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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 1:00am-1:35am +03

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and you can even target low flying cruise missiles and stealth aircraft which most other defense systems cannot well joining us live in the studio is a senior political analyst marwan bashara at maher when we were listening to the concert foreign minister talking to our colleague there what did you make about his comments the his response to the threats in inverted commas that been made by saudi arabia and also the plans to potentially buy into this missile system i think for the time being the catheter for mrs careful choosing his words because there is no official confirmation from the french government that the saudi king did write that letter for what we know this far these are press reports not available on that reported about that so i think first and foremost the others would probably need official confirmation that the soldier in the saudi arabia threatened to attack them if they buy defensive missile system and the operating word here is
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defensive the missile system so i think in so many ways it is a bit shocking for a country that want to buy a sophisticated missile system but that this country is with then a defense collective called the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council and that normally each and every one of those countries will probably be reinforced in terms of its security when another country gets stronger not weaker so there is a bit of that now. difficile would you say that and what do they mean by that are they really about to do a tax cut that if they buy i doubt it i think here we are still involved a year later a year after the blockade by saudi arabia not that of emirates egypt and bahrain let's go to cebu from now on right just so that we have to repeat all four. countries names. then the the basic point here is that the blockade in countries continue to pressure and part of the pressure is psychological warfare so
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i think the letter to the french president will probably involve a lot of pressure on the furnished but pressures on the qataris hence it involves psychological warfare against kata i think that's continuing now we've heard and we heard in the beginning of the crisis from the emir of kuwait that kuwait was able to stop a potential attack against got there so there was a natural real threats against got there so it's just normal for qatar as a sovereign nation to the rich nation to be able to buy the kind of weapon it needs in order to defend itself i you one of the see the blockade is very much as we sit here still every ality there have been attempts at mediation you mention. kuwait city. why have these attempts failed also mention the g she's the g c c and raising between the lines in an article written by the qatari foreign minister he was simply saying you know if this is not about waiting to find out who the winner
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is you know we must work together and he mentions you know gulf unification and collaboration but those kind of phrases do seem a very far away reality well look. my understanding is from the very beginning the blockading countries thought that qatar was going to fall in line or fall apart within days of that sort of pressure on qatar and i think the thirteen demands were so humiliating so repressive against a sovereign nation so much so that they will make it basically into you know their dependents neighbor that they can walk all over but that did not accept that it insisted on its sovereignty and independence while the remaining part of the gulf and the a collective when you raise the bar so high my favorite expression has been it's hard it's tough to climb down that kind of a tree in the gulf climbing down
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a palm tree believe me it's rough with thirteen demands like closing of his ear and closing al-jazeera why would anyone make such a demand and i know that we are here with a knowledge of the or maybe we shouldn't be boasting about ourselves but let's me just cite the former secretary of state of the united states hillary clinton saying al jazeera is real news people that's what she was lecturing american news makers while she was there is the good news here is the voice of the arab spring why would the gulf states want to close it so this was one of thirteen demands made against carter and i think none of them or most of them the absolute majority of them was none actionable so years later it's just very difficult for these countries. after really raising the bar so high to give up and say we feel and think everything now is just about trying to save face everything now is just trying to hurt carter more sort of got there maybe we're compromise more we had we're going to eventually try
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to find that balance whereby qatar will just make some kind of a symbolic gesture while saving the blockading countries from their humiliation because their attempts have failed and the showers are new minister thank you let's go live now to the hallway we can speak to our correspondent stephanie day hi there stephanie so what's the feeling in kids heart itself when you're on. well most people you speak to are pretty probably unaware that it is the one year mark but everyone is very aware that this blockade is in place when it happened there was so much on certainty of course because it was an air sea and land blockade people didn't know what was going to happen there was a short lived panic but it really has unified the community here the companies on the x. perhaps this is also a country of course where the population is majority ex-pat people finding it outrageous what is happening people really rallying behind the emir as well and
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you'll see it you know across the city you have a sketch which is now a famous sketch of the profile of the amir on buildings i even saw one of the work one of the workers who build this country really walking today with a t. shirt on and it's interesting judy because this book kate has become deeply personal it's not just a political move it's not just cutting diplomatic ties people have been affected by the restrictions imposed by these countries students families can't see each other than not allowed to travel to these countries so this is why there's also a lot of outrage here but certainly the feeling is that qatar has come out on top many people you talk to will say we've become more independent we've come out stronger very much also grateful to the government for sorting out issues like the imports that were hugely affected and prices rising somewhat but not fusion taking that subsidy and of course today also i was looking on twitter and a lot of people in qatar tweeting with the hashtag saying qatar stronger so that is
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really the feeling here very strongly behind the government a feeling of outrage at what these countries have done and they say that they you know if this continues so be it because they don't think this government should be making any concessions of any of those demands that marwan was talking about. live from doha staff i'm kidding. we'll have a special program marking one year of the crisis late on tuesday including a look at the political economic and of course the human impacts of the blockade that's coming up in just over half just over an hour and a half's time at eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera well more news to come after a quick break. voting is underway in u.s. primary elections the democrats are hoping to retake the house of representatives from the republicans. going.
