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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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a difficult a decision because more than seventy thousand lives fight there in darkness and after all of the war is going to less giving up but the man who is a little bit creating a discontent in ethiopia but for eritrea it's a victory africa's unfinished war is finished they will get bad me the small town that started this conflict still ahead on al-jazeera crackdown on immigration or an attack on human rights will have the latest on a new bill being debated in hungary plus we always will stay with the national. the no trespassing sign goes up at the white house for america's super bowl champions as dan tom cancels the traditional presidential meeting and holds a party of his own plus.
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he and his friends. in. the weather sponsored by cattle ways. welcome back we'll look at the levant and western parts of asia first of all this time and weather conditions the most part fine tashkent there in the spec is down thirty five degrees find dishes for back out on the shores of the caspian sea tehran should be sunny baghdad should be blistering really hot on the eastern side of the mediterranean we still have a few showers around in parts of turkey but otherwise not looking too bad and it's looking pretty warm there for beirut and lebanon the highs of twenty nine through into thursday not a great deal of change expected some share it to fifty possible across the caucasus so let's head down into the arabian peninsula it has been very warm and very humid here in recent days there's a bit more in the way of breeze picking up over the next few days but that's not going to stop the temperatures rising and so forecasts are we could see a high of forty five or forty six degrees on thursday the thing about stay still
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a fairly high level of humidity although the breeze will then pick up in the humidity should hopefully drop a little bit on the other side of the potential pretty hot much as you'd expect forty five degrees the maximum in medina down into southern portions of africa we've got a fair amount of cloud across parts of south africa through into mozambique and possibly developing tropical system to the south of madagascar certainly some heavy rain is light across southern areas but it should be dry in montana riva the weather sponsored by. packet for us what were you hearing whether on line or render think you misunderstood the data that that or if you join us on the same block of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue. about some of this except perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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we're going to watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour israel's prime minister says iran's announcement that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium proves the nuclear agreement has done nothing to moderate its behavior in him and it's now thinks the economic sanctions will eventually collapse a deal read the comments in paris after meeting the french president. accusations are taking place to have all the. head after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least two people are known to have died and many more are missing following sunday's explosion. at least eleven people died in a mine explosion in china several are also injured at the site in the northeastern
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city of bend she some workers are still trapped underground and emergency crews are trying to get to them. people and cats are being out on the streets of the capital doha to signal their support for the country one year into a blockade imposed by neighboring countries members of a local bikers community undertook this rally earlier on tuesday the blockade on cattle began exactly a year ago in saudi arabia the u.a.e. but when an egypt all cut diplomatic ties with they accuse the gulf nation of supporting terrorism a claim doha strongly denies as in any crisis like this the media is crucial there's been a lot of coverage in this part of the world much of it full of rhetoric and propaganda on the airwaves and online a key demand of the blockading nations was that the al-jazeera media network be
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shut down something that obviously didn't happen has richard gaisford host of the listening post here in al-jazeera with more international coverage of the year long blockade. once saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt all severed ties with qatar in the fifth of june last year the region's news media were quickly deployed to play their part in the diplomatic showdown the rift was triggered by a piece of news that mysteriously appeared on the website of the qatar news agency although the q. and a denies putting it there the country's amir was quoted in that piece making incendiary remarks about regional leaders and purportedly criticizing donald trump as well as praising iran news reports of since emerged alleging that operatives in the u.a.e. were behind that hack however in the days that followed media outlets in the gulf especially from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. seized on the fake story and rolled out what seemed to be a coordinated campaign to put pressure on qatar the political crisis in the region
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played out in an unusually public way and over the past year a spat that would have traditionally been managed behind closed doors was aired across the news media coverage designed to portray guitar as a regional sponsor of terrorism and the lessons i did the little to help out with. that number. have a lot of delegates a little canal boat and quite. an unofficial route to colombia doha has refused to see to any of its adversaries demands among them the closure of this network al jazeera or as a gyptian news anchors call the network alekhine zero the pig in the media battle has not just been waged within the reach it has spread across the united states where both sides hit the airwaves with official voices to fight in their corners and in the case of guitars and they are to defend his country's news network when he tells me to close a channel like a jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed
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the whole idea of free speech in the region however most of what's been going on in washington has happened away from the cameras so. saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar have all spent millions of dollars on public relations and political lobbying as they seek to strengthen ties with the trumpet ministration and to bring the u.s. media on side it is within the region itself where most of the public side of this is being fought on the airwaves one year on though the standoff continues and there is still no sign of al jazeera going to block the parliament is debating a bill that would make it a criminal offense to help asylum seekers it's part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban right wing government anyone convicted under the new law could face up to a year in prison journal reports somebody peste. where once there was an open border of the european union now there's an electrified fence migrants and refugees
