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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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so how did they build up the pressure they utilized a couple of hash tags argentina not going as well as nothing friendly both in english and spanish and using those hashtags they posted images and cartoon such as this one to mobilize their followers and also they organize protests as you just heard against the match and those protests were in the occupied west bank when the scientists and barcelona and they denounced what they called israel's attempts to sports wash its crimes against palestinians now this is the same movement that claimed victory last month after intense online campaigning and direct letters led to the cancellation of colombian singer shapiro's concert in tel aviv now the palestinian football association is accusing israel of politicizing the game and ignoring anger over the u.s. decision to recognize drew slim as israel's capital and move its embassy there of course it's called for the burning of argentinean flags and images of messi if the match took place the campaign included a direct appeal to messi and his teammates from. obaid he's
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a palestinian footballer who was shot in both of his knees by israeli snipers on camera during the rallies for the great return march last month now some of the most active b.d.s. movement groups like paki that stands for the palestinian movement for the academic and cultural boycott of israel they've come out on twitter and welcome this decision by the argentinian football association to cancel this match after those intense online efforts out of spain in argentina in particular there's other groups such as b.d.s. catalonia here which had organized a protest in barcelona outside of an argentina training session and at those rallies we heard we saw people standing outside the session holding the argentina team uniform covered in red paint and demanded that players not attend the match and refrain from staining their hands with blood the b.d.s. movement in argentina also helped protest outside the football association and that was throughout the week in the group has praised the. on twitter saying here we
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scream loud argentina don't go in argentina did not go so let us know what you think about this you can share your views with us on twitter using the hash tag it's a news group or message me directly and well andrew a lot of people commenting on this story right now on facebook live a comment here from desmond who says frankly everyone should leave politics away from any sports politics about for any game and more comments coming out. of course we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this story on argentina canceling this friendly with israel interest and what you think about it whether this was the right decision or not. a.j. news great on social media that's how you can get in touch with us let's speak some more about this now to alice samson s tapia who is the coordinator of the boycott divestment sanctions movement known as b.d.s. the group works to promote international action against israel's occupation of palestinian she is by scott from boston in spain thank you very much for speaking to us i imagine argentina's snubbing of this world cup warm up is
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a big victory for you you were one of the organizes of this campaign against this match would you say this is the biggest achievement yet for b.d.'s and get out of the game it's a pleasure to be and this is a massive they actually said to me in the cultural sports arena the b.d.'s and this creates a very big precedent. we won't welcome messi and identity and team decision to not wash up whitewash israeli apartheid occupation and economize ation and hope this will be the start of something new. i have a comment here from one of our viewers on on facebook alec jackie who says this will show the world that israel is on the wrong side and that argentinean people will never support an occupation but concretely alice what different does a boycott like this one achieve israel is still building settlements on occupied
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palestinian land palestinians in gaza still suffering what does it change on the ground this excess has been able because it's been a massive international collective effort as has been said there's been protests from now elizabeth and in my new trade union in argentina many human rights organizations in the region tina in palestine mohammed kill. asked for the for the match to be canceled and in barcelona too that's been many campaigns the fact that misty and i didn't ina have listens to this means that we're a step closer to isolate him of apartheid colonization and occupation of israel that over the palestinian population for the seventy years we now hope that this will be a big boost for to take note and expelled israeli apartheid the same way it expelled south africa apartheid and it wasn't until south africa was isolated culturally
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economically sports. speaking to that it was forced to change its policies so when i want step closer to isolating israel and telling israel that unless the demands of the palestinian people and the human rights of the listing in people are respected it cannot participate in all matches or in any of the. in any other way alice samson a stoppie thank you very much for speaking to us eyelids samson a soppy is coordinator of the boycott divestment sanctions movement b.d.'s joining us there from boston on the newsgroup thank you for your time and i want to point you to this very interesting discussion on this very topic on al-jazeera dot com is boycotting israel untie semantic many haasan asks a panel of journalists and academics whether the boycott divestment sanctions movement has any relation to anti-semitism very interesting debate watch it by clicking on the show stop at al-jazeera dot com and then click on up front now the
