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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 158  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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zone we have many many sanctions to go but i don't want to use them unless it's necessary and i don't think it will be necessary but we will soon know ok thank you . savior and jetty where sager daily caller thank you mr president i have a question for the prime minister as well mr president under what you've said repeatedly that you are willing to walk away from the negotiations if they don't do well under what exact conditions would you be walking away from that summit and if the summit does go well will you mean inviting north korean leader kim jong il to the united states well the answer is yes to the second part of your question but certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received i think he would look at it very favorably so i think that could happen. all i can say is i am totally prepared to walk away i did it once before. you have to be able to walk away if you're not going to be able to walk away and we didn't walk away from the
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horrible iran deal that was signed and if you look at what's happened since i signed that deal a ran and in all fairness i say it with great respect for the people of iran but iran is acting a lot differently they're no longer looking so much to the mediterranean they no longer look in so much to what's going on in syria what's going on in yemen and lots of other places they are much different country over the last three months and again i say that with hope that maybe something can happen but when you mention sanctions we're putting sanctions on iran the likes of which nobody has ever seen before including frankly north korea that would have been the next phase if we did it or find it necessary to do but nuclear to me is always first. and we're going to be fine with respect to iran but we also say got something out
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of it that's very important a lot of the people that write about this some of whom i have great respect for but they haven't picked up a red and is not the same country that it was a few months ago they are a much much different group of leaders and i hope at some point they'll come to us and we'll sit in and we'll make a deal that's good for them and good for us and good for everybody and it will be great for iran i expected to be i wanted to be great for him or him but if they would have walked our side from some of the horrible provisions that you know as well as i do and probably everybody sitting here knows we could have had a great deal nothing wrong with the deal but there's something wrong with that deal we had a great opportunity to make a phenomenal deal so i am totally prepared to walk it could happen maybe it won't
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be necessary i hope it won't be necessary to walk because i really believe that kim jong un wants to do something that is going to be great for his people and also great for his family great for himself ok thank you very much sir if you do invite him to the white house to the united states would it be here at the white house or at mar a lago. maybe we'll start with the white house what do you think. mr prime minister you are the only major world leader not to have a sit down or a planned sit down with kim john you hinted in your address today that you would be willing to do so on the matter of abductees do you have any plans currently to do so and would it be focused solely on abductees or would you be willing to have a separate denuclearization discussion with kim jong un directly without the united states thank you. of course on the issue of abduction we have to resolve this problem i would make it
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. without the administration this is of the highest priority. and if anything the contributes to that resolution if they talk liza to the solution of the problem between us and north korea or between japan and north korea the meetings we would we wish to have on the issue of abduction in the final analysis. i german. and between me between japan and north korea problem has to be solved of course japan for japan missile issue and nuclear issue very important. nuclear issue missile issue regarding these issues at the u.s. and north korea summit meeting first and foremost i'm hopeful for the progress and then on the issue of adoption. we will live as we will collaborate with the
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u.s. and the international community and. and japan ourselves must . talk directly with north korea in the final analysis i am determined about that. so the highs and lows. thank you. well the prime minister of it i have question to prime minister as well as president trump starting with prime minister you have already had to mention to a certain degree on the abduction issue in order to hold japan north korea has summit the premise is that you need to obtain results for the abduction issue what kind of concrete pathway are you envisaging to hold at the summit meeting in the your meeting with president trump ahead today at the have a few who asked the president to raise the question of affection at the u.s.