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hello there it's raining very heavily for many of us in the southern parts of china at the moment here's a satellite picture showing all that cloud and it spreads from parts of it now all the way across the south coast of china and some of us seeing some very heavy downpours out of this so thanks to a tropical depression that's within that system it is such a huge massive cloud that is generating the many more of us a seeing that right now actual center of the storm is going to work just to the east of high and out of and into the saloon parts of china but as you can see sorry much rain across this region many more of us are going to be affected by the heavy rain and that flooding could be across quite a wide region out towards the west and we've seen some pretty active monsoon rains across parts of india recently one of the wettest places has been along the west coast here and the showers along this western coast a lot need to stick around as we head through the next few days we're also likely to see a few showers further east as well and plenty more wet weather all working its way
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into me and ma mie and really does look pretty wet the moment that area of rain along the western coast sticks around as we had three thursday if anything spreading further inland so more and more of a thing from heavy rain maybe some waterlogged roads as well further north is largely drawing fine for us here in new delhi hot at forty four. from continued medical technology. could be. the development of march so you can go to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. something present your worst. side. innovative solution. to make this movie all the ladies were good it sure was still the cure.
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it won't mind of our current top stories here on al-jazeera iran has told the un it will increase its uranium enrichment capacity but this will be within the limits of the twenty fifty you clear deal the search and rescue effort is continuing in guatemala after they were option of the volcano at least sixty five people have died more than three thousand people and i being housed in temporary shelter it's cost us foreign minister says his country will not back down from funds to buy a russian anti-missile system despite reports that saudi arabia had threatened military action is comments coming here into a brocade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. back raid and egypt. hungary's parliament is debating a bill that would make it
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a criminal offense to help asylum seekers it's part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban right wing government aid groups say it's an attack on people defending human rights joho reports a bit of. where once there was an open border of the european union now there's an electrified fence migrants and refugees still trying to enter europe on welcome in hungary alone slide win in parliamentary elections in april has encouraged prime minister viktor orban and his feet as party to go further despite protests by the e.u. and local activist groups a new law is being debated that would criminalize any supporting clued in legal advice given to asylum seekers who do make it through access to justice and due process their fundamental values and this legislation specifically targets that
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saying asylum seekers shouldn't be helped because if you help the salan seekers you face the risk of being thrown in jail so i put that to mr all band spokesman your question implies that the so-called n.g.o.s that are active and operating at the borders to both sides of the borders or if it's about migration are humanitarian organizations and feeling our finding is that the are actively promoting migration of the borders of europe. but where are these mainly muslim illegal migrants that state run media relentlessly warned during the election campaign would flood hungary and undermine its christian values the advance of victor and his policies has proved unstoppable in three consecutive parliamentary elections meanwhile the advance of muslim migration on this society has been pretty comprehensively stopped at what is now hungary's heavily fortified southern border it is as if this new legislation is aimed less at illegal migrants and more at
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civil society which brings us to the other great fear that stalks hungary's prime minister the billionaire financier george soros and the network of liberal minded n.g.o.s he supports he made it clear. what kind of future he thinks of europe he's pro-democracy he's probably you know always been kind of a little to the right the kind of democracy in the form of democracy he promotes and he's organizations are promoting are very far from real democracy because they rely or would like to relight so-called n.g.o.s that have been founded and financed by the church and the like minded people the new measures being debated to collectively notice the stop soros bill you know anticipation of difficult times the soros funded open society foundations announced last week it was pulling out of hungary that's a loss to free thinking society but who win for one of europe's most liberal governments that now looks
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a most saleable joho al-jazeera budapest jordan king abdullah is calling for a review of a controversial tax law the draft legislation has caused mass protests and led to the prime minister's resignation on monday almost all residents are former world bank economist has been appointed prime minister and is tasked with forming the government. so in kurdish forces of unknowns they'll pull out of a strategic town in the country's north afternoon agreement between the u.s. and turkey repeatedly threatened to take the town of man bush by force in order to push back the kurdish y.p. g. the group is considered a terror organization by turkey but it is in direct the bank by the united states agreement was reached between turkish foreign minister may have lucas solo and u.s. secretary of state michael pale is likely to ease tensions between un korea and washington. spain's former prime minister mariano hawley says he will step down as
