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tv   The War In June  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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has begun slightly earlier in the day than the regular friday protests that's because of al could stay that was started effectively means jerusalem day but it was started by the iranians after the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine but it means something quite a lot to the palestinians as well that's why they come to this border however the protest organizing committees did the protesters not to go too close to the border to the buffer zone as they have done in the past and they've said stay away from border we want to try and avoid casualties however the palestinians have turned up as you can see in great numbers not only to commemorate could stay but to say to show the world that they are against the israeli siege israeli led siege of gaza. still to come in the program lebanon's growing rift with the un refugee agency would shit accuses of spreading fit to start syrians from returning home. catholic bishops are trying to end the bloodshed in nicaragua through dialogue and diplomacy .
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however got plenty of warmth across europe at the moment plenty of big downpours as well underneath this massive cloud we have in northern parts of italy has seen some mudslides actually low pressure in charge here so that breadth those big and beefy showers they will continue on either side of the adriatic over the next couple of days so we go with our warm fronts and that braiding a fair bit of warm air in across many central parts and so well into the twenty's for many warsaw touching thirty degrees while exclusively moscow struggling to get around fifteen degrees celsius to stockholm still warm temperatures here going up to twenty four degrees celsius russia showers you notice around the low countries western parts of germany into the good parts of northern france mostly showers there for a time continuous northern areas of spain and portugal you go on into sunday it's
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generally dry and fine across the british isles paris seeing temperatures getting up to twenty seven celsius but always a chance of wanted to showers showers continue into those central areas thirty one there for vienna and you come further south of the west the weather will continue across the balkans should turn drier and brighter for good positive dr roger cross much of north africa boys it hot in car recharging forty degrees celsius just about getting to twenty one in red bats.
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hello again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and kind of as prime minister justin trudeau has welcomed world leaders to what's expected to be an old good g. seven summit in quebec tensions over the united states president's trade policy unlikely to dominate. the international criminal court has overturned the conviction of form a company's vice president. and four people have been killed and more than six hundred injured in gaza through its rating forces fired tear gas and light bullets of palestinians protesting at the border. lebanese officials have been repeatedly
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calling for refugees to return to areas in syria they deemed safe and they blame the un full from for preventing that from happening and they've gone as far as to accuse the international organization of deliberately discouraging refugees to return and now the cat take a foreign minister that's a good run by sea and has decided to suspend residency applications submitted to the ministry by the un he said the action is the first step against the organization united nations is rejecting the accusations the has more now from lebanon. seven years in exile in lebanon mahmoud is now getting ready to go back home he's from the syrian town of morrow in the region. can't go back because he's not considered a security risk by the syrian government it's a decision not every refugee can make. fed up and have been humiliated the united nations told us that there are no guarantees when we get back home but we
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want to go back. that advice has caused tension between the un refugee agency and the lebanese foreign ministry which says the u.n. h.c.r. is discouraging refugee returns a claim the u.n. denies it says it is carrying out its global mandate which is to provide support to refugees and help them establish their lives in line with international standards. is not deterring returns. are you know has expressed many times that it just backs the government of lebanon that is not an option lebanese authorities say a few thousand refugees displaced by the seven year long war have already signed up for what they call voluntary returns and that thousands of others are willing to go home lebanon which is hosting more than one million syrian refugees has long complained of the burden it carries official say it cost the country about eight billion dollars a year many refugees now have economical and not political or security reasons for
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staying foreign ministry officials say much of syria is now safe. specifically. which is not the mandate the mandate or at least what they say is that. people. but what what is actually happy happening is much more than that the ministry has now decided to suspend residency applications submitted by u.n.h.c.r. for its staff in the foreign minister is acting in a caretaker capacity but it does belong to the ruling alliance so his decisions could be a sign of future state policy. some officials are using the refugee political capital they play on fears about the impact of the prolonged presence of refugees in the country those officials belong to the pro syrian government camp they want refugee returns to be coordinated with the authorities in damascus as
