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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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diplomatic activity those amazing images of kim jong un as you say smiling stepping across the border into south korea meeting with the south korean president. twice agreeing to this summit with donald trump in singapore but there is absolutely no indication that the right situation since he took power back in two thousand and eleven has improved in fact there are many indicators that the situation has become worse there are constant allegations of abuse is taking place in north korea public executions sham trials there are some one hundred thousand people being detained in political prison camps hundreds of people every year since he assumed power in two thousand and eleven taking the dangerous journey trying to flee the country to china through thailand and ultimately into south korea so it is a very good reminder and a reminder that perhaps this issue should be brought up in singapore but then there are others who say look you can't bring this up in this first summit in singapore
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singapore between donald trump and kim jong un because it is too sensitive and if it is brought up then it threatens to derail the entire process of improving relations between the korean countries and of course between north korea and the united states when hey live in seoul thank you. now the number of people killed by . volcano has risen to at least nine hundred nine and the fear is that the death toll will be much higher hundreds of people are still missing three days after the eruption some families have been almost completely wiped out as david meserve reports now from the. trapped in a state of uncertainty the family gathers together to wait for news of their loved ones daughter sons brothers nieces and nephews haven't been seen since the fire go volcanoes violent a rupture and now more than three days have passed since the deadly explosions and
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the family is prepared for the worst so what he had on this he say spared going to sixteen people died in the house there will be a brotherhood even went to giving just one single house and. we still haven't heard anything about them. rather than wait for news out of roe decided to join the search he walked for hours to the disaster zone hoping to get close to his brother's house but the ash was too hot and the house too far up the volcano alberto was forced to turn back but alvarado isn't the only one who put himself at risk to search for his missing family on tuesday we met others looking for answers in the disaster zone. where this man was searching for his pregnant daughter and given to me. my daughter lives here nobody has found her that's why we're here struggling to find her her husband of thirteen family members living with them and they're also missing. hundreds of people from the town of san miguel
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a slaughters are still missing but with the meters thick layer of ash and mud carpeting much of the town the hope of finding survivors is gone now the question is how to prevent more disasters like this one. more so i mean i mean there's a lot of folks that has built up we calculate is around fifteen to twenty kilometers with this material this material needs to come out and the material accumulates it will also have to come out this is a risk to disaster this tragedy has brought guatemalans together in a country beset by natural disasters uncertainty about the future is one feeling shared by all david mercer al-jazeera. we've got a lot more to come in this al-jazeera news hour including jordan's new prime minister makes a promise to the people trying to end the days of protest over taxes. refugees
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struggle through ramadan as the monsoon season takes hold. and the sign of the time talent n.f.l. player wrote off a white house not with a powerful message that's coming up in sport. iraq's top judicial authorities taking over the election commission to oversee a manual election recount that's been ordered by parliament the supreme judicial council will select judges to supervise the process after complaints of fraud in last month's parliamentary election the prime minister. said there'd been serious violations a bloc led by the shia cleric. won the election last month. and staying with iraq where at least eighteen people have been killed or more than
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ninety injured in an explosion in baghdad on wednesday a weapons stash exploded in the basement of a shia mosque inside a city it was ignited when cooking materials will be moved to the mosque. tell strafford has more now from the iraqi capital. the ministry of interior has launched an investigation into what it describes as the explosion of a weapons cache in a mosque in southern city that's an area of baghdad that is the stronghold of the influential shia cleric mark tother of solder just looking at the pictures of that area of vast crater left many buildings in the surrounding area destroyed we understand at least eighteen people killed and dozens of others injured himself has released a statement on his website denouncing the explosion and calling for patience saying that it was important people did not take advantage of what he described as the improving security and political situation in iraq he has also called for an
