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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 1:33am-2:01am +03

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but with infanticide and now selective abortions the falling availability of girls for marriage has created another social time bomb. according to sociologist live in the car the demand for brides in certain parts of india is now so strong and the costs of dowry so high that some families a force to cash in on their daughters. because the families are poor and you know dowdy means a huge investment. people often go into debt madding daughters off and heard this see an opportunity where they think that their daughter has been going to cross but a state she will not have to worry about food and you know. livelihood. jiffy con is a lone voice trying to fight the trade in traffic brides but proving
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a woman has been trafficked rather than entered into an arranged marriage can be very difficult. i'm following shift to a rendezvous with some local contacts who may help us locate some of the men involved in trafficking brides. were in a hurry on a brother now and their shift because just stopped off to pick up two of the strings two people who work with him try and make contact with local traffic and ride traffickers. in the market area of may want sheffield learns from his string is that there is a village hidden far away from the main road where a number of women from outside the region appear to be staying. up until they try to work out whether it's safe to make an approach. shafeeq has already been warned that he may be in danger in this area.
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information. which will. attempts to reach one of the men in the village by phone fail. so she decides he has to go to the village and see for himself what's going on. he walks in with one of his stringers. and after a few minutes we get a message that the villages have agreed that we can join him who. finds two men who seem to be watching over the women who've arrived here from outside the state. he tries to persuade one of the men to talk about how the women came to be in this village. named.
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yeah. yeah. the women and then. up there look at them carney. yeah yeah. but he could be just you know i think what we're seeing in action is exactly the way she feels lonely it works even if we weren't here filming this is the kind of. trust and confidence he's going to try and build up. in order for men like these two. alleged to be doing what they're accused of doing this is a very very hard circle to penetrate and they won't want to. speak explicitly and amherst i never knew that i yeah suddenly one of the women who stayed out of view in the hearts walks out and joins. but one of the men who turns out to be her husband decides to leave early god got it got.
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it. and ten. and. now. you have nine. it had the angry. jab. jab all again. the owners of my leg try to get a lot of. the men deny that they are trafficking in drugs in a. jiffy weeks away for straight to that the men wouldn't talk about why the women like you so bad woman but he also feels there is a danger now in any of us remaining few close to the village. so you prefer to go and get away from here and tell us what happened ok let's move. again from.
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a few miles away we're finally able to talk about the encounter in the village. you know was about it. was meant. for. us in a while i mean there are many traffic at hand yet bad licit pics you say. ok we're going away and this is an english nom leah. he'd. got away here pulled on me when i'm not from the information you have you feel that this is a trade this is a business money is being made from this this isn't just men who are in need of a marriage and just you know you think it's a trade because yeah that is a yasmine best i pick up the hammer. them we're
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going to watch but do you think the women will know the names of the men who trafficked them put it that i said we're not done. with a little bit of their hand. up here for how to get be here you know they're going to look at all young gold and knowledge which put that in. but with the men's dinar the penny. goldmans and trafficking will need to continue his search for harder evidence. he's now on the trail of a man who his contacts of identified as america's broken fix suspects he may be a bright traffic of. information. in your bio or there. was. a lot that. the man whose name was shot went record an interview where it can be
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overheard so we've parked our car on a road near open fields. as. a local. take. a look. at the. connections with a states that is more than a thousand miles away have raised suspicions what's more unusually for a man of modest means owns land there. was not but that he had a. couple reading and i was in his i mean way. meaning that. knowledge is that he acts as a broker for marriages between women in
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a sum and men in her yana but shift suspects that he does more than the. woman. yet. gives me. some momentum in a nation. and. be . mad at a very large phenomena nation i rather don't really get the whole day as any look at this point everything that you said i mean there are some people who have told us that actually what happens in these situations is that a lot of the girls come not knowing they're getting married and that they come against their will is that true. for the near. me a lot of them in the show could still niall's mean that sheffield will have to go back to his sources but how can he be so certain about this and other cases.
