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support internationally among key allies. to make matters worse for the u.a.e. a series of leaked emails from their ambassador to the us youssef taiba revealed a concerted effort to turn the us away from qatar. kuwait that had experienced aggression from its neighbor iraq almost two decades earlier took on the role of mediator urging both sides to open lines of dialogue the current emir of kuwait was the foreign minister of his country when the g.c.c. was founded he hosted the first meeting that led to the formation of the g.c.c. and so for him it's always been since the crisis last year in any spoken about it extremely personal he has made this a matter of honor for the generation that founded the g.c.c. . emboldening their position saudi arabia and the u.a.e. convince the newly elected us president that their actions were justified.
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president trump who only ten days earlier was in riyadh tweeted support for the blockade and joined in accusing qatar of funding radical ideology and extremism. this was in stark contrast to the approach taken by the pentagon on the situation saying the u.s. military is grateful for qatar support of the u.s. army presence in the country and its enjoying commitment to regional security. in the months that followed the us state department signed two memorandums of understanding with qatar underscoring the ties between the two countries especially the joint efforts to defeat terrorism. in paris saudi arabia's foreign minister. said that the damage caused by economic measures should convince qatar to change its policies we want to see qatar it implement the prime. made
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a few years back with regard to support for extremist groups with regards to its hostile media with regards to its interference in the affairs of other countries and we have taken this step. with great pain in order to make sure that the turn to stands that these policies are not acceptable not sustainable and that they must change across the gulf states the sanctions and restrictions imposed were now hitting hard and directly affecting individuals and businesses many countries who have family in terminal times in the neighboring countries who are now cut off and banished. in the hospitals and clinics the harsh embargo was now affecting patients and people requiring medicines and treatment. but the citizens and residents in qatar were unified and supportive of a leader and his government within days of the blockade against qatar we saw
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huge outpouring of support for the emir and for the country state we saw you know of country flags throughout the streets of doha the images of the amir the blockade in the very sort of sudden and aggressive way that it was imposed galvanized a sense of national identity among countries and in some ways it also improved relations between countries and non-country residence as day two of the crisis continued turkish president red chip tired addressed foreign ambassadors both as their general book reason. it was then headed to trouble your studio to go. there because. i think such a cut that are you nearly driven europe to the moment called the religion a. drink you got certain good turds on solar. tubs even missing it. if you could turn truckload of good trauma like the turkish
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role in relationship with qatar in this crisis is one of the most important developments over the last year turkey has tried to build up relations who after and qatar even before the crisis reciprocated by improving relations with turkey as a check and a balance against the saudis with whom they've had bad relations on many occasions in the last decade and a half. turkey began debating in parliament legislation for increased military cooperation to support cutter. the bill was passed after one hour and two weeks later its troops were deployed to a military base just outside of doha which they had been using to train the country armed forces. on social media people from all sides were making their cases supportive of the blockade and opposed the regional social fabric is the same we have the same family tribes the same people live
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across all of these states and the people are not very happy what happened to their brothers and sisters and when they have been cut off and they're being blockaded in the holy mother from other stopping water and food supplies to them and they're seeing that got i was being bullied by their neighbors so if you started to show empathy with we have seen is that there have been repressed by their own government even for showing empathy to. human beings to their people. in the region this is contrary to what we've seen in qatar in qatar you know you have different voices there are people who all are saying things against the government of qatar only its fall a season it's accepted. as the crisis continued both sides made efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the international community the public opinion are weird enough to understand them to differentiate between the two with
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and the force and the fabricated. qatar's foreign minister met with officials and leaders addressing the media and stating the case for qatar. as the situation dragged on governments were growing impatient and wanted a quick end to the standoff now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qatari the details about the claims that they are making toward. the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries eighteen days after implementing the blockade for instigating nations
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presented a list of thirteen demands of qatar to end the crisis they gave a deadline of ten days to comply with all of the demands which included shutting down the al jazeera network close to the turkish military bases and scaled down times with iran. qatar was expected to sever all alleged ties with the muslim brotherhood and other groups including hezbollah al qaida and i saw the thirteen demands that the courts had issued towards qatar were absolutely unrealistic one of their major demands was for qatar to stop interfering in other nations affairs and if you look at the list of thirteen demands well that's exactly what they do they interfere in the affairs of the country state. through the kuwaiti intermediary qatar gave its response to the demands. the deadline passed and qatar had fulfilled none of the thirteen points obviously definitely. not accepted
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no coakley that respects its sovereignty and independence well ever except. to be able. to accept and public took up which relate to thirteen public like this a forty eight hour extension was given by the blockading for and still qatar refused to bow down the saudis an m.r.i. artie's expressed outrage at qatar willingness to submit and said the failure to comply is a threat to regional security qatar stood firm and replied with offers of dialogue reaffirming their willingness to find a solution through direct talks we believe and we have expressed several times that others willing to enter into dialogue with. with the blockading nations will just respect the international law and respect the sovereignty each other
