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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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they showed that they were prepared in case there was trouble planners were so concerned that they've completely secured the summit site at charlevoix leaving demonstrators to gather one hundred forty kilometers away and get back city at the gathering itself leaders are calling it the g.'s six plus one the us against the rest all six u.s. allies in the group of seven of the world's largest economies oppose donald trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum and hope to avert a trade war but that. perhaps trump those in mind he's being isolated today here at matters because these six countries here represent values they represent the economic market with a strong history and certainly also represent a true force on the international level it's the diplomatic equivalent of a family intervention as donald trump prepared to arrive french president emanuel mccrone in canadian prime minister justin trudeau met to talk about how to talk to the u.s. president there's no question that on trade on climate change on some other
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issues there will be differences of perspective but the role of the chief seven is to provide a context to highlight the ways we work together and work through some of the differences in perspectives from fired back via twitter saying in part please tell prime minister trudeau and president mccrone that they are charging the us massive tariffs and create non-monetary barriers the meeting could end in a show of unity or a showdown if you are going to carve the world up and you're going to have united states versus rest of world the rest of the world is going to be bigger and it's going to be more important. as the leaders in protesters gather in quebec those watching the g. seven around the world remain in suspense wondering whether history will be made inside that meeting or outside john hendren al-jazeera quebec city. weather check next and then relatives of propane or victims take matters into their
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own hands the facial sashing rescue operations are suspended again. remembering as story acts of defiance by mahatma gandhi in south africa but not everyone gets back on him as a hair. color i was there got plenty of showers across central parts of europe lots of thunderhead showing up here has been rumbling away for many the west the weather also affecting a good part of the west and that seen the some lively showers going on here recently they'll notice their way a little further east which as we go on through friday system heavy downpours the snow the palls of italy up into the alps and pushing back into southern areas of jim east the front still a little disturbed then coming in behind me eighteen celsius forward rate that's
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still really on is pretty poor we can have twenty one in london with the sunshine some values as we go on into west sassed and by sas day hopefully things cheering up for much of spite all the nor the boss could still see wanted to say i was somewhat weather pushing up towards the rest peninsula having said that showers there back into a central part of here they will drive across northern italy but on the other side of the adriatic it does still stay rather unsettled stockholm's looking warm once again twenty four celsius not to woman moscow quite breezy as well with a high of just fifteen celsius some breezy weather to of course know the parts of africa so some lifted dust inside the possibility into libya into algeria but pile in large warm and dry pretty much sums it up at a high of twenty two celsius and repat getting up to around twenty seven now it is . incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties.
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and unexpected create. a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. is a tale of singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera. and again you're without his ear as a reminder of our top stories this hour on a south african president jacob zuma is in court to face charges over a two point five billion dollars on this deal the case states back to the one nine
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hundred ninety. s. president donald trump suggested he may invite north korean leader kim jong un to the white house if that meeting in singapore goes well on june twelfth he made the remarks was hosting japan's prime minister shinzo up a. truck meanwhile faces a showdown with fellow g seven leaders in canada who are furious about his trade tariffs on steel and. judges from the international criminal court of. appeal against his conviction for war crimes and crimes against humanity. was given eighteen years in jail and what was held as a landmark ruling has more. from the moment war crimes allegations first emerged jump and sisted he'd done nothing wrong the congolese businessman became vice president of the democratic republic of congo in two thousand and three but the year before when he was a rebel leader is accused of failing to stop his private army known as the m.l.c.
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from waging a campaign of rape murder and pillage against civilians in neighboring seem to african republic it seemed more than a thousand fighters there to help put down an attempted coup more back to where organizes loops of three or four souldiers baited houses one by one they stole all the possessions that could be carried off. and rape the goodman girls and you know those regardless of their age should have been never actually issued an order to rape and murder and during the course of the five year trial his defense team insisted that once his fight is crossed the border into central african republic they were under the command of
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that country's leadership speaking to his ear in two thousand and seven before his arrest been brushed aside questions about the i.c.c. you will know that the international criminal court know that. i am not of course involved in any of this ng's. what i'm saying is a they have you in their sights don't they know that's not true that you formation. so there's no question of you having to go to the hague. nine years later the i.c.c. unanimously found being big guilty of all charges against him three of war crimes and two of crimes against humanity became the first to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command it was also the first time the i.c.c. focused on rape as a weapon of war bieber was seem to to eighteen years in prison and later got an
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extra year and a fine for interfering with witnesses in his trial and he's lodged an appeal against his conviction but prosecutors have to they want to increase his seemed to twenty five years. now to zero syrian activists are reporting that at least twenty people have been killed by as strikes on neighborhoods in the rebel held village of the sadhana in the province they say at least one hundred people were injured in the attacks by government and russian warplanes many rebels and civilians have been moved to the province as part of cease fire deals ending fighting in other parts of syria. the red cross has pulled more than seventy of his international staff out of yemen over security concerns the move comes as a marotta coalition forces close in on the red sea port city of hadera its port is yemen's main route for humanitarian aid the saudi military says yemeni government forces which it backs as part of a coalition with the u.a.e.
