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at eighteen going to big or became junior champion of europe at nineteen he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirties his career seemed to begin well. i don't know maybe the. more. city they do want. you know a certain. party on priscilla sr who the more traditional from the always in your they mean all the beginning from the mid-town sides revenues but all called have also picked up through this certainly they. do or. good news all they do. i'm sure to new york. or just some for
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a. civil debate over the coming year i founded a fund to promote the. fitted our fandom do you do this we were. showing in the eyes at the poplar. then in two thousand and twelve six months before the london olympic games quentin injured himself the issue of doping came up for the first time the markets were made for him we can ensure that it is a battle with. the nominee of our men only for. are committed to play three and for some top schwab to normal physical stars here set you up by duty or more such as column is also your lot in. the city your leg going to top. dogs. on up is the lawman during the from us and off it. just has to one pin when the trailer looks. are. go not
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a trophy and was originally prescribed by doctors to stimulate the secretion of sex hormones athletes use it for its anabolic effects to help increase muscular mass. quentin b. goal was also taking testosterone proponent injections. meth and die alone orally. and stanozolol the steroid taken by ben johnson in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight for two years quentin was able to avoid testing positive. jump assisted in europe small dispense it in there before the apollo once programming was complete shock well when it comes. to all the. you know what when there are. more don't come it says you know why it were in hindsight he incriminates his relationship with his trainer yes i mean don't phone affair or. sufis. the book. journey tapper
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faerber point this was on then will not all kind morning drew we appreciate more of a bear that is rethought of this at all because. if we can all see the real. issue when he would get up his conservative. second second call well his former coach denies any involvement quentin admits he made a mistake and wants to move on he hopes to rediscover his best form in two thousand and seventeen. and yes i mean. there are four. of us. brits are there thousand. visitors. every year worldwide three thousand death leaves are suspended by
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their federations. on a global level the fight against doping began fairly recently in one thousand nine hundred nine the world anti-doping agency wada was created water defines doping in legal terms. you have bad you being out. here for amnesty but if. you support. in two thousand and five one hundred ninety one states signed unesco's international convention against doping in sport and began to harmonize diligence lotions but the world anti-doping agency still has no operational role it is the responsibility of the sports federations to find cheaters and therein lies the main problem.
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organize two thousand and fifteen beijing hosts the fifteenth world athletics championships organized by the i w n the international association of athletics federations since the two thousand and eight olympic games china has excelled at all in izing sporting events for nine days almost one thousand nine hundred athletes from two hundred make countries were watched by six billion television viewers. that's the i.w.a. after organizes the event and sells television rights to broadcasters oddly though they are also responsible for enforcing anti doping regulations it's a system which makes the federations both judge and jury i buy any. potential rollercoaster struve stuff but of course the general also bob will just move on to the course the question is ill upon was there would be
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a playoff in the charger sauciness that. was. behind the finishing line don't ping inspectors and members of the international federation await the athletes selected for testing. i'd say stop the process so we are secure in knowing that we don't see you cannot miss any of the athletes that have been selected for their record today so many cases start off the day fast in the first except. in this secure zone five hundred samples are taken no camera can enter when an athlete is present. to see that. essentially they see. if you have never yet had there
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this is now. so. that it so they can see. and tell you yes. there were cases where. things were not required to. complete so there's a possibility to hide something with it. there were nothing. an example of this was a trick most famously pulled off by boxer mike tyson who confessed to having deceived testers by using a fake penis filled with clean you're in. an independent laboratory and analyzes the samples there are thirty five in the world that are accredited by the world anti-doping agency each athlete must provide two bottles sample
