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tv   The Siege Of Qatar  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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and led to the prime minister's resignation trade unions have called for a general strike on wednesday. june reports. after days of anti austerity protests and the resignation of the prime minister jordan's king abdullah has spoken out on the unrest and what it means for the region in a good you'll motion and then or didn't what i hadn't seen today's blame cannot be just on the kingdom or citizens political position in the region played a big role there are many who do not like the jordanian role in the region so this is part of the challenges that we are now facing today but we have confidence in the world and there is a hope the countries will help us in order to move forward we must rely on ourselves and we need to better explain to us citizens these real challenges ahead of us so they can see everything clearly. for most of these protesters it's not about politics or ideology i guess it would have been enough alienation we need not to travel looking for
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a job to feed our families we need not to get our education overseas this is our country and it is the right time to feel stable here. the protests in the capital amman have been directed towards the government's plans for tax hikes and austerity measures many of those who have come out are young. while the atmosphere at this peaceful protest appeared almost festive at times the frustration is clear. asthma is an actress she says anyone ignoring corruption in society means they are part of the problem head and what i shall be here to save this country so that people drown there are many jordanian say the message this crowd is sending must be heard lemme see dman policy there are lead in the country to more death and imposing more taxes will take the country to an unknown path we decided to go to the streets people and youth to put an end to these policies on tuesday king abdullah appointed education minister ahmed to. the new prime minister and form
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a government a former world bank official is considered a leading reformer and his appointment comes after his predecessor and ed markey quit amid the growing anger. the protests began after a mostly announced his plans to raise income taxes by as much as five percent taxes aimed at shrinking jordan's thirty seven billion dollars debt the a dependent economy has been struggling with a dramatic cut in donations by the u.a.e. the u.s. and saudi arabia protesters say they want to make it clear to the government that simply replacing the prime minister will not go far enough. to. turkey in the u.s. a plan to withdraw kurdish fighters from the northern syrian city of man beach and strip them of their weapons will begin in ten days time the greenman was reached during a meeting on monday between foreign minister medvedev a signal and secretary of state might pump a zero uncle records that is the kurdish y p g a terrorist group while the u.s. views it as an important ally in the fight against isis now as the city state of
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singapore gears up for an historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un the tiny nation's korean community has high expectations from that meeting scott highlight as i'm speaking to some of them. it does not take long to understand why the tanjung priok are area and singapore is known as little korea for decades this stretch of the road has been lined with korean restaurants and shoppers twenty three year old could agent moved here four months ago from the south korean port city of yossi he has high hopes for next week's historic summit between don't trust in him. and not many people will change their perception and think that south korea is safe for this kind of event does not take place very often i hope it successful . it's not known how many north koreans are in singapore there's an embassy here but the government recently stopped issuing work permits and halted all trade after un sanctions were tight. it's estimated that there are thirty thousand south
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koreans living in singapore type community with their hub right here in little korea a place where they can gather a place where they can have a taste of home. the korean association in singapore has been around for more than fifty years actually as a south korea and we hoped that this had happened in south korea this is. history so i'm happy to be here in singapore at these you know. the association is planning a gathering for june twelfth so members of the korean community can watch the summit together for now they're going about their business as usual but in a few days a meeting will be held just across town that could forever change the future of their homeland it's got harder al jazeera singapore the hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault charges the sixty six year old appeared in new york court on tuesday morning after
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a grand jury indicted him last week on charges involving two women weinstein whose actions helped spawn the international meet to movement insists he is only ever had consensual sex the u.s. fashion design a kate spade has died the body of the fifty five year old was removed from her new york apartment following an apparent suicide spade started her business in the one nine hundred ninety s. selling humbugs and then added clothes accessories and german lines the kate spade brand has more than three hundred shops in the u.s. and around the world. talk about a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back the world cup host russia. cannot find a woman before the tournament begins stay with us. to
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. welcome back know it's long been a key element for the miss america competition but from now contestants will no longer have to wear a swimsuit open eyes of the event say the woman taking part would be judged on other attributes not just physical appearance as kristen salumi has more by my bikini with a tweet miss america scrapped its iconic swimsuit competition the judges must keep in mind strictly on the job. the pageant that started almost one hundred years ago
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as a tourist attraction in atlantic city new jersey evolved into what organizers now describe as a competition to see. miss america nine hundred eighty nine and former newscaster gretchen carlson became the first female chairwoman of the organizations board after derogatory in show monistic e-mails from a former c.e.o. became public we will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance that's huge the idea is to make the competition more inclusive to women of all shapes and sizes given the organization is the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the united states and its stated purpose is to promote their education. while some applauded the decision not everyone is on board i think it's a good thing yeah i mean it should be based on their you know personality their
