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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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began early on friday rather than five o'clock as is normal is because the protest committee wanted to make a show for could say they wanted to bring people down to get them to the border they did say stay away from the buffer zone we want to try to avoid casualties from the israelis want to see this is a day of peace as a day of solidarity against the israeli led eleven year old siege imran khan live in the border area between gaza and israel. the russian president vladimir putin is in china ahead of an economic summit that starts this weekend both countries have announced trade and investment agreements florence and the ripples from beijing. a friendship medal for russian president vladimir putin awarded for what china says is putin's outstanding contribution to china's development it's a sign of ever closer ties between the two men and the two countries both announced several business deals including
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a joint investment fund in projects in china and russia the closer relationship comes at a time when tensions with the u.s. have increased. both the russians and chinese have been sidelined from tuesday's planned summit between trump and kim jong il despite that keen to show they retain influence over north korea. and i see you've seen two sort of we talked about the korean peninsula issue russia and china both want to see the korean peninsula and north east asia enjoy the peace i think you see that the current negotiation process between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. is in the framework of the roadmap initiated by russia and china in recent communications pyongyang confirmed to us it will carry out constructive corporation in the denuclearization. a close ally its benefits both russia and china russia is accused of meddling in trump's election and faces sanctions for annexing crimea.
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chinese and american negotiators are trying to avoid a trade war and china has been criticized and challenged by the u.s. for its increasingly aggressive moves in staking territorial claims in the south china sea the meeting between china and russia displays of friendship between she and put it all in the words of the russian president in the spirit of overarching strategic partnership a partnership between counting for the u.s. calls economic rivals the agreement signed on friday go a long way in strengthening that partnership florence. beijing. still to come here and. plans to shut down seven mosques and expel dozens of a mom. and relatives a volcano victims take matters into their own hands as class amala search and rescue operations are suspended again.
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how low we've got some very heavy rain now making its way towards hong kong this is what remains of tropical storm status located to the the west of hong kong at the moment but even ahead of the system looking at seventy eight millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and that has caused some localized flooding some big and heavy downpours set to continue over the next couple of days actually gradually easing officer go on through sas day but the showers never really too far away thirty one celsius there for hong kong in a similar temperature as we go on into sunday hopefully by this stage should be a little drier and brighter wet weather will continue to northern parts of vietnam pushing a little further north into the southwest of china some more big downpours coming through here meanwhile we've got says some very heavy rain just affecting southern parts of india with the monsoon downpours of course continuing here streaks of
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cloud across the south of the country pushing up towards me and ma pushing up towards the far northeast of india heaviest downpours will be around me in modern as you can see and also the western gas north of that is generally dry at still very hot new delhi around forty celsius similar values on sunday and as you can see the rains continue but do push further east. a year is paul since the start of the blockade. qantas foreign minister talks to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how his country is coping with. al-jazeera this is the opportunity to understand the story in a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave.
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these are the top stories here at al-jazeera this hour donald trump is valid to straighten out controversies of a trade at the g. seven summit starting in canada the us president is expected to face an angry reaction from the other six countries to his imposition of steel and dollar million tyrants. around a hundred palestinians have been injured by israeli to cast during protests near the barrier fence separating girls from israel israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen palestinians during weeks of demonstrations. lebanon has frozen residency applications for u.n.h.c.r. staff in
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a growing rift over the syrian refugees the foreign minister sian is accusing the un refugee agency of spreading fear and discouraging syrians from going home now the red cross has pulled out more than seventy of its staff out of yemen because of security concerns it's called on warring parties to guarantee its workers safety medical and food assistance programs can continue an employee was shot dead in april. well mary claire forgot levy is the spokeswoman for the i.c.r.c. and she says it was a difficult decision but its workers must be protected so in the past two weeks the i.c.r.c. the international media the red cross across yemen has received threats that come with an overall deterioration of the security let's not forget that less than two months ago the i.c.r.c. also lost a staff member that was brutally killed in ties the security concern has come from the fact that we feel that we have lost the security guarantees that are the
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response ability of all the parties to this conflict which has prompted the i.c.r.c. to pull out seventy one of its small by staff and realty them to nearby djibouti where we have a support office for yemen very sadly its means that we have reduced the impact of our a life saving operations in yemen but this does not mean that we are leaving the yemeni people behind we relocated the staff this means that we have less capacity to operate but we are continuing to operate remotely from from djibouti where we have a support office what i want to make clear is that this reduction has started since the killing of our call you can and who would. two months ago and it's ongoing now but we are not leaving the yemeni people behind but again we need more security get indians and we need more serious and solid get n.t. so that we can continue to provide the response to to the yemeni people fully i