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nation being deeply invested in the g.c.c. since its foundation kuwait to me a continued his efforts to bring the parties together to reconcile their differences when he tried to host the first g.c.c. leaders' summit since the crisis began and the only leader of a d.c. nation to turn up with a. not only did the outage refused to turn up for various reasons but on the same day the u.a.e. and saudi arabia announced the launch of a new bilateral organization a saudi u.a.e. organization through which they would deal with all important economic and security issues so not only did they boycott the meeting but they tried to undermine at the same time it would be the shortest g.c.c. summit in history being abandoned after only a few hours. prior to the g.c.c. meeting qatar shake to mean bin hamad el fanny went on
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a charm offensive promoting qatar and its policies to the world. meeting heads of state and reaffirming qatar's commitment to peace and stability in the region he cemented times with foreign leaders and in an address to the united nations he turned the charges laid against his country back on the blockading party if you have it. up a foreigner or vetted your shabby that are of on you have most a matter of a to do well in with. one to hum so you on your own mobbing it do and let you follow them at i look up a bit to the one for sure an adult. the dodo a bit of the animal denny you have believe what go up was a lot of it don't eat him up of him is c.r.c. is as i think is that a lot of. i later heard that i had to tie the fact that her and. the amir returned to a hero's welcome thousands lined the roads to greet and applaud the man who had
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stuck by them and not buckled under pressure. abhaya who. was riding out the storm established new trade deals and created alternative shipping and air rigs. the blockade is not without impact and although qatar has tremendous wealth to maintain stability it was required to open its coffers injecting almost forty billion dollars into its economy in the first two months of the crisis. the crisis triggered cutter to rethink its sustainability and independence and to set itself up for the future. it built farms and was terra forming its deserts into fertile land. a dairy was set up flying in thousands of cows and producing its own line of products.
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just days before the one year anniversary of the blockade qatar's government issued a directive banning all products from the blockading quartet. the new trade links and self-reliance that have developed over the past year meant qatar has decades long dependence on its neighbors for producing goods had been swept away. all sides were desperate to garner support and backing internationally sweeping reforms was seen across the gulf. qatar lifted the entry visa restrictions for eighteen countries and began speeding up much needed improvements to its migrant worker program. saudi arabia appointed a new crown. since mohamed bin salomon and the kingdom tried to sell an image of change but for its subjects freedom of speech and expression continue to be
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repressed. behind closed doors in abu dhabi have forged partnerships with television to strengthen their position and gain favor from the u.s. . the military campaign by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in yemen is taking its toll financially and is criticized globally for the humanitarian catastrophe it has created. ignoring the calls for the blockade to end there has been no softening of the position from the blockading nations this is an irrational erratic crisis it started for no reason in my opinion is going to end like this the longer it continues the more damage it will do to everybody it seems that they have chosen their own country because qatar has built its all resilience and showed that it can not and will not be bullied. by their neighbors with neither side willing to back down the future of the g.c.c.
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is at stake it will never be the same the sense of shock and betrayal following this blockade is something that will be very difficult to erase and while there has been no clear victor the ambitions of the blockading quartet to change qatar's foreign and domestic policies have failed their failure to get to concede or make significant concessions their failure to get european muslim asian and middle eastern actors to side with them over qatar has actually highlighted the limitations of the saudi u.a.e. access as a dominant strategic player in the region so i think the best case scenario for a resolution of this conflict is a public agreement to continue to disagreement privately. as the gulf countries continue to drift apart and new geo political alliances a merge in the region a resolution to the crisis seems a long way off. three big
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stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the work that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption in its wet season
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mudslides that are claiming most lives i don't remember even the war when one thing would be one thousand wound up in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there's a north already failed to act the mountain will fall on al-jazeera. and i'm jay and outmanned are the top stories on al-jazeera israel's prime minister is tearing europe to drum up support against iran after visiting germany benjamin netanyahu travel to france to convince european countries to drop support for the iran nuclear deal but as natasha buckley reports from paris french president among your micron was not convinced. benjamin netanyahu i arrived at the lease say for talks with a man who will not call just
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a few hours after iran had announced it was increasing its uranium enrichment capacity the israeli prime minister said the move was proof that tehran holds nuclear weapons netanyahu is in europe to urge either leaders to stop supporting the twenty fifty iran nuclear deal. and a cool that he's convinced will collapse i didn't ask france to withdraw from the just because i think the jews who is basically going to. be dissolved. by the way the economic forces but i think that there are two possibilities either iran dismantles its nuclear activities unilaterally under this pressure or there may be in the future in negotiations for better. a better deal the french president said the iran nuclear deal wasn't perfect but should remain the basis for a wider agreement if you don't because there's a need if we think it's not enough it's
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a useful building block better than what we have a full of the best things to keep it because as we say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush with you so i agree with you c.p.o. isn't enough but it's better than what we had to fill iran says it's boosting its uranium enrichment in case the twenty fifteen deal collapses the head of iran's atomic agency said it informed the united nations that book had begun a home court rule of austerity right now ideological infrastructure and utilities and the towns are ready for hundreds of thousands of asked w. years. the deal limited iran's nuclear activities in return for lifting sanctions united since the us withdrawal last month european leaders have been trying to salvage it and find ways to block looming u.s. sanctions european leaders all struggling to save the iran deal and some analysts say the tehran's decision to increase the pressure on the now may only make it harder iranian officials are not seeing much rush in the. decision making process
