be detained for either of their own offenses or for their parents migration fences under any circumstances we have to look at the perspective that
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the u.s. government is putting forth here of course the u.s. government has a responsibility to protect its borders and and nothing in human rights law would stand in the way of them doing that but the question is how you do it and what they've said is that they need to do this because of an overwhelming number and they've implied that this is the only way to do it and both of those premises this is not the case there is not a huge upsurge in numbers the number is historically about the same as it has been in the past it's more than twenty seventeen but the same the twenty sixteen and the reality is there are all sorts of other ways in which they could handle these these families that are coming across many of them under very dire circumstances you know people are not being in in the attorney general's world smuggled in children are not being smuggled in they're being brought because their parents see that there is risk to the children and risk to their families so it's the u.n. and united states has to adopt a policy that's consistent with the best interest of the child and there are lots
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of ways to do that that don't violate the standards still in the region mexico says it will impose tariffs of fifteen to twenty five percent on u.s. steel and agricultural groups this is of course in response to the president donald trump's levees all mexican steel trying to use national security to justify his decision a move that is complicated talks with mexico and canada to rework nafta the north american free trade agreement has can be held at the white house correspondent to talk us through some of this one i guess kimberly you know that with the phrase that gets thrown around all the time trade rules this is the start of one of those trade wars i guess it's the tit for tat. essentially that's what's going on and no one seems comfortable using the word trade war but that's what is incrementally happening first we had canada almost instantaneously saying that the tariffs that had been exempted on still aluminum imports from canada and mexico that the
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president ended those exemptions and the tariffs put in place canada saying this is totally unacceptable putting out a list of goods that it says it would put duties on in retaliation effective july first now we see mexico doing the same what these ally seem to be taking most exception to kamau is the argument national security the u.s. is using the trade act of one thousand nine hundred sixty two the thinking being that when your economy is weakened the top administration saying as a result of what they believe are unfair trade practices that in turn this puts the national security of a nation at risk so this is what is being cited but these allies mexico and canada say we have stood by the united states as trusted allies for decades and so this is they're certainly taking exception to the characterization that this is for national security still the white house moving ahead with this saying that look
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there are periodic disputes from time to time things could get a little uncomfortable the upcoming g. seven summit in canada in a few days but we can work this out what how we might do it we might even have some individual trade agreements but that would obliterate the north american free trade agreement that is currently being negotiated it's very much an international story kimberly is seen as an important story domestically in the united states of us wonder if it rises above the noise of everything else in the trumpet ministration. you know right now the top story seems to be whether the uninviting of the philadelphia eagles football team over whether to kneel or to stand for the national anthem this is not registering on the radar for the ordinary american but being a kid eighty and i can tell you this is registering on the radar back home for my parents who are watching on television this is gripping the canadians certainly mexico now feeling the same this is very much an issue of sovereignty in some ways
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and the concern that a trusted ally is sort of breaking the rules when it comes to a general understanding about how things work but this is donald trump's campaign promise kamau america first and he's delivering on it thank you to kimberly how could in washington and hello to complete parents in canada. now criminalizing charities which help migrants navigate the system it sounds a little bizarre but that is what hungary's palm and is actually debating today as part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban is right wing government it wants the constitution changed so other e.u. countries come to transfer asylum seekers to hungary join whole expose that story now from budapest. where once there was an open border of the european union now there's an electrified fence migrants and refugees still trying to enter europe on welcome in hungary alone slide win in parliamentary elections in april has
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encouraged prime minister viktor orban and his feet as party to go further despite protests by the e.u. and local activist groups a new law is being debated that would criminalize any supporting clued in legal advice given to asylum seekers who do make it through access to justice and due process their fundamental values and this legislation specifically targets that saying asylum seekers shouldn't be helped because if you'll help. you face the risk of being thrown in jail. i put that to mr all band spokesman your question implies that the so-called n.g.o.s that are active and operating at the borders to both sides of the borders or if it's about migration are humanitarian organizations . are finding is that they are actively promoting migration at the borders of europe. but where are these mainly muslim illegal migrants that state run media
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relentlessly warned during the election campaign would flood hungary and undermine its christian values the advance of victor and his policies has proved unstoppable in three consecutive parliamentary elections meanwhile the advance of muslim migration on this society has been pretty comprehensively stopped at what is now hungary's heavily fortified southern border it is as if this new legislation is aimed less abt illegal migrants and more at civil society which brings us to the other great fear that stalks hungary's prime minister the billionaire financier george soros and the network of liberal minded n.g.o.s he supports he made it out. clear what kind of future he thinks of europe he's pro democracy he's probably always been kind of the right kind of democracy in the form of democracy he promotes and his organizations are promoting are very far from real democracy because they rely or would like to relight so-called n.g.o.s that have been founded
