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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 158  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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which will sit in the hall or would have been seen on the foot at the movie a little bit of a new language one of the shortest listeners. speak english leeds city . could see this. become the. new look not more important part of the comedy was and what got it thank you let me ask. you one thing i think at least you use the next time never to make. models give just that child would possess it was just me myself and the people on his roof the political solution would be from the book not think. it's a good omen for the longest. brought. out from.
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the order on the a. long little news. to the enemy to lose in the end of the year the young the losers the median. and. the because it is the key to all those what we are in the office that most of us know after by the bill is new but music will have that you feel you've already seen the new evil doesn't mean you're going to hear what he said when he said you don't only have the hope of the bottom in pushing the good that's for sure that you move through were true blessing members who have our families have each of us home not some oil still with just a. oh she's rough. oh my goodness europe with the last of this really this other
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thing that's an even bigger. it will be got out of the saudi ambassador with us of superbus of mines and yes and of the man i want to do you kill him but he's looking at us as our. guest snow. do. you.
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know that company shared together and mr jordan seems to comment. on you but it was the. horse and i mean do you mean you. lost to discipline out of the slaughter the police would look at least you. knew was more than a bite you've met. with spear or awesome corsets guns have to be seen by. just easily so probably a way to be in that car that we try to go shasta assured i'm going to see a muslim show a beloved a good. what dog born could have cut under that all rule stinking elites it was that action plan was. cut down bush will now say they're not in natural
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rights or beliefs here at all my lease meet i believe your own place to pick it up with. a shrug. it. can be. the best way to simply keep the previous version and leave out the fact that you
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quest to court and. see what you know nothing of the. state's concept. look good last night. michel the. bill was. the. end of it. the. time sets in this is shipping still bring in michael chesty i think it's safe bet
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a load out of. it if you want to. see anybody. listening to. bush. still. but you should you know should use the.
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money. the way.
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he was. as opposed to live bush is going to be in the radio. with the new live she believes for sure to believe. it is good to talk to the. good looking. guy to achieve the mission to meet. these enormously cheats that golden idea that. news is not really needed i'd be. willing media and. if you look good you put
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all the abuse that you want to say look you knew you. knew nothing. and you were disappointed because the. wonderful didn't give you your true. real struggle got guts this was just you know such and such. sounds to me like your guest services of actual action . of those who want to see your most because that's where that was the moment the gulf war was close it's much stronger than a little solution with fog of money talks little policing rising to cope we can see
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if you slightly more more years there was more of this with couples zero zero zero zero of the same wisconsin close to deal with what is your number from most of us propensity to put on my to move its money my kids rachelle sure does get worse with more trolling with. the right parents is that they did they did this is it your pick. for the ocean or it is just your bullshit in the floorboard. i got this from but you are pushing. essential coping with the good in your preclude . group of the four. but that is the most valuable yes is it time to withdraw all children and children with the right. front guys there were who do know him or most similar thing they suppose there's as was but only in the. history of leather sleeping in which the sure. but on point of the story.
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sure you could consider. them. spoke with you would you with the word new problem surfaces in the middle for you put the graphic posters your thoughts look at who knows what you would see mutually which is the new rule new the suggest that's what he's come up with moderates really appropriate as i think we've got. this for most. of all this because of the sheer pollution there is just an impudent. you can you must there was a book actually has water on the case and. books to the fullest. put. them to what was a similar. sense of your love for display here should somebody meet with them why
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yes in that way yes on the run you'd swear he shook up for the next excuse he was with the other woman use the go to write scripts he was going through what he's the last day of school and they won't go to the couple good to see the look of the similar to the clue ok good he would get through with all of them but he was still going to show the film showing the money that some might have for the why don't i told them from a couple who broke it down for the young the fight is a bit to fit a few of this but did i want to do this but didn't go but this gives more short sentences a bit is a bit more sure so it's more just the bigger issue is the more contests at the end of the business more some more yet fearful to form events with the forces that took my head to toe with the source of this quest but not a bit common to the. the
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plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain from own to see. but behind closed doors some unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s and d.p.t. and dan to tell the tale. sign and i witnessed documentary on out is iraq.