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think r.c. move comes as a un warns against a military assault on the red sea city of her data saying it could harm up to two hundred fifty thousand people the forces yemen's main route for humanitarian aid the saudi military says yemeni government forces are within a few kilometers of the controlled city saudi arabia backs the government as part of a coalition with the u.a.e. . the. humanitarian coordinator in yemen described it says that a military attack or siege on her data could impact hundreds of thousands of in innocent civilians humanitarian organizations have rushed to develop a contingency plan in a prolonged worst case we fear that as many as two hundred fifty thousand people may lose everything even their lives the fraud racketeering and money laundering case against south africa's former president has been adjourned until next month jacob zuma made a brief court appearance in devon for a second time in as many months it wasn't that long ago the judges reinstated
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sixteen charges they're linked to a two and a half billion dollar european weapons deal in the one nine hundred ninety s. when zuma was deputy president. what we're saying is this case should not be in court it should be thrown out however if we need to. head on into another field to do so there are people who keep saying zuma is corrupt however they have never said what i have done but make them come to that conclusion some of those people also corrupt and i'm not scared to expose them. more now from our correspondent how room he was at the court. it was a quick proceeding said loss of less than thirty minutes inside the court the state say that the already by the defense if they are not ready we heard that simmons lawyers want the charges with until the issue of who pays his legal fees is sorted out we're told that is not going to happen to the judge stated that he's going to postpone the matter into the twenty seventh of july that should give time to figure
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out where the money's going to come from that's it though he must noise have been warned it may not be possible to be ready by the twenty seventh of july which means they could be another delay another possible meant sumo once taxpayers to pay his legal fees because he says he's a former president but opposition parties have gone to court and they are insisting that that should not be allowed to happen how long could this drag on for some say months some say even years some experts and some noise are saying that it could work to zoom as advantage if it drags on for as long as possible to give him time to maneuver and find a way out of the mess that he is in. the courts constantly went in addressed his supporters and many of those supporters keep saying that he is innocent and they insist they are sticking by him no matter what. airline pilots are being warned of the danger from an erupting volcano in guatemala renewed activity has rules rescue teams to temporarily abandon the search for victims the volcano has already killed
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one hundred nine people and another two hundred missing david most are reports. in the mountains of. more than one hundred people who died after a volcanic eruption buried the town. after days of not knowing will finally be able to put her mother to rest it's a small consolation during a time of immense grief third. i give thanks to god that they found my. mother's body they were looking for her for three days for three days we didn't know anything until they told us she was in the morgue it's hard but so many are still missing many people in my family are still missing. since sunday the deadly eruption dozens of bodies have been handed over to relatives some people here have been able to get some closure but two hours away in the city of a squid others are just starting the challenging and sometimes long process of
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trying to identify their loved ones. or relatives of missing persons come to the city's morgue family members describe important physical characteristics blood samples are then taken for d.n.a. analysis the work being done here is essential for people's peace of mind a simple face the sense that i feel sad i feel sad because i want my family to be found and brought to my house even if it's just the bones i want them in my house i want to give them a funeral and a proper christian burial this is my wish. identifying the dead is a laborous task. might have enough qualified staff forensics officials say their budget isn't enough to respond to a disaster of this magnitude. because dogs have been exposed to high temperatures well being buried for days because his cooked their bodies tissues which could mean
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the bone cells have died it's possible will have to repeat some of the t. shirt samples to get a genetic profile. that means it could take weeks or even months to identify the dad and with hundreds still missing from the eruption that cost many residents off guard what a mall and prosecutors will investigate whether and back you ation procedures were properly followed. david mercer. argentina has clinched a fifty billion dollar financing deal with the international monetary fund that's despite weeks of protests against the i.m.s. involvement and many blame the i.m.f. for the devastating economic crises of the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's government leaders amount trying to combat high debt and inflation the austrian government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to forty a moms' which turkey has denounced says anti islam and racist austria is home to
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six hundred thousand muslims most of them of turkish origin leaders of the rightwing government say it's just the beginning of a crackdown against conservative muslim groups with foreign funding chancellor sebastian cook says political islam has their place in austria. is an historian and an author of a book on islamophobia in austria he thinks there is outside influence in some religious activities in the country. well thank you for a. very delicate issue as a matter of fact. you have to take into account that we have a coalition government in austria going right to. the very conservative party that has moved very much to the right over the last few months. that's one thing the second thing is. this is. that this predominant in austria is very much influence from turkey turkey right now also
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a very nationalist government so this is probably more a political political cultural issue than anything else than an anti islam sentiment the new government has been in politics for a little more than half a year you see. various measures taken against foreigners against immigrants against islam and so on support this is just one more step one more measure. and their policy u.s. prisons have reportedly preparing to accept hundreds of foreigners detained by immigration and customs agents is the first large scale use of federal prisons during the trumpet ministrations crackdown on illegal immigration trade unions have worried about the lack of preparation to accept sixteen hundred people including asylum seekers and of this event thing u.s.
