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tv   A Tale Of Singers And Murderers  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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adam allas. made an announcement that they would now be responsible the army and the military is long been associated with corruption and impunity and very serious human rights violations so there is a great deal of distressed. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a dispute between lebanon and the u.s. refugee agency turns ugly. and austria's government orders the closure of seven months slow stories on the other side of the break. i told. me the weather sponsored by cattle always how low we have the remains of a tropical storm now pulling away from that southeastern corner of china still a rash of showers on sas day for hong kong little further north and west of weather
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in play here as well wolf and i'm still seeing some downpours into the southwest of china as we go on into saturday really has a similar picture but by saturday i'm hopeful that the southeastern corner will begin to dry up more in the way of sunshine notice the southwest the monsoon pushing lots of cloud and rain into the philippines manila will certainly see some very heavy downpours on sunday and much of luzon could expect to see some showers along spells of fright and hence some flooding concerns here there we go with that massive cloud streaming in across the region really heavy rain there coming into central and northern parts of the philippines south of that it isn't too bad the usual heat of the day showers really a spot the cases but the temps as we go on through sunday more heavy showers there you see manila still in the mix there with some very heavy downpours and the flood risk certainly continuing heavy showers to continue across a good part of thailand again that southwest the monsoon continue to drive its way across the region right across the bow of bengal southern parts of india the western ghats still seeing further heavy showers as we do expect similar conditions
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there for me and ma. the weather sponsored by cattle and waste. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's they redrew the map of the middle east this record is a big deal you have these. indeed war for the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the moral and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried to make a shirtless contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was she knew of the war in june on al-jazeera.
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of the bank you're watching over there i'm so whole rob a reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump says he wants russia to rejoin the g. seven group of industrialized nations he said this before arriving in canada for the annual summit of trade friction between the u.s. and its allies is directed to dominate the talks. for palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces fired live rounds and tear gas at protesters near the gaza border israel says the action was taken after kites carry explosives were flown near the fence six hundred others have been injured. accusations are being ordered new guatemalans volcanic eruption which has now killed at least one hundred nine people volcanic material on contaminated water bontrager are still threatening homes five days after it first and wrapped it around two hundred people will still miss. the international criminal court has
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overturned the war crimes convictions of former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. now supporters of the celebrated in the capital kinshasa after hearing the ruling and we're going to have judges could not be held responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he said to neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two not only hold reports. from the moment well crimes allegations were liberal the against him junkie have been banned sisted he had done nothing wrong he maintained that stance even in two thousand and sixteen when the international criminal court unanimously found him guilty of two charges of war crimes and three of crimes against humanity he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison the longest ever handed down by the i.c.c. that court decision has now been overturned the appeals chamber by majority reverses the conviction of mr bin bin but showed little emotion as the presiding
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judge delivered the appeal ruling that the public gallery reacted enters and it quits all because the errors found with respect to necessary and reasonable measures extinguished its responsibility in full the judge was forced to pause may i ask the registry to restore. the crowd in the courtroom bimbo was accused of failing to stop his private army known as the emelle sea from waging a campaign of rape and murder and pillage against civilians in neighboring central african republic over a five month period from october two thousand and two he was a rebel leader the in and had seen more than a thousand fighters to help put down the coup in the cia. the lower court judgment described a series of sick and sadistic rapes and murders and some cases where entire
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families were victimized but then but never actually issued an order to rape and murder on appeal a majority of judges held that being the could not be held responsible for atrocities carried out by troops under his control and that trial judges failed to consider if it's he made to stop crimes once he became aware of them the decision overturns what had been hailed a landmark ruling been but was the first ever to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command and it was the first time the i.c.c. focused on rape as a weapon of war speaking to al-jazeera in two thousand and seven before his arrest been in assisted he had nothing to answer for you will know that the international criminal court knows that. i'm not of course involved in the of this ng's i rested in two thousand and eight a convicted war criminal in two thousand and sixteen he's now won his appeal but
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bamber hasn't been freed a separate panel of judges continues to consider his punishment for interfering with witnesses during his trial maidana honed to zero. the world health organization says the break in the democratic republic of congo is stabilizing director general. says he's cautiously optimistic. after a decrease in the number of cases reported in the past week more than eight hundred health workers have received an experimental vaccine for the virus the agency says it's also donating more than fifteen million dollars to countries bordering the d r c to be used in the event of a future break. the u.s. special forces soldiers one of two military personnel killed in somalia after an ambush by the armed group al-shabaab that happened in a joint somalia military outpost in the town of jamais are four other u.s. soldiers and one somali were injured roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c.
