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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 92  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 7:33am-8:01am +03

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timed it may be a blessing in disguise because any longer on the growth may happen is to play with . the trash talk a new car bomb we have seven thousand go but both male and female students have to use the same time and such was a problem. we tell them during the summer yes do it at home before coming to school . have you ever gone to the toilet in your school yes i was seven years old that i or went to call and. it's a will but situation here. the biggest con or what during one. of the by so. so bad i was. employed with this. or working conditions in most schools make
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it more difficult to attract female teachers yet they are desperately needed because many families still will not accept men teaching their daughters. we have only fifty four full time teachers including principal and admin stuff so this is the problem when we don't have enough teachers and we have to take temporary staff but because our school is far away many female teachers condren. far away is simply the outskirts of western kabul. but it's too far for female teachers unfamiliar with the neighborhood or uncertain about its security. it's a paradox principal akila cannot recruit enough women to teach at her school yet it's estimated that up to seventy five percent of teaching graduates are unemployed and most of them are women.
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at the site teaching college in a more affluent district of couple afghanistan's next generation of teachers is learning the best techniques to connect with their future students. like every one of these graduates knows a good education is not always enough to land a teaching job. that i studied inside john lydon school and he graduated from class fourteen. i made it in dari and king second in the class. then i tried looking for a good job. graduated three years ago from this college but she is still looking for work as. we try our best to get jobs in the local way but we cannot get anything. but there is another way which is illegal but i have never tried it. i try my best to do things. but it hasn't worked yet.
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of all the findings in the corruption report the issue highlighted as most devastating was the poor quality of teachers throughout the country. jobs were given to those who could afford to pay a bribe not those who are best qualified it's hard to slap a percentage on this stuff but the majority of teachers that we spoke with suggested that teachers coming in recent years have to pay a year's salary in advance to be able to even get a teaching position. what about your classmates who you graduated with do any of them have jobs are they in the same position as you are. as far as i know none of them had secured a future either and. the problem is that we have to have qualified teachers. it's not about the number of the teacher it's about the quality of the teacher. we came across instances where you know. a religious school graduate was teaching
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you know physics in math to the students he didn't know and i think and something about that subject i think what's happening now more and more sick kids are you know leaving school because their experience is just so miserable and they're not learning it just doesn't prepare doesn't prefer children for work or for life. and so what's the point. it's truly afternoon and the students and staff of study. have another major problem to deal with this is the courtyard of the so you know how the school where most of the girls take the classes but this afternoon behind me there is a massive storm brewing and if the rain gets any heavy or school is over for the day. do you think it's fair that boys always have classrooms and girls have to say. it's a problem then because general of the well known times within the world there are
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the boys they have right but the girls. they don't have they have class by the girls don't have class for example my my brothers are not doing their boy they have class my sister i thing more than five years they sit in the outside in front of this. and they are there rain and they do those days that there was a van so they will not they will not teach you one they will like the study something. it will come back oh it's harder to learn yeah you're outside worse so they can not do little knowledge under the rain the rain will come. up as the sky gets darker and knowing some of the girls have up to an hour's walk to get home. you know weeks no longer after just an hour and a half of lessons the girls are sent on their way to.
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afghanistan has never had so many students going to school even when the security in some parts of afghanistan we still have the the quantity actually we have. between seven to eight million students going to school as i said we don't know the exact number but i think that's a significant number but i think the quality of education what is more important we don't have that we have fairly poor quality education and that goes back to many things you know corruption is one of the major cause of having poor quality education. if you have to convince your dad to let you go to school or worse my father was
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also. he was not ok about to go to school before he was saying something not that you would want a boy school like his no just say that school is not. for example. the working in the home. cleaning washing i miss things and now he is a play i was thing for him. it's the world has changed and we should love knowledge because. the man was his father dad runs a small store around the corner from the family home. he and his wife have six children that is the oldest. this business is the sole source of income has to provide for his family doesn't want to put up i have never been to school or
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get emotionally i can't even understand a simple. afghan tradition dictates the eldest daughter should stay home to take care of the family. does that. mean and looks after her siblings before and after school but she's also impressed her family with how hard she studies. lusine for her. he's very intelligent he's now in grade eleven for the last few years he was number one school and now she's number two. did you include richard. with us ricky yes it was with our encouragement of a mother and father that she is now in grade eleven and number two in school. do you worry about your daughters when they walk to school have been the mage on yes i worry because the security has not been good for the last few years fairly this
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year the security is much worse. that's why we worry i mean we're going to talk even today there was a bomb blast. that blast was just two kilometers away targeting a voter registration center sixty people were killed. but it did not stop madness from going to school a few hours later. to seeing your girls attend the last shift of the day from one to five pm. the community won't allow teenage boys and girls to mix so no boys are present during the afternoon shift. it's one of the few times the girls can use the buildings that were actually built for them always i'm saying to myself and i know . this situation is not good you have to change this. just start change first your family were unable after that you can be successful to