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illegally having an eye test for a new pair of glasses has become easier for refugees in the mountains of northern thailand they have a tough time getting basic needs after escaping across the political me and bought foreign doctors from global vision twenty twenty has an affordable solution this hour been met and explained. nope no knows all about the needs of her community she's both doctor and refugee in the camp and is getting a new pair of glasses but says basic i care is not easy to come by. i'm an eye doctor but we don't have any equipment to treat patients in the refugee camp people come to me with eye problems so i do basic checks but we need more these doctors from an american not for profit organization are providing inexpensive i where to refugees and villages in remote areas of thailand they have a new tool to work with that allows anyone to conduct i check ups and provide three
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d. printed glasses in just twenty minutes and. we are the first team on the ground outside of a university setting or an army setting that is actually using this system so it's earch early in its infancy but there are tremendous tremendous potential that we see for this really getting out there and really helping a lot of people see most of the more than one hundred thousand refugees in these camps in thailand have fled mean mass southeast incumbrance state with nationalists have been fighting for independence for almost seventy years but funding from international aid groups has dwindled in recent years prompting many refugees to consider returning to mean ma but they're told it's still not safe. the huge fighting between karen nationalists and the mean military has displaced thousands
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more people since march where the maggie and the refugees need to coordinate with the karen peace council first to verify how safe it is to go back they should not go back on their own because if something happens no one will take responsibility for the safety of their lives. with intermittent conflict forcing many of these refugees to stay put and aid cuts to the camps this innovative new program is bringing much needed care to a neglected community. al-jazeera. travers to take a look at the top stories here at out donald trump is vowing to straighten out controversies over trade at the g. seven summit canada the us president is expected to face an angry reaction from the other six countries to his imposition of steel and. about one hundred palestinians
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have been injured by israeli tank asked during protests there the barrier fence separating gaza from israel thousands of people have gathered for the latest weekly protest against israel israeli military planes dropped leaflets on two girls run says a urging residents to avoid the area israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen palestinians during weeks of demonstrations. ready to deal positively with any real initiative to end the siege completely on the gaza strip but not at the expense of the palestinian cause our resistance is related to the march of return and to breaking the cease the marches will continue until we achieve our goals firstly breaking the siege on the gaza strip there's a growing rift between the un's refugee agency and the lebanese government of a syrian refugees in the latest development lebanon has frozen residency applications for u.n. aid c.-l. staff foreign minister seale is accusing the agency
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a spreading fear among refugees which discourages them from returning home lebanon is home to more than one and a half million syrians who fled the war that's about a quarter of lebanon's entire population meanwhile inside syria medical sources say russian planes launched a wave of air strikes against a rebel held village in the northwest they say the bombs hit a neighborhood of sadhana that's in a province at least fifty people were killed and dozens of others were injured russia's defense ministry though denies carrying out any strikes in italy say. the austrian government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to forty a moms' which turkey is denouncing is anti islam and racist austria is home to six hundred thousand muslims most of them of turkish origin leaders of the rightwing government say it's just the beginning of a crackdown against conservative muslim groups with foreign funding rights of today there is the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's
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our interview program there. you. know. you can. see. it's been a year since saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on cutting off land sea and lynx so how is the state of ca to the world's largest exporter of natural gas coping with the crisis. what's the impact on the region's future. i'm sorry is
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a word talking to carter's foreign minister about one year on from the worst diplomatic crisis in the gulf cooperation council history. talks while just you know. it's been years since a blockade was imposed on carter and this anniversary is marked with a resurgence of threats against your country i'm sure you're aware of the reports that talk about the saudi king sending a letter to the french president in which a threat was made that would face military action from saudi arabia if your country purchases russian missiles do you believe that qatar could face an attack from saudi arabia. first for just let us make it very. put off. any military equipment is a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with so there is no
