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tv   Paris A Divided City  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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you know and which could be bringing lots of debris lots of material which could even be bringing. building materials down on lower lying communities so dangerous situation here in guatemala that hasn't gone away yet and doesn't look like it's going to go away any time soon barbara. with the latest from. the slow moving lava from. two ocean front communities in the big island southeast officials say at least buildings were destroyed overnight on top of the one hundred seventeen already damaged the volcano started spilling lava last month forcing thousands of people to be evacuated the love of flow measures around. it and nearly four meters tall. yes president donald trump is commuted the jail sentence of a prisoner who's received a high profile backing from reality t.v. star ken cardassian sixty three year old alice mary johnson has served almost
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twenty two years for a first time offense of cocaine trafficking question visited the white house with lawyers last week to raise her plight for the president in a statement trump's office says johnson has been a model prisoner who has worked hard to rehabilitate herself. the so the crime in this half hour tensions in syria between president assad's allies as iran and russia jockeying for position and influence and then ultra exclusive island hotel is revealed as the location of the trial in summit in singapore we look at how preparations are going. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts central and southern parts of europe again our risk of some pretty severe storms during the course of thursday
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other areas looking little germany draw across much of poland through into russia we've had a cooler trend of last few days so temperatures of just fifteen in moscow on thursday meanwhile across more western areas we've got this low pressure system pushing into wards portugal which will get some rain and quite strong winds times and that system moving further towards the east during the course of friday into parts of spain u.k. still looking to about twenty two degrees but again it's the storms which are the main feature of the weather across europe to through the adriatic region on the other side of the mediterranean but the conditions for the most part looking fine winds coming from the sides are quite a woman in tripoli should be fine in car of the thirty seven degrees approaching the forty degree mark as we head on through into friday now into central parts of africa plenty of showers here across the field. opium highlands parts of south sudan and around the gulf of guinea region where light is c. for the showers of towards western areas guinea guinea-bissau liberia books are bamako mali is going to help one of forty degrees across more southern portions of
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the continent so largely fine picture sunny day in durban in south africa highs twenty three. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. and unexpected create. a singing contest like no other office a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. take a live singing is a murderous witness on al jazeera. a
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reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote counts the last month's election that's after prime minister hyderabadi warns of serious violations in the polls the president of argentina's football association has apologized for canceling a friendly match with israel saying the players a safety was at stake there had been widespread palestinian protests up to the match was moved to jerusalem over fears it would normalise israel's claim to the contested city and new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala. continues to spew more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and around two hundred are missing after sunday's of a. five who is loyal to a renegade libyan general have reportedly captured the seaport of the eastern city of they're now the city is held by an isolated group but the self-styled libyan
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national army has besieged it for two years the u.n. says fighting has reached unprecedented levels and there are severe shortages of electricity food water and medical supplies back with a bit of what he has more now from the libyan capital tripoli. the war in the eastern libyan city of that has become a guerrilla warfare between hefted his forces that his forces loyal to leave his libya's leader good general khalifa have to and forces loyal to the protection force now dead no protection force is there the new name of the. council of illusion reis that is the arm of the group defying have to and refusing to join the military brigades in the east of libya now eyewitnesses in durban say that any moving vehicle can be targeted from the air and hefted forces have been
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opening according to orders for civilians to leave the city people very say there is a huge traffic of evacuees leaving the city fleeing the war that has been now going on in the inside the streets of that and i have to his forces have been taken control of a strategic locations in the city including the sea port now because have to his forces have been very well trained and equipped and they have been supported by egypt and the united arab emirates though they have advanced it quickly and they have taken control of many locations inside the city even switching operation little military operation room to the city and it's now inside the city of the net now the city of that has been short of everything including basic needs food water medical equipment medical stuff and medications and people there say that literally say that anyone who who get gets wandered in this war could die because
