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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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six weeks those that are long gone by out of the hour when we're not going to pay for electricity because that's the money the government used to pay kidnappers in killings the land ahead is owns a shop here and is one of the organizers of the action. and money will no longer be used to move to our own people with more than twenty thousand shops and stands the mick gatto audience is the largest open air market in central america it generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and taxes every year it lend us says the civil disobedience is the most peaceful and efficient way to protest. the action as business owners is to apply pressure in a legal way that may not declaring civil disobedience and not paying taxes. not everyone at the market is on board with the strike some vendors here blamed the demonstrators for inciting the unrest knowing it was you know way i will not participate in the disobedience we want to take so that we can all went to
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a place fully. outside the market anti-government demonstrations take place every day dozens of barricades have been set up by protesters along roadways across the country donna the director of the naked eye when association of importers and export are says the longer the crisis drags on the harsher the impact will be on the overall economy is. why if this conflict continues into the end of the year economic growth will probably drop but a percentage points this would potentially mean more the nine hundred million dollars in losses political unrest has spilled into some of nicaragua's most popular holiday destinations damaging the country's most important source of revenue tourism the government accuses right wing activists of infiltrating the protest movement in order to destabilize the government experts say it is still too soon to determine the impact the unrest has had on commerce construction and tourism but they do. agree that every day the conflict drags on is another step
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backwards for the people of. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including a new wave of destruction in the home why is the killer of all canids spews out more plus. i'm john hendren in the back where donald trump is expected to have a showdown with world leaders on trade plus find out how the weather played a big role in rafa nadal french open quarterfinal on wednesday. homes are still being evacuated in guatemala for hugo volcano continues to erupt at least ninety nine people are being killed and hundreds of gone missing since sunday as eruption rescuers have been sifting through hot ash in search of survivors entire villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed david mercer has the
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latest from suicide if you have about ten kilometers from the volcano. what a mollusc lego volcano continues to be highly active you can see it here behind me and this morning we've seen columns of smoke rising from the cone now on tuesday there was a large explosion that sent gas and hot rocks down the side of the volcano and that caused a large evacuation order i'm urgency workers racing away from the disaster site and it was also the evacuation of more villages surrounding the volcano as well as some communities within the city of the city of about a million people major highways were closed as well this morning on wednesday there have been more a few more bodies that have been holed out and they think that there are still a few hundred people who are missing but it's very hard to get accurate figures and there aren't census takers who are going door to door so it's unclear exactly how many people are still accounted for but what we do know is that conditions for
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rescuers are very challenging there and there's continued activity there's also chances of rain falling down which would cause much lies and further hinder these an effort to try to remove as many people from this is as a sight as possible and get a true sense of the size of this calamity. the volcano has been erupting for more than a month but experts say the past twenty four hours have been devastating has reached the big oil and swallowing communities and destroying at least eighty buildings and the ripples. plumes of toxic gas rise off the coast of big island as a landscape succumbs to the power of killer for more than a month a volcano has been spewing lava. hundreds of homes in its past. this unique good many residents have lost everything you've got a pretty good sense of loss and then you know. are you can do is pick up on your
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wall experts say there are at least twenty four separate fishes each venting toxic gases and larva up a whole beach one of the islands most popular destinations has been all but wiped out this once picturesque bay is now filled with molten rock most residents of evacuated but officials say some are refusing to leave you still have some people. who. make up their own minds in decide that maybe they don't need to evacuate when several thora nice tell them that they should evacuate so far around two and a half thousand residents have been evacuated in the way of showing no signs of slowing down and they gallacher al-jazeera leaders from the g seven countries are heading to canada for a meeting which could be difficult for or difficult one for the u.s. president his decisions to unilaterally withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and impose tariffs on e.u. countries canada and others are causing a deep rift in the group the meeting may be one of the last opportunities to avert
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what appears to be a looming trade war john hendren has more from quebec city. the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g.'s devin summit is all about averting a trade war. the great disruptor donald trump and his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed a diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions somehow this is insulting to them the idea that the canadian steel that's in military military
