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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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well very sadly it's means that we have reduced the impact of our a life saving operations in yemen but this does not mean that we are leaving the yemeni people behind we relocated the staff this means that we have less capacity to operate but we are continuing to operate remotely from from djibouti where we have a support office and what i want to make clear is that this reduction has started since the killing off i would call the kind of a who would. two months ago and it's ongoing now but we are not leaving the yemeni people behind but again we need more security guarantees and we need more serious and solid get empty so that we can continue to provide the response to to the yemeni people ok marie marie claire fogarty thanks very much for taking the time speak to us there from geneva still ahead in this half hour relatives of volcano victims take matters into their own hands as guatemala search and rescue
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operations are again suspended. undocumented immigrants in the u.s. to federal prisons. just sold. to the weather sponsored by qatar airways. however we got some really big storms across central parts of europe just brewing up you can see the cloud here around italy pushing over towards the a track and that's going to be the the same for some violence and thuggery weather as we go on through the next couple of days intense area of low pressure in place here things a good deal quite a. pleasant sunshine coming through hey kiev it around twenty six celsius cool room went there for a moscow just fifteen degrees there we go with those showers just around italy easing across the alps you can see have a stretch they way right up into a good parts of western side of germany some wet weather too just starting to drift
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this way in across portugal into that western side of spain cemented temperatures picked back to around ninety degrees celsius meanwhile we'll see that what's weather just easing a little further east which is we go on through the next day come saturday showers along with spells of rain maybe some big gusty winds certainly on the cards here and also some volatiles martin catch the old tornado that wet weather of disturbed weather really affecting many central parts into the south of that it's generally fine in triathlons around thirty three celsius warm sunshine it was a good part of the med as is the case the average in northern parts of africa we're back with the top temperature twenty one. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's that redrew the map of the middle east just record a victory of the me in that war for the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are
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still felt today we tried everything i could nation try to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was ignored the war in june on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching our. top stories this hour on the south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court again. over two point five billion dollars on the case in the high court and. until they. present donald trump says he may invite north korean leader kim jong un to the
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white house at that meeting in singapore on the twelfth and the. prime minister. on the red cross has pulled more than seventy members out of yemen because of security concerns it's called on all warring parties to guarantee the safety on was shot dead tired and april. of the g. seven summit in canada under the shadow of a potential trade war america's closest allies a furious about a new terrorist being imposed by the trump administration john hendren reports from . inside and outside the g. seven summit disruption has replaced diplomacy on the streets demonstrators are descending on qu├ębec city where canada's leaders intend to avert a repeat of the two thousand and one summit of the americas where these streets erupted in riots this time nine thousand police are taking no chances even kopecks national assembly is shut down if it turns bad. get pretty nasty.
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make sure that we. took the good. shot keepers of boarded up buildings as the first protesters filled the streets. the first demonstration of the g. seven began peacefully and it turned into a march as you can see there were speakers people eight baguettes and hundreds of people demonstrated but peacefully but when the police came they showed that they were prepared. yes there was trouble planners were so concerned that they've completely secured the summit site at charlevoix leaving demonstrators to gather one hundred forty kilometers away and get back city at the gathering itself leaders are calling it the g six plus one the u.s. against the rest all six u.s. allies in the group of seven of the world's largest economies oppose donald trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum and hope to avert a trade war but that. perhaps trump doesn't mind he's being isolated today here at