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illegitimate it leave this behind this letter and threatening to cut the swire dating the international laws by writing all the international norms and. most importantly it's violating the. g.c.c. charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch and any attack against each other so we believe that this letter has nor any legal basis to justify. any action we have been subject to a unilateral measure which was taken by by the saudis unfortunately as reckless behavior from what do you make of the saudi claim that it would disturb the balance of power that represents an escalation for qatar to obtain the s four hundred says well it's unfortunate that they see this as destabilisation because qatar is not representing any threat for the saudis but what most importantly we
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have to look at the behavior of the saudis since the past year when we see the actions how it's going in yemen or what they have done with the prime minister and the recently. the president of france himself he said that he saved the country he said the region from a war by helping in raising the prime minister of lebanon so this is something that they have been continuing as a pattern in their behavior do you see this report according to the information you have do you believe this report in the press that saudi the saudi king really made this threat do you think it's credible world we are seeking for a form of confirmation from the french government and received any response what are they said to their response. should be to more if it's confirmed what would your response be to the saudi oil we are going to respond legally by. as a response of a country that this is not violating international law and as
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a threat for our country which is not acceptable by the international community does cotta need to take any defensive military steps in light of this reported thrill we are going to take all the necessary action to defend our country but it's like well what do you controversy this is first of all this is not there is no any serious military threat out of this but it's the way it's been used to justify. or to create any disturbance in the region is just unacceptable so. is going to treat this. the same way they have we have treated their legal blockade we are going to seek all the international fora to make sure that this behavior is not repeated one year on does carter face the threat of military invasion from anyone for the last year there was an announcement by they made a quick himself that he prevented
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a military action in the region. after the blockade of qatar and we have heard several countries reported the same thing that was unfortunately i thought it was coming from the region but since. since september we have seen that those threats being eliminated and thanks for the friends and allies not hers that make sure that region states well this is going to be my next question is who do you credit amongst your friends and allies for blocking these attempts or reported tend to invade cut or our friends and allies played a positive role in this and preventing any escalation from taking place in the region because they understand that there is and cannot afford further discussion saw our friends in the region like turkey. and iran and kuwait of course. as well as europe and united states come back to that point in a minute if i may but i'm curious to know will cancer go ahead and buy the s.
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four hundred missile system or are you a tall rethinking that in light of these reported threat. made all the options open for its defense for its defense procurement so we are seeking the best quality to defend our country and we have all the options open for this so it's possible that you may not need to buy the s for how this is and where you are so this is subject to the evaluation of the military people it's not a decision which will be taken in light of threat let out of that threat has absolutely no bearing no political bearing on the decision on whether you. remain independent country that's protecting this independence this is would not be a subject for any compromise issue but there is a long standing ally the united states of america you have a lot of american and western hardware in your military forces why do you think carter needs now russian military systems is that an indication at all of perhaps
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your feeling or carter's feeling that he needs to diversify some of your foreign alliances as a just mission to. cut out of the furnace. department is evaluating all the different options we are a longstanding ally and we are not going to compromise our alliance would be nice to switches order number one. military ally we have a military alliance with several other countries as well it's part of the first letter g. the option is to procure any defense equipment will be subject to any differences. but has anything changed i guess is my question in the last year we've seen for example more turkish troops deployed in qatar we've heard an announcement that turkish air and naval forces will be at some point deployed in carter. there was a cooperation deal signed military cooperation deal or ammo you signed with russia
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in december carter announced deals to buy jets from france from the u.k. i mean if you put all this together is it would one be justified in saying that in the last year carter is sought to perhaps diversify some of its friendships the military alliance first before turkey is. any to member and we have strong strategic relationship and partnership with with turkey and also france or you ok they have been part of our of the first system. since dec it's nice to us as well where we where we horst the largest u.s. air base outside that i stayed more than eleven thousand u.s. troops so all this diversification is nothing and you are taught that we are hosting the center of command of the content of the. coalition and you have no worries that you can still count on the u.s. there is your traditional ally. the u.s.