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investigation committee to be set up and he wants the results of that investigation to be released within the next seventy two hours. that britain supreme court says northern ireland strict abortion laws are incompatible with human rights but it's ruled that the organization that brought a case to the court calling for the laws to be changed that that organization doesn't have the right to do so we'll go live to our correspondent now paul brennan who is there outside the supreme court in central london sort of a fairly complex a nuance ruling coming from the supreme court. indeed and i think a little bit unexpected certainly from the media point of view if you know the the best case scenario are suppose for those who are expecting a change in the law would have been for the judges to declare a declaration on compatibility for the law in the northern ireland in relation to human rights legislation what the judges in fact said was that the human rights
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commission in northern ireland didn't have jurisdiction to bring this case in the first place because they were acting so they were arguing in abstract arguments as opposed to specific victims with. victims in mind nevertheless the judges then went on to say that we felt the need to consider the issues behind this in considerable detail and we've come to the conclusion that northern ireland's laws are not compatible particularly well in relation to abortion on not compatible with human rights legislation particularly in the case of the two syndrome that is the unborn child as a condition simply not possible for it to live not to try and pick some of this i'm joined by growing the targets she is from honest international growing up you were supporting one of the women who came here looking for a change in the more are you disappointed with what the judges have to say no we're relieved under lighted by today's judgment very clearly
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a majority of judges in the supreme court have said that the law in northern ireland need to change that they have listened to the cruel and harsh reality for women living in northern ireland under this near total abortion ban so all eyes are now i firmly on trees in may and her government she must stand by women in northern ireland and deliver the change that's needed but those supporters who have been campaigning for the rights of the unborn child say that this is a waste of money because the human rights commission didn't have jurisdiction to bring this case and you never got this far in the past by saying it's a waste of taxpayers' money what you say to them well the judgment is along over again when for women in northern ireland it is a vindication of their rights and it is an acknowledgment of the harm that is caused by the law in northern ireland what we now need to see is change brought up by so that there isn't just differential treatment for women in this tiny corner of the u.k. we need to see women accessing this health care free safe and legal abortions in
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northern ireland trey's i'm a must bring an end to women under health care being exported it seems that the political situation in northern ireland and indeed here in london paralyzes the process. because we don't have a functioning devolved government in northern ireland in stormont haven't had it for eighteen months to recently is reliance on the democratic unionist party which is against any change in the law for the or much a majority of means that she's unwilling to go against them to order your next statement back steps it doesn't seem as good it's going to move politically are you going to try to achieve some legal difference well it's very clear actually best way to put look at the height of commons that there is front bench support and treat them as cabinet for this change including ministers like danny mordant the women inequalities minister that is very welcome to treat them a dozen they find herself in a difficult position between her party members who want to see this change on the d.d.p. who are propping up our government but we will not accept women's rights being
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sacrificed for political expediency so we will know i'm a forward by initiating proceedings today and belfast to have a formal declaration of an compatibility me it but also there is a clear way forward nial westminster the domestic violence bill which will come up in this parliamentary time is the vehicle to bring a byte long overdue abortion reform and we will continue our work at westminster to grow that cross party constituency of support for change when you talk to thank you very much indeed for joining us this issue is not going away both pro and anti all very strongly of their opinions and it's going to be very very difficult indeed to unpick us all right for now paul thank you very much live outside the supreme court in central london. now joe biden's new prime minister resigned as has pledged to work with other policies to form a tax law that suits everyone. but despite that promise thousands of people rallied near the prime minister's office in the capital amman
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for a seventh straight night they say the tax plan hurts the poor and middle class that's going to name ripples out almost become jordan's biggest protest movement in yes. the protesters demands have been clear they want the government to scrap plans to raise income tax by as much as five percent some say until that happens they need to keep applying pressure in the hole in the room where here because the citizens cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back for a number of shops pharmacies and hospitals went on strike but the protests were smaller than in previous days some said they wanted to see what the jordanian government's next move would be. on tuesday king abdullah appointed a former economist as the new prime minister will know it was i don't think this new government will take action therefore we have