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a friend now assist and sample b. for a second test if required the anonymous samples are separated into several tubes and tested for four hundred different chemicals every year the world anti-doping agency publishes the list of prohibited substances and methods the athletes take great care to avoid the banned substances. for book all are supposed to do with google for positive because a guy who are known as a letter. is full of what it. says the effect statistic more than i would predict who. will prevent more put in water bottles who can't get to school school or simply. be able to. go to kosovo to go sisulu potential is for the overall samples of the. testing during competition is above all about protecting the reputation and credibility of the athletics inventing question these urine tests are supplemented by other checks elite
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athletes are subjected to testing several times a year either at home or at a hotel tests that the federations normally do not allow to be filmed. oh i was to the downdraft is there she's my college sure how did you get some help this time it's a blood test. images. make sure it still . was going. to. have. blood testing allows levels of other substances undetectable in your in to be assessed. the equipment and protocol all the same for all athletes in all countries or blood data is kept on record by the i w f for comparison purposes to help identify any suspicious variations this
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is what is known as a biological passport. i think that's probably regime saying moving taking a pyramid do do do do connect them all is for so. we do wallace says if. you are the. normal normal it's more stubler a keeper of the year law school. for said it all goes well please do be open eyes open. this is a value of various will like your typical titles will. disappear. in beijing four hundred fifty thousand euros spent on the drive to unmask don't produce but only two kenyan athletes testing positive samples can be reanalyzed for a period of up to ten years. so sometimes you do don't know what are sort of to
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show. the case at atmospheric does attitude. because for shows all these are what i when they said the poses had to be democrats went through the desert let the child before. these retroactive tests can shatter the podiums years after competitions since the london games russians are a poor who stripped of her gold medal in the three thousand meters deep in chinese . the u.s. relay team lost their four silver medals and turned out to keane returned her gold medal for the one thousand five hundred meters via his left us barely made dialer saves me is one boy's them as what their sexual means their pleasure morning in their own but i. don't mean to infer that being your me s. or the boys did there's those drugs no he will sign do is me live in safe nozzles.
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the hail meter usage going on. nowadays any athlete is seen as capable of don't think. on the subtle of the same cincinnatus. he got interested as miller has been on the negativity. was good. this is actually true to me dog approved for sale ice don't employ. jesus said jones the spirit here is going to be asked. to my eyes. this is not more he. was as good as funny. it
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was to see she got. no deal with the various who would yell at alice cause it is. my was half of ours and they are a form of killing for his team. which i want but. dalton you go a couple and i'm brianna. i so voice you. seem of the first group no doubt. we will same for chile buttons am i the c.c.c. that i spoke at a succumb joy leave me down my face if you do. not. in the entire history of the one hundred meters athletics blue ribbon sprint event only ten men and run the distance in less than one point eight seconds using bones is the only one to have never been accused of doping. woodridge
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the jamaican is the first sprinter to have improved the one hundred metres world record three times some of these records were achieved during a period when no blood testing was carried out on jamaican athletes. yes you do do poem class you point i made evident. you know it was national to do. it by tab you give it back program to test shortly you didn't just want to have it is that let the tony and the law. because the day are bad you don't. tend to get the full immersion. if the law says that lead to. that lead. from that it isn't. hard may be demo not to. sit in on something and they don't need to back up only kell better looking for it
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promise a better language up is possible. in theory every country needs a national anti-doping agency able to independently organize the testing of its athletes however in many countries due to the interference of national sporting federations of the state the agencies do not carry out anti doping tests thus in two thousand and twelve there were no urine tests in jamaica during the six month period that preceded the london olympics where using bolt made off with three gold medals. they were yours you know. they didn't go. because i know that there's more than both income i cut off and. they said they're so young for a saturday and they got the. i don't know yet. you saying
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balls great american rival justin gatlin has been suspended twice after testing positive for amphetamines and testosterone he returned at the age of thirty two even stronger and faster than he was when he tested positive for his performances judy raised eyebrows. am and. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas that protestant had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage of this week's stream of the hotter fa├žade themes that everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta tory over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. territorial.
