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they quit food. i hear an interesting exchange here with the. humanitarian team of the united nations working in the field working ubi and young reaching out to different parts of the country and the problem not the problem of access to food the problem of. seduces and their new dish. in the country it is of my concern. according to the american listening to the un special rapporteur on north korea's human rights speaking there from geneva its main message was that human rights not be lost sight of in the upcoming summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il next week in singapore's bring in wayne hayes in the south korean capital seoul and of course wayne the the the main crux of this summit in singapore is going to be
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denuclearization of the peninsula so there is special rapporteur has every right to be concerned that the human rights issues are going to be swept aside. yes exactly lauren i think that's exactly why he is staging this event to speak to the media to get the issue back into the forefront because because it is not known during that summer us next week between donald trump and kim jong un exactly with human rights will be raised by donald trump we know that the u.s. administration generally other representatives from donald trump's government when dealing with north korean officials say that they are constantly raising the issue of human rights with them we know that mark pompei o the secretary of state or the cia director as you was when he first went to pyongyang to meet with kim jong un says that he also raised the issue of human rights directly with kim jong un donald trump has said that human rights may be raised when he goes to singapore but hasn't
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really committed by the way so yes there is a concern from many people who have been campaigning for human rights in north korea that the issue will not be raised immediately by donald trump that it will be overshadowed by the objective of a denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula which is what both north korea and the united states state sorry say that they want to achieve out of these negotiations with north korea they also said that there would be a report on the human rights situation in the d.p. r. k. released in october but he highlighted to me that the difficulties in producing such a report is that he's trying to have contacts with the north korean delegation but he's had no luck. yes exactly and that highlights how sensitive the issue may be in terms of bringing it up with the north koreans directly and there are some who have been saying recently some experts in the field of human rights in
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north korea that actually bringing it up right now and trying to force the issue too much in that first meeting between donald trump and kim jong un may in fact have a negative effect in terms of perhaps derailing the. talks and therefore sitting the entire process back that in fact they need to take it step by step deal with things like denuclearization first the broader issues and then perhaps in future meetings future summits or indeed meetings between lower level officials from the respective governments bring up more issues like human rights and if the they have a broad agreement on something like denuclearization there are their issues like human rights can indeed be discussed but obviously it is a very sensitive issue for the north korean regime ok when hey joining us there from self thanks very much wayne. in yemen there be new efforts to end the three year long civil war voices news agency is reporting that a un peace plan proposes the who feels hand in their weapons including ballistic
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missiles in exchange there'll be an end to the saudi embassy coalition's bombing campaign it also mentions the transitional government agreement with all political elements equally represented previous efforts to find to end the conflict have failed but the u.a.e. has hinted that it would support the plan and is due to present a framework for negotiations in yemen by mid june. meanwhile the u.s. has warned the united arab emirates against launching a proposed offensive to capture the data port the red sea port is the main lifeline for humanitarian aid the saudi military says get any government forces it backs as part of a coalition with the u.a.e. and now than ten kilometers of the who controlled city and experts are warning of serious consequences if the military assault begins charity organization oxfam says essential supplies to millions of people could be cut off i've heard from many experts. during this visit of the great grave anxiety
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about an attack on the data and the significant and avoidable humanitarian consequences that would result in overcrowded smugglers boats has capsized off the coast of somalia killing forty six people un's migration agency says the group of mostly ethiopians was on its way to yemen hoping to find work in the gulf region at least sixteen of those who are missing or thought to have drowned over one hundred people were on board the vessel when it left somalia on tuesday that a dog is a spokesman for the international organization for migration he told us the problem goes beyond this recent incident. we talk a lot about the mediterranean because it's euro centric approach to things but the real crisis is people seven thousand a month probably going to yemen from the horn of africa desperately trying to find work trying to get out of poverty making their way to the gulf region so that's