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has been a longstanding partner with thought and qatar has been committed and us has been committed to this partnership do you believe that if carter faced any military action do you believe the u.s. would come to your aid if you needed. our defense cooperation with the nicest we highly appreciate it but the first line of protection for the state of qatar is the property killer abilities. with all due respect they can't match the capabilities of saudi arabia in the u.a.e. . the u.s. defense cooperation agreement the stated very clear that the u.s. will. be in qatar is if it's its will be required and this is also stated in order joint communiqué when we have conducted this i think dialogue in end of january and also and the joint defense. collaboration which we have signed and yours you'll still confident that will be the u.s.
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position even in this era of change in the us the us understand very well the region cannot afford the further escalation in the us is a strong ally for qatar and for the other g.c.c. run but they have played a positive and constructive role so is this a bloc at this started and we are counting their constructive vote to be continued as well i'm glad you mentioned the us role there if we think back to perhaps some of the early statements by the u.s. president don't trump on june the ninth he was talking about how the nation of qatar has historically he said been a funder of terrorism at a very high level on a probably a tenth of this year we heard a different tone from the u.s. president when he referred to meir of carter as a friend of mine and quote a gentleman do you see a change not so much in the overall u.s. position but particularly and specifically the white house position on carter will . the u.s. position the u.s. institutions better solution has been since this illegal measures been taken
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against the state of qatar remember very supportive to me in calling for the escalation and for unity within the g.c.c. . the president tweets at the beginning of the question is not reflecting. what we are as a single evaluating our nation with us based on. the president has been informed by his institutions about the relation between qatar and the united states and. we have very strong and very constructive. engagement with the president himself and the president himself here he has spent a lot of efforts in the escalating the situation and calling for the unity of the g.c.c. trying to convene a meeting between the g.c.c. countries in order to feel that that can reach a solution you've had has. has it had an impact on the white house has had an impact on the u.s. president and perhaps softened his position the communication mainly happen between
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within the us system but our communication command at the highest level. since this crisis started and the us president himself from the first call with the emir at the beginning of the crisis he expressed his support for this relationship and his desire for this relationship to continue. to be stronger and calling for the unity or for that you see as well. following the blockade a number of other nations from chad in africa to the mole these in asia cut relations with carter now is that a year is passed i mean how much impact or damage has this blockade done to causes foreign relations which you handle well we see the damage in the foreign relation between. other states has been almost. very modern and there are a few just
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a few countries accepted blackmail of the blockading states and. followed their policies but the rest of the world the stood very firm against all these measures and they didn't follow any of the of the policies of the blockading states build a strong robust relationship with the international community has been an active player on the international committee playing a constructive on this international community a total when you look at it in africa or asia or anywhere in the world you will see it has been. with the international development education creating jobs and economic empowerment celebrated this year education of ten million children and. countries created more than three hundred thousand jobs in north africa and some other countries one need so are the programs of development and then vestments and
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the strong relationship that has built with the international community was built on a trust was built on mutual confidence on this relationship. with them in resisting power for the blockading states that means that do you think that some of the information which you're mentioning to me was lost on some of the world leaders was because. perhaps didn't have a very robust communication policy again coming back to you mention the tweets by donald trump do you. i think some of that was simply fuel by a lack of appreciation or knowledge on the part of the u.s. president to the realities in this region i cannot. talk about what's the background of the tweets because simply i don't know but when you communicate now with the with the white house do you feel that there has been an evolution in the understanding of the u.s. . we had we had very intensive conversation with the white house even before the
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blockage before the crisis started that this communication which we need to build for any new administration coming in a place and this communication has resulted positively as we have seen last their problem the meeting between their meet and the president all right so you do feel there's been a change in perhaps the line from the white house as a result of the communication well we believe that the change has. first for the first impression of their tweets we cannot build on it everything because it was just to to its end when we deal with the states we build our policy assessments based on the policies of the country and the institutions economically has not been crushed as perhaps the blockade countries were hoping i looked up some economic facts and figures quoting to an i.m.f. report in march carter's economic growth is expected to actually speed up to two point six percent this year the fiscal deficit has shrunk we're told from nine to