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there is no way to treat them there is no medical aid the city is literally isolated from the whole world. it's going to jordan now with a new prime minister has vowed to war with other parties to create a tax law that will suit everyone o'mara zaz was brought in by king a bill to try to diffuse public anger over a controversial plan to raise the income tax which some of the country's largest protest years and they show no signs of abating this is the scene in amman right now trade unions have also let a nationwide strike against the proposed reforms that the good name now reports. the protesters demands have been clear they want the government to scrap plans to raise income tax by as much as five percent some say until that happens they need to keep applying pressure on the whole in the room where here because the citizens
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cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back here a number of shops pharmacies and hospitals went on strike but the protests were smaller than in previous days some said they wanted to see what the jordanian government's next move would be. on tuesday king abdullah appointed a former economist as the new prime minister would know what was going on we think this new government will take action therefore we have a different opinion about the strike that we will not participate but the anger is still simmering and there are fears the government won't give people relief from a tax law protesters believe will unfairly burden the poor and the middle class jordanians are struggling with rising prices and an official unemployment rate of more than eighteen percent. committed to the cause for given a chance to a new government give them a chance but people are not optimistic as they think this is same as a previous government but with new faces and not with new policies. and influx of
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refugees from syria and iraq has strained resources in a small country that has always been heavily really. upon foreign aid the proposed tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund jordan is thirty seven billion dollars in debt digging itself out of that debt and reviving the economy may mean things get worse before they get better natasha going to aim does iraq. tensions are still high between russia and iran over the deployment of russian troops on syria's border with lebanon it's an area normally dominated by hezbollah militia groups supported by iran the forces have now been recalled but russia hasn't provided an explanation for why they were there russia and there are now the syrian government's main backers and all this comes as israel puts pressure on russia to rein in iran's actions in the region saying holder reports from.
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the region straddling lebanon's eastern border is an important supply line for hezbollah syria is the land link to iran for the lebanese armed group russian troops briefly took up positions here the russian military didn't comment but its troops were soon replaced by syrian army soldiers. trying. to iran in syria the. russian troops the military. ready to deploy wherever they want. it wasn't the first message russian president vladimir putin told syrian president bashar assad that foreign military forces will leave syria once a robust political process gets under way his envoy later clarified this included iran days later the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov echoed the same thing and said the syrian army should be the only force deployed along the border with
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israel iran's initial reaction was that no one can force it to do anything it later said it supported russian efforts to bring the south of the country under syrian army control and that iranian military advisers are not present in the area. received a strong message from israel with the stepped up air strikes that it won't tolerate iranian presence insult syria that's why iran withdrew from solving syria the iranians nor that engaging in a war with israel in syria is not its benefits. and it's not to russia's benefit either an iranian israeli confrontation with threaten the assad government's hold on power and moscow's achievements it has been a difficult balancing act for russia which enjoys good relations with iran and israel israel doesn't just want iranian and iranian backed troops away from its borders it wants them out of syria altogether israel sees them as a strategic threat and wants russia to ensure that their military influence doesn't
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grow it's not just israel's demand other regional international powers want to limit iran's influence moscow to wants a strong syrian government to help broker an internationally backed political settlement not interested in. is increasing influence in syria. so basically russia is interested more in stronger. russia and iran have long had different goals and agendas in syria their alliance save that the syrian government but now that the war is winding down many actors will be jockeying for position and influence in post conflict syria iran and russia included. beirut. citizens president omar al bashir has offered to host peace talks between the warring sides in south sudan to end a five year long conflict it comes days after
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a un resolution gave rivals president salva kiir and rebel leader react but shot of an ultimatum reach a peace agreement in one month or face possible sanctions the civil war in south sudan has left more than half of the population that seven million people dependent on the aid tens of thousands of been killed the new orleans more displaced many suffer from preventable diseases because of severe medicine and food shortages. well in overcrowded smugglers boat has capsized off the coast of yemen with forty six yo peons confirmed dead the un's migration agency says the group was on its way to yemen hoping to find work sixteen others are still missing presumed drowned over one hundred people were reportedly on board when the vessel on the vessel when it left the port in somalia on tuesday. at least three migrants have been hospitalized after hundreds tried to jump the border fence separating morocco from the spanish
