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tv   The War In June  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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well the obviously the risk is greater conflict and you warned about the dangers of a third world war being essentially an end to civilization and of course it's not entirely spontaneous is it and it's fairly orchestrated in terms of the questions that get through to the president but was anything about how they are prepared for the world cup which of course is about one who a week away. yeah i mean this is what this want to putin's a big events isn't it the have the sochi olympics four years ago the winter olympics now iis bringing the world cup to russia it's a spectacular show piece sporting event the eyes of the world are going to be on this country in just a few days' time and of course this is very important for food and it's very important for russia to put on a good show and to make sure that everyone that comes here has a good time he's i think fairly realistic about the possibilities of the russian
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national team doing particularly well but of course it will be unpatriotic of him to say that they're going to do badly so he wished them the best of luck there was a question going back to kind of more international affairs about whether there's a danger across the border in ukraine the ukrainian military might use the world cup or take the world cup as a convenience justification or reason to push home some sort of advantage in the war in the east of the country by the movies and so they they had better not do that well things might go badly for ukraine in that eventuality i dare all right thank you very much roy hallums there our correspondent in moscow. so to count here at al-jazeera spain's new prime minister fails his cabinet find out why it's a fast figure. range a refugee struggle through ramadan as the monsoon season beds down on the cap.
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hell of it remains particularly wet in southern china is still going to mainz of a tropical depression which is briefly a stormy sea the circulation has went through hard and and is on its way up into for john however as a matter of rainfall two hundred fifty members is on record for high now and about eighty two currently in hong kong and still raining the circulation is quite obviously there this is on friday and the green represents the rain which talks inland goes through hong kong and then heads out to his shanghai sits the southeast corner of china you'll see anything up to four hundred millimeters of rain i think when it's all over will be obvious flooding from that it's drier inland to get to the higher ground further west and of course southeast asia to peer into china it
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is that what time of the year at the moment in fact monsoon rains are making their way up the west and gets in the bloom of occasional showers inland as a result harder drugs have a bit of relief from the heat the still plenty of rain up in the bay of bengal but it's coming in regular irregular showers at the moment the pretty monsoon heat ahead of it further north through magic pradesh and back up towards central pakistan is still there with temperatures at their worst not only here up to forty eight or forty nine celsius. a year as paulson says the start of the blockade. qantas foreign minister talks to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how his country is coping with. the.
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toughest to take over the top stories here it out of his era there are reports of a new un peace plan for yemen according to the roses news agency youth the rebels would be urged to give up their ballistic missiles in exchange the saudi a morality coalition would stop targeting them with air strikes. france and canada are again cautioning against a trade war with the u.s. ahead of what promises to be a rather testy g.
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seven summit they say they'll ask other leaders at the summit to convince donald trump to normalize trade ties after the u.s. imposed new metal tariffs. president putin has reiterated that he has no plans to pull troops out of syria any time soon he was being quizzed about russia's role in the conflict as well as about a range of other topics during his annual call in t.v. show. that prime minister says he is close to withdrawing a contentious tax change that has sparked days of protests the demonstrations demonstrations forced the previous prime minister to step down earlier this week alexey o'brien reports. there's no time to say flying in jordan's new prime minister. is getting straight down to work he takes office under pressure to calm the biggest protests in jez attacks critics say targets the poll and working class
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president has promised immediate action to come up with a new law that suits everyone as began consultations with the senate and trade unions and we've started this morning and we will go through all of the stages we don't have any prior positions it will all be based on dialogue and we're going to listen to our partners these are well established civil society organizations with a clear voice and a clear right and this is what the king has asked us to do today to have an active dialogue with the people based on the law in a legitimate way that this dialogue will make people comfortable. reza has as a former world bank economist appointed by king of dialogue on tuesday his predecessor hani mulki resigned a day earlier in an attempt to diffuse the growing public anger but the change at the top didn't prevent a day long strike by doctors lawyers and teaches. all stop defiant crowds from messing in the streets of the capital on wednesday night they say a cabinet reshuffle isn't enough to improve their lives that was what people are
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saying give them a chance for the minister to withdraw the oil cancel or do something but the people who are known to have been patients is no room for them to wait people can't find anything to eat we don't have anything protesters wanted to rally outside the new prime minister's office but security forces blocked the road pushing back the sea of people the look of the anybody thought and often the only thing that happened the only demand fulfilled was that the government which does missed we still have many more demands that have not been fulfilled we will stay in the streets until all our demands are met we want justice and dignity and bridge others though a hopeful look at the polls was though so much of we want to give them a chance we want to become better but reviving the economy will take time jordan's thirty seven billion dollars in debt and the tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund resins has pledged