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a first step toward restoring relations with the government. refugees are caught in the middle and what could become a contentious political issue large scale returns gives legitimacy to the syrian government which wants the international community to provide badly needed funds for reconstruction the u.n. insists it does not encourage or discourage returns but it is not organizing them while discussions with damascus continue on safeguards that still need to be put in place. the united nations has warned of massive civilian casualties in yemen if saudi led coalition forces attempt to take the port city of data from the rebels the u.n. says as many as a quarter of a million residents could die if the government forces backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates launched an attack or siege within twenty kilometers of the city the data is on the red sea coast and is the main entry point into yemen
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for food and other humanitarian supplies. the. humanitarian coordinator in yemen these grand says that a military attack or siege on her data will impact hundreds of thousands of in innocent civilians humanitarian organizations have rushed to develop a contingency plan in a prolonged worst case we fear that as many as two hundred fifty thousand people may lose everything even their lives to nicaragua now where catholic bishops have stepped in to try and then the political crisis that they met the president done while daniel ortega and pushing to brokered talks between the government and protest is and will repel a reports now from the capital now. another day of unrest in the get out one means another funeral this time it's a thirty three year old opposition demonstrator killed during one of the latest confrontations with pro-government forces in messiah his body was carried past a checkpoint to the nearby cemetery. with tensions continuing to rise in messiah
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all the roads leading into the city have been blocked by demonstrators forcing thousands of people to walk for hours to the next town. we have you will kill looking for food they don't have the government i calmly having dinner while you go hungry. political violence has become common in this part of the country some of those leaving the area say they're not coming back anytime soon but i mean. we're walking to managua to see if we can make it to the border with. we don't know if we'll be able to make it all the way there. despite the relative calm demonstrators are quick to react to any activity that might suggest an assault from armed groups behind me is just one of dozens of barricades set up by anti-government demonstrators now these barriers that are set up aren't only here to shield protesters from pro-government forces but also to prevent the free flow of commercial traffic into the city of messiah which has become a symbol of the resistance against the government. the only traffic allowed to pass
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through the barricades are emergency vehicles humanitarian aid workers and members of the catholic church here that if you talk about. where has seen violence has seen deaths the city is totally paralyzed there is no commerce it snipers that have left so many dead in messiah. the catholic church continues to act as the primary mediator in the ongoing crisis on thursday bishops in met with president then presenting to him a set of conditions for renewing a national dialogue a dialogue the church says will only continue if the government can guarantee an end to the violence went up. when i was. the united states is planning to transfer one thousand six hundred people detained by immigration customs into federal prisons five jails are going to temporarily housed detainees awaiting civil court hearings where they could be housed alongside convicted criminals she returns
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and has more on the latest in a series of controversial immigration decisions by the trumpet ministration. this isn't the first time that federal prisons have been used to house immigrant detainees but the scale is different the six hundred will be held for up to one hundred twenty days while immigration authorities find space for them elsewhere prison unions complain that they've not been given enough time to prepare for the influx and civil rights groups are concerned that those simply looking for a better life will be housed with those convicted of federal crimes and the u.s. is notoriously brutal prison system the trouble ministrations new policy of prosecuting and detaining every person crossing the border without papers means space is limited there's been a surge in raids on workplaces in the u.s. those who found a job are being rounded up on mass and it's this policy that's led to the separation of families some six hundred children taken from their parents since may as they await prosecution according to a u.s. senator we are devastating
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a generation of children who are being called from their families there will be impacts on educational attainment physical harm and this is an inhumane and cruel policy that that is hurting individuals it's hurting these families and it's hurting our communities and our society the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says such separations are against international law and even president trump says he is unhappy but blames the democrats for not helping policy immigration reform all that well as the broad bill thank you this great border safety and security that is there because i don't like to build that bridge from the first i don't like it i hate it the trumpet when assertion is hoping that the harsh conditions awaiting anyone caught trying to cross the border without documentation will deter migration recent evidence shows that it's not working in april if this year almost fifty one thousand people were detained at the southern border an increase of sixteen thousand from the previous year however
