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tv   Paris A Divided City  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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all as taken root take all the steps to make sure that. there is no more bloodshed in afghanistan and even if these steps are smaller steps we will come those we will come down on. and we hope to be or will be. committed to implement their announcement on the ceasefire but just hours before the truce and outspent taliban fighters killed at least seventeen police officers in early morning raid one hundred fifty five is stormed a military checkpoint in herat province eight of them were killed by afghan army soldiers and in another attack by the taliban twenty four police officers were killed this time in conducive province gunman targeted several road checkpoints in the morning ahead of that ceasefire agreement so to come here at al-jazeera the death of celebrity chef anthony bourdain sheds light on a disturbing trend in the u.s.
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. and dusting down an australian icon for the final time it's veteran caretaker is about to take things easier. how our recent tropical storm has brought some huge amounts of rainfall into the south back to canada or the g. seven meeting in there you see president trump about to make a public statement let's listen to him like to provide you with an update and you know the gentleman up. the legendary larry kudlow and the legendary john ball we had a good meeting both on defense environment and frankly on tariffs which you what we're here for. person like to thank prime minister today for hosting this summit
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it has worked out to be. so wonderful the people of canada are wonderful and it's a great country in a very beautiful country i might add we tackled a variety of issues and opportunities facing our nations at the top of the list was the issue of trade very important subject because the united states has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore we had extremely productive discussions on the need to have a fair and reciprocal meaning the same people can charge us two hundred seventy percent and we charge them nothing that doesn't work anymore i made a lot of statements having to do with clarity we want and expect other nations to provide fair market access to american exports and that we will take whatever steps are necessary to protect american industry and workers from unfair foreign trading
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practices of which really there are many but we're getting them straight and slowly but surely we also discussed the issue of uncontrolled migration and the threat that it poses to both national security and other other groups and countries and our citizens and quality of life we're committed to addressing the migration challenge by helping migrants to remain and prosper in their own home countries a wide array of national security threats were addressed including the threat of iran the g. seven nations remain committed to controlling iran's nuclear ambitions with or without them those ambitions are going to be controlled along with efforts to combat terrorism and extremism and those who spread this deadly ideology. the nations of the g seven are bound together by shared values and beliefs that
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came out loud and clear each of our nations is totally unique with our own people and our own sovereign obligations but we can coordinate together in achieve a common good a good for all for all of our people all of our nations were linked in the great effort to create a more just peaceful and prosperous world and from the standpoint of trade and jobs and being fair to companies we are really i think committed i think they are starting to be committed to a much more fair trade situation for the united states because it has been treated very very unfairly and i don't blame other leaders for that i blame our past leaders there was no reason that this should have happened last year they lost eight hundred we as a nation over the years but the latest numbers eight hundred seventeen billion
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dollars on trade that's ridiculous and it's unacceptable and everybody was told that so i don't blame them i blame our leaders in fact i can graduate the leaders of other countries for so crazily being able to make these trade deals that were so good for their country and so bad for the united states but those days are over in just a few minutes i'll be leaving for singapore how beyond a mission of peace and we will carry in really in my heart we're going to be carrying the hearts of millions of people. people from all over the world we have to get denuclearization we have to get something going really think that north korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time and we appreciate everything that's going on and we
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appreciate the working together with north korea they're really working very well with us so i say so far so good we're going to have to see what happens and we're going to know very soon so i'll be leaving as soon as we're finished with this conference i'll be leaving and i very much look forward to it i think it's very important for north korea and south korea and japan and the world and the united states it's a great thing and. we'll see what happens ok any questions yes yes. or about you are on what the most important meeting you've ever out in your life what's in your gut feel that stir feel nerves or water describe all you well as always everything it's really you know this is probably rarely been done it's unknown territory in the truest sense. but i really feel confident i feel that kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity.