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to listen to his people his challenge will now be to find some middle ground on al-jazeera. the united nations says human rights must be on the agenda at the summit between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong il and the un's envoy tomas or can diana was speaking in geneva ahead of the june twelfth summit he said too many north koreans don't have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on aid and while he welcomed north korea's release of three u.s. citizens last month he said hundreds more prisoners should be freed as a gesture of good well i'm not the opinion that human rights dialogue. undermined the opening and the talks on the denuclearization at all i don't think that he said dilemma. on the contrary i think that from the in the p.r. korea side to show
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a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights mechanisms we'll give them could it really be in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in their intention to denuclearize price. and it will play in their favor definitely one hour from our correspondent wayne hay in south korea. the comments by the special repertoire were clearly an attempt to try to keep the issue of human rights in the mix as the world very much focuses on that summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore next week it's not known if donald trump will raise the issue of human rights when he meets with kim jong un but the special wrapper to a things that has to be part of the equation particularly when it comes to discussions around economic sanctions against north korea because he believes that sanctions have a direct impact on the humanitarian situation in north korea but there are others
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who say look you cannot raise this issue directly with kim jong un in this first summit because it is too sensitive for the north koreans and if donald trump does go ahead and talk too much about human rights in singapore then it raises the risk of derailing the entire process of improving relationships between the two koreas and between north korea and the united states american government officials are saying that they have been raising the issue of human rights constantly in their meetings with the north korean counterparts in the lead up to that summit next week . national disaster agency says it's suspending rescue efforts in the areas seventy two. options heavy rain and have made it dangerous for rescue workers to continue their operation at least ninety nine people died after sunday's eruption as david meserve reports from the desire. trapped in
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a state of uncertainty the family gathers together to wait for news of their loved ones daughter sons brothers nieces and nephews haven't been seen since the flag over ok knows violent to rupture now more than three days have passed since the deadly explosions and the family is prepared for the worst said what he had on this he says. sixteen people died in the house there will be a brotherhood even went to giving just one single house and. we still haven't heard anything about them. rather than wait for news out of road decided to join the search he walked for hours to the disaster zone hoping to get close to his brother's house but the ash was too hot and the house too far up the volcano alberto was forced to turn back but alvarado isn't the only one who put himself at risk to search for his missing family on tuesday we met others looking for answers
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in the disaster zone. where you're from this man was searching for his pregnant daughter and women to me. my daughter lived here but nobody has found her that's why we're here struggling to find her her husband of thirteen family members living with them and they're also missing. hundreds of people from the town of san miguel is last days are still missing but with the meters thick layer of ash and mud carpeting much of the town the hope of finding survivors is gone now the question is how to prevent more disasters like this one that most. i know more so i mean i mean there's a lot of folk can occur to you that has built up we calculate is around fifteen to twenty kilometers with material this material needs to come out and the more material accumulates it will also have to come out this is a recipient to disaster this tragedy has brought guatemalans together in a country beset by natural disasters uncertainty about the future is one feeling
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shared by all david mercer al-jazeera a little mango what amala and thousands of kilometers away hawaii's killer way a volcano has been erupting for more than a month now but experts say the past twenty four hours have been particularly devastating and he gallagher reports. plumes of toxic gas rise off the coast of hawaii big island as a landscape succumbs to the power of killer whales for more than a month a volcano has been spewing lava consuming hundreds of homes in its path and changing this unique community for good many residents have lost everything you've got a pretty good sense of loss and bad and then you know are you can do is pick up on your wall experts say there are at least twenty four separate fishes each venting toxic gases and lava papa hoby each one of the islands most popular destinations has been all but wiped out this once picturesque but he is now filled with molten
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rock most residents of evacuated but officials say some are refusing to leave you still have some people. who. make up their own minds in decide that maybe they don't need to evacuate when civil authorities tell them that they should evacuate so for around two and a half thousand residents have been evacuated get away with showing no signs of slowing down and the gallacher al-jazeera. britain's supreme court says northern ireland's strict abortion laws are incompatible with human rights but it's ruled that the organization that brought the case to the court calling for the north to change doesn't have the right to do say pool rennet brennan has been following the case at the supreme court in london most observers expected the judges to come down one way or the other in relation to the compatibility of northern ireland's abortion laws with human rights legislation but in fact what the judges decided was