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. on friday a u.s. soldier was killed in the southwestern part of somalia during an operation where u.s. forces were providing logistical and aerial surveillance support to somali and kenyan troops trying to clear the area of al shabaab fighters the military is saying that the combined forces came under attack at about two forty five pm local time in the town of jew mommy one of the u.s. soldiers was killed four others were injured as well as one other soldier but it's not clear whether that person was with the somali forces or with the kenyan defense forces at any rate this mission was being carried out as part of the federal government of somalia as ongoing efforts to retake control of the two thirds of its territory that are under al-shabaab and other affiliated groups control this is a long running support operation on the u.s. as part about five hundred u.s.
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special forces and other members of the special operations command have been deployed to that country however that number could drop in the coming months that's if the white house and the pentagon agree to reassigned some of those special forces troops to other countries where they believe that there is more of a security threat not from groups such as al shabaab but from russia and from china lebanon has ordered a freeze on the renewal of residency permits for u.n. refugee agency staff it's accuse the u.n.h.c.r. of spreading fear amongst syrian refugees about returning home turkey has the highest number of syrian refugees three and a half million according to un h.c.l. figures but it's a large country with always eighty million people jordan's government estimates it has so it is home to a point three million syrians about fourteen percent of the population which is
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contributed to its economic crisis but lebanon has. the highest proportion of refugees in the world more than one and a half million people according to the government that's a quarter of lebanon's population the reports from beirut on the strain that that is creating. seven years in exile in lebanon is now getting ready to go back home he's from the syrian town of morrow in the region. can't go back because he's not considered a security risk by the syrian government it's a decision not every refugee can make. fed up and have been humiliated the united nations told us that there are no guarantees when we get back home but we want to go back. that advice has caused tension between the u.n. refugee agency and the lebanese foreign ministry which says the u.n. h.c.r. is discouraging refugee returns a claim the u.n. denies it says it is carrying out its global mandate which is to provide support to
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refugees and help them we establish their lives in line with international standards. is not deterring returns. are you know has expressed many times that it just lacks a government of lebanon that integration is not an option lebanese authorities say a few thousand refugees displaced by the seven year long war have already signed up for what they call voluntary returns and that thousands of others are willing to go home lebanon which is hosting more than one million syrian refugees has long complained of the burden it carries official say it cost the country about eight billion dollars a year many refugees now have economical and not political or security reasons for staying foreign ministry officials say much of syria is now safe. specifically. which is not there when they get the mandate of the u.n. at least what they say is that. people. but what what is actually
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happy happening is much more than that the ministry has now decided to suspend residency application submitted by u.n.h.c.r. for its staff in lebanon the foreign minister is acting in a caretaker capacity but it does belong to the ruling alliance so his decisions could be a sign of future state policy. some officials are using the refugees for political capital they play on fears about the impact of the prolonged presence of refugees in the country those officials belong to the pro syrian government camp they want refugee returns to be coordinated with the authorities in damascus as a first step toward restoring relations with the government. refugees are caught in the middle and what could become a contentious political issue large scale returns gives legitimacy to the syrian government which wants the international community to provide badly needed funds
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for reconstruction the u.n. insists it does not encourage or discourage returns but it is not organizing them while discussions with damascus continue on safeguards that still need to be put in place. beirut. no yemeni journalist has died two days after being released from detention by who through rebels. who was abducted a year ago his family told the association of yemeni journalists that he was tortured the association has called for international organizations concerned with freedom of expression to condemn what it calls a crime against. the united nations as warning a quarter of a million civilians could die if saddam had coalition forces a time to take the city of data within twenty kilometers of the red sea port it's controlled by the rebels and is the main entry point for food and humanitarian supplies for the water and country stephanie decker has more. yemen was already one