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a different opinion about the strike and we will not participate but the anger is still simmering and there are fears the government won't give people relief from a tax law protesters believe will unfairly burden the poor and the middle class jordanians are struggling with rising prices and an official unemployment rate of more than eighteen percent. committed to the quest for a given a chance to a new government give them a chance people are not optimistic as they think it's a same as a previous government but with new faces and not with new policies. and influx of refugees from syria and iraq has strained resources in a small country that has always been heavily reliant upon foreign aid the proposed . is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund jordan is thirty seven billion dollars in debt digging itself out of that debt and reviving the economy may mean things get worse before they get better natasha going to eight
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zero zero the latest from the g seven countries heading to canada for a meeting which could be rather difficult for the u.s. president donald trump his decisions to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and to impose tariffs on u.s. allies like the new countries canada as well as others a causing a deep rift in the group john hendren reports from quebec city the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g seven summit is all about averting a trade war. the great disruptor donald trump and his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada
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mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed a diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions somehow this is insulting to them the idea that the canadian steel that's in military military vehicles in the united states the canadian aluminum that makes your your fighter jets is somehow now a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. europe's leaders are also irate and threatening sanctions on a litany of iconic american products from levi's jeans to kentucky bourbon to harley davidson motorcycles. all made in the republican states trump needs to keep his party in control of congress in this year's midterm elections instead of celebrating their usual unity diplomats from seven of the world's largest economies are scrambling for common ground there was consensus under trump's predecessor
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barack obama on iran and climate change now there's a budding trade war that threatens to turn allies into adversary but some analysts expect a last minute agreement to avert an escalating trade conflict it's mostly done for posturing and because trump sees this as part of his base is particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these tariffs will stick with it a family photo of world leaders that traditionally ends the meeting depicts an awkward alliance with the usual show of unity is largely up to the man from washington john hendren al-jazeera quebec city. in just a moment we'll have the weather with rob also coming up in the south here in new sainz new prime minister bails his cabinet find out why it's historic. and
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what's in a name we'll have the latest on a cross border dispute between greece and macedonia. and with a week to go until the ball we'll hear from christiane a ronaldo european champions portugal prepare for the tournament. the weather sponsored by. hell i expected tropical soccer and even to be undetectable by now but it isn't it briefly looked behind and didn't like resort and went away into the open water again so it still exists it left behind it two hundred fifty millimeters of rain in fact is to read it raining in high demand but the major pulse has gone further east now here the current details over the open water it's really a tropical depression rather than
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a storm the winds are nothing to speak of in fact this is very similar to what i was to write yesterday for me to wave the still around crashing on the shore and the rainfall potential city exists something like four hundred millimeters this is because he's adding to the spring and early summer rains that exist anyway seasonally in this part of the world this dark red center here gives us the next day or so two hundred millimeters or more will be sent as a four hundred because of the addition of this storm has been rainy in hong kong actually ahead of it for the last two or three days and we collected one hundred fifty five millimeters of rain so far as you know there's far more to come and this is part of the biggest system in the whole of asia which we call the southwest monsoon which is rather rugged in its advancement up through india as you can see nothing very obvious about that but ahead of it it's still of course remarkably hot forty eight fourteen aryans. so whether it's sponsored by cattle i always.
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june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's they redrew the map of the middle east this would make record a victory of the in-depth war for the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are still felt today we tried everything to get out of nation try to make you contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was just north of the war in june on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things seem pinned that you realize even witness history in the making.