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are within a few kilometers of the who think controlled city the u.n. says a military assault could have dire consequences got amal as government has again suspended the search for volcano victims living relatives to dig through the ash and about themselves one hundred nine people and known to have been killed and at least two hundred more are missing david musser reports from the disaster zone. a community in mourning in the mountains of what amala lucky developers mother was one of more than one hundred people who died after a volcanic eruption buried the town of san miguel is look this after days of not knowing lucking will finally be able to put her mother to rest it's a small consolation during a time of amends grief. never a secret oh i give thanks to god that they found my mother's body they were looking for her for three days for three days we didn't know anything until they told us she was in the morgue it's hard to so many are still missing many people in my
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family are still missing. since sunday the deadly eruption dozens of bodies have been handed over to relatives some people here have been able to get some closure but two hours away in the city of a squid lot others are just starting that challenging and sometimes long process of trying to identify their loved ones. relatives of missing persons come to the city's morgue family members describe important physical characteristics blood samples are then taken for d.n.a. analysis the work being done here is essential for people's peace of mind the simple face the sense of that i feel sad i feel sad because i want my family to be found and brought to my house even if it's just the bones i want them in my house i want to give them a funeral and a proper christian burial this is my wish. identifying the dead is
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a laborous task. might have enough qualified staff forensics officials say their budget isn't enough to respond to a disaster of this magnitude. the cadavers have been exposed to high temperatures well being buried for days these has cooked the bodies tissues which could mean the bone cells have died it's possible we'll have to repeat some of the t. shirt samples to get a genetic profile. that means it could take weeks or even months to identify the dead and with hundreds still missing from the eruption that cost many residents off guard watermelon prosecutors will investigate whether in vacuum wish and procedures were properly followed. david mercer out. facebook says a privacy setting bug may have affected up to fourteen million of its uses social media sites says the problem is cause users post to appear public regardless of their individual privacy settings facebook says it's now fix the issue which
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follows a privacy scandal affecting tens of millions of users. argentina has clinched a fifty billion dollars standby financing deal with the international monetary fund the government also the i.m.f. helped to stop us economy sliding back into crisis argentina is grappling with high debt and inflation alone which many argentinians oppose will now go to the i.m.f. board for final approval. from the national university of general. blames argentina's problems on bad government policies. not only president. say we would never go back to the i.m.f. but the current economy minister before he was economy minister. but very recently said the very same thing so indeed why are we going back to the i.m.f. well we're going back to the i.m.f.