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of the poorest countries in the world before the regional proxy war took over the country the saudi led war on yemen is now into its fourth year and hospitals are struggling to cope and i don't want to i'm not i'm going to lock the numbers or we're in the good hands of god people are sick for years we have done nothing to be in the situation we're just citizens here we have nothing but god this hospital is in the hooty controlled port city of data vital to getting aid and supplies into the country but fighting nearby is threatening to close the lifeline to millions of yemenis the. humanitarian coordinator in yemen is grounded says that a military attack or siege on her data will impact hundreds of thousands of in innocent civilians humanitarian organizations have rushed to develop a contingency plan in a prolonged worst case we fear that as many as two hundred fifty thousand people may lose everything even their lives the u.s. is war in the united arab emirates which is part of the saudi led coalition against
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attacking the port city these pictures are said to show military vehicles belonging to the u.a.e. that have been captured by the who these all sides keen to showcase their victories in what is just as much a propaganda war some aid agencies such as the red cross have sent staff home because of security concerns leaving millions at the mercy of a political war with no end in sight and aid agencies describe what is happening in yemen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis stephanie decker al-jazeera saudi authorities have detained another woman's rights activist in the week the country issued its first driving licenses to female drivers. runs a charity for young people detention follows the quote temporary release of eight of the activists accused of communicating with organizations opposed to the kingdom nine others are still behind bars despite claims from the country's leadership that reforms are being implemented. the all string government shutting down seven last
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sunday expelling him alms it's part of measures by the right wing chancellors about curt's to target what he calls political islam in the country doesn't it came reports from neighboring germany in the six months since becoming chancellor sebastian kautz has taken an even tougher line on immigration and what he says is the threat from parallel societies forming in his country now he's turning his sights on what he calls political islam different in the light that we can't we can announce to you today a decision from the office of religious affairs the lead to prohibit of the activities of seven mosques this means dissolving the gray wolf mosque and secondly shutting down the arabic cultural community to operate a total of six more. in addition to the closures these measures could also see dozens of in mom's face expulsion from austria several of whom ministers in
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vienna believe are funded by elements inside turkey a spokesman for the turkish government has condemned the move as racist and anti islam courts has long advocated a toughening of approach but forming a coalition with the far right anti islam freedom party last december seems to have been the catalyst for him to act in april his government announced plans to prevent girls in nurseries and primary schools from wearing head scarves we have. a new climate political climate here in australia a sense of last election and with the new government that has been in power or little more than half a year you see. various measures taken against foreigners against immigrants against islam and sounds of all this is just one more . one more matter. and their policy. and that's
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what will interest far right movements across europe particularly in france the netherlands and here in berlin where the alternative for germany party made a parliamentary breakthrough in last year's election on a platform of opposition to islam dominic k. al-jazeera and. three more crew members of arrived at the international space station on a six month mission the us russian and german astronauts on board russia's soyuz space capsule welcome by the existing crew the new team's first trouble between stall cameras and wireless communications gear to help future docking. i'm still robin these are all top news stories u.s. president donald trump says he wants russia to rejoin the g. seven group of key industrialized nations he said this before arriving in canada
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for the annual summit where trade friction between the u.s. and its allies is expected to dominate the talks. just in is agree to cry for terrorists all trade barriers between canada and the united states are very happy they say nafta is in good shape we are actually looking we are actually working on it but our relationship is very good we are actually work you know cutting carrots and making it all very fair for both countries and we've made a lot of progress today. we've made a lot of us for palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed arteries ready forces fired live rounds and tear gas at protests near the gaza border israel says the action was taken after kites carrying explosives were flown near the fence six hundred others have been injured. more evacuations are being ordered the guatemalans volcanic eruption which has now killed at least one hundred nine people of killing with cereal and contaminated water for months are still threatening homes five days after it first
