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i think enough women have also been speaking out against a kind of durable violinist that they do spread in themselves and his personal doesn't want to be my response above. those who didn't and a case of. just a very quick comment yes of course then me i did hear it was responsible for the east going and says the protect women but let's not forget that this is a product of civil society groups who are lobbied by women themselves and i think it's just not fair to say that it's the president the only person that instituted these laws and our it's a product of law struggle of women's movement in the city the media and they sexual harassment laws i mean double possible and i think that's the case nationally now with the president to tear down every time he makes policies or endorses policies that are blue women it's not the president stengel handedly steering the country do with the direction that benefits some women we have to give credit to women's movements always been pushing for these policies and. that is out there yet any
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piece and i say something in place yes. i'd just like to follow up on what nicole said earlier about the complexity and the ones yes but the problem is that if we saw ginny which is a complex problem its roots are conflicts its implications are complex manifestations of it were simply by simply faded so the question of good and bad wish in a black and white then it becomes a participant then my worry is that people will really go back to their hate ok and and grounds and of course on the point s. . it's it's correct the president is misfortunes another problem is how do you see that is that because it's the philippines miss or just because oppressive that this was sort of some people would like to see that we saw jimmy still be reading an ugly head because the president is a missile genius or it is precisely because you really have a structured sojourn in our society that the president and the speaker of the house
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and the senate president to be. that meeting when you know he's maybe of the shell game somewhere let me finish let me say look if. the point is if you're going to what the impact the sentence instead of convincing people to your site then it becomes a pretty soon wonder and therefore you missed the point of a learning. it becomes a teaching learning moment then you missed that because people who are going to go back to their partisan bias that's what i hear because nicole excites the describe this is. are we the people see that as problematic but it's familiar you know not the way i see it is giving him a pass when he shouldn't be given and. then another loss done you are using it on me as well you know you don't let me not get away with you can assume that that was because it's ok no no no so and telling me you know and i hear where
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you're coming from on the one hand you say the public is letting him get away with this and the other hand and tonio you mentioned something that i had to write down here structural massage me we all realize it's there in your words i want to play on that with this video comment that we got from reuben james who pitched the idea for today show that we're doing and he talks about the impact of that structural massage and have a listen. president reagan this misfortune is the remarks and women have translated into more brutal violent and distasteful attacks against him during his administration he speeches he always mentions about the binary distinction of what's biological email and what's biological female and with this kind of distinction it's a social construction of what's the function of women in society in this kind of thinking limits them into a more power structure a disadvantage because i want to pass i want over to you when the people that you talk to did the ideas that he brings up in his video comment resonate with them
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that there is a structural issue here. and well it's not a ticket as such but it's very obvious that there are clearly gendered implications of president of bennett as well as you say think what i want to emphasize here as well is that while his vulgar words matter i think words matter i think there and said and president definitely must not have a free pass but i think we also have to focus on something more lead and things that are clearly gendered but not ridiculous good because the president is not drawing attention to them so for example the president's bloody war and just the main victims here are going in these are with us these are mothers who lost their loved ones and sometimes they feel like with the president said something sexist on camera we tend to focus on that which is obviously important but i think we also have to draw attention to something that's less overt and give voice to women who don't have as much choice when it comes to this issue and i think the challenging part here is that some of the women we've talked to not a lot but some of the women we dug to unfortunately see the president as the only
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person who can help them with their condition so we've got to build those of the drug war who actually blame the police for the jailings of their husbands and they would actually think that the president who brought race himself as a father figure is the only person that can help them can we blame these women free thinking that this is the only president a sexist president that can help them not a certainty and i think this is how my ideas speak to professor good jared is atheist and this is a structural issue if our courts were working if our police were less corrupt then these women would not be in their hopes on a president who knew that the feminist sensibilities but also portrays himself as someone who helps women it's very tricky i'm incredibly frustrated and i read it out and people like india and the guy who meant to help us these together because it's incredibly complex and persecuted so guess i want to play and i and i sit tight for a second i want to get straight away i'm going to but i want to share something with our audience who are watching right now. the humor present
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a ted say is questionable but it definitely flows along for the idea of a women are there as a punchline so we put together some clips to give an example of that and then i'm going to go straight to and i have a look. labor barrier was one of the rebel government. she left before only. one of the most. is of promising virgins when you go to. i'd like to hold the virgins here not in heaven. that we let a lover cruising whistling or calling a woman in public with words having to be going to the sions or implications is actually sexual harassment so it seems as if you buy lead your own ordinance do you have any reaction or. you know you'd like to be in the business that being me.