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answer it's what they want to do to help the world be better i think it's ridiculous that they're not doing this and that and why is that because it's part of it always has been for as long as it's been in existence. as i'm supposed to say i'm in favor of such a. such thing but i probably realize the evening gown competition will also change to allow contestants to focus on personal style or whatever they choose to do it's going to be what comes out of their mouth that we're interested in when they talk about their social impact initiative changes will take effect in the next competition which is scheduled for september christensen mete out just zero. his son thank you very much novak djokovic has been knocked out of the french open the twenty sixteen champion who was beaten by the unseated italian michael chicken in an ethical to final and which is and has. this had already been the best few
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days of marco check you know it's host tennis career prior to this french open the italian had never won a main draw match outs a grand slam now he was taking on and out playing former world number one novak djokovic. djokovic found himself two sets down in this quarter final but he got himself back into the match winning the third set six one. the fourth circuit went into an epic tie break three times joke of each missed set points and saved match points was but it was the world number seventy two who was to make the last and decisive contribution was ing out the match to become the lowest ranked semifinalist at this event in most two decades chicken also will face austria's domenech team in the last four years he reaching his third roland garros semifinal with a straight sets win over germany's alexanders farah i was.
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in the women's draw u.s. open champion slung stevens is closing in on another grand slam title. in american beat daria because it came to the set up to last for much with her compatriots madison keys the player she beat to win that u.s. title last year i think for both of us that was the biggest moment of both of our careers last year playing in the finals the us open i think here a lot has happened since then. we're both playing well in the semis of a grand slam obviously it's just another opportunity. keys was a straight sets win against unseeded cows are you repeating so you think she's yet to drop a set of issues tournament on the richardson algeciras. given cavaliers star le bron james says regardless of which team wins the n.b.a. finals want an invited to the white house the cavaliers are taking on the goal to
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say a warriors and a seven game series le bron's comments of follow president trump decision to cancel the invites a sent out to n.f.l. champ is the philadelphia eagles trump says it was because a menu of the eagle play as opposed to his view that they probably stand for the national anthem for the last two years some players have knelt to join the anthem in a protest against racial injustice. is not let. someone invited you to their house take away from that moment because i think the championship. winning a super bowl winning a stanley cup or when there was yours or when the n.b.a. championship or national championship. is way bigger didn't buy it to the white house specially with him and their welcome posts russia will be heading into the tournament in the less than ideal form while the hosts extended their win this run to seven games off to being held to
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a draw by turkey in moscow russia did take the lead through alexander same golf but turkey equalized in the second hall and the game finished one all russia play saudi arabia in the opening match of the finals on the fourteenth of. argentina have cancelled their upcoming friendly against israel on sunday the head of palestinian football association had called on all arab fans to burn up posters and t. shirts of argentinean strike messi if he took part in the game. brazil finalizing their preparations at a training camp in london england this set to be the new long term home of their matilda fred he's agreed to a seven seventy million dollars deal to join majesty united from ukraine's shutouts on it. three time premier league win iowa to a kames manchester city manager pep guardiola often has problems with african football as the thirty five year old ivorian made the allegations in
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a magazine interview the former african player of the guess says guardiola was cruel to him during his time at city tourist started just one league game last season and has now left the club well gonna base football all right gary else smith says it's not the first time a high profile player has had problem with. three is not the first person to make such a clean indo. is like signing for a movie obviously did not accuse that got you a lot of racism but his comments again got you are also suggests that the man has a problem with the players who voiced the opinion all like to take a stance on issues and then you have to share in the comments of somebody like some well it was well also grace kelly who were similar to basically what. you actually has said and he said this back in two thousand and one two thousand
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and ten and then you see that probably this there are two. but two defensive purposes this is the syrian man who has given players like a lot of opportunities here a few times never complained he's went with one or two black or african. the washington capitals are one way away from clinton the biggest prize in ice hockey for the very first time while they beat the vegas golden knights in game four of the stanley cup finals in washington the capital scored three goals in the first period and went on to beat the golden knights six to washington now do the series three one team has yet such indeed slips as the detroit red wings and nineteen forty two. i think it's maybe more important now then than ever before to to really focus on on just the first period. we've done a great job and i can head of ourselves. we haven't been getting too high or too
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low whether the other team scores we score we win or they win and that's always fall for me i will have more later on so i thank you all the news of course on our web sites the evidence on his screen the address al jazeera dot com. and that's it for me down joining to the news hour i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us don't go away. seven million lights in this school. each one they still have.