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erupted about two hundred. the international criminal court has overturned the war crimes conviction of former vice president of the democratic republic of congo banda supporters of bamber celebrated in the capital kinshasa after hearing the ruling the majority of judges stand and they could not have been held responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he sent into neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two a yemeni journalist has died two days after being released from detention by heathy rebels and group was abducted a year ago his family told the association of yemeni journalists that he was tortured saudi authorities are detained another woman's rights activist in the week of the country issued its first driving licenses to female drivers nuf jiraiya runs a charity for young people of course you can follow all of those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com of course following all the stories that we're covering here on the channel i'm back with more news in
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a half an hour here on al-jazeera next the siege of cattle. the still waters of doha's west bay lagoon. daily life seemingly undisturbed in qatar's capital. a serenity betraying that this is a nation under siege. on june fifth two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt cut off all diplomatic ties with qatar. accusing it of funding terrorism and fermenting
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regional instability all land air and ceilings to the country was severed. saudi arabia and bahrain egypt and u.a.e. say their severing diplomatic relations with qatar riyadh a single shot was fired a full blown war of words was engaged. to store the other the most c.e.o. of magic ties or flight accusation this encounter accusation this claim this encounter claims were made by all sides the media served as the main battleground. early on monday the fifth of june two thousand and seventeen behind state television read a statement from its government in them look at the. little mercy and the
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ability of the higher father not only. a short time later saudi arabia followed suit. up our lala gutted the message out well for the model let it. be as so they are we don't let the u.a.e. and egypt announce they tune we're cutting ties with qatar. the code. ordinated move by the four countries has caused the greatest rift in years between some of the most powerful arab states the larger country this particular saudi arabia followed by what it's. see dependent foreign policy as a threat to their narrative to their consensus there were. only one out of it which is totally unacceptable qatar was accused of harboring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups creating instability in the region
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the restrictions did not only target the qatari government but also its citizens and residents. in the hours that followed a systematic and orchestrated plan of isolation was enacted. the national carrier has declared they would be suspending flights to and from qatar the following day and those from qatar what banned from even transiting through their countries with the exception of egypt the blockading states recalled their own citizens and gave the countries residing and working in their countries fourteen days to leave their territories. the block of four also closed their airspace to qatari aircraft leaving only a small corridor or funneling all their planes in and out of the arabian gulf. at one thirty pm the only land border was closed saudi arabia stopped all movement
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of vehicles from its side. trucks carrying food raw materials equipment and medicines could no longer cross into qatar. all vessels destined to or carrying the flag of qatar would not be allowed to call at the ports in the u.a.e. . as the severing of ties continued doha released its own statement declaring there is no legitimate justification to cut ties and that the decision is a violation of its sovereignty. concern from allies with vested interests and investments in all the countries involved were quick to react hoping to keep the situation under control and avoid any escalation. the stakes were too high. in sydney australia then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson addressed the unfolding events and urged restraint
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and dialogue we certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together it addresses differences and we think it is important if the g.c.c. remains a unified. the tiny desert country was highly reliant on produce from its neighboring countries and with those imports now blocked qatar needed new supplies. the well maintained relations qatar has put its regional neighbors meant the trade embargoes effects would be soft seeing an opportunity iran declared that food shipments could be in doha in twelve hours turkey also offered to help however it could. qatar had been thrown a lifeline. doha staunchly disagreed with all the accusations made against it and continue to call for dialogue if there is any sensible argument or sense of an
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accusation we are ready to unsettle but although it's a big accusation without any sort of argument we are not that it added to onset of this if there is any problem should be solved on the negotiation table butting in the g.c.c. countries together on his highness welcoming any positive help to solve this problem. but up to this point the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council had been able to deescalate the situation she says he was never intended to deal with an act of aggression between one of the constituent you see members this is unprecedented in the extent of the scope of it how it took everybody by surprise kuwait did issue a statement calling for restraint but the six member group had not met and the three g.c.c. states that imposed the blockade were not willing to enter into talks our men and also kuwait i think found it very difficult in the initial stages of the crisis.
