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tv   A Tale Of Singers And Murderers  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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came to get aid. simon is one of more than one hundred thousand people in my own county who rely on a civil war in south sudan has forced seven million people more than half of the country's population to dependent aid the war started in twenty thirteen when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a career tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced yeah ending guy had to work for two days to come to my own for eight she often says she's not feeling well well i'm going to buy back my kidneys hurt we get to splay still go to the bush suffer from hunger and get sick i've seen people die in the bush due to hunger and diseases like diarrhea hundreds of thousands of hunger related deaths were reported last year when famine was declared in south sudan and while the famine is over there are fears that the figures will rise. millions of thousands are suffering from for
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shortages and as a result many are getting sick with violence and the rainy season slowing down aid operations they are concerned that preventable diseases will instead become fatal the un has recently threatened to extend sanctions on south sudan if the fighting continues there is fighting all over this state and these are farmers who have led to this place their land is not being killed at the moment and that totally dependent on this crude day that had to be brought here by air drops is a desperate measure in desperate times in this. south sudan the area where we've seen food drops now for twenty nine years what is needed here is peace it's really conciliation peace that may seem calm and many others like her not get sick simply because they can't get enough food to remain healthy people morgan al-jazeera my own county in south sudan. still to come here at al-jazeera juss down
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in jordan as unions strike in support of protest over higher taxes under a river of lava culture in communities and destroyed homes in hawaii. hello tropical storm you when your eyes just adding to the woes of the well known line of rain that brings spring and summer floods to china it's very good from the cultural point of view not so much if you're in a city or on high now this is the forecast it just reflects what you've just seen has been over two hundred of these reports on the island of high nan same sort of you could be over the coast and inland a bit through china almost up to shanghai certainly affecting hong kong ok it's no longer record breaking the hot it's not just windy and wet and at twenty nine humid
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degrees the good part of the rest of char is drive from this point of view there are showers and in sichuan as you can see probably involved but that's the point to focus on i think is an awful lot to come from this and probably damaging the monsoon is ruggedly trying to move north that is a pretty big showers not exactly have a deluge just the east to delhi and inland where we're still waiting for the cloud to come over and reduce the tension you see thirty nine for cross in per we've seen forty nine up in register on the cross the border in sindh province so the pretty monsoon heat is still pretty nasty from the point of view the heavy rain is still on the east and the western side of the delta as you can see and in the northeast corner. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans will just as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on the sect of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish
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to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera this our football team has canceled their first their world cup match against israel after political pressure the palestinian football association had the team to cancel the match because of the recent arm wrestling gaza israeli forces killed at least one hundred twenty one
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palestinians protesting at the girl's a border since late march. the self declared libyan national army has entered the city of dan after weeks of heavy fighting the l n a is led by relegate general holly for half there and is said to have captured the seaport and he started from the global peace index says the middle east and north africa remain the world's least peaceful region. trade unions in jordan the leading a nationwide strike as part of demonstrations against the controversial tax proposal. king abdullah has called for the tax plan to be reviewed but many want it scrapped completely they say it unfairly targets the poor and middle class days of protests have forced the prime minister honeywill key to resign that was on monday. so we will give the government a chance once it is formed after that we will decide what our next steps will be if
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they fulfil our demands to be it if not then we will have other discussions. before that so yes we're here to reject the policy of impoverishment that the government has been following for years the strikes over the past week and not just about the income tax law all the civil servants here because the citizens cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back. the united states has warned the u.a.e. against launching an offensive to capture yemen's who day the port the red sea port is the main lifeline for getting much needed aid supplies into the war torn country u.n. experts have been warning of a humanitarian crisis if the military assault against the who the rebels gets underway. the worst may not yet be somalia new evacuations have been ordered where the mount volcano has been spewing more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds of missing off to sunday's eruption rescuers
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have been sifting through the halls ash insertions survived as many have chosen to flee entire villages have been destroyed david murtha has more. we're here at san miguel los lot this is this is the worst affected area the so-called ground zero of this disaster and you can see behind emergency workers are still trying their very best to get bodies to locate bodies inside the houses but because of this huge thick layer of dust and ash and mud they're having to remove roofs and things like that to simply get access just to find out if there is anybody under there. one of the biggest problems that emergency workers are facing here is knowing when they can work and when they can every so often a whistle goes off and that means that everybody has to evacuate that's what's going on right now people are being told to walk out in case there's another eruption which could put more lives at risk those lucky enough to escape had just moments to evacuate their homes they had to leave everything behind their actually
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covered belongings bear witness to the tragedy of the first part of five to eight minutes to get the second extended seven kilometers just three to five minutes. now the long cleanup begins this is a major highway that connects the coast up to the highlands behind me trying to get rid of all the debris the cars the tons of ash and mud this is going to be a major operation for the government here are going to cost a lot of money that they might not have but it's going to be a necessity and it's going to allow the country to move forward and to wise killer way a volcano which has been erupting for weeks now has destroyed more homes to entire communities on the big island of displaced there are no immediate reports of casualties and it's one still aren't sure how long this eruption. india's a ruling b j p party is under pressure from hundreds of thousands of farmers who are demanding officials help them get more for their projects. the.