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survive always i'm saying for myself i can i can you but i can do they can believe . that this thing. well manaus looks with hope to all that is possible principle akila continues to deal with the seemingly impossible so. even after the boys have left school for the day they're still not enough classrooms for all the girls and at times not enough teachers. was. read when i'm isha i would guess about a. quarter but you'd have. all you got to be. for those working every day in afghanistan schools the strain is evident in the
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future uncertain. the responsibility of being a principal is too much to ask. they don't have. one and i don't think i can get them if i were just a teacher it would be better. whether the reforms recommended in the anticorruption report will help principal remains unclear. but the fact that the report was commissioned and released at all may be seen as a sign of progress. we did have resistance from sort of the ministry resisted and sort of graft on a lot of work in the last few years and record does not reflect was we have to. recreate it so that you know this report is not about the good works you have done . the reaction to the report was swift with the president ghani himself promising
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to implement all the recommendations but any improvements that result may be too late for a man. she's hoping to be at university after she finishes high school next year after that i would get a job after that i have. followed . politics and i will supply eastern for the cares. well i did it with me when i was. a. being a boxer. i want to supply for the cancer. it's estimated that more than sixty percent of afghanistan's girls are not in school so manaus is dream to provide
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a better future for them is both and. but given the challenges that she and many of her classmates have faced just to go to school anything seems possible you never feel like it's too. sometimes sometimes it's hard but again when i something when i. was a war that about the world and thinking again i. ask you. for now decisions about girls' education still lie mainly with men who run the ministry and fathers who rule the home that may slowly be evolving manaus has convinced her father to let her go to university. where once he questioned whether she should study at all the debate now is whether she studies medicine or politics
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. but girls like manaus and her peers will have to keep fighting to change the future for themselves and for the next generation afghanistan's girls when are you happiest is when my father says. when for example my father say that yes you are my problem is the obvious but i'm. yes. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. an unexpected creative opportunity. a singing contest like no other off is a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. take a live singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera.
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the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and i. know. this is al-jazeera. blogs a whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i hope the upcoming meeting in
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singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea. and indeed a bright new future for the world just days ahead of the u.s. summit with north korea double trouble meets with japan sions a hobby and talks about inviting kim jong il to the white house. also protesters take to the streets of quebec city to greet world leaders arriving for the g. seven summit. and nato welcomes afghanistan's temporary ceasefire with the taliban and calls on the group to negotiate a peace deal. also russian president vladimir putin talks about everything from road repairs to syria's war in a televised question and answer session. both into the new u.s. president donald trump says he may invite north korea's kim jong un to the white
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house if to go shay sions between the lead. go well just days before the singapore summit japan's prime minister travelled to the white house to reiterate his demands for the talks. once trying to bring home japanese citizens believed to have been abducted by pyongyang alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . the japanese prime minister will see donald trump but the upcoming g. seven summit in canada chin zoabi made a detour to washington to ensure you get some private time with the u.s. president to discuss north korea is a to settle down in the oval office the president admitted he didn't feel the need for a lot of preparation before his historic summit in singapore i don't think you have to prepare very much it's about attitude it's about willingness to get things done but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time prime minister abby wants to make sure key japanese demands aren't lost the moment that any deal isn't just good for the u.s. but its allies i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of
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a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula would i share in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans north and south and for people everywhere when donald trump traveled to japan in the vendor he met the families of japanese citizens allegedly abducted by the north koreans in the seventy's and eighty's the release is top of prime minister abbott is agenda is the state cannot abandon all titles entirely on behalf of the citizens of japan i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support towards the preservation of the adoption issues and so much i thought donald trump believes the summit in singapore can make progress towards north korea abandoning its nuclear program but insists he could still walk away he's holding out the carrot of better international relations for pyongyang
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and the stick of many more sanctions if it all falls apart japanese prime minister left the white house having played his part in a typical trump cliffhanger watching him and the world to stay tuned to see what comes next alan fischer al-jazeera washington. now the trumpet ministrations decision to impose tariffs on european and canadian goods is lightning to dominate discussions at this year's g. seven summit leaders of the g seven nations have been arriving in quebec city in canada the measures have sparked fears of a looming global trade war meanwhile on the streets protesters have begun gathering planning to demonstrate against what they see as the country's power ties ation of companies over the people. let's cross over to john hendren who is live outside the summit location in quebec city john what seems to be going on at the protests where you are. the first protests of the g.