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a policy of deterrence is nothing new it was the obama administration that attempted to deter immigrants during a surge of border. crossings often by women and children fleeing instability in central america in twenty fourteen president obama vastly expanded family detentions the detention of parents with their children to try and scare migrants away the six hundred migrant children detained this month will join some ten thousand eight hundred already incarcerated in the u.s. the separation of immigrant children by the trumpet ministration may violate international legal protections for children but it would appear that's exactly the point for the administration in washington she overturned see. five days after. killing at least one hundred nine people guatemalan officials have warned that falling out from the volcano poses a threat to flight authorities are ordering a new round of evacuations with the flames of volcanic material and contaminated water still threatening homes the disaster agency is telling residents of the town
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of every day to leave their homes after some recent returned around two hundred people still missing. it is one hundred fifty years since the first australian sports team to play abroad headed to the united kingdom and surprisingly it was a cricket team but what many people may not know is that it was made up entirely of aboriginal players today players of both sexes a heaping to revive that long forgotten legacy or brennan went to meet them at the sussex county cricket ground in hope. an australian cricket team lines up to face an english side just as they did exactly one hundred fifty years ago and on the shirts of these australian players the names of those first aboriginal pioneers i must admit back home it's not a story that's widely known but you know we're hoping that through these two. and more publicly of the story that we can get the message out you know it's an
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important part of us trying history and here's a photograph of that now long to see east eight hundred sixty eight team a team that was greeted with skepticism and curiosity in england not all of it kind one newspaper of the time described the tourists as a travesty upon cricketing much commentors made about their skin color and physical appearance but out of forty seven games that eight hundred sixty eight team won fourteen last fourteen and drew nineteen just like the australian teams of today they can play star of the team there was an aboriginal all rounder known as jonny mora he bowled something like i think it was nineteen hundred overs on the two hour and took two hundred forty five wickets but he also scored over sixteen hundred runs as well. back then to be able to achieve that you know it takes a very good cricketer to do that this twenty eighteen tour is also a first the first england for the aboriginal women's eleven and all the modern day players admit to feeling a strong sense of history it's such
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a great opportunity where they're playing here but it's definitely just amazing to be. have a look at the places those teams played to mating that they actually had a group of people. counting one lakh first ever team to two are out of strike on iraq just to pay part of the script now. i think still in tired black i feel like i'm one of those back in the day. this too or in swallow the young ones to come through in poker. next to. the names of saddam bradman or dennis lillee or matthew hayden may be etched into australian cricketing legend but before all of them came the aboriginal eleven of eight hundred sixty eight paul brennan al-jazeera sussex the celebrity chef and writer and dame has been found dead in his hotel room the sixty one year old was filming in france when his body was discovered police say he took his own life and
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gallacher says ripple anthony bourdain career spanned continents but his love of the restaurant business had humble beginnings started out as a dishwasher before becoming a chef in new york his best selling memoir about the underbelly of manhattan's restaurant business changed his life and launched a t.v. career i went from a guy you know broke. always ben had been broke never insured never owned anything perpetually in debt. hard working god overnight the guy with the best job in the world with the freedom to travel around the world doing anything he wants and get paid for it the sixty one year old was filming a series in france for c.n.n. network says anthony bourdain committed suicide and released a statement his talents never cease to amaze us and we will miss him very much force and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time ordains death comes just days after
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a fashion icon kate spade apparently took her own life spade's husband and business partner said the fifty five year old suffered from depression and anxiety for years ordain one dozens of awards for his work in two thousand and thirteen judges for one prestigious award on a dem for expanding our palates and horizons in equal measure and a gallica al-jazeera. well plenty more not all the stories that we're covering are right there on our website al jazeera dot com is the address all the top stories and also of comments and analysis and features that to others are dot com. let's every couple of headlines here on al-jazeera and leaders from the group of seven nations are in quebec for a two day summit with the united states looking increasingly isolated from its allies on a number of fronts u.s. president donald trump arrived a short time ago at the summit is expected to be overshadowed by
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a potential trade war after the u.s. slapped tariffs on steel and out a million imports but trump promised to straighten it out we have massive breakdown with almost every time. we break that i do and i'll tell you why i did what i do it won't even be hard in the end we'll all get along but they are just you know they're like well we thought with you with the oil they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers they don't mention the fact that. three hundred percent of what are all straight down will all be allowed to get. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been holding talks with his chinese counterpart in beijing greeting was awarded a friendship medal by choosing ping who called the russian leader his best friend economic military and political cooperation between the two of us has improved during cesar presidency to counter u.s.