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still trying to enter europe on welcome in hungary. alone slide when in parliamentary elections in april as encourage prime minister viktor orban and his feet as party to go further fulfilling an election promise to protect hungary and its christian values despite protests by the e.u. and local activist groups brand new legislation will criminalize any supporting looting legal advice given to the mainly muslim asylum seekers who do make it through access to justice and due process their fundamental values and this legislation specifically targets that and there are real concerns that the government will not stop there we are afraid of anybody who dares to criticize the government. for any reason. maybe a tag may face serious threats like we do now those who work with refugees who are promoting the rights of refugees and equal human rights for all. the advance of
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viktor or ban has been unstoppable in three successive elections the advance meanwhile of illegal migration of fear much promoted during the election campaign has been pretty comprehensively stopped there are more than a few hundred successful asylum seekers in hungary it is as if these new measures being debated are aimed less at migration itself and more at civil society. which brings us to the other great fear that stalks hungary's prime minister the billionaire financier george soros and the network of liberal minded n.g.o.s he supports the government spokesman explained he made it clear what kind of future he thinks of europe he's pro democracy he's probably. right the kind of the in the form of democracy he promotes and his organizations are promoting are very few. real democracy because they rely or would like to relight so-called n.g.o.s that have been founded and financed by the church and the like minded people. the
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new measures are collectively known as the stop soros bill in response to soros funded open society foundations announced last week it was pulling out of hungary that's a loss to free thinking society but a win for one of europe's most illiberal governments looks increasingly unassailable jona holds al-jazeera. spain's former prime minister mariano hoyer says he'll step down as leader of the conservative people's party after fourteen years he was ousted as prime minister last week when he lost a no confidence vote in parliament the voters prompted after several former party officials were found guilty of corruption from madrid reports. some say all political careers ended failure but mariano rajoy is has been swift and humiliated removed by a no confidence vote he described as a very grave president for spanish democracy he told his senior colleagues at the
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people's party headquarters at madrid it was time to go. you are a beautiful. woman i think the time has come to bring this to an end and for the people's party to continue under someone else's leadership. it was an emotional farewell after more than three decades in politics but he will remain in place in a caretaker role until a special party conference decides who will replace him it was the shadow judges called institutionalized corruption within his own party the brought him down but royce said the socialist government was extremely weak and spain was now facing an uncertain future. in a bitter attack on new prime minister pedro sanchez he said a frankenstein government was being formed with disastrous travelling companions in the past nationalists uncatalogued separatists who backed is no confidence motion.
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but political scientists believe with a new leadership the people's party could reinvigorated space and distance itself from the taint of corruption the government of the them never face these political crises they used the mundane all the party as he was before the make any kind of regeneration of the party so the socialist prime minister spent the day naming new members of his cabinet they included a catalan as foreign minister who had opposed last year's secession referendum the former cattle out president carter's push for more fighting extradition in germany described him as a man who had escalated hate in catalonia not an encouraging start of the sanchez this hope to deescalate the separatist crisis chaytor al-jazeera madrid was in the paper been demonstrating on the streets of prague against the acting prime minister who is under investigation for fraud. and labor still
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plans to form a government supported by the communist party he's been acting in a caretaker capacity since january when his one party minority lost a vote of confidence in parliament don trump has canceled an invite sent out to the team that are the reigning american football champions the philadelphia eagles were supposed to the white house to celebrate their super bowl victory but chang called off the meeting after a controversy over the national anthem helen fisher has a story. it was meant to be a celebration for the american food bowl champions but missing the guests of honor the philadelphia eagles this invited so instead of a president shaking the hands of big names. stars a medley of the u.s. national anthem and what the white house described as patriotic songs we love our country we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the national anthem we always will stand for the national and the eagles will drop because several players
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decided they wouldn't attend there's so much that's been kind of swirling around that in ministration. i don't think i don't see it as beneficial right at this moment time to to visit in a celebratory fashion in a statement donald trump said he was withdrawing the invite because the eagles disagree that he insists that the proto least than for the national anthem saying the team wanted to send a smaller delegation but fans deserve better the u.s. national anthem has become a cultural flashpoint many national football league players who are predominantly black decided to kneel during the national anthem protesting police brutality and racial injustice when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a half the field right now out of the sky. but not a single philadelphia player to kony in protest last year donald trump has invited a number of sports teams to the white house including the top baseball side the
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chicago cubs and last season's super bowl champions the new england patriots philadelphia's mayor a democrat says the president hated so few players plan to turn up he has a big concern about crowd size and size of things minutes that's him and that's he's a dysfunctional person the atoms of the president america's national football league plans to fine teams where players protest on the field next season during the national anthem one guest at the white house event staged his own protest then left this isn't the first time some sports stars have skipped a white house invitation because of an issue with the sitting president alan fischer al-jazeera washington. u.s. fashion designer katie. spade has died the body of the fifty five year old was removed from her new york apartment following an apparent suicide spade started a business in the ninety's selling handbags and then added clothes accessories and jewelry lines the kate spade brand has more than three hundred shops in the u.s.