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because of. an economic crisis sensually generated by the policies of the mockery administration since they assume in december of two thousand and fifty argentina's main issue is the foreign exchange constraint what economists call the foreign exchange constraint i.e. the lack of. foreign exchange or dollars as they say here. to meet external needs be a trade to be its tourism be its debt service and so. the way the government has gone about solving that problem under mockery has been a very dramatic increase in public debt thousands of refugees have fled across the border from him out of thailand have had
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a tough time getting the basic necessities for the shortage of international aid don't having difficulty treating patients reports. nope no knows all about the needs of her community she's both doctor and refugee in the camp and he's getting a new pair of glasses but says basic i k. is not easy to come by. i'm an eye doctor but we don't have any equipment to treat patients in the refugee camp people come to me with eye problems so i do basic checks but we need more. these doctors from an american not for profit organization are providing inexpensive i wear to refugees and villages in remote areas of thailand they have a new tool to work with federal laos anyone to conduct i check ups and provide three d. printed glasses in just twenty minutes and. we are the first team on the ground outside of a university setting or an army setting that is actually using this system charge
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it's earch early in its infancy but there are tremendous tremendous potential that we see for this really getting out there and really helping a lot of people see most of the more than one hundred thousand refugees in these camps in thailand have fled mean mass south east in korean state with karen nationalists have been fighting for independence for almost seventy years but funding from international aid groups has dwindled in recent years prompting many refugees to consider returning to mean ma but they're told it's still not safe. the huge fighting between qur'an nationalists and the mean military has displaced thousands more people since march where the magnet and the refugees need to coordinate with the karen peace council first to verify how safe it is to go back they should not go back on their own because if something happens no one will take
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responsibility for the safety of their lives. with intermittent conflict forcing many of these refugees to stay put and aid cuts to the camps this innovative new program is bringing much needed care to a neglected community. al-jazeera south africa and india have marked the one hundred twenty fifth anniversary of a significant moment in their histories and mahatma gandhi was forced off a whites only train her much faster reports from peter maritzburg. one hundred twenty five years ago mahatma gandhi was on a train traveling to the city of pretoria south africa's capital this reenactment shows gandhi sitting in the first class carriage it was a time of racial segregation only white people were allowed to sit here during the local government all motive to travel in the van gundy who was a lawyer from india refused to move to the back of the train where black people
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were supposed to sit eventually he was thrown off after his experience began a campaign for an end to racial discrimination and oppression through non violent means he did it many for dissenters of indian laborers who are working out of africa sugar plantations at the time the single statement of advice from i will make the whole world blind is so relevant today i think the only way this world can survive to do is to be this love and truth so i think it's very very relevant to. the gandhi stayed in south africa for twenty one years anyone back to india to continue his nonviolent resistance movement historians say gandhi was a peacemaker a man who fought for social and political reform through past serve resistance he inspired leaders including nelson mandela and us civil rights leader martin luther king but some people insist he was not a hero two years ago students and lecturers in ghana campaign to remove a statue of gandhi from the main university because of what they said were his
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racist comments about africans gained was a rampant researched when he went to the post office and he saw there was a line for whites and nonwhites his petition basically and forgive my language said how can you put us with the cafferty. because re are not barbarians we come from the civilized aryan stock and the said racial theory too would wait for our unions and the europeans were joined at the hip and africans are one step below. some historians say gandhi later admitted his data types of africans as barbarians were wrong apartheid ended in south africa in one thousand nine hundred four but the country is still struggling to deal with racism and inequality gandhi supporters hope his philosophy of nonviolent resistance continues to grow and help shape a new generation of activists fighting to end inequality for all south africans how
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do we toss al-jazeera pietermaritzburg south africa. without zero these are our top stories from a south african president jacob zuma has been in court to face charges over a two point five billion dollars arms till the case is linked to a nine hundred ninety s. deal to buy european military hardware when zuma was deputy president is accused of sixteen charges including fraud corruption in my laundry and racketeering cases just finished that today have been adjourned. u.s. president donald trump has suggested he may invite north korean leader kim jong un to the white house if their meeting in singapore goes well on the twelfth of june he made the remarks was hosting japan's prime minister shinzo are back. russia's president vladimir putin is on a state visit to china with the kim trump summit likely to be discussed economic
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military and political cooperation has improved during the presidency of xi jinping to counter u.s. influence china is russia's leading trading partner and weapons importer. and leaders are arriving for the g. seven summit where the trumpet ministrations decision to impose tariffs on european and canadian goods likely to dominate discussions there fears of a global trade war hanging over the two day meeting in quebec city in canada as automatic as the james bays on the growing rift amongst the g seven countries. two g. seven meetings for many years including when they were ga when russia was involved always a great deal of tension between russia and the others when russia was invited to those meetings never have i seen tension among verse seven like we have right now some are even calling it a meeting of the g six plus one of the one the other six is president from the united states and argentina has clinched a fifty billion dollars standby financing deal with the international monetary fund
