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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 159  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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built tall man at small fast. even gonna see me i'm a shuttle on their record they are. the big dome bathala to it that's mom caffeine bamidele sacred obviously. miraculously the plane was able to return to cairo. but marshal ahmed had been shocked by witnessing israel's and supremacy at fust time. the next day i met ordered an immediate withdrawal of the gyptian troops from sinai . and which led to the total collapse of the egyptian front. the comical from it shut they i mean. shave it plays it mean. by the
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way it's vague but it's i'm right i'm in the summer. so young me the dust the issue for ya or you have where the longer. they clam you how. can one shot i say. if lead to last till at last call or by your vet a sense. share and it's a. big love with god that's a lot of perfume by stoli our. they think they saw him get only in. a law you become by. by the fourth day of the rule israeli troops reached the eastern bank of the suez canal. they had occupied the whole of the sinai peninsula and the gaza strip.
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not chillin the fears of street. level cut the. deficit on but it's put back the government and. were should know to have mellowed out at the start has as you. could have given was for. the previous day the israelis had also tasted success on that eastern front. ending the short lived rule launched by jordan's king saying. by eleven o'clock in the morning the first day visually after we destroyed the egyptian post but hussein didn't know into that thought on the contrary and also called him up and said will winning will winning do your own share. he didn't.
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need a fence it was in the name of the doing but he conquered the hills along the government tells it endangered in the southern part of jos and that his forces were only by now a few hundred yards away from his lead me house itself is that this is that. on the off to noon of the first day of the. israelis began their assault. against the jordanians. that box will soon escalate. and two days later the whole of the west bank and jerusalem fell to the israelis. the mayor of then the. slim the so getting the call of it. being. the vote
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of the vote the should be on the go then your news is awful and then. the coffee. with the wall all but over on the egyptian and jordanian fronts and ignoring a un cool for a cease fire israel's high command now decided to secure its borders with syria. on the fifth day of war israeli troops began to climb the strategic golan heights. and some last. suggestion the beneath it had but more lives and will continue to do generally. through that. of the modoc at some almost and then the other. must occur.
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as often and and not say nothing about the cut and just really want of the possible. truth is yes she said that. but on the sixth day of the rule damascus radio made an unexpected announcement. syria had accepted the u.n. cease fire. with no advance warning given to troops fighting on the cover not the big. cost fatally undermined the syrian army resistance. and the man blamed for the army's collapse was the minister of defense. a man who would eventually rise to power in syria. hafez assad. the israelis pushed on and occupied the whole of the golan heights.
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let me. sleep. there to see it and that the are that's true that it could. not but in this is but i. assume. at the end of the six day of fighting and only one attempt achieved all its goals israel accepted the u.n. cease fire. the guns fell silent. the arabs had suffered a humiliating defeat. me. a while you have fifty.
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but in many. of the how morning met people. like i did. and you say. mammon. went ahead. i'm a human puppet arrest me. why you didn't see. and our old a lot of men here. he would he be. more open and. under heavy popular pressure nasa rescinded his decision to step down from the presidency . and attempts to regain the last arab
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territories began. israel had tripled its size capturing the sinai peninsula the gaza strip the west bank eastern jerusalem and the golan heights. we tried everything we went to the united nations we tried mediation as we tried contacts with different countries and it was clear that all this was to no avail. the mood was let's give nothing back if you don't have to there were songs written there were victory albums there were the huge intoxication of victory. this huge unique miraculous victory of the israeli army in that war war the greatest tragedy in the history of islam.
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the israelis basked in an aura of invincibility. but their victory was just the start of even greater complications. which still plagued the middle east to this day. israel found itself governing and being responsible for a million palestinians in the newly occupied gaza strip west bank and jerusalem. could vote six months to live in nearly. all those. both in the west bank and then they came back and they said. there was another people there and they have a national movement. so what do we do if there are we we conquer them and
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create. a pot of state or we huff the loaf to move predominantly deletion of the state called israel and the west bank and gaza should be a basis for future negotiations. dition of their rights to have a state of their own the viable state of the old in the west bank and gaza. what israel chose was and still remains the first option. in the aftermath of the war israel declared what it called the unification of jerusalem. the entire holy city was placed under israeli jurisdiction including christian and muslim holy sites.