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what it's all about and when they're predated on and when they're abused and murdered at the times it really doesn't make that line there's an awful lot of abuse of these migrants when they come across they don't necessarily have as many resources as those coming from west africa do but the my those predating on those who pick them up on the road and then take them off to sellers and torture them are doing exactly the same thing they're burning plastic bottles on to they're. getting to call their families back home in ethiopia primarily so they'll send whatever they can and quite often it might be twenty fifty dollars is nothing but it's all that poor family can scramble together to save their loved ones and of course they're led out of detention only be picked up a day or two later by another horrible trail of tears for them i'm sorry the problem isn't because migration is non it's very well and it's being controlled by some smugglers that you end up with people being exploited so what we're seeing is the fruits of exploitation due to a very unequal world frankly i mean if we're talking about poverty stream poverty
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among part of the world youth unemployment and you know great riches not too far away so this is not surprising that people want to try and support their families as best they can. still being evacuated in guatemala three days after the volcano erupted and one thousand nine people have been killed and hundreds of missing david muscle reports from the. trapped in a state of uncertainty the family gathers together to wait for news of their loved ones daughter sons brothers nieces and nephews haven't been seen since the fire go volcanoes violent a rupture now more than three days have passed since the deadly explosions and the family is prepared for the worst similar yet on this he says. sixteen people died in the house there will be a brotherhood even went to giving just one single house and. we still haven't heard anything about them. rather than wait for news out of road decided to join the
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search he walked for hours through the disaster zone hoping to get close to his brother's house but the ash was too hot and the house too far up the volcano alberto was forced to turn back but alvarado isn't the only one who put himself at risk to search for his missing family on tuesday we met others looking for answers in the disaster zone. where you're from where this man was searching for his pregnant daughter and given to me. my daughter live here but nobody has found her that's why we're here struggling to find her her husband of thirteen family members living with them and they're also missing. hundreds of people from the town of san miguel a lot is are still missing but with them meters thick layer of ash and mud carpeting much of the town the hope of finding survivors is gone now the question is how to prevent more disasters like this one these demonstrators were no more so i mean i
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mean there's a lot of boccanegra to deal with that is built up we calculate is around fifteen to twenty kilometers with material this material needs to come out and the more material accumulates it will also have to come out this is a recipient to design. this tragedy has brought guatemalans together in a country beset by natural disasters uncertainty about the future is one feeling shared by all. david mercer. eks highest court has concluded it does not have any jurisdiction to rule on the northern islands of boston nor is violating human rights legislation that all calls for the legislation to be reformed after a historic referendum in the republic of ireland last month to repeal its abortion ban is live for us now from the supreme court in london so paul for now the ban stays on what grounds of the supreme court arrive at this ruling. was
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a really curious one. is that the supreme court has said the northern ireland human rights commission does not want you to bring up human rights case. so you know we were surprised. they said that because the human rights commission. set up by legislation the legislation that governs its operation doesn't allow it to mount a case such as this where it's an abstract case specific victim. however the judges say by a majority of the. commission to make this case the judges would have overwhelmingly by majority rules but of course. the right. kind of. question mark
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now is human rights commission is going to give back. again. the judges. the fact that. the current situation is not compatible human rights law is going to break up next the fact that no overnight. i'm just so out of step with the rest of the u.k. on this issue and why. is so reluctant to push northern ireland to get in line. with. what i mean first reaction. was. to commission a. strike. on a district in the nineteenth century and it needs to be brought up to the twenty first century and the political situation is complicated. for. the government you
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know. like you told before if you don't really functioning in well the. government collapsed in january two thousand and seven see the power sharing and. fortunately last pulled run and he was joining us live from london on the supreme court ruling on northern islands of fortune. now jordan's incoming prime minister has pledged to work with other parties to form a tax law that suits everyone. despite that promise thousands of people rallied near the prime minister's office and a man for a seventh straight night they say the tax plan hurts the poor and the middle class . at least eighteen people have been killed and more than ninety injured in a blast in baghdad on a wednesday and a weapons cache exploded in the basement of a shia mosque in saddam city districts. leaders from the g seven countries are headed to canada for a meeting that could be difficult for us president donald trump his decisions to
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withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and impose tariffs on u.s. allies including the e.u. countries canada and others causing a deep rift in the great john hendren reports from quebec city. the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g. seven summit is all about averting the trade. the great disruptor donald trump in his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions somehow this is insulting to them the idea that