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worst smee not be yet over in guatemala new evacuations have been ordered where the mount for a go volcano has been spewing more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds who are missing after sunday's eruption rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors while many have chosen to flee entire villages have been destroyed let's speak to our just there is david mercer who is live for us in ciudad around ten kilometers from the volcano i understand what's the situation now as you know it david things improving a little bit. well the volcano which you can see behind me still is continues to be very active as you mentioned on tuesday what we've seen several columns of smoke coming out from it this morning and on tuesday around two pm there was a large explosion that brought hot gases and rocks down the volcano down the side
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of the volcano and caused those evacuations to be ordered now this is the same sort of phenomenon that led to many of these deaths and so emergency workers were very quick to respond and gone out of the area of the disaster site and there were a lot more evacuations of some of the farming communities around that area and also a major cities with some of the outlying neighborhoods in the city of us with the city about a million people now we were down there yesterday and were inside the city when that evacuation order came and there was a lot of miscommunication and people thought that the entire city was being evacuated so a million people imagine trying to get out very chaotic scene this is a very disorderly city to begin with and it sort of talks a little bit about the anxiety and the fear that this explosion of this disaster has has generated within people who are living close to it and as i said that the activities continuing and so there's reason for people to keep their guard up at
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this point yeah and i understand that hundreds david and possibly thousands even if people are unaccounted for do the authorities have up to date information about who lived in these communities they feel is that the death toll could actually be much higher than the actual number we. well that's that's a very good question and i don't think there's any clear answer to it we were talking to some people yesterday at the disaster site they were saying that in the town or in a village of looks like this there are about three hundred houses there and they said that so far they'd only hold or they don't we recovered seven survivors so that means the death toll could climb quite a bit but this is one of the problems in guatemala is there are very it's very hard to find accurate figures there's no census taker who is going to these villages and going from house to house knocking on the door asking how many people how many family members are living in those houses but generally speaking there's anywhere
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between five and ten people perhaps whole so with three hundred houses that number could could rise substantially but i don't want to i don't want to say that it will get into the thousands because they are reporting that there's just a few still missing at this point but you know hard facts are very hard to find here in guatemala so it'll be it'll be it'll be days and weeks possibly for we have a true number at this stage ok david thank you very much for bringing us the latest say on the free go volcano in a grant to correspondent. from that volcano bringing us and information and we've got a special page on al-jazeera dot com volcano disaster all the latest updates including the death toll rescue after they send testimonies from people who've been affected it's all there on that page at dot com. now to libya any self declared libyan national army has entered the eastern city of dern after weeks of heavy fighting the l. and a is led by the renegade general he for have to and it's captured several areas
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including the seaport is laid siege to done for the past two years causing severe shortages of water electricity food and medical supplies now dana is the last remaining city in eastern libya which had held out against a takeover by a highly for have tossed forces the long besieged coastal city has been controlled by the dirname which i had to ensure a council and alliance of conservative and i have to fight is who controls most of oil in libya says he's fighting to rid of terrorists control over the current country is currently split between the u.n. backed government in tripoli and a rival administration in the eastern city of to broke which is with highly for have to the two sides held talks in paris last week and agreed to restore peace and hold national elections in december or less meat to. who is a political analyst he's also the former senior advisor to the high council of
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state in libya joins us live from tip tripoli it was just last week. that libya's rival leaders agreed in paris that they would hold elections to try and bring an end to the conflict in this country this onslaught of violence in dern clearly shows that we're still a long way from a resolution. absolutely absolutely what happened in paris as no relation to what's happening on the ground and it does not take into account lessons learned i mean there was a meeting in perth we all remember last year between have tar and saraj ready by mccrone and mr mccrone said that this is that it was a great step towards peace and we know what happened then and this is probably going to have the same they united nations. mission in libya has done nothing