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you know there may have been some pressure exerted on them to to take sides but i think then it was you know i think even the courts had to quickly realize that they needed some mediator within the region. so we've seen kuwait sort of take on more of that will than than are meant for this crisis but it's also important to to note that this pressure of taking sides extends beyond the gulf region. by nightfall on that first day that instigating nations crane saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt we're now joined by the mo d. and factions in libya in isolating the tiny gulf nation. on the second day of the crisis the effects were beginning to show. qatari citizens in the blockading countries were making arrangements to vacate and return to their
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homeland. qatar's population is made up predominantly of the experts and foreign workers almost ninety percent and could not risk losing its workforce. airlines were struggling to handle the travel restrictions and some grocery stores in the capital were unable to restock their supplies. there was a sense in. many quarters that some sort of action may occur. in recent history there were many signs that qatar was being targeted. this current crisis is not an isolated incident from one thousand nine hundred five up to the present day the dominant team in relations between saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar has been one where saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have viewed as definitely the subordinate actor and the qataris have refused to accept this position in the two thousand when al jazeera was perceived by saudi arabia to be a major thorn in its side diplomatic relations broke in two thousand and two and
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continued until two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and then of course you have the more recent crisis in two thousand and fourteen where the u.a.e. saudi arabia and bahrain briefly broke diplomatic relations again in protest of what they view to be this subordinate secondary actor in the region acting above its station and so you have a track record of the gulf members of the current embargo being coalition breaking with qatar over political issues over security issues over the last fifteen years but before the scars could heal the seeds of a new conflict were being sung. a mere thirteen days before the current crisis began qatar state run news agency was hacked comments folks lee attributed to the qatari amir were broadcast criticizing u.s. president donald trump and expressing support for iran hamas and israel the government denied that the comments were made and investigations by the f.b.i.
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and britain's national crime agency confirmed that senior government officials in the u.a.e. met to discuss an implementor plan to plant a fake news story in qatar as news agency and social media sites the hacking of the q. and a website in may of two thousand and seven is very interesting because on one hand . and you what assume that if the grievances of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and its partners were were foolproof legitimate and unquestioned then why do you need the pretext of you know planting a statement in in the amir is mad to to i guess you could say provide a reason for the subsequent embargo on the other hand when i was able to show that this was a fake news so to speak it won a lot of support internationally among key allies. to make matters worse for the u.a.e.
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a series of leaked emails from their ambassador to the us youssef. revealed a concerted effort to turn the us away from qatar. kuwait that had experienced aggression from its neighbor iraq almost two decades earlier took on the role of mediator urging both sides to open lines of dialogue the current emir of kuwait was the foreign minister of his country when the g.c.c. was founded he hosted the first meeting that led to the formation of the g.c.c. and so for him it's always speeds since the crisis last year in any spoken about it extremely personal he has made this a matter of honor for the generation that founded the g.c.c. . emboldening their position saudi arabia and the u.a.e. convince the newly elected us president that their actions were justified. president trump who only ten days earlier was in riyadh tweeted support for the
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blockade and joined in accusing qatar of funding radical ideology and extremism. this was in stark contrast to the approach taken by the pentagon on the situation saying the u.s. military is grateful for qatar support of the u.s. army presence in the country and it's in jordan committed. to regional security. in the months that followed the u.s. state department signed two memorandums of understanding with qatar underscoring the ties between the two countries especially the joint efforts to defeat terrorism . in paris saudi arabia's foreign minister. said that the damage caused by economic measures should convince qatar to change its policies we want to see implement the promises it made a few years back with regard to support for extremist groups with regards to its
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hostile media with regards to its interference in the affairs of other countries and we have taken this step. with great pain in order to make sure that the turn to stands that these policies are not acceptable not sustainable and that they must change across the gulf states the sanctions and restrictions imposed were now hitting hard and directly affecting individuals and businesses many countries who have family and term herschel ties in the neighboring countries who are now cut off and banished. in the hospitals and clinics the harsh embargo was now affecting patients and people requiring medicines and treatment. but the citizens and residents in qatar were unified and supportive of their leader and his government within days of the blockade against qatar we saw a huge outpouring of support for the emir and for the qatari state we saw you know
