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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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began to war some aid agencies such as the red cross have sensed off home because of security concerns leaving millions at the mercy of a political war with no end in sight and aid agencies describe what is happening in yemen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis stephanie decker or jazeera and the yemeni journalist has died two days after being released from detention by who. was abducted a year ago and his family say he was tortured and says he. is calling for freedom of expression organizations to condemn the crime. will bring you a check on the weather next and that. reporting from seoul the talk is about denuclearization and the trunk in singapore. many people are focused on more personal issues that can finally be resolved. and judges explain why they've overturned on war crimes conviction but this.
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is the weather sponsored by cattle. how i welcome to another look at the international forecast we have lots of heat across europe at the moment not least across scandinavia are actually some exceptional heat into some pos here where the heat comes the showers got some very wet weather just around italy and the balkans quite an intense area of low pressure here producing some big and foundry showers over the next couple of days this sunday the risk of flooding large child damaging winds as well for good measure but at the temperatures twenty eight celsius then vienna twenty nine in poland could touch that you morsel a little further north twenty three in stockholm that's not too bad it will get even warmer still over the coming days there's a twenty nine there for kiev little cooler there for moscow just fifteen celsius
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for the cool both westley brace for the west well a scattering of showers might see some interruptions in the tennis in paris over the next day or two the showers never really too far away twenty five celsius for paris on sunday but twenty two for london still a few showers across northern parts of verse spain and into portugal stockholm touches twenty seven degrees by this stage and those showers continue across central areas from north africa what is generally dry and five pretty hot once again into car with the top temperature of forty celsius i'll just tops off at twenty two degrees. the weather sponsored by cateye always. three stories generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different perspectives we need. this to look at this that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the
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journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. trade tariffs climate change and the iran. apart from the rest of the world richest countries are also rejected.
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his chinese counterpart. the russian leader his best friend. take upcoming. holiday. foreign forces are excluded from the temporary truce defend themselves tax. just days away from the high stakes summit between the us president and north korea's leader kim jong regards as one of the most repressive in the world united nations estimates around one hundred thousand political prisoners detained in camps dozens of foreigners are prevented from leaving. in south korea there are many emotions about the changing relationship with north korea among small vocal nationalist groups there is suspicion about pyongyang's motives concerned even paranoid that south korea is about to be engulfed by
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communism away from the loud rallies there are those for whom the cross border and gauge went off as a glimmer of hope in what is often seemed a hopeless situation. it's hard to expect too much but we need to see how it goes we're putting all its together in the hope there are no issues will be discussed in the summit with north korea those issues are abductions and other human rights abuses. victims and their families believe need to be on the agenda in singapore one inch holes father when one was on a plane in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine when it was hijacked by a north korean agent most of the passengers were eventually allowed to return to the south but when one who's now eighty one wasn't among them as well as abductions there are countless other human rights abuses that continue to take place in north korea including torture and public executions the united nations says the acts may amount to crimes against humanity words you probably won't hear used when donald
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trump meets kim jong il and some experts believe raising human rights in the first meeting may be too sensitive japan's government disagrees and has been pushing for the issue of abductions to be discussed north korea admitted kidnapping thirteen japanese in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's to train is spies some have been returned but japan's government suspects there may be hundreds still in north korea there are other nationalities too like this woman seen in the background of a photo taken on a north korean beach family members believe it's a no chip pan joy a thai woman who disappeared from macau in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. i have a lot of hope that south korea japan and the u.s. will push the north korean abduction issue and i will be able to meet and soon at this stage the new diplomatic face of north korea is largely viewed as positive but for many it will mean nothing if the people they've been waiting decades to see aren't allowed to come home when hey al jazeera soul. supporters.