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except issuing a twenty seven word statement calling for respect for international humanitarian law one hundred fifty thousand residents are being bombarded by half there are immorality airplanes and egyptians and there are reports of egyptian forces on the ground in and around. people are without water without medicine without food and without electricity but i sussed i expect that i have to will enter the city. soon how was he able in fact to make it into the city as we said it's been two years now that this panel has been waging what is it that tips the balance if you will need a leaf or have translator what is a. political imperative that's tipping the balance now the egyptians the americans that have to feel that day he has to consolidate his total
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control over the eastern part of libya so he can turn his attention and his sponsors to tripoli the seat of power in libya with the central bank there the national oil company there and the bureaucracy of the entire legal state since its inception one hundred fifty one is in tripoli. so what then do you think needs to happen. if there is a peace agreement if they can be a peace agreement before the situation gets worse endure and what needs to be achieved in your view above i think it's it's. way too late to do anything. i was in contact with some residents this morning six o'clock this morning and they already reported that some houses were being burned some people were arrested and disappeared so it's
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too late to do anything and i'm afraid that the worse is to come and it will be another example just like what happened in benghazi after have to deploy because the clerk told the liberation of benghazi we saw the majority of fatalities in libya according to ac lived in a universe of slaughter it happened in benghazi after i have to declare victory and i suspect. that the same atrocities will happen in again thank you very much for speaking to us certainly a very big picture as a political analyst joining us there from libya's capital tripoli thank you very much for your time now as you heard there from i guess a number of countries have been trying to find a political solution to the crisis the conflict in libya france and italy among others in this opinion piece by. piece borsa role and influence of regional and western countries in libya's conflict he believes that regional interference is the
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most significant obstacle to a sustainable peace and prosperous future in libya and interesting perspective read it on al-jazeera dot com. now libya is among the worst ranked countries in the latest global peace index but it's not just libya the annual study by the institute for economics and peace concludes the world is a less peaceful place and at any other time in the last decade the four most peaceful regions europe north america asia pacific and south america all recorded deteriorations because of high incarceration rates terrorism and government corruption iceland remains the most peaceful country for the ten ca in a row in contrast syria is the worst stuff four of the five largest improvements occurred in sub-saharan africa the biggest in gambia where the fall of longtime rule i.i.i. jamey led to more stability in the country the middle east and north africa remains the world's least peaceful region qatar experience
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a single largest deterioration due to the ongoing economic boycott by the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain steve killelea airheads steve the institute for economics and peace he says that despite the rise in conflicts most countries are actually spending less on their military stake and if we look at the state of global peace minnes in the last decade what is cause the deterioration of the conflicts which are writing in the middle east and north africa and so if we can actually solve those conflicts will actually likely to get a much more improved state of play sports club lee one of the things which most people don't realize actually of the last decade and the liberals of militarization globally have actually decreased not increased so if we look at that what with vendors one hundred four countries decrease their spending on the military it's a percentage of g.d.p. and one hundred fifteen countries actually have less troops now to what they had
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a decade ago we look at the middle east however it's the most the militarized region of anywhere in the world. if you're watching us on facebook clyde coming up next on the news grade the fallout from u.s. president tom's decision to disinvite the reigning super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles from the white house and then a technology initiative in australia designed to reduce sexual hours mental tell you more about it on his weight in just a few minutes. another place where is abnormally hot at the moment is iraq now there's not much cloud in the sky what there is has produced some decent showers recently in iraq more especially in the levant but there's precious little left for cost wise saying
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we're looking at sunshine thirty in beirut a ridiculous forty five in baghdad it will be forty five of course this summer but it's a little early in the year for that to happen this true dancer q.h. as well and beyond to the gulf states nothing much to relieve it the green is where the showers are normally around the caucuses still and we send some pretty big hail storms up in georgia not so much i mean even as a possibility in the next down so as drops as i say is pretty hot around the gulf states diehards for crossed forty five a little bit obvious forty but we're into the forty's easily is obviously could around the coast the monsoon starts to influence the cloudiness the amount coasts allow or in particular whether he felt some point will kick in the stream outs of cooler drizzly whether it looks like it's trying to come in. south of all this should be quite a moment in southern africa for the most part the skies are in the clear that's what the satellite picture shows and the forecast simply confirms it.