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and around the world hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault charges the sixty six year old appeared in a new court on tuesday morning after a grand jury indicted him last week on charges involving two woman one soon his actions helped spark the international me to movement insists he's only ever had consensual sex but it's long been a key element for the miss america competition but from now on contestants will no longer have to wear a swimsuit organizers of the event say the woman taking potch will be judged on other attributes and not just physical appearance of his there is kristen salumi has more by my bikini with a tweet besom erica scrapped its iconic swimsuit competition the judges me keep mine strictly on the job. pageant that started almost one hundred years ago as a tourist attraction in atlantic city new jersey evolved into what organizers now
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describe as a competition. to. miss america nine hundred eighty nine the former newscaster gretchen carlson became the first female chairwoman of the organization's board after derogatory and chauvinist stick emails from a former c.e.o. became public we will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance that's huge the idea is to make the competition more inclusive to women of all shapes and sizes given the organization is the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the united states and its stated purpose is to promote their education. while some applauded the decision not everyone is on board i think it's a good thing yeah i mean it should be based on their you know personality their inserts what they want to do to help the world be better i think it's ridiculous that they're not doing this and see a badge and why is that because it's part of it always has been present as it's
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been in existence or always i'm supposed to say i'm in favor of such a. such thing but i probably realize the evening gown competition will also change to allow contestants to focus on personal style whatever they choose to do it's going to be what comes out of their mouth that we're interested in when they talk about their social impact initiative changes will take effect in the next competition which is scheduled for september kristensen meet al-jazeera. those are these are the top stories israel's prime minister says iran's announcement that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium proves the new kid agreement has done nothing to moderate its behavior binyamin netanyahu believes economic sanctions will eventually collapse the deal and it's you know is on a tour of europe trying to convince governments that to drop their support for the
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deal new evacuations are taking place near guatemala's volcano after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died more from david most of. there's a couple of metres of ash that have covered this entire town and it's very hot you feel it coming up through the soles of your feet if you don't have proper boots on it can really it can really lead to a lot of heat blisters and things like that so they've got these hot conditions we're down near the coast of guatemala or in the tropics of course there's the sun and the general heat they're having to contend with and then there are these other explosions so you know you just start getting work working on getting a house dug out and then suddenly you hear what you have to run out and hop in a car and drive down to the highway so that's certainly hampering issues at least eleven people in china have died in an explosion at a mine several also injured at the site in the northeastern city have been cheap some workers are still trapped underground and emergency crews are trying to get to them mexico says it will levy fifteen to twenty five percent tariffs on u.s.
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steel and agricultural goods in response don trans decision to remove jews exemptions on its allies the mexican government has also filed a complaint with the world trade organization. thousands of people have been demonstrating on the streets of prague against the acting prime minister who is under investigation for fraud. and there are still plans to form a government supported by the communist party he's been acting in a caretaker capacity since january hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein is speeded not guilty to rape and sexual assault charges this if the six year old appeared in a new york court on tuesday and was accused of attacking two women dozens of weinstein accusations helped spark the international me to movement.
