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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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tear gas israel's military hasn't commentates meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists he's doing everything he can to avoid palestinian casualties in gaza netanyahu made the comments ahead of talks with u.k. prime ministers to resume may who express her concern over the shooting of protesters at the border between israel and gaza he says the level of force was needed to protect israeli lives one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since we could demonstrations began in the gaza strip in march. new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as the amount for a go volcano spews more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds are missing after sunday's eruption as rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors entire villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed david messer has the latest from syria that via which is about ten kilometers from the volcano. what
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a mollusc lego volcano continues to be highly active you can see it here behind me and this morning we've seen columns of smoke rising from the cone now on tuesday there was a large explosion that sent gas and hot rocks down the side of the volcano and that caused a large evacuation order i'm urgency workers racing away from the disaster site and it was also the evacuations of more villages surrounding the volcano as well as some communities within the city of the square city of about a million people major highways were closed as well this morning on wednesday there have been more a few more bodies that have been holed out and they think that there are still a few hundred people who are missing but it's very hard to get accurate figures and there aren't census takers who are going door to door so it's unclear exactly how many people are still accounted for but what we do know is that conditions for rescuers are very challenging there as there's continued activity there's also chances of rain falling down which could cause mudslides and further. these an
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effort to try to remove as many people from this is as a sight as possible and get a true sense of the size of this calamity. still to come on take a look at the unusual russian troop deployments in syria pressure on its relationship with a round and how the u.s. president skewed with the n.f.l. is turning into a spat with the n.b.a. . storm is just into the word of the well known. spring and summer. it's very good from the coach report. in a city. this is the. over two hundred of these reports.
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sort of for you could be. all the coast and inland a bit search on almost up to shanghai certainly affecting hong kong ok it's no longer record breaking the halt it's not just windy and wet and at twenty nine humid degrees the good part of the rest of his drive from this point of view there are showers and in sichuan as you can see probably involved but that's the point to focus on i think is an awful lot to come from this and probably damaging the monsoon is ruggedly trying to move and also it is a pretty big showers not exactly have a deluge just the east to delhi and inland where we're still waiting for the cloud to come over and reduce the tension you see session nine for cost and not per we've seen forty nine up in register on the cross the border in sindh province so the pretty monsoon heat is still pretty nasty from the point of view of the heavy rain is still on the east and a western side of the delta as you can see and in the northeast corner.
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discover new developments in surgery i'm talking about what i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating money and a breakthrough in medical trials provide some much needed owns to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have being my safety stop hundred forty one of them causing a night to get the cure revisit its own al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera iraq's parliament has ordered
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a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's election a softer prime minister. warned of the election commission have found dangerous violations the president of argentina's football association has apologized for counseling a friendly much with israel saying the players' safety was at stake have been widespread palestinian protests against being held in jerusalem over physical normalise israel's claim to the contest. and new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala where you go continues to spew all over at least seventy five people have been killed and two hundred on missing after sunday's eruption. fighters loyal to renegade libyan general khalifa haftar have reportedly captured the seaports of the eastern city of burna the city is held by isolating but the self-styled libyan national army has besieged it for two years the u.n. says the fighting has reached unprecedented levels and there also via shortages of
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electricity food water and medical supplies. has more from the libyan capital tripoli. the war in the eastern libyan city of that has become a guerrilla warfare between hefted his forces that his forces loyal to libya's libya's litigate genitally for have to and forces loyal to the protection force now dead no protection force is there the new name of the. council of illusion reis that is the arm of the group defying have to and refusing to join his military brigades in the east of libya now eyewitnesses in durness say that any moving vehicle can be targeted from the air and hefted forces have been opening according to orders for civilians to leave the city bieber they say there is a huge traffic of evacuees leaving the city fleeing the war that has been now going
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on in the inside the streets of the now have to his forces have been taken control of a strategic locations in the city including the sea port now because hefted forces have been very well trained and equipped and they have been supported by egypt and the united arab emirates though they have advanced it quickly and they have taken control of many locations inside the city even switching operation little military operation room to the city and it's now inside the city of the net now the city of that has been short of everything including basic needs food water medical equipment medical stuff and medications and people there say that literally say that anyone who who get gets wanted in this war could die because there is no way to treat them there is no medical aid the city is literally isolated from the
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whole world. so downs president omar al bashir has offered to host chris talks between south sudan's warring sides to try to end five years of conflict it comes just days after a un resolution gave rivals president salva kiir rebel leader a char and ultimatum which a peace agreement in one month or face possible sanctions more than half the population in south sudan remains dependent on eight morgan reports from my encounter in south sudan young simon has been sick for days and says she would have liked to stay at home but that's not an option for her because there's no food there so she had to come here to an aid distribution center to register and get food. i've had a fever and headache for days and then came the car but it had to come here to get food if not the only thing i can have is porridge so i came to get aid.