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north korea summit meeting in singapore next is my question to president trump you have one has maintained its position that the abduction issue is something that the already had have been resolved so what kind of explanation has been given to the united states on the abduction issue in the at the north korea to the u.s. they had consultations and how it should be approach at the north korea in order to seek solution hope for the abduction and the what did you convey that the prime minister abbott had today in this regard. because i will tell you. the prime minister's behalf that he fairy much talked about abduction it was preeminent in our conversations he talked about it long and hard and passionately and i will follow his wishes and we will be discussing that with north korea
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absolutely absolutely prime minister that. she does not. now. at that are a japan-u.s. summit at the meeting we had the in the. in her the february today once again as president trump but the has a dimension already i have explained on the abduction issue had once again and i have conveyed to him the onus to wish all of the families of the of the keys and president trump but once again the has stated that they have action issue will be raised at the upcoming a us north korea summit now at the us knows korea summit meeting as to the concrete that the map has a to be had discussed i would like to refrain from mentioning this at this juncture but in any case japan's false and position one explained at length and the
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president trumped by the has a given his understanding and he has promised that the issue will be brought up at the summit meeting in singapore and i am delighted of this offense and trump and the international community i would like to closely work at the with. a president trump as well as international community to seek solution to the issue insulting the abduction issue japan itself a need to have a direct consultation with north korea i have not changed my resolve in doing so and under this decision and resolve. what will be conducive to solve the abduction issue of course i will have to think about the summit meeting forge of japan north korea summit meeting if we are to have the summit meeting of the nuclear at the missile and a what is more important the abduction issue the solution to all of these issues must be had the sought and i hope that we will be able to realize the subject
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meeting which would lead to solution of the problems but first and foremost we need to seek advancement for the abduction nuclear and missile that the programs japan and us should closely call break with each other so that we will be able to see great success for the historic us north korea a summit meeting in japan with like a two to give our all out efforts in support thank you i'd like to just close by paying my highest respect and regards and love frankly i've got to know him very well to the warm beer family the incredible family of otto warm beer who was a brilliant beautiful terrific young man and he has not died in vain i can tell you that he has not died in vain so to the war be our family our love and our respect also. i'd like to say that we were
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tremendously successful in getting our three hostages back and i'm very thankful to the cooperation that we received from north korea. and the three united states citizens are now very happily ensconced in their homes with their families very happy they didn't think this was going to happen and frankly it would never have happened but it has so i just want to wish them well also they had a tough journey but i really respect the fact that we were able to work with the north korean folks and get them out very very. well ingrained already they're back into they were telling me they've been now going to movies and they're going out to dinner and they're back they're back in our country and it's it's a terrific thing i believe we're going to have
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a. a terrific success or a modified success but in one form or another if it all goes and things can happen between now and then but i know many of you are going and i look forward to seeing you there i look forward to traveling with you it's a long way but i really believe that we have the potential to do something incredible for the world and it's my honor to be involved thank you very much thank you. sir that is the picture at the white house reigns god in donald trump talking about a deeply productive discussion sions i'd be as kind of caught saying that in five days a u.s. north korean summit will take place and he praised donald trump is for making it happen i want to bring in our correspondent alan fischer straight away on this news hour as shortly coming to an end so what's your thought. roundup of the discussion that between a bay and donald trump don't trump it finishing really by saying that it's either going to be a terrific success or modified success. there's two things to pick up on that first
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of all it's very clear from the the alleged abductor is very high on his priority list that he definitely wants donald trump to raise it in the summit in the very first day and he seems to have got some sort of assurance that donald trump will absolutely do that the long range medium range ballistic program that north korea is working is something else that he wants to raise but he sees the alleged abductor as being the prime issue that needs to be brought up with the north koreans the second thing is if you're a political operative and you're listening to donald trump there is some serious mixed message going on there first of all he said this is a great opportunity for the world many people should have sort of this before no i will solve it and then he adds oh maybe maybe i will maybe i won't maybe i'll be a great success maybe it won't maybe i can immediate success maybe i'll walk away so he's left all the options on the table but he has set himself up as seeing he
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believes this is an opportune moment for the world for north korea and for the united states he's also made it clear as well that what he's looking for from north korea is denuclearization he wants that and there's the cattle there saying look we're willing to open up the united states japan all these countries are ready to have diplomatic relations with you but he's also got the stick we have a list of three hundred sanctions that we can put on to north korea much stronger than the verver been so there is a bit of mixed message in there but then again that's what we expect from donald trump all right allan thanks very much indeed allan fish the fish are reporting there from washington d.c. having listened in to that. press conference between me and donald trump who have been meeting at the white house with the june twelfth summit with president trump and kim jong il and very much insights just five days time president trump as i say talking about a deeply productive discussion should be as alan just confirming that. the
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abductees three hundred doctors will be a very important part of all be discussions my colleagues and we'll be right here with more on that from. big stories generate thousands of headlines copper each with different angles from different perspectives we. this is the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or in the
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misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas that protestant had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage little doubt that the fix dreamily hotline the assad regime but everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this new z.m. aims to be a way of posset torrie over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. a year as paul since the start of the blockade. causes foreign minister talks to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how his country is coping with.