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that's what they want to keep all options available and at strategic levels that means also a threat to the europeans not to you know hit with iran not to joke with iran the french president has called for a deescalation of tensions on all sides but unless european leaders come up with a plan to save the deal soon and keep u.s. sanctions a baby iran's patients with his allies may soon run out and sasha bottler al jazeera paris. new evacuations are taking place near guatemala's volcano after fresh larva started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died and many more are missing following sunday's explosion entire villages and communities in the shadow of mt for go have been destroyed at least eleven people have died in an explosion at a mine in china several are also injured at the site in the northeastern city of binchy some workers are still trapped underground and emergency crews are trying to
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get to them mexico says it'll levy a twenty five percent tariff on u.s. steel and agricultural goods in response to donald trump's decision to remove juicy exemptions on its allies the white house also says it may pull out of talks to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement. argentina cancel the upcoming friendly against israel ahead of this month's football world cup amid pressure from the palestinian football association. the team to skip the match because of the recent unrest along the gaza strip the group called on all arab fans to burn posters and t. shirts of argentinean striker and on messi if you took part in the game. the alliance of the anti establishment five star movement and the right wing likud party and its it is one of confidence votes in the upper chamber column and government led by the physical and giuseppe country was sworn in on friday sound
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was is coming up next. we bought the house about two years ago hoping that we would be able to retire here but from here you could see how much sand we've lost underneath the house. the world is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal mafias around the world at the time to have them put it all good up look at who try to do i like the top i'm not exactly. washed away by rising sea levels. being in the middle of the indian ocean for the last five thousand units become just. lost to human greed and stupidity. when
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we use that sand that mean we loose. our life. we've never needed so much sand so badly with beaches and entire islands already disappearing who will when the sand worse. for most of us san makes us think of days at the beach sand castles and sunshine and once the holidays are over we slip back into our busy lives. but is feeling the sand between our toes or caught in our bathing suits the whole story. does this so familiar substance play any other role in our daily lives. standard is what i like to call an unsung hero. it's because there's a joke endlessly examples. of the way in which sand intersects with daily lloyd's
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which we all really know commonly aware of. sand has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world melted and transformed into glass it sits on every shelf. it's also the source of silicone dioxide. a mineral found an hour winds cleaning products detergents paper dehydrated foods hairspray toothpaste cosmetics. and an astounding variety of other products we use every day. but it's a strategic mended such as. you. think about your computer. chips can be manufactured if you do not have high quality send. the minerals extracted from sand are at the core of our hyper connected society a form of basic material for microchips without which our computers credit cards
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bank machine cell phones and many other devices would not exist. sand even helps us fly in our airplanes the plastics lightweight alloys of the fuselage and jet engines even the paint and tires are all made with sand. it's almost become like a the air we breathe we don't think too much about it but you can't live without it . and the industry with the biggest appetite for sand construction. for the last one hundred fifty years sand mixed with cement to form concrete has shaped the contours of our increasingly urbanized world. because of its low cost strength and ease of use disgrace larry has become the dominant building material around the globe.
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the quantities used are astronomical. to build an average house it takes two hundred tons of sand. for a larger building like a hospital around three thousand tons. each kilometer of highway devours thirty thousand tons. and to build a nuclear plant the estimate is about twelve million tonnes. production of sand exceeds fifteen billion tons. and that is a quantity that is so huge that it's beyond imagination how much is fifteen billion you don't know because no one. is used in such vast quantities as maybe with the exception of water. so where in the world does that much sand come
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from. let's just say the sand men who work in the aggregate business have not been affected by the economic downturn. behind air and water sand is the most used commodity. business is booming but meeting this demand is not always an easy task sand is not something that's easily found like you might think it is used to be that you'd have a sand and gravel deposit and you'd simply go and dig it up out of the ground so you'd have sand to make your roads bridges and buildings up but that type material is all been taken away it's gone to be used it already. with the positives of service and exhausted we started dredging rivers for sand but this is lead to flooding. now we've turned to the oceans for sand.
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to satisfy our seemingly insatiable appetite for sand we've been dust for allies extracting it from beneath the waves. and the workhorse of the industry is a dredger. a giant tanker equipped with a suction arm capable of pumping huge quantities of sand to the surface. the right bessel in the right location can pump up to four hundred thousand cubic metres of sand to the surface every single day. each dredger cost anywhere from twenty five million to two hundred million dollars. but the sand is free. so the thousands of tankers combing the world's oceans have every incentive to suck up as much sand as possible for their increasingly hungry clients.
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an astonishing example of this appetite within a few decades this fishing village has morphed into a modern architecture. fantasies too grandiose. projects. of sand and huge volumes of sand and construction projects concrete and indeed just making more land has been doing with the with the artificially constructed islands. or even bigger consumers of sand the concrete. with a booming economy launch them bitches expansion project.


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