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and he won't have that opportunity again it's never going to be there again so i really believe that he's going to do something very positive for his people for himself his family. he's got an opportunity the likes of which i think almost if you look into history very few people have ever had he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great so it's a one time it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work out very well that's why i feel positive because it makes so much sense. and we will watch over and we'll protect and we'll do a lot of things i can say that south korea japan china many countries want to see it happen and they'll help the wall so there's a great there's really isn't a great time this is not happened in all of the years that they've been separated
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by a very artificial bantry it's a great opportunity for peace and lasting peace and prosperity yes ma'am. during your. act yeah yeah i have not spoken to vladimir putin quite a while. it has been discussed we didn't do votes or anything but it has been discussed and some people like the idea of bringing russia back in this used to be the g. eight not the g. seven then something happened a while ago where. russia is no longer in i think it would be an asset to have russia back in i think would be good for the world i think it would be good for russia i think would be good for the united states i think would be good for all of the countries of the current g. seven i think the g eight would be better i think having russia back in would be a positive thing we're looking for peace in the world we're not looking to play
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games ok question yes. look at this with the author from the outsiders quite right that you're getting indications from here until it's over for you were they were going to make any concessions to you or i believe that you risk the idea of a tiger or easy rather it's not as i did oh i did that's where it should be no tariffs no barriers that would that's the way it should be and no subsidies i even said no tariffs in other words let's say canada where we have. tremendous tariffs the united states pays tremendous tariffs on dairy as an example two hundred seventy percent nobody knows that. we pay nothing we don't want to pay anything why should we pay we have to ultimately that's what you want you want a tariff free you want no barriers and you want no subsidies because you have some
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cases where countries are subsidizing industries and that's not fair so you go tariff free you go barrier for a year go subsidy free that's the way you learned at the wharton school of finance i mean that would be the ultimate thing now whether or not that works but i did suggest that. and people were i guess they're going to go back to the drawing board and check it out right but we can have an example where we're paying the united states has paying two hundred seventy percent scan avot and when they send things in to us you don't have that i will say it was not contentious what was strong was the language that this cannot go on but the relationships are very good whether it be president mccrone of or with justin we had just a did a really good job i think the relationships were outstanding but because of the fact that the united states leaders of the past didn't. do
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a good job on trade. and again i'm not blaming countries i'm blaming our people that represented our past. it's got to change it's going to change i mean it's not a question of i hope it changes it's going to change one hundred percent and tariffs are going to come way down because we people cannot continue to do that we're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends fact larry kudlow is a great expert on this and he's a total free trader but even larry seen the ravages of what they've done with their tears would you like to say something that larry very quickly might be interesting. one is to point turns of the g. seven group meeting i don't know if they're surprised with president trump's free trade proclamation but they certainly listen to it and we had lengthy discussions about that as the president would reduce his barriers in fact go to zero
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zero tariffs zero non-tariff barriers zero subsidies and along the way we're going to have to clean up the international trading system about which there was virtual consensus of agreement on that and that will be a target and these are the best ways to promote economic growth well be better a role be strong gratis so i myself was particularly gratified to hear my president talk about free trade thank you for that. and it's very unfair to our farmers our farmers are essentially whether it's through a barrier non-monetary barrier or whether it's through very high tariffs that make it impossible and there's all over the world this is just. i mean we have india where some of the tariffs are one hundred percent hundred percent and we charge nothing can't do that and so we are talking to many countries we're talking all
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countries and it's going to stop or we'll stop trading with them. and that's a very profitable answer if we have to do a yes or. no other question on trade or you just said that you think of a tariff actually going to come down but it does appear that the various countries are moving forward with the retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. did you get any confessions or any agreements with any of these countries not to move forward with those therof then are you willing to not move forward well where they retaliated making a mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance so when we try and bring our piece up a little bit so that it's not so bad and then they go up right the difference is they do so much more business with us than we do with them that we can't lose that you understand we can't listen and as an example with one country we have three hundred seventy five billion in trade deficits we can't loose you