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the canadian steel that's in military military vehicles in the united states the canadian aluminum that makes your your fighter jets is somehow now a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and acceptable. europe's leaders are also irate and threatening sanctions on a litany of iconic american products from levi's jeans to kentucky bourbon to harley davidson motorcycles. all made in the republican states trump needs to keep his party in control of congress in this year's midterm elections instead of celebrating their usual unity diplomats from seven of the world's largest economies are scrambling for common ground there was consensus under trump's predecessor barack obama iran and climate change now there's a budding trade war that threatens to turn allies into adversary but some analysts expect a last minute agreement to avert an escalating trade conflict it's mostly done for
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posturing and because trump sees this as part of his base is particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these tariffs will stick with it a family photo of world leaders that traditionally ends the meeting depicts an awkward alliance with the usual show of unity is largely up to the man from washington john hendren al-jazeera quebec city japanese prime and sessions or has arrived in washington to make sure the tech kids concerns are not left out at the historic u.s. north korea summit next week they will have two hours to put his point surprised that donald trump played both leave from the g. seven summit. japan has been absent from recent dealings with north korea and alba is concerned that chunk could make concessions i can bring to reduce america's
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military presence and the reach him. well u.s. president donald trump his rhetoric and policies have inflamed the muslim community has hosted his first white house dinner to mark islam's holy month of ramadan the move surprised many because trump skips the annual tradition last year the white house says there were up to forty guests mainly cabinet members and diplomats event has drawn shop criticism from several muslim civil rights groups. and u.n. agencies have signed an agreement that could mean some of the seven hundred thousand was limmer hinge or will be able to return to miramar but for many from violent persecution in august last year there is a lack of hope that will actually happen now forced to live in makeshift camps in bangladesh refugees still make an effort to improve their lives seventy deca reports. mohammad prays before breaking his ramadan fast with his family this year they're observing ramadan as refugees along with hundreds of thousands of
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other ranger crammed into this camp in cox's bizarre. last year in ramadan it wasn't so difficult in our home village in myanmar at least we could get all the basic essentials like fish meat and vegetables but over here we just can't afford them now we only have rice lentils cooking oil that we get from the aid agencies it's really difficult here. it's the monsoon season heavy rains and winds lashed down on the flimsy tents turning the ground into deep mud that's why aid agencies are trying to build new sturdier housing this is a safer location away from the hills which are vulnerable to landslides and some of the refugees are being hired to help build their new homes. our community is facing a lot of challenges many of us are living on bindra spills in rough terrain and the bad weather conditions put our lives at risk now where making new homes in
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a city for zone their comedy some of the range of families. the expansion of the camps also means that no one is expecting their agenda to be returning home to me in mar anytime soon there are almost a million of them here in bangladesh many say in this holiest month of ramadan they're thankful they're safe but their lives remain a daily struggle stephanie decker. you're watching al-jazeera these are our top stories the afghan president has announced a temporary ceasefire against the taliban to coincide with the end of the holy month of ramadan operations will continue against other groups such as eisel on monday afghan religious scholars issued a directive against suicide bombings and a tux. in yemen there have been new efforts to end the three year long civil war which is the news agency is reporting that
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a united nations peace plan proposes the who thiis hand in their weapons including ballistic missiles in exchange there'll be an end to the saudi and coalition's bombing campaign it also mentions a transitional government agreement with all political elements equally represented previous efforts to end the conflict failed but the u.a.e. has hinted that it would support the plan un is due to present a framework for negotiations in yemen by mid june. i've heard from many experts. during this visit of the great grave anxiety. about an attack on the data and the significant avoidable humanitarian consequences that would result at least forty six people drowned when an overcrowded smuggler's boat capsized off the coast of somalia on wednesday migration agency says the group of most ethiopians was on its way to yemen hoping to find work in the gulf region.
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iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's elections prime minister hyderabadi says that been serious violations pollens approved the cancellation of overseas votes and those of displaced people in some provinces and also sacks the election commission the united nations special rapporteur on his north korea's human rights thomas ohio can tun a recording of briefing in geneva saying that the issue of human rights should not be lost during the upcoming summit on denuclearization u.s. president donald trump and kim jong set to meet on singapore sometimes island the twelfth of june. and homes are still being evacuated in quantum allas the mt why go volcano continues to erupt at least ninety nine people have been killed and hundreds of missing since sunday as first eruption villages surrounding the volcano have been destroyed. continues here on al-jazeera.
