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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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race death in custody raises questions about french police in which i put to a former. president i feel it oblique. say. the party must face about the. debate is a. day too free to. suppose we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to join the police or police and then this last week. it would also because. it was
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a very. good was that it probably was so this is moot should be she didn't. deserve it could be that it was a very. back to the men's it me looks it is it's a beauty. but is it. because it is that horse thank you so the question of can can we do a vision. no half off we can microbe. adam a trial raise death in custody is very high profile and the investigation is still ongoing. unrest on france suburban estates has been linked to the failing relationship between young people and the police for many as. in two thousand and five the worst rioting for forty years took place in the suburb
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of clichy sous bois when two teenagers way electrocuted at the power plant after running away and hiding from police who wanted to stop and search them. but. it took ten years and much legal wrangling for the case of the two teenagers even to reach the courts. but little seems to have changed in this rundown talib locked in place she said was no elevator intermittent electricity and angry graffiti after the two police officers accused of failing to help buena and ziad were cleared of any wrongdoing in may twenty fifteen. was born in france and was a child when the two thousand and five unrest took place.
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and i asked her if she felt safe in clichy sous bois. and then secure. less are going to o.o. . cobol to see security is it i'm a lemon. you see here. there's a new. one to share. on the one shelf. dollar . scenario. and there's only my cousin says i should just keep.
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billing me. on who will live on. by example just one of them to evolve some solace for psycho who will say you mean got the almost see dysfunction i should have fun you probably have to live even if just a couple with the city but i. don't think all over the globe to. look for them and for the problem of this level of limbs a layer. of you've sold their own luck salvation is on fire it's more softly saw you want to us all more with bottom i am not going to. enjoin feeble you will come want give you. a bubble. where the president. no you want to fling all out. to
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preach on us has been so wont to gun shows this song. last in a mama. losses. it appear to have been it. only took this last one is old school. for me. the i am not fair so the one cup illusion to their eye if an impulse to acquire enough to. experiment and become tosser. on the indonesian muslim enough. also in the lone island. to the northwest of central paris is the law. which sold as much under arrest in
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two thousand and five as cle cheese while. a group of young men who've served prison sentences are now martial arts instructor and i went to our dante to meet them. they see this is where the hero you know when we don't know something oh. so good good looks good on the ice if you run if he was encouraging the kids to be violent acts of those. so tell me to reveal. who and sort of a new movie. that's all going to spawn those who are going to the horror.
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movie of all going home oh. right oh yeah i'm all for the physic now from people who i want to hunt this one before they go the distance for me to go off on this film oh if i feel that i do oh yes but they follow your best medical we think more . from the sound of the villagers to my palm going to tell you if you do. not care if this is a more emotional progressive. than the purpose of this is a particle indeed if you don't lose the party. the nazis it is city
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police it is gone it is a distant city with a third city by the us it is out. there if you have a book with an easy to see. why just to prove a piece of ms army. supports more. we are not the sorts of the city the city force of us are to the cities it is our bureaus all of that is amazing and i suppose contact your car country of business you know. sports today was in caledon just to occupy memo out something with this long process of quite a bit. every show here and not only is always done or we do not know. but not far from the sports center built with government money those who know john say who have not succeeded in why this same way. it wasn't difficult to find a drug dealer. actually
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i was very senior. i was like oh shit i don't i mean. from us above us if you have additional was more. because when you're on a. table and you know my beer and. my beer and feel. like i know you're not going to take me he's accepted by. behind the deal is the nation as a whole subculture in which young people like him simply don't have the same educational and social o. put unities as the a white middle class counterparts margin. in polling for the premier. said i mean. so if you can stand around from five years in jail on drug bre and
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drug trafficking is impressive. but not far away when friends in our john tate who still feel completely marginalized from mainstream french society. i'm sure someone. doesn't see the fishermen. come see the moon up until this was done britain for. six years then they got to fix it to.
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ask you straight over. i knew all of your precautions look good if you're pretty sure that postal sibylla what you like but also that i think you just just about cell phone didn't know you because of. an incident on the photo i could pop up on about a club since i lived in it went up like it before may suppose sub sub was it produced or what was it like to still see thought about it see or does you see. you can do that little you can use of it to vocal school struggled through to get a good man i asked if any of the group had been arrested on a piece of the court in received news limited would you going to come see me mcluckie someone who can judge to provoke or able to see the. yard fuel. source as your poor going to not be curious on a problem now for them to know they never saw you through no money lucky to serve you in what you allow if you thought it best leverage you to kill or for. new people my sump really is simply not mine.