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could make the case that they lost years ago but when you're down three hundred seventy five billion you can't lose and we have to bring them up so this is very bad spirit when we have a big trade imbalance and we want to bring it up to balance just balance and they keep raising it so that you never catch that's not a good thing to do and we have very very strong measures that take care of that because we do so much. the numbers are so astronomically against them in terms of anything as per your question we win that war a thousand times out of a thousand yes yes so two things can happen after we'll. either leave it the way it is as. threesome deal with canada with the united states and mexico and change adverse abstention we
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talk about very big changes or we're going to make a deal directly with canada directly with mexico both of those things could happen if a deal isn't made that would be a very bad thing for canada and would be a very bad thing for mexico. for the united states frankly it would be a good thing but i'm not looking to do that i'm not looking to play that game so we're either going to have nafta in a better negotiated form or we're going to have two deals. that. it will have a sunset you have the two sunsets i mean you have i.s.t.'s provision in a sunset provision they've been very heavily negotiated you have to sunsets two concepts of sunset we're pretty close on the sunset provision. well we have one that's five years you know very well and you've studied this very well congratulations that's right you have one group that likes to have five years and
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then a renegotiation at the end of five years and you have another group that wants longer because of the investments. so but we're pretty close yes or threaten to the person going to europe to come back to russia for a second the something that happened a couple kicked out of the g. eight with the invasion and annexation of crimea do you think that crimea should be recognized that russia is or yet is president obama because he was the one that let crimea get away that was during his administration and he was the one that let russia go and spend a lot of money on crimea because they've spent a lot of money on rebuilding and i guess they have their submarine port there cetera but crimea was let go during the obama administration and you know obama can say all he wants but he allowed russia to take crimea i may have had a much different attitude but so you really have to ask that question to president obama you know why did he do that why did he do that but with that being said it's been done a long time. back and. i would rather see russia in the
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g. eight as opposed to the g. seven i would say that the g. eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven absolutely yes yes ma'am. did you find the europeans and canadians when they made the case to you that you shouldn't use national security as a justification for terror and they virtually didn't even make their case and we're not my case is the fact that it is national security it's our balance sheet it's our it's our strength it's absolutely national security and you know if you look at our. just take a look at our balance sheet we're going to have a very strong balance sheet verisign because of what i'm doing we have the strongest economy that we've ever had in the united states in the history of the united states we have the best unemployment numbers black unemployment the lowest in history hispanic unemployment the lowest in history i mean the lowest in the last ten years or twenty years the lowest in the history of this country black
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unemployment is doing the best at seven done hispanic doing the best women are now up to twenty one years sir it's going to be the best ever in its history in the country's history. we have to we have to have deals that are fair and we have to have deals that are economic otherwise that does in fact affect our military and how do you make that case for autos this it was very easy it's the economic it's the balance sheet to have a great military you need a great balance sheet ok. yes or go. as you're heading into. there was a study that. american workers allies are frustrated with your innovators and the curator of them and that you are reading here early to go meet for more friendlier talks with kim jong un in singapore the winners loaded with if you do it the same way into you do you beat us alliances and shifting of your presidency away with out
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of curiosity c.n.n. . i figured fake news c.n.n. the worst but the guy could tell by the quote have no idea was c.n.n. after the question i was just curious as to who you're with us in and i would say that the level of relationship is a ten we have a great relationship. and emmanuelle and justin i would say the relationship is a ten and i don't blame them i blame as i said i blame our past leaders for allowing this to happen there was no reason that should happen there's no reason that we should have a big trade deficit with virtually every country in the world i'm going to long beyond the g seven there's no reason for this it's the fault of the people that preceded me and i'm not just saying president obama i'm going back a long way to go back fifty years frankly it just got worse and worse and worse you know we used to be a nation that was unbelievably cash flow oriented had no debt
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of any consequence and they build the highway system we built the internet you know the interstate system out of virtually out of cash flow and it was it was a lot different now we have a very good relationship and i don't blame these people but i will blame them if they don't act smart and do what they have to do because they have no choice i'll be honest with they have no choice they're either going to make the trade spare. because our farmers have been hurt you look at our farmers for fifteen years it does the graph is going just like this down our farmers have been hurt our workers have been hurt our companies have moved out and moved to mexico and other countries including canada now we're going to fix that situation and if it's not fixed we're not going to deal with these countries but the relationship that i've had is great so you can tell that the of fake friends at c.n.n.