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have been celebrating after the former congolese vice president had his war crimes convictions overturned a majority of judges criminal court ruled that the cannot be held responsible for the horrific acts of his militia in two thousand and two when a honda explains. from the moment well crimes allegations were leveled against him . but insisted he had done nothing wrong he maintained that stance even in two thousand and sixteen when the international criminal court unanimously found him guilty of war crimes and seem to him to eighteen years in prison the longest ever handed down by the i.c.c. and that lower court decision has now been overturned the appeals chamber by majority reverses the convicts in of mr bin. showed little emotion but off camera his supporters in the public gallery reportedly reacted with cheers and
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whistles may i ask the registry to restore. the crowd in the courtroom been but was accused of failing to stop his private army known as the m l c from waging a campaign of rape mood and pillage against civilians in neighboring central african republic over a five month period from october two thousand and two he was a rebel leader the in and had sent more than a thousand fighters there to help put down the coup. the lower court judgment described a series of sick and sadistic rites and merges in some cases where entire families were victimized more than five thousand victims participated in the trial but never issued an order to rape and murder and the case turned on where the on the fex could be held responsible for atrocities carried out by troops under his control
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the appeals chamber with the exception of two judges found he could not and that the trial judges made serious errors regarding bimbos if it's to stop the crimes but there were scenes of jubilation in kinshasa a businessman and former vice president still has a lot of support at home. i cry with joy because john pierre bemba was a dead man he's just been resurrected the decision overturns what had been hailed a landmark ruling labor was the first david to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command and it was the first time the i.c.c. focused on right as a weapon of war and two thousand and seven when talking to al-jazeera before his arrest insisted he had nothing to once afore you will know that the international criminal court no that's. not of course involved in the of this ng's of these arrested in two thousand and eight a convicted war criminal in two thousand and sixteen he's now won his appeal but
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bamba hasn't been freed a separate panel of judges continues to consider his punishment for interfering with witnesses jury. in his trial made in a home which is here. i want to the world's biggest refugee camps is hosting a web streaming of. refugees in a more positive light is happening at the cooma camp in kenya which has around one hundred eighty five thousand people from countries including south sudan somalia and ethiopia it was asian behind it ted acts of ranges of violence and says around the world. was a live for us in that was an exciting day for people in the camp. laura you know this is a really extraordinary event here you know it's really highlighting the positive impact positive contribution that refugees make not just in this camp not just in
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this country but also around the world we've already heard several very emotional presentations given by refugees many who have lived here at different points in their lives and i want to bring in one right now our guest that we have this is mary variac mike here she is a teacher she's twenty two years old she gave a wonderful presentation just about an hour ago about her experiences here mary thank you for joining us i want to ask you first what was it like for you fleeing south sudan as a child and coming here i can say it was one of the longest journey that i've ever had in my life. that long struggles of walking without food while here without water and our feet getting soaked as i was only four years old it was really tough but at least when it came to the calm we felt like wow this is much more amazing here. now one of the things we talk about often when we discuss refugee crises is
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the lack of education for children and this is something that's extremely important to you why did you come back here to camp i came back to sour because we have students in my class they do not have enough teachers you can find the ratio of student to teacher it's unbelievable and like for example i'm in a classroom of one hundred twenty students and it's crazy they look at you with the eyes of hope and that's what really brought me back i want to shower them hope i won them to believe that with education they can overcome poverty with education they can understand that they're not meant to be in the camp but to be in their countries it's just a temporal place for every refugee to be and every refugee deserves to go back home in a peaceful place but what have your students here been telling you about the fact you
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got selected to give this ted x. talk here today that is streaming right now live to potentially millions of people around the globe. what they told me it's like thank you that finally our stories are going to be hard finally the world is going to care that we still do exist it's not just the camp but any other camp in the world every raised if you do you has a similar started to say they fled from something and they were like the ted x. event is actually giving us a platform to represent what's really in the camp you are a true inspiration and thank you so much for doing what you do and thanks for joining us here today thank you. that was mary mchugh she is an educator here at the camp she gave a very stirring and emotional talk about an hour ago and we're going to be hearing more talks from other refugees people who've been so impacted by the various