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because of the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream you can always look at our website in the meantime. ok and i'm really could be and you're in the stream today will return a white owned line to black africans help south africa will discuss the country's plan for land expropriation without compensation. the african national congress says it wants to take back land without compensation
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from white farmers and transfer ownership to black citizens the plan aims to reduce racial disparities in land ownership caused by the nation's history of land dispossession where colonizers forced black south africans to live and rule reserves white south african still own the majority of lines of the country that is eighty percent black since the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the government has been slowly buying back a white owned the redistribution to black farmers but government critics say the process is taking too long i was brought in this will change so how should south africa right the wrongs of the policy as far as land is concerned with us to talk about this. she is an associate professor of law at northwestern university where she teaches land reform indigenous law and property law and take. is a sociologist and also in cape town we have ben cousins research. and an agrarian
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studies at the university of the west and everybody gets happy. so you know all thanks good evening and thanks for being here we got several questions online from our community when we said we were doing this show about what expropriation is here since one here's another from a west wanting to know the present generation of farmers and how they got this land we actually got an answer on twitter this is the boy who says land expropriation without compensation has to happen when the dutch that learns arrive they never purchase the land but expropriate it from the natives and forcefully remove them from the land obviously this current generation inherited the land from their forefathers that stole it apartheid legacy is still alive even after the fall of their parts eight system then he says expropriation has to happen after he gave us a brief history lesson there where do you fall on that argument. about sixty seven percent of all agricultural land is owned by white farmers. in
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the past it's mean even higher percentages this is the result of a history of land disposition if you like to learn this which helped to create credibly unequal and oppressive system not only part of it but the colonial era before that it's undoubtedly chief cause of poverty inequality in our society today and we have to do something about it and there's no doubt that we need a wide ranging learned reform program the slowness of land reform program means that suddenly explode creation of land with or without compensation is the big issue of the moment but that history lives so that it's a very real history it's very apparent to many south africans and we have to do something about it says that i want to share this south africa had booing hotaling screaming and chaos welcome to the land exposed creation debate and over
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the top has. to people have. yeah law i mean that probably refers to the debate that happened in parliament where they discussed this very issue there's a motion before the haas which is essentially calling for land expression of our compensation to be investigated as a means of. speeding up land reform so the descriptors are probably very accurate as who how that debate in the house happened but the question really becomes this how is the debate happening in society you know how's the bait happening in the spaces where people don't have access to the media don't have access to you know social media even to be able to voice their their opinions and there's a lot of research and data that shows that actually this isn't maybe the most signs of mouth topic but most of africans are talking about that actually unemployment and poverty of the issues but again i do agree with ben cousins the good prophet he
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says that you know land this position historically has played a major impact was had a major impact of course on how. and the income distribution happens in this country to save him make a really important point how our everyday south africans discussing as you say they aren't but when they are being asked about what they want about wonderful do they have the facts on it. absolutely i think we all as some africans have a general grasp of the history just position this country the issue really and the real debate becomes how do you fix this do you take a radical approach which is very symptomatic of those countries left or as i call them twenty lefties really who believe that the state has the power to dispossess people without compensation because that's what really means expropriation of our compensation it's essentially handing power over to the states to confiscate property from individual than families that society cannot compensation or really
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do we find in the other approach which is more rational which allows for a more win win outcome in society and i put it to the guests and everybody here that most of the africans are looking for a win win solution one which is rational and legal and also secures property rights for all citizens black or white. when we talk about land expectoration in south africa another country one of your neighbors comes up often in conversation a course here brings it up explode creating land without compensation is impossible take it from zimbabwe this idea that what happened in zimbabwe so let's go back to the year two thousand there was a good garry agrarian reform so many of them bob plains farmers were forced out and the farming a clone i mean. basically the the the money out of the farming company completely left and bob and now they are really struggling and that's we are inviting some of those farmers back to zimbabwe zimbabwe that idea that i mean if you don't like
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that. that i don't think that's actually an accurate depiction of the generation where the radical land reform in zimbabwe did have some negative consequences namely the suspension of the rule of law while learned a few patients are taking place and the flight of capital but in many respects the agricultural economy is not collapse that will in fact many of the beneficiaries of land reform are producing quite well in particular cash crops such as cotton in years gone by and tobacco smaller farmers are very productive the lack of supply of inputs so the result of that wider problems in the economy is a problem but i think one also is exaggerating the extent to which white farmers are being allowed back i don't think that's happening on any kind of scale at all i think it's really listen ted and i think the real lesson from zimbabwe is that you
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can do a radical and redistribute learn to smallholder farmers if you supply them with enough support they can be very productive and that's a very positive listen we can take them over the negative lesson is that we should do it within the rule of law we shouldn't have human rights abuses and we have to have it overseen by an effective state which is not captured. corrupt interests or elite interests that's my view on this and bobby situation i did live. for the department of agriculture and did my ph d. there. how do i balance your superior i know the age and perhaps a little biased then for. all that i am also glad that this person on twitter seems to agree with you because you seem to be an expert on this and he says at this stage no one in the ruling party is proposing anything like that zimbabwe's past track land reform but little and social conditions in the two countries are entirely different i mean is that how you see it as well. yes no totally i think