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leader of the conservatives people's policy after fourteen years it comes as he was i was stood as prime minister last week when he lost in the confidence vote in parliament to several former party officials will find guilty of corruption he says he'll stay on until a successor is chosen. hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault charges the sixty six year old appeared in the new world court on choose a morning after a grand a grand jury indicted him last week on charges involving two women when seen as tonight having known consensual sex with the women. in the u.s. primary elections are taking place in several states voters are choosing candidates to run for a range of positions in the embers mid-term elections from elected state officials to members of congress democrats are hoping to retake the house of representatives from the republicans in the midterms so they can impede don't trump agenda she has
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her sons he takes it. new jersey alabama mississippi iowa south dakota montana new mexico and california are holding primaries on june the fifth in november's mid-term congressional elections the democrats hope to take at least twenty three districts from the republicans and retake the house of representatives in washington these primaries will decide who their candidates will be california is key the democrats hope to flip seven districts here and democrats in hollywood and with the california primary rules may scupper the democrats' chances for slice the because of the the challenge republican candidates because of california system of top two primaries all candidates compete against each other in each district no matter their party affiliation with the top two moving on to november's election so many democrats are running the party's vote will be split so two republicans in several districts may get the noise votes and end up facing each other in november
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elsewhere in states such as new jersey for example tuesday's primaries reveal the battle within the democratic party the bernie sanders left argues the democrats need to prove they're with the ninety nine percent and not the one percent or they will lose again but the hillary clinton party establishment is overtly pushing democrats with wealthy corporate donors over grassroots activists in the primaries hello my name is peter jacob in a new jersey district progressive activist peter jacob only narrowly lost to the incumbent republican congressman two years ago even before democratic rage with donald trump upset him and yet to the democratic party leadership is supporting former clinton and obama official told melanau ski who only recently moved to this ethnically diverse area of the democratic party it's in shambles because they're not listening to the people they're listening to their donors i'm cindy asked me and i approve this message a record number of democratic women candidates are running and those with big
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donors are in. official party support previously will lead to a drum to revolution in november's mid-term there are thirteen women who are incumbents right now who are not running for reelection so we're down thirteen women in the house alone just as we as we begin this this task of increasing the number of women in congress and as the democratic leadership sticks to its formula of big money on course and its leader over the republicans is full of from thirteen percent six months ago to just four percent now trevor terms the al-jazeera washington. the headlines on al-jazeera iran has told the u.n. it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium at its nothing to sell it see but within the limits of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the agreement allows iran to build parts for centrifuges as long as they are not made operational within the
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first decade last month the us way impose sanctions on iran after president trump and that is just country was pulling out of the deal israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's not surprised by iran's plans he said in france meeting president manuel back home the two leaders will make a statement soon the has more from paris following this announcement by tehran opinion it's not he might be going to release a promise to his meeting with michael saying you see i told you so iran is a threat because that of course is israel's lawyer and we heard from the israeli prime minister a little bit earlier today when he said that it was clear to him about what iran wants to do is build a nuclear weapon in order to destroy israel the search and rescue effort is continuing in guatemala after the eruption of the flegel volcano they sixty five people have died and more than three thousand people and i being housed in temporary shelters the government has promised to release funds to help with
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reconstruction. cuts us foreign minister says his country will not back down from plans to buy a russian anti missile system despite reports that saudi arabia was threatening military action if it did so is comments coming year into a blockade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt jordan king abdullah has ordered a review of a controversial income tax law just caused mass protests and led to the prime minister's resignation he's appointed a former world bank economist as the new prime minister and tast it with forming a new government. on greece parliament is debating a bill that would make it a criminal offense to help asylum seekers is part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban as right wing government those are your current headlines you know to date next it's told to al-jazeera is cuts that's featuring qatar as foreign minister discussing the current blockade imposed against his country one year on we'll see you later.
