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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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but he says lack of donor access and oversight is only one of the issues affecting girls' education in afghanistan while girls lacking so much more than boys when it comes to education well i think you know at least in the past there has been just much more of a focus on just getting anyone in the school first and then it was easier to get boys into school and. you know and also just because of gender you know more attention has been focused on boys or girls generally see india is a country that's true are leaving all the saying that they are not. always saying that. as the top levels of the afghan government and the international community deal with the findings of the anti corruption report the staff and the girls that's a little shahada face more immediate issues. the first to shift at the school gate from sticks am to ten am it's almost over and while four hours might seem
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a little light on school times it may be of working in disguise because any longer undergrowth may happen if the toilets. we have seven thousand go but both male and female students have to use the same time i'm soft toys for them. we tell them during the summer league do it before coming to school. have you ever gone to the toilet in your school yes i was seven years old or when to call and. it's a will but situation. the biggest car would you are able. because of the wife of thirty. years. so bad i was. employed with this. poor working conditions in most schools make
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it more difficult to attract female teachers yet they're desperately needed because many families still will not accept men teaching their daughters. we have only fifty four full time teachers including invisible and edwin starr so this is the problem when we don't have enough teachers and we have to take temporary staff but because of a school is far away many female teachers. far away is simply the outskirts of western kabul. but it's too far for female teachers unfamiliar with the neighborhood or uncertain about its security. it's a paradox principal akila cannot recruit enough women to teach at her school yet it's estimated that up to seventy five percent of teaching graduates are unemployed and most of them are women.
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at the saeed jumma luden teaching college in a more affluent district of couple afghanistan's next generation of teachers is learning the best techniques to connect with their future students. every one of these graduates knows a good education is not always enough to land a teaching job. that i studied inside john lydon school and he graduated from class fourteen. i made it in dari and king second in the class. then i tried looking for a good job. as a car graduated three years ago from this college but she is still looking for work as it will help. me try our best to get jobs in the local way but we cannot get anything. but there is another way which is illegal but i have never tried it.
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i try my best to do things. but it hasn't worked yet. of all the findings in the edgy corruption report the issue highlighted as most devastating was the poor quality of teachers throughout the country. jobs were given to those who could afford to pay a bribe not those who are best qualified it's hard to slap a percentage on this stuff but the majority of teachers that we spoke with suggested that teachers coming in recent years have to pay a year's salary in advance to be able to even get a teaching position. what about your classmates who you graduated with do any of them have jobs are they in the same position as you are. as far as i know none of them had secured a future either. the problem is that we have to have qualified teachers like you it's not about the number of the teacher it's about the quality of the teacher. we
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came across instances where you know. a religious school graduate was teaching you know physics in math to the students he didn't know and i think and something about that subject i think what's happening now more and more sick kids are you know leaving school because their experience is just so miserable and they're not learning it just doesn't prepare just prefer children for work or for life. and so what's the point. it's truly afternoon and the students and staff of study. have another major problem to deal with this is the courtyard of the say you know how the school where most of the girls take the passes but this afternoon behind me there is a massive storm brewing and if the rain gets any heavy or school is over for the day. do you think it's fair that boys always have classrooms
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and girls have to say. it's a problem then because general of the well known times within the world they're taking the bus or they have right but the girls. don't have they have class by the girls don't have class for example my my brothers are not they are boy they have class my sister i thing more than five years they stayed in the house side in front of this. and they were there rain and they do those days that there was a van so they will not they will not teach you one they will like the study something. it will come back oh it's harder to learn yeah you're outside worse so they can not do little knowledge under the rain the rain will come. as the sky gets darker and knowing some of the girls have up to an hour's walk to get. to know weeks no longer after just an hour and
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a half of lessons the girls are sent on their way to. afghanistan has never had so many students going to school even when the security in some parts of afghanistan we still have the the quantity actually we have. between seven to eight million students going to school as i said we don't know the exact number but i think that's a significant number but i think the quality of education what is more important we don't have that we have fairly poor quality education and that goes back to many things you know. is one of the major cause of having poor quality education.