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that the human rights commission in northern ireland didn't actually have the jurisdiction to bring the case in the first place but that said it was very interesting to see that the supreme court judges felt the issues so compelling and so important that they decided to look at them anyway despite the fact that the commission didn't have jurisdiction and the majority of those judges decided even though it's not legally binding they decided that the human rights law is not compatible with northern ireland abortion is particularly in relation to fatal fetal syndrome unborn children have a syndrome it's simply not possible for them to survive. but those people who are campaigning for women's rights so that they will now launch a petition in belfast for a formal declaration of long compatibility not withstanding what happened here at the supreme court so this this issue is not going away any time soon. now in a surprise move burned is president has announced that he'll step down in twenty
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twenty pm the decorations shortly after signing off on changes to the constitution that could have allowed him to seek another two terms in office funding has been gripped by armrest amid accusations that and couldn't planned to cling to power. spain's king has sworn in a new cabinet dominated by women in fact it's the highest proportion of female ministers in european history prime minister pedro sanchez has appointed eleven women to top posts including deputy prime minister economy and justice among the men is a former astronauts will be the science minister prime minister sanchez was sworn in on saturday after parliament asad his predecessor mariano to hoist in a no confidence vote range of refugees g.'s who are stuck in makeshift camps in bangladesh doubtful that a un agreement will see them return home soon mia maher and some un agencies say
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that under the deal some of the seven hundred thousand muslim ranger will be allowed to go back to me m r seventy deca reports. mohammad prays before breaking his ramadan falls with his family this year they're observing ramadan as refugees along with hundreds of thousands of other crammed into this camp in cox's bazaar. last year in ramadan it wasn't so difficult in our home village in myanmar at least we could get all the basic essentials like fish meat and vegetables but over here we just can't afford them now we only have rice lentils cooking oil that we get from the aid agencies it's really difficult here. it's the monsoon season heavy rains and winds lashed down on the flimsy tents turning the ground into deep mud that's why aid agencies are trying to build new sturdier housing this is a safer location away from the hills which are vulnerable to landslides and some of
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the refugees are being hired to help build their new homes. and our community is facing a lot of challenges many of us are living on bindra spills in rough terrain and the bad weather conditions put our lives at risk now where making new homes in a safe zone to accommodate some of the range of families. the expansion of the camps also means that no one is expecting their agenda to be returning home to me in mar anytime soon there are almost a million of them here in bangladesh many say in this holiest month of ramadan they're thankful they're safe but their lives remain a daily struggle stephanie decker al-jazeera. time for us to take a look at the top stories here. there are reports of a new u.n. peace plan for yemen according to the reuters news agency is the rebels will be
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asked to give up their missiles and. coalition would stop targeting them with a strikes france and canada are again cautioning against trade war with us ahead of what promises to be a test seven summit they say other leaders at the summit to convince president trying to normalize trade ties after the u.s. has new metal terrorists. some call to pull your t.v. complete only going to be the measures taken are counterproductive even for the u.s. economy and for me it's a matter of principle we can't wait to trade war against friends we're all involved in complex syria iraq and subsaharan region to different areas of the world where allies we exchange critical information our soldier stand side by side to defend our freedom and values that we cannot decide in such a context on a trade war or me it's a matter of principle good i think it's been a feature of the relationship that i and certainly emmanuelle have maintained with
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the president that allows us to be blunt and frank and we have been throughout our exchanges with the president from the very beginning i can certainly speak personally to say that i have consistently stood up for canadian interests consistently demonstrated where we disagree but done so in a polite and cordial context and i think that's what canadians have always expected of me and that's exactly what we're going to do. somalia's national disaster agency says it's suspending rescue efforts seventy two hours after a volcanic eruption killed almost one hundred people heavy rain and ash will have made it dangerous for rescue workers to continue their operation goldens new prime minister says he's closer to withdrawing a contentious touch change that sparked days of protests the demonstrations forced the previous prime minister to step down. the strain is next the
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world is watching with anticipation the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea is set for june the twelfth in singapore will this bring the breakthrough to reduce a global nuclear threat find out on al-jazeera. i am for me ok and the philippines president of the regarded thursday says he believes in the competence and capability of women not in all aspects of life we look at how filipino women are influencing society and whether present to tony's behavior is sexist or simply take it out of context you are now live in the stream and on al-jazeera you tube so leave your comments in the chart. and christine. your industry.
