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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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geez why does your jordan's new prime minister. says he's close to withdrawing contentious tax changes that are days of protests the demonstrations forced the previous prime minister to step down earlier this week alexey o'brien reports there's no time to say flying in jordan's new prime minister is getting straight down to work he takes office under pressure to calm the biggest protests in years over tax low critics say targets the poor and working class president has promised immediate action to come up with a new law that suits everyone and has begun consultations with the senate and trade unions and we started this morning and we will go through all of the stages we don't have any prior positions it will all be based on dialogue and we're going to listen to our partners these are well established civil society organizations with a clear voice and a clear right and this is what the king has asked us to do today to have an active dialogue with the people based on the law in
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a legitimate way this dialogue will make people comfortable. rezzes as a former world bank economist appointed by king of dol on tuesday his predecessor hani mulki resigned a day earlier in an attempt to diffuse the growing public anger but the change at the top didn't prevent a day long strike by doctors lawyers and teaches the. all stop defiant crowds from messing in the streets of the capital on wednesday night they say a cabinet reshuffle isn't enough to improve their lives. much people are saying give them a chance for the minister to withdraw the loyal cancel or do something but the people who are in on the heavenly patience is no room for them to wait people can't find anything to eat we don't have anything protesters wanted to rally outside the new prime minister's office but security forces blocked the road pushing back the sea of people. because. the only thing that happened the only demand fulfilled was
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that the government was dismissed we still have many more demands that have not been fulfilled we will stay in the streets until all our demands are met we want justice and dignity and bridge others though i hope hope the force was so much of we want to give them a chance we want to become better but reviving the economy will take time jordan's thirty seven billion dollars in debt and the tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund resins has pledged to listen to his people his challenge will now be to find some middle ground on al-jazeera. speak to his journalist and founder of amman that is joining us via skype from the children in capital amman thank you for talking to us the fact that the new prime minister is considering dropping plans for this tax this income tax hike suggests that there's a significant victory for the people who've been out on the streets for the last
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week. absolutely this has been the main demanded of their special unit and the young people in the streets asking that the that jobs act will be withdrawn they were promised in the parliament would reject it but people don't trust the parliament they want the government to fail to join with it he said the mystery of the militias their prime minister designate that once they swear allegiance to the government is formed then they can withdraw which is their retreat for many people indeed but it might be a pyrrhic victory mustn't it because the the profound economic challenges that these these protests have revealed are not going away are they without i'll get a plea the prescription from the i.m.f. . if you look at the letter of assignment from the king there is clearly insistence that there will be an income tax law but why does the base of the income
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tax collection the question is whether it's just whether it's actually proportionate whether it's separation is it the right place but they will have to renegotiate this who in the parliament was a union with civil society the problem with the previous government was that they didn't really have any debate they just railroaded down everybody's throat slot and it's because you would operate by the question of unions and by young people i mean the world is not used to seeing this kind of offer or as you describe it on the streets of the children how far would you say jill dania society has changed as a result of the mobilization that it's gone through to fight against this proposed tax change. well it's been impressive because you know the life you've targeted by the snow that's a lot of the middle class to upper middle class professionals and the young people
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who came out of the you know presented a very mature and didn't really work. they did not fear radiator and demand to accept it and they clean up afterwards and they should stand with the police when they were done demonstrating quite new and original i think and i think it presented a situation where across the people are quite serious about their process but they want to do it before away right ok thank you very much indeed daoud kuttab talking to us live from amman thank you now the afghan president has announced a temporary ceasefire with the taliban coinciding with the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan there's a much more violence in recent months with dozens of attacks against civilians and the security forces the government says operations will continue against other groups like isis or the u.s.