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matters because these six countries here represent values they represent the economic market with a strong history and certainly also represent a true force on the international level it's the diplomatic equivalent of a family intervention as donald trump prepared to arrive french president emanuel mccrone in canadian prime minister justin trudeau met to talk about how to talk to the u.s. president there's no question that on trade on climate change on some other issues there will be differences of perspective but the role of the chief seven is to provide a context to highlight the ways we work together and work through some of the differences and perspectives that trump fired back via twitter saying in part please tell prime minister trudeau and president mccrone that they are charging the us massive tariffs and create non-monetary barriers the meeting could end in
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a show of unity or a showdown if you are going to carve the world up and you're going to have united states versus rest of world the rest of the world is going to be bigger and it's going to be more important. as the leaders in protesters gather in quebec those watching the g. seven around the world remain in suspense wondering whether history will be made inside that meeting or outside john hendren al-jazeera quebec city. here's here's the gazans impose sanctions on six people involved in human trafficking and smuggling in libya has been a push to take action since last year when reports emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves but this continued includes local militia leaders and coast guard force many refugees and migrants end up stranded in libya after a failed attempt to cross the mediterranean to reach europe. israeli army has warned palestinians in gaza to stay away from the border fence ahead of another round of friday protests planes dropped leaflets into gaza on thursday urging
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residents to avoid the area and very forces have killed more than one hundred fifteen palestinians through weeks of demonstrations. government has again suspended the search for volcano victims leaving relatives to dig through the ass themselves one hundred nine people and then to have been killed and at least two hundred more are missing david musser reports from the disaster zone. a community in mourning in the mountains of what amala lucky divvy lives mother was one of more than one hundred people who died after a volcanic eruption buried the town of san miguel this lot is after days of not knowing lucky will finally be able to put her mother to rest it's a small consolation during a time of immense grief. grace. i give thanks to god that they found my mother's body they were looking for her for three days for three days we didn't know anything until they told us she was in the morgue it's hard to so many are still missing many people in my family are still missing. since sunday the deadly
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eruption dozens of bodies have been handed over to relatives some people here have been able to get some closure but two hours away in the city of a squint others are just starting that challenging and sometimes long process of trying to identify their loved ones. or relatives of missing persons come to the city's morgue family members describe important physical characteristics blood samples are then taken for d.n.a. analysis the work being done here is essential for people's peace of mind the same thought to be a consensus that i feel sad i feel sad because i want my family to be found and brought to my house even if it's just the bones i want them in my house i want to give them a funeral and a proper christian burial this is my wish. identifying the dead is a laborous task. might have enough qualified staff forensics officials say their
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budget isn't enough to respond to a disaster of this magnitude but is this in fact the cadavers have been exposed to high temperatures well being buried for days these has cooked the bodies tissues which could mean the bone cells have died it's possible we'll have to repeat some of the t. shirt and bone samples to get a genetic profile. that means it could take weeks or even months to identify the dads and with hundreds still missing from the eruption that cost many residents off guard watermelon prosecutors will investigate whether in back you a ship or see jurors were properly followed. david mercer out to zero. in the kilauea volcano on why is big island has now been erupting for thirty three days hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of people displaced and some freshwater lakes have been boiled away. the story. kill
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away is month long eruption as thankfully cost no human lives but it has inflicted an abundance of misery i lost everything for forty years gregory braun grew orchids for a living now his flower beds are a mass of seizing lava we just didn't believe it would happen we were there for so long and we're so established. also struggling with disbelief dodie jordan and her husband abruptly forced from their homes in what had been their personal paradise it is. incredibly emotional and i've seen this incredible bay area that we love. was dear to our hearts just change within hours not even days hundreds of homes have been. stroy by the unstoppable flow of molten rock the lava up whoring into the sea sends up huge clouds of steam mixed with toxic gases latest community to be ravaged is campolo
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the beaches there were once popular for swimming snorkeling and sunbathing the island's mayor own a home and cupola hole he tried to encourage people who have lost nearly everything in the dark is the time i ask you to stick with us together all of us is a community we have the will we will make it better and people will get it done in addition to property damage the eruption has severed highways knocked out power and telephone services and shut down a geothermal plant that normally provides about a quarter of the island's power it is the power of nature personified by the goddess pale a spirit of volcanoes in native hawaiian belief that now has the upper hand i don't know what madame paley's ideas are but. she changed