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social. and ethnic divisions. the daily reality piece in some of france's underprivileged communities. zero world here's the first time to come from suburban residence. paris. a divided city. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera uncovering faulty forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipments dirty just or more has been given that's way beyond
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people's expertise the state has announced its intention to time to retry john after two trees crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car the system with joe johns on al-jazeera. hello again i'm not into this in doha with the top stories here it out is there a g seven leaders of whom donald trump that his policies on trade terrorists climate change and the iran nuclear deal asserting the us apart from the rest of the world the world's richest countries meeting in canada also rejected trump's suggestion to allow russia back into the group justin has agreed to cut all the terrorists and trade barriers between canada and the united states so i'm very
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happy right now is in good shape we are actually right now we are actually working on that our relationship is very good we are actually working on cutting tariffs and making it all very fair for both countries and we've made a lot of progress today we'll see how it all works out we've made a lot of progress. and i may be a topic of discussion in canada have a vitamin page in this half a world away at a gathering being hosted by the chinese president xi jinping and the sizing their friendly personal relations the two leaders went to an ice hockey match in china's northern port city of changi and. the taliban in afghanistan has announced a three day cease fire after the end of ramadan but it won't include foreign fighters taliban fighters warn they'll defend themselves if they're attacked during the outfitter holiday next week the ceasefire follows a similar announcement by the government. but just hours before that truce was announced taliban fighters killed at least seventeen police officers in an early
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morning raid one hundred fifty five stormed a military checkpoint in the head at province eight of them were killed by afghan army soldiers and a second attack by the taliban also killed twenty four police officers this time in the northern province of can do these gunmen targeted several road checkpoints in the morning hours ahead of that ceasefire announcement. the international criminal court has overturned the war crimes conviction of the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. a majority of judges found ben but could not be held responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he had sent into neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two. more guatemalans have been told to leave their homes because they're threatened by an erupting volcano mt frey has been spewing a toxic cloud of ash and lava for the past five days those are the latest headlines let's go back now to sports stepping the end this chase.
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using bombs is the only one to have never been accused of doping. the jamaican is the first sprinter to have improved one hundred meters world record three times some of these recalls were achieved during a period where no blood testing was carried out on jamaican athletes using bowls great american rival justin gatlin has been suspended twice after testing positive for amphetamines and testosterone he returned at the age of thirty two even stronger and faster than he was when he tested positive for his performances judy raised eyebrows scientists suspect that doping main deed have long term effects and i. believe it more could be a key out and back to do it only one more serious question. andrea because for my story. behind it key i saw.
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the defamation effective more connected to mood if he sued if they put it up oh. yes compare moments of the crypt. considering your analogies performances present is just remind you though duke is a spot that's life tragedy he wrote that your job is to go out there and give. give the news to the world but have a bias opinion so i think you don't do a good job of being the reporters can meet later to discuss more about it and all of that. despite four years of suspension justin gatlin signed another contract. nike the world's largest sports equipment manufacturer is sending out mixed messages. as to not they don't weigh with any like that though there was a good one i keep one of them brought in with a nigga gotta get this back up or about they're on the market you're on the
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opposite they want him by they got your say he. so your money in there is going to cheat in there from the first. job a runner up at the end of this resort let us call mario and young justin gatlin might domingo thought that was going the opposite they were going to show us in the box with an all for nike is told only they are they there for more than one. and we don't believe you need most is the sheeple who frequent romel and murders for snort that couldn't be the core of the explorer expert on the office for tsunamis this could go. in should recall but will seek a new self with ma insignia on the critical spot in the form of b. and b.
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but that you are and they almost. any source the revolution. to stop cheating many athletes are demanding more severe penalties. and almost. has been on all sides of. things open my eyes saying it's about the last thing. in london it's a cousin says. they come from the olympics and you know i think this over here scene just takes a plate in two thousand couples have tim said and you go see.