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has been saved we still have the rule of law and it's quite a firm rule of law we have recourse to the to the courts if it's necessary perhaps we are leaving too much to the courts but some people argue but i think what is happening in south africa is actually quite a positive moment i know it's very delicate i know a lot of people are scared but we are revisiting our ninety ninety four fact that we made as a country i think that same understood lady made the point earlier this year that when he said maybe the issue is not really just about land all even about land and all it is about nationhood it's about social cohesion i can't remember these exact words but we are we are looking as a country and how we did or did not address the injustices of the past and what went wrong and how do we renegotiated them because of what it very nicely on friday night he said we did we are the next generation we cannot you know look back at my day a lot and say i made all these mistakes because they did what they need to do and
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we as the next generation we need to do think how are we going to go forward and i think that's a very positive point to be at at the moment and then to frame that the land conversation in that sort of. conversation is quite interesting because that's basically a symptom of all the other things that is going on in the country in my opinion i mean you mentioned ten back of his joining us right now from johannesburg. overall south african lawyer who has been advising the government on land reform and he's also the author of the land is out. that millions and the birth of consequent constitution to mecca when you're looking at the risks associated with land reform our house our land reform what concerns you the most about double the job don. well our sins there are primarily three areas of concern from where i stand the first area of concern is the lack of
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a clear plan by the government i think for the past twenty four years we have not had a quote here and clear vision about what the government actually turns to doing in order to realize land reform the southern area of concern is short termism it is the idea that. despite the fact that we've got clear policies clear laws and clear legislation. when the government fails to implement those laws and legislation usually results to short termism in other words you hear discussions about there is a need to change the constitution so i do get worried about adherence to the rule of law and then the third area of concern is no pace of wonder for i think the. tomorrow and is quite clear across the board that the pace is too slow and ought to be moving faster and this no we are the greater the potential for social
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instability. so i think i'd say kemet again and said that i think that's a similarity between southern african zimbabwe in fact conditions as understood traces in some ways very different but the strong political symbolism of land is a similarity between the two and if we don't deal with the land issue in south africa it's not going to go away it stands for a lot of things but it is also a very real issue in its own right in urban areas and occupations taking place because people lack places to build houses for themselves of course that's partly a housing issue and a serious issue not just a land issue but it's being expressed as the land issue and it's a very serious issue and unless we deal with it rationally populism which was it definitely present in zimbabwe could again. severely. distort our political system there are real dangers as well as the opportunities
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that will mean playing up i do a group crossed with profit and the good advocate thing you know one has to remember that land restitution as an issue that is has a moral imperative to it you know we come from a country where and really when i when i when i talk about being a moral imperative you know it speaks to it being the issue of justice if we are to look forward as a country if we are to get the issue right then we've got to actually put in place the rational legal framework which allows for the states to rectify its past wrongs because ultimately the disposition of mostly black people in this country happened at the hands of a course of my complaints of states where there was a colonial state or in a public age gates you know we have to fix that issue and unfortunately you have a situation where and this is me agreeing with and the kids that i told me in sorry my lights of gone off. is that you know the state hasn't. a very big role to play
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here in terms of giving people access to justice and justice can take one of two forms either a return of land which was stolen and has been grooving through irrational grows up to have been stolen to its rightful owners or actually compensation for it because there's another component of that we also speak about not everybody wants to go back to an agrarian form of life and again when we speak about this issue it's not just about rural land don't get me wrong there's also been just position that happened but. just the simple point you know we have to get the process or rather than simply put compensation is left a stumbling block to lump reform in this country so we also have to move the debate away from this almost weird obsession with compensation and you can i eliminate say occur in the end and the we can situations and i have. as i say i would also like to come in here because i think we also focus
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a lot of government and what government needs to do while i think we should also look at as a society and i mean we've got big agricultural unions like every say they've got plans they say you know in certain circumstances private type of land reform worked we need to assess that we need to assess if things like that is also possible because there are many ways of acquiring land enough transferring land but i think we need to move away from this going to say should not be only being an issue about expropriation with or without compensation because i think in this whole conversation which is been a great conversation we have been going to the problems with land reform and it is fairly evident that it is not really express creation well mostly black i mean it has a little used it's exaggeration power has. yes and then and then i mean i agree with you that we've got a problem of the state that has not tested the transformative potential of the constitution but i think we also have another problem of private land owners that
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essentially hike up the prices of land when they know that the state is a likely customer so it seems to me that part of the solution and in fact a central part of the solution is actually a reduction in the prices of lent and that sometimes means that some portions of the land should be acquired by the state with no compensation so the real question it seems to me that if you want to address this on the basis the market related. land redistribution program simply does not work we have had twenty four years of trial and error when i asked the minister of land of as about a month ago how much money the state had paid for lender for the amount of stock that something like fifty four billion read and if we have paid fifty four billion dollars and we've achieved less than ten percent i don't know what the figure then can help us with the virtue of luck and ten percent of land distribution it's clear