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a really pretty place scientists cannot predict how long the eruption will go on robert oulds al-jazeera. u.s. authorities are planning to transfer one thousand six hundred people who have been detained by immigration and customs officials to federal prisons by the way to several several immigration court hearings on president california is preparing to take a thousand people that asked about has more from washington d.c. . well i see it is confirming that it will be housing up to sixteen hundred immigrants coming into the united states illegally at medium security prisons here in the u.s. it says it's going to be working with the u.s. marshal service and as well as the department of prisons they said i says that this is a temporary situation because of the surge in illegals coming into the united states and because of the department of justice's so-called no tolerance policy the
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largest prison that would be holding these illegals would be in california it would be holding up to one thousand illegals and then about two hundred to three hundred would be in facilities in washington texas and arizona now some unions representing prison guards have raised questions about this as to whether or not these illegal immigrants should be housed in the same facilities as prisoners we could expect to see some protests from civil rights groups about doing this sort of thing keep in mind that these facilities that they're going to be housed in are medium security prisons not maximum security prison so they would not be necessarily mixed in with people that are committing murder but medium security prisons do house people that have been convicted of things like assault so a breaking story we should be getting more information in the days to come. to fifty billion dollars standby financing deal with the international monetary
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fund the government dollars for the i.m.f. help to stop its economy from sliding back into crisis grappling with high debt and inflation alone which many argentinians oppose will now go to the i.m.f. board for final approval. the man who killed five people in a truck attack in sweden has been sentenced to life in prison. from is back a star drove the stolen vehicle into a crowd of shoppers in stockholm last year the thirty nine year old expressed sympathy for eisel his bid for asylum in sweden was rejected before he staged the attack because the senate has voted to legalize recreational marijuana campaigns be elected prime minister justin trudeau promised to allow adults to use the drug the changes were allowed to go on sale and for people to grow up to four plants at home for their own use these to clear the house of commons again before
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coming into effect. thousands of refugees who fled across the border from miramar to thailand have a tough time getting the basic necessities with a shortage of international aid doctors are having difficulty treating patients reports. or knows all about the needs of her community she's both doctor and refugee camp and he's getting a new pair of glasses but says basic i care is not easy to come by. i mean i don't but we don't have any equipment to treat patients in the refugee camp people come to me with eye problems so i do basic checks but we need more. these doctors from an american not for profit organization are providing inexpensive i wear to refugees and villages in remote areas of thailand they have a new tool to work with federal aus anyone to conduct i check ups and provide three d. printed glasses in just twenty minutes on the. we are the first
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team on the ground outside of a university setting or an army setting that is actually using this system so it's earch early in its infancy but there are tremendous tremendous potential that we see for this really getting out there and really helping a lot of people see. most of the more than one hundred thousand refugees in these camps in thailand have fled mean mass southeast in covering state with care and nationalists have been fighting for independence for almost seventy years but funding from international aid groups has dwindled in recent years prompting many refugees to consider returning to mean ma but they're told it's still not safe. the huge fighting between qur'an nationalists and the mean mom military has displaced thousands more people since march where the maggie and the refugees need to
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coordinate with the karen peace council first to verify how safe it is to go back they should not go back on their own because if something happens no one will take responsibility for the safety of their lives. with intermittent conflict forcing many of these refugees to stay put and aid cuts to the camps this innovative new program is bringing much needed care to a neglected community. al-jazeera. not a great sports story for you the washington capitals of one ice hockey is greatest trophy the stanley cup fans took to the streets after the team beat the vegas golden knights four three and it's the first championship in the team's forty four year history and also the first stanley cup for the team's captain alex ovechkin was also named the series' most valuable player.