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presently dream go to target a strong governing style and crude sense of humor has often drawn fire from human rights advocates and feminists but on sunday he drew fresh criticism when he asked a married woman to kiss him on the lips during a rally in seoul south korea the woman says there was no malice in the act presidential spokesman how iraq contends it was a playful act in line with filipino culture which some filipinos might agree with. for me that was ok as long as the woman was ok with it it seems like she was the one who even requested it people were just putting malice to it but it was just a simple yes. they turned to his critics of the move is yet another example of what they say is rampant massaging the president's cavalier commentary on sexual assault and a recent announcement about the philippines next on bud's men would certainly not
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be a woman has his detractors saying and nothing is enough online many filipino women have begun using the hash tag go or i am a woman to highlight what they call it is macho fascism take a listen to what the secretary general of women's group gabriela said about the kiss you don't have to kiss the woman if you want to infringe the people in the fact that you kissing the woman. says something about how you view him in women are forty thirty min. that you can express or eggs or say you or you over another person especially a woman is that that's something really you see the president does has a on tuesday said he would resign from office of all offended women signed a petition demanding it here now to help us unpack the controversy. is a journalist and also one of the organizers of the. go campaign she joins us from
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manila also miller we also have antonio can tell us he's a professor of political science university adding kamber oh hello there antonio encumber australia. is a sociologist as well as a senior research fellow at the university of canberra hello there nicole everybody good to have you here good morning good morning to you low key way you are and hello to everybody else who's watching ok let me show you something on my laptop tony one of the things that you study is every day politics when we look at this situation here is the president of the philippines kissing somebody brought up from the audience what what does that tell you about everyday politics in the philippines. well. when people say that we saw ginny's already normalized then i would agree with that to some extent because for me to start your reality. many people blame to president for being an agent that
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you saw it in you but they see different yeah i see him as an output of the outcome of that and so us other men is not the only man who's doing got it doesn't make it right but at the same time in order to fight you saw genie you have to look at more structure to do that it is a product of a worldview it's a product of the way people think and it's not just men who are complicit to so that it's also the women who sort of allow it but women who taught them to be like that and maybe in this situation the women who allowed themselves to because just so much in the way everybody risk in the massage in this culture and have done well ma'am i'm not so i'm not saying who said to be on the side me ellen it's yeah but but you know he doesn't understand and i. yes he's the president but if you're going to see you in on the president you're missing the point the point is in order to hold you know you don't want to you do what. you see in the moment i'm more strategic here we're going to fight because we all want to sing we don't want and
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so we just. argue about how to do it to get under way some people i'm just curious because it was a second what you said was i'm such an almost if there was no debate in the present the philippines is i'm a such an ist and he's sexist i'm just want to check i'm just seeing one of the gassy there's anyone having to contend that he's not sexist. people who know there's any debate of people who think that there are people who think you know not even i don't want to. you know i don't agree you but i'm saying that. i limit my accounts or other men who are probably never the mortons you know the way i see it when you're dealing with some sort of you're also demonizing others and i was not a bad person but he's a missile genius many so i want to i want to bring in you know as an adult i hear where you're coming from antonio but i want to bring in a couple of comments from twitter this is he says our government is led by
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a president who displays behavior in public that is disrespectful of women his mouthpieces spin this by saying it's part of our culture even if it isn't children see this on t.v. and the dignity of women in this country is being damaged by this administration and before i pass this over to you i want to read one more is john who says i'm in the philippines and i don't agree with the president's spokesman who said this is part of our culture it is never a light moment or acceptable for a sitting president to just kiss someone else's wife or anyone for that matter on the lips for mere entertainment elected official should always act responsibly and i'm wondering your thoughts on this ok the president's top. to no he's it's. avonlea still loves women and he's. very progressive laws. but he has been by early in the same law which states very clearly that you do not abuse women or believe and that you treat women with respect and this is
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a president who has continuously abused the need and insulted women and whenever somebody gets his gold up he's first reaction is just to abuse and not just any abuse but abuse that actually centers on woman. because let me bring you into the conversation here let me show you something though first of all nicole recent compilations thirty examples are to test a sexist remarks in solidarity with rabbi arco here's a compilation of president at a sexist remarks deter taken to try off women in ten of his speeches and one more here from fragrant filipinas to shooting vaginas the taste toxic sexist remarks want to impact does this have on the environment between men and women in the philippines if anything at all when the president is obviously viewing women in
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a certain kind of way. i think one of the curiosities here is at least for some observers is that considering how up and save the statements have been there has been a massive outrage against a president on the level of people coming out in the streets to madrid what happened in the united states and i think one explanation for that is because what the president is doing is it's familiar it's not necessarily accept double but it's familiar what he's doing is correct a mistake of the sketch comedy i watched growing up in the eighty's it's correct to rest of the noontime show in the philippines that you see until to day it's something that people know is slightly unacceptable but it's also something that a lot of the workers way against the president are correct there is sticks i think that is what i observed with a steady disappoint there is over the past two years one of the things they always hear from my respondents whether these are in some communities in the or disaster affected communities in central philippines is that people understand that this is a lot president this is an imperfect person and yet this person is not one