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that a market related solution does not work. i want to jump in here because i hear i hear the discussion and you guys are having and i think of course it is very important to hear what south african think about this on this issue but i wanted to bring in what others outside of south africa are seeing on this issue and it's headlines like this south african group under fire for lobbying us for a white rights group representing many white afrikaners has gone to the u.s. to lobby for the interests of white farmers and i bring that up only because lots of people online are talking about this issue the issue of murders of the white farmers and as for these farmers that have been in the headlines i think the issue has been captured by our right sure there's a problem with violent crime but it affects everyone black and white and attempts to frame it as part of a white genocide or divisive and dangerous and other person we did and this is a florist we actually pitched the topic of today show wanting us to sort out the
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facts from fiction he says what impact do campaigns like this p.r. campaign have on south africa's global standing if countries believe south africa is creating a culture that is resulting in a racially biased for murders could it lead to same actions ben do you want to take that on. yes you had an article in newsweek recently getting that whites should stop panicking about len suggesting that farm where it is who are not happening on a large scale and i started to get hate mail from the right in the us i don't think it's very helpful and i think there are many white televisions who us saying what can we do to make this work and be part of this be part of the solution not part of the problem in fact that people are free to donate less and i think we have the possibility in our and present them up or so of a national conversation about lenin you. countrywide nationwide conversation which sets us on a new path that is the real and it is
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a feeling i am. sorry sorry of into chipping ben i think i think we should also bring in that there is a dispute about i mean i must always put this disclaimer there that far but it is happening it's and every life lost is problematic but we need to see this in context and sure farm it is has been framed and been linked to the expression debates and so it was framed and these are upcoming i think the word that we must use now is cleaning up white people the stats are not clear so that's the biggest problem in this debate we do know that there is a problem with far too little safety people are vulnerable but but the problem is that this has been lead to the expression the bait to say that these decisive drive to drive white people out of the land and i don't think these immigrants of that and i think that's what been also tried to do and i also try to do the past four weeks and it's a very difficult position to be in because it's
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a very emotive issue people are getting killed. we have this conversation it sometimes sounds as if you are. not respecting the issue of comair it is but i think it's very important and we're not going to have. so not call it what it is i mean it is mysterious to claim that there is a genocide against white people sort of a complete mystery and those people who are very great at that impression they were causing mischief and nothing else to makkah the starting stephen by. show that we are at a twenty year low. in one thousand nine hundred seven there were one hundred fifty meadows last year twenty seventeen there were forty three that's to the high number an acceptable number but it's not a number that. by any stretch of the imagination to america and to document you mentioned sai we talked to them and asked them if they would be part of this conversation they sent us
1:42 pm
a statement about land reform. and they said that the slow pace of land reform can be attributed to other things such as erratic budget poor implementation and corruption but they are interested in how can they work and help land reform it's a really important topic right now and such a hot topic empowerment this is true as malema this is back. when you can hear his frustration have a listen. to this not in this parliament could do. without you people are going to your compiler and will require no permission from you from the president from among one we don't care we can do whatever you want to do where you want to tell us whether we can work a pilot or not we're going to occupy learned south africa i learned we are the norm i wonder how can we do not by not by truck but on our own arrival.
1:43 pm
back at useless parliament it is your job to advise the government right now i am not clear even after thirty minutes what that is about a more extreme equitable distribution of land for all south africans and especially that south africans unclear. you know what this was my entry point to the discussion that what we've been experiencing in the past twenty four years is the lack of a clear and of course here and plan around or the messages that have been coming most recently are moving us towards a clearer path around land reform at the very least what we have at the moment is that there is an acknowledgment of the necessity to move along with urgency and that in the second aspect quite apart from the edge and that the senate asked for this to recognize the limits of restitution and the restitution essentially means historical claims to the land is recognized the limits of that process and to move
1:44 pm
towards a dispensation that is based on land hunger so i think if we address that and then of course the final part a commitment to the rule of law i think that is absolutely crucial and issues of combination i mean is quite right usually of compensation in the order of things are quite role in relation to significance so if it seems to me that we have tried it on to us the one being a move towards it it is reducing model that's based on need and a distribution model that's underpinned by the rule of law that is enough policy clarity but that needs to be a teach related quite strongly at the center. where right at the end of the show the time goes so fast says i'm just wondering if you're if you could describe what it is like for some brat south africans who have this need for land how would you describe their lifes. well it's absolutely devastating especially for those who. can actually pinpoint exactly where historically this family used to live or piece
1:45 pm
of land that they used to own would just cause this by either the commode meal or the puppet government and again when i talk about just positions not just the rule that it's also people who were forcibly removed from simple communities in urban parts of the country communities which in some cases were more diverse. then then obviously what they have had to take government wanted i mean you think it's applied on as a good example there is a real pain that permeates in a lot of south africans today when we speak well issues of just position. and that this position is understood as being the exercise of coercive manipulates of state powell some of them and i send so much of this program in elmina and ben and time back i was well really appreciate your insights and your time today many half hour into this week from ruth who says the problem is not that the state doesn't have
1:46 pm
enough power to expropriate land the problem is that citizens don't have enough power to hold the state to account thank you for being with us today many can i will see online always there at any strain see you next. to. the colon and i learned that. really need to be. read i'm. going to be. men and women leaders that are available but it sounds like your story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story going down the government is not going to go down. strangers want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get
1:47 pm
closer to the truth. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sam when they go take the system there and fill the sand is our fair game you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . it's. with every.
