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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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and it was later on move to do neither the argentine food well association or the argentinean government wanted that match to happen in jerusalem because of the diplomatic impact it could have been doing on the streets of one off site if the news generated mixed reactions. they should have thought about it before were not talking to much given the conditions in the area because wherever you go it's a dangerous area and if the players are afraid you can't do much more it was a risk but it was also a commitment israel has already invested around nine million dollars on this much a million and a half has already been paid to the argentine football association so this obviously generates some conflict for now the argentine food while association here in one of the site is is trying to control the damage meanwhile palestine's health ministry says israeli troops have shot dead a twenty one year old who was throwing stones at them in the occupied west bank is it in time in may was shot during clashes with israeli forces in the village of not a seller near ramallah it happened after israeli troops entered the village of
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nabil salad before coming under attack from stone throwers the victims uncle says soldiers responded with live rounds as well as rubber bullets and tear gas israel's military hasn't commented. and israel is prime minister insists here they are doing everything they can to avoid palestinian casualties in gaza and even that and you know who made the comments ahead of talks with u.k. prime minister to resign may she expressed her concern over the shooting of protesters at the border between israel and gaza but he says force is needed to protect israeli lives one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since we can demonstrations began in march. an israeli parole board has rejected a request for the early release of palestinian teenager to mimi who is active stopping an israeli soldier went viral thanking her a symbol of the palestinian resistance against israeli occupation the seventeen
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year old was sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping and shoving israeli soldiers outside the home her lawyer requested the jail time because by a third but officials from the shin bet security service opposed the request they argued her release could provoke an escalation in violence in the west bank stay with us on the news out is much more to come on the program shops close in jordan's capital as unions press on with a strike over tax hikes despite the prime minister being replaced fifty years since robert kennedy was murdered to go back to life the legacy. we always will stay. on another team snob is an invitation to the white house he tells in sport. new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as the amount for
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a governor spews more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and hundreds on missing after sunday's eruption rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors entire villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed david latest from see it out via which is about ten kilometers from the volcano. what almost play go volcano continues to be highly active you can see it here behind me and this morning we've seen columns of smoke rising from the cone now on tuesday there was a large explosion that sent gas and hot rocks down the side of the volcano and that caused a large evacuation to be ordered i'm urgency workers racing away from the disaster site and it was also the evacuation of more villages surrounding the volcano as well as some communities within the city of a city of about a million people major highways were closed as well this morning on wednesday there have been more
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a few more bodies that have been holed out and they think that there's still a few hundred people who are missing but it's very hard to get accurate figures and there aren't census takers who are going door to door so it's unclear exactly how many people are still accounted for but what we do know is that conditions for rescuers are very challenging there and there's continued activity there's also chances of rain falling down which could cause mudslides and further hinder these an effort to try to remove as many people from this is as a sight as possible and get a true sense of the size of this calamity. jordan's new prime minister has vowed to work with other parties to create a text that will suit everyone. was brought in by king abdullah to try to diffuse public anger over a controversial plan to raise income tax the unions have a nationwide strike against the proposed reforms the country's largest protests. and then report. protesters demands has been clear they want the
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government to scrap plans to raise income tax by as much as five percent some say until that happens they need to keep applying pressure in the room because the citizens cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back. a number of shops pharmacies and hospitals went on strike but the root. yes were smaller than in previous days some said they wanted to see what the jordanian government's next move would be. on tuesday king abdullah appointed a former economist as the new prime minister will know who's out and we think this new government will take action therefore we have a different opinion about the strike and we will not participate but the anger is still simmering and there are fears the government won't give people relief from attacks law protestors believe will unfairly burden the poor and the middle class jordanians are struggling with rising prices and an official unemployment rate of