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farmers in northern and western states are in the middle of a ten day strike spilling milk and vegetables to block roads and highways farmers hold the government to intervene by waving loans and delivering on promises to ensure they're paid more. ordered. the mayor because i was on them and the businessmen are getting rich and families are losing god the middle men are cheating poor farmers and as the prices are going down the number of farmers committing suicide is going up. the united nations has signed an agreement with me a mom that could lead to the return of refugees from bangladesh it outlined steps towards a voluntary and safe repatriation of some of the seven hundred thousand refugees they fled a crackdown by me and which the un described as ethnic cleansing. but now we've all heard a lot about this upcoming summit in singapore between donald trump and kim jong un now we know more details as to where the meeting will actually take place. the
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logistical challenges to such an event. with the date set the starting time confirmed we now know the location for donald trump and kim jong un's first meeting the ultra exclusive capella hotel singapore's sentosa island a colonial era building transformed into a six star hotel by renowned british architect norman foster the decision has amounted to a couple of being the choice has not just been about security to see but on top of the hard security considerations it's also been about the aesthetics the optics of the summit as well this is a hotel that sits right smack in the asia pacific right by the same time it has cost more politan western story to it so east and west if you like it's been reported that the north korean delegation favored the hotel and sentosa when they were in town last week negotiating with just for the summit singapore's resort island of sentosa is known for its beaches casinos theme parks and golf course with
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the personal interest of these two leaders a perfect setting for the summit or even a joint family holiday the city state has set up two special event areas that will start just before the leaders arrive sentosa island will be one as well as the waters off its southwestern beaches where the. hotel sits and another one about nine kilometers away in the tangling area of singapore this is where the shangri-la and the st regis hotels are thought to be where the two leaders and their delegations will be staying in the run up we're going to see an increased signature of security personnel security equipment but also good income but commensurate with that we're going to see an increase in the chill of the public now that we know what the location is everyone's curious and i think the security operations will have to be have to be brought to bear already in managing the crowd managing vehicles there will also be a clampdown in the sky parts of singapore's airspace will be restricted during the summit the area building uses the pits for singapore's formula one race is being
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transformed into a huge media center more than three thousand accredited media will use the center but thousands more are expected in singapore over the next few days to cover the summit it's got other al-jazeera singapore. half a century ago and u.s. senator robert f. kennedy was shot minutes south a given a speech at the ambassador hotel in los angeles he would die the next day today many people remain convinced that kennedy's political talents would have made him one of america's great presidents jordan looks back at his legacy. robert kennedy was everything a working class hero wasn't supposed to be but in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight with the country in political and social chaos kennedy supporters thought he could be the president the nation needed you don't really care if he won our laws to. solve he when he was all about trying to create change and trying to
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make the world more just change mantra ending the war in vietnam stopping racism and discrimination and erasing harvard he from every corner of the country history may not repeat but it often rhymes conditions are different now but a lot of the anxiety that swept through the country in one nine hundred sixty eight echoes the anxiety of today kennedy's early career was linked to that of his brother the president but john's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty three pushed him into the spotlight and martin luther king's killing in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight kept him there he was on his own he wasn't his job had been to take care of his brother in no it was robert kennedy doing what he thought was the best thing to do when president lyndon johnson decided to not run for reelection i shall not seek and i will not accept. the nomination of my party for another term as your president kennedy entered the