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how i was there was some lively stillness just pushing out of the northern plains of the us easing i would say made west see the great plains actually sing for ever amounts of cloud to spinning off the rockies and that will continue to make its way for the ace then as we go on through the nased a couple of days that we go the upper midwest see some very heavy rain for a time on friday as will the rounds is to say people will see temperatures getting up to twenty celsius in new york twenty three therefore also a hostile down towards the southeast and cold and you could still just catch wanted to showers around the callout is back down into florida for the west is five in try for the most part push north of the border just around washington state could see a little bit away with it just creeping its way in here into bay saying that's all going to continue making its way further east was over the canadian rockies that could even bass and snow still in the picture yet it is jude wet weather continues across central parts of anything peping up was a possibility some lively storms coming through that will continue to make its way over towards the east coast as we go on through the weekend for the south but it's
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a bad across a good possible the caravan that said of the case for the last around by this and they'll say for the greater antilles the central america we have still got some very heavy right that means more beat down poles for a good pop. going as i want to finally we're going ask about that but that's the ball is about what i see more listeners are that are not the set says they're not the wonder of the word out of all of our cars and the bunch is a bitch at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping the endless chase. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring
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a different perspective to global events when you peel away all of the political and military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the u.s. can identify with the story. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a break new future for north korea. and indeed a bright new future for the world just days ahead of the u.s.
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summit with north korea double trouble meets with japan shinzo all day and talks about inviting kim jong il to the white house. also protesters take to the streets of quebec city to greet world leaders arriving for the g. seven summit. and nato welcomes afghanistan's temporary ceasefire with the taliban and calls on the armed group to negotiate a peace deal. also russian president vladimir putin talks about everything from road repairs to syria's war in a televised question and answer session. welcome to the news hour u.s. president all trump says he may invite north korea's kim jong un to the white house if negotiations between the leaders go well just days before the singapore summit japan's prime minister traveled to the white house to reiterate his demands for the
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talks since i was trying to bring home japanese citizens believed to have been abducted by pyongyang alan fischer has more from washington d.c. the japanese prime minister will see donald trump but the upcoming g. seven summit in canada the chin zoabi made a detour to washington to ensure you get some private time with the u.s. president to discuss north korea is a to settle down in the oval office the president admitted he didn't feel the need for a lot of preparation before his historic summit in singapore i don't think you have to prepare very much it's about attitude it's about willingness to get things done but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time prime minister be wants to make sure key japanese demands aren't lost in the moment that any deal isn't just good for the u.s. but its allies i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula
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would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans north and south and for people everywhere when donald trump travel to japan in the vendor he met the families of japanese citizens allegedly abducted by the north koreans in the seventy's and eighty's the release is top of prime minister abbott is agenda a state cannot abandon all titles in tacit on behalf of the citizens of japan i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support towards the preservation of the adoption issues and so much i donald trump believes the summit in singapore can make progress towards north korea abandoning its nuclear program but insists he could still walk away he's holding out the carrot of better international relations for pyongyang and the stick of many more sanctions if it all falls apart the japanese prime minister left the white house having played his part in a typical trump cliffhanger putting him in the world to stay tuned to see what
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comes next alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well al-jazeera as a diplomatic editor james bays in singapore ahead of the summit and joins me now live james it seems that leaders at the g seven will want to make sure that trump speaks for the global community and of course regional concerns when he's dealing with north korea. yes but i think the position of the global community is perhaps not as united as it once was now that you have had the north koreans engaging in diplomacy you've had meetings involving chairman kim and president moon which we've seen a smiling north korean leader a very different picture from the one but the world was given just a year ago where all the talk was about a ruthless regime with nuclear weapons i think it's also interesting that it's very
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mixed messages coming from the u.s. administration secretary of state pompei i was stressing that complete you can rise asian of north korea is what's needed and yet you have president trump in his comments in the white house hinting that maybe he will invite the north korean leader to the u.s. possibly to the white house itself i'm a joiner that even been suggestions that maybe he could invite him to morrow largo the president's own property that's a sort of thing u.s. president only normally do with their closest and most trusted allies not with a country that has been one of the u.s. is formidable foes around the world of course don't go away james does of the other big issue of course that we need to discuss in a moment because it's all around trump's administration's decision to impose tariffs on european and canadian goods and it's set to dominate discussions at this year's g. seven summit leaders of that seven nation blog have been arriving in quebec city in canada the u.s.