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al-jazeera. and for your. totally prepared to walk away i did it once before but donald trump says he could also invite king john into the u.s. if the summit goes well and tells japan's prime minister he will raise the issue of the alleged abductor. their own citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up we will also
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obviously have some very robust discussions on trade canada and france prepared to pressure trump on trade what promises to be an awkward g seven summits for the u.s. president ahead in crisis how migrants passing through yemen in search of a better life face horrific abuse if they make it as a whole and spain sets a new benchmark in gender equality swearing in a cabinet that sixty five percent female. first to the white house where the u.s. president says he's willing to invite north korea's leader kim jong un to the united states if negotiations between the latest go well speaking after meeting japan's prime minister ahead of next week's summit in singapore. has been seeking assurances that japan's grievances against pyongyang will be re-used especially the issue of japanese alleged abductees in north korea trump also held up the threat of
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further sanctions against pyongyang if the negotiations fail. to the maximum say zero we are leaving all of these exemptions alone we have many many sections to go but i don't want to use them it was a says and i don't think it will be necessary but we will soon know. joins us now live from washington allan you're monitoring all that was going on there with the meeting between the japanese prime minister and the president fell from here like the japanese prime minister come through on his way to the g seven just to make sure that dalton didn't get carried away in singapore do you think evil leaves us going to happen. well i think there was a concern among the japanese and we know that shinzo rb is much more hardline on his position with north korea than the president of south korea and he was concerned that donald trump would be so focused on doing
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a deal for the united states and for donald trump space and to make donald trump look good that key issues would be forgotten not least the medium and long ballistic missile program that north korea has and also the alleged abductor japanese citizens who japan says were taken by north korea and have been held in some cases for more than thirty forty years and so he wanted some face time with the president to make sure that that was on the agenda and certainly from what we had in the last twenty minutes or so shinzo abbey has convinced donald trump that this is an issue that needs to be raised very evilly on in the process now from donald trump what we got was a bit of mixed messaging if you're a political operative if you worked in a press office you would be very concerned about what he's seeing because he's saying look this is a problem that should have been addressed from presidents going by not just barack obama but others although they have tried to solve the north korean issue and he said i will solve it so he set himself up to do that and then he says well maybe
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a well maybe a war and maybe it would be a great success maybe a moderate success i could still walk away he's leaving all those options on the table essentially talking about walking away is saying if he doesn't get what he wants and he's pointed out for north korea scuse me there is the possibility. of economic development of opening itself up diplomatically of improved relations with the united states perhaps even an invite to the white house of talks with japan of sitting don't face to face with someone that considers their old enemy but there's also the stick there as well saying well if we don't get denuclearization if we don't get some sort of settlement here then i have a list of three hundred sanctions that i'm ready to put in place against north korea so it's going to be. a high stakes game when he gets to singapore but he certainly believes that this is an opportunity for north korea for the united states and he says for the world as well to come up with some sort of solution although he has pointed out that this isn't necessarily
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a one summit deal this could be three or four meetings as they try to come to some agreement that's of course if he stays in the room long enough and date and there were quite a few journalists obviously trying to get some lines out of the president i asked him about the contents of the letter he got from kim jong il in which he gave a little bit of detail and they asked him indeed if there might be a peace treaty signed or what kind of concrete reaction did you get they get from the president. well donald trump has said he might be able to sign some sort of deal to end the korean war which would be interesting you remember that a few months ago donald trump said that not many people realize that the korean war is still going on that there was never a peace deal the reality is many people actually do know that we suspect that that was something that donald trump had recently phoned but it's possible certainly both sides want to be able to walk away from singapore with something concrete that they can show their domestic audience and so if signing