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without zero these are top stories former south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court again to face charges over a two point five billion dollars arms deal the case in the high court in durban has now been adjourned until late july he's accused of sixteen charges including fraud corruption money laundering and racketeering. donald trump may invite north korea's leader to the white house if tuesday's summit in singapore goes well as president raised the possibility whilst hosting japan's prime minister shinzo of a wants to help secure the release of japanese citizens by north held by north korea. the red cross has pulled more than seventy staff members out of yemen over security concerns it's called on all warring parties to guarantee its workers safety medical and food assistance programs can continue one employee was shot dead in tires in april. russia's president vladimir putin is on a state visit to china with the kim summit likely to be discussed economic military
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and political cooperation has improved during the presidency if she didn't ping to counter u.s. influence china is russia's leading trade partner and weapons importer. leaders are arriving for the g. seven summit where the trying to ministrations decision to impose tariffs on european and canadian goes likely to dominate discussions fears of a global trade war hanging over the two day meeting in quebec city in canada. james bays on the growing rift amongst the g seven countries. g. seven meetings for many years including when they were ga when russia was involved always a great deal of tension between russia and the others when russia was invited to those meetings never have i seen tension among verse seven like we have right now some are even calling it a meeting of the g six plus one on the one against the other six is president from the united states. the u.n.
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security council as impose sanctions on six people involved in human trafficking and smuggling in libya has been a push to take action since last year when reports emerged of african migrants being sold as slaves the list includes local militia leaders and a coast guard boss. with all the headlines back with more news here on out is there after the stream. ok you're in the stream and i'm really good today a story pitch right a member of our community who sadly we're discussing how a first of its kind of it is challenging stereotypes about refugee camps tweet us
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your thoughts comments and you can put them into a you tube chat you too could be in the stream. where many people picture a refugee camp they see a sprawling mass of helpless individuals but the reality is often the opposite a growing number of camps are booming enclaves of business innovation and culture challenging the stereotypes around refugees is one mission of tax cut first of its kind of bent for tax influential conference network that hosts online talks on a range of scientific cultural and academic topics the gathering is being held at the cooma refugee camp in northwestern kenya joining us from kumar to discuss this mr fleming she's the chief spokesperson for the u.n. h.c.r. one of the co-hosts of my camp. is a fashion model who was born in kumar after her family fled civil war in somalia in
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melbourne australia mccord to what she's also a former kakuma refugee who now works as a multicultural development director for the astray and football league in the united states or who he's an economic as apologist who studies the social economies off refugee camps hello everybody it's so good to have you in the stream mood. where were you when this idea popped into your hate ted x. cookoo my cap. well i've had quite a relationship with ted and i've seen the power of public speaking on the ted stage and i just thought you know i cannot bring a ted x. event to a refugee camp and allow refugees to be the speakers for a change and not just refugees but people who are more refugees like lima and people who care about changing the narrative changing the approach to refugees
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around the world so yeah it was a vision that was a dream actually we kind of thought we were crazy because it was logistically quite a feat but as you see today from those images are amazing just sixteen and kenyan companies managed to set up a state of the art facility a tent in the middle of the of a secondary school in the middle of a very remote refugee camp you have to imagine it's a four hour drive from nairobi and very bumpy roads the road the bridge was actually washed out a week before and when the whole quest the whole event was being called into question anyway they are now good maybe. that sounds all well when they say it sounds like what was i thinking what were we thinking how could we get this done. i know i think i would i don't know if it's true but i would say it must be the most
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logistically challenging. or ted x. event that was ever staged so but it's definitely going to be one of the most moving because the speakers are just absolutely incredible and one of them is here with us today. well melissa one of the signs of what you just mentioned that this is going to be incredible is the buzz online because it's almost palpable this is collins on twitter who says text means a lot it has been well received with lots of excitement and the main reason is that being an old camp of over twenty five years the risk of its people being forgotten are real as new emergencies come up ted x. will show the world what is made of her name i want to give that to you because you were born in the camp what does it feel like for you to go back for the first time and why did you say yes to tax. i said yes to tax. i mean. i didn't think that. it could