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a new series of rewind affair bring your people back to life and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. the floods. and the other. continues with kosovo and year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of one decade on i've come back to find out what
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happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com not surprisingly the
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argentinian football team's decision to cancel their friendly match a football match against interest them top trending a lot of you interested in that story number one and two on our website also lots of comments on that story today on the news grid one tweet here from argentina has its own islands occupied by the english so it makes sense that they show understanding to the palestinians much more on those stories on our website at www dot com. with a used grate on al-jazeera thank you so much for being with us don't forget to connect with us all the different ways to do that on your screen. right now the hash tag aging is great we've got people watching today from canada kenya pakistan and india and speaking of india the ruling party there is under pressure from hundreds of thousands of farmers who are demanding officials help them get more for their products. than is in northern
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and western states are in the middle of a ten day strike spilling milk and vegetables to brock roads and highways as already pushed up vegetable prices in some cities by as much as ten percent farmers want the government to intervene by waving loans and delivering on promises to ensure they are paid more while i shall do whatever is president of the old india sun summer party he says governments have not made from as right i priority for years in india taken is far more sort of no organizing as a class they had a huge struggle. they had huge huge gains in maharashtra including the long march they had huge struggles in delhi last year in the form of focus on parliament and everywhere in the country there is tremendous underdressed with their demand for a complete loon they were that is cancellation of loans the regulator to prices for their crops on land rights these are all the issues that are now coming to the fore
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all over india and with this having happened this is certainly have a political ramification in the coming parliamentary elections basically what is required is a complete change of policies what is required is a complete change in political will unless that comes about i don't see any way out of the current crisis that is there in india in agriculture and for farmers. now if you go to al jazeera dot com you'll see that my colleague zeniths put together an explainer which is on our website looking at some of the key details of these protests which are already quite large there's hundreds of thousands of people who are participating and this is probably going to grow because a nationwide strike has been called for monday now some of the things that they're demanding they want farm loan waivers they want higher prices for certain produce like cereals or oil seed and milk and some of the farmers are also demanding
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a guaranteed minimum income especially since the indian government sets prices for about two dozen crops but only ends up buying a small portion of them so decades of crippling debt drought and falling incomes have hit the country particularly hard so more than half of india's farmers are in some form of debt now because of that because of this overwhelming debt burden there are hundreds of thousands of farmers who have committed suicide in india since one thousand nine hundred five that's because of falling incomes and crop losses and creditors sometimes use name and shame policies against farmers who default on their loans or seize their properties preparing them as i said under enormous pressure not to this say that this figure three hundred thousand you see there is actually too low the government estimates they say it's too low now raul gandhi and his congress party is using a hash tag justice for farmers which has propelled this hash tag into the top trending spot on twitter in india for much of the day their party says from rising
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farmers' suicides to opening fire at farmers modi's government has attacked farmers in an unforgettable way gandhi spoke in our a few hours ago that's where those six farmers were killed by police during protests in pradesh last year and making it matters worse there's a minister who is modi's agriculture minister who said that these protests the strike was to attract media attention and there's a lot of people on twitter who found that comment to be. especially insensitive in light of the suicide epidemic facing this community and that's the kind of reaction you'll see here that i think sums up what many people are feeling that the policies were insensitive and the government policies are reflecting the needs of the farmers now meanwhile the b j p spokesman some bit says that rahul gandhi and the congress party need to do their homework before misleading farmers and the country so if you're in india let us know what you think you can share your views with us on twitter using the hash tag it's
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a newsgroup or message me directly. andrew thank you and if you scroll down on that article andrew mention he will find an episode of inside story that you should check out one year ago we hosted a discussion between a b j p official and a farm activist to discuss the reasons why so many farmers in india falling through the crack in the rush for development a very interesting to cut discussion check it out on al-jazeera dot com we're now i'm on t.v. you will hear on the news great taking a look at the different pictures see news agencies feeding misty associated press has got pictures of a fire at a hotel in london the mandarin hotel as you can see there on fire fire trucks in the street there we'll get more on that story i'm sure with the team in london his suit turton with a look at the day's other news. thank you following israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's doing everything he can to avoid palestinian