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the government asked for the i.m.f. help to stop its economy from sliding back into crisis argentina is grappling with high debt and inflation alone which many argentinians opposed will now go to the i.m.f. board for final approval. with all the headlines we're back with more news here on out of the inside story. the world is watching with anticipation the first meeting of a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea is set for june the twelfth in singapore. bringing the breakthrough to reduce a global nuclear threat find out on al-jazeera. the free life line again and the day now the center of civil war government considers and the salary and the article in addition to comparing it with our sense of again with the threat what will it mean for aid in the freezer and for victims of one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters this is an inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth for on for more than three years the people of yemen have endured war hunger and disease the u.n. estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed and three quarters of the population depend on international aid now fighting for control of her data could make the situation even worse the red sea port is the gateway for seventy percent of yemen's food supplies and half its fuel needs it's also the point of entry for medicines and other essentials needed by twenty two million people just to survive the u.n. and the u.s. have warned against an attack by the saudi and watty coalition fighting the rebels . well let's bring in our panel now from. a pro who is
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a journalist and via skype also from some of the he country director for yemen with auk fam international a very warm welcome to both of you missed us today here let me start with you what an assault on the porch of data maine for what is already the world's worst humanitarian crisis and also for the some six hundred thousand people who live in the city of hadera. well. i mean yemen is already the world or worst humanitarian crisis is at the brink of i mean to me and it is one of the principal pulls of the country i mean to opiates the food supplies medicines and others since you come through so if i mean the fighting at the moment if rooters who and then if the life line is cut out it does i mean clearly indicates that i mean there will be
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in stock and the top of this food medicine and other essentials which will have an impact on the populations and already in this world war you mentioned crisis and they do this three years of war are mr k.t. the un's envoy for you haven't much martin is in the capital sanaa if thought to actually broker a deal to avert a possible assault on hold day there under which the u.n. would take control of the port would the her face agree to that. no i don't think that the hotel will accept. two hundred. forty or of a day the city because the. leaks request that the un has asked to hand over who they doubled it was not from this. boy it was well before it was from the
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dish eight. un un envoy to yemen and it's really strange to ask from one side to withdraw from a city because as you say it is one of the last humanitarian line into yemen and instead of doing that you can ask the saudi to stop targeting the city this actually show you the biased of the united nation if it true that they have requested for the hold it was though. are they the board but i'm sure they will not accept that because if they were to draw from this city then next time they will ask them to draw from sa to draw from other cities so. you have to stop it have a ceasefire not to target the port live this life line go in as it used to be in a state of target of targeted by the saudis that coalition missile book i think. is such a crucial lifeline for the millions of people and yemen wouldn't it be better if it was controlled by
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a neutral organization like the united nations rather than the who things. i mean look at the whole the are yemenis and then the saudi that coalition is made from. medicine or even from colombia so how can you accepted that you leave a city because a foreign coalition is attacking the city this is just just nonsense and i don't think it will be accepted and yemeni people as well will not accept that the host you will agree i will agree to that there is a war south of the data and if the so do want to stop the it will continue its of or it will continue its fighting to protect that port and on the top of that wow can we guarantee that all day the city will not be like in a callous like the same in aden i think that the u.n. should actually take over aden port city to secure it because it's not secured now i'll try dozen in three that there are many attacks suicide attacks are almost
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every week assassination every day and on the day the city the only. attack that's happening there is by the saudi led air strike this show you the difference between security and what they do so i think they should actually. control the not our data but it is what they are that is the point of focus now mr who do you think should be in control of this vital port at this time do you think that the who things should give up their control of the united nations. well in my view i mean we are concerned so we are really really concerned that if the line is caught then that we have a catastrophe. in more family have to physically bury the loved ones there will be more hunger and more deaths we really concern that the writing is stop and the international community put pressure on both the warring parties to return to
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the these dogs in the fighting and find a political solution so in our view we want to discuss them young rescission and through who we can find as political solution and we might be might be closer to the political solution because as all of this is playing out it seems they could be a breakthrough in ending the conflict the reuters news agency says it seen a draft proposal for a peace plan written by the united nations it says the plan includes a call on the hooty rebels to give up their ballistic missiles which they've been firing into saudi arabia and return the saudi emraan to coalition would end its bombing campaign against the whole things which has been going on for more than three years the document also reportedly includes proposals for a transitional government which would involve the who thiis mr because i'm sure you're aware of this proposed peace plan what do you make of it do you think that the whole thing he's willing to give up their ballistic missiles for
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a seat at the table in a transitional government. i just want to mention that when. the for political council mad the alamo shot in sanaa when he has met the u.n. envoy he said like i'm quoting here he said we have our hand on the trigger but does what we have the other hand will come in any peace or serious peace told with all parties so it was clear message that we will not hand over our weapons and this is it by the way about waiters i think they just want to make the breaking news a than they are baseless because i don't think that they actually will actually dare to ask the hoti to to give up they didn't say like to stop ballistic missile in a chant in the tour of stop and so he can bait they say to him to give up the their ballastic missiles in return of the saudi to stop to end their campaign that's how they can switch back their campaign in yemen in a matter of seconds but if you give our you're a ballistic missiles how can you if the saudis didn't i mean change their mind i