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the i.m.f. said riyadh breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the still waters of doha's west bay lagoon. daily life seemingly undisturbed in qatar's capital. a serenity betraying that this is a nation under siege. on june fifth two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt cut off all diplomatic ties with qatar. accusing it of funding terrorism and from entering
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regional instability all land air and ceilings to the country was severed. saudi arabia and bahrain egypt and u.a.e. say those severing diplomatic relations with qatar not a single shot was fired a full blown war of words was engaged. to be at the store the other the most c.e.o. of magic ties or flight accusations and counter-accusations this claim this encounter claims were made by all sides the media served as the main battleground. early on monday the fifth of june two thousand and seventeen behind state television read a statement from its government in them look at the. earth a little mercy and the ability of her father nala up only. a short time later
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saudi arabia followed suit. up our lala cutted the message out well for the model let it. be a so they you know we don't let the u.a.e. and egypt announce they tune we're cutting ties with qatar. the code. ordinated move by the four countries has caused the greatest rift in years between some of the most powerful arab states the larger country this particular saudi arabia followed by what it's. see defendant foreign policy as a threat. to their narrative to their consensus there were. only one other thing which is totally unacceptable qatar was accused of harboring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups creating instability in the region
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the restrictions did not only target the qatari government but also its citizens and residents. in the hours that followed a systematic and orchestrated plan of isolation was enacted. the national carriers declared they would be suspending flights to and from qatar the following day and those from qatar one banned from even transiting through their countries with the exception of egypt the blockading states recall their own citizens and gave the countries residing and working in their countries fourteen days to leave their territories. the block of four also closed their airspace to qatari aircraft leaving only a small corridor or funneling all their planes in and out of the arabian gulf. at one thirty pm the only land border was closed saudi arabia stopped all movement
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of vehicles from its side. trucks carrying food raw materials equipment and medicines could no longer cross into qatar. all vessels destined to or carrying the flag of qatar would not be allowed to call at ports in the u.a.e. . as the severing of ties continued doha released its own statement declaring there is no legitimate justification to cut ties and that the decision is a violation of its sovereignty. concern from allies with vested interests and investments in all the countries involved were quick to react hoping to keep the situation under control and avoid any escalation. the stakes were too high. in sydney australia then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson addressed the unfolding events and urged restraint and dialogue we certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together it
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addresses differences and we think it is important that the g.c.c. remain a unified. the tiny desert country was highly reliant on produce from its neighboring countries and with those imports now blocked qatar needed new supplies. the well maintained relations qatar has put its regional neighbors meant the trade embargoes effects would be soft seeing an opportunity to iran declared that food shipments could be in doha in twelve hours turkey also offered to help however it could. qatar had been thrown in a lifeline. doha staunchly disagreed with all the accusations made against it and continue to call for dialogue if there is any sensible argument or sense of an accusation we are ready to answer but although it's
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a big accusation without any sort of argument we are not that it is ready to onset of this if there is any problem should be solved on the negotiation table butting in the g.c.c. countries together on his highness welcoming any positive help to solve this problem. but up to this point the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council had been able to deescalate the situation she says it was never intended to deal with an act of aggression between one of the constituent you see members this is unprecedented in the extent of it the scope of it how it took everybody by surprise kuwait did issue a statement calling for restraint but the six member group had not met and the three g.c.c. states that imposed the blockade were not willing to enter into talks our men and also kuwait i think found it very difficult in the initial stages of the crisis.
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you know there may have been some pressure exerted on them to to take sides but i think then it was you know i think even the courts had to quickly realize that they needed some mediator within the region. so we've seen kuwait sort of take on more of that will than than are meant for this crisis but it's also important to to note that this pressure of taking sides extends beyond the gulf region. by nightfall on that first day that instigating nations in saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt we're now joined by the mo d. and factions in libya in isolating the tiny gulf nation. on the second day of the crisis the effects were beginning to show. qatari citizens in the blockading countries were making arrangements to vacate and return to their homeland. qatar's population is made up predominantly of the experts and foreign
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workers almost ninety percent and could not risk losing its workforce. airlines were struggling to handle the travel restrictions and some grocery stores in the capital were unable to restock their supplies. there was a sense in. many quarters that some sort of action may occur. in recent history there were many signs that qatar was being targeted. this current crisis is not an isolated incident from one thousand nine hundred five up to the present day the dominant team in relations between saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar has been one where saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have viewed as definitely the subordinate actor and the qataris have refused to accept this position in the two thousand when al jazeera was perceived by saudi arabia to be a major thorn in that side diplomatic relations broke in two thousand and two and continued until two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and then of course you have the more recent crisis in two thousand and fourteen where the u.a.e.