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we are the government and the only government in the area that is just a goods we have obligations and privileges and duties dare obligation and fairly still maintain law and order and to provide the people with services and away she to believe standard of living as a garment like every government was its citizen. furthermore and in defiance of international law israeli settlers began to move into the west bank the territory they called judea and samaria. the lands which they want to settle in who are the core and heartland of the jewish people in biblical times as rigid isn't emerged so it was natural that there would be this
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messianic urge to settle those areas. even perhaps even clear out arabs from these areas and this didn't happen but jewish settlements were placed there and this is made things much more complicated for peacemaking here. in addition to the west bank settlements were spreading in the gaza strip sinai and on the golan heights. and as the israelis tighten their grip on the occupied territories it became clear they had no intention of returning them. even to get. a bomb to. muslims it will go on a block away and it will be that guy says an elephant could have a new. vietnam in the in a mop would be the wall off his appointment of them the nickel box
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one of them that all too old to wear this. one is to give me an optical of what then yeah but in ma to the folks like that. in october one thousand nine hundred seventy three after just six years the arabs aiming to restore their territories and their dignity would launch another war. israel was about to receive a shop remind us of the fun rehabilitate it do to ted concrete forever and the war of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven.
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hello we've had flood warnings in forceful parts of the great plains of the u.s. to see some lively shall as pushing their way through severe storms actually diving house of oklahoma this area of low pressure that we have here said it brought some very very wet weather into parts hey that was the weather will make his wife but it dates certainly leaves some flooding major concerns on the roads there some of
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these areas so around eighty millimeters of rain in the space of twenty four hours and hence you can see the problems of this cold spots just as well for good measure up a sunday widespread chaos as a result of those heavy downpours which will as the way further eastwards getting into d.c. is weak i wanted to satisfy some heavy bursts of rain here central areas do pride not thirty four celsius for denver and thirty five in dallas woman after on the west coast for twenty seven degrees but up towards the northwest fickle cloud and rain as usual coming in across the pacific northwest and seattle wet day install that caught on right will actually turn wintry as we go on into sunday see temperatures in calgary around thirteen degrees for sunday the wet weather system in place for those the central areas more showers coming back into the upper midwest but the eastern seaboard should begin to. in afghanistan billions of dollars in international aid have been donated to girls'
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education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them are now does era. al-jazeera. where every new. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sol rob and this is the al-jazeera news our live by headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a surprise proposal from president trump let russia back into the g. seven. and there's another summit taking place on the other side of the world xi
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jinping welcomes his best friend to me putin. also five days out of month for a go up in guatemala evacuations continue and the death toll is still rising. go-o. the ramadan tradition then suddenly at risk in jerusalem's old city. welcome to news our world leaders are in canada for what's already looking like a tense g. seven summit as he left washington for quebec u.s. president donald trump told reporters that russia should be readmitted to the group moscow was expelled in twenty fourteen after it's an extension of crimea trump suggestion did not go down very well. point. you will cut off the steam a while we discussed a topic and we agreed that a return by russia to the g.
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seven format cannot happen as long as there isn't any substantial progress in regard to the problems with ukraine well russia is far from the only issue where trump and the other g seven leaders disagree transplant to impose tariffs on steel and alimony and imports from the e.u. mexico and canada as their clashes with other g seven leaders but after meeting with the canadian prime minister the french president he took a surprisingly conciliatory tone. the united states is a very big trade deficit for many years with the european union and we're working it out and emanuel has been very helpful and we go if something's going to happen i think it would be very positive we also have a very positive while ago when after so this is turning out to be. a very very good way to go now to. justin and his representatives still canada's foreign minister remained what she calls illegal us tariffs and trunk
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himself loans to leave the summit early skipping most of saturday's meetings john hundred reports from quebec city. leaders of seven of the world's wealthiest nations made a show of unity in a fractured family pleasure to have you here. and it's been really great hours earlier after leaders of the g seven annual summit in canada complained the u.s. tariffs trump was less diplomatic. like well we're bored with you with the war three they don't mention the fact that they trade barriers against farm are isolated on trade trump appeared vaguely hopeful in meetings with french president emanuel mccrone and the summits host canadian president justin trudeau their relationship is probably better as good or better than it's ever been and i think we'll get to something very beneficial to canada and to the united states believes hours before the summit ends on saturday that makes it unclear whether the u.s. will sign on to an annual g seven agreement usually
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a formality or if it does whether that agreement will mention trade of the situations on deep positions of a clear the president of u.s. things the u.s. have been treated in an unfair way by you about those who don't want to neuter said on global trade trump also proposed allowing russia back into an expanded g eight after russia was he ject it for the two thousand and fourteen invasion of ukraine italy's g.'s f. a conti agreed but canada's foreign minister voiced the view of the rest of the g seven canada's position is absolutely clear and that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior bat into the g seven. the diplomatic drama inside the meeting is not matched on the streets two hours drive from the summit in charlevoix nine thousand well armed police outnumber the few hundred peaceful demonstrators john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada.
