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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 91  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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the tin shack there has been built into the side of the hill his left exposed rain coming in will cause that slope to fail if you have houses like this it would all of them would just be going collaterally despite the disaster when in manila find the area around the landslide a hive of building activity. with laborers rushing to meet the demand for new houses this is that selling these broken aggregates to whosoever will. only please don't. think of this from the riverbed here you can see that bridge is being eroded and obviously they are taking stones from out there that is going to collapse eventually through ignorance we were wrecking the landscape. look the height. none of this should got been built in this vicinity
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at all. is a mishmash of houses placed on the hill it will be interesting to find out if any of this houses here sharks have. a building permits but those we spoke to around the landslide site did have paperwork including conveyances site surveys and building permits all stamped and signed by the ministry of lands. it's very painful it brings heaviness in my heart to see that we do have people in so long who know what to do who would advise governments on how to proceed but if if if that is ignored then then what's. the risk no silver bullets that would have prevented the reagent landslide. not everyone thinks loss of forest cover or damage to the landscape played such
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a critical role the landslide might have happened anyway but if the law had been upheld it would have been far less deadly the area around three towns sixty percent of the forest covered has been lost in the last four decades all borderlines the exact spot where it happened was actually densely forested which points to a differing different issue there in that the hills around free down odd relatively unstable and landslides a frequent arguments because what we've only seen of the people of the iceberg because if this unplanned development keeps happening the garneau see them are allied landslides becoming much more frequent there's going to be a lot more level loss of life. sierra leone is ill equipped to deal with natural disasters and such a scale. even with the
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help of the international community the government has struggled to bring aid to those affected. you. know we. grieve. well. as a few that is. bruce. bruce is. all the good we did. even with this difficulty. cyril you raise a. plans to rehire displaced people in new communities outside the city are costly and still in the early stages but what about prevention and enforcing existing laws. six months after the disaster it's business as usual a stone's throw from the landslide site multi-story highs are still going up
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wealthy and influential people live in the area and property prices are high i'd side gama a two story house a sprung up it's inside the by entry of the national park and the forest rangers had i to investigate the. nuclear. code working with by the company. see there's a document. i didn't hear that i discovered from the ministry of lettuce and in this did out that gives authority to be able to. do didn't work or. we don't have force to push them off says the documents the sign building permit means the guards are powerless to act even though the property has been built in the national park but not everyone agrees that the land is the government's to begin
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with those who have the money if the people here is still on hold and finally would have me. the community people for you to get those people on that you have to spank you some of the money. again and again. if you can you can apply a line is going to is very very far off my brother very very corrupt this is a n.p.a. deal or those that don't even know it never think. it's africa. government is. the very people in the office is the minister of law and the only document they want if it's in the water they don't want to move documents building permits in syria are issued by the ministry of law and the location of each property is meant to be verified before the paperwork is issued the ministry is also supposed to monitor and demolish legal structures supported by
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a number of other government agencies this is a very complex issue. there are times you make of only produce documents claiming to be given to them by a government authority and this is where the challenge comes in the institution responsible for that we believe should change if they think they have not issued out those document they should challenge individuals and there we enforce the law in this case it is a to the ministry of land itself to enforce the law the minister of law diana corona manny was unavailable to speak to us but a spokesman explained the problems they face when in fact that you can easily get in a building permit for example to peer in a polluted area. because of corruption it is possible for someone to buy land in a national park with a silver plan and a building permit because there's a. who grabs those lands and says it's
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a buyer who is willing to buy regardless of the location of the property and there is a government official who is really ready to issue a bill to permit without due diligence in most of these ministries. employees and there are no incentives. no equipment to do it to do there for people even when they have the skills and so it's difficult for them to perform. the whole question is about making sure the governance system functions effectively and then you'll be in a position to address most of the problems the problems are compounded by resistance from local communities eager to make use of labs they consider and heritage from their community as far back as in one nine hundred sixteen the west and to declare it as
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a reserve so if as far back as one thousand sixteen it was declared it's very difficult for me to understand how communities can lay claim to certain areas. if government does bear any responsibility to toll it would be very minimal we have consulted with the communities we have advised the communities to relocate in order to protect their own welfare and we have been confronted with earache and violent groups members. no one in the government of sierra leone or in the ministry of law has resigned their position. no one has lost their job for issuing a building permit in a dangerous really go area. there have been pledges to begin demolition and some homes around the landslide size have been cleared but there is been no public
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inquiry into the issue of building permits in the freetown area. the government of syria does franks enormous challenges the population of free turn has increased by ten times since the one nine hundred sixty s. . freetown has expanded heart of aren't really it has not expanded war dick really all been planning the extremely poor and that a lot of slum areas which have been buried in the brains of many of the world and streams are around in the very down balance a lot like other cities across africa free turns low lying slums are plagued by flooding each rainy season. plus he was seeing what some of. well you. know what any athlete with. any small there will. unfortunately
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when up and. away and that is where you will find most of the settlements and. the ones who get affected in such a way lose their lives. amount of water flowing down the hills that is no way you know it's not really being held back by the tree cover or the vegetation the intensity of flooding is really increasing and because the intensity of the flooding has increased that is making the hills more and more unstable sierra leone is already experiencing the effects of climate change the rainy season is growing shorter and more intense and with steep hill stripped of forest cover the effects are deadly. if you see just during the period between the first of july seventeen and the fourteenth of august the bones that were being which is when the landslide happened pretty down received more than one thousand millimeters of rainfall which