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influence. the international criminal court has overturned the conviction of the former kong leaves vice president john p. he was found guilty of crimes against humanity two years ago for atrocities committed by his forces in central african republic back in two thousand and two but in the latest decision the court said bemba could not be held criminally responsible for their behavior. the u.s. has special counsel investigating an alleged collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign has filed charges of witness tampering against the former trump campaign manager paul metaphors. four palestinians are being killed in guards there after israeli forces fired tear gas and life bullets of protesters at the border medics say more than six hundred others have been injured in the violence on thursday israeli military planes dropped leaflets into the enclave residents to avoid the border area that are you up to date with the top stories
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here on al-jazeera coming up next we have the siege of cutter ifa. the still waters of doha's west bay lagoon. daily life seemingly undisturbed in qatar's capital. a serenity betraying that this is a nation under siege. on june fifth two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt cut off all diplomatic ties with qatar. accusing it of funding terrorism and from entering
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regional instability all land air and ceilings to the country were severed. saudi arabia and bahrain egypt and u.a.e. say their severing diplomatic relations with qatar riyadh a single shot was fired a full blown war of words was engaged. to store the other the most c.e.o. of magic ties or flight accusations and counter-accusations this claim this encounter claims were made by all sides the media served as the main battleground. early on monday the fifth of june two thousand and seventeen behind state television read a statement from its government in them look at the. little mercy and the
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ability of her father nala. a short time later saudi arabia followed suit. up our lala cutted the message out well for the model let it. be a so they you know we don't let the u.a.e. and egypt announce they tune we're cutting ties with qatar. the code. ordinated move by the four countries has caused the greatest rift in years between some of the most powerful arab states the largest country is. followed by what it's. see defendant foreign policy as a threat to their narrative to their consensus there were. only one other thing which is totally unacceptable qatar was accused of harboring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups creating instability in the region
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the restrictions did not only target the qatari government but also its citizens and residents. in the hours that followed a systematic and orchestrated plan of isolation was enacted. the national carrier has declared they would be suspending flights to and from qatar the following day and those from qatar what banned from even transiting through their countries with the exception of egypt the blockading states recalled their own citizens and gave the countries residing and working in their countries fourteen days to leave their territories. the block of four also closed their airspace to qatari aircraft leaving only a small corridor or funneling all their planes in and out of the arabian gulf. at one thirty pm the only land border was closed saudi arabia stopped all movement
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of vehicles from its side. trucks carrying food raw materials equipment and medicines could no longer cross into qatar. all vessels destined to or carrying the flag of qatar would not be allowed to call at ports in the u.a.e. . as the severing of ties continued doha released its own statement declaring there is no legitimate justification to cut ties and that the decision is a violation of its sovereignty. concern from allies with vested interests and investments in all the countries involved were quick to react hoping to keep the situation under control and avoid any escalation. the stakes were too high. in sydney australia then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson addressed the unfolding events and urged restraint
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and dialogue we certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together it addresses differences and we think it is important that the g.c.c. remain a unified. the tiny desert country was highly reliant on produce from its neighboring countries and with those imports now blocked qatar needed new supplies. the well maintained relations qatar has put its regional neighbors meant the trade embargoes effects would be soft and seeing an opportunity iran declared that food shipments could be in doha in twelve hours turkey also offered to help however it could. qatar had been thrown a lifeline. doha staunchly disagreed with all the accusations made against it and continue to call for dialogue if there is any sensible argument or sense of an
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accusation we are ready to answer but although it's a big accusation without any solid argument we are not that it is ready to onset of this if there is any problem should be solved on the negotiation table butting of the g.c.c. countries together on his highness will coming any positive help to solve this problem. but up to this point the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council had been able to deescalate the situation she says she was never intended to deal with an act of aggression between one of the constituent you see members this is unprecedented in the extent of the scope of it how it took everybody by surprise kuwait did issue a statement calling for restraint but the six member group had not met and the three g.c.c. states that imposed the blockade were not willing to enter into talks our men and also kuwait i think found it very difficult in the initial stages of the crisis.