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dimensional this is the same person who brought home distressed filipino workers from the middle east this is the same person who is august seaman a disaster happens this is not to say that his sexism is acceptable but with i'm arguing here is that based on my observations people weighed the kinds of values the corrector respects that the president presents and i think that's an important insight because there's a tendency to portray the president's supporters as thinking as dubai this charismatic leader but that's not necessarily the case i think there's a lot of there's a lot of scope for debating the values of the people have and i guess the headline is a millionaire but not necessarily acceptable and what they are is that because i want to bring in one another as a point a lot of his and i want to bring in one of her supporters here on twitter this is lynn she says and then mayor deterred say was the main driving force for why the city's gender po'd came into fruition which other provinces patterned their own agenda or codes and where our own country's gender code was patterned after he got
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important things done for women than those so-called decent politicians have and i what do you make of what she saying. what she's saying is exactly what i was saying that there might have there might be a progressive code endeavor city but this is a chief executive who thinks is above that code and above that law and while maybe some of them might be waiting on he's decisive there's we have we what he what he treats how he treats women like the truth is that a lot of the turkey supporters have come out and saying we can't have that either because like this is the way he treats our mothers our wives our sisters i joe grant you know that's just not an acceptable and it also actually keeps a toxic. atmosphere between men and women and while those shows are indeed some real year i think enough women have also been speaking out
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against a kind of durable violinist that they do spread in themselves and his personal want to be my response above. i was a little and a case of. just a very quick comment that yes of course then me i did hear it was responsible for the east going and says that protect women but let's not forget that this is a product of civil society groups who are lobbied by women themselves and i think it's just not fair to say that it's the president the only person that instituted these laws and our it's a product of law struggle of women's movement in the city the media and a sexual harassment laws i mean double possible and i think that's the case nationally now with the president to tear down every time he makes policies or endorses policies that are blue women it's not the president stengel handedly steering the country do with the direction that benefits some women we have to give credit to women's movements always been pushing for these policies and. that is out
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there yet any piece that i say something that they say yes. i'd just like to follow up on what nicole said earlier about the complexity and the ones yes but the problem is that if we saw ginny which is a complex problem its roots are conflicts its implications are complex manifestations of it were simply by simply faded so the question of good and bad wish in a black and white then it becomes a participant then my worry is that people will really go back to their hate ok and and grounds and of course on the point s. . it's it's correct the president is me sargent's sure the problem is how do you see that is that because it's the philippines mr genius because the president is we saw a genius or some people would like to say that we saw jimmy still be reading an ugly head because the president is a misogynist our it is precisely because we really have a structured sojourn in our society that the president and the speaker of the house
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and the senate president and to be. back using one you know he's made it of the shell game senator let me finish let me let me finish in that. the point is if you're going to put that in party sentences instead of convincing people to your side then it becomes a parties and wire and therefore you missed the point of a learning each ng i did becomes a teaching learning moment then you missed that because people will tend to go back to their partisan bias yes that's what i hear because nicole recites the describe this situation are we the people see that as problematic but it's familiar no not the way i see it is giving him a pass when he shouldn't be given a free pass now when it's our president and our laws darn you're not giving up on me as well larry i don't let you not get away with you can say that data because it's ok. oh no so and the tornado and i hear where you're coming from on the one
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hand you say the public is letting him get away with this and on the other hand and tonio you mentioned something that i had to write down here structural massage me we all realize it's there in your words i want to play on that with this video comment that we got from reuben james who pitched the idea for today show that we're doing and he talks about the impact of that structural massage and have a listen president this misfortunate speak remarks and women have translated into more brutal violent and distasteful docs against him during his administration he speeches he always mentions about the binary distinction of what's biological e-mail what's a biological female and with this kind of distinction it's a social construction of what's the function of women in society and this kind of thinking limits them into a more structured disadvantage nicole i want to pass i went over to you when the people that you talk to did the ideas that he brings up in his video comment
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resonate with them that there is a structural issue here. and well it's not a ticket as such but it's very obvious that there are clearly gendered implications of president today discloses i think what i want to emphasize here as well is that while his vulgar words matter i think words matter i think there and said and president definitely must not have a free pass but i think we also have to focus on something more lead and things that are clearly gendered but not ridiculous because the president is not drawing attention to them so for example the president's bloody war on drugs the main victims here are going in these are with us these are mothers who lost their loved ones and sometimes they feel like with the president says something sexist on camera we tend to focus on that which is obviously important but i think we also have to draw attention to something that's less overt and give voice to women who don't have as much choice when it comes to this issue and i think the challenging part here is that some of the women we've talked to not a lot but some of the women we dug to unfortunately see the president as the only