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territory of in north africa spanish authorities said they stopped the early morning attempt to cross by around the hundred fifty people most of them sub-saharan africans were in officials also said they stopped an additional two hundred fifty people from approaching the double fence it's the first mass attempt to jump the fence in at least seven months spain's prime minister has unveiled his new cabinet and it's largely dominated by women fellow sanchez is appointed eleven female ministers they include the top posts of deputy prime minister economy and justice minister there are six men in the cabinet including a former astronaut who as the new science minister sanchez was sworn in as leader on saturday after ousting his predecessor mariana hoyt with a vote of no confidence over a corruption scandal. the former chief of cambridge analytic the firm accused of mishandling the data of over eighty million facebook users has been defending
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himself in front of british m.p.'s alexander nick says they took consultancy has been accused of helping to manipulate election results in several countries by targeting groups of voters through social media this includes the election of donald trump in the us and britain's vote to leave the european union except being given by the researcher at the center of the scandal but says he is being unfairly targeted. i'm sorry if members of this committee are on happy with the outcome of the referendum i'm sorry you are. from the president of the united states but you can't. put forward your prejudice and make sweeping assumptions about. our involvement with particular campaign because that's what you want to believe because that narrative. of the facts. evidence to. a conspiracy theory but.
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the japanese prime minister is headed to washington to make sure tokyo's concerns are not forgotten at the historic us north korea summit next week. we'll have two hours to put his points to president trump before they both leave for a g. seven summit in canada japan is worried he'll agree to reduce the american military presence in the region. scott haidar has the latest on preparations in singapore ahead of the summit. with the date set the starting time confirmed we now know the location for donald trump and kim jong un's first meeting the ultra exclusive capella hotel singapore's sentosa island a colonial era building transformed into a six star hotel by renowned british architect norman foster the decision has amounted to being the choice has not just been about security to see but on top of
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just the hard security considerations it's also been about the aesthetics the optics of the summit as well this is a hotel that sits right smack in the asia pacific right by the same time it has cost more politan western story to it so all east and west if you like it's been reported that the north korean delegation favored the hotel and sentosa when they were in town last week negotiating with just about something singapore's resort island of sentosa is known for its beaches casinos theme parks and golf course with the personal interest of these two leaders a perfect setting for the summit or even a joint family holiday the city state has set up two special event areas that will start just before the leaders arrive sentosa island will be one as well as the waters off its southwestern beaches where the capella hotel sits and another one about nine kilometers away in the tangling area of singapore this is where the shangri-la and the st regis hotels are thought to be where the two leaders and their delegations will be staying in the run up we're going to see an increased
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signature of security personnel security equipment but also commensurate with that we're going to see an increase in the chill of the public know that we know what the location is everyone is curious and i think the security operations will have to be have to be brought to bear already in managing the crowd managing vehicles there will also be a clampdown in the sky parts of singapore's airspace will be restricted during the summit the area building uses the pits for singapore's. the one race is being transformed into a huge media center more than three thousand accredited media were used to center but thousands more are expected in singapore over the next few days to cover the summit it's got other al-jazeera singapore. announced take a look at the top stories on al-jazeera let's begin with some breaking news out of iraq where there have been twin blasts in the capital baghdad the explosions which
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targeted a busy cafe in the southern city district calls deaths and injuries although it's not yet clear how many the interior minister has called the ministry has called the attack a terrorist aggression on civil rights and this comes after iraq's parliament ordered a manual recount of every vote cast the last month's election and sacked the commission that oversaw the poll a day after prime minister had a body said there had been serious violations parliament also approve the cancellation of overseas votes and those of this placed people in some provinces charles stratford has more now from fact that. the the whole process of putting a coalition government together has now been further delayed and we've been speaking to analysts here their words that there are a lot of guns in this country there are a lot of people with big interests in this election and there are fears that jury in this recount but most especially is that after this manual recount if there is
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a big disparity between the electronic vote and that manual recount that we could indeed potentially see violence and instability across the country. the president of argentina's football association has apologized for counseling a friendly match with israel saying the players' safety was at stake there had been widespread palestinian protests against the match which had been moved from haifa to each of them over fears they will normalize israel's claim to the contested city but israelis a say the palestinians a crossing a red line by politicizing the issue. meanwhile palestine health ministry says israeli troops have shot dead a twenty one year old throwing stones of them in the occupied west bank. during clashes which began when israeli forces came under attack as they entered the village of not. i new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala