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of country flags throughout the streets of doha the images of the amir the blockade in the very sort of sudden and aggressive way that it was imposed galvanized a sense of national identity among countries and in some ways it also improved relations between countries a non-country residence as day to. the crisis continued talk turkish president red chip tired addressed foreign ambassadors are shown on reason we learn a. little more solution in use then get learn how to trouble your studio to go. there because of the. cuts that are unique to me up to the moment called little john or me to drink the cotton viewed turds on the sole of our. tubs even missing it if you could turn truckload of good tom all the work the turkish role in relationship with qatar in this crisis is one of the most important
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developments over the last year turkey has tried to build up relations who attacked and qatar even before the crisis reciprocated by improving relations with turkey as a check and a balance against the saudis with whom they've had bad relations on many occasions in the last decade and a half. turkey began debating in parliament legislation for increased military cooperation to support qatar. the bill was passed after one hour and two weeks later its troops were deployed to a military base just outside of doha which they had been using to train the country armed forces. on social media people from all sides were making their cases supportive of the blockade and opposed. social fabric is the same we have the same family tribes the same people live across all these useless estates and the people are not very happy what happened to
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their brothers and sisters and when they have been cut off and they're being blockaded in the holy mother from other stopping water and food supplies to them and seeing that got i was being bullied by their neighbors so if you started to show empathy with we have seen is that there have been repressed by their own government even for showing empathy to. human beings to their people. in the region this is contrary to what we have seen in qatar in qatar you know you have different voices there are people who all are saying things against the government of qatar only its fall a season it's accepted. as the crisis continued both sides made efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the international community the public opinion on aware enough to understand and to differentiate between the time with and the force and the fabricated. qatar's foreign minister met with officials and
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leaders addressing the media and stating the case for qatar. as the situation dragged on governments were growing impatient and wanted a quick end to the standoff now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward . the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding carter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries eighteen days after implementing the blockade for instigating nations presented a list of thirteen demands of qatar to end the crisis they gave
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a deadline of ten days to comply with all of the demands which included shutting down the al jazeera network close to the turkish military bases and scaled down times with iran. qatar was expected to sever all alleged ties with the muslim brotherhood and other groups including hezbollah al qaida and i saw the thirteen demands that the courts had issued towards qatar were absolutely unrealistic one of their major demands was for qatar to stop interfering in other nations affairs and if you look at the list of thirteen demands well that's exactly what they do they interfere in the affairs of the country state. through the kuwaiti intermediary qatar gave its response to the demands. the deadline passed and qatar had fulfilled none of the thirteen points obviously definitely. not accepted no coakley that respects its sovereignty and independence well ever except. to be
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able. to accept in public took up ritual eight to thirteen public like this a forty eight hour extension was given by the blockading for and still qatar refused to bow down the saudis an m.r.i. artie's expressed outrage at qatar willingness to submit and said the failure to comply is a threat to regional security qatar stood firm and replied with offers of dialogue reaffirming their willingness to find a solution through direct talks we believe and we have expressed several times that others willing to enter into dialogue with. with the blockading nations will just respect the international law and respect the sovereignty of each other nation being deeply invested in the g.c.c.
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since its foundation kuwait timea continued his efforts to bring the parties together to reconcile their differences when he tried to host the first g.c.c. leaders' summit since the crisis began and the only leader of a d.c. nation to turn up with a. not only did the outage refused to turn up for various reasons but on the same day the u.a.e. and saudi arabia announced the launch of a new bilateral organization a saudi u.a.e. organization through which they would deal with all important economic and security issues so not only did they boycott the meeting but they tried to undermine at the same time it would be the shortest g.c.c. summit in history being abandoned after only a few hours. prior to the g.c.c. meeting qatar samir shaikh to mean bin hamad el fanny went on a charm offensive promoting kutta and its policies to the world. meeting heads of