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you know there may have been some pressure exerted on them to to take sides but i think then it was you know i think even the courts had to quickly realize that they needed some mediator within the region. so we've seen kuwait sort of take on more of that will than than are meant for this crisis but it's also important to to note that this pressure of taking sides extends beyond the gulf region. by nightfall on that first day that instigating nations in saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt we're now joined by the mo d. and factions in libya in isolating the tiny gulf nation. on the second day of the crisis the effects were beginning to show. qatari citizens in the blockading countries were making arrangements to vacate and return to their
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homeland. qatar's population is made up predominantly of the experts and foreign workers almost ninety percent and could not risk losing its workforce. airlines were struggling to handle the travel restrictions and some grocery stores in the capital were unable to restock their supplies. there was a sense in. many quarters that some sort of action may occur. in recent history there were many signs that qatar was being targeted. this current crisis is not an isolated incident from one thousand nine hundred five up to the present day the dominant team in relations between saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar has been one where saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have you as definitely the subordinate actor and the qataris have refused to accept this position in the two thousand when al jazeera was perceived by saudi arabia to be a major thorn in the side diplomatic relations broke in two thousand and two and continued
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until two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and then of course you have the more recent crisis in two thousand and fourteen where the u.a.e. saudi arabia and bahrain briefly broke diplomatic relations again in protest of what they view to be this subordinate secondary actor in the region acting above its station and so you have a track record of the gulf members of the current embargo being coalition breaking with qatar over political issues over security issues over the last fifteen years but before the scars could heal the seeds of a new conflict would be. a mere thirteen days before the current crisis began a state run news agency was hacked comments folks we attributed to the qatari m e a were broadcast criticizing u.s. president donald trump and expressing support for iran hamas and israel the government denied that the comments were made and investigations by the f.b.i.
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and britain's national crime agency confirmed that senior government officials in the u.a.e. met to discuss an implementor plan to plant a fake news story in qatar as news agency and social media sites the hacking of the q. and a website and may of two thousand and seven is very interesting because on one hand. and you would assume that if the grievances of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and its partners were were foolproof legitimate and unquestioned then why do you need the pretext of you know planting a statement in in the amir is mad to to i guess you could say provide a reason for the subsequent embargo on the other hand when had i was able to show that this was a fake news so to speak it won a lot of support internationally among key allies. to make matters worse for the u.a.e.
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a series of leaked emails from their ambassador to the us youssef. revealed a concerted effort to turn the us away from qatar. kuwait that had experienced aggression from its neighbor iraq almost two decades earlier took on the role of mediator urging both sides to open lines of dialogue the current emir of kuwait was the foreign minister of his country when the g.c.c. was founded he hosted the first meeting that led to the formation of the g.c.c. and so for him it's always speed since the crisis last year in any spoken about it extremely personal he has made this a matter of honor for the generation that founded the g.c.c. . emboldening their position saudi arabia and the u.a.e. convince the newly elected us president that their actions were justified. president trump who only ten days earlier was in riyadh tweeted support for the
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blockade and joined in accusing qatar of funding radical ideology and extremism. this was in stark contrast to the approach taken by the pentagon on the situation saying the u.s. military is grateful for qatar support of the u.s. army presence in the country and it's enjoying committed. to regional security. in the months that followed the u.s. state department signed two memorandums of understanding with qatar underscoring the ties between the two countries especially the joint efforts to defeat terrorism . in paris saudi arabia's foreign minister. said that the damage caused by economic measures should convince qatar to change its policies we want to see qatar implement the promises it made a few years back with regard to support her extremist groups with regards to its
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hostile media with regards to its interference in the affairs of other countries and we have taken this step. with great pain in order to make sure that the turn to stands that these policies are not acceptable not sustainable and that they must change across the gulf states the sanctions and restrictions imposed were now hitting hard and directly affecting individuals and businesses many countries who have family and times in the neighboring countries who are now cut off and banished. in the hospitals and clinics the harsh embargo was now affecting patients and people requiring medicines and treatment. but the citizens and residents in qatar are unified and supportive of a leader and his government within days of the blockade against qatar we saw a huge outpouring of support for the emir and for the qatari state we saw you know
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of country flags throughout the streets of doha the images of the amir the blockade in the very sort of sudden and aggressive way that it was imposed galvanized a sense of national identity among countries and in some ways it also improved relations between countries a non-country residence as day to. the crisis continues to turkish president red chip tired addressed foreign ambassadors are shown on reason. it is then headed to trouble your studio to go. there because of the. qatar you nearly trip me up to the moment called little john or me to drink the cotton viewed turds on the soul of our. pubs even missin it if you could turn truckload of it tom all the work the turkish role in relationship