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race i am announcing today my candidacy. for the presidency of the united states among his opposition to the law and order candidate richard nixon and senator eugene mccarthy who opposed vietnam it took a chat with a mccarthy supporter to make kennedy more willing to mildly call for an end to the war he said i'm getting all of for eternity boys who make scenes and and mccarthy is getting all the a students i want to know why that's true moreover kennedy's popularity soared because people believed he understood their struggles my thanks to all of you and now it's on to chicago and let's win. but then a gunman shot kennedy on june fifth at a campaign rally his presidency would never be well i think that that sense. of love primarily certainly and and the
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quest for social justice as an expression. on this are robert francis kennedy dead at age forty two but his vision of a better world lives on i dream things that never were and say why not rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. about then in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine a poor young palestinian man was convicted of kennedy's murder us as mike hanna reports there are still many questions about the circumstances of the assassination . so. fifty years after his death bobby kennedy's family gather in memory of his life among those accompanying his widow ethel are his children grandchildren and friends who survived the decades. remembering that day when robert francis kennedy's bid to become president of the
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united states was ended in a hail of bullets going to help a grandma going to quite a moment a twenty four year old palestinian. was found guilty and is serving a life sentence. obviously i was there but. my goal. was looking. in you but the family renowned for its unity is sharply divided about the circumstances of bobby kennedy's death earlier this year his son robert f. kennedy jr visited sirhan sirhan in prison and afterwards called for the investigation into the death to be reopened i went there because i was curious and disturbed by what i'd seen in the evidence he says i was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father his sister kathleen townsend
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kennedy says i think bobby makes a compelling case but joseph p. kennedy opposes the reopening of the case his response i think that what is most important to set our country and my family reflect on what my father stood for and fought for and kerry kennedy agrees she says i think we should focus on his life and not so much on his death. among the problematic details bobby kennedy was shot in the back of the head but i witnessed his place hans a hand in front of him secondly there were thirteen bullets fired at the scene while the accused killer was found with a revolver in his hand that only contained a chambers raising speculation about more than one shooter. was this is the story of kennedy and his assassin ten years ago this documentary was made questioning so handsome hands guilt and its director says troubling if it in
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scranton used to emerge dr daniel browne who is a leading expert in hypnosis and coercive persuasion at the harvard medical school has been working with saran and surrounds attorneys over the last eleven years recover his memory of the shooting and again in some of his court decorations he's mapped out. for me very compelling evidence that surround was in the nothing state at the time of this you think i was somehow program to be as destruction for the real shooter who was behind it behind kennedy's right here bobby kennedy's body was placed on a train and transported from the west coast to the east for burial the route lined with mourners but the journey to establish how he died may still be incomplete mike hanna al-jazeera washington. and say to the headlines here it out is there argentina's football team has canceled its world cup warm up match against israel after political pressure the
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person your football association had urged the team to cancel the match because of the recent time resting garza. i appreciate the decision and i think this is according to the first and according to the their brains the next and their mission to bring more effects and values and to build a bridge between nations rather than to be a bridge. for political ends as these that i do use missy and those stars from argentina and i would like to thank them and appreciate their decision which i think was on the right track the deaths of palestinian protesters in girls have also dominated tolls within the leaders of britain and israel prime minister to resume a says she's concerned about the deteriorating situation there and benjamin netanyahu to restart talks of
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a two state solution mr netanyahu blames hamas for the violence and says he's doing everything he can to avoid palestinian casualties in gaza at least one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since march. new evacuations have been ordered in gaza mala where the mount volcano has been spewing more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds of missing after sunday's eruption. trade unions in jordan a leading a nationwide strike as part of demonstrations against the controversial tax proposal king abdullah has called for the tax plan to be reviewed that many want it scrapped entirely they say it unfairly targets the poor and middle class days of protests forced prime minister from the movie to resign on monday. for a judge today there is the latest headlines from our favorite al-jazeera coming up next it's the stream.