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to be seen. to be heard that the monster the coolest. if this guy to be a. witness to the human children thing. on. conservation is helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i travelled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty slowed up it's just the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the slow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the
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international list of threatened species june one nine hundred sixty seven six days that redrew the map of the middle east is america to victoria if indeed wall of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything to be united nations try to make a shows contact through different countries and it was clear that all this was ignored the war in june on al-jazeera. differences behind the handshake how the israeli leaders push to win support against the iran nuclear deal didn't impress the french president. don't just keep you in it but you don't betray c.p.o. way is not sufficient i absolutely agree but still it's better than what we had
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before at the israeli intelligence services showed it only too well. hello i'm down jordan this is out as iran live from doha also coming up. with accusations in guatemala often your option from the flag of volcano which has killed more than seventy people. mexico announces tanks on u.s. goods in the television to president from stars on steel and other media. and it is new government wins a crucial vote setting the stage where to challenge new rules on immigration. israel's prime minister is touring europe to drum up support against iran after visiting germany binyamin netanyahu is in france in his attempt to convince european countries to drop support for the iran nuclear deal that comes just weeks
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after the u.s. withdrew from the agreement and reimpose sanctions on tehran but as natasha but the reports from paris the french president to money was not convinced. benjamin netanyahu i arrived at the lease say for talks with a man who will not call just a few hours off to iran had announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capacity the israeli prime minister said the move was proof that tehran holds nuclear weapons netanyahu is in europe to urge even leaders to stop supporting the twenty fifty iran nuclear. will. a in a cooler that he's convinced will collapse i didn't ask france to withdraw from the j. superior because i think the jersey is basically going to. be dissolved by the weight of economic forces but i think that there are two possibilities either iran dismantles its nuclear activities unilaterally under this pressure or there may be
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in the future in negotiations for better. a better deal the french president said the iran nuclear deal wasn't perfect but should remain the basis for a wider agreement because there's a need if we think it's not enough it's a useful building block better than what we have a full of the best things to keep it because as we say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush with you so i agree with you c.p.o. isn't enough but it's better than what we had before all iran says it's boosting its uranium enrichment in case the twenty fifteen deal collapses the head of iran's atomic agency said it informed the united nations that work had begun on home court a rule of austerity right now ideological infrastructure and utilities and the towns are ready for hundreds of thousands of asked w. years. the deal limited iran's nuclear activities in return for lifting sanctions united since the u.s. withdrawal last month european leaders have been trying to salvage hughes and find
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ways to block looming u.s. sanctions european leaders all struggling to save the iran deal and some analysts say the tehran's decision to increase the pressure on them around may only make it harder iranian officials are not seeing much rush in the. decision making process that's what they want to keep all options available and at strategic levels that means also a threat to the europeans not to you know hit with iran not to joke with iran the french president has called for a deescalation of tensions. sorry but unless european leaders come up with a plan to save the deal soon and keep us sanctions a baby iran's patients with his allies may soon run out and sasha al jazeera. new evacuations have been ordered guatemala's volcano after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died so far and many more are missing following sunday's eruptions and tarbell egyptian
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communities in the shadow of month been destroyed and rescuers have been sifting through hot ash and daybreak and search of survivors they would most as more now from a school in guatemala close to the volcano. this morning we went to the this disaster site and it was a few hours before we were actually allowed in all of the press was held back because of some modern explosions that had been happening in the early hours of the moaner of the morning from the flag of all kaino we were eventually allowed in and it's still a very sort of eruptive situation in a number of different ways quite quite a dangerous situation we came down to do some other filming and while we were down here very close to the location where we are right now we heard that there was a new explosion and there was more of this pyrotechnic material that had come shooting down the volcano and out we could see the evacuation taking place we could see all of the emergency vehicles that were filing down onto the highway where we are right now and so they got everybody who was working out of there mediately it