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casualties in gaza that's a new who made the comments ahead of talks with the u.k. prime minister reason may express her concern with the shooting of protesters the border between israel and gaza he says the level of force was needed to protect israeli lives one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since weekly demonstrations began in the gaza strip in march while an israeli parole board has rejected the request for early release for to me the palestinian girl who became famous after her arrest for slapping an israeli soldier the seventeen year old was sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping and shoving the soldiers outside her home her lawyer requested the jail time be cut by a third but officials from the shin bet security service opposed the request arguing her release could provoke an escalation in violence in the west bank trade unions in jordan have led a nationwide strike against
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a controversial plan to raise income tax the proposed tax hikes on reforms driven by the international monetary fund have sparked the country's largest protests in years king abdullah has ordered a review and has even replaced his prime minister to try to diffuse public anger but unions have pressed ahead with the strike which shops and businesses closed and hospital staff walking out. the former c.e.o. of cambridge analytical is being questioned by british m.p.'s over its facebook data scandal alexander nakes is appearing before a u.k. parliamentary committee which is investigating the firm's alleged misuse of information nics has denied accusations he withdrew eight billion dollars from the company shortly before its collapse u.k. based political consultancy shut down in may after allegations it mishandled more than eighteen million facebook users personal data. at least three migrants have been hospitalized after hundreds tried to jump the border fence separating morocco
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from the spanish territory of ceuta in north africa spanish authorities said they stopped the early morning attempts to cross by around one hundred fifty people most of them sub-saharan africans moroccan officials also said they stopped an additional two hundred fifty people from approaching the double fence it's the first mass attempt to jump the fence in at least seven months. security arrangements are being made in singapore ahead of the summit between the leaders of the us korea restrictions will be in place around the city and even in the skies. with the dates set the starting time confirmed we now know the location for donald trump and kim jong un's first meeting the ultra exclusive capella hotel singapore's sentosa island a colonial era building transformed into a six star hotel by renowned british architect norman foster the decision has
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amounted to being the choice has not just been about security to see but on top of the hard security considerations it's also been about the aesthetics the optics of the summit as well this is a hotel that sits right smack in the asia pacific right by the same time it has cost more politan western story to it so east and west if you like it's been reported that the north korean delegation favored the hotel and sentosa when they were in town last week negotiating with just some singapore's resort island of sentosa is known for its beaches casinos theme parks and golf course with the personal interest of these two leaders a perfect setting for the summit or even a joint family holiday the city state has set up two special event areas that will start just before the leaders arrive sentosa island will be one as well as the waters off its southwestern beaches where the capella hotel sits and another one about nine kilometers away in the tangling area of singapore this is where the shangri-la and the st regis hotels are thought to be where the two leaders and
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their delegations will be staying in the run up we're going to see an increased signature of security personnel security equipment but also good income but it commensurate with that we're going to see an increase in the chill of the public know that we know what the location is everyone is curious and i think the security operations will have to be have to be brought to bear already in managing the crowd managing vehicles there will also be a clamp down. in the sky parts of singapore's airspace will be restricted during the summit the area building uses the pitts for singapore's formula one race is being transformed into a huge media center more than three thousand accredited media will use the center but thousands more are expected in singapore over the next few days to cover the summit it's got other al-jazeera singapore. as well from a now back to folly in doha so thank you very much for that now young women worldwide are being encouraged to use technology to report harris meant in an effort to make streets safer and international charity has made an app which women
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can use to highlight where they don't feel safe walking and thomas reports from sydney where the app was created for young women city streets can be or see a hostile environment one way to improve things an international charity is to highlight which areas are best and which worst for the last month women in sydney have been encouraged to use a website to mark where they felt particularly safe or unsafe when and why more than three thousand incidents have been uploaded so far doughtery so powerful and it tells a story three numbers which a lot of the time is one of three ways that decision makers can be swayed these women from the charity plan international and now visiting the hot spots taking photographs for an art project to publicize the initiative among them is a woman with almost a million followers on the social media platform instagram my i suppose following
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an audience on social media. seventy percent women aged eighteen to twenty four which is basically the demographic that way for for this particular project although thousands of women are providing that data it's not them but the data is necessarily for this initiative isn't about warning women off visiting certain areas but rather about providing a cache of sites or a city plan is to improve infrastructure where women told them they feel inside. sexual harassment on the streets is a worldwide problem plan international has rolled out its website to four other cities as well as sydney maps are being created in camp lima madrid and new delhi but that's what everyone should be made aware about where we feel safe from where we don't perhaps this will help us and making unsafe places safe to those behind this initiative hope information will provoke change the more people know whether issues that need to be addressed the more likely they'll address them under thomas