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saudi arabia and bahrain briefly broke diplomatic relations again in protest of what they view to be this subordinate secondary actor in the region acting above its station and so you have a track record of the gulf members of the current embargo being coalition breaking with qatar over political issues over security issues over the last fifteen years but before the scars could heal the seeds of a new conflict were being sung. a mere thirteen days before the current crisis began a state run news agency was hacked comments falsely attributed to the qatari amir were broadcast criticizing u.s. president donald trump and expressing support for iran hamas and israel the government denied that the comments were made and investigations by the f.b.i. and britain's national crime agency confirmed that senior government officials in
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the u.a.e. met to discuss an implementor plan to plant a fake news story in qatar as news agency and social media sites the hacking of the q. and a website in may of two thousand and seven is very interesting because on one hand . and you would assume that if the grievances of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and its partners were were foolproof legitimate or none question then why do you need the pretext of you know planting a statement in in the am years now to two i guess you could say provide a reason for the subsequent embargo on the other hand when i was able to show that this was a fake news so to speak it won a lot of support internationally among key allies. to make matters worse for the u.a.e. a series of leaked emails from their ambassador to the us youssef. revealed
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a concerted effort to turn the us away from qatar. kuwait that had experienced aggression from its neighbor iraq almost two decades earlier took on the role of mediator urging both sides to open lines of dialogue the current emir of kuwait was the foreign minister of his country when the g.c.c. was founded he hosted the first meeting that led to the formation of the g.c.c. and so for him it's always speed since the crisis last year in any spoken about it extremely personal he has made this a matter of honor for the generation that founded the g.c.c. . emboldening their position saudi arabia and the u.a.e. convince the newly elected us president that their actions were justified. president trump who only ten days earlier was in riyadh tweeted support for the blockade and joined in accusing qatar of funding radical ideology and extremism.
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this was in stark contrast to the approach taken by the pentagon on the situation saying the u.s. military is grateful for qatar support of the u.s. army presence in the country and it's enjoying committing. to regional security. in the months that followed the u.s. state department signed two memorandums of understanding with qatar underscoring the ties between the two countries especially the joint efforts to defeat terrorism . in paris saudi arabia's foreign minister. said that the damage caused by economic measures should convince qatar to change its policies we want to see qatar implement the promises it made a few years back with regard to support for extremist groups with regards to its hostile media with regards to its interference in the affairs of other countries
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and we have taken this step. with great pain in order to make sure that the turn to stands that these policies are not acceptable not sustainable and that they must change across the gulf states the sanctions and restrictions imposed were now hitting hard and directly affecting individuals and businesses many countries who have family and term times in the neighboring countries who are now cut off and banished. in the hospitals and clinics the harsh embargo was now affecting patients and people requiring medicines and treatment. but the citizens and residents in qatar were unified and supportive of their leader and his government within days of the blockade against qatar we saw huge outpouring of support for the emir and for the qatari state we saw you know of country flags throughout the streets of doha the images of the amir the blockade in the very sort
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of sudden and aggressive way that it was imposed galvanized a sense of national identity among countries and in some ways it also improved relations between countries a non-country residence as day to. the crisis continues top turkish president red chip tie up to one addressed foreign ambassadors they're shown on reason we learn a. little more seats than it was then you know and how to trouble your studio to go . there because of the. cuts that are unique to me up to the moment called little john or me to drink the cotton good turds on the soul that are. tops even missin it if you could turn truckload of good tom all the work the turkish role in relationship with qatar in this crisis is one of the most important developments over the last year turkey has tried to build up relations who attacked
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and qatar even before the crisis reciprocated by improving relations with turkey as a check and a balance against the saudis with whom they've had bad relations on many occasions in the last decade and a half. turkey began debating in parliament legislation for increased military cooperation to support cutter. the bill was passed after one hour and two weeks later its troops were deployed to a military base just outside of doha which they had been using to train the country armed forces. on social media people from all sides were making their cases supportive of the blockade and opposed the regional social fabric is the same we have the same family tribes the same people live across all of these states and the people are not very happy what happened to their brothers and sisters and when they have been cut off and they've been blockaded in