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then thing. press nearly. which law. but. yet. remain him say but what is your conform with that i've seen it. say. what about. women over this area who who say that that's happened to them. what do you think about their testimony when i feel. that way but. marriage may seem the best option for
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a woman who has been the victim of bride traffic has been transported thousands of miles from her home. but the real solution lies in india enforcing its own anti slavery laws. somewhere north of ten million people are in slavery in india and it's certainly been my experience with indian government officials that they will brook no interference from outside that they have a smarting sense of an imperialist colonial legacy which they trot out whenever you confront them about something that they really need confronting. the modern face of indian women is visible in sumptuous shopping malls populated not just by powerful indian elites but by an aspirational and e.t.c prosperous middle class. new jobs in technology and services
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have opened up unprecedented opportunities for women in particular. this is the new india and the one that this country wants to project to the outside world. but for the countless women in slave dystrophic brides this new prosperity can only be a distance dream. this year out of one hundred sixty seven countries india tops the global slavery index a study including women trafficked as bridal slaves. in haryana activists carried out a separate survey of ten thousand married women nine thousand of them were found to be from other parts of india and many of them may have been brought to her yana against their will. the skewed gender ratio that lies behind harry honest trafficking epidemic shows no signs of improving. a un report predicts that it will
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take at least fifty years for the numbers of men and women to balance out here. many young women continue to leave the countryside to seek work in cities but the shortage of brides in rule areas also stems from dhaka causes. and entrenched cultural preference for male children is causing rising levels of female fetuses despite the indian government recently making gender selective abortions illegal. in twenty fourteen the united nations said the two ending number of indian girls had reached emergency proportions.
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it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on qatar by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's geopolitical landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant . but what caused the rift between g.c.c. countries is there an end in sight and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a just zero conservation is helping kyrgyz stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified
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a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves or refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera and hundred forty twelve on i j z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their day. looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's nature is power with the listening post on al-jazeera. i.c.c. judges overturn the landmark war crimes conviction of four mcconville is vice president . and i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. president touches down in canada for what's expected to be an acrimonious g.
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seven summits for killed and hundreds injured as palestinians protest at the gaza border despite israeli born ings to stay away from the fence and the catholic bishops trying to end the bloodshed in nicaragua through dialogue and diplomacy. if that's a criminal court has overturned the conviction of jumpier bemba former vice president of the democratic republic of congo he was found guilty of crimes against humanity two years ago for atrocities committed by his forces in neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison and then the latest decision the court said bamber couldn't be held criminally responsible for bad behavior. the drouth chambers conclusion that
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mr benn failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures in response to an aussie crams in the car was materially affected by errors and mr bevan can not be held criminally responsible under article twenty eight for the crimes committed by and will see troops during the car operation mariana honda has more on the background to this case. from the moment war crimes allegations first emerged john pierre bamba and sisted he had done nothing wrong the congolese businessman became vice president of the democratic republic of congo in two thousand and three but the year before when he was a rebel leader ember is accused of failing to stop his private army known as the m.l.c. from waging a campaign of rape and murder and pillage against civilians in neighboring seem to african republic it seemed more than a thousand fighters there to help put down an attempted coup more got to where
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organize it. loops of three or four souldiers baited houses one by one they stole all the possessions that could be carted off. and raped the goodman. yes and you know this regardless of the age shall never actually issued an order to rape and murder and during the course of the five year trial his defense team insisted that once his fight is crossed the border into central african republic they were under the command of that country's leadership speaking to his ear in two thousand and seven before his arrest been brushed aside questions about the i.c.c. you will know that the international criminal court that are and i'm not of course
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involved in any of this ng's. what i'm saying is a they have you in their sights don't they know no that's not true that you formation. so there's no question of you having to go to the him. at all. nine years later the i.c.c. unanimously found being big guilty of all charges against him three of war crimes and two of crimes against humanity became the first to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command it was also the first time the i.c.c. focused on rape as a weapon of war bieber was seem to to eighteen years in prison and later got an extra year and a fine for interfering with witnesses in his trial and the media on one hand out to zero.