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a year is passes the start of the blockade. causes foreign minister told to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how this country is coping with. ok and i'm really could be and you're in the stream today will return a white owned line to black africans helps of africa well discuss the country's plan for land expropriation without compensation. the african national congress says it wants to take back land without compensation from white farmers and transfer ownership to black citizens the plan aims to reduce racial disparities in land ownership caused by the nation's history of land
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dispossession where colonizers forced black south africans to live in rural reserves white south africans still own the majority of lines of the country that is eighty percent black since the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the government has been slowly buying back a white owned line for redistribution to black farmers but government critics say the process is taking too long i was brought in this will change so how should south africa right the wrongs of the past as far as land is concerned with us to talk about this important. she is an associate professor of law at northwestern university where she teaches land reform indigenous law and property law. is a sociologist and also in cape town we have ben cousins research of public land and agrarian studies at the university of the western cape hello everybody good to have you. so you know all thanks good evening and thanks for being here we got several
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questions online from our community when we said we were doing this show about what expropriation is here since one here's another from a west wanting to know the present generation of farmers and how they got this land we actually got an answer on twitter this is the one who says land expropriation without compensation has to happen when the dutch sadler's arrived they never purchased the land but expropriate it from the natives and forcefully removed them from the land obviously this current generation inherited the land from their forefathers that stole it apartheid legacy is still alive even after the fall of their parts eight system then he says expropriation has to happen after he gave us a brief history lesson there where do you fall on that argument. about sixty seven percent of all every culture learned by white farmers. in the past it's mean even higher percentages this is the result of
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a history of learned disposition if you like to learn this which helped to create credibly unequal an oppressive system not only part of it but the colonial era before that it's undoubtedly chief cause of poverty and inequality in our society today and we have to do something about it and there's no doubt that we need a wide ranging learned reform program the slowness of land reform program means that suddenly explode creation of land with or without compensation is the big issue of the moment but that history lives with us it's a very real history it's very apparent to many south africans and we have to do something about it says that i want to share this south africa headline with new booing hotaling screaming and chaos welcome to the land exposed creation debate and over the top has. to people have. yeah law i mean that probably refers to the debate that's happened in parliament where they discussed this very
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issue there's a motion before the haas which is essentially calling for land expropriation of our compensation to be investigated as a means of. speeding up land reform so the descriptors are probably very accurate and who how that debate in the house happened but the question really becomes this how is the debate happening in society you know how's the bait happening in the spaces where people don't have access to the media don't have access to you know social media even to be able to voice their their opinions and there's a lot of research and data that shows that actually this isn't maybe the most front of mouth topic but most of the africans are talking about that actually unemployment and poverty of the issues but again i do agree with ben cousins the good prophet he says that you know land this position historically has played a major impact was had a major impact of course on how. and the income distribution happens in this
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country to save him make a really important point how our everyday south africans discussing as you say they aren't but when they are being asked about what they want about wonderful do they have to sack sad. absolutely i think we all as of africans have a general grasp of the history just position as country the issue really and the real debate becomes how do you fix this do you take a radical approach which is very symptomatic of those countries left or as i call them twenty lefties really who believe that the state has the power to just possess people without compensation because that's what really means expropriation of our compensation is essentially handing power over to the state to conduct a property from individuals and families that society without compensation all really do we find in other approaches more rational which allows for a more win win outcome in society and i put it to the guests and everybody here
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that most of the africans are looking for a win win solution one which is rational and legal and also secures property rights for all citizens black or white. when we talk about land expectoration in south africa another country one of your neighbors comes up often in conversation a course here brings it up expropriating land without conversation is impossible take it from zimbabwe this idea that what happened in zimbabwe so let's go back to the year two thousand there was agood garry agrarian reform so many of them barbarians farmers were forced out and then the farming economy. basically the the money out of the farming company completely less and and now they are really struggling and that's why i'm fighting some of those farmers back to zimbabwe zimbabwe that i did that because i just i mean if you don't like that. that i don't think that's actually an accurate depiction of the sanitation the radical land
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reform in some but we did have some negative consequences namely the suspension of the rule of law while learned a few patients are taking place and the flight of capital but in many respects the agricultural economy is not collapse that will in fact many of the beneficiaries of land reform are producing quite well in particular cash crops such as cotton in years gone by and. the burka smallholder farmers are very productive the lack of supply of inputs so the result of the way the problems in the economy is a problem but i think one also is exaggerating the extent to which white farmers are being allowed back i don't think that's happening on any kind of scale at all i think it's really listen ted and i think the real lesson from some bubbly is that you can do a radical and redistribute learn to smallholder farmers if you supply them with enough support they can be very productive and that's