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mean this is the only what is that the how they have to hurt saudi so i do think they will actually if they think of handing it and we remember what happened before the invasion of iraq they would has asked saddam to hand over his weapons and hours before the invasion he had destroyed one of the lastic long lines ballistic missile and what happened as soon as he destroyed his ballastic missiles the united states has invaded iraq so it will be the same and i'm sure they will not hand over any weapons so that if they aren't and either mr but i think if they don't match the hand over their weapons do they think that they can still when the swar militarily because if they don't hand over their weapons how do they expect to stop the swore . i mean the one who should ask him to stop the war was the one who started the war with no the talk over power either you called them accountable or not it was it in an internal matter i mean there are many moves around the world no one will interfere military to stop it so that all disguises the colorado you know outbreak
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this is a humanitarian crisis in yemen it started after the saudi let's call it a war in yemen it didn't start because of the how do you cope and i said you can not to hand over the order while you still are under the blockade but unfortunately no one actually can accept that but unfortunately for the who things in the book it is the. government of exiled president. that is supported by the saudi led coalition that you speak of that is the internationally recognized government of yemen and not the who things that the international community recognizes as the leaders in the country mr if i can come to you you know mr he was speaking about the humanitarian problems that the country is facing so you know after more than three years of war what is at stake here for the people of yemen and i know that you organization said on wednesday that yemen is one step away from famine now and
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that millions could be affected. or this is really really you can you can imagine the two million people need. aid and even protection assistance i mean. also that the public's. not been. paid for their salaries for the last two years and people do not. measure or even mean to get an income school been closed for years i mean forty six percent. functional and then the caller was one of those. i mean. that basically over two thousand people and recorded over a million cases of color and then if i'm in pulled up artists or the
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artists do not just stop fighting if they do not listen that basically international community has a responsibility to pull pressure on both doring parties to end this and end fighting and start peace negotiation and we're also concerned that in the peace plan there is no civil society are going to stand still and women's and in the world we have seen where women's voices and the civil society voices have been hired the basically is this more than fifteen years and now this new situation while for apply frontlines active and in the new basically i mean the movement. and booked up words is do not listen then it will really be a catastrophe i mean in the end i mean even more cash a struggle it is the military in the military i mean i don't think that is the military solution mr mccain i think all parties have to find that sort of them and
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so mr because they have what it takes for the who things to agree to a political solution one that the united nations as now reported to be proposing. i think of that is they will only accept an unbiased plan there must be first as a ceasefire all front but that is what they were calling on the united nations proposing a cease fire and if when you say a non-biased plan what is biased about this plan and if if it's not coming from the united nations who would propose this non-biased plan i mean look this plan it's. been made public we are talking about a leaked plan but by the way it is it could be a big lie just just to make the news but to look into this into this plan why would i say biased is when you ask one group to give up their ballastic missile return that the other side will stop bombing you what what what the only thing that
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guaranteed that you you can actually maybe fight the saudi back is though i mean that you have how can you handed that's what i'm saying they would do you not just the united and they are in the way and the international community as a you know as a backer of this plan would guarantee it would prevent further saudi led coalition attacks if the who things were to give up their ballistic weapons ok is there no trust in the united nations or the international the real mr because i think what you know what to be honest with you me personally i think those are the we came to most yemeni we came to a conclusion that we don't trust all international community and dismissal of you and why i will explain to you before in muscat about two years ago there was a plan before the whole he accepted the twenty two sixteen the solution they were told that if you accept this we will guarantee that the world will stop and then we will go in how to implement the twenty two sixty what they have accepted and what happened the saudi continue its war that's why i say biased because this is what
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the united nation has been doing so mr look on her if it is honey i must the united nations if i was all are in the last out it will cease fire who do you see as a mediator in this conflict that has to end. i think this should be talks between the whole thing between their buddies in sanaa included though the un saudi arabia the first thing and the united nation if it want to be. in this in this war they should at least mention the saudi as one site and when i say biased i can date i mean anyone watching me now to bring me a document from any u n envoy into yemen or u.n. security council that has mentioned this all the other part of this war how can you mediate if you're not mentioning the saudi under saudi is leading this coalition against yemen that that that the groove that you and and all you in blood are totally biased just mentioned the saudi as part of this war and then the saudi will
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be held responsible if they break in a cease fire if they do not accept any any agreement that will come in the future and i think we will reach a solution soon or mr. like to give you the last word on this no doubt you and your organization and other aid groups are desperately hoping for a solution you know what is your message to the warring parties and the international community. i think i have all that invention is the basically three things the past on board the warring parties they have to end the fighting without putting any precondition the process on the second one they have to agree that we don't any preconditions are going back to the negotiation the third one is basically in order to establish a craft between the ottoman among different warring parties i think that un and international communities have to. lead and coordinate and include the
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and participatory in peace negotiation processes i'm in both the civil society women and both i mean in santa and also in other forums it may take number of imputes i'm in conversation i think i think that are going on theory i mean the total truth in the fighting has and then is established i mean we want to see that the humidity is in these do not there is any problem in providing human services to the people in need and then i think their loved one would be that should be a political solution but what would be the transitional moment i mean listen mechanism i mean one i mean is stablished all right mr city thank you very much for that that is most and city in sanaa and also in sanaa who are saying ok thank you both very much. and now joining us from london is mohammad yunus