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this in this theater so fear the fear others will speak to me welcome to q. and then went on to athletes and i'm talking and i'm talking weekend and see meat on a lot of his meat can his and he says nice to say oh mommy says eat. this is to have colleagues and mistresses michelle can most fish have a complaint in laos and south of him east. he's been at them i don't know said leighton digital toppan but in a babysitting subsequent oped obviously have to pay stuff that i missed and. then i know this money being lawless they leaked beyond the recent. months even mistrust. they stayed in on their plate to. get
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a fiend mystical style to folk to them the stuff that we say took a fair skin done of it this is to a mouse this is he going to want to. pios it but it is one of the few journalists specializing in dumping since two thousand and six he's been conducting a study on cheating in spain china and kenya in two thousand and fifteen he brought the lies and corruption at the highest level of the i w f to light. this is a comment. that inventors that have been as. they gather in very. blue to get a fresh start or season for me on track and. the massive doping has worked to try to take away our invective eason's and most these are the results of blood tests
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for five thousand athletes taken between two thousand and one and two thousand and twelve amongst them eight hundred a suspected of doping for example this value of this blood sample should not exceed one hundred forty three sometimes we find samples valuing one hundred forty five one hundred fifty five or even one hundred fifty six. norton versions of a get off talking kind of person i mean a lot interesting a bit of the talking and two are yet to happen too often a tradition was a consultant runs into an unknown annoyances. doping going on when we're talking we're told and it's the federation thus knew that many of their athletes with doping notably the long distance and medium distance runners but they allowed this to happen even worse the directors of the i.w.a. f allowed athletes who tested positive to compete in exchange for money according to the newspapers le monde unlike splay. diac the president of the i.w.a. up until two thousand and fifteen admitted to french prosecutors to having
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embezzled one point five million euros the money would have been used to fund the election of the senegalese president in two thousand and twelve his son diac former marketing consultant supposedly targeted athletes such as the russian marathon runner. from whom he allegedly demanded four hundred fifty thousand euros so that she can still compete racketeering money was moved to a company in singapore black tydings when investigated by interpol he denied all involvement gabriel delay the head doctor of the federation is suspected of having received nearly two hundred thousand euros for having concealed the doping but see this is obviously just. much stopped at about a bush community drop of a culture clothes and get it for bond and i stuck to it as i said comforting talking at the forefront in the fight against doping one internets and argue about it see or touch these after bad and i cannot escape in total not out don't go if
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now to just good story that is obama supporter we're talking to americans and because i'm. disgusted by these practices athletes decided to take matters into their own hands here i don't we cannot trust you anymore you damage our sport we have to. this is what we have to see. you put money. i want to run against clean athletes not munster's. taggerty. passion. some athletes went even further us to part of our russia's eight hundred metres champion in two thousand and eleven along with her husband vitali unveiled to the world how russia creates its champions for five years you will rub shoulders with the world's best athletes retiree is an advisor to the director of the russian
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anti-doping agency this is him at the side of the sports minister in two thousand and nine. in two thousand and fourteen the couple decided to reveal the systematic doping of russian athletes doping organized by the country's medical and sporting bodies and covered up by the state their revelations caused a scandal. it's tearing apart i'm diving in atlantic city sides russia faces standing karateka a lot so that at the start of the civilities boost his own take i'm going to need to do better to cope with source learn from the one of these people as we'll see if that s.p.l. isn't a little small deal to do push the ball shook the city gets your. people. forced to react to the i.w.a. after suspended four thousand russian athletes it was the biggest collective punishment in the history of sport. vladimir putin was forced to reassure the world. your program will produce just what your
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folks do in their blood in you know just you know in your. me every species somewhere i couldn't shoot a pitcher and we're prepared but him only stuck to each mission not only me and can do. two months later two directors of the anti-doping agency died under suspicious circumstances vyacheslav seem to have a new key to come on have their deaths took place just as they were preparing to make public disclosures according to the sunday times considered traitors of their homeland the whistleblower couple exiled themselves to berlin. resistance. to what mr right now so mr. dusting is known as this year's. the story began the day that yulia met sergei approach to golf the head of the
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athletics federations medical department who prescribed a doping program. to go after gaining claridge. that presented the dog that wasn't that's good that's gotta gotta hit the spot it's me and i've got a lot of insubordination. to find out um you for all but mother me a little on. the spot an absence i mean that i just. need to stitch a whole new. class that's just what them the covert. how do. you know it you know go there bill stuart you know. that the storm new government your own go ideals don't save in the word of what it is must see that zongo just ones that he bore you little booty. to have the gold medal winners of the london olympic games if you athletes tested positive it was because the anti doping agency in moscow were themselves corrupt.