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person who can help them with their condition so we've got to build those of the drug war who actually blame the police for the doings of their husbands and they would actually think that the president who brought race himself as a father figure is the only person that can help them can we blame these women for thinking that this is the only president a sexist president that can help them not a certainty and i think this is how my ideas speak to professor good jarrett is atheist and this is a structural issue if our courts were working if our police were less corrupt then these women would not be in their hopes on a president who knew that the feminist sensibilities but also portrays themselves as someone who helps women it's very tricky i'm incredibly frustrated and i read it out and people like india and the mental help use these together because it's incredibly complex and breastfeeding so guess i want to play and i and i sit tight for a second i want to get straight away i'm going to but i want to share something with our audience who are watching right now. the humor present
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a tete a is questionable but it definitely flows along for the idea of a women are there as a punchline so we put together some clips to give you an example of that and then i'm going to go straight to and i have a look. one of the little garbled. she left before only. one of the most. peace of promising virgins when you go to. a black hole divergence here not in heaven. that we let a lover cruising whistling or calling a woman in public with words having duty going to the sions or implications is actually sexual harassment so it seems as if you by leaping your own ordinance do you have any reaction or. you know you don't have any business that being me.
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is. so much material right there but it wasn't any of those instances in guy that influence the setting of a livin it was this headline here next on but man won't be a woman to target a says that was that was the final straw right that may have been the final straw for a lot of the buyer or. people involved but i've been writing every time he's come out with a sexist statement let's get that clear ok but speaking of or when the call speaks of windows of drug war victims and mothers of drug were victims many of them i would call and i dialed the mother he explained the thinking behind it but by a cold is i am a woman and i have no mind that there is i will fight so this me who has it's
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got too important rallying cries unpack them for us. ok it's not just me suddenly old to me such an is a big point. it's also that many. see that this is only really a reflection of a lot of other fatal flaws into thirty including the autocratic streak that had led to a drug war that has killed thousands of filipinos and many of the mothers and wives of those long winded drug war. because they know they see their plight you know as a reflection or a continuum of detectors tendencies and it's not just me such an image jinnie he's actually a reflection of the whole feudal he is when he says that you know nobody can stop me nobody can question me that is exactly his problem and that is how we comes out
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in me such a me so was such a nice and reflection but it is something that angers a lot to me and i wanted to share the viewpoint of someone who's involved in a campaign as well as on twitter thereby arko is meant to empower all of us women who have been demeaned and ridiculed no end by this message in a sick president she says it's about time for us to rise up and give him a taste of his own bitter medicine we also got a video comment where i want to other video comment first because she follows up on that tweet very nicely this is no my no me and she says why she is part of this campaign have a listen the by our company i am woman is to call attention and push back against the sergeant but also to call attention on the therapist act against institutions of justice headed by women why is the mind of last attacked women.
11:42 pm
like the magna carta for women last violence against women and children if the men in power exhibit a child with a stick mr genius stick and sexists village i want to give that to you antonio i want to get antennas take on the campaign and what you think of it well when we say we want to protect all women then you have a problem of consistency and this is what some people see that some feminists and some women's activists and some people who fight for women's rights tend to be seen a selective and this is because they're seen in a partisan lens for example there are there are people who are condemned out there if we're for doing certain things or are seemingly assaulting women or attacking women inject when the women who are victims are not on the right or correct politicos are lying then they don't say anything let me give you an example this
11:43 pm
recent controversy about the kissing in korea. we skim they came with the name of the woman who was. that was innocent at that. and yet here you are now for example. who has been in the controversy with the former president president the daughter of former president. of the sister of former president. they are in the in acquiring right now and then the president and grand will apologize on behalf of marcos on which for me is objectifying you know i do have to apologize for a woman you have to ask her first now that it's not seen as an assault on women's subjectivity and it's not seen as objectification or so many people would like to buy into the issue and yet wendy because i do see that as more supply is an on the precedent instead of going into the structural to the problem because it is selective when it is so rare no there are really dilema where a bit of being
11:44 pm
a. complaint but when it is more also on our associate justice the cross-talk are also women and i said i was just a very very quick question for. this i'm going to call it a women's movement you don't buy it you don't think it's necessary in the philippines it's necessary but it has to be caught in a point there has to be it has to be decoupled from partisanship because the moment it becomes sparked it's on then instead of looking at the problem in a in a in a in a feminist perspective or what the arc is the enemy or me so do you need you go back to the issue it's just being said because those who are a part of the movement at the front of the end i. was clearing now and closer to two letters on this on back to the nurse in the listeners in the calendar you know when you've got women being raped when you have the president is the most glaring example of the most extreme forms of misogyny of course it is bad enough but that was absolutely the same. that's
11:45 pm
a problem you know i mean i you and i antonio i i hear what you're saying right now i'm just very curious because we're the last thirty seconds of this show this is an online women's movement for quality for women in the philippines what next i know that you're planning some march is taking offline and then into real life and i we are going on we are all going on ground we're having a bio called march and june twelfth independence day ok and ribbon standing up and say enough. with all the autocratic an abusive tendencies and die nicole antonio thank you so much for joining us today i will leave the conversation for many got to wrap up this to candy he says that this movement empowers us to express suppressed anguish simply by promoting us to finish the bought many women don't get to tell their stories and this campaign helps them process their pain of course you can continue this conversation online hash tag it is treatment at a.j.