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is a freedom. so much material right there but it wasn't any of those instances in guy that influence the setting of a livin it was this headline here next on but man won't be a woman to target a says that was that was the final straw right that may have been the final straw for a lot of the buyer or. people involved but i've been writing every time he's come out with a sexist message in his statement let's get that clear ok but speaking of or when the call speaks of windows of drug war victims and mothers of drug were victims many of them i would call and i dialed the explain the thinking behind it but by a cold is i am a woman and i have no mind that there is i will fight so this me one has it's
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got two important rallying cries unpack them for us. ok it's not just me suddenly old to me such an is a big point. it's also that many. see that this is only really a reflection of a lot of other fatal flaws into thirty including the autocratic streak that had led to a drug war that has killed thousands of filipinos and many of the mothers and wives of those long winded drug war. because they know they see their plight you know as a reflection or a continuum of detectors tendencies and it's not in the me so i do need is actually a reflection of the whole feudal when he says that you know nobody can stop me nobody can question me that is exactly his problem and that is how we comes out in
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me such a me so his son to needs to be a reflection but it is something that angers a lot to me and i wanted to share the viewpoint of someone who's involved in a campaign as well molina says on twitter thereby arko is meant to empower all of us women who have been demeaned and ridiculed no end by this message in a sick president she says it's about time for us to rise up and give him a taste of his own bitter medicine we also got a video comment where i want to hear the comment first because she follows up on that tweet very nicely this is no my no me and she says why she is part of this campaign have a listen the by our company i am used to call attention and push back against the sergeant but also to call attention and darkness acts against institutions of justice headed by women why does the mind of last of attack women.
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like the magna carta for women last anti violence against women and children if the men in power exhibit a child with a stick message mystic and sexist village i want to give that to you antonio i want to get antennas take on the campaign and what you think of it well when we say we want to protect all women then you have a problem of consistency and this is what some people see that some feminists and some women's activists and some people who fight for women's rights so tend to be seen a selective and this is because they're seen in a partisan lens for example there are people who are condemned out there if we're for doing certain things that are seemingly assaulting women or attacking women and jet when the women who are victims are not on the right or correct politicos are lying then they don't say anything let me give you an example this recent
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controversy about the kissing in korea. we skim they came with the name of the woman who was. that was innocent at that moment and yet here you are now for example. who has been in the controversy with the former president the daughter of former president. of the sister of former president. they are in a in acquiring right now and then the president and grand apologized on behalf of marcos on which for me is objectifying you know i do have to apologize for a woman you have to ask her first now that it's not seen as an assault on women's subjectivity and it's not seen as objectification or so. what would like to buy into the issue and get when be because to see that as more supply is an on the president instead of going into the structural to the problem because it is selective when it is so rare no there are really dilema who are a bit of being
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a they they they complain but when it is more also on our associate justice the cross-talk are also women and i said i was just a very very quick question for. this i'm going to call it a women's movement you don't buy it you don't think it's necessary in the philippines it's necessary but it has to be caught in a point there has to be it has to be decoupled from practice and ship because the moment it becomes sparked it's on then instead of looking at the problem in a in a in a in a feminist perspective or what the arc is the enemy or me so you need you go back to the issue it's just being said because those who are a part of the movement at the front of them die and says you know those clearing now and closer to two letters on this on back to us in our listeners in the calendar you know when you've got women being raped when you have the president is the most glaring example of the most extreme forms of misogyny of course it is bad enough but that was absolutely the same. that's
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a problem and i antonio i i hear what you're saying right now i'm just curious because in the last thirty seconds of this show this is an online women's movement for quality for women in the philippines what next i know that you are planning some marches taking offline and then into real life and i we are going on we are all going on ground having a march and june twelfth independence day ok and we're going to be standing up and say enough. with the autocratic an abusive tendencies end-i nicole antonio thank you so much for joining us today i will leave the conversation for many could to wrap up this candy he says that this movement empowers us to express suppressed anguish simply by promoting us to finish the thought many women don't get to tell their stories and this campaign helps them process their pain of course you can continue this conversation online hash tag it is treatment at a.j.
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al-jazeera. where every. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries live i was looking for looks. like and the other student green one continues with kosovo and europe fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera discover new developments in surgery i'm talking about them when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon
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hiring new techniques in regenerating on the acute a breakthrough medical trying to provide some much needed only to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence behind the virus is at least one hundred fold more effective. to. get the cure revisited on al-jazeera. a temporary ceasefire with the taliban the afghan president tells security forces to pause operations against the armed group. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at least forty six people drowned as a boat carrying ethiopian migrants capsizes off the coast of yemen. looking for
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their loved ones in the disaster zone the search continues for hundreds missing after a volcanic eruption in guatemala plus i'm john hendren in quebec where donald trump is expected to have a showdown with world leaders on trade. the afghan president has announced a cease fire with the taliban coinciding with the end of the fasting month of ramadan on wednesday the pentagon said taliban officials have been secretly negotiating with the government on a possible cease fire has been an escalation in violence in recent months with dozens of attacks against civilians and security personnel. present ashraf ghani made the announcement on facebook saying with the cease fire announcement we have pitched in my eyes the strength of the afghan government and the will of the people
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for a peaceful resolution to the afghan conflict the ceasefire he said is an opportunity for the taliban to introspect but violence campaign is not to winning the hearts and minds but further alienating the afghan people from the cause for glass joins us now live from kabul to jennifer a bit of a surprise announcement can you tell us how it might have come about. well you know on monday we had a gathering of religious leaders here in kabul they condemned the violence against muslims saying that it was an islamic and they had called for a cease fire this seems to be in response to that but it did come as a very much a surprise that announcement on facebook by president ghani a cease fire that will last for a week ending at the end of it only though applies to the taleban not to i saw and other fighting groups here in the afghan sorry here in afghanistan but the cease fire of being called by the president seems like
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a move and the next step in his strategy to engage the taliban of course laura and february he invited the taliban to peace talks without conditions he offered them political capital to be recognized as a political group the afghan government very much trying to engage the taliban the real question is what part of the taliban is up for peace talks and the real question is what will the taleban now do with this announcement by the government subsidy because we haven't heard any confirmation at this point tough way from the taliban that this indeed will go ahead. that's right and i think it's really a challenge by the afghan government to the taliban to say look we will not fight you over you should not fight us it's a sign of goodwill it's i think it's really a tactic to try and see what part of the taliban is willing to negotiate what part of the taliban might actually be willing to listen to the government now after the afghan government made its announcement its invitation for unconditional peace
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talks in february it took a while for the taliban to respond many people say the taliban is fragmented that there are different sets of leadership that you have some who are very committed to continuing the fight until all foreign forces leave afghanistan and some according to the nato commander general nicholson who are already speaking to representatives of the government he wouldn't have a lot of great it's who they were and how many paper and how much influence they have but definitely the government is very much trying to jump start some sort of peace process here with this cease fire ok jennifer many thanks from kabul. let's go live now to geneva where you can see the un special rapporteur on north korea's human rights to lhasa can tunnel holding a briefing that's listen it is important. first. praise the. decision of the different governments.