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a very positive listen we can take them over the negative lesson is that we should do it within the rule of law we shouldn't have human rights abuses and we have to have it overseen by an effective state which is not captured by. corrupt interests or elite interests that's my view on this and bobby situation i did live there for eight years and worked for the department of agriculture and did my ph d. there and. how do i balance your superior knowledge and that's a little biased then perhaps. although i am also glad that this person on twitter seems to agree with you because you seem to be an expert on this and it is sad as at this stage no one in the ruling party is proposing anything like that zimbabwe's past track land reform political and social conditions in the two countries are entirely different i mean is that how you see it as well. yes no turkey i think has been saved we still have the rule of law and it's quite a firm rule of law we have recourse to the to the courts if it's necessary perhaps
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we are leaving too much to the courts but some people argue but i think what is happening in south africa is actually quite a positive moment i know it's very delicate i know a lot of people are scared but we are revisiting our ninety ninety four fact that we made as a country i think that same understood till it made the point earlier this year that it will be saved maybe the issue is not really just about land all even about land at all it is about nationhood it's about social cohesion i can't remember these exact words but we are we are looking as a country and how we did or did not address the injustices of the past and what went wrong and how do we renegotiated them because of what it very nicely on friday night he said we did we are the next generation we cannot you know look back at my day a lot and say i made all these mistakes because they did what they need to do and we as the next generation we need to do think how are we going to go forward and i think that's a very positive point to be at at the moment and then to frame that the land
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conversation in that sort of. conversation is quite interesting because that's basically a symptom of all the other things that is going on in the country in my opinion i mean you mentioned ten back of his joining us right now from johannesburg south africa. overall south african lawyer who has been advising the government on land reform and he's also the author of the land is out south africa's lawyers and the birth of constitutions constitution to mecca when you're looking at the risks associated with land reform or how south land reform what concerns you the most about double the job don. well us and we are promoting the three areas of concern from where i stand the first area of concern is the lack of a clear plan by the government i think for the past twenty four years we have not had a quote here and clear vision about what the government actually turns to doing in
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order to realize land reform the southern area of concern is short termism it is the idea that. despite the fact that we've got clear policies clear laws and clear legislation when the government fails to implement those laws and legislation usually results to short term use in other words you hear discussions about there is a need to change the constitution so i do get worried about adherence to the rule of law and then the third area of concern is no pace of wonder for i think the. tomorrow and is quite clear across the board that the pace is too slow and ought to be moving faster and this no we are the greater the potential for social instability. so i think i'd say kemet a good man and said that i think that's a similarity between southern african zimbabwe in fact conditions as understood
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traces in some ways very different but the strong political symbolism of land is a similarity between the two and if we don't deal with the land issue in south africa it's not going to go away it stands for a lot of things but it is also a very real issue in its own right in urban areas and occupations are taking place because people elect places to build houses for themselves of course that's partly a housing issue and a serious issue not just the land issue but it's being expressed as the land issue and it's a very serious issue and unless we deal with it rationally populism which was definitely present in zimbabwe could again. severely. distort our political system there are real dangers as well as the opportunities that will mean playing up i do a group process with profit and the good advocate thing you know one has to
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remember that land restitution as an issue is has a moral imperative to it you know we come from a country where i'm really when i when i when i talk about being a moral imperative you know it speaks to it being the issue of justice if we are to live for it as a country if we are to get this issue right then we've got to actually put in place the rational legal framework which allows for the states to rectify its past wrongs because ultimately the disposition of mostly black people in this country happened at the hands of a coercive manipulates of states where there was a colonial state or a predicate states you know we have to fix that issue and unfortunately you have a situation where and this is me agreeing with the kids that i told me in sorry my lights have gone off. is that you know the state hasn't. a very big role to play here in terms of giving people access to justice and justice can take one of two
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forms either a return of land which was stolen and has been proven through irrational gross of have been stolen to its rightful owners or actually compensation for it because there's another component of that we also speak about love everybody wants to go back to an agrarian form of life and again when we speak about this issue it's not just about rural land don't get me wrong it's also just position that happened but . just the simple point you know we have to get the process or rather simply put compensation is left the stumbling block to lump reform in this country so we also have to move the debate away from this almost weird obsession with compensation and you can eliminate a car in the end and the we can spend two shillings and i have. as i would also like to come in here because i think we also focus a lot on and government and what government needs to do while i think we should also look at as a society and i mean we've got big agricultural unions like every say they've got