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a yemeni journalist with our cars newspaper mr jim a the u.s. is among a number of countries and organizations that are warning the m.r.i. he's not to try and seize control of the port of poti data will the end rashi's refrain do you think from launching an attack which will further devastate the humanitarian situation. well i think the problem with the data is very complicated we have. around we have. two maybe one million yemenis live in in the city and it's a small city and is the most important city in the red sea on that it's you cause about seventy percent of the import of the yemenis and the human. aid comes from this port in the west of yemen and it is for instance mr sharon made that the u.s. that aid organizations the u.n. asking the m.r.
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ati's not to nourse this attack so do you think that they will take heed of that call while i think. they are going to are. they to see the city the whole city different from the are over the line and they are going to put more pressure on the whole it is inside the city i don't think they are going to take it over because it will cost a lot of a lot of things in terms of human sufferings in in on the yemenis in the city and on in on the yemenis outside yeah even encourage the capital of sanaa because of the humanitarian aid will be cut off if the attack of the city misses you made there are reports that the un's on wife or yemen is trying to broker a deal so that there isn't an assault on her data and could possibly see the u.n. take control of the port what do you make of that do you think that the u.n. should be in control of this important port. well i was up
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a lot more than one year ago when the solid didn't qualify so i just said to the united nations to take the part of who they are as something or as. a solution because the host is will never give it to the government forces and the will also not give it to the soldiers call the shots but unfortunately at the time the united nations refused to take it because they said they lack the. they lack the largest to control the. the. data now i'm not quite sure i think it's changed because we have a new plan which depends on taken away the hours of the qualities down and from all the factions the military factions in the country but what their own not this plan is going to be implemented or i think it is too early to suggest that
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yes they these are just reports so far and we hear from the pro who journalist hussein advocate the area who said that the who things would not be giving up their ballistic missiles because they don't trust the u.n. and the international community to guarantee that the saudis will not continue their bombing campaign do you think that the saudi led coalition is ready now to sit down with the who things for this proposed negotiated settlement for you know a cease fire for a transitional government later on. well this is arming this plan is not new it's similar to the plan of suggested by the share the former one the former and compared to yemen involved human story. while the host is do not trust the international community and do not trust the saudi that question and there are many governments again. many governments on the saudi that question do not trust the
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truth is because. there were more than one hundred agreement signed by the whole with these and some local leaders like tribal leaders and military leaders in the past and within the some politicians during the. war between the region of silence the former president and how these no one of these agreements has been fulfilled of implemented so there is not as there is no confidence there is no trust between all parties and when it's not the matter of the who these do not trust the government the government also do not trust the whole fees and i don't think in this situation this new plan will go further so what will it take then mrs you may because there's so much at stake in yemen so many millions of lives at stake to build trust to actually get to the point where all sides are willing to negotiate. well the problem is all parties in yemen are thinking that the
4:44 pm
ourselves strong to fight from the government side they think that they are making good at vance. towards the city they are now just a few kilometers from the port and there is no point from the point of view of sitting around. like a negotiation table discussing the issues with the northeast and from the other side these are feeling that they are not defeated and they have to fight until the last moment so is difficult unless the parties indiaman the factions in him and those military. militants in the in the country the government and the whole of these come to an agreement or come to the to an idea that they will never achieve anything with war with weapon and the only solution could be the peaceful solution unless they come to this point then i don't think there is any sort of flies one is
4:45 pm
the end of the tunnel just as you may just very briefly what will it take for them to come to that point. i think the international pressure on them on the government and on the whole of these there is that two to one six by the resolution of the united states and sorry the resolution saying frankly that the horsey truth is must give up the weapons which was belonging to the army the yemeni army. are the whole he's going to give give it up you said that the whole saying. it is said they will never give it because they they have not us in the government so if this is the case if this is a situation the only pressure will go on to the government there is no pressure on to the for these because they are militia they're not they cannot like a normal pressurized i'm all right mr zuma thank you very much for that that is
4:46 pm
mohamed you may joining us live from london and to our earlier guests to hussain al the katie and more sense of the key both of whom had joined us from the yemeni capital sana and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter to handle this at a.j. inside story from the elizabeth random and the whole team here by phone. unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things you know it's all just there as i was talking about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has
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a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. a. big story generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we. are still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. cape town's water running out city or storage he said people should use no more than fifty liters of top water per person per day. about the third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see in about four percent of the water for
4:48 pm
generations they've already been collecting it and communal taps all thor's these say the city will reach daisy on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal council stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the provinces suffered the worst drought on record. water saving measures have already postponed a zero bice three months everyone here is hoping the winter will see bring enough rainfall to make sure they never come. south africa's former president jacob zuma makes another court appearance on corruption charges.