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as the mound for a go volcano spews more lava the seventy five people have been killed two hundred are still missing after sunday's eruption those are the headlines at this famous next i'll have more news of half an hour. i am for me ok and i philippines president rather you go to thursday says he believes in the competence and capability of women just not in all aspects of life we look at how filipino women are influencing society and whether present attorney's behavior is sexist or simply take it out of context you are now live in
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the stream went on al-jazeera at you tube so leave your comments in the chat. hi i'm christine han that i'm a professor at u.c. santa cruz your industry. presently dream go to target a strongman governing style and crude sense of humor has often drawn fire from human rights advocates and feminists but on sunday he drew fresh criticism when he asked a married woman to kiss him on the lips during a rally in seoul south korea the woman says there was no malice in the act presidential spokesman how iraq contends it was a playful act in line with filipino culture which some filipinos might agree with. for me that was ok as long as the woman was ok with it it seems like she was the one who even requested people are just putting malice to it but it was just a simple yes. they turned to his critics saw the movie as yet another example of
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what they say is rampant massaging the president's cavalier commentary on sexual assault and a recent announcement about the philippines next on bud's men would certainly not be a woman has his detractors saying and nothing is enough online many filipino women have begun using the hash tag or i am a woman to highlight what they call turkey's macho fascism take a listen to what the secretary general of women's group gabriela said about the kiss you don't have to kiss the woman if you want to influence the people in the fact that you kissing the woman. says something about how you view him in women or for thirty min. that you can express or eggs or say your view over another person especially a woman is that that's something really you see president detail on tuesday said he would resign from office if all offended women signed
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a petition demanding it here now to help us unpack the controversy. is a journalist and also one of the organizers of the hash tag go campaign she joins us from manila also miller i low we also have antonio can tell us he's a professor of political science tell us sell university and in camera hello there antonio and in canberra australia. is a sociologist as well as a senior research fellow at the university of canberra hello there nick coelho everybody good to have you here good morning good morning to you locally where you are and hello to everybody else who's watching ok let me show you something on my laptop and tony one of the things that you study is every day politics when we look at this situation here is the president of the philippines kissing somebody brought up from the audience what what does that tell you about everyday politics in the philippines. well. when people say that we saw
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ginny's already normalized then i would agree with that to some extent because for me to start short reality. many people blame to president for being an agent be sort of genius but they see different yeah i see him as an output of the outcome of that and so us other men is not the only man who's doing got it doesn't make it right but at the same time in order to fight missile genie you have to look at more structure to do that it is a product of a worldview it's a product of the way people think and it's not just men who are complicit to so that it's also the women who sort of allow it the women who taught them to be like that and maybe in this situation the women who allow themselves to because just so much in the way everybody risk in the massage in this culture and have done well maybe i'm not so i'm not saying it's up to be on the side well and it's yeah but but you know he doesn't understand and i. yes he's the president but if you want to see you in on the president you're missing the point the point is in order to hold
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you know you don't want to you do what. you see in the moment i'm more strategic here we're going to fight because we're on the same age we don't want we just defer and argue about how to do so gets under way some people i'm just curious because it was a second what i tell you said was almost as if there was no debate in the presence of the philippines is i'm a such an ist and he's sexist i'm just want to check let me just see all of the guessing there's anyone having to contend that he's not sexist. people who know is there any debate of people who think that there are people who think you know i'm not even. going to. you know i don't agree you but i'm saying that this and i limit my accounts or other men who are probably met the moment you know the way i see you when you deal with some so you're also demonizing fathers and husbands a bad person but he's a missile genius many yeah so i want to i want to bring in any other list here we
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are coming from antonio but i want to bring in a couple of comments from twitter this is he says our government is led by a president who displays behavior in public that is disrespectful of women his mouthpieces spin this by saying it's part of our culture even if it isn't children see this on t.v. and the dignity of women in this country is being damaged by this administration and before i pass this over to you i want to read one more is john who says i'm in the philippines and i don't agree with the president's spokesman who said this is part of our culture it is never a light moment or acceptable for a sitting president to just kiss someone else's wife or anyone for that matter on the lips for mere entertainment elected official should always act responsibly and i'm wondering your thoughts on this. ok the president's. claim that you know he's if evan is still loves women and he's asked very progressive laws.