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and that resignation a. bit about us as a slow as a move it is just an instant don't invite us year after machine you must give them good help the goal of only because. i guess it's about look with a mobile distiller on your door when you go in you boys at the u. prost as they are sure which. student but them to be over the blanket was of an accord on the piece a moment problem team you so must get that moment probably but so i guess that's just because popcorn that what they see it as a place where you are yeah i am disallowing them are probably bosley it ends up with i guess most probably no names could hit it or when you. did you did while competing union made retire early her future husband on a second date she broached the issue of joking. i.
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don't think of are you. but you. could get this because it the bottom of it and the two observers consider. the something to get almost of still political gesture for the last six percent. sleen ashurst richardson that's what he has recorded over so there's no need for for most of the shop or for the ideal for those i think i started with me to the sunni dr billy. and then me up us what they all thought if i watched. the man who said nothing was we are just love seen every one of the two directors the died under suspicious circumstances. but what were the russian athletes doing to escape checks are brought.
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us so. that we said come on stage now i know. they on is not general design is could never use them stem that will come to light. but this is considered a good a sentiment as plentiful money you know the detection methods is always changing and the dates how long. some substances can be detected always getting shorter but again usually the directors of the labs are the first ones to receive this information so that in a country like russia they they have to share this information because the main goal is not to catch their peers the main goal is to help people in gold medals. the russian anti doping agency disputes the accusations. vitali he
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has refused to cooperate with us on this night. and for us it's a pity if you want to fight against doping in sport you should not only give these bold statements publicly it's not enough just to you know appear in the screen and say everyone is corrupted facts and presumptions that what we need to have in order to establish an underdog. the evidence was collected by hi oh. yes if you have a as a tradition yesterday in your phone we told you just have an offer to the guy in. in video and audio form. olympia's eagleton after not made one in you know not on titles and swerve. you know in. your view yahtzee an estate so good to see you as he did up i know don was
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a times to this economic heart. beleaguer a common. store being in opposition i took to the top tire not. or maybe tina there's money written was dusty's is imminent is probably and there's always are spots to minister to was invited because. he said that's all it was his form of good look almost genius but she took the equivalent. of the. well let me die you see but i couldn't conceive in my books if the minimum for the month i. grew any should be moved to the next it also. lives it does business on you people who you know more. personally get we're not going to get the midday.
