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tv   Afghanistans School Scandal  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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a hive of building activity. with laborers rushing to meet the demand for new houses this is that this selling these broken aggregates to whosoever will. only bullies them. so that they give the stone from the river bed here you can see that bridge is being eroded and this obviously they are taking stones from out there that is going to collapse eventually through ignorance we were wrecking the landscape. look the height. should drive been built in this vicinity our culture. is a mishmash of this place on the hill it will be interesting to find out if any of these houses here shacks have. a building
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permits but those we spoke to around the landslide site did have paperwork including conveyances site surveys and building permits all stamped and signed by the ministry of lands. it's very painful in bring heaviness in my heart to see that we do have people in so long who know what to do who would advise governments on how to proceed but if if if that is ignored then then what's. the risk no silver bullet that would have prevented the region's landslide. not everyone thinks loss of forest cover or damage to the landscape played such a critical role the landslide might have happened anyway but if the law had been upheld it would have been far less deadly the area around town sixty percent of the forest covered has been lost in the last four decades all borderlines the exact
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spot where it happened was actually densely forested which points to a differing different issue there the that the hills around free down odd relatively unstable and landslides a frequent arguments because what we've only seen of the people of the iceberg because if this unplanned development keeps happening the garneau see them are allied landslides becoming much more frequent there's going to be a lot more level loss of life. sierra leone is ill equipped to deal with natural disasters on such a scale. even with the help of the international community the government has struggled to bring aid to those affected. to still. you. know we. grieve. well.
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as a few that is. bruce. lee the truth is we all the good we did. even with this difficulty. cyril you raise a. plans to rehire as displaced people in new communities outside the city are costly and still in the early stages but what about prevention and enforcing the existing law. six months after the disaster it's business as usual a stone's throw from the landslide site multi-story highs are still going up wealthy and influential people live in the area and property prices are high i'd sartaj could gama a two story house a sprung up it's inside the by entry of the national park and the forest rangers had it to investigate the. nuclear. code
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working with other company. says there's a document sure you should believe i didn't hear their ideas go from the ministry of lettuce and in this did out gives authority to be able to. do didn't work. we don't have to push them off says the documents the sign building permit means the guards are powerless to act even though the property is being built in the national park but not everyone agrees that the land is the government's to begin with those who have the money to give land to people here is still on hold and finally would have me. economy to people for you to get those people on that you have to spank you some of the money. again and again if you can you can apply a line is going to is very very far off my brother very very corrupt this it won't
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be a deal for those that don't even know it's never you know. africa. government is. the very people in the office is the minister of law and the only document they want if it's in the water they don't want to move documents building permits in syria are issued by the ministry of law and the location of each property is meant to be verified before the paperwork is issued the ministry is also supposed to monitor and demolish legal structures supported by a number of other government agencies this is a very complex issue. there are times you need to fully produce documents claiming to be given to them by a government authority and this is where the challenge comes in the institution responsible for that we believe should change if they think they have not issued
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out those document issued challenge individuals and there we enforce the law in this case it is a to the ministry of land itself to enforce the law the minister of law diana khana manny was unavailable to speak to us but a spokesman explained the problems they face when in fact that you can easily get in a building permit for example to peer in a polluted area. because of corruption but it is possible for someone to buy land in a national park with a silver plan and a building permit because there's a. who grabs those lands and says it's a buyer who is willing to buy regardless of the location of the property and there is a government official who is really ready to issue a bill to permit without due diligence in most of these ministries.
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employees and there are no incentives. no equipment to do is to do there for people even when they have the skills and so it's difficult for them to perform. whole question is about making sure the governance system functions effectively and then you'll be in a position to address most of this problems the problems are compounded by resistance from local communities eager to make use of labs they consider and heritage from their community elders as far back as in one nine hundred sixteen the west interns there was declared as a reserve so if as far back as one thousand sixteen it was declared. it's very difficult for me to understand how communities can lay claim to certain areas. if government does bear any responsibility toward it would be very minimal we
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have consulted with the communities we have advised the communities to relocate in order to protect their own welfare and we have been confronted with earache and violent group members. no one in the government of sierra leone or in the ministry of law has resigned their position. no one has lost their job for issuing a building permit in a dangerous real eco area. there have been pledges to begin demolition and some homes around the landslide size have been cleared but there is been no public inquiry into the issue of building permits in the freetown area. the government of syria does face enormous challenges the population of free turn has increased by ten times since the one nine hundred sixty s. . pretty down has expanded horizontally it has not expanded war dick really all
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been planning the extremely poor and that a lot of slum areas which have been buried in the brains of many of the world and streams are around in the very down balance a lot like other cities across africa free turns low lying slums are plagued by flooding each rainy season. plus the war see what some of. yeah. any athlete with. any small there will. unfortunately when up and. away and that is where you will find most of the settlements and. the ones who get affected in such a way and lose their lives. amount of water flowing down the hills that is no way
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you know it's not really being held back by the tree cover or the vegetation the intensity of flooding is really increasing and because the intensity of the flooding has increased that is making the hills more and more unstable sierra leone is already experiencing the effects of climate change the rainy season is growing shorter and more intense and with steep hill stripped of forest cover the effect so deadly. if you see just during the period between the first of july seventeen and the fourteenth of august the bones that were being which is when the landslide happened pretty down received more than one thousand millimeters of rainfall which is more than thirty times the average in a period of a month and a half and they need to take steps toward arrest these issues because the situation in the future is going to get worse.