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seven began very peacefully and it's now turned into a march which is why we've turned this into something of a road show you may be able to see behind me these people i have to watch behind myself apparently marching down the street. they are protesting for a variety of reasons they're capitalism anti globalism anti trump pro environmentalist and pro feminism there was a band people eight baguettes and it all was quite peaceful but the police came out in force and they have lined the roads in full riot gear helmets weapons shields letting people know that if things get out of hand as they did in two thousand and one in this very city that they are prepared to deal with that indeed nichols live television can always be. expecting the unexpected we're expecting the g. seven meeting to be tense as well. that's right it was
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a tense meeting you had the crown meeting with emanuel mccrone the french president meeting with justin trudeau the prime minister of canada who is the host here and it was something like a group therapy session. they were getting together getting ready to talk about how they're going to talk to the man who was not entered the room yet and how they might be able to confront him about his business in on trade and in specific the tariffs on steel and aluminum that he has imposed that is what is the upset all of the members of the g. six who are all subject to those tariffs and you can see we are in the middle of the crowd here and i'm standing where the police are walking going to step up just a side. but you can see if you look at the police that they are here in force. so a manual mccrone met with trudeau this morning he was particularly upset about trump
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stance and this is what he had to say about that but that it did get to perhaps trump those in mind he's being isolated today here at matters because these six countries here represent values they represent the economic market with a strong history and certainly also represent a true force on the international level. so that was mccrone he introduced have teamed up together as have all six some people are calling this the g. six plus one because it's really all countries versus donald trump and the usa mccrone also issued a tweet today saying that if they had to sign an agreement of the end of all this and it was just six signatories and donald trump was not one of us he would be fine with that you know donald trump offered this response just minutes ago thank you very. a much he said please tell prime minister trudeau and president mccrone that
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they are charging the us massive tariffs and create non-monetary barriers the e.u. trade surplus with the u.s. is one hundred fifty one billion dollars trump continued and canada keeps our farmers and others now look forward to seeing them tomorrow he said so clearly there is a standoff and it looks like we're going to begin the day tomorrow with a showdown so thanks so much joe we'll leave it seems very good natured where you are we love the flowers so we'll speak to you later. well it's to our top story the up coming at us summit with north korea paul callan is a senior advisor at and square which is the brainchild of five of the largest peace and security fund us in the united states joins me now from san francisco via skype good to have you with us live on al-jazeera mr cowen let's just begin with how much of this meeting is about japan really reminding president trump that it's not just
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about a nuclear deal that's at stake there are long term regional issues and of course concerns that japan has over the abduction cases the high on its agenda. well thanks for having me i think that it is a very complex set of issues of course your hand has a stake and an important stake in the outcomes in the discussions as does south korea as does china and so unfortunately i'm a bit pessimistic because with the current us administration and with president trying it seems to often be a case of who is the last person he spoke to or more importantly who was the last person he listened to so long he got a meeting with prime minister of a today who's to say who he might talk to tomorrow or next monday on the eve of the summit and so whether or not president trump is listening and understands japan's historical stake and there are a list of grievances i think very much remains to be seen the issue really i
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suppose would be what's the chiva bull of course as you say it's the last person he's spoken to but with so many regional leaders that in the asia pacific area focus the what's going to go on and sing the poll it is about what perhaps can be achieved besides a hunch shake the end formally of pap's the korean war. well in that i would say is quite distant goal post i'm concerned well let me back up i'm very pleased at the summit is happening and that it's still on track i think this is an amazing opportunity well i'm a little less enthusiastic about is the way in which the united states has seemed to handle this it goes on this sort of seesaw effect from day to day it's on it's off it we're going to promise you the moon and the stars or we may turn on our heel and walk away what i would like to see more of is some evidence that secretary of state pompei o is in fact sincere when he says i've been briefing the president i'm
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explaining it to him and that the president's himself in his statements doesn't say yeah we may walk where the peace treaty while a peace treaty is a very complicated thing and it's not just for the u.s. and north korea to broker it's a united nations multinational instrument when they when you were ended in on assists it wasn't just to the parties it was a multitude of them so i would like to see a little more evidence and a little more confidence that the president is taking this very seriously and as he said a few days ago it's the beginning of a process that's what's critical here the beginning of a process not a want and on one of the issues that have come to light is the issue of sanctions and whether they can be relaxed if there was some sort of agreement but of course as you say sanctions full of a part of an international coalition and it's an issue that has been orchestrated through the united nations president tom can't just relax sanctions without the international community support and he's not exactly in that best books at the
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moment on a range of other issues. well that's true there are two at least two sets of sanctions here there are the u.n. security resolution over the years there have been a number of those and those are as you say multinational multilateral sanctions imposed on north korea but there are in fact u.s. sole u.s. sanctions and those are particularly frustrating for many north korean leaders those are sanctions that they place on individuals in north korea those are banking sanctions where our own u.s. treasury department does have certain authorities in the world banking system and so there are things that the u.s. can do on its own with respect to sanctions relief and what i would say is again it shouldn't be an all or nothing prospect if the north demonstrates tangibly that they for example honor missile launch moratorium then there are things that the u.s. can roll back on its own to we swing open the barn door completely all it wants to know but by the same token we shouldn't expect that the north will completely turn
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over all of their nuclear weapons and scientists before they get any kind of relief well from the. see what does.


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