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following vitaly unions revelations water began investigating russia. meanwhile julia hopes to rediscover her best form. to see what's going to guess that worse nor so give the most you've got all of this in me haven't you heard a subtle shift but. i suggest she is nice to you on each when you put in my you gave these three up and you might still. stay to get divorced it seems that all it is the better your sport and sports. do you think that they take in the yes. nothing of the fifty but if. you want. to take part in international competition she first needs to find
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a host country to accept into their team. but go to closing it was dubai. couldn't fix that annoying interest get that from my store. and get to that just opening up to them to get the question. which country would be dead if i russia and adopt yulia. russia however does not have the monopoly on doping every year worldwide three thousand athletes test positive for doping among the sports in which cheating has been found to be the most prevalent in recent years are bodybuilding athletics baseball american football weightlifting boxing wrestling cycling ice hockey rugby swimming and basketball power and insurance sports are not the only concerns. and would use book only on novel is a specific nick book if you didn't. saw that did it with woodward put it in he's
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pulling it it's all of it is. more all now but the movies were that it's an exposure that he needs me all produce rather than the six it all but. much of skittishness of all don't do it thank you said look they stood it to me not in this book it's promoted. as a sport that relies on technique football would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by match rigging and corruption. is very true and over the during the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil seven hundred thirty six players were tested as shown in this fifo promotional video. once again the tests are financed and carried out by the federation that organizes the event do you think that those of the like in other sports or what is your opinion is more difficult than football. just moved around. our brand
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in ireland. good luck this quarter was. no footballer tested positive in rio a satisfactory result of a free for. all. the last. case we had was during the one nine hundred ninety four when the united states. there is a very clear commitment to make the fifa competitions free. despite this show of toughness to the leaders of world football really provide the necessary means to catch cheats in one thousand nine hundred fifty four had all the samples destroyed after the world cup thus avoiding any subsequent unmasking of drug cheats in two thousand and six no blood samples were taken in two thousand and fourteen the laboratory that tested the samples was in no zone over twelve hours
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away from rio after twelve hours tiny doses of a no longer detectable in urine samples so is the myth of clean football to be believed retired player right world champion in one thousand nine hundred four is skeptical. so. as to be. really my origins vital to those. sports working to control the strain of the strain of body of he used to look at as a future boy as he would inject went into that it is a. badge movement with my i was there with my shorty there was that they may perceive him as massive amounts of muscle. them being. ripped out of some fused and . if we witnessed this that specter. of dementia.
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would only whatever was was beaten with one was heavy. with an army. to grab this issue which for us i want to know. was only a move toward the minimum is more. yeah we've distributed or ors and you're closer to. it watch the video of it you know what in my arm i see my eyes fickling to my eyes my eyes up without the ha. ha ha ha ha oh. i mean it's influenced by friends i think an issue part. i pop your finger. on. odd i just finished a book which my doc had the night i did to work at all still cannot now frog. this part and sweet. little budget i'd stick
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a dixie or for boat call really had made the explaining. the keep a saw so maybe you'll do ok still could nationalise mortality do it but do you plan to do that then mash shots if you could meet because it will be going to your quilt did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes he just wouldn't get as the people's good seems to depend on be go with the human on your ball kinetic and even see it all out much but to start. i used. to wade in nicky minaj accountability more sophisticated the official welcome to geneva for the special one the independent commission press conference that we have found to cover up speed film destruction of samples in the fortress payments of money in order to conceal the doping test so it's worse than we thought.
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our league is influenced by their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you'll be able to. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase . i phone. me feeding the weather sponsored by cattle i always
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however the weather's looking pretty wintry across the abbe's over the next couple days quite a bit of snow around to no surprise at this time of year it is after all winter fairmount a cloud just sliding outs of central northern postle chilly but further north this is up to peru bolivia where the snow really has set in and as per usual many of the alpacas in the lamas have been struggling to cope with the particularly cold weather will see temperatures no higher than about eleven celsius there for the past push a little further south you see some heavy rain coming into santiago fifteen celsius here on saturday afternoon snow a little more expansive as we go on through the weekend cool still of that states want to say this doesn't look too bad a little bit of clout there what's the weather is further north you're watching see some splashes of rain as is the case to read to se impossible to zero looking fine and dry scattering as shallow as i was was the western side of the amazon basin sunny plenty of showers further north up towards the caribbean joining up with a very heavy rain that we do have in place across parts of panama nicaragua costa