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vehicles in the united states the canadian aluminum that makes your at your fighter jets is somehow now a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. europe's leaders are also irate and threatening sanctions on a litany of iconic american products from levi's jeans to kentucky bourbon to harley davidson motorcycles. all made in the republican states trump needs to keep his party in control of congress in this year's midterm elections instead of celebrating their usual uni diplomats from seven of the world's largest economies are scrambling for common ground there was consensus under trump's predecessor barack obama on iran and climate change now there's a budding trade war that threatens to turn allies into adversary but some analysts expect a last minute agreement to avert an escalating trade conflict it's mostly done for posturing and because trump sees this as part of his base is
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particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these tariffs will stick with it a family photo of world leaders that traditionally ends the meeting depicts an awkward alliance with the usual show of unity is largely up to the man from washington john hendren al-jazeera quebec city. now the u.s. defense secretary is played down the impact of a trade war jim matt has said the terrorists won't damage security ties the fact that there are disagreements i recognize make new all the harmony of what's going on the growth and budget and that's not new you know that that's what we expect but we will focus it's almost like you have an orchestra play and you've also got shambles clashing we all addressed to no problem you know they wake everybody up with. not often the audience you know but at the not refute the fact that the
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violin and harmony and for a lot of other things ok. the japanese prime minister shinzo has arrived in washington to make sure turkey's concerns are not forgotten at the historic u.s. north korea summit next week they will have two hours to put his points to president trump before they both leave for that g. seven summit in canada japan u.s. allies has been absent from recent dealings with north korea and its concern that trump could make concessions like agreeing to reduce the american military presence in the region. the u.s. has evacuated two more employees from its cult offices in the chinese city of show now they appear to have the same symptoms as those colleagues who sustained a brain injury more than two weeks ago u.s. secretary of state mike pompei said the first incident in china was a result of a sonic attack similar to last year's cases in the huber of more this we can join
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our correspondent from the slow he's live for us in beijing from a sort of more illness for diplomats working there it's a mysterious illness what more do we know. absolutely it is mysterious indeed and it is it looks like it could be developing into a pretty serious situation as you mentioned so the first unknown case involved only one american health worker now and we know that at least two more have been evacuated american government workers as well as their families we also know that a u.s. medical team is in the southern city of quango at the moment conducting health screenings of u.s. government workers and their families who request for this now these people who have been sent home now complained of the same symptoms that their colleagues in cuba suffered they say they had symptoms including north headache hearing loss and these same people twenty four diplomats in cuba who were affected were later
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diagnosed with having minor having signs of minor brain injury like concussions now it's not yet known where the these illnesses these latest illnesses in quantico are the result of attacks but they are do have the very same symptoms as that one case that we know of that trip that happened about two weeks ago and the china of at that time had said that it had no explanation for the case of course wonders how this might impact the relationship between the u.s. and china are it strange for people so many reasons and at the moment. that's right and you're absolutely right i mean this these incidents do come at a time when the relationship between china and the u.s. are becoming increasingly strained for a number of reasons first as the economy for two there's
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a possible trade war looming between the world's two largest economies they threatened to slap tit for tat tariffs on about one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods each the u.s. has threatened to push ahead but the first round of tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that could take place in as little as a week that's on trade and then there's also the issue of geopolitics where the u.s. recently uninvited china from taking part in a naval exercise in the south china sea citing continued militarization of the region of course referring to china building military installations on islands and outcrops in disputed parts of the south china sea and then finally you have the upcoming summit in singapore where u.s. president donald trump is due to meet north korean leader kim jong un and the two are going to talk about nuclear disarmament on the korean peninsula but the success of those talks will really depend in part on cooperation from china who's
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a very close ally of north korea so it's a relationship where the two of them need each other the u.s. and china but they're not on the best of terms and really if this is a case that we're going to see involve a substantial number of american diplomats where this could be a case of possible mistreatment of u.s. government workers on foreign soil then this could make an already fraught relationship even more difficult to do that will continue to monitor it with you florence from beijing for the moment thank you. tens of thousands of people who are rallied in cities across northern greece they're protesting against a possible compromise in the country's long running naming dispute with lessa tonia . reports from one of the main demonstrations in. to the people of northern greece macedonia the renown is their second national anthem the folk song celebrates an identity they cherish as much as greek and us itself it's not just ancient history they're proud of their great grandparents