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the holy mother from other stopping water and food supplies to them and seeing that got i was being bullied by their neighbors so if you started to show empathy what we have seen is that there have been repressed by their own government even for showing empathy to. human beings to their people. in the region this is contrary to what we have seen in qatar in qatar you know you have different voices there are people who all are saying things against the government of qatar only its fall a season it is accepted. as the crisis continued both sides made efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the international community the public opinion are aware enough to understand and to differentiate between the time with and the force and the fabricated. qatar's foreign minister met with officials and leaders addressing the media and stating the case for qatar. as the situation
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dragged on governments were growing impatient and wanted a quick end to the standoff now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qatari the details about the claims that they are making toward. the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries eighteen days after implementing the blockade for instigating nations presented a list of thirteen demands of qatar to end the crisis they gave a deadline of ten days to comply with all of the demands which included shutting
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down the al jazeera network close to the turkish military bases and scaled down times with iran. qatar was expected to sever all alleged ties with the muslim brotherhood and other groups including hezbollah al qaida and i saw the thirteen demands that the course had issued towards qatar were absolutely unrealistic one of their major demands was for qatar to stop interfering in other nations affairs and if you look at the list of thirteen demands well that's exactly what they do they interfere in the affairs of the country state. through the kuwaiti intermediary qatar gave its response to the demands. the deadline passed and qatar had fulfilled none of the thirteen points obviously definitely. not accepted no coakley that respects its sovereignty and independence well ever except. to be
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able. to accept and public took up which relate to thirteen public like this a forty eight hour extension was given by the blockading for and still qatar refused to bow down the saudis an m.r.i. artie's expressed outrage at qatar willingness to submit and said the failure to comply is a threat to regional security qatar stood firm and replied with offers of dialogue reaffirming their willingness to find a solution through direct talks we believe and we have expressed several times that others willing to enter into dialogue with. with the blockading nations would just to respect the international law and respect each other nation being deeply invested in the g.c.c. since its foundation kuwait to me
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a continued his efforts to bring the parties together to reconcile their differences when he tried to host the first g.c.c. leaders' summit since the crisis began and the only leader of a d.c. nation to turn up with a. not only did the outage refused to turn up for various reasons but on the same day the u.a.e. and saudi arabia announced the launch of a new bilateral organization a saudi u.a.e. organization through which they would deal with all important economic and security issues so not only did they boycott the meeting but they tried to undermine at the same time it would be the shortest g.c.c. summit in history being abandoned after only a few hours. prior to the g.c.c. meeting qatar shake to mean bin hamad el fanny went on a charm offensive promoting qatar and its policies to the world. meeting heads of state and reaffirming qatar's commitment to peace and stability in the region he
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cemented times with foreign leaders and in an address to the united nations he turned the charges laid against his country back on the blockading party if you have it. up a foreigner or vetted your shabby that are of on you has not in jail in most a matter of a to do one in with. one the hum so you on your own mobbing it do and let you follow them at i look up a bit to the one for sure an adult. the dodo a bit of the animal denny have believe what doe up. it he ate him up of him is c.r.c. is as i think is the law. i later heard that i had to tie the fact that her and. the amir returned to a hero's welcome thousands lined the roads to greet and applaud the man who had stuck by them and not buckled under pressure. abhaya who.
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was riding out the storm established new trade deals and created alternative shipping and air rigs. the blockade is not without impact and although qatar has tremendous wealth to maintain stability it was required to open its coffers injecting almost forty billion dollars into its economy in the first two months of the crisis. the crisis triggered cutter to rethink its sustainability and independence and to set itself up for the future. it built farms and was terra forming its deserts into fertile land. a dairy was set up flying in thousands of cows and producing its own line of products. just days before the one year anniversary of the blockade qatar's government issued
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a directive banning all products from the blockading quartet. the new trade links and self-reliance that have developed over the past year meant qatar has decades long dependence on its neighbors for producing goods had been swept away. all sides were desperate to garner support and backing internationally sweeping reforms was seen across the gulf. qatar lifted entry visa restrictions for eighteen countries and began speeding up much needed improvements to its migrant worker program. saudi arabia appointed a new crown. since mohammed bin salomon and the kingdom tried to sell an image of change but for its subjects freedom of speech and expression continue to be repressed. behind closed doors in abu dhabi have forged partnerships with television to strengthen their position and gain favor from the