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in two thousand and nine the french national center for scientific research published a report called the police and minorities. it found that police identity checks in paris were based mainly on appearance and that unsurprisingly people look in blackall arab was searched more often than those looking white. blacks it's sad when stopped and searched twice as often as whites but arabs were seven times more likely to be stopped than white people. these figures are not especially surprising but to look into them in more detail i talked to a former perry's chief of the police giudice oh that is a criminal investigation. why would you. judge me you
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can't. see to. doso that the whole show. pulmo city power to the she pisces. you put up with that don't see for dinner you also go to the mall talk. good egg a player insults you mostly devotionals use of the. dead to. motion media machine out of it don't be you do what the noble maybole good shiploads to a blow job was. that i met. when i don't push
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it if you want to call. it simply can't usual do yes you do to me cos your me. let me see sit up would be nice you're measuring there this is. france prohibits statistics based on ethnic origin so rightwing claims that more muslims and the server been poor i going to jail are difficult to prove. i met and recruited by the ministry of justice to give voluntary religious guidance in presence. you know.
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that this means. almost weekly prison visits in suburban paris have enabled him to examine life then blows up. and basically. the. only means. i feel. i know. but. remember that they're human and then. you want to. eliminate it but if i don't say a. visual one minute joins the part of. an hour and c.s.i. . or feed an hour or. a furphy are equal and you somehow mean.
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and your poor more so second season and current i'm as we've been when you somehow know you're going to work in the top of. coming up i meet a member of the national front his ideas on a multi-ethnic society come very different from the people i've spoken to so far. as a sit in the community can join in since it moved to victory. in june malik resistance . is that they are sick of second or even for me very vocal octomom a song we for expect election children may not. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty is the redrew the map of the middle east this record of victory of the israeli army in that war was the greatest tragedy in the history of islam out jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its
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consequences which are still felt today we tried everything went to the united nations tried to make a show of contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was you know the war in june on al-jazeera when the news breaks in a piece on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the winter. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. bring us out by now and we'll ask about that but that's the power as a badass. so the last.
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in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the industry. hello you're watching algis their arms the whole raman these are our top news stories iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount a very varied cast in last month's parliamentary elections after accusations of widespread fraud comes a day after prime minister hyder. had been serious violations and banned high
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ranking election commission officials from leaving the country the president of argentina's football association is apologize for canceling a friendly match with israel saying players' safety was at stake palestinians have protested against the game being held in jerusalem which is a contested city business owners in nicaragua as capital are calling for a national strike to pressure the government and its violent crackdown on protesters only one hundred thirty people are being killed since demonstrations began in april and while repeller has more from the capital managua. where we're really seeing the biggest impact to the economy here and you can i what is when it comes to the tourism sector because the guy was been working for years trying to build up this reputation as the safe country as its popular tourism destination for all the travels all around the world if you look around the city of managua if you look to to some of the more popular tourist cities like that now then later on there's been a lot in optic in violence in the cities and there's just no tourism that compiled
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with the travel warnings from different from from different governments that you can really see that immediate impact on on the on the tourism sector here and you get out homes all still being evacuated in guatemala and forgo full kaino continues to erupt earlies ninety nine people have been killed and hundreds have gone missing since sunday zero. rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors in villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed and spain's prime minister has unveiled his new cabinet and is dominated by women petra sanchez had appointed eleven to the top posts including deputy prime minister economy and justice six men have been chosen including a former astronaut a science minister and india's ruling party is under pressure from hundreds of thousands of farmers who are demanding officials help them get more for their crops farmers in the northern and western states are in the middle of
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a ten day strike spilling milk and to balls to block roads and highways across the country those are the headlines about with a news hour in half an hour we continue with al-jazeera world. i am a shammy and i'm in paris investigating questions of french identity and in the nation on the underprivileged estates in the suburbs. although official figures don't exist it's estimated there are around five and a half million muslims in france and many live in the high rise developments on the outskirts of big cities where. i visited the muslim community in one of these areas to see how they view claims that mosques are somehow connected to violence. now this was a p.c. . version. of
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it if you build a community. he says he and other animals in another i get a lot harder time with the hobby and hell it's a bit with him and with your i can't can't can't. sobbed well of. our lives a little less see the. war . through my home the sheriff and the mission he will hold and others whom. she said in. how he helps i haven't measured up with everyone for the if you have to be a man not very much. shortstop. i had to bend
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tell him of the head of the little toss up nabbous mother and mother. and she with a. name he didn't without was home. there with her or more had never. seen me in when i met hazel had a magic help that i would you had criteria. a year do all about atmospheric. the moon had a million muscly in a must not even let it control when i had a lot of energy to measured him off they were going on a limb after the you know had it on again and you know had really muscly and you were truly sorry if. no one saw or a good lesson must listen have. french muslims came under pressure when a truck drove into
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a crowd celebrate industrial day in july twenty sixth seen in the southern city of nice. it's an image noted in my jude has worked hard to combat for the past two years. especially as his appearance can cause him problems on a daily basis. and that's the much of believe him. before when you are near the height of a movie out of. it to somebody to be in the bill but. that's about me it's mother who know. me that they did not hear any of that horrifically dark and that but i buried will it but i had to. look at have it the thought of. i think i may others i mean on the list of the no we haven't.