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measures have sparked fears among them of a looming trade war donald trump are said that he's looking forward to meeting fellow leaders but described the host the prime minister justin trudeau as indignant about the terrorists france's president described trump as growing isolated meanwhile protesters have been gathering on the city streets john hendren has more from quebec. the first protest of the g. . the seven began peacefully. there was a demonstration people gave speeches there were baguettes passed down there was a band that played at one time and then they went on a march probably a couple of miles and as you see it is indeed here is a small fire on the ground before the national assembly of quebec and the crowd is hundreds of people not thousands of people and they have been largely peaceful but police have been worried about a recurrence of the two thousand and one summit of the americas where riots broke
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out in the streets of goback city here and they have lined the streets in full riot gear following the crowd making sure that nothing untoward happens what are they protesting against it depends on who you ask people here has said they are against capitalism they're against globalism they're against trump they are pro feminism pro environment but they are all here in the hundreds now but police are expecting them to be in the thousands and that's why nine thousand police are lining the streets at. about to james i would sing a poll of polls that one area that we just mentioned briefly was. really agree with the u.s. is the recent tariff announcements heated statements coming on camera and on social media james. so i can tell you that i've been to g. seven meetings for many years including when they were ga when russia was involved always a great deal of tension between russia and the others when russia was invited to
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those meetings never have i seen tension among the first seven like we have right now some are even calling it a meeting of the g six plus one and the one against the other six is president trump and the united states a year ago i covered the g seven in italy and then there was tension over some of. his views on nato his pulling out of the climate deal with now you've got added to that pulling out of the iran deal and these tariffs which have the potential of starting a global trade war it is going to be a very very tense summit meeting coming up in quebec in the coming hours president trump we know doesn't really want to be there in fact he's thought apparently in the white house to have said perhaps we shouldn't go to all and we should send vice president pence but he is pushing ahead with this meeting but it's interesting that the dynamics there in quebec seem to be even worse than the ira and singapore he
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seems to have more problems with his allies and a summit with them than a summit with a country that has long been seen as one of the u.s. as enemies as troubled waters ahead i'm sure hopefully not for you for much longer james in the rain thanks so much jonathan miller is a senior visiting fellow at the japan institute of international affairs he joins me now from tokyo on skype good to have you with us on the program how much of this meeting originally between the u.s. and japan was about reminding trump that there's more than just about making a nuclear deal here at stake in the long term regional issues and concerns are very important to japan and the countries in the asia pacific areas surrounding north korea. yes you know well thanks for having me on and as he said in the japanese perspective i think there's two main areas that they're focused on it's not that there are that they're against the summit but they're very cautious about what this
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what the outcome might be and i think that there from the japanese perspective needs to be concrete concessions from the north before any sanctions relieved i think the japanese are very concerned that the north koreans might like to make some deal that wouldn't address their short range medium range delivery systems and those are the biggest concerns japan so i think that is something that that he really wanted to stress with in terms of missiles that abductees i mean what's really achievable for the japanese what would they be happy with you know so i think the japanese and i mean you're seeing the stress that on multiple times from out of a recently from the defense minister at the shangri-la dialogue at singapore is that they want a comprehensive package so it is a bit of a maximalist idea but they want this to include all ranges of missiles and actually include chemical and biological weapons as well the second big driving point as you mentioned and this is more on the opportunity side of it is the abduction issue trump administration has taken a more receptive approach than any other u.s. administration recent history really sees this as an opportunity to address the
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issue in singapore prime minister has said in recent days that he wants to see the u.s. maintain maximum pressure something that trump possibly pulled away from the rhetoric in recent days a japan warms that north korea has remained on promises be full so it's very weary is it fair for them to take this position. you know what i think of. this issue is that we've we've seen this story before and i think many would doubt me whether it's in ninety nine or two thousand this is not a new development north korea obviously their program has reached a different level but you constantly it's not really. and i think that's the worry and that's why obviously you know if this summit begins at nine am he wants to be on the phone at eight thirty nine talking you're trying to not not forget about the things that he mentioned just in this recent summit so i mean he's very concerned
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of. what's very interesting to see what is happening of course we'll keep a very close eye on that for the bow but dropped and thanks so much for joining us . argentina the international monetary fund have agreed to a fifty billion dollar draft deal to beef up the economy the i.m.f. executive board will decide in the coming days with argentina's reform plan is worth the agreement president but he says the deal is necessary to avoid another economic collapse activists have been protesting across the country for weeks accusing the i.m.f. of interference. alone subleasing is the chair of the political economy department the industrial university of general salim in tow he joins me now from desire in argentina on skype thanks very much for joining us the previous late president lester kirshner vowed that the country would never turn to the i.m.f. again after years of all stare at.


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