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plans they say you know in certain circumstances private type of land reform worked we need to assess that we need to assess if things like that is also possible because there are many ways of acquiring land enough transferring land but i think we need to move away from this going to say should not be only being an issue about expropriation with or without compensation because i think in this whole conversation which is been a great conversation we have been going to the problems with land reform and it is fairly evident that it is not really express creation well mostly black i mean it has a little used it's exaggeration power as. yes and then and then i mean i agree with you that we've got a problem of the state that has not tested the transformative potential of the constitution but i think we also have another problem of private land owners that essentially hike up the prices of land when they know that the state is
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a likely customer so it seems to me that part of the solution in fact a central part of the solution is actually a reduction in the prices of lent and that sometimes means that some portions of the land should be acquired by the state with no compensation so the real question it seems to me that if you want to address this on the basis the market related. land redistribution program simply does not work we have had twenty four years of trial and error when i asked the minister of land of as about a month ago how much money the state had paid for lender for the amount of stuff that something like fifty four billion read and if we have paid fifty four billion dollars and we've achieved less than ten percent i don't know what the figure then can help us with the virtue of luck and ten percent of land distribution it's clear that a market related solution does not work. i want to jump in here because i hear i
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hear the discussion and you guys are having and i think of course it is very important to hear what south african think about this on this issue but i wanted to bring in what others outside of south africa are seeing on this issue and it's headlines like this south african group under fire for lobbying us for white rights a group representing many white afrikaners has gone to the u.s. to lobby for the interests of white farmers and i bring that up only because lots of people online are talking about this issue the issue of murders of the white farmers and as for these farmers that have been in the headlines i think the issue has been captured by our right sure there's a problem with violent crime but it affects everyone black and white and attempts to frame it as part of a white genocide or divisive and dangerous and other person we did and this is a florist we actually pitched the topic of today show wanting us to sort out the facts from fiction he says what impact do campaigns like this p.r. campaign have on south africa's global standing if countries believe south africa
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is creating a culture that is resulting in a racially biased for murders could it lead to same actions ben do you want to take that on. yes you had an article in newsweek recently getting that whites should stop panicking about len suggesting that farm where does not happening on a large scale and i started to get hate mail from the right in the us i don't think it's very helpful and i think there are many white televisions who us saying what can we do to make this work and be part of this be part of the solution not part of the problem in fact that people are going to donate less and i think we have the best ability in our and present them up or of a national conversation about lending you. countrywide nationwide conversation which sets us on a new path that is the real and it is a feeling of. sorry sorry of him to chip in ben i think i think we should also bring in that there's
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a dispute about i mean i must always put this disclaimer there that far but it is happening it's and every life lost is problematic but we need to see this in context and sure farm it is has been framed and been linked to the expression debates and so it was framed up to me i think the word that we must use now is cleaning up white people the stats are not clear so that's the biggest problem in this debate we do know that there is a problem with far far too little safety people are vulnerable but but the problem is that this has been lead to the expression debate to say that these decisive drive to drive white people out of the land and i don't think these evidence of that and i think that's what been also tried to do and i also tried to do the past four weeks and it's a very difficult position to be in because it's a very emotive issue people are getting killed. we have this conversation it sometimes sounds as if you are. not respecting the issue of america's
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but i think it's very important and we're not going to have. so the college board it is i mean it is mysterious to claim that there is a genocide against well people sort of complete mischief and those people who. created that impression they were causing mischief and nothing else to makkah the starting stephen by. show that we are at a twenty year low. in one thousand nine hundred seven there were one hundred fifty meadows last year twenty seventeen there were forty three that's to the high number an acceptable number but it's not a number that is genocide by any stretch of the imagination to america and to document you mentioned agri sai we talked to them and asked them if they would be part of this conversation they sent us a statement about land reform. and they said that the slow pace of land reform can be attributed to other things such as in adequate budget point presentation and
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corruption but they are interested in how can they work and help land reform it's a really important topic right now and such a hot topic in parliament this is true as malema this is back. when you can hear his frustration have a listen. to this not in this parliament could do. without you people are going to buy learned really hard no permission from you from the president from among one we don't care we can do whatever you want to do where you want to tell us whether we can occupy learned or not we're going to occupy learned south african party learned that and we are the normal kind we do not mind that i took this. honorable. back at useless parliament it is your job to advise the government right now i am not clear even after thirty
11:43 pm