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refugee crises in this part of the world the last several decades this will be happening throughout the day as i mentioned before laura this is really just a remarkable event it's something that's really brought so much positivity to this camp here just behind us in this tent that's where the image is taking place but there are also screens that appear not been put up in other parts of the camp so that the residents here can also watch and enjoy this ted x. talk there is a great opportunity to see a different side to refugees lies. that from. now the co-founder of the animation giant pixar is to leave the company by the end of this year john lasseter has been on a six month leave of absence of what he called missteps which included giving unwanted house that made primo employees uncomfortable i was the creative mind behind the company's top hits toy story frozen and finding take on a consulting role for pixels parent company disney. as
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a two thousand and eighteen feet up in russia is about to kick off philippines is experiencing a high on the international stage but the game is still struggling to see for a local league to melinda and takes a look at how in rural areas in southern philippines young filipinos dream about becoming professional football players. following his football dream ralph says he has loved the sport for as long as he can remember his aspirations are no different to those of many boys to be a professional football player but it comes from them and in the region of the philippines long held back by poverty and conflict and dreams like his are often have to remain just that a dream rob studies during weekdays in the other city but on weekends he
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travels for hours to this town of keep the power on to teach football to young kids so you know i feel bad when i see children here not reach their full potential in football they cannot afford coaches so i share with them what i learned and what they can barely afford sports clothes to play young and have to make do with whatever space they're given. here was i but rob says the recent historic win of the philippine national football team vs goals against to just on is inspiring it is the first time the national team has qualified for the asian cup the ask goes also rose in world rankings soaring nine places to one hundred and thirteen it may not seem much but it's the highest ranking the team has ever achieved thank. god. the philippine asco say they hope their qualification to the asian cup will inspire
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more filipinos to take up football specially in rural areas like this one because they say all they really need is an open field and the ball but that's easier said than done. in a country where basketball is seen as a national sport football ranks much lower in terms of government for your team as we progress and as we continue to reap success we hope that this translates into interest in the national team and interest in the sport. has this reputation and image that it's a sport for the elite you know that the only the only country is in the philippines you know you look at countries in south america in africa you know football is the sport for the working class is the sport for the masses. in remote provinces but classes are often disrupted by gunfire and fighting. and the pair of football boots
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is the last thing on the boy's mind but they won't give up the dream of one day playing professionally on the proper grass pitch. for now they are happy as long as they have a ball at their feet. to the power north. and the golden state warriors have stormed to a third n.b.a. basketball title and for good they have swept aside the cleveland cavaliers one hundred eight to eighty five to win the best of seven series four nil steve steph curry topped scored with seven points for the warriors while kevin durant's is named the most valuable player of the finals. go without as there are these are the top stories the seven leaders have one doll
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trump that his policies on trade tariffs climate change and the iran nuclear deal setting the us apart from the rest of the world speaking with canada's prime minister seems to hint at progress at least on trade. justin has agreed to cook for the terrorists in the world trade barriers between canada and the united states so we're very happy right now it is in good shape we are actually working on it and we are actually working on it but our relationship is very good we are actually work you know in cutting tariffs and making it all very fair for both countries and we've made a lot of progress today we'll see how it all worked out but we've made a lot of progress russian president vladimir putin is in beijing announcing trade and investment agreements with his chinese counterpart was given a medal by xi jinping who called the russian leader his best friend economic military and political cooperation to counting u.s. influence has improved during season presidency. the taliban in afghanistan has
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announced a three day cease fire to take place during the upcoming muslim holiday however they say foreign forces are excluded from the truce and the taliban will defend themselves if attacks follows a similar ceasefire not spent by the afghan government. then sasso criminal court overturned the war crimes conviction for most president of the democratic republic of congo. supporters of celebration of the capital kinshasa after hearing the ruling majority of judges found could not be held responsible for the atrocities of its health his militia which he sent into neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two. more guatemalans have been ordered to leave their homes threatened by a rope to invoke a no go has been spewing a toxic cloud of ash and lava for the past five days these one hundred nine people have died and another two hundred still missing with little hope of finding them alive. you have