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the relationship that i've had with the people the leaders of these countries has been i would really rate it on a scale of zero to ten i would rate it ten that doesn't mean i agree with what they're doing and they know very well that i doubt so we're negotiating very hard tariffs and barriers as an example the european union is brutal to the united states they don't and they understand that they know what they want i'm telling them they're smiling at me you know it's like the gig is up it's like to get up they're not trying to there's nothing they can say they can't believe they got away with it canada can't believe it got away with it mexico we have one hundred billion dollars trade deficit with mexico and that doesn't include all the drugs that are pouring in because we have no war but we are and we started building the wall as you know one point six billion dollars and we're going to keep that going but
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a lot of these countries actually smile at me when i'm talking and the smile is we couldn't believe we got away with that smile so it's going to change going to change they have no choice if it's not going to change we're not going to trade with them ok have a couple of more. go ahead in the back. yes i. don't hear what you want out there. i have a clear objective but i have to say ileana that it's going to be. something that will always be spur of the moment you don't know you know this is not been done before at this level this is a leader who really is an unknown personality people don't know much about him i think that he's going to surprise on the upside very much on the upside we'll see but never been done never been tested many people the world leaders i'm talking
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about world leaders that have been right next to him have never met him so we're going in with a very positive spirit i think very well prepared i think and by the way we have worked very well with their people they have many people right now in shanghai our people have been in singapore our people have been working very very well with the representatives of north korea so we're going in with a very positive attitude and i think we're going to come out fine but i've said it many times who knows who knows may not may not work out it's a good chance it won't work and it's probably an even better chance that it will take a period of time it will be a process. or. why i think the minimum would be relationship you'd start at least a dialogue because you know as a deal person i've done very well with deals what you want to do is start that now
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i'd like to accomplish more than that but i had a minimum i do believe at least will have met each other we will have. seen each other hopefully we will have liked each other and will start that process i would say that would be the minimal and the maximum i think you know the answer to that but i think that will take a little bit of time ok. question how long were i think within the first minute i'll know just my touch my feel that's what it's what i do how long will it take to figure out whether or not they're serious i said maybe in the first minute you know the way they say that you know if you're going to like somebody in the first five seconds you hear that one well i think that very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen i also think i'll know whether or not it will happen fast may not but i
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think we'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen and if i think it won't happen i'm not going to waste my time i don't want to waste his time yes ma'am. in. getting. on and that's that's only the only the fake news says that you know this look we just got three hostages back we paid nothing they came back to happily ensconced in their homes with their families there's the happiest people in the world right now we. we have gotten you know we haven't done anything everyone said you know the the haters they say oh you're giving him a mean you give me a break ok this is nothing. i think if i didn't do this it would be and it's never been done before you know it's never been done before and obviously what
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has been done before hasn't worked and this is something i can't stress this strong enough you know i talked about tariffs that previous people and i'm not looking to criticize people that were proceeding me. but on tariffs it should have never happened will the same thing on north korea we shouldn't be in this position we shouldn't be in this position on tariffs where one hundreds of billions of dollars down to other countries that frankly would never even negotiated with they never even gotten spoken to i asked a top person in china had it it gets so bad he looked at me said nobody ever talked to us they were missing in action our leaders well a very similar thing if you think about it took place with north korea this should not be done now this should have been done five years ago and ten years ago and twenty five years ago it should be done now. who can comment on this
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claim yes ok one more question will you raise the issue of the gulags with kim jong il here is every issue every issue is going to be raised. here in the us from both the polls and on and on foreign soil. i want to ask you why you do you think the u.s. press is very dishonest much of it not all of it oh i have some folks in your profession that are. with the u.s. in the u.s. citizens proud citizens their reporters at these are some of the most outstanding people in but there are many people in the press that are unbelievably dishonest they don't cover stories the way they're supposed to be they don't even report i'm in many cases if they're positive so there's tremendous this tremendous you know we came up with the term fake news it's a lot of fake news but the same time have great respect for many of the people in the press thank you all very much i appreciate it thank you. and with that the