4:49 pm
over america this is alex zero live from doha also coming up. i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea. and indeed a bright new future for the world just days ahead of the u.s. summit with north korea donald trump talks about inviting kim jong un to the white house. protesters take to the streets of quebec city as world leaders arrive for the g. seven summit plus. seeing clearly now the new team cheap technology of the refugees for men with their eyesight. from a south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court again to face charges
4:50 pm
over a two point five billion dollars arms deal the case in the high court and has now been adjourned until late july he's accused of sixteen charges including fraud corruption money laundering and racketeering it's all linked to an one thousand nine hundred deal to buy european military hardware simmers deputy president at the time and the dogs him for years the charges were brought in two thousand and five before bring with being withdrawn four years later then a court reinstated the charges in the mall. live not to harm and this is second appearance in this case what came out of the hearing today. while he's just left the court building behind me he is across the road addressing his supporters this is what happened inside the point the state said that they are ready the defense said they are not ready the reason why is too much noise initially wanted his charges withdrawn until the issue of the case was legal fees
4:51 pm
is sorted out we're told that is not going to happen so the judge agreed to postpone the matter to the twenty seventh of july and he says that should give zuma enough time to figure out who's going to pay his legal fees seumas legal team zuma once the taxpayers to pay for his fees because he says he is a former president but opposition parties he has gone to court and they say that should not be allowed to happen they're going to fight it so until x'mas legal fees issue is sorted out this matter cannot proceed hopefully it will be sort of on the twenty seventh of july but you must lawyers have warned they may still not be ready by then there's britney dragging out business in the meantime as we can hear in the background keeping zuma in the spotlight when's it all expected to come to a close more importantly. will some of the lawyers inside there are saying realistically you could see the trial actually starting properly sometime in november it could take that long and then once it starts could drag on for months maybe even years but that's not only women's only problem
4:52 pm
because they capture issues where he's accused of committing and working with a very high profile indian family known as the group has it's been alleged that they were instrumental in up picking cabinet positions appointing certain people their masters so much wealth over the last few years and they've also been accused of alleged corruption so he's also been linked to that families also fighting those issues as well some analysts say that it could work consumers face but the longer this trial drags on it could give him time to maneuver and maybe try and find a way out. thanks very much our. adult trump may invites north korea's leader to the white house if tuesday's summit in singapore goes well yes president raised the possibility was hosting to pan's prime minister elevation has more from washington. the japanese prime minister will see donald trump but the upcoming g. seven summit in canada chin zoabi made
4:53 pm
a detour to washington to ensure he gets some private time with the u.s. president to discuss north korea is a to settle down in the oval office the president admitted he didn't feel the need for a lot of preparation before his historic summit in singapore i don't think you have to prepare very much it's about attitude it's about willingness to get things done but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time the prime minister wants to make sure key japanese demands aren't lost in the moment that any deal isn't just good for the u.s. but its allies i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. the deed nuclearization of the korean peninsula would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans in north and south and for people everywhere when donald trump travel to japan in the vendor he met
4:54 pm
the families of japanese citizens allegedly abducted by the north koreans in the seventy's and eighty's the release is top of prime minister abbott is agenda a state cannot abandon all titles in tacit on behalf of the citizens of japan i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support towards the preservation of the adoption issues. donald trump believes the summit in singapore can make progress towards north korea abandoning its nuclear program but insists he could still walk away he's holding out the carrot of better international relations for pyongyang and the stick of many more sanctions if it all falls apart japanese prime minister left the white house having played his part in a typical trump cliffhanger watching him the world to stay tuned to see what comes next alan fischer al-jazeera washington. russia's president vladimir putin on a state visit to china with the ken trump summit likely to be discussed economic military and political cooperation has improved in russia and china during season
4:55 pm