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is more than thirty times the average in a period of a month and a half and they need to take steps toward arrest these issues because the situation in the future is going to get worse. freetown has to much more in the rainy season but in the dry season it faces a very different problem. much more on this tact of the disease so people who have gotten on tonight tell us. more russian what tell you how. soon is not easy for them to stop blood or die every day. trees retain water they absorb it through their roots and release it slowly through
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their leaves into the atmosphere. to fall again as rain. it is this ability of the forest to hold and release water that feeds the many streams in the hills around free time. streams feed rivers and rivers feed reservoirs. free turns population depends on these reza forests for its drinking water. but without forest cover the water cycle breaks down as rainfall runs quickly off the slopes and into the sea. without the national park in its forests a city of one point three million people will find its water supply in jeopardy. the problems facing freetime are immense but the forests are resilient. bachata you gonna has seen first time time nature can recover from human interference
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five years ago a hillside outside the chimpanzee sanctuary was cleared for construction by governments and the land grabbers were evicted today a forest has already begun to grow it's not the first success they've had when we first moved in here this is me i was like this kind of trees everywhere they go this was all kind of innovative in the last one to twenty four years these other ones you see you know there's not a big trees in. this particular to unfold part of it i planted it twenty three years ago yes and it's this big mess and. it's something that yes i'm living up to it is. part of me a part of the a story. sierra leone is a poor nation. that has done little to contribute to trying to change. and i would
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find itself facing an uncertain future. but there is still cause for hope. to have six months of rains and good foot days soil and everything goes but you don't really need to plant even if you are allowed to rest in gross but it's not all lost scambling guess. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. uncovering fol de forensic
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analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimony is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry a few trees crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car this ystem with . an al-jazeera. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating river more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions can forcibly turned around by greek police acting in coordination with from texas the european union for the agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in
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the smugglers boats with his young the system. the police came up to us and that but they told us you can't cross they made us turn around the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around think claimed their priority is human dignity. but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking its national. this is al jazeera. alonzo raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the iraqi parliament orders
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a full recount of its may election which led to a victory for shia leader. also the president of the arjan time football association apologizes for canceling a friendly match with israel citing safety concerns. also nicaraguans trying to stop a government crackdown by staging a national strike. and search and rescue efforts resume in guatemala where at least seventy five people have died since the volcanic eruption on sunday. well into the news are iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's parliamentary elections with allegations of widespread fraud it comes just a day after prime minister hire other bodies said there had been serious violations
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he also banned high ranking election commission officials from leaving the country and on existence that was supposed to prevent fraud is now being blamed for the irregularities a bloc led by nationalist cleric worked out their old southern adversary of the u.s. and critic of iranian influence in iraq won an outright majority of seats but the process of building an alliance to form a government has now been thrown into disarray charles stratford reports now from the capital baghdad. allegations of voter fraud have been mounting since the may the twelfth parliamentary elections but no one expected this iraq's parliament voted for a. total manual recount of all ballots across the country and to cancel results gathered strew the electronic voting system that was used in the poll there are fears for the political stability of the country if the recount is vastly different to the original result of the new york when i learnt of it up here i believe you
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are about to witness my changing dynamics and variables it could also be dangerous some political blocks might agitate the iraqi street and the country what plans are not restricted to the government alone there are proofs of frauds according to reports of. the warnings have been clear from prime minister hydrilla body in his weekly news conference on tuesday he banned all high ranking members of the election commission from traveling abroad he said a ministerial committee had found what he called dangerous violations jurong the election yet it did criminal charges might be brought against those responsible on wednesday parliament voted to freeze the work of senior election commission members nine judges will be delegated to oversee the manual recount instead prime minister hyderabadi has blamed the electronic voting system for this crisis he says that it proves that the system was not properly tested before the vote now it's believed
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a manual recount across this country could take at least two weeks and that means the process of forming a new coalition government will be delayed child strafford al jazeera baghdad roxana. in a lecture in politics and international studies that the university of cambridge she says the recount is a good first step. there was a great deal of concern about the corruption and also the credibility of running this particular election especially as in kirkuk for example there will be a further election coming forth in december about its status and then till something like this restores confidence something like that is very difficult to conduct it's already sparked a number of demonstrations all over the country and particularly in the north so one would imagine that will continue and in fact this will prolong the process of the entire electoral not only count but the outcome therefore who is going to be
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politicking in order to create if it's government which by the rules of the constitution is in any case a long drawn out process least ten people including two children have been killed from twin bombings in baghdad the stronghold of the. now the bombs were detonated near a shia mosque in baghdad southern district iraq's interior ministry called it a terrorist attack no group has yet claimed responsibility. now the president of argentina's football association has apologized for counseling a friendly match with israel saying players' safety was at stake palestinians have protested against the match being held in jerusalem over fears it will normalize israel's claim to the contested city but israelis say the palestinians are crossing a red line by politicizing the issue ben smith reports are from west jerusalem.