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says it will honor the cease fire calling it a bold initiative for peace jennifer glass has more from the afghan capital kabul. president gummies announcement of a unilateral ceasefire it seems to be a calculated gamble following on his offer instead of the afghan taliban for unconditional peace talks and a seat at the political table if they came to negotiations so for that hasn't borne any fruits of what he made clear in his announcement that this ceasefire only applied to the afghan taliban afghanistan islam your movie that the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan announces a ceasefire from the twenty seventh of ramadan until the fifth day if you don't fit or following the historic ruling of afghan religious scholars afghan national defense and security forces will only stop offensive maneuvers against the taliban and will continue to target eisel and other foreign backed terrorist organizations and their affiliations the question is what will the taliban do now will they
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respect this ceasefire through one of the holiest weeks in the muslim calendar and how will afghan security forces tell the difference between taliban fighters and those and other militant groups the president ghani says his army and other security forces will continue to fight we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. ranger refugees struggle through ramadan as the monsoon season takes hold. you can i go inside to stop a government crackdown by staging a national strike. will tell you how the warriors put themselves within a when the n.b.a. time. at least eighteen people have been killed in baghdad when a cache of weapons exploded in the basement of a mosque ninety other people were injured in wednesday's powerful blast which
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destroyed surrounding buildings and cars that has more from the iraqi capital. the crater and surrounding devastation shows how powerful the explosion was in the halls of sort of a city in northeastern baghdad. homes and businesses destroyed the area is the stronghold of the influential shia cleric toddles saw that so are you a fool and now where little madras you knew there were missiles grenades and other mena shin stashed and they exploded on civilians my son's house was had to be three missiles my son's family was hit his house and his cow were destroyed in some of our neighbors were killed and injured we appealed to our latest to help us in the peace brigades they need to hold the ones behind this accountable. at. iraq's ministry of interior has launched an investigation into what it says was an explosion of a weapons cache hidden in
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a mosque. i have no words left to express this calamity if i start speaking i will lose my temper no cleric or religious man accept such thing not even an official or an m.p. what did these innocent people do to deserve this people remain scared the entire night other people overnighted in hospitals not to mention young children some were gravely injured we don't know who to complain to is it rational to store weapons in such residential area look at the destruction and judge by yourself. witnesses say mourners were using a tent off to a funeral next to the mosque before the blast they say the heat all flames from cooking in the tent may have caused the weapons to explode souther released a statement thursday morning calling for patience and call he said it was important for people not to take advantage of what he describes as the improved security and
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political situation in iraq because of the setting up of a special investigative committee into the blast and for it to release its findings within seventy two hours. back that. the us has sent home to more employees from the consulate in the chinese city of. it's believed that they have fallen victim to the same cold sonic attack similar to last year's cases in cuba florence louis has more from beijing. this case could turn out to be more serious than previously thought a u.s. medical team is currently in the southern city of congo to conduct screenings on american government workers and those workers have been sent home from china had complained of the same symptoms suffered by their colleagues in cuba including hearing loss headaches and nausea and those diplomats in the families in cuba were later diagnosed with showing signs of minor brain trauma including concussions and
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all had complained of hearing strange disturbing noises before the symptoms started and it's not yet known what's causing these illnesses and theories have ranged from song to get taxed to toxins the u.s. state department has now set up a task force to look into these as yet unexplained health incidents affecting u.s. embassy staff that china has said it's not been formally notified of these latest cases and that it will investigate if asked to it had said regarding the first case rig involving an american star who had already been sent home last month that it had investigated and it found no explanation for the case. let's go live now to the canadian capital also where there you see justin trudeau the prime minister of can canada he is flanked by the president of france emmanuel macro you'll see him in just a moment and they are addressing the media after having had talks bilateral talks in preparation for the g.