ping's presidency the county u.s. and florence far as low as in beijing. russian president vladimir putin is in china for the shanghai cooperation organization summit now this is an economic grouping led by russia and china seen by some as a counterweight to many of the groupings and blocks that are dominated by the united states and the two countries are drawing closer in part because of the close personal ties between their leaders and in part driven by they increasingly fraught relationship with the u.s. and when we look at russia it's finding that it needs more trade partners in the east particularly china because of sanctions against it led by the u.s. for its annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen russia is also being investigated and being accused of having meddled in u.s. elections as for china it's in the midst of a possible trade war with the u.s. these are the world's two largest economies china is also facing criticism from the
4:56 pm
u.s. and being challenged for its increasing militarization of disputed parts of the south china sea and the other thing that these two countries have in common is that they are not invited to the summit that's going to be held between north korea and the u.s. that's not to say though that we can't discount their influence now in the days leading up to in days in the weeks leading up to this summit taking place russia has visited north korea it suggested that sanctions against north korea ought to be lifted in phases to perhaps gain favor with north korean officials and meantime we've also seen china extend visits to north korean leader twice this year already . the red cross has pulled more than seventy staff members out of yemen over security concerns the move comes as saudi amorality coalition forces close in on the red sea city of her data its port is yemen's main route for humanitarian aid the saudi military says yemeni government forces which it backs as part of
4:57 pm
a coalition with the u.a.e. are within a few kilometers of the who controlled city the u.n. says a military assault could have dire consequences. very clear for garley as a spokeswoman for the international committee for the red cross and she joins us now from geneva thanks for being with us so what are these security concerns that force the red cross to pull out these members of staff. so in the past two weeks the i.c.r.c. the international media the red cross across yemen has received threats that come with an overall deterioration of the security let's not forget that less than two months ago the i.c.r.c. also lost a staff member that was brutally killed in time the security concerns come from the fact that we feel that we have lost the security guarantees that are due to sponsibility off all the parties to this conflict which has prompted the i.c.r.c. to pull out seventy one of its more by staff and relocated them to nearby djibouti
4:58 pm
where we have a support office for yemen where these threats come from. i do not want to speculate the nature of threats means that they actually come from everywhere. one message that you want to get across is that the security of the i.c.r.c. when it's operating in the in a war zone is the responsibility of all the parties that are driving this conflict in yemen in particular the i.c.r.c. has an experience as a frontline operator that goes back to one thousand nine hundred sixty two when we say that we have lost the security guarantees of all parties it means serious business it means that we are receiving threats and it means that persecuting incidents that we had over the past two years cannot go and cannot continue like this why is the red cross being threatened when it's such an essential and neutral lifeline to both sides to all sides
4:59 pm
well this question i don't know of this question can be addressed to the i.c.r.c. as such we have continued to operate the way we operate always and in very in every context we deliver our assistance in a neutral and in any way and then we give the context across. the spectrum of. the parties to the conflict and the different auto tities in yemen so why we are receiving threats this i cannot answer but what i can answer is that we cannot continue like this and what i can say is that the responsibility for our security is now in the hands of the parties to the conflict they are the ones who decide now how we continue to operate how we continue to operate in yemen the yemeni people have been so ravaged by this war haven't their aid is so sparse as it is so what does these start pulling out mean for your operations for the people that you're living. well very sadly it's means that we
5:00 pm
have reduced the impact of our a life saving operations in yemen but this does not mean that we are leaving the yemeni people behind we relocated the staff this means that we have less capacity to operate but we are continuing to operate from from djibouti where we have a support office and what i want to make clear is that this reduction has started since the killing off our colleague who would. two months ago and it's ongoing now but we are not leaving the yemeni people behind but again we need more security get indians and we need more serious and solid get empty so that we can continue to provide the response to the yemeni people ok very very clear fogarty thanks very much for taking the time speak to us there from geneva still ahead in this half hour relatives of volcano victims take matters into their own hands is what a mother.


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