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and financed by the shore and the like minded people the new measures being debated are collectively known as the stop soros bill in anticipation of difficult times the soros funded open society foundations announced last week it was pulling out of hungary that's a loss to free thinking society but a win for one of europe's most liberal governments that now looks i'm a salable and we're having to speak to join a live in budapest a little bit later on they will move on to madagascar where the president has appointed a new prime minister in an attempt to quell the arm wrestling to weeks of protests on the island christian and tell us a former u.n. official who's not a member of any of the main parties is the new man in the job the courts had ordered president harry rodger on argument here nina to form a government of national unity with a consensus prime minister but some opposition politicians are questioning whether the man appointed is really politically neutral this indian ocean island nation has
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been gripped speier crisis since april when proposed proposed electoral reforms sparked a wave of protests the opposition said the new laws were designed to block certain candidates from running in the upcoming elections the court overturned the plans but the protests carried on by more than fact into a movement aimed at ousting the president two people have died in the demonstrations but the president stayed on now the question remains whether the appointment of this so-called unity prime minister will end the unrest or not here is more on the story without him a tosser. opposition party say they had a list of names people who they wanted to be made prime minister christians say was on that list some of the opposition say they're happy he's been made prime minister others say they are need things and they are planning a way forward the last time the opposition won happy they had a massive protest the police opened fire use live ammunition and some people were
12:34 am
killed the reason why the opposition were protesting is because there was some in their true laws changed to allow two former presidents. and russia would lean to be able to participate in this year's elections they also want those elections to be much earlier in the year and not in november as originally planned now if these elections are brought earlier in the will that make a difference some political analysts say yes maybe it could it could end the political crisis but others are saying nothing really will change madagascar's a country that's run by big names a few influential powerful families one power they'll do anything to get it and to hang on to it and they feel that it's no longer about the people for example what's happening now is the so much poverty in madagascar there's high unemployment young girls as young as twelve thirteen are dropping out of school trying to marry land barons many vanilla farmers because they feel is their way out of poverty the army has threatened politicians and said if they don't resolve this little crisis then
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they will intervene let's go back to the story we heard just a moment ago out of hungary parliament debating whether to criminalize charities which help migrants sort of navigate the system their journey home is now with us live from budapest we had a reporter a moment ago i mean just what strikes me with this jonah is what address that measure is it's one thing for there to be anti immigrant sentiment there and for there to be a party in power that opposes it but to actually go after the charities is quite a big step. it is pretty striking isn't it in particular when you consider kemal that you can pretty much count the number of migrants in this country with one hand not exactly of course but we're talking about a few hundred people who've actually made it into hungary made it through the asylum process and have been offered protection by this government this is not a country or a society under siege by the mainly muslim migrant hordes that were portrayed in the election campaign the election of course the best or been won with
12:36 am
a landslide his third consecutive landslide back in april the government told people they were bashing down the gates trying to get in here to subvert this country's christian values he would say that he would protect hungary and also protected from the n.g.o.s that the government portray portrays as not just supporting these people but positively encouraging facilitating the flow of migration into this country and that's where george soros comes into that's where civil society comes in and it really looks as though these laws are aimed at civil society not just the migration problem you can see why of course because one of these n.g.o.s stand for their pro-democracy their procurement rights pro rule of law in everything really that this government stands against so it's being debated in parliament today joyner is there any suggestion it wouldn't go through. not not realistically no i mean he won a two thirds majority the fidel's party for all bands party wanted two thirds
12:37 am
majority in the election they've got two thirds of the house they're going to win there's no real conceivable way that anybody will stand against it so the vote is or is a formality it's going through ok then john how in budapest thank you for that. just checking some of your comments coming in on the hash tag a.j. news that i've heard from ed on twitter he said you could do a better job in explaining the background on the reasons behind the blockade well fear not ed because we've got a special program coming up in how long is it from a couple of hours from now just over two hours from now we have extensive coverage going right back a year and we'll before to explain exactly where this book i came from and then everything which has happened since then so i hope you'll join us for that ed and everyone else who's watching on the facebook live stream today in fact that program will be broadcast on the same stream at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera once again for us i spoke live audience you're about to be taken to a town called alice to find out what's behind that name and then
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a disturbing wave of violence against women in uganda prodigiously say they've had enough we'll take a look at what they are demanding from police first though a quick look at somebody with a. thank .