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for all. involved in the. re approach meant. in regards to the two koreas the governments of the korean peninsula and second the reapportionment all their contacts and the process of negotiation between the government of their the p.r. oriya and a native states of america. you know that i started this mandate this human rights mandate two years ago. stray seen the importance to. the dialogue and they. pursue offing agent with the. government. so therefore i see with the very good eyes. what is taking place at the moment i congratulate
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all of the all the stakeholders i just read that there was even there that this may be a decision to. to. put an end to this data for war in the korean peninsula that might be part of the negotiations i don't know but if that's the case that that would be of course what come. second. i did wanted to let you know that before coming to putrajaya i stopped in stockholm . where i had a meetings with the government officials from from sweden and. sudanese it's a country who had people much bigger relationship with the p.r. korea who has an embassy in the in pyongyang and a who also. plays the role of the protecting power for
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those foreigners under detention include in the us australia and canada at the same time sudanese one of the mejor contributors to the humanitarian aid. and therefore i decided to have an exchange with these with these say this country we had very good meetings. and they and helping to understand. some of the trends in regards to the negotiations and also i collected information in regards to their role that they had played in the arcades and some other cases of foreigners in that danger i also made a stop in brussels where i addressed the e.u. these especially the foreign affairs area. it trying to also talk in
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and their standard the role of the new york in this context. and i and a and they had a good good exchanges with them. they use a prospect of we are some sure of the political dialogue between the there it will be a union or korea which has been in stop for the time being and that's that source or something that they hope it takes place in the future. i will not at this point share with you. a general overview of the human rights situation in that e.p. our korea i have some information but you should know that i am now in the process of preparing a property in my report to be presented to their third committee in new york in mid october so we meet up there would be the time to discuss substantive issues
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stampede human rights issues in the in the p.r. korea. i guess. once we open the floor for questions we can discuss those some really one substantive issues if you want to do you want to discuss it. and thirdly. what at the main message that they want to convey at this juncture to this take orders is this one. i believe that and you know that i have said this. some time ago that the human rights should not lose sight in the context of the negotiations on the the community. of the d.p. r. k. and beyond. and in this regard. let me. in let me share with you if three concrete proposals that i have we are already with different stakeholders here you should know that here in geneva
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you also made the relevant deliberations like like they you with the republic of korea or japan and we had a. and they of course here in geneva i tried once again. to have contact with the d.p. r. k. the league korea delegation. and that didn't happen. and. in and this is situation it's part of the three proposals that i would share with you first. whether it is doing this in next samiti in seeing upward or next meetings that will come in the future i believe that the issue of economic social or cultural rights which is clearly interlinked with a number of other. with other. issues
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cheese the issue of humanitarian aid. the issue of. sanctions the how sanctions are impacting on the economy of the country and the torso it is also interconnected to the. to the. policy of the korea in regards to the truth to the to improve the economy of the country that the leadership has repeated. many times it's specially at that at this juncture to improve the corner me of the country this all interconnected because it has to do with different human rights especially you could make a sister court or us a call to rights as i say. so. in this regard there is a specific concern in regards to some of these rights for example the. the right to access to adequate food. i had an interesting exchange
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here with the. humanitarian team of the united nations working in the field where can you be and young reaching out to different parts of the country and the problem the problem of access to food the problem of of seed use under nudist. population in the country it is of my concern. according to the you where you can listen to the u.n. special rapporteur or north korea's human rights speaking there from geneva main message was that human rights not be lost sight of in the upcoming summit between president donald korean leader kim jong il next week in singapore's bring in wayne hayes in the south korean capital seoul and of course wayne the the the main crux of this summit.


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