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u.s. . the military campaign by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in yemen is taking its toll financially and is criticized globally for the humanitarian catastrophe it has created. ignoring the calls for the blockade to end there has been no softening of the position from the blockading nations this is an irrational erratic crisis it started for no reason in my opinion is going to end like this the longer it continues the more damage it will do to everybody it seems that they have chosen their own country because qatar has built its all resilience show that it cannot and will not be bullied. by their neighbors with neither side willing to back down the future of the g.c.c. is at stake it will never be the same the sense of shock and betrayal following this blockade is something that will be very difficult to erase and while there has
6:46 pm
been no clear victor the ambitions of the blockading quartet to change qatar's foreign and domestic policies have failed their failure to get qatar to concede or make significant concessions their failure to get european muslim asian and middle eastern actors to side with them over qatar has actually highlighted the limitations of the saudi u.a.e. access as a dominant strategic player in the region so i think the best case scenario for a resolution of this conflict is a public agreement to continue to disagreement privately. as the gulf countries continue to drift apart and new geo political alliances a merge in the region a resolution to the crisis seems a long way off. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. and unexpected
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creative opportunities. as a singing contest like no other chance of redemption and hope for the talented few . you. live singers and mudras witness on al-jazeera. this is. the for. coming up in the next sixty minutes or so horrible. trail of tears for them i'm sorry to say. at least forty six people drowned off the coast of yemen again highlighting the desperation of many across the horn of africa. afghanistan's
6:49 pm
president announces a temporary ceasefire with the taliban but so far there's no word on whether the armed group has agreed. the search for survivors of guatemala's volcano of fire continues with searing heat and toxic fumes hindering the tiles. and donald trump prepares for a hostile g seven reception as he sticks to his guns on trade tariffs. i'm going to get your oscar the day sports is the golden state warriors need one more win for a third n.b.a. title in four years i'll have all the action coming up later this news hour. now a hidden crisis that's how the international organization for migration describes the situation in yemen the country has become a transit point for thousands of refugees and migrants who are trying to find work
6:50 pm
but many of them die on the way and this time at least forty six people have drowned when an overcrowded smugglers boat capsized off the coast of somalia on wednesday the un's migration agency says the group of most ethiopians at least sixteen others are missing and more than one hundred people were on board the vessel when it left somalia on tuesday well now the i.o.m. closely monitors the routes these migrants have been taking to seek a better life it's a long and arduous journey many areas scaping war or extreme poverty in countries like eritrea somalia and ethiopia transit points on the horn of africa include djibouti and yemen although some choose to stop in yemen the ressa looking for work in wealthier countries often in saudi arabia and other gulf states well earlier led a daughter who works for the i.o.m. gave graphic detail as to what happens to people along the way. we talk
6:51 pm
a lot about the mediterranean because it's euro centric approach to things but the real rices is people seven thousand a month probably going to yemen from the horn of africa desperately trying to find work to get out of poverty making their way to the gulf region so that's what it's all about and when they're predated on and when they're abused and murdered at the times it really doesn't make that line there's an awful lot of abuse of these migrants and they come across they don't necessarily have as many resources as those coming from west africa do but the my at the those predating on those who pick them up on the road and then take them off to sellers and torture them are doing exactly the same thing they're burning plastic bottles on to their skin getting to call their families back home in ethiopia primarily so they'll send whatever they can and quite often it might be twenty fifty dollars is nothing but it's all that poor family can scramble together to save their loved ones and of
6:52 pm
course they they're let out of detention only be picked up a day or two later by another gang so it's a horrible trail of tears for them i'm sorry to say the problem is it because migration isn't managed very well and it's being controlled by some muggers that you end up with people being exploited so what we're seeing is the fruits of exploitation due to a very un unequal world frankly i mean we're talking about poverty stream poverty in one part of the world youth unemployment and you know great riches not too far away so this is not surprising that people want to try and support their families as best they can and the charity oxfam has joined the international chorus of warning against fighting in the data the red sea port is the main lifeline for humanitarian aid that's how the military says yemeni government forces it back since passive a coalition with the u.a.e. and now within ten kilometers of the who think controlled city some warning of serious consequences if a military assault begins. now the afghan president has announced
6:53 pm
a temporary ceasefire with the taliban to coincide with the end of the muslim forcing month of ramadan there's been much more violence in recent months with dozens of attacks against civilians and security forces the government says operations will continue against other groups like i so well president to go and he delivered the news in a video posted on facebook. that the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan announces a ceasefire probably twenty seventh of ramadan until the fifth day if you don't fit are following the historic ruling of gone religious scholars afghan national defense and security forces will only stop offensive maneuvers against the taliban and will continue to target eisel and other foreign backed terrorist organizations and their affiliates all right let's go live now to our correspondent in kabul jennifer glass got to jennifer it sounds very much to say the president believes
6:54 pm