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jacob kirkegaard is an economist at the peterson institute for international economics and joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us live on al-jazeera so the president has yet again emphasize that u.s. deficits and claims that the u.s. is and we quote losing in terms of trade imbalance i mean is he correct in the system's assumption no i mean in an economic sense is peyton nonsense to believe the trade is a zero sum game and that if you have a deficit you're losing. you know and especially the kind of focus that donald trump has ridges on the bilateral deficit between individual countries in this case the united states and the e.u. the united states and china because trays to test things don't actually bigley include imported him put to for instance if you are importing an i phone from china most of the chips in the screens and everything else that goes into that is
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something that china imports from somewhere else including the united states so no it's paid a nonsense and of course just as a reaffirmed if the u.s. is losing against the whole world then with little income revenue coming in wouldn't it be economically than a failed state and it's not no of course i mean the reality is that the one thing that the u.s. can sell to the rest of the world precisely because it is a very innovative economy is its debt. and you know all it has to do is print money or print debt and someone will buy it. that's the best trade you can think of i think it's actually so so no i mean it are you that the u.s. is a failed state is of course paid to nonsense as well so how do you convince the president then that he's wrong because he's of the obviously very single minded in this particular approach. well i think the reality is that you don't i mean
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someone like president trump who is a compulsory liar. you know he probably believes most of the untruths that he tells himself and therefore there are no probably amount of facts that are going to convince him someone like you that you have to compel or coerce if you like and that's exactly what the rest of the world is doing by retaliating against these trade tariffs imposed by him well then as you say if someone has to compel. actually is that who convinces him that he's wrong because he seems as you say not to listen to anyone or any expert well i mean it's obviously those sectors and those people in the in the states and parts of the country that supported him that are going to get hurt by the tariffs that other countries are levying now against the united states that
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a lot of agriculture other export items coming from red republican states they're going to pick up the phone and tell look mr president this doesn't work for us you had to change it so he's not going to be convinced but he's going to be compelled so if he maintains this sort of position and we follow in theory a road towards a global trade war what's that going to look like in twenty eighteen. well i think first of all it's important to recognize that when someone says a global trade war this isn't the nine hundred thirty s. where everybody levied a lot of terrorism on everybody else this is the united states levying terror on everybody else and then everybody else retaliating against the united states so what this will look like in twenty eight senior and potentially beyond is a more and more economically and politically isolated america but the rest of the world pretty much carrying on to the best of its ability just without the united
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states which is the what doesn't for the moment jacob kirkegaard thanks so much for joining us from washington d.c. . the u.s. says the chinese government hackers have stolen large amounts of highly sensitive data about its submarine technology the washington post reports the breaches took place at the beginning of the year the hackers are believed to taint secret u.s. navy plans to develop a supersonic and to ship missile by twenty twenty the news comes as the trumpet ministrations seeks china's support in persuading north korea to denuclearize meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been in beijing and answering trade and investment agreements with his chinese counterpart putin was given a medal by xi jinping who called the russian leader his best friend florence louis reports from beijing. a friendship medal for russian president vladimir putin
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and what it for what china says is putin's outstanding contribution to china's development. it's a sign of ever closer ties between the two men and the two countries both announced several business deals including a joint investment fund in projects in china and russia the closer relationship comes at a time when tensions with the u.s. have increased both the russians and chinese have been sidelined from tuesday's planned summit between trump and kim jong il despite that both are keen to show they retain influence over north korea. and i see. we've talked about the korean peninsula issue russia and china both want to see the korean peninsula and north east and asia enjoy the peace we are happy to see that the current negotiation process between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. is in the framework of the roadmap initiated by russia and china in recent communications pyongyang confirmed to us it will carry out constructive cooperation
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in the denuclearization. a closer lion's benefits both russia and china russia's accused of meddling in trumps election and faces sanctions for annexing crimea chinese and american negotiators are trying to avoid a trade war and china has been criticized and challenged by the u.s. for its increasingly aggressive moves in staking territorial claims in the south china sea the meeting between china and russia displays of friendship between she and put it all in the words of the russian president in the spirit of overarching strategic partnership a partnership between countries that the u.s. calls economic rivals the agreement signed on friday go a long way in strengthening that partnership florence. beijing. four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces fired live rounds on tear gas protesters near the gaza border the palestinian health ministry says more
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than six hundred others have been injured in the violence israel says the action was taken after kites carrying explosives were flown near the fence israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen palestinians in demonstrations which began in late march hamas leaders from her near says protests will continue until the israeli blockade and it's. more than half we are ready to deal positively with any real initiative to end the siege completely on the gaza strip but not at the expense of the palestinian cause our resistance is related to the march of return and to breaking this siege the marches will continue until we achieve our goals firstly breaking the siege on the gaza strip in one car has more from the gaza israel border as you can see the palestinians are burning tires just over there close to the israeli buffer zone now every so often the israelis fire off a volley of tear gas they're using this in two different ways firstly coming in from jeeps to go.


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