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simon is one of more than one hundred thousand people in my own county who rely on a civil war in south sudan has forced seven million people more than half of the country's population to dependent aid the war started in twenty thirteen when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced yeah ending guy had to walk for two days to come to my own for aid she often says she's not feeling well. my back hurt my kidneys hurt we get to space to go to the bush suffer from hunger and get sick i've seen people die in the bush due to hunger and diseases like diarrhea . hundreds of thousands of hunger related deaths were reported last year when famine was declared in south sudan and while the famine is over there are fears that the figures will rise. millions of thousands are suffering from four shortages
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and as a result many are getting sick with violence and the rainy season slowing down aid operations they are concerned that preventable diseases will instead become fatal the un has recently threatened to extend sanctions on south sudan if the fighting continues there is fighting all over this state and these are farmers who have led to this place their land is not being killed at the moment and that totally dependent on this crude date that had to be brought here by air drops is a desperate measure in desperate times in this. south sudan the area where we've seen food drops now for twenty nine years what is needed here is a peace it's reconsideration peace that may seem calm and many others like her not get sick simply because they can't get enough food to remain healthy people morgan al-jazeera my own county in south sudan tensions remain high between russia and iran over the deployment of russian troops on syria's border with lebanon it's an
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area normally dominated by hezbollah or a militia group supported by iran on the forces have now been recalled russia hasn't provided an explanation for why they were there so in other reports from beirut. the region straddling lebanon's eastern border is an important supply line for hezbollah syria is the land link to iran for the lebanese armed group russian troops briefly took up positions here the russian military didn't comment but its troops were soon replaced by syrian army soldiers in russia trying. to iran in syria the. russian troops. are ready to deploy wherever they want. it wasn't the first message russian president vladimir putin told syrian president bashar assad that foreign military forces will leave syria once a robust political process gets underway has envoy later clarified this included
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iran days later the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov echoed the same thing and said the syrian army should be the only force deployed along the border with israel iran's initial reaction was that no one can force it to do anything it later said it supported russian efforts to bring the south of the country under syrian army control and that iranian military advisers are not present in the area. received a strong message from israel with the stepped up air strikes that it's want tolerate iranian presence in south syria that's why iran withdrew from solving syria the iranians know that engaging in a war with israel in syria is not its benefit it's. and it's not to russia's benefit either an iranian israeli confrontation with threaten the assad government's hold on power and moscow's achievements it has been a difficult balancing act for russia which enjoys good relations with iran and
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israel israel doesn't just want iranian and iranian backed troops away from its borders it wants them out of syria altogether israel sees them as a strategic threat and wants russia to ensure that their military influence doesn't grow it's not just israel's demand other regional international powers want to limit iran's influence moscow to wants a strong syrian government to help broker an internationally backed political settlement not interested in long term run ins increasing influence in syria because there. were so basically russia is interested more in stronger than. russia and iran have long had different goals and agendas in syria their alliance saved the syrian government but now that the war is winding down many actors will be jockeying for position and influence in post conflict
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syria iran and russia included son of. beirut trade unions in jordan have led a nationwide strike against a controversial plan to raise income tax and propose tax hikes on reforms driven by the international monetary fund a spot in the country's largest protests in the is king abdullah has ordered a review and has even replaced his prime minister to try to diffuse public anger but unions have press ahead with the strike. the japanese prime minister is headed to washington to make sure tokyo's concerns are not forgotten the historic u.s. north korea summit next week shinzo our way we'll have two hours to posses points to president trump before they both leave for a g. seven summit in canada japan a u.s. ally has been absent from recent dealings with north korea and its concerns trump could make concessions like agreeing to reduce the american military presence in the region well security measures are being ramped up in singapore ahead of the