1:48 pm
a new series of rewind appear bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. was the top of the blogs. and the other student we want continues with kosovo and europe fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera. differences behind the handshake how the israeli leaders pushed to win support against the iran nuclear deal didn't impress the french president. in the past if you know the trade c.p.o. way is not sufficient and i absolutely agree but still it's better than what we had
1:49 pm
before of the israeli intelligence services showed it only too well. in this is al jazeera live from coming up. vacuum asians in guatemala after in your option from a need for a go volcano which has killed more than seventy people. italy's new government wins a crucial confidence vote setting the stage for to challenge e.u. rules on immigration plus. i'm andrew thomas in sydney on a new initiative to use technology to get women to tell city planners where they feel on sites and why. israel's prime minister is touring europe to drum up support against iran after visiting germany benjamin netanyahu is in france and his attempt to get european
1:50 pm
countries to join the us to withdraw from the new kid deal it coincides with tech runs announcement that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium but as natasha butler reports from paris french president emmanuel micron wasn't convinced . benyamin netanyahu i arrived at the least say for talks with a man who will not call just a few hours off to iran had announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capacity the israeli prime minister said the move was proof that tehran wants nuclear weapons netanyahu is in europe to urge either leaders to stop supporting the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal. in a court that he's convinced will collapse i didn't ask france to a draw from the j.c.b. or because i think the jury is basically going to be dissolved. by the way the economic forces but i think that there are two possibilities either iran
1:51 pm
dismantles its nuclear activities unilaterally under this pressure or there may be in the future in negotiations for better. a better deal the french president said the iran nuclear deal wasn't perfect but should remain the basis for a wider agreement with the senate if we think it's not enough it's a useful building block better than what we have a full of the best things to keep it because as we say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush with you so i agree with you c.p.o. isn't enough but it's better than what we had before all iran says it's boosting its uranium enrichment in case the twenty fifteen deal collapses the head of iran's atomic agency said it informed the united nations that work had begun our home court rule of austerity right now ideological infrastructure and utilities in the towns are ready for hundreds of thousands of asked w. years. the deal limited iran's nuclear activities in return for lifting sanctions
1:52 pm
united since the us withdrawal last month european leaders have been trying to salvage it and find ways to block looming u.s. sanctions european leaders all struggling to save the iran deal and some analysts say the tehran's decision to increase the pressure on the now may only make it harder iranian officials are not seeing much rush in the. decision making process that's what they want to keep all options available and at strategic levels that means also a threat to the europeans not to you know hit with iran not to joke with iran the french president has called for a deescalation of tensions on all sides but unless european leaders come up with a plan to save the deal soon and keep u.s. sanctions a baby iran's patients with his allies may soon run out and sasha al-jazeera paris. argentina have canceled their upcoming friendly against israel ahead of this month's football world cup on sunday the head of the palestinian football
1:53 pm
association had called on all arab fans to burn posters and t. shirts of argentinean striker. if you took part in the game that's after the violence in gaza the match was to be argentina's final game before the start of their campaign in russia it was to be played at a stadium in waste jerusalem. you vacuum asians have been ordered in guatemala where the volcano has been spewing lava at least seventy two people are known to have died and hundreds of missing following sunday's eruption rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors many of chosen to flee entire villages have been destroyed david mo says move from is continuing in guatemala close to the volcano. ash is still incredibly hot the ash i mean there's a couple of metres of ash that have covered this entire town and it's very hot you feel it coming up through the soles of your feet if you don't have proper boots on it can really it can really lead to
1:54 pm
a lot of heat blisters and things like that so they've got these hot conditions we're down near the coast of guatemala or in the tropics of course there's the sun in the general heat they're having to contend with and then there are these other explosions so you know you just start getting work working on getting a house dog out and then suddenly you hear a whistle and you have to run out and hop in a car and drive down to the highway so that's certainly hampering issues and then the other thing i'll just mention quickly i don't know if you can see the flashes of lightning around me at all or you can hear the thunder we're in rainy season here and flash floods are common at this time of the year and so if the heavy rain comes down and enters into some of these valleys up on the volcano that can lead to massive mudslides or it could really further volcanic the jury also lot of different risks and lots of different dangerous weather emergency workers challenges for them in the coming days and coming weeks in china an explosion in a mine has left at least eleven people dead and nine injured in northeastern city of binge she has managed to pull out more than