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but he has been by only in the same law which states very clearly that you do not abuse women or believe and that you treat women with respect and this is a president who has continuously abused the need and insulted women and whenever somebody gets his gold up he's first reaction is just to abuse and not just any abuse but abuse that actually centers on woman. because let me bring you into the conversation here let me show you something though first of all nicole recent compilations thirty examples are to test a sexist remarks in solidarity were by arco here's a compilation of president at a sexist remarks deter take him to try off women in ten of his speeches and one more here from fragrant filipinas to shooting vaginas deter taste toxic sexist remarks want to impact does this have on the environment between men and women in
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the philippines if anything at all when the president is obviously viewing women in a certain kind of way. i think one of the curiosities here is at least for some observers is that considering how up and save the statements have been there has been a massive outrage against a president on the level of people coming out in the streets similar to what happened in the united states and i think one explanation for that is because what the president is doing is it's familiar it's not necessarily because have doubled it's familiar what he's doing is correct a mistake of the sketch comedy i watched growing up in the eighty's it's correct to rest of the new time show in the philippines that we see until to day it's something that people know is slightly unacceptable but it's also something that a lot of debt is a borders way against the president are correct there is sticks i think that is what i observed with a study to support there is over the past two years one of the things they always
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hear from my respondents whether these are in slum communities in manila or disaster affected communities in central philippines is that people understand that this is a flawed president this is an imperfect person and yet this person is not one dimensional this is the same person who brought home distressed filipino workers from the middle east this is the same person who is august seen in a disaster happens this is not to say that his sexism is acceptable but with i'm arguing here is that based on my observations people weighed the kinds of values the correct respects that the president presents and i think that's an important insight because there's a tendency to portray the president's supporters as unthinking as duped by this charismatic leader but that's not necessarily the case i think there's a lot of there's a lot of scope for debating the values that people have and i guess the headline is a millionaire but not necessarily acceptable and what they are is that because i want to bring in one another point a lot of his and i want to bring in one of his supporters here on twitter this is
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lynn she says and then mayor did her say was the main driving force for why the city's gender post came into fruition which other provinces patterned their own agenda or codes and where our own country's gender code was patterned after he got important things done for women than those so-called decent politicians have and i what do you make of what she saying. what she's saying is exactly what i was saying that there might have there might be a progressive code endeavor city but this is a chief executive who thinks it's above that code and above that law and while maybe some of them might be waiting on he's decisive there's we have we what he what he treats how he treats women like with truth is that a lot of the turkey supporters have come out and saying we can't have that either because like if this is the way he treats our mothers our wives our sisters i joe grant you know that's just that an acceptable and it also actually keeps
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a toxic. atmosphere between men and women and while those shows are indeed some really are i think enough women have also been speaking out against a kind of verbal violinist that they do spread in themselves and his personal says what is a bill maher sponsible rep i don't even owned a case of. i'm just a very quick comment that yes of course then me i did heard it was responsible for the east ordinance as the protect women but let's not forget that this is a product of civil society groups who are lobbied by women themselves and i think it's just not fair to say that it's the president the only person that instituted these laws and our it's a product of law struggle of women's movement in the city that need it and they sexual harassment laws i mean double possible and i think that's the case nationally now with the president to tear down every time he makes policies or endorses policies that are blue women it's not the president's single handedly
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steering the country do with the direction that benefits some women we have to give credit to women's movements always been pushing for these policies and. that is not there yet anyplace and i say something in place yes i'd just like to follow up on what nicole said earlier about the complexity and the ones yes but the problem is that if we saw ginny which is a complex problem its roots are conflicts its implications are complex manifestations of complex of you are simply simplified because of the question of good and bad wish in a black and white then it becomes a participant then my worry is that people will really go back to their hate ok vhs and and grounds and of course on the point s. . it's it's correct the president is misfortunes now the problem is how do you see that is that because it's the philippines miss or just because oppressive that this was sort of some people would like to see that we saw jimmy still be reading an