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moving a friendly with argentina from the port city of haifa to this stadium in west jerusalem has turned into something of an own goal for israeli football now israeli fans won't get to see elian all messy in the rest of the squad in a present world cup warm up on the palestinian prussia argentina has pulled out the palestinian football association accused israel of politicizing the game because it ignored the anger there is over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a government interference move from haifa to start talking that this is on this of into it and it was this that was. fifty one and it said he or they brought it into also. the boundaries of solution and there's any government exists to ensure israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is reported to have phone to argentina's president to try to get him to persuade the team to change its
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mind or it's you know mockery here wishing the squad luck said it wasn't up to him in the knesset israel's sports and culture minister said threats against messi had we force the argentinians to cancel a friendly she lashed out at the israeli left who blamed her for moving the game on a smile of the bill. how much do we have to take how much nonsense do we have to deal with how much effort do we have to make to make ourselves undistorted why do people have to be side bad and loyal and have no national pride. the argentinian f.a. said security concerns that forced them to cancel the game sucks you in is this the actions on the threats that have been made of lead us to the decision not to trouble my responsibility as president of the is to look after the health and safety of the entire delegation and in my role i made this decision i simply want to apologize to the israeli community it's not against the israeli community or the
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jewish community i want everyone to know this decision. it was made for world peace israel wants to normalize the idea of jerusalem as its capital in the minds of the international community trying to host an international football game here fits with that strategy but this time the plan backfired because instead everybody has been reminded of the final status of jerusalem is far from settled burnitz with al-jazeera question who's. has more now from where desire is. the president of the argentine football association said that the reason why the match was suspended in argentina and as well was due to security concerns and for world peace however for several weeks there's been concerns about the place where the match was going to happen initially it was scheduled to happen in the city of haifa and it was later on move to do neither the argentine food bowl association or the argentinean government wanted that match to happen in jerusalem because of the diplomatic impact it could have you know on the streets of one aside if the news
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generated mixed reactions that they should have thought about it before were not organized to much given the conditions in the area because what i believe it's a dangerous area and if the players are afraid you can't do much more it was a risk but it was also a commitment israel has already invested around nine million dollars on this much a million and a half has already been paid to the argentine football association so this obviously generates some conflict for now the argentine food bowl association here in one aside it is trying to control the damage to the middle east now where jordan's incoming prime minister resigns has pledged to work with other parties to reach the turks lol that will suit everyone despite the problems thousands of people rallied near the prime minister's office in for a seventh straight knowing they're angry over a tax plan they say hurts the poor and middle class the town should give them reports now on what's become jordan's largest protest movement in years.
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for the protesters demands has been clear they want the government to scrap plans to raise income tax by as much as five percent some say until that happens they need to keep applying pressure on the whole in the room we're here because the citizens cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back for a number of shops pharmacies and hospitals went on strike but the protests were smaller than in previous days. days some said they wanted to see what the jordanian government's next move would be. on tuesday king abdullah appointed a former economist as the new prime minister will know it was don't you think this new government will take action therefore we have a different opinion about the strike and we will not participate but the anger is still simmering and there are fears the government won't give people relief from attacks law protestors believe will unfairly burden the poor and the middle class
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jordanians are struggling with rising prices and an official unemployment rate of more than eighteen percent but with the press were given a chance to the new government gives them a chance but people are not optimistic as they think is the same as a previous government but with new faces and not with new policies. and influx of refugees from syria and iraq has strained resources in a small country that has always been heavily reliant upon foreign aid the proposed tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund jordan is thirty seven billion dollars in debt digging itself out of that debt and reviving the economy may mean things get worse before they get better natasha going to al-jazeera. to the americas now what business owners in nicaragua has capital are calling for a national strike to pressure the government to end its violent crackdown on
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protesters maybe one hundred thirty people have been killed since demonstrations began in april level of a pillow reports from managua. at the busy made it gather what would be undone open air market in my novel thousands of vendors and shop owners are preparing for an act of civil disobedience a majority of the small business owners say they will no longer pay taxes or utility bills until the government commits to ending the violence that's gripped the country for the last six weeks though sometimes i'm up by adding that one we're not going to pay for electricity because that's the money the government used to pay kidnappers in killings the land ahead is owns a shop here and is one of the organizers of the action. and money will no longer be used to our own people with more than twenty thousand shops and stands the middle gather is the largest open air market in central america it generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and taxes.


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