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a peace deal. is something that can be delivered then that's maybe something both sides can agree to donald trump is absolutely right when he said look signing a peace deal is the easy part because there has been peace on the korean peninsula to a great extent the nort since the end of the korean war it's what comes after that that's really important and certainly for north korea it is a boat lifting sanctions making sure that people can travel uninhabited that the kim jong un regime is to a degree protected and making sure that diplomatic avenues are then opened up for that country to other places in the world so perhaps donald trump is suggesting there may be some sort of peace deal we may get more details on in the next couple of hours we're expecting mike pompey who is the secretary of state to give a briefing about north korea among other things in the g. seven summit so he might give us an indication of where that is headed but he might
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not want to get ahead of the president so essentially donald trump is doing what donald trump always does hey folks i've got a great story for you why don't you choose names on june the twelfth and we'll see if we sign a peace deal with korea could to get your take on that thanks very much allan fisher there life as in washington d.c. well the one thing that wasn't discussed discussed was human rights for the united nations says human rights must be on the agenda at next week's summit it says chaman the north koreans don't have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on humanitarian aid the un's special envoy on human rights in north korea says prisoners should be freeing it as a gesture of goodwill. i'm not the opinion that human rights dialogue will undermined the opening and the talks on the denuclearization at all i don't think that he said dilemma. on the contrary i think that from the in
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the p.r. korea side to show a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights mechanisms will give them could the ability in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in their intention to denuclearize the view didn't rise. and it will play in their favor differently. the latest of france and canada have formed a united front ahead of what set to be a tense g. seven summit in quebec on friday emmanuel macro and justin trudeau are both harsh critics of president chance decision to impose tariffs on steel and alimony and they say they will not be intimidated by the u.s. and warned once again about the dangers of a trade war john hendren has more from quebec city. the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g.'s devon summit is all about averting
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a trade war. the great disruptor donald trump in his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions somehow this is insulting to them the idea that the canadian steel that seven military military vehicles in the united states the canadian aluminum that makes here at your fighter jets is somehow now a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable europe's leaders are also irate and threatening sanctions on a litany of iconic american products from levi's jeans to kentucky bourbon to
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harley davidson motorcycles. all made in the republican staged needs to keep his party in control of congress in this year's midterm elections. at a news conference on thursday french president emmanuel mccrone and signed a joint statement of multi-lateralism a show of unity before an expected confrontation with a unilateralist u.s. president sort of. in terms of trade i'd like to say to president trump that the measures taken are counterproductive even for his economy. for me it's a question of principle we can't wait to trade war between friends so we own. in hamburg when we had the g. twenty we had to be nineteen plus one on the climate us did not want to commit to the power. when you saying that mr trump doesn't really care perhaps that's the case but nobody lives forever our countries in the commitments we've taken will
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extend beyond our lives instead of celebrating their usual unity diplomats from seven of the world's largest economies are scrambling for common ground there was consensus under trump's predecessor barack obama on iran and climate change now there's a budding trade war that threatens to turn allies into adversary but some analysts expect a last minute agreement to avert an escalating trade conflict it's mostly done for posturing because trump sees this as part of his base is particular the swing voters in midwestern states that got him elected and he wants to show or pretend that he's doing something but again i don't think these tariffs will stick with a family photo of world leaders that traditionally ends the meeting depicts an awkward alliance with the usual show of unity is largely up to the man from washington john hendren al jazeera quebec city.
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there are reports of a new effort to end the three year long conflict in yemen where a saudi led coalition is backing the government against the rebels there watches news agency says the un's special envoy has put forward a peace plan opposing hand in their weapons including ballistic missiles in exchange for an end to the coalition bombing campaign it also refers to a transitional government with all political factions equally represented us. he has hinted that he would support the plan meanwhile the red cross says it's pulling seventy one staff out of yemen because of security incidents and threats concerns are mounting of a possible offensive to take the port of her data from the who says the border is the main lifeline for humanitarian aid into the water and country pro-government forces backed by the u.a.e. .


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