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state and reaffirming qatar's commitment to peace and stability in the region he cemented ties with foreign leaders and in an address to the united nations he turned the charges laid against his country back on the blockading part of you have a lot of work up before no more valid your shabby guitar all of you has had in jail in most a matter of a toward a world in which one the hum so you on your own mobbing it do and let you follow in his saddle jacket i look up a bit to the one for sure an adult. the dodo a bit of an image any ability what. it does of him is c.r.c. is as i think is the law invalid see either. a later however i had to tell the fact that her. the amir returned to a hero's welcome thousands lined the roads to greet and applaud the men who had stuck by them and not buckled under pressure. i
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am now. qatar was riding out the storm it established new trade deals and created alternative shipping and air routes. the blockade is not without impact and although qatar has tremendous wealth to maintain stability it was required to open its coffers injecting almost forty billion dollars into its economy in the first two months of the crisis. the crisis triggered cuts to rethink its sustainability and independence and to set itself up for the future. it built. farms and was terra forming its deserts into fertile land. a dairy was set up flying in thousands of cows and producing its own line of products. just days before the one year
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anniversary of the blockade qatar's government issued a directive banning all products from the blockading quartet. the new trade links and self-reliance that have developed over the past year meant qatar's decades long dependence on its neighbors for producing goods had been swept away. all sides were desperate to garner support and backing internationally sweeping reforms were seen across the gulf. qatar lifted entry visa restrictions for eighteen countries and began speeding up much needed improvements to its migrant worker program. saudi arabia appointed a new crown prince mohammed bin salomon and the kingdom tried to sell an image of change but for its subjects freedom of speech and expression continue to be repressed. behind closed doors and abu dabi have forged
9:45 am
partnerships with tel of eve to strengthen their position and gain favor from the us. the military campaign by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in yemen is taking its toll financially and is criticized globally for the humanitarian catastrophe it has created. ignoring the calls for the blockade to end there has been no softening of the position from the blockading nations this is an irrational erratic crisis it started for no reason in my opinion is going to end like this the longer it continues the more damage it will do to everybody is saying that they have chosen little country because qatar has built its all resilience and showed that it can. but you know not to be bullied. by their neighbors with neither side willing to back down the future of the g.c.c. is at stake it will never be the same the sense of shock and betrayal following
9:46 am
this blockade is something that would be very difficult to embrace and while there has been no clear victor the ambitions of the blockading quartet to change qatar's foreign and domestic policies have failed their failure to get qatar to concede or make significant concessions their failure to get european muslim asian and middle eastern actors to side with them over qatar has actually highlighted the limitations of the saudi u.a.e. access as a dominant strategic player in the region so i think the best case scenario for a resolution of this conflict is a public agreement to continue to disagreement privately as the gulf countries continue to drift apart and new geo political alliances a merge in the region a resolution to the crisis seems a long way off. in
9:47 am
afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. thing as i want to buy now and we're going ask about that but that's the bars are not us well it's not that the set says they're not the
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same wonder or the other more like us and the bunch is approaching at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports dogging the endless chain use. your child is their arms the whole robin these are all top news stories u.s. president told from says he wants russia to rejoin the g. seven group of key and just realize nations he said this before arriving in canada for the annual summit trade friction between the u.s. and its allies is expected to dominate talks. justin has agreed to cut all the
9:49 am
terrorists world trade barriers between canada and the united states so i'm very happy right now it is in good shape we are actually working on it and we are actually working on it but our relationship is very good we are actually working on cutting care of sick making it all very fair for both countries and we've made a lot of progress today we'll see how it all works out but we've made a lot of us four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces firing live rounds and tear gas at protesters near the gaza border israel says the action was taken after kinds carrying explosives were flown near the fence six hundred others have been injured or evacuations are being ordered near guatemala's volcanic eruption which has now killed at least one hundred nine people will kind of material in contaminated water from mount for a go all still threatening homes five days after it erupted david is that. as painful as his burns might be that gaar knows how lucky he is to be alive he his
9:50 am
wife and father in law were at home in the moment right amala squiggle volcano erupted that even his wife managed to escape but the memories of that day will haunt them forever. hot ash was falling inside our house and we went running out my father in law was swept away the ash was boiling mud mixed with fire people were running and the hot ash came down on top of them killing them people were trapped inside their houses and couldn't escape they were cooked inside. six children with severe burns were airlifted to the united states where pediatric burn center offer state of the art treatment not available in guatemala. and now one of all is national disaster agency is coming under fire for possible negligence public prosecutors have ordered an investigation into whether evacuation procedures were properly followed is