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traverse take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news hour and overcrowded smugglers baiters capsized off the coast of somalia killing at least forty six people the un's migration agency says the group of mostly ethiopians was on its way to yemen and elsewhere hoping to find work afghanistan's president has announced a temporary ceasefire with the taliban coinciding with the end of ramadan but there's been no word so far from the armed groups as to whether they've agreed. the u.n. says human rights must be on the agenda at the june twelfth summit between. and kim
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jong un its human rights envoy welcomed. north korea's release of three u.s. citizens last month and said hundreds more prisoners should be freed as a gesture of good will. but one is he that north korea will want to discuss is the economy investors believe they'll be prosperous times ahead if things go well in singapore. reports. all eyes are on singapore for next week's kim summit but what comes after the handshakes and the photos but the singapore based international investment expert he conducted a business workshop in north korea three years ago it was done through the nonprofit group chosen exchange that has been operating in pyongyang for several years he thinks that if and when north korea reach integrates into the global market it will act as the world's cheapest factory but the process will take years
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and its biggest ally china will benefit the most there is no other place in the war like north korea so by definition would be the cheapest place that is would be extremely loyal so there would be an interest and maybe from the chinese to produce goods that that he sees north korea's path to be similar to that of one of its asian neighbors to the south we can see the case of myanmar for example where sanctions have belief that the sole companies kind of operating in the country but so far the main box in that remains china for difficult to operate and that. environment while china has a huge head start as an investment in trading partner with north korea some other nations are well positioned including the summit's host singapore has maintained diplomatic relations with north korea since one thousand nine hundred seventy five and the nation had been a trading partner with north korea but suspended trade and stopped issuing work permits one tougher un sanctions were imposed occupying prime real estate in
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central singapore just around the corner from parliament the north korean embassy occupies a few floors in this nondescript building on the heels of meeting u.s. secretary of state mike in washington singapore's foreign minister vivian is in pyongyang this week for an official visit he said having the summit in singapore shows his country is trusted as an honest moderator and the meeting is a contribution to world peace but we won't know until next week just how big or small this contribution might be nor how long it will be before the promises of more prosperous north korea can take hold it's got harder al-jazeera singapore. well the japanese prime minister shinzo rb he's arrived in washington to make sure that tokyo's concerns are not left out at this u.s. north korea summit able have two hours to put his point to president trump before they both leave for the g. seven summit u.s. ally japan has been absent from recent dealings with north korea abyei is concerned
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that mr trump could make concessions like agreeing to reduce america's military presence in the region. now the u.s. has sent two more employees home from its consulate in the chinese city of thought that they have fallen victim to say called sonic attacks similar to last year's cases in cuba florence louis has more from beijing. this case cretonne out to be more serious than previously thought a u.s. medical team is currently in the southern city of toronto to conduct screenings on american government workers and those workers who've been sent home from china had complained of the same symptoms suffered by their colleagues in cuba including hearing loss headaches and nausea and those diplomats in the families in cuba were later diagnosed with showing signs of minor brain trauma including concussions and all had complained of hearing strange disturbing noises before the symptoms started
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and it's not yet known what's causing these illnesses and theories have ranged from sonic attacks to talk since the u.s. state department has now set up a task force to look into these as yet unexplained health incidents affecting u.s. embassy staff china has said it's not been formally notified of these latest cases and that it will investigate if asked to it had said regarding the first case week involving an american staff who had already been sent home last month that it had investigated and it found no explanation for the case now these incidents come at a time when ties between the u.s. and china are becoming increasingly strained the two are in the midst of talks to try and avert a trade war two countries two of the world's biggest economies have threatened to slap tariffs on as much as one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods each and then there's the dispute in the south china sea the u.s. is not a claimant but it has accused china of increasingly militarizing disputed parts of
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the south china sea and finally there's the upcoming summit between north korea and the u.s. where the two leaders are expected to talk about denuclearization on the korean peninsula and the success of these talks will depend in part on cooperation from china a very close ally of north korea so this is a relationship where they're rivals who need each other and if it turns out that there is a case of possible mis. treatment of u.s. embassy staff in china but it could make an already fraught relationship even more difficult. now as a year since at least six farmers were killed in the northern indian city of man saw when police fired on them they've been protesting about low project is prices and this year the persists mariana hond has more. daughter duckett says police beat his son to death it happened during a farm as protest in the northern indian city of months or last year his wife and
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a kid had just returned home from giving birth docket difficult to see his baby groom. i want justice my son should get justice my daughter in law deserves justice the culprits should be punished and hanged my son broke his head legs and hands now who will take care of his children. there are. three years family have been protesting against declining prices for projects like milk seed oils vegetables and cereal they say they are struggling to survive and need loan waivers guaranteed minimum incomes and government help to get more for the produce. but while they have been learn rifles for farmers in the past some economists say these are often short term fixes that fail to deal with the bigger issues like climate change and meeting new consumer demand. and seventeen of