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possibly bring me back to kakuma like it was almost like a perfect two in one you know i come back home for the first time and also doing my first. so it's still very surreal i've been having like crime or like like just like going off on my own for a little bit just like. like i'm here i'm home like. i played on and i just had so many flashbacks going from one account so another i can't even really put into words but it just feels incredibly amazing to be here and to also get to meet other incredible speakers that are also going to. i just want to remind everybody. that case you need reminding i want to hear from my instagram. so this was a young youngster who was born in a refugee camp and now he's on fashion place everywhere she's on runways all over the well we're used to be section you're getting people knowing that you can from
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the same community that they live in right now. i think around some exciting time you know like a lot of girls follow my journey not just muslim girls really young girls will come from maybe similar backgrounds i think that's why my journey has been so impossible to many people because everybody kind of can relate to it from a different point of view i got girls from a small town of let's say wisconsin who could relate to being from a small town and like making in the fashion industry and then i get a lot of girls from the muslim community a lot of job working women who tell me how grateful that they are to finally you know. it's amazing like i can't even believe how much has changed i think like two years ago i could never pick up a magazine and look through the emphatically ages and see somebody that just like me and just a little over a year and a half raised nine covers so it's been quite
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a journey really listening to this and listening to this day she's an idea of a text in cooma kept this is somewhere that you've been visiting you've been studying for the last decade when you first heard of the idea what was your reaction i thought it was a great idea so it was a fantastically dear because it's some could. actually actually plague me that we have a conception of refugees as hopeless and yet actually one of the most well studied terms in the would there be an academic's of greece which is what my so going i was one of the first few people to go with. it if it holds you because you actually see you with a devotee. rendered prayer and that's what was taught x is going to do because what it's going to do is it's going to speak about. please but seems to be all of this
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but it's going to speak about success and it's also going to talk about you with resilience the human fighting spirit in the worst of temperatures sometimes in the biggest of despair so i want to give our viewers who are not to feel you're familiar with. a little taste from our online audience of what life is like there this is spread who says could come as a camp made up mainly of young people about sixty percent of the population is under eighteen years of age in the camp residents are inspired by the tough life in the camp to identify other coping mechanisms i.e. small businesses fashion sports performing arts and education now with that said we got a video comment from someone who explains that the camp has changed over the years this is a delight he mirror a and he is now in cookoo my he's an independent journalist and he's there for this weekend have a listen to what he told the stream committed you come in with the. amount
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of development in the last six yes it has to be from this time. don't be distracted we've seen the bomb instructions are now. going into kenya and the local county government. has started to study them sitting on instructions if you choose to come you. used. different cultural activities they. got his own music. and. so it has he mentions from semi-permanent structures to permanent structures their activities for the youth what do you remember form from your time with living there i know that you were in kenya for twelve years. i am what i remember them. as he said i think the landscape has changed just being here the last forty years and you know stories of going back to kakuma and then when i was there is now
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groups what we call group and i was in a group called twenty one i am in zone three and you know i remember you know us in our little groups you know. why i go into groups and stuff like that so i am just now that there is more people than there were one back there and you know just the resources that are now available for those people me it's actually because back then you are much you know nice place but it's cool and i was what person oh yeah. you know that it has changed dramatically i can't i have to ask pictures thank you for sending us pictures so this one here. i know one of these people must be a mom and then one of the must be you will the one that year after i am the one with the numbers are. ok i love that do you remember this photograph
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i am not actually at i honestly not but luckily one of my cousins had had it in the middle there are my auntie. are not my grandma and we show in another picture here. very vibrant wallpaper and here who are the kids. one of them is you yes and the birds verify that. my little. brothers are just there and in my two cousins and one of things we've been talking about is the possibilities in the potential for effigies i want to show people one more picture here which brings us more up to date and the passion that you have now and how that happened because people don't always think the refugees have a future but your future is incredible your present is incredible tell us how that
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happened and we're eating out i am so i am so. let's try and get i mean i remember coming here i just wanted to you know do something to kind of get in this you know in society so i started flying i felt really again that and i'm really and one of the main reasons why i strayed in was football everybody who hasn't heard of it it's a little bit like rugby but don't tell a stray into that now they'll get enraged over. n i mean one of the reasons why i thought of. him a lot of my students are young you know or young people that come to countries that was fairly are called home now up to you know pursue their dreams and you know whatever it is and they want to amuse the younger ones want to be what they are so being one of the africans in the air.


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