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and you have to convince your dad to let you go to school or worse my father was also. he was not ok about going to school before he was saying something not that you would want a boy school like his no just saying that school is not. for example the ghost working in the home. cleaning washing i miss things and now he is a play i was thing for him that it's the world has changed and we should love knowledge that. man was his father dad runs a small store around the corner from the family home. he and his wife have six children that is the oldest this business is the sole source of income that has to provide for his family does one hundred greatest i have never been to
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school or to get emotionally i can't even understand the simple. afghan tradition dictates the eldest daughter should stay home to take care of the family. that. means and looks after her siblings before and after school. but she's also impressed her family with how hard she studies. lusine for her. he's a very intelligent he's now in grade eleven. the last few years he was number one school and now she's number two. did you include richard. rather with us ricky yes it was with our encouragement of a mother and father she is now in grade eleven and number two in school. do you worry about your daughters when they walk off to school have been the me john yes i
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worry because the security has not been good for the last few years fairly this year the security is much worse and that's why we worry i mean we're going to talk because even today there was a bomb blast. that blast was just two kilometers away targeting a voter registration center sixty people were killed. but it did not stop madness from going to school a few hours later. to seeing your girls attend the last shift of the day from one to five pm. the community won't allow teenage boys and girls to mix so no boys are present during the afternoon shift. it's one of the few times the girls can use the buildings that were actually built for them always i'm saying to myself. this situation is not good you have to change this. just start change the first
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your family were unable after that you can be successful to serve or always i'm saying for myself i can i can think i can do they can believe. this thing. well manaus looks with hope to all that is possible principal akila continues to deal with the seemingly impossible so. even after the boys have left school for the day they're still not enough classrooms for all the girls and at times not enough teachers. was. when i'm isha i would. write about it but. how does one. all you gotta be.
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for those working every day in afghanistan schools the strain is evident in the future uncertain. the responsibility of being a principal is too much to ask a lot of. they don't have. and i don't think i can get them if i were just a teacher it would be better. whether the reforms recommended in the anticorruption report will help principal remains unclear. but the fact that the report was commissioned and released at all may be seen as a sign of progress. we did have resistance from some of the ministry resisted. graft on a lot of work in the last few years and record does not reflect was good we have to . be creative senator this report is not about. the reaction to the report
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was swift with the president ghani himself promising to implement the recommendations but any improvements that result may be too late for a man. she's hoping to be at university after she finishes high school next year. after that i would get a job after that i have. a. thing i wish. called award the politics and i will supply eastern for the cares it's. not like it with me was a little bit other agree what they say here's the. thing that for against being a boxer. it's good for the saying no i want to stop life for they care so. it's estimated that more than sixty
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percent of afghanistan's girls are not in school so man lost his dream to provide a better future for them is both board and drawn. but given the challenges that she and many of her classmates have faced just to go to school anything seems possible you never feel like it's too. sometimes. sometimes. but again i. again. thinking. for now decisions about girls' education still lie mainly with men who run the ministry and fathers who rule the home that may slowly be evolving manaus has convinced her father to let her go to university. where once he questioned whether she should
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study at all the debate now is whether she studies medicine or politics. but girls like manaus and her peers will have to keep fighting to change the future for themselves and for the next generation afghanistan's girls when are you happiest. when my father says. when for example my father say that yes you are my problem is the. time i have. yes. from the tropics of self these days to the feral islands in the far north that led to the one i want to use meets the women who crossed the route for love and state to change a community. which is a real. first meeting between a sitting u.s. president since the birth of north korea supreme leader kim jong un comes france
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the place with president donald trump the world watches holly stakes diplomacy goods a global elite clear course out his iraq we'll bring you live coverage of this historic moment for the korean peninsula and for international diplomacy the singapore summit all knowledge is. smiles for the camera but disagreements over trade and russia's membership loom over the g. seven summit in canada. hello this is al jazeera live from doha for me back to also ahead there's another summit taking place on the other side of the world xi jinping welcoming his best friend