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more than eighteen percent. of the protests were given a chance to the new government give them a chance but people are not optimistic as they think is the same as a previous government but with new faces and not with new policies. and influx of refugees from syria and iraq has strained resources in a small country that has always been heavily reliant upon foreign aid the proposed tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund jordan is thirty seven billion dollars in debt digging itself out of that debt and reviving the economy may mean things get worse before they get better natasha going to aim does iraq. protests are taking place in northern greece against plans to compromise the long running disputes of a name over the name of its northern neighbor in macedonia the former yugoslav republic has been called macedonia since independence in one thousand nine hundred
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one which angus greek some say the historical region of macedonia isn't holding grace johnson is a type protest in the great city of so in a week we saw earlier this year huge protests john i just as passionate now. even though they are smaller and they were designed that way there are twenty four separate protests happening in smaller towns across greece and alternately this one behind me and poland is almost running at two hours now and as you can see the crowd is still here there is enormous enthusiasm people are listening to the speaker people are cheering the speaker they're applauding and the position here i think very much like the position everywhere else across certainly northern greece but really across the whole country is that there should be no compromise over the use of the term macedonia that is and should be an exclusively greek word there
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should be no composite name as as the diplomatic term now is which would be along the lines of what's been proposed by the u.s. mediator matthew limits back in january these talks began at that time on the basis of five possible names which he put forward novo or new macedonia upper macedonia northern macedonia vadar sco macedonia in other words the macedonia bordering the river which runs through the country north of here and there was the possibility of republic of macedonia scope here these people say all of these are unacceptable. and for the macedonians there is talk that stopping them getting any acceptable i say in the e.u. into nato is having quite an effect on them so one would have thought the macedonians are pushing for the east these talks to succeed. it is
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a sort of cape of chicken because the issue of acceptance as you say by nato and the european union is thought to be of existential importance for the former yugoslav of macedonia it is thought that without such international sanction. it is possible that that country will not survive because partly because of its ethnic divisions its about its population is about one third. and for the remaining two thirds there is no very specific national identity or cultural identity but since the second world war they've been told that. the republic of macedonia within the federation of yugoslavia and that is the identity they've grown up with and while communism held up there was a way for athens and belgrade to talk to each other. to dampen the
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nationalistic sentiment in skokie when that became grating to athens but now that filter is gone the athenians that the greeks have to speak directly to the people to the government in scorpio. there is there doesn't seem to be any alternative or at least any obvious alternative. by way of an identity for them to really found their self state as an independent entity and it does really seem to be a game of chicken between the two sides because the greeks also want to have good relations with scorpio they see the commercial advantages they see the diplomatic advances. because the greeks had difficulty in their relationships elsewhere to the east with turkey they they would like to put such matters to rest but neither side is all seems to be giving it at this point and the reason it is more sensitive now than it has been for the last six months is that there is increased pressure from
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the european union to make progress this month in order to process any agreement here across italy and legally in the second half of the year and get the republic of macedonia whatever its qualify will be accepted next year into the european union my thanks john they protest in the great city of pelham. is exactly fifty years since u.s. presidential hopeful robert kennedy was shot just minutes after he'd given account paying speech and los angeles he would die and next day kennedy was a leading candidate for the democratic nomination and his supporters still belief he would have followed his older brother john to become one of the great presidents roslyn jordan looks back at his life and legacy. robert kennedy was everything a working class hero wasn't supposed to be but in one thousand nine hundred sixty
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eight with the country in political and social chaos kennedy supporters thought he could be the president the nation needed you don't really care if he won our laws to be saul. when he was all about trying to create change and trying to make the world more just change mantra ending the war in vietnam stopping racism and discrimination and erasing poverty from every corner of the country history may not repeat but it often rhymes conditions are different now but a lot of the anxiety that swept through the country in one nine hundred sixty eight echoes the anxiety of today kennedy's early career was linked to that of his brother the president but john's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty three pushed him into the spotlight and martin luther king's killing in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight kept him there he was on his own he wasn't his job had been to take care of his brother in no it was robert kennedy doing what he