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seven summit which is due to take place in quebec tomorrow but let's listen to what these gentlemen have to say in the run up to that silent short. phrase the future from. assigning a joint declaration on. the spirit of the g. seven adopted on the march last year and this document emphasized of this technology focus on the human and the rights of. of the person inclusion diversity innovation and economic growth canada and france will collaborate us together to setting up an international study group made up of governmental experts release of science industry and civil society a little bit like the interim government experts on climate change this group will at becoming the global reference to understand the issues linked to artificial
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intelligence. in the same way the person i have agreed to strengthen or cooperation with regards to international aid forces sustainable development france and canada has expressed efforts for the equality of sexes and protection of the environment throughout the world aids for sustainable development takes into account these two issues is sustainable progress whether it is a question of economic economic stability or peace goes through the equality of sexes and environmental protection and these objectives cannot be separated says that is why we announced today the signing of an action plan. on international. aid and sustainable development this initiative takes internet. it took our
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feminist policy of canada and france for equality between men and women in this action to work even more closely to reach a joint subjectives with regards to farm and protection and the autonomy it's all right so that justin trudeau i think we've heard enough from him and now we haven't heard from emanuel mccrone just yet and if it goes on to say anything more interesting of course we'll get back to him but this is we're particularly interested of course in these two meeting because it is as i said before this is the eve of the g. seven the g. seven summit which is you to take place in quebec and that of course is where we are expecting to be visible tension if you like between the united states donald trump will be going there any any moment now he'll be traveling up to quebec and that's where we're expecting that to be visible tensions between donald trump and perhaps his closest allies the countries who are represented as well the ship has
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said let's hear this report now from our correspondent john hendren the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g. seven summit is all about averting the trade. the great disruptor donald trump in his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions somehow. this is insulting to them the idea that the canadian steel that's in military military vehicles in the united states the canadian aluminum that makes your at your fighter jets is somehow now
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a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable europe's leaders are also irate and threatening sanctions on a litany of iconic american products from levi's jeans to kentucky bourbon to harley davidson motorcycles. all made in the republican states needs to keep his party in control of congress in this year's midterm elections instead of celebrating their usual unity diplomats from seven of the world's largest economies are scrambling for common ground there was consensus under trump's predecessor barack obama on iran and climate change now there's a budding trade war that threatens to turn allies into adversary but some analysts expect a last minute agreement to avert an escalating trade conflict it's mostly done for posturing and because trump sees this as part of his base is
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particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these tariffs will stick with it a family photo of world leaders that traditionally ends the meeting depicts an awkward alliance with the usual show of unity is largely up to the man from washington john hendren al-jazeera quebec city. now the number of people killed by guatemala volcano has now risen to at least ninety nine and the fear is that that death toll will rise to much higher numbers hundreds of people are still missing three days after the eruption some families have been almost completely wiped out as david massa now reports from the disaster. trapped in a state of uncertainty the family gathers together to wait for news of their loved ones daughter sons brothers nieces and nephews haven't been seen since the fire go
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volcanoes violent a rupture and now more than three days have passed since the deadly explosions and the family is prepared for the worst so what he had on this he says. sixteen people died in the house they were all big brother could even went to giving just one single house and. we still haven't heard anything about them. rather than wait for news out of road decided to join the search he walked for hours through the disaster zone hoping to get close to his brother's house but the ash was too hot and the house too far up the volcano alberto was forced to turn back but alvarado isn't the only one who put themselves at risk to search for his missing family on tuesday we met others looking for answers in the disaster zone. where this man was searching for his pregnant daughter and given to me. my daughter lived here but nobody has found her that's why we're here struggling to find her her
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husband of thirteen family members living with them and they're also missing. hundreds of people from the town of san miguel us lattes are still missing but what the meters thick layer of ash and mud carpeting much of the town the hope of finding survivors is gone now the question is how to prevent more disasters like this one here is demonstrate right no more so i mean i mean there's a lot of boccanegra to deal with that has built up we calculate is around fifteen to twenty kilometers with material this material needs to come out and the more material accumulates it will also have to come out this is a risky design. this tragedy has brought guatemalans together in a country beset by natural disasters uncertainty about the future is one feeling shared by all. david mercer al-jazeera a little mango what tamala. now did you know it's the wettest month of the year in
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the bahamas there are plenty of thunderstorms real busy acts that were up yes it be lovely austerity ten months the year it's just blue skies and blue seas now you can watch this sort of thing happening this is social media footage a bit italy what you see the clouds go through the thunderstorms every now and again send down a little funnel this is a water spout over land it just looks like that looks fairly familiar but because you take it over so over water over land it will be a tornado and these we should be seeing in abundance on the last month or so the u.s. had not been many of but massive massive cloud there on the edge of it produced i know it's joe jerky again but this is in wyoming laramie wyoming and that was a nice the building plant this became quite a significant tornado and it's this area here which might produce a few more but to be honest it's a very very quiet you are in the us and this is just the edge of a dome of rather warm weather all the way from florida right up to almost the dakotas were in excess of thirty degrees that you'd expect humid hot weather to
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produce lots of thunderstorms and a few tornadoes been very few iran or two in texas still i think but you really got to look at this northern edge where slightly cooler is coming in to see dr thunderstorms and again it's wyoming it's the plains states down towards oklahoma and dallas and across to i were illinois but there's not much in it it's more clout than anything else furious marty rob thank you very much indeed still to come on this knowledge is there a new trial. to each of you and to the muslims around the world ramadan will barak . why there are protests as president trump marks the holy month of ramadan with an if dinner. and a sign of the time tallon n.f.l. player wrote off a white house snub with a powerful message that's coming up in school.