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six percent of g.d.p. forbes says your foreign reserves have increased to two point nine billion dollars those are all very positive numbers but are they sustainable though because some economists point that it's thanks to sustained government spending it's thanks to the deposit being of some twenty six billion dollars by the government in banks how long can you go on with that so. a lot of effort. has faced very critical economic and distressing plan by. blockading states for sure there were spending by the government in order to stabilize the economy in order to help building their resilience of the economy itself but this has been for the last year that we consider that as an investment not as a nickel as a cost but the economy became more robust more self dependent more resilient
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than ever we have opened a new markets we have opened a new trade lines proved in the off the block here that it said a global energy source. is the largest exporter of l.n.g. in the world we have countries who depend on us and their energy japan thirty percent of japan energy almost is coming from china south korea united kingdom so all those countries has this strong partnership specially in the energy sector but approved one of them that it's important in fact but there you are you saying that sort of ability to trade and to export. for the response for the shock of the blockade of course there were some cost in order to invest in them for a structure for that there were some course but we consider those cost as an investment for the future of can you sustain that for sure
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a lot of what our economy is at our best economy is resilient economy can sustain for what. i told you it proved in the seat of the blocky that. trade and economic partnership are achievements like that though. dependent on the sort of alliances which you can build on trying to get a sense of when you go home and i how vulnerable do you feel the situation is in. we believe that situation very strong. we don't see the only right ability we see here is this intuition of the families we should be separated as an impact of the blockade we have seen that one ability in our region and security because we see the amount of tension and the solution is increasing and unfortunately it's increasing because of this impulsive behavior conducted by the blockade in the states so that's the main concern as we are looking at as
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a country. without thinking about those two main factors. thanks god blessed with the resources blessed with good governance has proved that its openness and its policy reforming policy which adopted twenty years ago where the blockading still. start there always refer to the twenty years of bad relation between them and not that i'm complaining about it for the twenty years which was the year of starting their reforming policy of the peace know bloomberg reported a figure it said the blockade is cost forty three billion u.s. dollars in financial losses can you confirm figures like that we don't see a basis for bloomberg analysis because real losses of the blockade were told to them vestments we invested in the substitute of our trade so
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there is nor cash loss. amount but of this amount which should be as mission where the deposit switches which stabilize the financial system and the cash reserves which is still an investment still as a cash they are saying that at the central bank. is there any sign of an end to this blockade that you can see will topple or was engaged in a constructive manner with the emir of kuwait with the president of united states in order to put an end for this crisis our concern is about our people and the problem that caused because of the crisis the separation of family our priority is the regional security we see that the region is in a period which is which which has a lot of disturbance around us and cannot afford any to this crisis so we need to see a solution for this crisis because of those two reasons but this solution should be . in a logical way they cannot impose demands on
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a sovereign country if they have any concerns or any grievances they have to sit on a dialogue table and discuss those. concerns and it has to result with a collective obligation on all of the countries they cannot point a finger on lee on the to be committed to do something and they are not coming and we are doing the opposite so that remains open to any possibility of dialogue which is based on respect of the international law based on respecting the sovereignity off each and every country based on the respect of the independence of each and of the country other than that they are not willing to engage in a solution it's very little on the horizon is there any initiative and the thing going on that you would say to viewers that offers some hope that this may be resolved i mean of course it is calling for a meeting between the gulf states unconditional meeting to discuss the crisis but
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that respond was positively i have delivered respond from. them here yesterday to them yet of course it. we hope that the blockading states would respond the same i'm sure you're aware it's been reported that. in the united states is investigating individuals with ties to the united arab emirates like george now do about whether they tried to influence u.s. government policy on issues like the carter boycott as well as russian influence in return for private gain private business again how concerned are you that the interests the fate of entire nations like qatar could be impacted if not decided by the business interests of individuals we have a confidence in the u.s. and the u.s. as a country as administration as that agency as an agency is as a president as one we have a confidence in the relationship between the u.s.