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thought was the best thing to do when president lyndon johnson decided to not run for reelection i shall not seek and i will not accept. the nomination of my party for another term as your president kennedy entered the race i am announcing today my candidacy. for the presidency of the united states among his opposition to the law and order candidate richard nixon and senator eugene mccarthy who opposed vietnam it took a chat with a mccarthy supporter to make kennedy more willing to wildly call for an end to the war he said i'm getting all of for eternity boys who make scenes and and mccarthy is getting all the a students i want to know why that's true moreover kennedy's popularity soared because people believed he understood their struggles my thanks to all of you and now it's on to chicago and let's win. but then
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a gunman shot kennedy on june fifth at a campaign rally his presidency would never be well i think. that sense. of love primarily certainly and and the quest for social justice as an expression. on this are robert francis kennedy dead at age forty two but his vision of a better world lives on i dream things that never were and say why not rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. still ahead on this news hour say congress under attack or in south sudan and many in south suffering because of a civil war and the fighting is only getting worse and usual russian troop deployment in syria has put pressure on its relationship with a wrong and in sports a former world number one if not south of the french open details coming up with
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a time. another place where it's abnormally hot at the moment is iraq now there's not much cloud in the sky what there is is produce some decent showers recently in iraq more especially in the levant but there's precious little left for cost wise saying we're looking at sunshine thirty in beirut or ridiculous forty five in baghdad it will be forty five of course this summer but it's a little early in the year for that to happen this true dancer q.h. as well and beyond to the gulf states nothing much to relieve it the green is where the showers are normally around the caucuses still and we sent some pretty big hail storms up in georgia not so much i mean even as a possibility in the next down so as drops as i say it is pretty hot around the
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gulf states diehards for crossed forty five a little cool and abu dhabi forty but we're into the forty's easily is obviously could around the coast the monsoon starts influence the cloudiness the amman coasts allow or in particular whether he thought some point will kick in history months of cooler drizzly weather it looks like it's trying to come in. south of all this should be quite a moment in southern africa for the most part the skies are in the clear that's what the satellite picture shows and the forecast simply confirms it. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. and unexpected creative opportunities. less still a singing contest like no other off as a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. as
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a tale of singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dr season is unforgiving but compounded by corruption it's wet season months lives that are claiming most wives i don't remember every new wall when one thing would be one thousand wound up or died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there's an old guard he failed to act the mountain will fall on al-jazeera.
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welcome back hairs a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's election that soft a prime minister. warned of serious violations in the polls the president of argentina's football association as apologized for counseling a friendly match with israel saying the players' safety stake there had been widespread palestinian protests after the match was moved to jerusalem over fears it would normalize israel's claim to the contest. and new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as mount for a go continues to spew more lava at least seventy five people being killed two hundred are missing after sunday's eruption. tensions remain high between russia and iran over the deployment of russian troops on syria's border with lebanon it's an area normally dominated by hezbollah and militia groups supported by iran all
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the forces have now been recalled russia hasn't provided any explanation for why they were there zain other reports from beirut. the region straddling lebanon's eastern border is an important supply line for hezbollah syria is the land link to iran for the lebanese armed group russian troops briefly took up positions here the russian military didn't comment but its troops were soon replaced by syrian army soldiers. trying. to iran in syria the. russian troops the military police are ready to deploy whatever they want in syria it wasn't the first message russian president vladimir putin told syrian president bashar assad that foreign military forces will leave syria once a robust political process gets under way his envoy later clarified this included iran. days later the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov echoed the same thing
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and said the syrian army should be the only force deployed along the border with israel iran's initial reaction was that no one can force it to do anything it later said it supported russian efforts to bring the south of the country under syrian army control and that iranian military advisers are not present in the area. how soon the iranians receive a strong message from israel and with the stepped up air strikes that it's won't tolerate iranian presence in south syria that's why iran withdraw from solving syria the iranians know that engaging in a war with israel in syria is not its benefit and it's not to russia's benefit either an iranian israeli confrontation with threaten the assad government's hold on power and moscow's achievements it has been a difficult balancing act for russia which enjoys good relations with iran and israel israel doesn't just want iranian and iranian backed troops away from its