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ugly head because the president is a missile genius or it is precisely because we really have a structured sojourn in our society that the president and the speaker of the house and the senate president to be insurgents that using you know gives him a bit of a shell themselves let me finish let me say look if. the point is if you're going to want that in pretty sentence instead of convincing people to your site then it becomes a pretty soon wonder and therefore you missed the point of a learning. it becomes a teaching learning moment then you missed that because people will tend to go back to their partisan bias that's what i hear because nicole recites the describe this in this equation we the people see that as problematic but it's familiar you know not the way i see it is giving him a pass when he shouldn't be given and. then another loss done you are using it on me as well you know i don't let you not get away with you can say that
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data because it's ok no no no so i'm going to you know and i hear where you're coming from on the one hand you say the public is letting him get away with this and the other hand and tonio you mentioned something that i had to write down here structural massage me we all realize it's there in your words i want to play on that with this video comment that we got from reuben james who pitched the idea for today show that we're doing and he talks about the impact of that structural massage and have a listen. president reagan did the remarks and women have translated into more brutal violent and distasteful attacks against them during his administration he speeches he always mentions about the binary distinction of what's biological e-mail what's a biological female and with this kind of distinction it's a social construction of what's the function of women in society in this kind of thinking limits them into a more power structure
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a disadvantage because i want to pass that one over to you when the people that you talk to did the ideas that he brings up in his video comment resonate with them that there is a structural issue here. and well it's not a ticket as such but it's very obvious that there are clearly gendered implications of president of dead as well as you say i think what i want to emphasize here as well is that while his vulgar words matter i think words matter i think there and said and president definitely must not have a free pass but i think we also have to focus on something more lead and things that are clearly gendered but not ridiculous good because the president is not drawing attention to them so for example the president's bloody war on drugs the main victims here are going in these are widows these are mothers who lost their loved ones and sometimes they feel like with the president said something sexist on camera we tend to focus on that which is obviously important but i think we also have to draw attention to something that's less overt and give voice to women who
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don't have as much choice when it comes to this issue and i think the challenging part here is that some of the women we've talked to not a lot but some of the women we dug through unfortunately see the president as the only person who can help them with their conditions so we've got to build those of the drug war who actually blame the police for the killings of their husbands and they would actually think that the president who brought race himself as a father figure is the only person that can help them can we blame these women for thinking that this is the only president a sexist president can help them not a sarah lee and i think this is how my ideas speak to professor good jedis ideas that this is a structural issue if our courts were working if our police were less corrupt then these women would not be in their hopes on a president that the feminist sensibilities but also portrays himself as someone who helps women it's very tricky i'm incredibly frustrated and i read it out and people like in die and the mental help is these together because it's incredibly
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complex and breastfeeding so guess i want to play and i and i sit sit tight for a second i want to get straight away i'm going to but i want to share something with our audience who are watching right now. the humor of president has a is questionable but it definitely flows along for the idea of all women are there as a punch line so we put together some clips to give an example of that and then i'm going to go straight to and i have a look. neighbor boy. was one of the rebel government. she left before only. one of the most. promising virgins when you go to. i'd like to hold the virgins here in heaven. that minute a lover cruising whistling or calling a woman in public with words having duty going to be sions or implications is
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actually sexual harassment so it seems as if you by leaving your own ordinance do you have any reaction. you know you'd like to be in the business that being me. is. so much material right there but it wasn't any of those instances in guy that influence the setting of a live and it was this headline here next ombudsman won't be a woman to target a says that was that was the final straw right that may have been the final straw for a lot of the buyer or. people involved but i've been writing every time he's come out with a sexist message in his statement let's get that clear ok but speaking of the buyer or when the call speaks of with those of drug wars victims and mothers of drug war victims many of them i would call and then dying explain the thinking behind