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al-jazeera sydney for this week's more about this here is more car man who is project leader at tactical tech which is a nonprofit that explores the political and social wall of technology in our lives she is live from berlin thank you so much for being with us on the news group so what do you think of this do you think technology can make women safe. well my immediate response to this is firstly i congratulate all those organizations who actively work towards making city safer a woman but i'm slightly cautious as using technology or quick techno fixes to resolve why there are social and political problems sexual harassment and violence targeting women are extremely complex social and political problems that need to be dealt with. with with in multiple ways that include social policy legal policy and i'm a little bit skeptical that an app on its own can resolve sexual harassment and
12:35 am
brands but the argument from the makers as you know is that an app like this one can help city planners for instance improve infrastructure in order to make women feel safer. well i don't think the intent is is where we should be cautious i think how they tie is used or how it can be used as our primary focus on on caution here for instance these kinds of run the risk of labeling certain neighborhoods within cities who are which are inhabited by rural. black or poor or in the genus populations as potentially dangerous because technology is not detached from the wider societal power dynamics that all of us inherent in ourselves so i think the intent of this is really good however i'd be i'd be cautious as presenting it as the ultimate solution to our
12:36 am
problems as women because. the data is likely to be used in either discriminatory ways or it can encourage women to confine themselves to certain locations where within cities which can be isolating my further than of the story would be let's try to think of ways to make all parts of the city safer a woman rather than mapping us are interesting that you talk about discrimination there because as you said yourself i mean sexual harassment is a worldwide problem but in some places some countries women are worse off i know you're a bit skeptical about technology and its role here but surely that they can be a role for technology to help you know make women safer in these cities do you see any positives in using that knowledge. absolutely i think technology is a part of this conversation my comment was more about making technology as the ultimate solution one quick way to talk about this is for instance this app doesn't
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make a distinction between actual danger and perceived danger so this is an app about feelings of safety rather than safety itself but it doesn't mean that we can't use this data to start a conversation around actual danger and perceived danger rather than feelings of safety so it's it's a step all i'm saying it's just a step within a broader conversation about social and legal policy very interesting to hear fast on this thank you so much for speaking to a similar more common joining us on the news grid from berlin and india is one of the countries where women feel the least safe six years after the brutal gang rape of a woman a young woman in new delhi the threat of sexual harassment remains a big problem in that country and in this al-jazeera article. tells us how indian girls are fighting street house spent very interesting results on our web site al-jazeera dot com now coming up on facebook live
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a story about an israeli child to israel scenes of gaza during a t.v. interview and still ahead on news great fifty years since the assassination of robert kennedy we'll explore whether his vision of a better world is something. that . the be . the be . above the
12:39 am
be . the our. what the back half a century ago u.s. senator robert kennedy was shot many had given a speech at the ambassador hotel and he died the next day looks back at his life and legacy. robert kennedy was everything
12:40 am
a working class hero wasn't supposed to be but in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight with the country in political and social chaos kennedy supporters thought he could be the president the nation needed you don't really care if he won our laws to. solve. when he was all about trying to create change and trying to make the world more just change meant ending the war in vietnam stopping racism and discrimination and erasing harvard he from every corner of the country history may not repeat but it often rhymes conditions are different now but a lot of the anxiety that swept through the country in one nine hundred sixty eight echoes the anxiety of today kennedy's early career was linked to that of his brother the president but john's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty three pushed him into the spotlight and martin luther king's killing in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight kept him there he was on his own he wasn't his
12:41 am
job had been to take care of his brother in no it was robert kennedy doing what he thought was the best thing to do when president lyndon johnson decided to not run for reelection i shall not seek and i will not accept. the nomination of my party for another term as your pro kennedy entered the race i am announcing today my candidacy. for the pregnancy of the united states among its opposition to the law and order candidate richard nixon and senator eugene mccarthy who opposed vietnam it took a chat with a mccarthy supporter to make kennedy more willing to while we call for an end to the war he said i'm getting all of for eternity boys who make scenes and and mccarthy is getting all the a students i want to know why that's true moreover kennedy's popularity soared because people believed he understood their struggles
12:42 am
my thanks to all of you and now it's on to chicago and life with. but then a gunman shot kennedy on june fifth at a campaign rally his presidency would never be what i think. that sense. of love primarily i certainly and and the quest for social justice as an expression of love on this or robert francis kennedy dead at age forty two but his vision of a better world lives on i dream things that never were and say why not rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington while a young palestinian man was convicted of the matter but fifty years later many questions about sheehan surrounds conviction remain unsolved mike hanna reports so we remember. fifty years after his death bobby kennedy's family gather in memory of
12:43 am
his life. among those accompanying his widow ethel are his children grandchildren and friends who survived the decades. remembering that day when robert francis kennedy's bid to become president of the united states was ended in a hail of bullets to help the drama going to quote of the moment a twenty four year old palestinian. was found guilty and is serving a life sentence. obviously always there but. moment. might go. whatever it was looking. he will be. but the family renowned for its unity is sharply divided about the circumstances of bobby kennedy's death earlier this year his son robert f.