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borders it wants them out of syria altogether israel sees them as a strategic threat and wants russia to ensure that their military influence doesn't grow. it's not just israel's demand other regional international powers want to limit iran's influence moscow to wants a strong syrian government to help broker an internationally backed political settlement not interested in. increasing influence in syria. so basically russia is interested in. russia and iran have long had different goals and agendas in syria their alliance save that the syrian government but now that the war is winding down many actors will be jockeying for position and influence in post conflict syria iran and russia included. beirut. the united nations has warned of a significant escalation in
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a rests interrogations and detentions in egypt a sponsor of ongoing crackdown against activists bloggers and journalists critical of president abdel fattah el-sisi sisi was elected reelected as president in a poll in march winning ninety seven percent of the vote in egypt's general prosecutor ordered the authorities to monitor social media sites that it says spread lies and fake news ahead of the election. journalists who are saying is one of those still in detention his imprisonment has yet again been renewed so far has been jailed without charge for over five hundred days saying was detained in december twenty sixth and subsequently accused of disseminating false news both. deny the charge the japanese prime minister is headed to washington to make sure tokyo's concerns are not forgotten the historic u.s. north korea summit next week. we'll have two hours to put his points to president
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trump before they both leave for a g. seven summit in canada japan a u.s. ally has been absent from recent dealings with north korea and its concerns trump could make concessions i think going to reduce american military presence in the region. security measures. in singapore ahead of. time. with the date set the starting time confirmed we now know the location for donald trump and kim jong un's first meeting the ultra exclusive capella hotel singapore's sentosa island a colonial era building transformed into a six star hotel by renowned british architect norman foster the decision has amounted to being the choice has not just been about security to see but on top of the hard security considerations it's also been about the aesthetics the optics of the summit as well this is
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a hotel that sits right smack in the asia pacific right by the same time it has cost more politan western story to it so east and west if you like it's been reported that the north korean delegation favored the hotel and sentosa when they were in town last week negotiating with just some singapore's resort island of sentosa is known for its beaches casinos theme parks and golf course with the personal interest of these two leaders a perfect setting for the summit or even a joint family holiday the city state has set up two special event areas that will start just before the leaders arrive sentosa island will be one as well as the waters off its southwestern beaches where the capella hotel sits and another one about nine kilometers away in the tangling area of singapore this is where the shangri-la and the st regis hotels are thought to be where the two leaders and their delegations will be staying in the run up we're going to see an increased signature of security personnel security equipment but also commensurate with that
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we're going to see an increase in the chill of the public know that we know what the location is everyone is curious and i think the security operations will have to be have to be brought to bear already in managing the crowd managing vehicles there will also be a clampdown in the sky parts of singapore's airspace will be restricted to. in the summit the area building uses the pits for singapore's formula one race is being transformed into a huge media center more than three thousand accredited media will use the center but thousands more are expected in singapore over the next few days to cover the summit it's got other al-jazeera singapore. is a honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern career at leas university here in the u.k. and joins me now live from makes a thanks very much for coming on to al-jazeera sort of feels like they're preparing for a massive game of chess what kind of concerns will they have going into this this summit with both obviously both sides wanting to make sure they giving equal
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deference. well you know right there's absolute is so much in play ranging from you know hard security issues all the way through to etiquette these are two states which have been implacable foes all the strong in the beginning until recently the idea that two leaders could meet particularly you know when less than nothing has been concretely achieved on the many pressing issues like denuclearization would have been astonishing they are meeting here to explain all of the awful remember but obviously security donald trump like other u.s. presidents is used to flying the world and his secret service are well used to foreign locations kim jong un a bolder person than his father and grandfather before him who didn't go far and usually didn't announce their plans it's a big deal for him there are security issues and then there's the whole area of actually kept to know who is what we know who is the taller man. that's that stolen trump as it happens who's near the door you know who precedents all that kind of
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stuff teams have been working this up minute clip let's hope nobody goofs or thinking of president trump nobody improvises. the north koreans and the thunder very at status conscious but we favor a little bit of north korean only that when he met the south korean native they went off and went for a little walk across a bridge and and they were away from my flunkies for a chat to me to get the sense that i actually can john isn't quite so concerned about that sort of thing and and what can present more of our almost human face than we've seen before i think it's part of the whole media game to present that human face this is of course also somebody who had his uncle executed some merit there so human is relative but true i mean kim jong un the i think in the west at least. we're paying the price for some media not al jazeera to be sure have tended to caricature a kindergartener we've never seen him it never been anywhere he's