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you. my. welcome back we're going off
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the grid now to uganda where women have been protesting in some big numbers what's it all about really well in recent months qual several women in uganda have been abducted people are concerned and are blaming the police for slow response they're demanding justice for their loved ones and saying enough is enough well activists from the women's protest working group have signed a petition stating since may twenty seventh twenty seven bodies of ugandan women have been discovered naked mutilated strangled and sexually violated they are calling on security services to protect law and order troops at the deaths of these women as a national security threat and also to conduct a conclusive investigation into the kidnappings while protesters marched to kampala as police headquarters to deliver that letter taunting we all women don't write pos and they demanded a meeting with the police chief i go for this. and
12:41 am
you'll never know when there are kidnapped by the way just. because of the your sex your don't tell your friend don't i come because we. but instead of meeting with the police chief they were met by riot police and there are reports now that some protesters were detained three women and four men we have from cannot remove a journalist at the scene. yes not spring to even a hundred days in office and that awful it is for him to get a difference between himself and his former boss was talked just a few months ago and put up or you should have at least get an impression. on his professional bringing counter-terrorism for you and the riot police on the fourth plate right to block women for meeting him was very very unnecessary well the
12:42 am
police chief did respond on twitter saying that he was willing to meet the group on a date and time to be determined by the organizers and his p.a. while this cause a lot of outrage online the hash tag women's lives matter u.g. is being shared widely and growing along with the campaign called end the kidnapping well trisha says that a year of no justice for the victims a year of no concrete measures taken by police or you know women being unsafe everywhere in this country and you have now who adds what a betrayal of trust by the uganda police to have our legal counsel enter the headquarters under the premise of having a meeting only to arrest them all human rights groups have condemned the police action over the last year there has been what appears to be an increase in the murder i mean there have been some high profile cases of women from prominent families who were held for ransom you know murder it's very hard to say how many
12:43 am
women have been killed in the country over the last year part of the concern is that not enough is done to investigate cases of women who've been murdered if the police should be is really committed to ending these killings and the specter of kidnappings it's important that the and conditioning system. and listen to the petition and the concerns there in and see how can work to. well the women say that they will be holding a one million women's march in kampala on june thirtieth and you will continue to monitor the story and if you are in uganda do get in touch with us send your falso in if any of the other information on this case tweet us use the hash tag agent is great or me directly i'm not really in a moment thank you in fact so as regulus is hashtag i j news would still a few comments coming in people talking about hungary of the story which you just saw with jonah how carol said it's sad hungry do the right thing vote against criminalizing people helping refugees but his journeys said the right wing party if
12:44 am
it will then does have such a huge majority in parliament that they won't be any problem getting that through now remember today as we told you about the start of the at the start of the show one year since the start of the blockade here on cutter just have a look at some of these pictures from earlier they're actually only from about an hour or so ago. procession it feel like a motion tape of bikes. going through the city of daraa. someone asked me a little bit earlier on twitter is there going to be a sort of celebration tonight in doha i would not say celebration at all but people as you can see nationalism is high here and there will be a lot of people marking this occasion today i've already seen it out on the roads myself driving into work today signage that's been up and then this procession which happened a little bit earlier out on the cornish we're also expecting. to hear later on from the emir of qatar shaikh mohammed out on it he'll be making an address to the
12:45 am
nation a little bit later on around the time we think can't be sure of the timing but of our special broadcast later on on al-jazeera just to remind you about that it's called gulf crisis one year it will be at eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. . and it will be live streamed on all the channels where you would watch the news great it will be added a.j. english on twitter it will be at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera as well so you can live stream that and send us and the comments and questions that you'd like i'm going to be in the studio we're going to have natasha going to him at the airport we're going to have stephanie decker out at the cultural village here as well we're going to go back to jamal a sale as well of course who is in kuwait to talk about mediation it is a commercial free hour a special broadcast called gulf crisis one year as you see eight hundred hours g.m.t. live from al-jazeera here in doha it will be right after inside story if you want to get in touch with us very easy to do it their contact details are in the wolf you know the hash tag on twitter facebook and whatsapp the whatsapp number fifty
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four five zero one two one four nine a. telegram that actually feel free to get in touch with us but here studio fourteen again tomorrow fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. .