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rica pushing up into honduras guatemala could see some other wet weather over the next couple of days a shower was never really too far away somewhat weather too for a time there were to much of cuba the lesser antilles losey dry but a few showers rolling into the wind woods. the weather sponsored by cattle i always. a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bryan you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in the liberal i was the first and the like and the other student rewind continues with kosovo my theory of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book of a one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you read every your. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news out live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes. smile for the camera but seven divisions over trade and russia run deep. while on the other side of the world vladimir putin is best
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friends with china's president xi as they deepen their alliance. also ahead five days after mount for a go erupts in guatemala more people are moved to safety and the number of dead rises. and live from one of the world's biggest camps refugees in kenya share their stories with a global audience. i'm joined again by the day sports including the golden state warriors a crowned n.b.a. champions for the second straight season i'll have all the action later this he's out. but first donald trump and his closest allies are trying to bridge their differences at a rather testy g. seven summit but it's unlikely that they'll see eye to eye on the most contentious issues like trade and trumps an early departure is creating uncertainty as to
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whether they'll even issue a joint communique the u.s. president is due to fly to singapore the his a highly anticipated meeting with the north korean leader kim jong. diplomatic editor james bays is there waiting for president and indeed the north korean leader in singapore we'll go live to him in just a while first said let's talk to our correspondent. hendren who is in quebec city and john it has been a fairly fraught couple of hours hasn't it they haven't got that long to go before president trump jets out of canada to his next next business item what is the scenario like there in canada. well they've been calling it the g. six plus one martini meaning the u.s. has been completely isolated since the start and that's because before donald trump came here he launched what the others view as it an assault on the global trading system by raising tariffs on all of these members on steel and aluminum there was
9:51 pm
a war of words some tweets from trump back talking about the unfairness of trade toward the u.s. and in fact since he's been here he has insisted on pushing forward that line everybody had hoped to walk him back on those tariffs to get him to remove them and instead he's been complaining about the unfair trade practices in his view of europe and canada so he really has given no ground here as you said he's here arrives about an hour late he is leaving early hours before this session is over and this morning at a breakfast session where they all met his chair was empty until he entered partway through if a music student walks into your class late and leaves early you can gauge that there's a lack of enthusiasm there and on the case of donald trump he's just not a multilateralist despite the fact that he gets involved in many of these multilateral institutions and has been talking the language of diplomacy very nicely since he has been here he is operating on his own in an agreement with north
9:52 pm
korea that he's trying to forge which james will talk about of course that whereas barack obama was working in a group of other nations when it comes to nafta the north american free trade agreement now wants to negotiate separate agreements with canada and mexico so that speaks to his general approach in this kind of institution it is simply not one that his heart is fully into we put together a story on the tensions here at the summit and this is what we found. leaders of seven of the world's wealthiest nations made a show of unity in a fractured family pleasure to have you here. and it's been really great hours earlier. after leaders of the g seven annual summit in canada complained the u.s. tariffs trump was less diplomatic. like well what would you win the war for they don't mention the fact that they trade barriers against farm are isolated on trade trump appeared vaguely hopeful in meetings with french president emanuel mccrone
9:53 pm
and the summits host canadian president justin trudeau their relationship is probably better as good or better than it's ever been. and i think we'll get to something very beneficial to canada and to the united states believes hours before the summit ends on saturday that makes it unclear whether the u.s. will sign on to an annual g seven agreement usually a formality or if it does whether that agreement will mention trade of the situations of deep positions of a clear the president of u.s. things the u.s. have been treated in an unfair way by you about those who don't want to nuke or sit on the trump also proposed allowing russia back into an expanded g. eight after russia was the jek did for the two thousand and fourteen invasion of ukraine italy's g.'s f. a conti agreed but canada's foreign minister voiced the view of the rest of the g seven canada's position is absolutely clear and that there are no grounds
9:54 pm
whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior bat into the g seven the diplomatic drama inside the meeting is not matched on the streets two hours drive from the summit in charlevoix nine thousand well armed police outnumber the few hundred peaceful demonstrators. martine some officials here have described this summit mood as cortisol at the end i guess a step above hostile but certainly not friendly there have been efforts to draft a statement according to some here and when it came to if the phrase rule based international order the us apparently object. that's standard boilerplate for international organizations working together that gives you kind of an indication that it may not be possible for that joint statement to be signed by all seven parties but we should know soon because donald trump is on the verge of leaving here just about an hour and a half from now so we'll find out soon whether that's going to happen or whether
9:55 pm
they're going to send him e-mail some some statement he can later signed that of course would not be the unified picture that people here want to send more jeanne yes ok thank you for that john hendren there live in quebec city now let's go to james base at diplomatic editor who's in singapore and james you can't help but be struck by the the fruit tensions that president trump is experiencing with his best friends and yet there's a lot of optimism and lots of smiles when it comes to meeting with one of the longest standing. enemies all misadventure is certainly for the united states as he goes on his way now to singapore. the contrast is really telling martine i've been attending g seven g eight meetings for more than twenty years watching this one from a far i've never seen the us forget about russia which was in the g eight but the other g seven its key allies at loggerheads like this any time during that period
9:56 pm
real tensions there and no negative comments being made about north korea and supreme leader kim who is on his way and is arriving here as is president trump in the coming hours and yes of course he is the leader of a country that threatened nuclear warfare in nuclear missiles towards the united states and a country that human rights organizations believe is one of the worst offenders on earth. and james the fact that both leaders are arriving in town pretty early before their shared chilled meeting is about two days i mean is that calls for encouragement does that mean that there might be even more engagement between the two sides. it's certainly going to be a longer period of time in singapore than we first expected they are both do here on sunday they do not sit down face to face until choose day president trump has
9:57 pm
said it could be one day or perhaps two days of meetings so they will be here for some considerable time i think the reason certainly for the u.s. president to come here is the fact that he's done that g. seven summit which will have been particularly fraught a particularly grueling and it gives him some time to relax and i think some of his staff will be hoping it gives him some time to prepare because he is at a disadvantage here yes he's the man who says he wrote the book the art of the deal and knows how to carry out a business deal but this is something much more complex than that and of course chairman kim is someone who intimately knows the history and. the secrets of his country and of his nuclear program even if donald trump was the greatest expert on nuclear weapons the u.s. even the cia don't even know all the details of what north korea has all right for
9:58 pm
now jane thank you very much james bays our diplomatic editor in singapore awaiting that historic meeting between the north korean leader and the u.s. president and one of the issues that is likely not to be on the table is going to be the issue of north korea and its human rights it is regarded as one of the most repressive countries in the world according to the u.n. there are about one hundred thousand political prisoners and they're in detention camps and on top of that many foreigners are prevented from leaving we have this report now from our correspondent wayne hay. in south korea there are many emotions about the changing relationship with north korea among small vocal nationalist groups there is suspicion about pyongyang's motives that concerned even paranoid that south korea is about to be engulfed by communism away from the loud rallies there are those for whom the cross border and gauge went off as a glimmer of hope in what is often seemed
9:59 pm
a hopeless situation. it's hard to expect too much but we need to see how it goes we're putting all if it's together in the hope there are no issues will be discussed in this summit with north korea those issues are abductions and other human rights abuses that victims and their families believe need to be on the agenda in singapore one inch holes father when one was on a plane in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine when it was hijacked by a north korean agent most of the passengers were eventually allowed to return to the south but when one who's now eighty one wasn't among them as well as abductions there are countless other human rights abuses that continue to take place in north korea including torture and public executions the united nations says the acts may amount to crimes against humanity words you probably won't hear used when donald trump meets kim jong il and some experts believe raising human rights in the first meeting may be too sensitive japan's government disagrees and has been pushing for
10:00 pm
the issue of abductions to be discussed north korea admitted kidnapping thirteen japanese in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's to train is spies some have been returned but japan's government suspects there may be hundreds still in north korea there are other nationalities too like this woman seen in the background of a photo taken on a north korean beach family members believe it's a no chip pan joy a thai woman who disappeared from macau in one nine hundred seventy eight's. i have a lot of hope that south korea japan and the u.s. will push the north korean abduction issue and i will be able to meet soon at this stage the new diplomatic face of north korea is largely viewed as positive but for many it will mean nothing if the people they've been waiting decades to see aren't allowed to come home when hey al-jazeera soul. a saying in.


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