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with qatar in this crisis is one of the most important developments over the last year turkey has tried to build up relations who attacked and qatar even before the crisis reciprocated by improving relations with turkey as a check and a balance against the saudis with whom they've had bad relations on many occasions in the last decade and a half. turkey began debating in parliament legislation for increased military cooperation to support qatar. the bill was passed after one hour and two weeks later its troops were deployed to a military base just outside of doha which they had been using to train the country armed forces. on social media people from all sides were making their cases supportive of the blockade and opposed the regional social fabric is the same we have the same family tribes the same people live across all of these states and the people are not very happy what happened to their
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brothers and sisters and when they have been cut off and they've been blockaded in the holy mother from other stopping water and food supplies to them and seeing that got i was being bullied by their neighbors so people started to show empathy what we have seen is that there have been repressed by their own government even for showing empathy to. human beings to their people. in the region this is contrary to what we have seen in qatar in qatar you know you have different voices there are people who all are saying things against the government of qatar only its fall a season it is accepted. as the crisis continued both sides made efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the international community the public opinion are aware enough to understand and to differentiate between the time with and the force and the fabricated. qatar's foreign minister met with officials and
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leaders addressing the media and stating the case for qatar. as the situation dragged on governments were growing impatient and wanted a quick end to the standoff now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward . the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries eighteen days after implementing the blockade for instigating nations presented a list of thirteen demands of qatar to end the crisis they gave
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a deadline of ten days to comply with all of the demands which included shutting down the al jazeera network close to the turkish military bases and scaled down times with iran. qatar was expected to sever all alleged ties with the muslim brotherhood and other groups including hezbollah al qaida and i sold the thirteen demands that the courts had issued towards qatar were absolutely unrealistic one of their major demands was for qatar to stop interfering in other nations' affairs and if you look at the list of thirteen demands well that's exactly what they do they interfere in the affairs of the country state. through the kuwaiti intermediary qatar gave its response to the demands of. the deadline passed and qatar had fulfilled none of the thirteen points obviously definitely. a lot except noko let the respect to its sovereignty and independence well of accept. to be able
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. to accept and public took up ritual eight to thirteen public like this a forty eight hour extension was given by the blockading for and still qatar refused to bow down the saudis an m.r.i. artie's expressed outrage at qatar willingness to submit and said the failure to comply is a threat to regional security qatar stood firm and replied with offers of dialogue reaffirming their willingness to find a solution through direct talks we believe and we have expressed several times that others willing to enter into dialogue with. with the blockading nations will just respect the international law and respect each other nation being deeply
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invested in the g.c.c. since its foundation kuwait timea continued his efforts to bring the parties together to reconcile their differences when he tried to host the first g.c.c. leaders' summit since the crisis began and the only leader of a d.c. nation to turn up with a. not only did the outage refused to turn up for various reasons but on the same day the u.a.e. and saudi arabia announced the launch of a new bilateral organization a saudi u.a.e. organization through which they would deal with all important economic and security issues so not only did they boycott the meeting but they tried to undermine at the same time it would be the shortest g.c.c. summit in history being abandoned after only a few hours. prior to the g.c.c. meeting qatar shake to mean bin hamad el fanny went on a charm offensive promoting qatar and its policies to the world. meeting heads of
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state and reaffirming qatar's commitment to peace and stability in the region he cemented times with foreign leaders and in an address to the united nations he turned the charges laid against his country back on the blockading party if you have it. up a foreigner or vetted your shabby guitar all of you has a heart in jail and must come out of all of us to do what is. one to hum so you on your own mobbing it do and let you follow them at i look up a bit to the one for sure to duck. the dough into a bit of an image then you have believe what. the deputy mop of him is c.r.c. is as i think is the law invalid see either. a later however i had a title fight that heard. the amir returned to a hero's welcome thousands lined the roads to greet and applaud the men who had stuck by them and not buckled under pressure.
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amla. qatar was riding out the storm it established new trade deals and created alternative shipping and air routes. the blockade is not without impact and although qatar has tremendous wealth to maintain stability it was required to open its coffers injecting almost forty billion dollars into its economy in the first two months of the crisis. the crisis triggered cuts to rethink its sustainability and independence and to set itself up for the future. it built farms and was terra forming its deserts into fertile land. a dairy was set up flying in thousands of cows and producing its own line of products.