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freetown has to much more than the rainy season but in the dry season it faces a very different problem. much more on this talk of the day. so people when you have got on tonight tell us. one more russian what you have. still is not easy for them to play do what every day. trees retain water they absorb it through their roots and release it slowly through their leaves into the atmosphere. to form again as rain. it is this ability of the forest to hold and release water that feeds the many streams in the hills around free time. streams feed rivers and rivers feed reservoirs. free turns population depends on these reza forests for its drinking
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water. but without forest cover the water cycle breaks down as rainfall runs quickly off the slopes and into the sea. without the national park in its forests the city of one point three million people will find its water supply in jeopardy. the problems facing freetime are immense but the forests are resilient bachata you gonna fall has seen first time time nature can recover from human interference five years ago a hillside outside the chimpanzee sanctuary was cleared for construction by governments on the land grabbers were evicted today a forest has already begun to grow it's not the first success they've had when we first moved in here this is me i was like this kind of trees everywhere they go
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this was all kind of weird innovative in the last into twenty four years these other ones you see you know there's not a big trees in. this flotilla to unfold part of it i planted it twenty three years ago yes and it's just so big massive. it's something that yes i'm living up to it is. part of me part of the a story. sierra leone is a poor nation. that has done little to contribute to climate change. and i would find itself facing an uncertain future. but there is still cause for hope. to have six months of rains and good foot does soil and everything grows but you don't really need to plant even if you are allowed to rest in close but it's not
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all lost scambling guess. i soon killed ten from many members and bonding time hundred seventy four in the war as possible in the people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia to me. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand when you and i friend of mine in iraq on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protestants had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with
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details coverage because now there's a big screen really hard to stop three but everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta thore over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on by land sea and air. a move that shuttered the region's geopolitical landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant . but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there and more insights and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of caught on a just zero uncovering faulty forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or
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authorization equipments dirty testimony is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john after two trees crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car the system with juvenile in jail on al-jazeera. i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world just days ahead of the u.s. summit with north korea donald trump meets with japan and talks about inviting kim jong il into the white house.
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you know zero life from a headquarters and. also ahead protesters take to the streets of québec city is world leaders arrive for the g. seven summits argentina strikes a deal with the i.m.f. despite widespread public disapproval. and a huge street party in america's capital is washington when ice hockey is stanley cup for the first time. hello u.s. president donald trump says he may invite north korea's kim jong il into the white house if negotiations between the leaders go well just days before the singapore summit japan's prime minister traveled to the white house to reiterate his demands for the talks since trying to bring home japanese citizens believed to have been abducted by pyongyang alan fischer reports from washington. the japanese prime minister will see donald trump but the upcoming g.
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seven summit in canada the chin zoabi me to detour to washington to ensure he gets some private time with the u.s. president to discuss north korea is a to settle down in the oval office the president admitted he didn't feel the need for a lot of preparation before his historic summit in singapore i don't think you have to prepare very much it's about the attitude it's about willingness to get things done but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time the prime minister wants to make sure key japanese demands aren't lost the moment that any deal isn't just good for the u.s. but its allies i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans north and south and for people everywhere when donald trump travel to japan in the vendor he met
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the families of japanese citizens allegedly abducted by the north koreans in the seventy's and eighty's the release is top of prime minister abbott his agenda is the state cannot abandon all titles in tacit on behalf of the citizens of japan i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support towards the preservation of the adoption issues. donald trump believes the summit in singapore can make progress towards north korea abandoning its nuclear program but insists he could still walk away he's holding out the carrot of better international relations for pyongyang and the stick of many more sanctions if it all falls apart japanese prime minister left the white house having played his part in a typical trump cliffhanger watching him the world to stay tuned to see what comes next alan fischer al-jazeera washington paul carroll is a senior advisor at nuclear security think tank and square he's worried about the
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trumpet ministrations priorities leading into the summit. i'm very pleased at the summit is happening and that it's still on track i think this is an amazing opportunity what i'm a little less asked about is the way in which the united states has seemed to handle this it goes on this sort of seesaw effect from day to day it's on it's off it we're going to promise you the moon and the stars or we may turn on our heel and walk away what i would like to see more of is some evidence that secretary of state pompei o is in fact sincere when he says i've been briefing the president i've been explaining it to him and that the president's himself in his statements doesn't say yeah we may walk where the peace treaty well a peace treaty is a very complicated thing and it's not just for the u.s. and north korea to broker it's a united nations multinational instrument when they when the war ended in an armistice it wasn't just to the parties it was a multitude of them so i would like to see a little more evidence and