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only. in the world will immediately see. it's been a year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on carter cutting off land sea and and links so how is the state of qatar the world's largest exporter of natural gas coping with the crisis. what's the impact on the region's future. i'm sammy's a down window were talking to carter's foreign minister about one year on from the
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worst diplomatic crisis in the gulf cooperation council history show one hundred. family talks while dizzy. it's been a years since a blockade was imposed on carter and this anniversary is marked with a resurgence of threats against your country i'm sure you're aware of the reports that talk about the saudi king sending a letter to the french president in which a threat was made that carter would face military action from saudi arabia if your country purchases russian missiles do you believe that qatar could face an attack from saudi arabia. first for just let us make it very clear that. the purchase of. any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with so there is no illegitimate it leave this behind this letter and threatening violating the
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international law by writing all the international norms and. most importantly it's violating. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch and the attack against each other so we believe that this letter has no any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power represents an escalation for qatar to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as destabilisation because qatar is not representing any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's
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going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and the recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he said the region from a war by helping in raising the prime minister of lebanon so this is something that they have been continuing as a pattern in their behavior do you see this report according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you think it's credible we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government have you received any response one of they said their response. should be to more if it's confirmed what would your response be to the saudis we are going to respond legally by. as a response of a country that this is not violating international law and as a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community
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does cotta need to take any defensive military steps in light of this reported thrill we are going to take all the necessary action to defend our country but it's like well what do you count towards this is first of all this is not there is nor any serious military threat out of this but it's the way it's been used to justify it. or to create any disturbance in the region is just unacceptable so. is going to treat this. the same way they have we have treated their legal blockade we are going to seek all the international fora to make sure that this behavior is not repeated one year on does carter face the threat of military invasion from anyone for the last year there was an announcement by they made a quick himself that he prevented a military action in the region. after the blockade of qatar and we have heard
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several countries reported the same thing that was unfortunately i thought it was coming from the region but since. since september we have seen that those threats being eliminated and thanks for the friends and allies not hers that make sure that region states well this is going to be my next question is who do you credit amongst your friends and allies for blocking these attempts or reported attempts to invade cut or our friends and allies played a positive role in this and preventing any escalation from taking place in the region because they understand that there is and cannot afford for the discussion saw our friends in the region like turkey. and iran and kuwait of course. as well as europe and united states come back to that point in a minute if i may but i'm curious to know will carter go ahead and buy the s. four hundred missile system or are you are tall rethinking that in light of these
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reported threats. made all the options open for its defense for its defense procurement so we are seeking the best quality to defend our country and we have all the options open for this so it's possible that you may not need to buy the s for how this is and where you are so this is subject to the evaluation of the military people it's not a decision which will be taken in light off that letter of that threat has absolutely no bearing no political bearing on the decision on whether you. went into country and that's protecting this independence this is would not be a subject for any compromise issue but there is a long standing ally the united states of america you have a lot of american and western hardware in your military forces why do you think needs now russian military systems is that an indication at all of perhaps your feeling or carter's feeling the need to diversify some of your foreign alliances
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just mission to. cut out of the furnace. department is evaluating all the different options we are a longstanding ally and we are not going to compromise our alliance would be nice to us which is order number one. military ally we have a military alliance with several other countries as well it's part of the first letter g. the option is to procure any difference equipment will be subject to that a difference. but has anything changed i guess is my question in the last year we've seen for example more turkish troops deployed in qatar we've heard an announcement that turkish air and naval forces will be at some point deployed in carter. there was a cooperation deal signed military cooperation deal or ammo you signed with russia in december carter announced deals to buy jets from france from the u.k.