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the world's pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of trying we need entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how all industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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you know with the al-jazeera news and these are our top stories in yemen they have been new efforts to end the three year long civil war reuters news agency is reporting that peace plan is proposing the his hand over their weapons including their ballistic missiles and then the exchange there would be an end to the saudi a morality coalition's bombing campaign. jordan's new prime minister says he is close to withdrawing a controversial hike in taxes it's a key demand of protest has it been demonstrating for the past week on monday they
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forced the former prime minister to resign. afghanistan's president has announced a temporary ceasefire with the taliban coinciding with the end of ramadan but there's been no word so far from the group as to whether they agree. now it's a year since at least six farmers were killed in the northern indian city of man saw when police fired on them they'd been protesting about low protein prices an issue that persists today many on a honda has more. to do to. see its police beat his son to death it happened during a family's protest in the central indian city of months or last year his wife had just returned home from giving birth. never got to see his baby. i want justice my son should get justice my daughter in law deserves justice the
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culprits should be punished and hanged my son broke his head legs and hands down who will take care of his children. throughout for years families have been protesting against declining prices for. juice like milk sea doyle's vegetables and cereal they say they're struggling to survive and need loan waivers guaranteed minimum incomes and government help to get more for the produce. they had been loaned rifles for farmers in the past some economists say these are often short term fixes that fail to deal with the bigger issues like climate change and meeting new consumer demand and seventeen of india's states of farmers making on average around three hundred dollars a year but expect that income to plummet if monsoon rains are bad or there's a drought that's left more than half of india's farming households in debt and
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under enormous pressure at least three hundred thousand farmers have killed themselves in a twenty year period most commentators say that's a conservative figure. more than half of india's population that slightly over half a billion people are employed in farming that gives farmers significant political clout spatially with upcoming state elections and a general vote next year the ruling b.j. party last week lost a byelection in the sugar producing region of who took her dish and the head of the opposition indian national congress party riled gandhi and madhya pradesh for campaigning in state elections made a direct appeal to farmers including country duckett's father. they have to come up with a long lasting solution and i think that has to be a typical of the machinable level rather than a state by state district by district level which is how things work now. a year
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after the fed was killed in these protests around half a million families in the north and east of india are on strike for these families this milk is with most of them spilled on the streets and making money from it maybe on one hand al-jazeera business and is in nicaragua as captured lower calling for a national strike to pressure the government to end its violent crackdown on protests as almost one hundred thirty people have been killed since anti-government demonstrations began in april manimal of apollo reports out from managua. at the busy minute gadol would be undone open air market in managua thousands of vendors and shop owners are preparing for an act of civil disobedience a majority of the small business owners say they will no longer pay taxes or utility bills until the government commits to ending the violence that's gripped the country for the last six weeks lives up to the long walk by out of the i one we're not going to pay for electricity because that's the money the government used
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to pay kidnappers in killings the land ahead is owns a shop here and is one of the organizers of the action and. money will no longer be used to move to our own people with more than twenty thousand shops and stands the mick gatto audience is the largest open air market in central america it generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and taxes every year it lend us says the civil disobedience is the most peaceful and efficient way to protest what i mean i've come up with the action as business owners is to apply pressure in a legal way that means declaring civil disobedience and not paying taxes why. not everyone at the market is on board with the strike some vendors here blamed the demonstrators for inciting the unrest knowing it was you know way i will not participate in the disobedience we want to pay for so that we can all whip to pace fully. outside the market. anti-government demonstrations take place every day