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fought to wrest this land from the ottoman empire these high schoolers have heard the family stories of sacrifice and bloodshed they feel it's their duty to fight to keep the name macedonia exclusively greek the greeks feel they are defending themselves from a peculiar crime the first of a component of their nation hood the bottom and we cannot give away our property our historical pride of being greeks and macedonians certain people cannot take what doesn't belong to them i mean and on this i think sharing this name will be the biggest forgery in history in macedonia is this soil where we stand this don't say that history says it. the archaeological record leaves no doubt here in pella buried beneath cotton fields lies the four hundred hector ancient macedonian capital it is from here that alexander the great set out to conquer asia and a few miles to the south archaeologists have found the royal tombs of the ancient macedonian dynasty. such finds do not exist outside greece but the talks between
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athens and scope here are designed to share macedonian identity the country that has called itself republic of macedonia since the second world war would retain that name with a qualifier such as northern or upper opinion polls suggest three quarters of greeks are against that unless the name is in the native slavic tongue of the yugoslav macedonians greece has reasons to compromise its economy is in tatters after eight years of recession it needs trading partners and former yugoslav macedonia wants to enter the european union and nato cultivating good relations now could give greece a better position in those organizations and then there is greece's real worry the increasingly tense relationship with turkey there as the country emerges from its economic crisis it shapes an area in which it can act and with which it can grow this is because it frees up strength to deal with the real geopolitical
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geostrategic problems and these are not former yugoslav macedonia or albania they come from the east for these greek macedonians however history and identity matter above all else jumps on oprah last al-jazeera. well still ahead here on al-jazeera . the warning from the u.n. as the battle for the libyan city has intensified is also will tell you why the war in syria is creating tension between russia and iran. just over a week to go until the world cup starts age of to confident will be fit to play peter will have those details in sport. and it's an event. the weather sponsored catarrh. welcome back the main feature across southern eastern china is this
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tropical depression which is give me a lot of heavy rain across hi nancy ward's hong kong macao and i think it's in front seeing the frontal boundary which is usually across this area which is getting heavy rain across food i think of the next twenty four hours further towards the north it's generally confined for wu han and the heading west was towards chain do it should also be fine unsettled conditions across indochina not slight if you continue as we head on through into friday yangon and miramar there looking at highs of thirty degrees so that is friday's chart there still running very close to hong kong still running extending all the up towards young sea river valley though shanghai should probably stay dry as we head down into southeastern parts of asia here are likely to find some heavy rain affecting central and northern parts of the philippines in particular further south was a few showers across borneo but generally a fair amount of bright weather looking quite good here java much as you'd expect climatologically this time of year should be dry and fine showers few and far
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between up through the main principle once you get towards the gulf of thailand then some heavy rain in bangkok could be fairly way across into south asia some heavy showers down through the western ghats further north not as hot as it has been highs of forty in delhi. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. in. each one is still the. ones. that. we. are. we here to jerusalem bureau cover israel palestine or foreigners we cover the story with a lot of internet knowledge we covered it with that. in an outer. this story we
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have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour i'm so hold rob and a reminder of our top stories iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's parliamentary elections after accusations of widespread fraud comes a day after prime minister hired a body said to have been serious violations and banned high ranking election
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commission officials from leaving the country the president of argentina's football association has apologized for counseling a friendly match with israel saying players' safety was at stake palestinians have protested against the game being held in jerusalem which is a contested city. and homes are still being evacuated in guatemala as. volcano continues to erupt at least nineteen thousand people are being killed and hundreds have gone missing since sunday as eruption. u.s. president all trump whose rhetoric and policies have inflamed the muslim community hosted his first if tar dinner at the white house to celebrate ramadan but as dianna's to book reports the event is drawing sharp criticism from muslim groups. at the white house wednesday night president donald trump and guests observe the muslim tradition of breaking a day long fast during ramadan by sharing
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a meal tonight we give thanks for the renewed bonds of friendship and cooperation we have forged with our valued partners from all across the middle east the white house would say who received these forty invitations but the council on american islamic relations said none of their members got one how can we say no so they held a counter general across the street in lafayette park it's not an american muslim advance and really it just shows that the samyn astray she is not willing to reach out to american most. yes. the president trumps contentious relationship with the muslim community began during his campaign and deteriorated immediately after taking office with a series of travel bans that targeted muslim majority countries. well the proposed ban sparked protests and outrage in cities across america the u.s.