11:46 pm
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all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bryan you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in live close the flaws of no like and the others through the rewind continues with kosovo and year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you read every your. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to the old welcome to the news great government forces in yemen botched by the u.a.e. maybe to launch an all out assault on the vital port city of her data agencies warn an escalator escalation of fighting in the area could cut off all essential supplies and put millions of people one step closer to famine the u.s.
11:49 pm
is calling on its new aid not to launch but is it too little too late also on the grade six again swan leaders of the world's seven richest countries are meeting in canada and the u.s. president looks set to be the lone man his decision to apply time sun steel and aluminum enforced on the e.u. canada and mexico has caused outrage among america's allies we'll have a live report from quebec city and nicaragua as seen seven weeks of on race with protesters calling for the removal of president daniel ortega is expected to meet catholic bishops in the hopes of resuming church mediated talks to end of a crisis examine the reasons behind the protests and crackdown that's now killed at least one hundred thirty people also look at the case of japanese nationals abducted by north korea decades ago this is become the top issue for the japanese government ahead of next week's summit between president and. connect with us throughout the show.
11:50 pm
here with a news grid live on air and streaming online for you to facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com the humanitarian crisis in yemen already described by the u.n. as the largest in the world could be about to get worse and ask. nation of fighting iran the port city of who data is threatening to cut off all essential supplies to millions of people government forces backed by the u.a.e. which is part of the saudi led coalition fighting with the rebels have closed in on the city as they try to seize it back from the whole fees they've already driven the rebels from dozens of nearby towns and villages who data is yemen's third largest city and serves as the main entry point for about ninety percent of all food imports the u.s. has again warned the end ratties not to launch an assault on who data but on wednesday saudi and u.a.e. coalition forces dropped warningly face over the city urging residents of data to
11:51 pm
rise up against the hoofy forces while yemen's legitimate forces are progressing towards a city they also encourage the city's residents to stay away from any hoofy gatherings or sides as a way of showing support for your many forces which are backed by the u.a.e. well joining us now on the news great is mohammed today jim a rather who is editor and columnist sat. a newspaper his life from london thank you very much for speaking to us sophia is there an all out imminent attack on who data the u.s. calling on the u.s. not to launch this offensive do you think there will heat that call or is it too late now well i think on the ground there are a few kilometers about nine to thank you. between the government forces on the. port. depends on the amount of pressure the international committee
11:52 pm
could put on the. on the yemeni government forces to stop the. advance into the city or for the. but the problem is in the past that that's what the in monarchies and the saudi the quality and the yemeni government are saying that in the past the government and the saudi cooperation suggested that the united nations could take the city of who could control the port and. take it from the whole if these are not given to the yemeni forces but unfortunately other time the united nations refused this plan and they said that they cannot control it because they have they don't have the logistics to control the airport now. on the ground there are as i said few kilometers from the hoody down and the force on the ground would think that was the point if we stop here a while and we spent months coming from aden until we arrived to this point so
11:53 pm
there is no point of a stop in this operation. from their point of view taken into consideration that they think that the hold these are so weak and there is no support inside the city for the ots so what would a if we capture of who data by the saudi led coalition the iraqis the government forces which are backed by those countries of course what would it mean for the wider conflict in yemen if the whole the lose who data is it the end of the war. it's very important if the yemeni government forces. take the city and the port is very important as you mentioned in the report that about ninety percent of the. military and supply comes from this port this one point the other point is there are according to one report by the united nations by the security council that the whole of these get billions of dollars from the city from the sport so they could
11:54 pm
prevent also smuggling weapons smuggling. weapons and ballistic missiles coming from. iran to the whole of these so it's very important for the yemeni government forces to take the city it is politically it is militarily very important and they could as mentioned. they could. like they could change the victory underground into something rigid in their hands when it comes to the negotiating table is now and we're hearing meanwhile of new efforts to try and end this conflict in yemen by the united nations other efforts previous efforts have failed as we know do you think this one stands a chance. i think there is no big difference between the plan which is. which as published today. from the other plans before. all the