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dozens of barricades have been set up by protesters along roadways across the country. the director of the naked eye when association of importers an expert who says the longer the crisis drags on the harsher the impact will be on the overall economy is. why if this conflict continues into the end of the year economic growth will probably drop but a percentage points this would potentially mean more the nine hundred million dollars in losses political unrest has spilled into some of nicaragua's most popular holiday destinations damaging the country's most important source of revenue tourism the government accuses right wing activists of infiltrating the protest movement in order to destabilize the government experts say it is still too soon to determine the impact the unrest has had on commerce construction and tourism but they do agree that every day the conflict drags on is another step backwards for the people of new. jersey when i was. the spanish king has sworn
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in a new cabinet and it's dominated by women in fact is the highest proportion of female ministers ever seen in europe the prime minister paid just sanchez appointed eleven women to top post including deputy prime minister economy and justice six men have been chosen including a former astronaut will be the science minister. that tens of thousands of people have rallied in cities across northern greece they're protesting against a possible compromise in the country's long running name dispute with neighboring macedonia that johnson roughness ripples from one of the main demonstrations in palla. to the people of northern greece macedonia the renown is the second national anthem the folk song celebrates an identity they cherish as much as greek and us itself it's not just ancient history they're proud of their great grandparents forced to read. this land from the ottoman empire these high schoolers
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have heard the family stories of sacrifice and bloodshed they feel it's their duty to fight to keep the name macedonia exclusively greek the greeks feel they are defending themselves from a peculiar crime the first of a component of their nation hood. we cannot give away our property our historical pride of being greeks and macedonians certain people cannot take what doesn't belong to them i mean. i think sharing this name will be the biggest forgery in history in macedonia is this where we stand this don't say that history says it. the archaeological record leaves no doubt here in pella buried beneath cotton fields lies the four hundred hector ancient macedonian capital it is from here that alexander the great set out to conquer asia and a few miles to the south archaeologists have found the royal tombs of the ancient macedonian dynasty. such finds do not exist outside greece but the talks between athens and scope here are designed to share macedonian identity the country that
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has called itself republic of macedonia since the second world war would retain that name with a qualifier such as northern or upper opinion polls suggest three quarters of greeks are against that unless the name is in the native slavic tongue of the yugoslav macedonians greece has reasons to compromise its economy is in tatters after eight years of recession it needs trading partners and former yugoslav macedonia wants to enter the european union and nato cultivating good relations now could give greece a better position in those organizations and then there is greece's real worry the increasingly tense relationship with turkey. as the country emerges from its economic crisis it shapes an area in which it can act and with which it can grow this is because it frees up strength to deal with the real geopolitical geostrategic problems and these are not former yugoslav macedonia or albania they
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come from the east for these greek macedonians however history and identity matter above all else jumps at all costs al-jazeera. president vladimir putin says he's not planning to withdraw russian troops from syria any time soon he was questions from his citizens during the annual colin shea that is broadcast on state television he insisted that troops would stay in syria for as long as it was in russia's interest. in the arsenal but our forces are deployed there to secure russia's interest in this vital region of the world which is very close to our territory and they will remain there as long as it's beneficial to russia. there are hindu refugees stuck in makeshift camps in bangladesh adult full that are un agreement will see them return home mia ma and u.n. agencies say under the deal some of the seven hundred thousand muslim or hindu will be able to go back to me among the seventy.


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