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the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of. entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. it starts in coral communities with the promise of a prosperous marriage. but countless young indian women find themselves
12:48 am
commodifying song and sold again. to toil by day. only to be violated by night. slavery a twenty first century evil continues with bridal slaves on al-jazeera. iran far as a warning shot to the west and i think plans to increase its uranium enrichment capacity but within the twenty fifty nuclear deal it's. all of them telling we don't want this is live from london also coming up is in just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies pull polled out there's not
12:49 am
a lot of hope for survivors a grim task in guatemala rescue workers pull more bodies from under the dust and rubble left by the way go vote came. outside the fence it's right to buy b s four hundred emptiness. system on the one year anniversary of the gulf diplomatic crisis . and a crackdown on immigration or an attack on human rights we'll have the latest on the new bill being debated in hungary. a warm welcome to the program iran has told the u.n. that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium but it's not breaking the terms of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal supreme leader ayatollah khamenei said on monday that iran would not accept limitations on the nuclear activities at the same time as economic sanctions u.s. reimport sanctions on iran last month after president trump announced his country was pulling out of the deal european leaders want to stay in the deal and have been
12:50 am
trying to figure out ways to keep it alive. while israel's prime minister says seasonal surprised by iran's plans to increase its enrichment capacity benjamin netanyahu is on the to or of european countries to try to persuade them to follow the u.s. the even the nuclear deal he's now in france after visiting the german chancellor on monday. in paris for us hi there natasha so what's expected them from this meeting coming after that decision from iran. i think what we can expect is very the french president and the israeli prime minister to put their own perspective their own spin if you like on bad decision by iran to boost its uranium enrichment is now been human this yahoo the israeli prime yet has come to europe he's come to frogs to try and persuade the french president and other european leaders to drop their support for the iran deal which he says is
12:51 am
simply dangerous now following this announcement by tehran opinion it's not he might be going to release a promise in his meeting with michael saying you see i told you so iran is a threat because that's of course is israel's line and we heard from the israeli prime minister a little bit earlier today when he said that it was clear to him about what iran wants to do is build a nuclear weapon in order to destroy israel then on the other side you have the french president who is likely to take the opposite perspective he is likely to say that is exactly the sort of thing that the iran deal in place was helping to prevent he's likely to say that up until now iran had been complying with this deal and it's only since the u.s. pulled out of the deal last month that things have started to go a royal way and that is why iran is now in the position of threatening to opitz uranium enrichment so i think we're really going to see these two leaders very much standing in their own corners and sounding very firm attention to iran's decision
12:52 am
put your opinion leaders including the french president i guess you could call and a slightly awkward position. i think it puts european leaders in a very good position indeed because they have been working very hard in their point of view over the past few weeks to try and salvage this deal to support this deal that was made in two thousand and fifteen about all my cause been a very vocal supporter saying it is the best deal out there it's helping to ensure peace and security they've been trying to find ways that they could troy and. the u.s. sanctions which will have a great effect on iran's economy we've already seen a number of high profile companies including french energy joyed so tell saying they will no longer be able to work in iran because of the sanctions so european leaders will feel they've been doing a lot but suddenly they're records in the middle on one hand they have pressure
12:53 am
from israel and the u.s. to drop their still together to scrap it and then even though they're trying to save this deal they have iran some on this saying iran making it even more difficult for them by coming out with the fact that it's so boosting its uranium enrichment is a very difficult position to deal indeed for european leaders who will fill in a certain sense of frustration that it iran is saying you've got to come up with a solution and fast or else. they're live in paris with the latest attack. guatemala rescue is a continuing to sift through costache and debris in search of survivors from the eruption of the volcano entire villages were destroyed and the death toll now stands at at least sixty five people thousands more have been forced to leave their homes david morrison has more from sick of the. in the village of
12:54 am