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supreme court will soon begin hearing legal challenges to them last year president trump drew additional criticism for being the first president in recent history to break the tradition of inviting muslim leaders to the white house during ramadan the koran teaches that islam is a commitment to live in peace hillary clinton as first lady hosted the first holiday dinner in one thousand nine hundred ninety six as a way of reaching out to the muslim world both presidents george bush and barack obama's continue the tradition in honoring these familiar values together of peace and charity and forgiveness we affirm that whatever our faith we're all one family president trump did strike a more conciliatory note with the muslim community last month when he extended a greeting at the beginning of ramadan but some muslims wish the president would extend that kind of geniality to his policies dion estabrook al-jazeera washington
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senate challenging as a spokesman for the council on american islamic relations joins me now from baltimore via skype good talking with us live on al-jazeera many of your members associates colleagues have been demonstrating about this if the dinner how to you being invited. thank you for having me so hell no i had not been invited and even had i been i would not have attended i think any individual any self respecting muslim who values their identity as a muslim would not have been compelled to be in that room or have a seat at that table so what do you achieve in terms of demonstrating either whether it be outside the white house or the other areas outside government buildings about this particular dinner. well it's more symbolic than anything else but it also sends a strong point to mr trump you know this is a president who really looks at numbers and figures and he likes to have the most number of people you know in any given setting who are supporting him and i think
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it really was a strong message that there were more people outside at the real if they are outside of the white house than f.-a not on the floor in the white house the fact that american muslims were not only in by it but also the fact that they were talking at least target the diplomatic corps from muslim majority countries the vast majority of whom i'm sure had you know some level of wealth or degree i think our money i think it reflects the fact that you know president trump has historically prioritized his own interests and it's extremely distasteful that he would love ridge you know one of the most holiest months of the years here for muslims globally around the world to capitalize on this opportunity to promote his own agenda and you know further american muslims even the muslim who founded american muslims for trump was not invited and i think that that in itself and a strong message to them go play devil's advocate and say that perhaps he has seen partially the error of his ways he's trying to offer an olive branch isn't it worth
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at least giving him a potential. benefit of the doubt. you know as an american muslim as a practicing muslim who strongly believes and americans especially in this holy month of ramadan i don't discount the power of miracles but i believe it's a bit of a stretch to think that mr trump has miraculously had a change of heart and all of a sudden has goodwill in his heart or it's a muslim that is trying to extend an olive branch as specially considering the fact that historically his policies his appointments to key top level cabinets have been individuals who have a long legacy and long history long record of being a farmer big in nature or having ties to islamic law the groups this is a president who has implemented a muslim ban a discriminatory ban that's the thickly targets individuals from muslim majority countries he has gone on record to say he supports the total and complete shutdown of muslims in turn the united states if he is genuinely interested in extending
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extending an olive branch he can begin by rescinded some of those appointments by canceling the muslim bat by reaching out to american muslims mainstream american muslims and having open conversations about what having our communities be part of the larger private society in the united states looks like if you don't do that by inviting the diplomatic corps ok we said to just hold it for one second let's just listen to what else the president had to say just a few hours ago to the muslims around the world ramadan mubarak. gathering together this evening we honor a sacred tradition of one of the world's great religions for the islamic faithful the you've to do it or marks the end of the daily period of fasting and spiritual reflection that occurs throughout the holy month of ramadan if cars mark. the coming together of families and friends to celebrate
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a timeless message of peace clarity and love interesting that he or she described as love as one of the great religions words perhaps we would never have. thought would come from his mouth but certainly gives even those diplomats in that room the chance to bend his ear perhaps it was just a good opportunity as well for them to listen to what he had to say and perhaps. say and reflects what many muslims across the usa as well as international coal you know we hope so but i'm not optimistic it's hard to be optimistic it's actually when we know actions speak louder than words and just recently the united states relocated the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and israel you know this is a very sensitive you know move that has alienated much of the muslim world and has you know really incinerated and exacerbated you know the ties between jews and