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we see that this confidence has paid and we see that this partnership has been strengthened as well so you're not concerned about these sorts of reports and we think we believe that we have a strong enough relation that we can't rely on do and i'd like to get a comment on the counter claim from the other side do the pictures of officials from those investment fund for example mr ahmed the meeting with members of the trump transition team in december two thousand and sixteen do those sorts of things indicate that carter tried to do the same thing to buy influence within the u.s. government that were actually actually the office of meetings happened and the transition period was with the transition team and it was a normal process between any foreign government to introduce itself to the new administration so there was never an attempt by carter if issues to there is there is a lot of this is rival business this is happening that this is happening with all the administration so any administration which would be an upcoming administration the
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very last meetings between the upcoming the transition team and the foreign governments it's not a process blockade is still dragging on. how will carter function differently do you think in a year in five years down the road when it comes to foreign relations as a result of this blockade thought of him in an active. and active part for its international partners and allies so we would we are demanding and. of conflict resolution we are demanding and off international development pulls. out of your part and we believe that our nation which we have built throughout the years. will continue to be much more stronger as well and we will work on. achieving our vision which we have. which we have determined the kid's ago
11:46 pm
and this vision that qatada will be. active and technicians member of the international community and we will promote for peace and stability for our region . and family the foreign minister of carter thank you very much for talking to. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of your trying to get accepted as refugees so why in a very european see your point one person to get out of a refugee two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sought refuge talks how does they are at this time the world is watching with anticipation the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea is set for june the twelfth in singapore will this bring the breakthrough to reduce
11:47 pm
a global nuclear threat find out on al-jazeera. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on qatar by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's geopolitical landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant . but what caused the rift between g.c.c. countries is there an end in sight and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of gaza on a just zero. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. a new series of rewind bring your people back
11:48 pm
to life and. the global for a. year of fear and this was my return to kosovo on the little village of one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams on al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here headquarters in doha. welcome to the news great trade and trump. of the world's seven richest countries meet for what could be their most tense. is the us president to impose.
11:49 pm
force. can they avoid an all out trade war also on the great. border. control the event to death it's hosted a tightly edited video on twitter to prove a twenty year old. human shield when she was killed by an israeli soldier last week but the parts of the video say otherwise they are running. but ministrations undocumented migrants intensifies immigration. detainees. to federal prisons sixteen hundred people arrested at the us mexico border including paris who've been separated from their children. on the phone walls in ghana has been rolled spy a corruption. how does the government is also a natural fit for say ca so i'm sort of high as are the latest i'm not really
11:50 pm
getting such an easy journey share on twitter or on the alex their facebook page. i am with you are with the news great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us we begin with breaking news this hour on al-jazeera from the international criminal court at the hague former congolese vice president john pierre bamba has had his convictions overturned by the i.c.c. two years ago john pierre bemba was found guilty of crimes against humanity for atrocities committed by his forces in the central african republic in two thousand and two he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison judges in the early it said bamba had failed to stop a series of quote sadistic and cruel rapes and murders biased m.l.c. militia but in the latest decision the court found ben but couldn't be held
11:51 pm
criminally responsible for their behavior the troth chamber conclusion that mr benn failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures in response to an aussie crimes in the car was materially affected by errors and mr van dam not feared held criminally responsible under article twenty eight for the crimes committed by and will see troops who are in the car of. we are trying to get reaction on this breaking news story which as i mentioned just happened about an hour or so ago less than an hour ago the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo schumpeter bemba having his conviction on war crimes overturned by the international criminal court now al jazeera is nick crocker interview jumpy back in two thousand and seven the former v.p. had fled his country at the time after being wanted for allegedly inciting rebellion he pledged at the time to return and didn't think you face any threat
11:52 pm
from the i.c.c. but as you know later on he was arrested and tried and you can find that interview . by al-jazeera is nic clarke on our you tube page now let's get the reaction now from toby cadman who's a war crimes and international criminal law specialist he's on the line from london thank you very much for your time. what is your reaction first of all to this decision by the i.c.c. to overturn the conviction against. huge disappointment clearly also because. it's going to disappoint you but since it's obviously we will have to wait and see. in the written judgment as a judge is actually decided. all the. details of this. will have to look at and then we'll
11:53 pm
be able to form an opinion but it's going to be issues and disappointment to obviously. a lot of investment. a very very senior official. involved. eventually. and so. it's going to be a huge disappointment as jumpy had been but was charged with murder rape pillage committed by his militias in the neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two they had been an initial trial of course now they have overturned the second trial talking about procedural error as i know it's very early days here and this news just broke not a long time ago but what would be strategic will arras the. number of criticisms that were made over the process. also remember of allegations made.