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leaders from the group of seven nations are in cuba quebec for a two day summit with the us looking increasingly isolated from its allies on a number of fronts u.s. president donald trump has arrived at the summit is expected to be overshadowed by a potential trade war after the u.s. tariffs on steel an element of imports trump also broke ranks with his allies by calling for an end to russia's expulsion from the g seven meanwhile protesters are back on the streets of quebec city over one hundred kilometers away from the g seven is charlevoix thousands of police in riot gear have been deployed to prevent any violence let's go live now to john handel who is in quebec city and said donald trump has arrived we're expecting to that to be a tense atmosphere the twitter sphere is being very busy with the various leaders putting out their own version of what should happen at the g. seven this is posturing or mind that the talks even break down john. wells who
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it looks like it's begun in a friendly way if you see the video of donald trump shaking just just introduce him and it looks very friendly but there is definitely tension underneath. trump has been tweeting up a storm complaining about the way canada and france and other members of the g seven treat the u.s. when it comes to trade and of course those other leaders have medicare head of time and they've unified in criticism of trump and his tariffs on steel and aluminum that's the number one issue here even though it wasn't originally supposed to be on the agenda they were to talk about things like gender equality climate change and they were supposed to be celebrating the global economic expansion but there have been tweets sent back and forth emanuel mccrone sent one out yesterday saying that if there were an agreement at the end of this there's always an agreement and everybody signs it but he says a vis time only six of the seven leaders signed that agreement stating those things they agree on well that would be just fine with mccrone it was after that that
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trump went on a tweet storm just ahead of coming here making specific complaints about trudeau and mccrone so the tension has has been going for some time now that those leaders are together to see if it's just posturing trump often does this to try to to try to raise his stakes ahead of making a negotiation and he always has said including in his book that if you want to deal you have to be able to look like you're willing to walk away from it while he certainly looks that way now and he threw the ball out suggesting maybe russia should be brought back into the fold what's been the reaction i have. to that one. well we haven't heard from most of the leaders but we also know that they have been firmly behind the decision to keep russia out of what was once the g. eight is now the g. seven but there is one supporter of the new italian leader jews epic one today says he would be willing to take russia back that's not entirely
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a surprise because he's also called for removing those sanctions on russia but that sounds like it is probably a nonstarter it sounds like trade will continue to be the number one issue here even though it's not the one that's always. talked about in these open meetings most of the business at these gatherings is done in the bilateral and other meetings that we don't see on camera at the end we will see whether they're going to do the usual family photo and the reason that up in question is because donald trump has now said he's going to leave early on saturday that meeting goes until five pm local time here in quebec trump is he going to leave it ten thirty for that historic meeting in singapore with kim jong il really is trying to spoil the party many thanks for your thoughts. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been holding talks with his chinese counterpart in beijing curtain that was awarded a friendship medal by xi jinping who called the russia lady his best friend economic military and political cooperation between the two has improved during
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she's president say you can't say u.s. influence. to sort of russia and china both want peace in the korean peninsula peace talks between the two koreas lot of moving towards the right direction moscow city some contacts with north korea for readiness for a constructive work. four palestinians have been killing girls and living i fifteen year old boy after israeli forces fired tear gas and live bullets are protesting the border medics a more than six hundred others have been injured in the violence on thursday israeli military planes dropped leaflets into the enclave present residents to avoid the border area israeli forces have killed at least one hundred nineteen palestinians during weeks of demonstrations began at the end of march i must lead is my honey here says protests will continue until israeli blockade and.
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we are ready to deal positively with any real initiative to end the siege completely on the gaza strip but not at the expense of the palestinian cause our resistance is related to the march of return and to breaking the siege the marches will continue until we achieve our goals firstly breaking the siege on the gaza strip. and a monk on is at the gaza israel border with more. as you can see the palestinians are burning tires just over there close to the israeli buffer zone now every so often the israelis fire off a volley of tear gas they're using this in two different ways firstly coming in from jeeps to give them a height on the take gas comes down into the crowd trying to disperse them clearly it's not working the crowd are still there but they're also using tear gas drones as well which is a fairly recent development however the palestinians figured out a way of dealing with can you see the kites just up there they're becoming a bit of a problem for the israelis there effectively
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a toy but the palestinians figured out that they can in tangle a drone into those kites they've actually done that and they've managed to bring down an israeli tank astro and so that's something the israelis are going to be concerned about now this protest has begun slightly earlier in the day than the regular friday protests that's because of al could stay that was started effectively means jerusalem day but it was started by the iranians after the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine but it means something quite a lot to the palestinians as well that's why they come to this border however the protest organizing committees did the protesters not to go too close to the border to the buffer zone as they have done in the past and they've said stay away from the border we want to try and avoid casualties however the palestinians have turned up as you can see in great numbers not only to commemorate al could stay but to tell you to show the world that they are against the israeli siege israeli led siege of gaza. and thousands of people across the middle east and south asia are
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also marking quids also known as jerusalem day demonstrators have been held in various pakistani cities baghdad's damascus to her on the annual event is a protest against israel's rule of jerusalem iran says a days that cation to express support for the palestinians and emphasize the importance of jerusalem for muslims well could stay protests in the capital of indian administered kashmir have turned violent indian security forces used tear gas to disperse demonstrators who were throwing stones at them muslims in kashmir have been fighting indian rule there since one thousand nine hundred nine. the united nations is warning a quarter of a million civilians could die in the yemeni city of her data if saudi led coalition forces attempt to take it from me who if you are bulls are now within twenty kilometers of the red sea ports which is the main entry point for food and humanitarian supplies into the water country stephanie decker has more.


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