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muslims in that part of the world and globally really i think that you know our actions speak louder than words words can be very friendly decorated and you know said on a stage but i think the way that we actually implement policy unleashed tape you know the narrative well of what it means to be welcoming to muslims and hospitable to muslims i think that speaks much louder and unfortunately his story cle his track record doesn't speak well and it's going to take more than you know those remarks for us for us for american muslims to receive the message that this is a president who is genuinely interested in our wellbeing in our interests and in making sure that you know our rights are protected and with their part of the american fabric and in our country we should see how this all plays out in the future for the members that have choudhry thanks so much for joining us from baltimore thank you for having me. the fighters loyal to renegade libyan general khalifa haftar entered the eastern city of daraa the city has been held by the al qaeda linked group but the self-styled libyan national army has besieged it for two
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years the u.n. says the fighting has reached unprecedented levels and there are severe shortages of basic supplies but what hear the reports from the libyan capital. from one is street to another forces loyal to libya's really gave general for the heavy storm into the eastern city of there now. after heavy fighting his troops have taken control of a strategic locations in the city if you move that you are three days we can say that the battle will end in the city of turner we are currently in the seaport of turner which is now under awful control some terrorist groups can currently be seen in some streets and god willing within two or three days we will eliminate them completely. hefted is a forces enter the city on monday morning they have been laying siege to the city for the last two years according to have to his forces fighters allied with that
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there are no protection force please be asleep in control of the city are retreating pleased with artillery fire and era strikes. i can tell you that the enemy is completely collapsing there are only some remnants of the terrorist groups who are moving from a building to another from an alleyway to another and hiding among civilians. civilian areas including the schools have been damaged in the fighting egyptian and you warplanes have been supporting hefted his forces by targeting civil areas in durban now. dozens of people including civilians have been killed since have to announce it the battle for there now on the seventh of may this city is short of basic needs including food water and medical supplies and. negate gen zinni for hefted is accusing fighters in there now of being terrorists but they deny that and say they have defeated eiseley in the area they also say that tripoli based the
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government does not seem to be able to intervene to in this conflict despite the heavy toll on civilians. tripoli. seven years of war in syria have created a complex battlefield but strolling global and regional powers russia and iran or both are lied to president bashar al assad but a russian troop deployment is creating tension between tehran and moscow explains from neighboring beirut. the region straddling lebanon's eastern border is an important supply line for hezbollah syria is the land link to iran for the lebanese armed group russian troops briefly took up positions here the russian military didn't comment but its troops were soon replaced by syrian army soldiers in russia trying. to iran in syria the. russian troops the military police are ready to deploy wherever they want in syria it wasn't the first
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message russian president vladimir putin told syrian president bashar assad that foreign military forces will leave syria once a robust political process gets underway has an avoid later clarified this included iran. days later the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov echoed the same thing and said the syrian army should be the only force deployed along the border with israel iran's initial reaction was that no one can force it to do anything it later said it supported russian efforts to bring the south of the country under syrian army control and that iranian military advisers are not present in the area. the iranians receive a strong message from israel had with the stepped up airstrikes that it won't tolerate iranian presence in south syria that's why iran withdrew from solving syria the iranians nor that engaging in a war with israel in syria is not its benefit and it's not to russia's benefit
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either an iranian israeli confrontation with threaten the assad government's hold on power and moscow's achievements it has been a difficult balancing act for russia which enjoys good relations with iran and israel israel doesn't just want iranian and iranian backed troops away from its borders it wants them out of syria altogether israel sees them as a strategic threat and wants russia to ensure that their military influence doesn't grow it's not just israel's demand other regional international powers want to limit iran's influence moscow to wants a strong syrian government to help broker an internationally backed political settlement not interested in. increasing. power so basically russia is interested more in stronger.


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