minutes what that is about a more extreme equitable distribution of land for all south africans and especially black south africans unclear. you know what this was my entry point to the discussion that what we've been experiencing in the past twenty four years is the lack of a clear and of course here and plan around or the messages that have been coming most recently are moving us towards a clear up have our land reform at the very least what we have at the moment is that there is an acknowledgement of the necessity to move along with urgency and that in the second aspect quite apart from the edge and that the senate are supposed to recognize the limits of restitution and restitution essentially means historical claims to the land is recognise the limits of that process and to move towards a dispensation that is based on land hunger so i think if we address that and then of course the final part
11:44 pm
a commitment to the rule of law i think that is absolutely crucial and issues of compensation i mean is quite right usually of compensation in the order of things are quite role in relation to significance so if it seems to me that we have tried it on two or the one being a move towards redistribution model that's based on need and a distribution model that's underpinned by the rule of law that is enough policy clarity but that needs to be a teach related quite strongly at the center. where right at the end of the time goes so fast. i'm just wondering if you're if you could describe what it is like for some brat south africans who have this need for land how would you describe their lifes. well it's absolutely devastating especially for those who. can actually pinpoint exactly where historically their family used to live or piece of land that they used to own. just because there's either the commercial or the
11:45 pm
part of government again when i talk about just positions not just the rule that it's also people who were forcibly removed from simple communities in urban parts of the country communities which in some cases were more diverse. than the nobs what they have how to govern wanted i mean you think it's applied on as a good example there is a real pain that permeates in a lot of south africans today when we speak well issues of just position. and that this position is understood as being the exercise of coercive manipulates of state powell through them and i send so much of this type of an l. mean and ben and back of us are really appreciate your insights and your time today many half hour into this week from ruth who says the problem is not that the state doesn't have enough power to expropriate land the problem is that citizens don't have enough power to hold the state to account thank you for being with us today
11:46 pm
many can i was seeing online always there at any strain see you next time. in this. each one. with the human. stories generate thousands of headlines copper each three different angles from
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11:49 pm
sides also on the break too hot and too dangerous guatemala is erupting for hugo volcano forces new evacuations and rescue us to suspend the search for survivors at least seventy five people are dead and nearly two hundred on missing and from the fields to the streets hundreds of thousands of farmers in india are protesting demanding the government help them get more money for their bodies this is the third major protest by promising a year we'll explore the issues they face and why some say india's agriculture sector is not get tix it's put the ruling in the box and the opposition congress party is seeking to find common cause with the protest informix. among reaction to the protests share your thoughts with us on twitter using the hashtag injured straight. to cool to. blog with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com we begin with some breaking news out of iraq where
11:50 pm
the polish ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's parliamentary election after prime minister high dela body warned of what he called dangerous violations in some areas the election was won by brock links to the shia cleric. last week in. iraq's electoral commission said it was canceling the results from more than one thousand polling stations because it had evidence of fraud there speak to chinese stratford in baghdad for us last week we knew there was going to be a partial recount but now it looks like a full recount al significant is. what is usually significant for the political future and indeed according to analysts the stability of this country we had a feeling in the last few days that this may well happen as you mentioned their prime minister la body yesterday saying that he was indorsing the findings and
11:51 pm
recommendations of a ministerial committee that recommended a partial recount of around five percent of the votes manually and he also endorsed the fact that the this committee had recommended that all i.d.p. votes and votes cast abroad work canceled as well and as you say he said that there was indication or evidence of dangerous violations having taken place now in the last half an hour iraq's parliament has voted for a manual recount right the way across the country it's also voted very importantly on freezing the work of i hack certainly the top officials in i had the iraqi election commission in this manual recounts and it is advising as voted on nine judges nine members of the judicial the judiciary here as supervising that manual recount it's also voted on a fact finding mission an investigation
11:52 pm
a committee being put together to investigate what it describes as the electoral process we know there have been questions and there were problems with this electronic voting system during the election itself i mean i spoke to countless voters at voter stations who said that there are their chips their voting cards that they had been promised that they needed to be able to vote using this system hadn't come through and indeed in the id p. camps around mosul many of the i.d.p.'s were concerned because these machines hadn't arrived they had had to vote manually and they were concerned that their votes were. taken away by people to be voted in a different story to be counted at a different location but of course yes this this vote by parliament is hugely significant this country wide manual recount right and the results from the initial
11:53 pm
votes of course showed that the broth led by side of the shia cleric was in the lead so who is going to benefit now from a recount of this election. it is difficult to say certainly what one thing's for sure is that this coalition building that was taking place beginning to take place with respect to forming a new government is completely on hold and there are concerns as hyderabadi the prime minister mentioned last week there are concerns what's being described as a constitutional vacuum here because parliament the session is due to end on the thirtieth of june there are even some analysts saying that they predict that possibly a caretaker government may be formed in the interim was this manual recount in the formation of these coalition continues but it's also fair to say that there are a lot of guns in this country there are serious security issues here so it's going to be interesting to see the kind of reaction that we see from the various blocs