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that may putting. us five days up to manfredo erupted in guatemala evacuations continue and the death toll is still rising and at the international criminal court a war crimes conviction is over ten. trade fiction between the u.s. and its key allies is dominating talks at the annual g. seven summit donald trump's told with conciliatory after meeting his counterparts what the majority of the bloc rejected his suggestion to readmit russia john hendren has more from quebec city. leaders of seven of the world's wealthiest nations made a show of unity in a fractured family pleasure to have you here just and it's been really great hours earlier after leaders of the g seven annual summit in canada complained the u.s. tariffs trump was less diplomatic. like well we're bored with you with the war
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three they don't mention the fact that they trade barriers against farm are isolated on trade trump appeared vaguely hopeful in meetings with french president emanuel mccrone and the summits host canadian president justin trudeau their relationship is probably better as good or better than it's ever been. and i think we'll get to something very beneficial to canada and to the united states believes hours before the summit ends on saturday that makes it unclear whether the u.s. will sign on to an annual g seven agreement usually a formality or if it does whether that agreement will mention trade of the situations on deep positions of a clear the president of u.s. things the u.s. have been treated in an unfair way by you about those who don't want to nuke or sit on the trump also proposed allowing russia back into an expanded g. eight after russia was the jek did for the two thousand and fourteen invasion of
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ukraine italy's g.'s f. a conti agreed but canada's foreign minister voiced the view of the rest of the g seven canada's position is absolutely clear and that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior bat into the g seven the diplomatic drama inside the meeting is not matched on the streets two hours drive from the summit in charlevoix nine thousand well armed police outnumber the few hundred peaceful demonstrators john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada. jacob kirkegaard is an economist at the peterson institute for international economics he says charmes trade policies will only further isolate the u.s. in the global market it's obviously those sectors and those people in the in the states and parts of the country that supported him that are going to get hurt by the tariffs that other countries are levying now against the united states that
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a lot of agriculture other export items coming from red republican states they're going to pick up the phone and tell look mr president this doesn't work for us you had to change it so he's not going to be convinced but he's going to be compelled it's important to recognize that when someone says a global trade war this isn't the nine hundred thirty s. where everybody levied a lot of tariffs on everybody else this is the united states levying tariffs on everybody else and then everybody else retaliating against the united states so what this will look like in twenty senior and potentially beyond is a more and more economically and politically isolated america but the rest of the world pretty much carrying on to the best of its ability just without the united states meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been in beijing announcing trade and investment agreements with his chinese counterpart putin was given
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a medal by xi jinping who called the russian leader his best friend florence three reports from beijing. a friendship medal for russian president vladimir putin awarded for what china says is putin's outstanding contribution to china's development. it's a sign of ever closer ties between the two men and the two countries both announced several business deals including a joint investment fund in projects in china and russia the closer relationship comes at a time when tensions with the u.s. have increased both the russians and chinese have been sidelined from tuesday's planned summit between trump and kim jong il despite that both are keen to show they retain influence over north korea. and i see. we talked about the korean peninsula issue russia and china both want to see the korean peninsula and north east and asia enjoy the peace we are happy to see that the current
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negotiation process between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. is in the framework of the roadmap initiated by russia and china in recent communications pyongyang confirmed to us it will carry out constructive corporation in the denuclearization. a close ally its benefits both russia and china russia is accused of meddling in trumps election and faces sanctions for annexing crimea. chinese and american negotiators are trying to avoid a trade war and china has been criticized and challenged by the u.s. for its increasingly aggressive moves in staking territorial claims in the south china sea. the meeting between china and russia displays a friendship between she and put it all in the words of the russian president in the spirit of overarching strategic partnership a partnership between countries that the u.s. calls economic rivals the agreement signed on friday go a long way in strengthening that partnership florence. beijing. in other world news