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summit scott highclere has the latest on the massive preparations. with the date set the starting time confirmed we now know the location for donald trump and kim jong un's first meeting the ultra exclusive capella hotel singapore's sentosa island a colonial era building transformed into a six star hotel by renowned british architect norman foster the decision has amounted to being the choice has not just been about security to see but on top of the hard security considerations it's also been about the aesthetics the optics of the summit as well this is a hotel that sits right smack in the asia pacific right by the same time it has cost more politan western story to it so all east and west if you like it's been reported that the north korean delegation favored the hotel and sentosa when they were in town last week negotiating with just about something singapore's resort island of sentosa is known for its beaches casinos theme parks and golf course with
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the personal interest of these two leaders a perfect setting for the summit or even a joint family holiday the city state has set up two special event areas that will start just before the leaders arrive sentosa island will be one as well as the waters off its southwestern beaches where the capella hotel sits and another one about nine kilometers away in the tangling area of singapore this is where the shangri-la and the st regis hotels are thought to be where the two leaders and their delegations will be staying in the run up we're going to see an increased signature of security personnel security equipment but also commensurate with that we're going to see an increase in the chill of the public know that we know what the location is everyone is curious and i think the security operations will have to be have to be brought to bear already managing the crowd and managing vehicles there will also be a clampdown in the sky parts of singapore's airspace will be restricted during the summit the area building uses the pits for singapore's formula one race is being
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transformed into a huge media center more than three thousand. credited media were used to center but thousands more are expected in singapore over the next few days to cover the summit it's got other al-jazeera singapore. donald trump's ongoing feud with national football league players is spilling over into the world of basketball this is not white house a celebration for football's a super bowl when this went ahead on sunday without any of the winning philadelphia eagles front with jay with their invitation off the several players said they didn't want to meet him now basketball stars and coaching staff from the two teams are playing in the n.b.a. finals are also making their viens on the president. it's not let. you know someone invite you to their house. that moment because i think the championship of winning a super bowl or winning a stanley cup or wood in
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a war series or winning the n.b.a. championship or national championship. is way bigger than did nobody to the white house specially with him and there. you know the eagles have been nothing but. fantastic citizens in their own community they've done so much good i've read a lot about their team elcom jenkins chris long these guys are stars are amazing so it'll be nice when we can just. get back to normal in three years. now let's have a quick look at the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's parliament says over the manual recount of every vote cast in last month's election that's after promise to . warn the election commission has found dangerous violations which should could prolong the formation of a new government charles stratford is in baghdad. yesterday we heard from prime
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minister all our body in his weekly news conference that he gives it during the findings of a ministerial committee that investigated these allegations of voter fraud and as you say he said that there was evidence of dangerous violations having taken place but he also interestingly said or story senior members of the independent iraqi election commission from leaving the country and said it would not be suitable to possibly see even arrests of people responsible if indeed these allegations of vote rigging found to be true the president of argentina's football association has apologized for canceling a friendly match with israel saying the players' safety was at stake there's been widespread palestinian protest against the match being held in jerusalem over fears it will normalize israel's claim to the contested city but israelis say the
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palestinians are crossing a red line by politicizing the issue. health ministry says israeli troops have shot dead a twenty one year old he was throwing stones at them in the occupied west bank is it into me was shot on wednesday near ramallah it happened after israeli troops entered the village of nabi salah and came under attack from stone throwers. meanwhile israel's prime minister says he is doing everything he can to avoid palestinian casualties in gaza and human netanyahu made the comments ahead of talks with u.k. prime minister to resign they expressed her concern over the shooting of protest as at the border between israel and gaza and new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as they mount for a go volcano spews more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and two hundred are missing after sunday's eruption. you're up to date with the headlines next stop it's with us.
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