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it but by a cold is i am a woman and i am almost blind that there is i will fight so this me one has it's got two important rallying cries unpack them for us. ok it's not just me suddenly old to me such an is a big part of it's also that many. see that this is only really a reflection on a lot of other fatal france into thirty including the autocratic streak that i had sled to a drug war that has killed thousands of filipinos and many of the mothers and wives of those on linda drug war. because they know they see their plight you know as a reflection or a continuum of detectors tendencies and it's not just me such an image genie
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is actually a reflection on the whole feudal he is when he says that you know nobody can stop me nobody can question me that is exactly his problem and that is how it comes out in me such a me so was such a nice only a reflection but it is something that angers a lot to me and i wanted to share the viewpoint of someone who's involved in a campaign as well molina says on twitter thereby arko is meant to empower all of us women who have been demeaned and ridiculed no end by this message in a sick president she says it's about time for us to rise up and give him a taste of his own bitter medicine we also got a video comment on what i want to hear the video comment first because she follows up on that tweet very nicely this is no my no me and she says why she is part of this campaign have a listen the by our campaign i am woman is to call attention and push back against the sergeant but also to call attention on the dark attacks against
4:42 am
institutions of justice headed by women. why does the mind of lost protect women like the magna carta for women last anti-violence against women and children if the men in power exhibit sharp and stick mr genius thick and sexist village i want to give that to you antonio i want to get antennas take on the campaign and what you think of it well when we say we want to protect our women then you have a problem of consistency and this is what some people see that some feminists and some women's activists and some people who fight for women's rights tend to be seen a selective and this is because they're seen in a partisan lens for example there are there are people who are condemned out there if we're for doing certain things that are seemingly assaulting women or attacking
4:43 am
women and jet when the women who are victims are not on the right or correct politicos are lying then they don't say anything let me give you an example this recent controversy about the kissing in korea. we skim they came with the name of the woman who was. that was seen as an attack against a woman and yet here you are now for example. who has been in the controversy with the former president the daughter of former president. of the sister of former president. they are in a in acquiring right now and then the president and grand apologized on behalf of marcos on which for me is objectifying you know i do have to apologize for a woman you have to ask her first now that it's not seen as an assault on women's subjectivity and it's not seen as objectification so many people would like to buy into the issue and yet wendy because i do see that as more supply is an on the
4:44 am
president instead of going into the structural to the problem because it is selective when it is so rare not all are are are really dilema where a bit of being a complaint but when it is more also on our associate justice the cross-talk are also women on it and i don't it's just a very very quick question for. this i'm going to call it a women's movement you don't buy it you don't think it's necessary in the philippines it's necessary but it has to be caught in a point just to be it has to be decoupled from partisanship because the moment it becomes spiked it's on then instead of looking at the problem in a in a in a in a feminist perspective or the arche is the enemy or me so you need you go back to the issue it's just being said because those who are a part of the movement at the front of them die and says you mean a living will is clearing now and closer to two letters on this on back to the most of the listeners in the calendar you know when you've got women being raped when
4:45 am
you have the president is the most glaring example of the most extreme forms of misogyny of course it is better than what the results of the same. that's a problem and i antonio i i hear what you're saying right now i'm just very curious because in the last thirty seconds of the show this is an online women's movement for quality for women in the philippines what next i know that you're putting some march is taking offline and then into real life and i we are going on we are all going on ground we're having a buy at home mart on june twelfth independence day ok and ribbon standing up and say enough to me with all the autocratic an abusive tendencies and die nicole antonio thank you so much for joining us today i will leave the conversation for many got to wrap up and go to candy who says that this movement empowers us to express suppressed anguish simply by promoting us to finish the thought many women
4:46 am
don't get to tell their stories and this campaign helps them process their pain of course you can continue this conversation online hash tag it is treatment at a.j. streamed on twitter.