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india's states have farmers making on average around three hundred dollars a year but expects that income to plummet if monsoon rains are bad or there's a drought that's left more than half of india's farming households in debt and under enormous pressure at least three hundred thousand farmers have killed themselves in a twenty year period most commentators say that's a conservative figure. more than half of india's population that slightly over half a billion people are employed in farming that gives farmers significant political clout spatially with upcoming state elections and a general vote next year the ruling b.j. party last week lost a byelection in the sugar producing region of who took her dish and the head of the opposition indian national congress party raul gandhi and madhya pradesh for campaigning in state elections made a direct appeal to farmers including country on duckett's father. they have to come
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up with a long lasting solution and i think that has to be a tackle of the machinable level rather than a state by state district by district level which is how things work now. a year after the hunt was killed in these protests around half a million farmers in the north and west of india are on strike for these farmers this milk is worth more to them spilled on the streets than making money from it maybe on one hand al-jazeera. range of refugees stuck in makeshift camps in bangladesh adult for the un agreement will see them return home miramar and the u.n. say under the deal some of the seven hundred thousand ranger will be able to go back to miramar seventy dekker reports. mohammad prays before breaking his ramadan fast with his family this year they're observing ramadan as refugees along with
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hundreds of thousands of other crammed into this camp in cox's bazaar. last year in ramadan it wasn't so difficult in our home village in myanmar at least we could get all the basic essentials like fish meat and vegetables but over here we just can't afford them now we only have rice lentils cooking oil that we get from the aid agencies it's really difficult here. it's the monsoon season heavy rains and winds lashed down on the flimsy tents turning the ground into deep mud that's why aid agencies are trying to build new sturdier housing this is a safer location away from the hills which are vulnerable to landslides and some of the refugees are being hired to help build their new homes. our community is facing a lot of challenges many of us are living on binge or a skills in rough terrain and the bad weather conditions put our lives at risk now
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where making new homes in a safe zone to accommodate some of the range of families. the expansion of the camps also means that no one is expecting their agenda to be returning home to me in mar anytime soon there are almost a million of them here in bangladesh many say in this holiest month of ramadan they're thankful they're safe but their lives remain a daily struggle stephanie decker. of the spanish king is sworn in a new cabinet and it's dominated by women in fact it's the highest proportion of female menaces ever seen in your prime minister pedro sanchez has appointed eleven women to top posts including the deputy prime minister the economy position and justice six men have been chosen including a former astronaut who will be the science minister. al-jazeera continues to call egypt to release its journalist mahmoud hussein his ascension has been renewed
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again he spent more than five hundred days behind bars without charge the same as arrested in december twenty sixth seen and accused of disseminating false news which he and out of his era deny. the former boss of cambridge analytical has refused to answer questions about the extent of the firm's use of private information from facebook speaking to a u.k. parliamentary committee alexander and explained what he called the global liberal media for the collapse of his consultancy company cambridge analytic has been accused of mishandling the data of more than eighty million facebook users to help manipulate election results in several countries they include the twenty sixteen us election and the brics it a referendum in the u.k. look i'm sorry if members of this committee are unhappy with the outcome of the referendum i'm sorry if it's committee you are happy. with from being president of
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the united states but you can't simply. put forward your prejudice to me and make sweeping assumptions about. our involvement with that particular campaign simply because that's what you want to believe because that narrative your view of the facts. evidence to. give. a conspiracy theory but. the tens of thousands of people have rallied in cities across northern greece they're protesting against a possible compromise in the country's long running name dispute with neighboring macedonia for this report from one of the main demonstrations impellor. i to the people of northern greece macedonia the renown is their second national anthem the folk song celebrates an identity they cherish as much as greek innocent
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self it's not just ancient history they're proud of their great grandparents fought to wrest this land from the ottoman empire these high schoolers have heard the family stories of sacrifice and bloodshed they feel it's their duty to fight to keep the name macedonia exclusively greek the greeks feel they are defending themselves from a peculiar crime the first of a component of their nation hood the bottom and we cannot give away our property our historical pride of being greeks and macedonians certain people cannot take what doesn't belong to them i mean. i think sharing this name will be the biggest forgery in history mastodon is this where we stand this don't say that history says it. the archaeological record leaves no doubt here in pella buried beneath cotton fields lies the four hundred hectare ancient macedonian capital it is from here that alexander the great set out to conquer asia and a few miles to the south archaeologists have found the royal tombs of the ancient
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macedonian dynasty such finds do not exist outside greece but the talks between athens and scope here are designed to show.


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