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a state now with all the headlines we're back with more news here on al-jazeera that's after the listing based. well the fisa world cup two thousand and eight is nearly upon us and for the second time in four years but even putin is hosting one of the planet's biggest sporting events but can russia overcome the security fears and put on a great football policy for the world follow all the action on and off the pitch here on al-jazeera. for a journalist because of. this i mean. i can see that it was. something that. a lot richard just got in europe the listening post here are some of the stories we're tracking this week the bizarre spectacle of the reporter who faked his own death and what the story says about journalism in russia ukraine and beyond
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selective memories the persian language television channels that beam their way into iran from the us you buy and london uganda imposes a special tax on social media is the government in it for the money or the control . and the argentinean president provides cold comfort for his people and then feels the heat on social media. in more than eleven years of doing the listening post we've never covered a story quite like this one last week news spread of the murder of a russian dissident journalist our cuddy bob cenk oh shut and killed outside his apartment in kiev ukraine except as we all now know it never happened the killing had been staged his resurrection broadcast live at a press conference the following day that chancellor said he faked his own death as part of an operation led by the ukrainian security services to thwart a plot by moscow to kill him he said it was about survival for others though it was a mere stunt that undermined ukraine's credibility and could have serious
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consequences for other journalists down the road this story is also part of an ongoing media battle a larger geo political conflict between the western backed government in ukraine and moscow which says that the initial breathless coverage of the bad story is yet another example of how much of the international news media are intent on smearing the kremlin our starting point this week is kiev. shot back. or pointing between the ukrainian and the russians has already started this whole thing started off as a serious drama you know yet another journalist yet another kremlin critic allegedly killed in kiev and ukraine and then finally ended up being great you know stock up on popcorn and enjoy the show moment that's a strange ukrainian television that is just. kind of i had been shot.
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with these my friends i was overwhelmed with joy my sister had come from israel for a funeral and instead think god she just made it for his resurrection it was. that clearly was not just simply in the press conference that was an act of theater it was a political stunt we are relieved that our. bob single is alive but the fake death has the potential of tempering public outrage when journalists are killed and are heard in the line of duty. black. ops such. talk. stuff. and the release on day two. came the ethical questions
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most of which centered around our car trunk close cooperation with the ukrainian security service the s.b.u. the s.b.u. stood alongside the journalist at the news conference saying it started working with that chunk of after it discovered a plot by russian intelligence agents to kill him and dozens of other russian dissidents in ukraine. agreed to sort of petition cooperate with the s.b.u. he said because there was no other way to save his own life and it's that relationship a reporter working with a spy agency that organizations like the committee to protect journalists based in new york take issue with. takes quite a dim view of law enforcement and impersonating journalists now. basically acting as a police asset one clear down which is again to public trust
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for limited and for journalists his explanation and was that he didn't have a choice but as well for the yemenis. but. we're not in. single shoes ourselves but there is very little evidence there are many authorities put forward that is convincing that this imminent threat. existed. but is it such a big tragedy for the world that are cut above turncoat spent twenty hours in hiding and survived what has that changed in the world yes russian failed to kill a journalist when we made it look like that succeeded and if somebody got frustrated because intelligence services saved and he didn't die i feel sorry for them. it was quite quite depressing to see the outburst from not just bob but also as. a number of his supporters who very much mean to be frank it turns out well did you want to die well of course not and i don't think anyone is arguing
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that the point is this is not a live or die binary what's become the story is not the threat to journalists it has become the whole fake threat to journalists. our carty bob chowne co was a former russian soldier whose time in the army he fought in both chechen wars led him to journalism and the coverage of military conflict his writings eventually grew critical of moscow's interventions in syria and ukraine he left russia last year because of death threats he said eventually settling in the ukrainian capital moscow and kiev have been at diplomatic a longer head since two thousand and fourteen after a coup led by forces favoring closer ties to the european union and nato toppled the ukrainian president viktor yushchenko overage who was pro russian and who had been democratically elected the subsequent war fought in eastern ukraine a region with strong ties to moscow resulted in its an accession by russia