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a little more confidence that the president is taking this very seriously and as he said a few days ago it's the beginning of a process that's what's critical here the beginning of a process not a one and done the united nations says human rights must be on the agenda at the summit between trump and kim they went on voy says too many north koreans don't have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on aid while he wellcome north korea's release of three u.s. citizens last month he says hundreds more prisoners should be free to think gesture of goodwill i am not the opinion that the human rights die on the will and their mind the opening and the talks under the new pretty face from. i don't think that he said the limit. on the contrary i think that for them than the p.r. side to show a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights makes any sense will give
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them could they believe in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in the. price. and it will play in their favor definitely the trumpet ministrations decision to impose tariffs on european and canadian goods is set to dominate discussions at this year's g. seven summit leaders of the seven nation bloc have been killed arriving québec city in canada they were sparked fears among them of a looming trade war donald trump has said he's looking forward to meeting fellow leaders but the scribe to host prime minister justin trudeau as ignorant about the terrace france's president described trump as growing isolated meanwhile protesters have been gathering on the city's streets john hendren has more from quebec city. the first protest of the g. seven began peacefully. there was a demonstration people gave speeches there were baguettes passed down there was
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a band that played at one time and then they went on a march probably a couple of miles and as you see it is indeed here is a small fire on the ground before the national assembly of quebec and the crowd is hundreds of people not thousands of people and they have been largely peaceful but police have been worried about a recurrence of the two thousand and one summit of the americas where riots broke out in the streets of goback city here and they have lined the streets in full riot gear following the crowd making sure that nothing untoward happens what are they protesting against it depends on who you ask people here who said they are against capitalism they're against globalism they're against trump. pro feminism pro environment but they are all here in the hundreds now but police are expecting them to be in the thousands and that's why nine thousand police are lining the streets
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of quebec city our diplomatic editor james basis in singapore ahead of tuesday's us north korea summit he says the rest on display ahead of the g seven meeting is unprecedented. but i've been to g. seven meetings for many years including when they were g. eight when russia was involved always a great deal of tension between russia and the others when russia was invited to those meetings never have i seen tension among the seven like we have right now some are even calling it a meeting of the g six plus one on the one that's against the other six is president trump and the united states a year ago i covered the g seven in italy and then there was tension over some of trauma comments his views on nato his pulling out of the climate deal well now you've got added to that pulling out of the iran deal and these terrorists which have the potential of starting a global trade war it is going to be a very very tense summit meeting coming up in quebec in the coming hours president
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trump we know doesn't really want to be there in fact he's thought apparently in the white house to have said perhaps he shouldn't go to all of the ships and vice presidents but he is pushing ahead with this meeting but it's interesting that the dynamics there in quebec seem to be even worse than the irish singapore he seems to have more problems with his allies and summit with them than a summit with a country that has long been seen as one of the u.s. is an immense argentina in the international monetary fund have agreed to a fifty billion dollar draft deal to beef up its economy the i.m.f. executive board will decide in the coming days whether argentina's reform plan is worth the agreement president my richo machree says the deal is necessary to avoid another economic collapse activists have been protesting across the country for weeks accusing the i.m.f. interference allan simples from the national university of general sarm yanto says the crisis in argentina is the result of government policies. not only
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president. say we would never go back to the i.m.f. but the current economy minister before he was economy minister. but very recently said the very same thing so indeed why are we going back to the i.m.f. well we're going back to the i.m.f. because of an economic crisis sensually generated by the policies of the mockery administration since they assumed in december of two thousand and fifteen argentina's main issue is the foreign exchange constraint what economists call the foreign exchange constraint i.e. the lack of. foreign exchange or dollars as they say here. to meet external needs be a trade to be its tourism be its debt service and so.
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the way the government has gone about solving that problem under monkee has been a very dramatic increase in public debt a group of catholic bishops in nicaragua has met the president wanting to help stop weeks of violence they're now waiting for daniel ortega has written response to their offer to mediate between the government temperance esther's. reports in the capital. another day of unrest and again i want means another funeral this time it's a thirty three year old opposition demonstrator killed during one of the latest confrontations with pro-government forces in messiah his body was carried past a checkpoint to the nearby cemetery. with tensions continuing to rise in messiah all of the roads leading into the city have been blocked by demonstrators forcing thousands of people to walk for hours to the next town. you have you will kill
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looking for food they don't have food to cover my scania having dinner while you go hungry. political violence has become common in this part of the country some of those leaving the area say they're not coming back any time soon but i mean. we're walking to managua to see if we can make it to the border with one doris we don't know if we'll be able to make it all the way there. despite the relative calm demonstrators are quick to react to any activity that might suggest an assault from armed groups behind me is just one of dozens of barricades set up by anti-government demonstrators now these barriers that are set up aren't only here to shield protesters from pro-government forces but also to prevent the free flow of commercial traffic into the city of messiah which has become a symbol of the resistance against the government. the only traffic allowed to pass through the barricades are emergency vehicles humanitarian aid.


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