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was quite controlled but then from there things seemed to spiral a little bit out of control and there was lots of rumors in the city of us when that which is a big city that that the whole city was being evacuated and that was absolutely chaos in the streets and people were going to all sorts of different directions with all of the belongings they could possibly carry stuffed into backpacks some were heading towards el salvador others were heading towards the national stadium so really chaotic scene since then things have calmed down quite a bit and they explain that that was a false evacuation order and also news that it happened for the city of us went but certainly the communities that are close to the volcano have been told to leave because of the possibility of more activity the the ash is still incredibly hot the ash i mean there's a couple of meters of ash that have covered this entire town and it's very hot you feel it coming up through the soles of your feet if you don't have proper boots on and it can really it can really lead to a lot of heat blisters and things like that so they've got these hot conditions we're down near the coast of guatemala where in the tropics of course there's the
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sun and the general heat they're having to contend with and then there are these other explosions so you know you just start getting work working on getting a house dug out and then suddenly you hear a whistle and you have to run out and hop in a car and drive down to the highway so that's certainly hampering issues. there's more fallout from donald trump's decision to impose tariffs on its trade as you never tell it remove mexico's says it will levy fifteen to twenty five percent tariffs on steel and agricultural imports in the u.s. the mexican government's also complained to the world trade organization the white house says it may pull out of talks to really give shape the north american free trade agreement choosing to deal separately with mexico and canada head to pose a latin america political analyst he says although nobody stands to gain from a trade war may be about unity for mexico to diversify its economy. it's a it's completely a turnaround in terms of how the trump administration is viewing the negotiation the nafta negotiations when nafta was first formulated it was seen as
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a an attempt to integrate the three economies and the dutch the trumpet ministration is not seen in this way it's clear from these actions of creating this trade war that they're trying to see this as a zero sum game in which they're trying to get as much out of it as they can for their own you know particular interests and we're seen the results and it's an escalation of you know with the european union with mexico with canada of this trade war kind of phenomenon i think mexico can withstand a trade war with the united states obviously it will not be beneficial it's not in its best interest to do so but it could lead towards a diversification of its trade portfolio towards latin america towards brazil argentina china the european union and i'm sure the mexican. government has already signaled as much that they would likely do that the us
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president says negotiations with north korea are going very well that of his high stakes summit with kim jong un in singapore but washington says it will continue to maintain maximum pressure on north korea that it scrapped its nuclear weapons. a lot of the relationship being built a lot of negotiation going on even before the trip but it looks like it's coming along fine we'll see what happens but. very important it will be a very important couple of days well trumps comments come as the white house unveiled the venue where the historic summit between him and kim will take place the leaders will meet at the capella hotel that's a luxury resort on singapore sentosa island the summit will begin exactly nine am local time on tuesday the u.s. president had previously canceled a meeting with kim but backtracked within a few days. to italy now where the alliance of the anti establishment five star movement in the right wing likud party has won a confidence vote in the upper chamber of parliament the government led by a political unknown giuseppe conti was sworn in on friday it followed three months
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of political turmoil some of the good reports from. the votes were cast and a government now approved by the senate ahead of the vote in the lower house thank. you prime minister outlined his government's vision for the country. to do not simply should not be this is not a simple novelty the truth is that we have bought radical change of which we are proud. this is the new anti establishment force an unconventional union between the more left leaning five star movement and the far right anti immigration leg up party the aim is to do away with the politics of the previous government.


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