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i mean if you put all this together is it would one be justified in saying that in the last year carter is sought to perhaps diversify some of its friendships the military alliance first of turkey. a nato member and we have strong strategic relationship and partnership with. turkey and also france or you ok they have been part of our of the first system. since dec it's nice to us as well where we where we horst the largest u.s. air base outside that i stayed more than eleven thousand u.s. troops so all this diversification is nothing when you are taught that we are hosting the center of command off the content of the. coalition you have no worries that you can still count on the u.s. there is your traditional ally. the u.s. has been a longstanding partner with thought and qatar has been committed and us has been
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committed to this partnership do you believe that if faced any military action do you believe the u.s. would come to your aid if you needed. our defense cooperation with the isis we highly appreciate it but the first line of protection for the state of qatar is the property killer but it is. with all due respect they can't match the capabilities of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . the u.s. defense cooperation agreement is stated very clear that the u.s. will. be in qatar is if it's its will be required and this is also stated in order joint communiqué when we have conducted this so i think that dialogue in and of january and also and the joint defense. collaboration which we have signed. you'll still confident that will be the u.s. position even in this era of change you do you understand very well the region
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cannot afford further escalation and the us is a strong ally for cattle and for the other g.c.c. run but they have played a positive and constructive role since this a bloc at this started and we are counting in their constructive vote to be continued as well i'm glad you mentioned the u.s. role there if we think back to perhaps some of the early statements by the u.s. president don't trump on june the ninth he was talking about how the nation of qatar has historically he said been a funder of terrorism at a very high level on april the tenth of this year we heard a different tone from the u.s. president when he referred to mir of carter as a friend of mine and quote a gentleman do you see a change not so much in the overall u.s. position but particularly and specifically the white house position on carter will . the u.s. position is the u.s. institutions better solution has been since this illegal measures been taken against the state of qatar remember very supportive to me in calling for the
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escalation and for unity within the g.c.c. . the president tweets at the beginning of the question is not reflecting. what we are yes a single evaluating our nation with us based on. the president has been informed by his institutions about the relation between qatar and the united states and. we have very strong and very constructive. engagement with the president himself and the president himself here he has spent a lot of efforts in the escalating the situation and calling for the unity of the g.c.c. trying to convene a meeting between the g.c.c. countries in order to feel that that can reach a solution you've had has. has it had an impact on the white house has had an impact on the u.s. president and perhaps softened his position. the communication mainly happen between within the system but our communication command at the highest level.
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since this crisis started and the us president himself from the first call with the enemy at the beginning of the crisis he expressed his support for this relationship and his desire for this relationship to continue. to be stronger and calling for the unity or for that you see as well following the blockade a number of other nations from chad in africa to the mall these in asia cut relations with carter now is that a year is passed i mean how much impact or damage has this blockade done to causes foreign relations which you handle will we see the damage in the foreign relations between. other states has been almost. very modern and there are a few just a few countries accepted the blackmail of the blockading states and.
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followed their policies but the rest of the world the stood very firm against all these measures and they didn't follow any of the of the policies of the blockading states build a strong and robust relationship with the international community has been an active player in the international community playing a constructive role in this international community a total when you look at it in africa or asia or anywhere in the world you will see it has been. with the international development education creating jobs and economic empowerment celebrated this year education of ten million children and. countries created more than three hundred thousand jobs in north africa and some other countries one need so are the programs of development and then vestments and the strong relationship that has built with the international community was built on the.


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