4:47 am
a year as paul since the start of the blockade. concerts foreign minister talks to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how his country is coping with. the. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's that redrew the map of the middle east. and it wall the greatest tragedy in the history of. al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which it still felt today we tried everything to.
4:48 am
try to make it. through different countries and it was clear that all this was ignored the war in june on al-jazeera stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am. listening post on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera at least ten people have been killed the nineteen others injured in twin bombings in iraq's capital baghdad in a statement iraq's interior ministry said the explosions amounted to a terrorist aggression and civilians saw that a city is
4:49 am
a stronghold of the share cleric. whose political bloc was parliamentary elections last month's. well iraq's parliament has sacked its election commission and ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in those elections it comes a day after prime minister had that the said there had been serious violations parliament also proved the cancellation of overseas votes and those of this placed people in some provinces it's all strafford reports from back that. allegations of voter fraud have been mounting since the may the twelfth parliamentary elections but no one expected this iraq's parliament voted for a total manual recount of all across the country and to cancel results gannett's through the electronic voting system that was used in the poll there if it is for the political stability of the country if the recount is vastly different to the original result. of it out of here i believe we are about to witness much changing dynamics and variables it could also be dangerous some political blocs might
4:50 am
agitate the iraqi street and the country bumpkins are not restricted to the government alone there are proofs of frauds according to reports. the warnings have been clear from prime minister hydrilla body in his weekly news conference on tuesday he banned all high ranking members of the election commission from traveling abroad he said a ministerial committee had found what he called dangerous violations juror in the election yet it did criminal charges might be brought against those responsible or wednesday parliament voted to freeze the work of senior election commission members nine judges will be delegated to oversee the manual recount instead. promise of utter liberty has blamed the electronic voting system for this crisis he says that it proves that the system was not properly tested before the vote now it's believed a manual recount across this country could take at least two weeks and that means
4:51 am
the process of forming a new coalition government will be delayed. to zero by. the president of argentina's football association has apologized for canceling a friendly match with israel saying the players' safety was at stake there had been widespread palestinian protests against the match which was moved to jerusalem from haifa over fear is that the move will normalize israel's claim to the contested city but israelis a say the palestinians are crossing a red line by politicizing the issue meanwhile palestine's health ministry says israeli troops have shot dead a twenty one year old who was throwing stones at them in the occupied west bank is it seemed to me was shot to during clashes with israeli forces in the village of not be salah near ramallah israeli troops reportedly came under attack from stone throwers when they entered the nj new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala as the mount for a global kaino spews more lava at least seventy five people have been killed and
4:52 am
two hundred are missing after sunday's eruption skewers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors with entire villages surrounding the volcano the steroid trade unions in jordan have led a nationwide strike against a controversial plan to raise income tax the proposed tax hikes and reforms driven by the international monetary fund have sparked the country's largest protests in yours. a sixty three year old woman who has spent the past two decades in jail is going home thanks to an unlikely alliance between us social media star kim kardashian and president all trump great grandmother alice marie johnson has served twenty two years for taking part in a cocaine distribution ring though she has been a model prisoner and met the requirements for clemency in two thousand and fourteen she was stuck in jail until kid that took up her calls visiting the white house last week to discuss the case came
4:53 am
a sense tweeted her gratitude for president trumps the citizen saying it gives hope to those deserving of a second chance chats that said witnesses that thanks for watching what i.
4:54 am
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cheat at the bar eat. eat. eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat and. think it's receipt. and see if it were getting ready for me yet and beyond borders. and. you. know walk. through it with your producer. but you should know when you meet interest not. just
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the words he's just come by he says production but i mean just not. my head i want to get on my. bicycle in the grass there. but this amount of rain just let me push slow system store and give it your money to do with the store i need by you. and your phone calls the first time a couple were actually. i think you. should use the eventually a whisper. these lost more like us but you saw three in a brigade bush but you guys are supporting me you need to stop also speaking about programming what the layout of most of the concourse going across to those who look up to. you should also be a she said she liked it but needful. additions that you
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