1:55 pm
a dozen workers trapped underground florence lloyd has moved from beijing. we're still not entirely sure how the accident happened what we do know is a truck carrying explosives blew up near the entrance to the mine workers were drilling a shaft when the accident happened which caused the collapse of the entrance to the mine trapping about twenty five people inside now emergency workers were at the scene on tuesday after the blast occurred and have since managed to rescue at least eighteen workers china does not have a very good track record when it comes to industrial sites now last year in may eighteen people were killed in a gas leak in a mine in central hunan province and just two months before that seventeen workers were killed when a lift fell down a shaft inhaling john province the chinese government has said it wants to improve safety standards in the in the past two years it has closed at least twenty smaller
1:56 pm
and unlicensed mines and what we can normally and what we do normally see after industrial accidents especially when there has been a high casualty number is top management may be sacked there may even be criminal charges filed what's less transparent however is what exactly authorities are doing to improve safety standards we don't know how strictly the standards are enforced and we don't know what sort of checks are being done to make sure that the standards are being complied with u.s. president says negotiations with north korea are going very well ahead of his high stakes summit with kim jong un in singapore but washington says it will continue to maintain maximum pressure on north korea till it stops its nuclear program. a lot of the relationship being built a lot of the goshen go early before the trip but it looks like it's coming all closer what happens but. very important it will be a very important couple of days. meanwhile the south korean president says he'll
1:57 pm
continue the push to recover remains of those killed during the korean war in his memorial day speech moon j.n. says he aims to get to those buried in the demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas but in a rare summit between moon and kim jong un in april the two sides have been working on a peace agreement that could replace the armistice that ended the three a conflict in one thousand nine hundred fifty three. there's more fallout from donald trump's decision to impose tariffs on its trade allies in the retaliatory move makes acoa says it will levy twenty five percent tariff on steel and agricultural imports from the u.s. and mexican government has also complained to the world trade organization the white house says it may pull out of talks to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement choosing to deal separately with mexico and canada. it's a pale as a latin america political analysts he says although nobody stands to gain from a trade war maybe an opportunity for makes it to diversify its economy. it's
1:58 pm
completely a turnaround in terms of how the trumpet ministration is viewing the negotiation the nafta negotiations when nafta was first formulated it was seen as a an attempt to integrate the three economies and the done the trumpet ministration is not seen in this way it's clear from these actions of creating this trade war that they're trying to see this as a zero sum game in which they're trying to get as much out of it as they can for their own you know particular interests and we're seeing the results and it's an escalation of you know with the european union with mexico with canada of this trade we're kind of phenomenon i think mexico can withstand a trade war with the united states obviously it will not be beneficial it's not in its best interest to do so but it could lead towards a diversification of its trade portfolio towards latin america towards brazil
1:59 pm
argentina china the european union and i'm sure the mexican. government has already signaled as much that they would likely do that. italy's new ruling coalition has won a crucial trust vote in the upper chamber of parliament the alliance of the and hysteresis and five star movement and the right wing league party the last six support in the lower house where it has a majority a win there will empower the government led by a political unknown giuseppi content to carry out its anti immigration agenda so they go reports from rome. the votes were cast and the government now approved by the senate ahead of the vote in the lower house. thank. you prime minister outlined his government's vision for the country. this is not a simple novelty the truth is that we are radical change of which we are proud
2:00 pm
this is the new anti establishment force an unconventional union between the more left leaning five star movement and the far right anti immigration leg up party the aim is to do away with the politics of the previous government with a promise to provide a basic income for poor italians and redefining its immigration policy. we will stop the business of immigration which has been growing disproportionately under the montreal of fake solidarity and this is the issue that's going to put more pressure on the european union the refugee crisis has placed enormous burden on italy and people here are resentful that brussels hasn't done enough to help what is essentially a country that's the major landing point people arriving from north africa. the new interior minister for the leg up party is known for his anti immigrant rhetoric but they are still beanie wasted no time in letting the e.u.
2:01 pm
know that he wants quotas for new arrivals changed putting him on the same footing as hungary and poland he is reaching forward.


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