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four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces find a live round protest near the gaza border the palestinian health ministry says more than six hundred others have been injured in the violence israel says the action was taken after kites carrying explosives were thrown near the fence israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen palestinians in demonstrations which began in march. my honey it says protests will continue until the israeli blockade ends. we are ready to deal positively with any real initiative to end the siege completely on the gaza strip but not at the expense of the palestinian cause our resistance is related to the march of return and to breaking the siege the marches will continue until we achieve our goals firstly breaking the siege on the gaza strip. there is a man khan has more from the gaza israel border as you can see the palestinians are
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burning tires just over there close to the israeli buffer zone now every so often the israelis fire off a volley of tear gas they're using this in two different ways firstly coming in from jeeps to give them a height on the take just comes down into the crowd trying to spurs them clearly it's not working the crowd all still there but they're also using tear gas drones as well which is a fairly recent development over the palestinians and figured out a way of dealing with can you see the kites just up there they're becoming a bit of a problem for the israelis there affectively a toy but the palestinians figured out that they can in tangle a drone into those kites they've actually done that and they've managed to bring down an israeli take asteroids so that's something the israelis are going to be concerned about now this protest has begun slightly earlier in the day than the regular friday protests that's because of could state that was started effectively means jerusalem day but it was started by the iranians of the islamic revolution in
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one thousand. seventy nine but it means something quite a lot to the palestinians as well and that's why they come to this border however the protest organizing committees did the protesters not to go too close to the border to the buffer zone as they have done in the past and they've said stay away from border we want to try and avoid casualties over the palestinians have turned up as you can see in great numbers not only to commemorate could stay but to say to show the world that they are against the israeli siege israeli led siege of gaza and the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. says his office is working to ensure a u.n. resolution is passed to give palestinians protection from illegal use of force and emergency session of the un general assembly will discuss the situation in gaza on wednesday we would not relent in our quest to try to find ways to provide protection for the civilian population because it is our duty it is that i think to do and it is the thing that the palestinian people including those in the gaza
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strip and in occupied east jerusalem they need and we determined to do everything that we can in order to provide them or to contribute to providing them with international protection. the economic crisis in jordan is a focus of a meeting in the holy city of mecca on sunday there's been a series of protests against price increases and a proposed new tax now leaders from saudi the united arab emirates and kuwait say they'll look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles. more evacuations are being ordered me a guatemala's volcanic eruption which has now killed at least one hundred nine people caddick material and contaminated water from. threatening homes five days after erupted david is not far from the site. as painful as his burns might be. knows how lucky he is to be alive he his wife and father in law
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were at home the moment brought a mollusc volcano erupted that he had in his wife managed to escape but the memories of that day will haunt them forever. was falling inside our house and we were running out my father was swept away the ash was boiling mud mixed with people were running in the hall they came down on top of them killing them people were trapped inside their houses and couldn't escape they were cooked inside. six children with severe burns were airlifted to the united states where pediatric burn center offer state of the art treatment not available in guatemala. and now one of all is national disaster agency is coming under fire for possible negligence public prosecutors have ordered an investigation into whether evacuation procedures were properly followed. officials say they warned the public after
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sensors picked up an increase in volcanic activity hours before the eruption the i mean. all of the communities received warnings and obviously we don't have the authority to order an evacuation we make recommendations and it's the residents who decide whether to. evacuate or not. but residents who escaped the gases and volcanic mud said that only those close to the highway heard the warning do you know a little you mean. if we would have received a warning we would have left our house earlier and many people's lives would have been saved i don't know about the others but they didn't warn us we didn't know about the eruption until the lava was coming down. or up that again on friday expelling large quantities of pirate classic material an ash nearby homes were evacuated authorities hoping to avoid another disaster david mercer al-jazeera.


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