12:44 am
kennedy jr visited sirhan sirhan in prison and afterwards called for the investigation into the death to be reopened i went there because i was curious and disturbed by what i'd seen in the evidence he says i was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father his sister kathleen townsend kennedy says i think bobby makes a compelling case but joseph p. kennedy opposes the reopening of the case his response i think that what is most important to set our country and my family reflect on what my father stood for and fought for and kerry kennedy agrees she says i think we should focus on his life and not so much on his death among the problematic details bobby kennedy was shot in the back of the head but i witness is placed in front of him. secondly there were thirteen bullets fired at the scene while the accused killer was found with
12:45 am
a revolver in his hand that only contained a chambers raising speculation about more than one shooter. was this is the story of kennedy and his assassin ten years ago this documentary was made questioning so handsome hands guilt and its director says troubling evidence continues to emerge dr daniel browne who is a leading expert in hypnosis and coercive persuasion at the harvard medical school has been working with sarah and her hands attorneys over the last eleven years for cover his memory of the shooting and again in some of his court decorations he's mapped out. for me very compelling evidence that's her hand was in the nothing state at the time of this she's saying i was somehow program to be as destruction for the real shooter who was behind it behind kennedy's right here bobby kennedy's body was placed on a train and transported from the west coast to the east for burial the route lined with mourners but the journey to establish how he died may still be incomplete
12:46 am
mike hanna al-jazeera washington. that's it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times hash tag a change is great for me fully back to the whole team thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. .
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what were you hearing whether online horrendous things. about that or if you join us on the sat the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry. this is a dialogue about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to. join the conversation. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade by land and air. a move that shot through the region's jew political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant.
12:48 am
but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and the insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of. iraq's parliament does a manual recount of all votes cast in parliament. now there are some this is there a line from london also coming up. palestinians say funking to argentina full canceling a pre world cup friendly in jerusalem israel is dismayed that's come out for safety
12:49 am
and guatemala as a volcano for a go erupts again seventy five people on now confirmed nearly two hundred others are missing and sick hungry and under attack where in south so down when millions are suffering because of a civil war on the fighting is only getting worse. we begin with some breaking news from iraq where the parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's election that the prime minister. warned the election commission had found dangerous violations which he said could prolong the formation of a new government let's get no more from charles structured who is in baghdad so basically for it to be charles it seems parliament has almost hit the reset button a month for most often the election why now.
12:50 am
well there's been a gradual build up to this news today this parliament vote. voting for as you say the full manual recount right the way across the country it started or really really kicked in in the last week or so and certainly yesterday we heard from prime minister a large body and his weekly news conference that he gives indorsing the findings of a ministerial committee that had investigated these allegations of voter fraud and as you say he said that there was evidence of dangerous spiral ations having taken place and he also interestingly said all banned sorry senior members of i hacked the independent iraqi election commission from leaving the country and said it would not be unforeseeable to possibly see even arrests of people responsible if indeed these allegations of vote rigging found to be true today in parliament that
12:51 am
vote for the manual recount right the way across the country also the freezing of the work of top my hat officials was voted for as well and the delegation of nine judges who will be working with i had members other members in overseeing this manual recount in addition to a special committee a fact finding mission being voted for today to further investigate the allegations of fraud but yes what was being touted as a very successful election with respect to how free of violence it was has now turned into a major political crisis for this government and obviously has huge ramifications for the formation of coalitions with respect to a new government and charles this feels like a very critical juncture in the stability of the country what do you what do you think will happen next. well certainly speaking to analysts here there are very obvious concerns of the very fact that there are
12:52 am
a lot of guns in iraq there are a lot of people with a lot of interests in this election and there was this sense of almost a sort of celebration if you like certainly amongst the three main blocs that did the best in this election there are concerns amongst analysts that as this manual recount goes forward and as the results come through we expect that to be at least two weeks from now that if there is a great disparity in the results between the manual and the electronic count that is being called into into into question then there are fears of violence there's also the concern about what prime minister hyrule about he is called a potential constitutional vacuum because on the thirtieth of june this parliamentary session ends and of course it was hopes that we would be a lot further forward a lot further down the line in the formation of a new government but that is now certainly being delayed for the time being we certainly saw evidence of certainly speaking to people when we were covering the
12:53 am
election on may the twelfth people that we spoke to were unhappy with how the vote had gone some voters saying that there are electronic cards had not come through in time so they were unable to participate unable to count to cast their electronic ballots and then with respect to the i.d.p.'s many of the i.d.p.'s around mosul they were concerned that the the electronic booth this hadn't arrived on time they had had to vote manually and their manual votes were taken away to be counted somewhere else so there has been a lot of evidence for election fraud in the build up to this vote but today certainly there are big questions about the political stability of this country i'll stop for that when breaking news coming out of baghdad thank you very much. now the president of argentina's football association has apologized for canceling