11:55 pm
plans for cust on the whole these given the heavy weapons and the ballistic missiles. to the government or to another body not the go and not the government by another committee military committee but. not the truth is will accept given especially the ballistic missiles i doubt it because they think that by these ballistic missiles they could attack any city on in saudi arabia and they could threaten even. as they said and they will not lose this very powerful means in their hands with i would like a good thing to attack them to the peaceful solution but i don't see any point any like a hope of. ending the war in yemen we could come to the point where they can announce a cease fire that's all until the different parties different factions come around
11:56 pm
the negotiating table thank you so much for sharing your views with us mohammed jamais yemen expert joining us there from london on the news great now aid agencies have expressed concern about the imminent assault on who data oxfam's country director in yemen was seen siddiqi warns that if the vital route through danger port is brought the world's worst humanitarian crisis will get even worse. yemen is already the world's was human crisis that is almost at the brink of often mean so who they being the vital route for supplying food. and medicines and it's one of the country's principal poor serving this initial needs of millions of people so if this route is blocked it's basically their lifeline a cut up so the result is basically you can imagine they'll be more hunger more people. without health care. then the many more
11:57 pm
families who have to worry the loved ones and also be real problems from the human isn't it to provide services was our country director in yemen with more details on the sound led coalition's actions in yemen on our web site al jazeera dot com this interactive shows you the impact of the coalition's air raise seven launch more than sixteen thousand air raids since the conflicts began more than three years ago thousands of civilians have been killed and one third of the rates targeting nonmilitary sites including schools some very important information on there you can find it at al-jazeera dot com and there's another side to us unfolding in yemen which is an important transit point for thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach wealthy gulf nations to find work the international organization for migration is describing it as a haven crisis algiers mohammed phonics paints. their voyage started from
11:58 pm
the port of bosaso in some audio on tuesday headed for yemen but they'll smuggle a boat never made it to shore these pictures of survivors believed to be each open were provided by the international organization for migration their boat capsized the day break off the coast of yemen a sports city of aden on wednesday from over one hundred migrants on board nearly two thirds drowned forty six confirmed dead and sixteen are missing. it's the latest in a series of similar accidents involving african refugees and migrants trying to reach yemen the iowan estimates more than seven thousand people take a dangerous journey every month it says they face difficult conditions and appalling treatment at the hands of people traffickers there's an awful lot of the use of these migrants and they come across they don't necessarily have as many resources as those comical west africa do but the my at the those predating on the nose picking up on the role of the take the most sellers and torture them are doing
11:59 pm
exactly the same thing they're burning plastic bottles out of their skin getting to call their families back home with ethiopia primarily so they'll send whatever they can quite often it might be twenty fifty dollars is nothing in january last year three hundred people were thrown into the sea by smugglers off yemen a southern province of szabo in the gulf of aden most of them teenagers from somalia and ethiopia more than one hundred of them drowned pushed by war and poverty in the horn of africa many choose yemen because of its proximity and with the hope they can cross into wealthiest table gov countries in sets of better living conditions but in yemen they're often kept in miserable detention centers and face systematic deportation on saturday one hundred thirty each o.p.'s were sent back to the country from the port of her data yemen is already devastated by a civil war that's led to what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis and the chaos resulting from that conflict
12:00 am
especially around the state of baba meant that has made the area even more risky for refugees one hundred five hundred zero zero. now some one hundred thousand migrants and refugees ended yemen last year according to the international organization for migration the vast majority of them a feeling poverty and persecution in their home countries of ethiopia and somalia last february the i.o.m. followed some seventeen thousand migrants trying to reach a tons of a juror on the coasts of djibouti from there they usually attempt to undertake the sea crossing to yemen where they often face for long detention torture sexual abuse and conflicts they typically had to sound eurabia in search of work and better lying living conditions even though some five hundred thousand a few opium migrants in the kingdom office in deportation and many are reporting abuse by saudi authorities not to talk some more about this let's bring in india osman who is a research associate at the school of oriental.


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