11:54 pm
the various different parties here in their response to this manual recount and indeed the results of that manual recount when they come through in what's predicted to be a couple of weeks' time ok charlie thank you very much for that john stratford live for us in baghdad of course we'll keep you up to date with all the latest political developments in iraq right here on al-jazeera now they say football in politics don't mix but never has the game been more politicized israeli leaders are angry after argentina abruptly canceled the world cup warm up match that was due to be held in jerusalem but the news triggered celebrations in ramallah as you can see on those pictures but also in gaza where at least one hundred twenty palestinians were killed by israeli forces during recent protests the decision by argentina's national team came as a result of pressure from a campaign by pro palestinian activists israel's defense minister summed up the feelings of these really government in this tweets he said it's unfortunate the soccer nights of tina did not withstand the pressure of these really hating
11:55 pm
insiders whose only goal is to harm our basic right to self-defense and bring about the destruction of israel he said we will not yield to before a pack of untie. semitic terrorist supporters and shortly we'll get the reaction from terrorists a bow who is in buenos aires argentina for us but first let's go to bernard smith who is in western will slam in a western as membrey or does the sentiment there in that tweet by the door leave him and basically sum up the overall feelings in israel right now what is the reaction there. or full of israeli government furious about this as lieberman's tweet suggests israel is football mad a sellout crowd of thirty three thousand was expected at the stadium here in western new slim to see little messy do his stuff with the argentinian team so there is a lot of disappointment but this is really an own goal for the israeli government
11:56 pm
this game was originally shuttle to take place at a stadium in haifa a port city in northern israel in fact a stadium preferred by the argentinians because they said it had better facilities but the israeli government paid for the game to be moved to jerusalem and started selling the game as part of the seventieth anniversary celebrations of the founding of the state of israel and of course the game would been played here not long after the u.s. embassy has been moved after dawn from recognized jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel so the palestinians said no you should not be playing in what is a disputed area should not be playing in jerusalem when we see east jerusalem as the possible future of our future state so the palestinians started putting pressure on the argentinians on messi and other argentinian players and the palestinians managed to bring the allergen and argentineans round to their view and they are delighted about that as delighted as the israelis
11:57 pm
a furious foley ok thank you for that bonus let's not cross over to our john tina and terry supposin but his eyes for us to resupply minutes and it's now had reportedly called argentina's present. to intervene and try to salvage this match but to no avail tell us about the reactions that. well that's correct. prime minister netanyahu called the president of argentina. but marketing basically said that there was nothing that he couldn't do and let me tell you a little bit of history about this match is between argentina and israel back in one thousand nine hundred six when argentina was champion of the world they decided that every prior to every world cup there would be a friendly match and this was expected to be something similar until the place where that match was going to happen was changed from a high five to jerusalem and the time via foreign ministry of argentina warned the
11:58 pm
argentine food well association that this could be a problem that there could be tension because of it but the argentine football association decided to go on with and let me tell you that on tuesday's journalists preston's will be argentinian team said that they saw how the mood within the argentinian team started to change while they were training him but it's a loner and there was a group of protesters outside the stadiums that were chanting for you know messi not to travel to jerusalem for to play that match saying that travelling would mean legitimize seeing israeli violence acknowledging jerusalem as the capital of israel they also chanted and apparently according to argentinian journalist they said that this is something that touched the team they said that the ball should not be tainted and apparently this generated some tension within the argentinian team there were rumors that the match was going to be suspended because the players did not want to play and then prime minister netanyahu called machree asking him to
11:59 pm
intervene machree again said that he could said that he couldn't do anything and this wednesday there was a press conference by the president of the argentine football association she can stop here basically saying that argentina did not travel because of the intimidation that happened prior to doing this days obviously there's a lot more argentina was already paid over a million and a half dollars because of this match and obviously argentine football association is trying to bring down the tension yeah a lot of tension said thank you very much for that theresa poli forests in buenos aires. social media producer has been monitoring the online campaign demanding argentina not to pray in jerusalem what have you found. well since last month we've seen a major online push by b.d.s. grassroots movements that if you don't know b.d.s. stands for boycott divestment and sanctions and they work to criticize israeli policies and they wanted this match in jerusalem on saturday to be canceled so how
12:00 am
did they build up the pressure they utilized a couple of hashtags argentina not going as well as nothing friendly both in english and spanish and using those hashtags they posted images and cartoon such as this one to mobilize their followers and also they organize protests as you just heard against the match and those protests were in the occupied west bank when a situs and barcelona and they denounced what they called israel's attempts to sports wash its crimes against palestinians now this is the same movement that claimed victory last month after intense online campaigning and direct letters led to the cancellation of colombian singer shapiro's concert in tel aviv and the palestinian football association is accusing israel of politicizing the game and ignoring anger over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move its embassy there of course it's called for the burning of argentinean flags and images of messi if the match took place the campaign included a direct appeal to messi and his teammates from.


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