12:54 am
a friendly much with israel saying the players' safety was at stake there have been widespread palestinian protests against the match being tallied in jerusalem over fears it will normalize israel's claim to the contest in city but israelis say the palestinians are crossing a red line by politicizing the issue and its make reports from west jerusalem. moving a friendly with argentina from the port city of haifa to the stadium in west jerusalem has turned into something of an own goal for israeli football now israeli fans won't get to see leon all messy in the rest of the squad in a pre world cup warm up under palestinian pressure argentina has pulled out the palestinian football association accused israel of politicizing the game because it ignored the anger there is over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a new government interferes moved from paper to you so you started talking that
12:55 am
this is on this of into the new visit of this is a state of israel fifty one and it said he or or they brought it into also. it was a solution and there isn't any government exists to ensure what israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is reported to have phoned argentina's president to try to get him to persuade the team to change its mind or it's here wishing the squad luck said it wasn't up to him israel's president said in a statement it is truly a sad morning for soccer fans including some of my grandchildren but there are values that are even bigger than messi the politicization in the argentinian decision is of great concern even in the most difficult times we made every effort to leave considerations that are not purely about sport off the playing field and it is a pity that the argentina team did not manage to do so on this occasion israel wants to normalize the idea of jerusalem as its capital in the minds of the international community trying to host an international football game here fits with that
12:56 am
strategy but this time the plan backfired because instead everybody has been reminded of the final status of jerusalem is far from settled. al-jazeera question . for more on this let's go to series about who is in when is a risk for us the football association in argentina the spokesman there saying it's about the safety of the players that we cancel this but obviously i'm guessing the players are quite upset that there were calls by the palestinians to burn effigies and wreck because shit. well there's been a lot of questioning about this game especially since violence escalated in gaza and in jerusalem a let me tell you that it's been a tradition for argentina to play against israel since nineteen eighty six and that's when argentina warned the world cup and that's only going and this game and this match was expected to be exactly the same and till the place where that match
12:57 am
was going to be played was a move from haifa to do rousselin at the time the argent time boring ministry told the fact that this could generate incidents and a diplomatic problem for argentina but after i decided to continue with this much but there was a lot more to it of what was happening with the origin time football associations oh i was told by journalists who were present during the training that outside of the stadiums where the argentine team was playing around thirty people gathered outside the stadium and started asking messi not to go that traveling to jerusalem would be legitimizing israeli violence would be acknowledging that jerusalem is the capital of israel and also something that apparently generated tension among the players which was basically telling them that the ball shouldn't be stained and this is something very symbolic in argentina something that diego maradona repeated over and over again and that's when this tension was generated among the player and
12:58 am
it is said that it is the players that do not want to travel to israel to play this match and obviously earlier today we saw that the president of the argentine football association cheeky tapia said that the reasons why they were not travelling is where due to security concerns well the argentine football association was already paid over a million and a half dollars for this match and now they're trying to see when is it going to happen but if there is something that's clear and that's been reported by journalists that are and the place right now is that the players do not want to travel it would be easy to think well it must have been an easy decision it's only your friend they match but. it's so close to the world cup argentina has one of the most tricky groups in the whole draw it must have been a big deal for them to call this off at this stage in their preparation. well what we know right now we've got the argentine food and is trying to find somebody else that argentina can play against this coming saturday but that's not going to be
12:59 am
easy and of the biggest fear in a way is that two members two players won't be tested in a final match before the world cup begins the goalkeeper is one of them but some others are saying that it has its benefits that whatever happened benefit the team as a whole the first thing is that there is no risk that injuries could happen among the players but also is that we do you think the threat the threat that a trip to jerusalem in this conditions would have generated great to get your thoughts on mysteries about the speaking to us from where there is. and palestine is health ministry says israeli troops shot dead a twenty one year old who was throwing stones at them in the occupied west bank is a day into me was shot on wednesday during clashes with israeli forces near ramallah it happened after israeli troops and to the village of not be silent before coming under attack from stone throwers the victims uncle says soldiers responded with live rounds as well as rubber bullets and tear gas israel's military
1:00 am
hasn't commentates meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists he's doing everything he can to avoid palestinian casualties in gaza netanyahu made the comments ahead of talks with u.k. prime ministers to resume a who express her concern over the shooting of protesters at the border between israel and gaza he says the level of force was needed to protect israeli lives one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since we could demonstrations began in the gaza strip in march. new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as the mount for a go volcano spews more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds are missing after sunday's eruption rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors entire villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed david medicine has the latest from see that which is about ten kilometers .


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