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just days before the one year anniversary of the blockade qatar's government issued a directive banning all products from the blockading quartet. the new trade links and self-reliance that have developed over the past year meant qatar's decades long dependence on its neighbors for producing goods had been swept away. all sides were desperate to garner support and backing internationally sweeping reforms were seen across the gulf. qatar lifted entry visa restrictions for eighteen countries and began speeding up much needed improvements to its migrant worker program. saudi arabia appointed a new crown prince mohammed bin salomon and the kingdom tried to sell an image of change but for its subjects freedom of speech and expression continue to be repressed. behind closed doors in abu dabi have forged
4:45 am
partnerships with tell of eve to strengthen their position and gain favor from the u.s. . the military campaign by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in yemen is taking its toll financially and is criticized globally for the humanitarian catastrophe it has created. ignoring the calls for the blockade to end there has been no softening of the position from the blockading nations this is an irrational erratic crisis it started for no reason in my opinion is going to end like this the longer it continues the more damage it will do to everybody it seems that they have chosen little country because qatar has built its all resilience and showed that it cannot and will not be bullied by their neighbors with neither side willing to back down the future of the g.c.c. is at stake it will never be the same the sense of shock and the. trail following
4:46 am
this blockade is something that will be very difficult to erase and while there has been no clear victory the ambitions of the blockading quartet to change qatar's foreign and domestic policies have failed their failure to get qatar to concede or make significant concessions their failure to get european muslim asian and middle eastern actors to side with them over qatar has actually highlighted the limitations of the saudi u.a.e. access as a dominant strategic player in the region so i think the best case scenario for a resolution of this conflict is a public agreement to continue to disagreement private as the gulf countries continue to drift apart and new geo political alliances a merge in the region a resolution to the crisis seems a long way off. on
4:47 am
counting the cost jordan's economy is struggling to come a look at why i.m.f. backed price hikes are proving the last straw for many people plus why the world's top poker grows one of the biggest share of the global chocolate market. accounting
4:48 am
a cost and i just see it as. more than food thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of their trying to get accepted as if it is the way it is and you know it means almost zero point one percent of the defeat in two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sold refuge. at this time. but on the clock and on the top stories here on al-jazeera and canadian prime minister justin trudeau has officially welcomed world leaders to what's expected to be a tense g. seven summit in quebec the meeting is being held in show of well the united states is looking increasingly isolated from its allies on a number of fronts its you'd a meeting is expected to be overshadowed by a potential trade war off the u.s.
4:49 am
president will trump place tariffs on steel and i mean imports troubles or break ranks with most of his allies by calling for russia to be paltz of the g seven before leaving for the summit trump told reporters he would straight into well out of a trade we have massive trade deficit with almost every time. we break that out and it has and i'll tell you what if what i do it won't even be hard in the end we'll get along but they had to say and you know they're trying to act like well we fought with you with the boys but they don't mention the fact that they have great barriers against our farmers they don't mention the fact that you can almost three hundred percent. what are all straight down will all be allowed to get. protests as a back on the streets of quebec city one hundred kilometers away from the g seven child thousands of police and right good being deployed in a bid to prevent any violence. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been
4:50 am
holding talks with his chinese counterpart in beijing putin was awarded a friendship metal pipes using ping to call the russian leader his best friend economic military and political cooperation between the two has improved during she's presidency to counter u.s. influence the international criminal court has overturned the conviction of the former congolese vice president ciampi have been but he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison two years ago for crimes against humanity relating to atrocities committed by his forces in central african republic in two thousand and two but in the latest decision the court said that ben but could not be held criminally responsible for that behavior. four palestinians have been killed in gaza including a fifteen year old boy when israeli forces fired tear gas and live bullets at protesters at the border medics say that more than six hundred others have been injured in the violence israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen
4:51 am
palestinians during weeks of demonstrations that began at the end of march and one column is that the gaza israel border and he has more. as you can see the palestinians are burning tires just over there close to the israeli buffer zone now every so often the israelis fire off a volley of tear gas they're using this in two different ways firstly coming in from jeeps to give them a height on the take gas comes down into the crowd trying to spurs them clearly it's not working the crowd are still there but they're also using tear gas drones as well which is a fairly recent development however the palestinians figured out a way of dealing with those drones can you see the kites just up there they're becoming a bit of a problem for the israelis there affectively a toy but the palestinians figured out that they can in tangle a drone into those kites they've actually done that and they've managed to bring down an israeli tank astro and so that's something the israelis are going to be