11:54 pm
procedural. during the char or. the judge. ordered. and you'll have it forever. all right thank you so much for speaking to us toby cadman apologies there for the quality of that phone line tommy cadman is an international lawyer who was reacting there to this breaking news story and the decision by the appeals judges at the international criminal court to overturn the murder rape pillage convictions of former congress is vice president john pierre bemba we'll have more on this breaking news story and reactions of course here on al-jazeera when we get them moving on and they have long been close allies but unity among the world's seven richest countries is under pressure like never before
11:55 pm
a week after the united states imposed trade tariffs on some of its goals society lies including canada and the european union leaders of the g. seven a meeting amid a feeling of growing frustration the summit is being held back city in canada on friday and saturday and is bringing together the leaders of canada the united kingdom france germany italy japan and the united states u.s. reson donald trump has come under shock criticism from his allies after he impose tariffs on steel in a new minimum porson mexico and canada as well as the european union he said the tabs are necessary to protect u.s. industry but canada and the e.u. have denounced them as illegal and are preparing retaliatory measures now here's what the u.s. president said shortly before leaving for the g. seven. we are going very well now we're unable to make you feel well germinate. rob the better deal we are under the market you know we will be better off right now we are not going to live with the seals the way they are european
11:56 pm
union says very unfairly sounded out very unfairly mexico very unfairly with that being said i think we're probably very. algis there as john hendren is covering the summit for us he joins us now live from quebec city john sometimes exchanges already never have we seen such tension between the world's richest countries even when russia was part of a club tell us for us about the mood in quebec on day one of the g. seven is this going to be a civil summit. willfully it hasn't been civil out on the streets where protesters have already begun protesting this event and it has not been civil inside so far president donald trump just landed air force one has landed on the ground and he is in marine one the helicopter that takes him to the meeting but ahead of doing this he sent a series of fairly hostile tweets directed to justin trudeau the prime minister of
11:57 pm
canada and emanuel mccrone the president of france who met yesterday and talked in a press conference about how they would talk to president trump and how they would try to convince him to rescind those trade tariffs on steel and aluminum that have everyone upset because the affect every member of the g. six between trump said just this morning another agent looking forward to straightening out there is unfair trade deals with the g seven countries if it doesn't happen we come out even better it does not sound like a productive way to start means meaning going to countries have made it clear that it is the first thing they want him to do is to rescind those those trade tariffs so it's starting up tents and interestingly john president trump has also called for readmitting russia to the grouping four years after russia was expelled over its role in crimea how's that going to go down there. not well there's not another member who thinks it that is a good idea. i believe it was one of the one of the members from france or you said
11:58 pm
that this is inexplicable. that's not a plan that the rest of the g seven is willing to go along with in one suspects that perhaps it will trump just throws it out there in order to in order to divert attention from the one issue that everybody is focused on and that is trade this was supposed to be a conference that was focused on the global economic expansion and what they could do going away from their gender equality climate change all of those things are on the agenda the justin trudeau set but very few of those things will really be focused on while everyone is talking about trade and now they don't all trump is brought out of russia i really think that it's going to be an on the starter in this meeting following all right john thank you very much we'll be speaking to you of course throughout the evening here on al-jazeera as that g. seven summit gets underway mia québec city does free trade have a future
11:59 pm
a very interesting discussion on inside story about this matter the u.s. president has certainly been raising the stakes with his recent moves not just saw getting the e.u. canada and mexico but also china and her and her guests debate whether free trade is good and protectionism bad not a simple question to answer washoe if you want to find out more about this it's on inside story at al-jazeera dot com. now while the mood among g seven leaders may be dampened by the ongoing trade showdown the u.s. president is certainly more upbeat about the next item on his agenda from canada he'll be flying straight to singapore for as much awaited face to face meeting with the north korean leader speaking in washington on thursday trump said he made by kim jong un to the white house he had it aware however that that will depend on how well next uses meeting goals james bays is live for us now in singapore at present trying james seems to be more enthusiastic about his meeting with kim jong un surprisingly then his meeting with his allies in canada
12:00 am
yes absolutely and it seems that the meeting here is going to be a little longer than we expected both leaders will be in town for some considerable time we're now learning supreme leader kim we understand will be coming here to singapore on sunday we think his journey about six hours in his aging russian plane president trump's journey much longer than that more than double that length of time as he flies all the way from quebec to here in singapore and he'll be arriving on sunday evening so that they're all here well before twenty four hours ahead of the summit starting on choose day now and we understand from president trump that he may well do a second day so it's really a pretty substantial meeting here in singapore and it brings up the question is how well prepared is president trump clearly supreme leader kim knows these issues intimately he knows.


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