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got time to china china's i mean a. fellow was a couple shows it is a. very double that was an area that when you go ahead i'll sure men who have had the. forethought have. at them three hundred at about a good year and a lot of them are in a can of enough talk a lot about me on a diet of a thirty. to move them into because you have. to because. of the mindset. that the. work of the shop and. want to come with me i didn't bid look at the time as i see i've. been with him in malone he says so that all starts early. i like it up to like
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a thought i'm in the. thought of who has it. and he has become one with him to have. a much closer and even very delicate when he sent me a look at obama not that i've had to find a. table in the safety of the. so many another would leave it would she really would use a journey. to the north east of central paris is the suburban town of. them some residential and commercial areas have had
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a facelift but some local people worry that this fails to deal with an employment education and social integration. i met had a my i phone my municipal employee who is ill positioned to their innovation project got him arrested google google google you. because of. too soon as well as in you know. full access to be therapeutic if. you see a. lot of us who got you. not the dolly will do for love. but the my doesn't if you. just keep posting it was about i was listening to ski hill just when i was i don't
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know no bones about it i'm going to keep a bunch to it but it's just watching the. bull bull being told to go. along with us just not enough given us a little bit how dumb i was talking about the national agency for urban renewal set up in two thousand and four and we launched ten years later. it has billions of euro's of funds and aim to help the whole million people in hundreds of deprived areas. but doesn't believe agency has helped the guy in area of oh nice who was at home. i asked him if all these shops had closed down wall oh oh you know for me to leave i guess the only one who got you is the abuse like most of my guys a. male who is both to get your pics. just as much of this is all
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you see of his so some of those you see of the mill complex don't do force you see the just she also said she was a go go go. what did. you think that they may have to sue us with such as. to stop using family. loves all. of this years minus one of the princes you know most of those got to go one of the . last almost in a god you know they've been up until it does the trick to this apollo much of it but it is out there yes. comal project a visual they love the. council bust through triple dip will dry up with this point and look book two of the goodness but how they must local legal battle conflicted with his obligations as
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a municipal employee reported pickle i reply because as. i want to fix so there. is always our google developed you know because one of you that. do not suck up local paul paul folks when it. has to produce a dollar bill is only because it was a judas priest who thought just. look out to look through the photo so if. you do go to the loo because it was there but. you got the biscuits one of which will cause war situation. at the new trend. of the country. i went to the town hall at all nice to get other perspectives on how the most campaign from some to right and left wing politicians. and ask the deputy mayor about how the most conflict of interest. are not
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a fact. and then let's call me. a national election. if i could by not being picked on. the. d.c. it's the have all city issues. and a lot of things have to septic try something that wasn't fake and not only put us at. a legit mental of law to hold on to cancer called when i visit when i asked why french people of arab an. origin seem to leave in much less affluent areas than the white middle class of the early ninety's and this was an industry tickles. easily tickles alone demand that it can levy booze why
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doesn't i like the lawn delusional provide tools. some discrimination the work kiddie conversion pool four dollars for city forces don't even own you. have a clue sick leave it be true thirty tell ya to do a problem in reverse to tell your boss who will not settle to get two kisses from feel cool ditto remember christian only men plus popular you stream you're not sure if you go mental or. want to model or is it a prescription or no where you want to see to treat me like you but when she was born in poverty. he promised to close with you difference. give me some clinical nutrition and non creedal one. reason one of us from the
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band's. name lives in opus on thirty me sunny pastor still teaching a very tedious community you don't believe what you detest going to finance determine thing good enough to truly be our bird remember the very first and i find it taste syrian city new to discreate you in the up of town called the plane was made in lima by some similar play for team in a paradox sixty one made it on youtube. and bruises community but gave up by the marker at by. the most strident political voice on identity and immigration at the national front led by my rain look ban she was beaten by sixty six percent to thirty three percent by emmanuel micron and the twenty seventeen presidential elections that's a friendly the point very sensitive to some things on the one kisser.


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