9:51 am
a little bit of the official say they warned the public after sensors picked up an increase in volcanic activity hours before the eruption everybody i mean to the mayor of all of the communities received warnings and obviously we don't have the authority to order an evacuation we make recommendations and it's the residents who decide whether to evacuate or not. but residents who escaped the gases and volcanic mud said that only those close to the highway heard the warning we're on the eve of the if we would have received a warning we would have left our house earlier and many people's lives would have been saved i don't know about the others but they didn't warn us we didn't know about the eruption until the lava was coming down. volcano erupted again on friday expelling large quantities of pirate classic material on ash nearby homes were evacuated authorities hoping to avoid another disaster david mercer
9:52 am
al-jazeera a squint law one of. the international criminal court has overturned the war crimes conviction of former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. supporters of a celebrated in the congo can shall soon after hearing the ruling of a georgia have judges found could not be held responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he sent into neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two. a yemeni journalist has died two days after being released from detention by who three rebels under our law who was abducted a year ago his family told the association of yemeni journalists that he was tortured saudi authorities have detained another women's rights activist in the week the country issued its first driving licenses to female drivers. runs a charity for young people their detention follows the quote temporary release of eight other activists accused of communicating with all ghanaians asians opposed to
9:53 am
the kingdom those were the headlines here on al-jazeera back with more news in half an hour. fifteenth of may one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. a parade and military might to celebrate one thousand years since the founding of the state of israel. that this public display of power took place under a dog shadow. the previous day egyptian president. had ordered his forces to take up positions
9:54 am
along the borders but israel. look at last came in no. and that. by you for the goggled life or so i get done i'm going for the levy. three weeks later on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. israel launched an all out war against its arab neighbors. after only six days of fighting. to chief total victory. defeating the armies of egypt jordan and syria. the cost me look how much of the. share of a plays a mean. bet some like them some are. me the dust if ya only of the way off the looking at.
9:55 am
noon to israel. nice as the six day war. israel's territorial gains would change the map of the middle east. to this day israeli occupation of these lands is the main but to peace in this turbulent region. is huge toto its fifth season early on we had conquered it completely intoxicated everybody was intoxicated no one could even think splayed. but the story of this school is much longer than the six days of fighting. its roots lay years earlier. two decades before the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven.
9:56 am
televisa the food of may one thousand nine hundred forty eight. the day that zionist leader david ben-gurion declared the establishment of the state of israel. as saeed. a human and mulatto say amo. to him and ask. how. to talk even when.
9:57 am
on the day after the declaration five arab armies and to palestine. the lebanese attacks from the north the syrians iraqis and jordanians from the east but the most serious threat came from the south. the gyptian army advanced to the village of you've been out vicious twenty two kilometers from tel aviv. we've had a very thin line of soldiers who were defending what was collecting here the last line of defense of tel aviv. but the pressure on the israelis was relieved when a un brokered truce came into effect. the zionists through the movement purchased arms on the european black markets. the arab armies of course enjoyed
9:58 am
mainstream supplies from estates the french supplied the lebanese and the syrians the british supplied the egyptians the jordanians and the iraqis with a constant stream of arms. in one nine hundred forty two the united nations imposed an embargo on arms shipments to the middle east and the british and the french abided by this in bargo. when the truce ran out the israelis now better armed set out to expel the arab armies from palestine. of the tamil theme and made us carry have called brooklyn to the fore city of new governments leah kind of shifting on pot farm community. of mostly a kind of we have got to have. been is going to have a lot of the a we may have some. by
9:59 am
the end of october as israeli troops advanced. and egyptian brigade was inside. a palestinian village called in fallujah. among the officers trapped in this pocket was a young major demand. with their armies locked in a stalemate egyptian and israeli delegations met on the island of rhodes. under the sponsorship of the un. after a month of bug and they reached an armistice agreement. well first of all they had to put an end to the fighting i believe with egypt off to get out of there as much as israel wanted and the negotiations mostly both evacuating the flute book at. the age of had no territorial demands from israel so it was relatively easy to
10:00 am
reach a cease fire. by the summer of one thousand nine hundred forty nine lebanon jordan and syria had also signed armistice agreements with israel. the jewish state now extended over almost the whole of palestine. arab territory it was reduced to just a few small enclaves east in jerusalem and the west bank were placed under jordanian control. the gaza strip was to be administered by egypt. in the midst of defeat. that conceived a plan that would change the future of egypt. a movement that would be known as the free offices. there.


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