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effectively carving ukraine into. since the fighting ended in eastern ukraine the bulk of the propaganda war between kiev and moscow has been waged through the media it is against that geo political backdrop that the back story has unfold this whole thing and michelle it can contain all the perfect ingredients for a great anti russian story and the ukrainian authorities in the media have been very successful sellers over a number of years which i. think you could have mostly focused on news of the love scenes it was immediate. forces in the west have then very happy customers of that the historical practices of the russians who typically almost genetically driven to co-opt penetrate to gain favor or whatever so when you get another chance presented itself they just couldn't miss the opportunity it was so sexy. to
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start with russian journalism doesn't exist at all it's propaganda media outlets even the ones that were once independent are all under the complete control of the government i worked there and left for that very reason so i know what i'm talking about there's no freedom of speech they may call it journalism but it isn't. me. however the ukrainian media have issues of their own in the reporters without borders press freedom index for two thousand and eighteen ukraine is ranked one hundred first of the one hundred eighty nine countries listed well ahead of russia at one hundred forty eight but still in the bottom half of the table the paris based n.g.o.s says media reforms after the two thousand and fourteen coup have helped but much more is needed to loosen the oligarchs tight grip on the media to encourage editorial independence just last month a ukrainian working for
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a russian news organization was jailed charged with. high treason another accused of being pro russia in his reporting recently fled the country. and has applied for asylum in austria journalists this kind of call. in ukraine because some of them are what's happening in the east of ukraine with some criticism as to ukraine handling the cough like propaganda should not be fought with propaganda or with censorship. in both the chunk of case in ukraine and the recent screwball case in the u.k. in which a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned fingers were quickly pointed at moscow the problem in both cases has been evidence the lack of it and the tendency of news organizations in ukraine the u.k. and elsewhere to accept the word of local authorities and publish according that's
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not journalism it's the knockers and it plays right into the hands of the kremlin and the media apparatus it happens at its spokes it's no longer necessary to source your story on anyone you just quote anonymous sources that you never name their names and i think that the western media have honed the art to perfection and this is something that a real journalist and real journalism to happen on one level listen is a conventional conflict that we are going to miss out. on the other hand it's also the information conflict and the russians have sort of blown out this great cloud of conspiracy theories and it's really just always give a sense of what we'll never know what's going on that's been one of the russian strengths is actually a capacity but great distance where truth is unknowable the information war is every bit as important as the one on the ground.
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whoa we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong well this past week the british government cleared the way for rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox to acquire the rest of the european satellite broadcaster sky the shares it does not already own however there are certain conditions attached so what are the details why the condition is it is a little complicated richard but in summary hang called britain's secretary of state for culture last tuesday gave the green light for murdoch to bid for all of sky t.v. but only if he sells the skies twenty four hour news channel in britain sky news now will not sale hancock said that it would be likely the most effective remedy for public interest concerns and those concerns are about the murdoch family trust and the influence it already has over british public opinion and politics through its other media holdings namely newspapers the sun the times and the sunday times
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so murdoch will be happy with that decision but where does that leave disney and comcast both of which have been eyeing the company as well yes come cost has also been cleared by the u.k. government for sky there were no competition or public interest concerns found with them and comcast is currently out bidding folks for sky share meanwhile disney is negotiating with murdoch for all of fox's entertainment holdings not includes the thirty nine percent of sky which fox already owns now this will likely mean a bidding war between com cost and disney who both see sky as a door into the european market you've also been following a story about social media use in uganda and government policy pertaining to it yes the government in uganda has passed a law which imposes a tax on social media uses so for next month anyone who wants to use platforms like facebook whatsapp or twitter on their mobile phones will have to pay the government two hundred shillings per day now that work.


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