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a bit on the large side etc such a big mistake he. clearly knows how to play all the necessary games that senate i mean to meet a south korean president is one thing i mean it's still a big deal to meet the president of the united states is a whole is a whole other thing we the north korea's always been fixated on the u.s. to be honest but i think south korea quite wrongly is a sort of flunky of the of the u.s. so everyone's going to be ultra cathal is that i would have thought it wasn't more likely that came will be nervous in this environment not being used to this kind of travel travel compared to the u.s. president so it's in the u.s. interest to push him as he needs to make it comfortable or could they have a little bit of it and a diplomatic tactic brought in here. you do wonder what games will be played i mean looking back at it trumps active summerlee canceling the summit only to reinstate it after the last group since that usually admittedly very rude things about some of this administration i mean that's a kind of game playing i'm rather hoping that we won't get that or that we'll see
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you know the relaxed donald trump the one who even i think before he was elected or was it early on in his presidency when he wasn't you know talking about my buttons bigger than your bottom the mr olcott not all the insults said he would like to meet kim jong un over a hamburger i do think probably that the couple hotel provided rather more superior third of them that love to get your thoughts and a fuss to carter thanks so much for joining us thank you and the three migrants have been hospitalized after hundreds trying to jump the jump the border fence separating morocco from the spanish territory of sauterne and north africa spanish authorities said they stopped the early morning attempts to cross fire around one hundred fifty people and starve them sub-saharan africans american officials also said they stopped an additional two hundred fifty people from approaching the double fence as the first mass attempts to jump the fence in at least seven months . so don has a president has offered to host peace talks between south sudan's warring sides to
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try to end five years of conflict it comes just days after a un resolution gave rivals president salva kiir and rebel leader ria char and also made some reach a peace agreement in one month or face possible sanctions as if the magic efforts continue more than half the population remains dependent on aid with groups warning i heard kilian efforts is needed to help the most formidable haber morgan reports from my own county in south sudan. young simon has been sick for days and says she would have liked to stay at home but that's not an option for her because there's no food there so she had to come here to an aid distribution center to register and get food all of the law of the local little known and the like i've had a fever and headache for days and then came the car but it had to come here to get food if not the only thing i can have is porridge so i came to get aid.
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simon is one of more than one hundred thousand people in my own county who rely on a civil war in south sudan has forced seven million people more than half of the country's population to dependent aid the war started in twenty thirteen when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced. yes i had to walk for two days to come to my own for eight she often says she's not feeling well. my back hurt my kidneys hurt we get to splay still go to the bush suffer from hunger and get sick i've seen people die in the bush due to hunger and diseases like diarrhea hundreds of thousands of hunger related deaths were reported last year when famine was declared in south sudan and while the famine is over there are fears that the figures will rise. millions of thousands are suffering from food shortages and as
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a result many are getting sick with violence and the rainy season slowing down aid operations they are concerned that preventable diseases will instead become fatal the un has recently threatened to extend sanctions on south sudan if the fighting continues there is fighting all over this state and these are farmers who have led to this place and not being tilt at the moment and totally dependent on this crude they had to be brought here by their drugs is a desperate measure times in this brutal south sudan the area where we've seen food drops now for twenty nine years what is needed here is peace it's really conciliation peace that may seem calm and many others like her not get sick simply because they can't get enough food to remain healthy people morgan al-jazeera my own county in south sudan. the former chief of cambridge analytic
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which has been accused of mishandling the data of over eighty million facebook users as when defending himself to british m.p.'s alexander nexis data consultancy has been accused of helping to manipulate election results in several countries by targeting groups of voters through social media this includes the election of in the us britain's vote to leave the european union speaking to a parliamentary committee next admitted he had been given data by the research at the center of the scandal that has he's being unfairly targeted. look i'm sorry if members of this committee are on happy with the outcome of the referendum i'm sorry of members it's committee on happy despite all reading i didn't see with donald trump being president of the united states but you can't simply.


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