san miguel a slow this there is evidence of destruction everywhere a massive volcanic eruption unleashed a torrent of lava mud an ash which engulfed the community the so-called pyrotechnic flow raced down the side of the flag a volcano giving people little time to escape rescue workers struggled to find bodies many of which were buried inside their houses. access is very difficult and it's really hot in the places we're trying to dig bodies out of the ash the deeper you dig the more intensely. by morning the scale of the disaster was becoming clear the volcanic mudflows buried entire families this is the epicenter of the fly and it's the focus of the rescue efforts right now rescue workers pouring out across this area going into houses and pulling out bodies in just fifteen minutes we've seen four bodies bowl poll out there's not
12:55 am
a lot of hope for survivors. sunday's volcanic eruption shot ashmore than six kilometers into the sky and sent lava streaming down a highway it was the volcano this most powerful eruption in decades more than three thousand people fled to temporary shelters but while they might be out of harm's way the memories still linger oh i wasn't going to bundle up. we were all yelling run and get out because some people didn't believe what was happening so many people died it was horrible all we have left is what we were able to carry and really look around was the. president visited the site on monday he promised to release government funds to help with reconstruction. to the families in the families we met until the early hours of the morning to ensure that all the legalities an agreement is functioning not just to go back to the congress to produce the source isn't opposition with complete transparency. but for many of
12:56 am
those who survived it's difficult to imagine what it will take to recover the scale of this disaster is simply too great david mercer i'll just second the pakis what amala. people in qatar have been out on the streets of the capital doha to signal their support for the country one year in so brooke aid imposed by neighboring countries began in the early hours of june the fifth two thousand and seventeen and saudi arabia the u.a.e. back rein in egypt cut all diplomatic ties with cutter they accuse the gulf nation of supporting terrorism a claim that doha strongly denies and issue demands including cutting ties with iran and shutting down. while qatar is refusing to give in to those demands and the
12:57 am
country's foreign minister has spoken to al jazeera he discussed recent reports of threats of military action against oha from riyadh calling them on justified. do you believe that qatar could face an attack from saudi arabia first for just that let us make it very clear that the purchase of any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with so there is no legitimacy believe this behind this letter and threatening and violating the international laws by writing all the international norms and. most importantly its violating. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch an any attack against each other so we believe that this letter has nor any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless
12:58 am
behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power it represents an escalation for kata to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as as destabilisation because other option is not of presenting any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he saved the region from a war according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you think it's credible world we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government and have you received any
12:59 am
response what are they said to their response. should be to more. if it's confirmed what would your response be to the saudis we are going to respond legally boy. as a responsible for a country that this is not violating international law and as a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community well as you heard there the concert foreign minister was talking about doha sponsored by the s four hundred anti missile system is one of the most capable air defense systems in the world it was introduced into the russian military in two thousand and seven and one of the main reasons it is fear it is down to its detection and interception capabilities its radar is able to spot aircraft and missiles simple tasty so range of six hundred kilometers it can then shoot down incoming threats which are four hundred kilometers away and it's never been tested in compact but it's make a save the s four hundred can even target low flying cruise missiles and stealth
1:00 am
aircraft which most all the defense systems can last well joining us live now in the studio is our senior political analyst marwan bashara marwan we were listening to the concert foreign minister talking to our colleague there what did you make about his comments the his response to the threats in inverted commas that been made by saudi arabia and also the plans to potentially buy into this missile system i think for the time being the catheter for mrs careful choosing his words because there is no official confirmation from the french government that the saudi king did write that letter for what we know this far these are purser portsmouth to be low on that reported about that so i think first and foremost the governors will probably need official confirmation that they saw during the saudi arabia threatened to attack them if they buy defensive missile system and the.


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