4:52 am
concerned about now this protest has begun slightly earlier in the day than the regular friday protests that's because of al could state that was started effectively means to recent days but it was started by the iranians after the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine but it means something quite a lot to the palestinians as well and that's why they come to this border however the protest organizing committees did ask the protesters not to go too close to the border to the buffer zone as they have done in the past and they've said stay away from border we want to try and avoid casualties however the palestinians have turned up as you can see in great numbers not only to commemorate al could stay but to tell you to show the world that they are against the israeli siege israeli led siege of gaza the u.s. special counsel investigating alleged collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign has filed charges of witness tampering against former trump campaign manager poor man if all right you're up to date with the main stories on
4:53 am
al-jazeera up next it's sport stoping the endless chase by for naught. mean as i want to ponder you into. going yes cricket but that's the balls of the board not us get phenolic to find out the core point you cannot then you. just said his interest was done to us and took me out of which most of the set says
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do not do it so disappointed. in the diluted form of a cousin to punches a pitch up the butt out of. a ball test at all now is that order. to put out the wrong thing or. just not just to seal particular to you. but as you can produce at least. the story you on the need to keep. cook with smoke with my new cook needs our teacher. nothing about some of our colleagues want to know about as our store are certain yes i sent back still i get you if you want to. pick your singing it. you
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borgen if. he wanted. but the death of god would go up just. can suck money would not or what small to society could see me i have which snap my cheeky reported. last. for about four hundred four during the hour step out of pocket but it cannot be my luck to you you'll be as the pawn of a is a whistle blower a heroine of the fight against doping despite the risks she had the courage to report an organized cheating system in russian athletics causing one of the world's biggest sports scandals questioning the presence of russia in international competitions. and ask the question about doping in the russian federation half dome . the floor on the last world cup level. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level. never has the pharmacological
4:56 am
range of performance enhancing drugs been so great to. get something to all these and it took them this issue to spotty. cycling football power sports endure in sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work. till august but certainly it's also going to aid in a good many cattle actually most of these to keep you busy they have to shift. the styles of high performance schools can spend up to one hundred thousand euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development. the extreme growth of the sports business is gendered a lucrative black market in doping with an estimated thirty billion euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport to dimethyl it was picked up to measure it given that it was because the measure of
4:57 am
the of a. twenty six thirty pm in some other guests whatever. is on the. eve of lot of state. sponsors and sports federations a party responsible. for the video with my arm raised where is it being in my eyes my eyes i would have. some leaders benefit financially from having dope the athletes and cover up the cheating to ensure participation in international meetings such as organising does damage stuff that's a bold impression screen on top of a call for drugs and in a world that values performance and competition so highly all the proponents of green sports fighting a losing battle. it's
4:58 am
rare to find out leads willing to talk about doping. where starting instigation that things parts could i talk to no i'm sorry i have no comment to make nothing to say about that. just what you perceive as hell and only to say what if yes you go into the shop money fund or being thrown in the pub and. he hunted invited by the uninitiated and then nobody will talk about their street please stop calling every day when a car ferry think thanks but. the subject is to. do with that as you said you know better that certain things about in fact i'm always. up. for believing. this young man is the first to agree to address the subject area but already. a quarter.
4:59 am
twenty two year old quentin beagle a hammer thrower tested positive from anabolic steroids at the european championships in germany in two thousand and fourteen. time to go to do pee was on the birdies i'm going to let it go with a long and i don't do you have like. the pinnacle of video as your host is there to cheer for your. responses and of course i mean all. this mystery tour or does it really sort of clip our own way spots gets rid of her image. his coach rafael lundy was indicted for inciting doping this is a. remark to all just sentiment in a sixty year misses the point of forgive for she said while the us to talk of off if you don't see it when you're up to full of korea for the lima. church is to
5:00 am
screw the rest of us or not. at eighteen going to big or became junior champion of europe at nineteen he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirty's his career seemed to begin well. i don't know maybe the. generally. more. sedate me they do want. you know a certain. parties on priscilla sr who the more traditional from the when you're on the moon all things are very good next on the road to on times revenues but all called also picked up through this certainly the.


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