that he has. a cease fire or a temporary truce if you like within his gift can he impose a ceasefire on the taliban. well this of course right now is a unilateral cease fire he only controls his own forces and his deputy minister of security the minister of interior says that nato is on board they say they have no further information but he does only control his own forces right now it is unilateral cease fire against the taliban it's a gamble martine it's it's really another one of his moves to try and gauge the taleban in february he invited them for unconditional cease talks offer them political rhetoric ignition if they would come to the peace table and now he's offering a ceasefire it comes after a meeting here monday of religious leaders who declared the violence here in afghanistan on islamic and they called it a cease fire this is in response to that and it's trying to trying to really get a sense of who the taliban controls to take
6:55 pm
a. troll they're fighters so as you heard in that sound bite from ashraf ghani afghan security forces remain on defensive positions this only applies to the afghan taliban not the pakistani taliban nor to al qaida or i still carry out operations here in afghanistan so really right now is a wait and see game with all of the taliban continue to battle afghan forces will they continue to carry out of attacks or will they respect the cease fire the afghan president has called and there's been a suggestion of the having been recent to go on the fischel talks with the taliban what do we know about that. well we heard it from general nicholson he is the commander of u.s. and nato forces here he said it in a conference call to pentagon reporters and a little bit after he said that the taliban refuted those allegations that any talks were going on saying that their position were clear the taliban of course have always said that they will not negotiate as long as there are foreign forces
6:56 pm
here in afghanistan i'm glad that the new nato commander saying that the talks are under way with certain taleban and that is the problem with these talks here who exactly are the taliban who represent two are those who might be having talks or maybe making peace overtures actually responsible for those carrying out attacks those are the big questions and those are the challenges to any peace process here are jennifer thank you for that jennifer garner live in the afghan capital kabul. now the united nations says human rights must be on the agenda at the summit between u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un the un envoy thomas or here had been speaking in geneva ahead of the june twelfth summit and he says too many north koreans don't have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on humanitarian aid and while he welcomed the release of three u.s. citizens as month he said hundreds more prisoners should be freed as
6:57 pm
a gesture of good will i'm not the opinion that human rights dialogue. undermined the opening and the talks on the denuclearization at all i don't think that he said the limit. on the contrary i think that for them in the p.r. korea side to show a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights mechanisms will give them could the ability in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in their intention to denuclearize price. and it will play in their favor differently ok let's bring to our correspondent in the south korean capital seoul he is wayne hey when it's all well and good isn't it the u.n. the u.n. . can turn a suggesting that it's not going to. distract from the main issue of
6:58 pm
denuclearization but i doubt that the americans are going to agree with him. yes well this was clearly an attempt by him to ensure that the issue of human rights is kept in the mix as everyone very much focuses on the summit next week between donald trump and kim jong un it's not known whether donald trump will discuss the issue of human rights when he meets with kim jong un in singapore clearly the special rep and two are from the u.n. believes they should be part of the equation particularly when it comes to the issue of economic sanctions against north korea because he said in that media conference that he believes economic sanctions have a direct impact on the humanitarian situation on the human rights situation in north korea so that has to be a discussion that is held in these talks between donald trump and kim jong un according to him donald trump himself has said that the issue of human rights may
6:59 pm
be discussed in singapore but he hasn't really committed he certainly said that he did not discuss human rights when he met kim jong un's right hand man kim jung chawla in washington last week so it seems very much unclear how much discussion there will be about this issue in singapore and there is a timely reminder isn't it that human rights under this kim this leader kim jong il who seems like a fairly jolly convivial fellow in recent months where we've seen him meeting with the south korean leader and expressing his willingness to do all sorts of things which will please the west but it's a reminder that under him it's alleged that human rights have actually gotten worse . exactly martin it's a very timely reminder because we have being all very much focused on this flurry of diplomatic activity those amazing images of kim jong un as you say smiling stepping across the border into south korea meeting with the south korean president . twice agreeing to this summit with donald trump in singapore but there is
7:00 pm
absolutely no indication that the right situation since he took power back in two thousand and eleven has improved in fact there are many indicators that the situation has become worse there are constant allegations of abuse is taking place in north korea public executions sham trials there are some one hundred thousand people being detained in political prison camps hundreds of people every year since he assumed power in two thousand and eleven taking the dangerous journey trying to flee the country to china through thailand and ultimately into south korea so it is a very good reminder and a reminder that perhaps this issue should be brought up in singapore but then there are others who say look you can't bring this up in this first summit in singapore singapore between donald trump and kim jong un because it is too sensitive and if it is brought up then it threatens to derail the.


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