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president has ended what was a fairly long press conference committee took a lot of questions listening in with us is correspondent john hendren news not very far away from where the president is speaking he's in quebec city and john a very discuss if president trump seemingly prepared to answer a whole range of questions coming from the media let's start with trade it seems very much again he seems quite positive about the outcome of this particular summit and indeed the terrorist situation in the future. where this summit was hijacked twice first by the issue of trade it was supposed to be a celebration of the global economic expansion they wanted to move forward on other issues but when donald trump set those tariffs on steel and aluminum ahead of this that issue hijacked the agenda here and then again it was hijacked just now when donald trump held that long press conference is going to be hard for anybody to
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focus on gender equality on climate change clean energy when this will be the topic of discussion on trade he. no ground whatsoever in fact he even pushed forward on what he's been saying he says because the us has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore. he he went on to say that the us has been treated very very unfairly he's talking about a world or a g seven with no tariffs that doesn't seem to have gone anywhere with the other members we'll see what happens with that at the end of the day if there is a statement. he goes on to call out canada and europe meaning emanuel mccrone and your love merkel of germany also justin trudeau the host of this summit he specifically one on about dairy tariffs that penalize the u.s. so he gave no ground here. and in
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a summit that has been in the works for months justin trudeau has been setting this up. this will have to go down as a disappointment because of the one top priority for the other six members trump simply said no and he repeated yet again didn't he with a great deal of fools this idea this notion of of a completely free trade area among the g seven terrorist free subsidy free that's what he said he was presented with that he agreed that that was indeed what he presented to g seven can we really believe that that's what he he's. well i think the expectation is unrealistic the system move of terror of service is very complicated and to get everybody to agree would be difficult and as it stands now the president is saying that he's going to bring tariffs down through this well
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so far tariffs have just gone up mexico europe canada have all raised their to tariffs in retaliation to the u.s. move and there's no sign that that is going to stop anytime soon so it's a nice tie in the sky idea to have a g seven or even a world without tariffs or subsidies but that is highly unlikely to happen any time soon and then when it came to the actual relationships i mean he was saying that the relationship between him and these other g six was one hundred percent it was ten he was saying in a top of the scale absolutely no problems until is he in cloud cuckoo land is he just just failing to a's in denial. donald trump has a way of saying something that is on its face hard to believe and saying it with a completely straight face i watched yesterday as he was sitting with justin trudeau when he was saying the relationship was better than ever and justin trudeau looked down at his shoes that was not
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a sign of agreement i think if you ask the other six members of the g. seven or as they call it here the g. six plus one because it is so divided i don't think anyone else would say the relationship is better than ever. and he persisted as the world in the with his his world was quite bizarre at the beginning with now come to see it is no more now his request that russia be readmitted back into the g. seven making it the g. eight and he sort of gloucester. the the at the annexation of crimea which is the actual cools for the russian russia's expulsion from the g. g. eight in the first instance. he didn't seem to be bothered by that first of all the idea itself he knew he was throwing a bombshell into a meeting where it was absolutely an unpopular idea the only person in that meeting that fought back was a good idea is to separate county new a chalion prime minister on his debut on the world stage nobody else agrees with
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that canada's foreign minister made a statement saying unequivocal that under that canada's position is that there is no way under russia's current behavior that they could be brought back into the g eight and in fact russia has expressed little interest in doing so nevertheless donald trump went on to suggest that russia had invested a lot of money in crimea and that somehow might have been a positive thing he didn't seem concerned at all of the invasion itself all right john thank you for that john hendren is our correspondent in quebec city he's been following the g seven and specifically those issues of of trade and diplomacy between the united states and the other members of the of the g. seven now we can speak to. diplomatic editor jane space who's in singapore and james because with you we want to go over the lines that have come out of this press conference with regard to this historic meeting that's due to take place on the twelfth of june on cheese day the president getting ready to
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leave canada now to head in your direction and again he seemed incredibly upbeat very positive thinking and saying that he was likely to get a deal some kind of deal he said he would know within minutes whether this deal was going to work out or not. yeah really extraordinary comments from the president of the united states very upbeat and very forthcoming i think if you rewound a few months there will be people like national security advisor advisor or former national security advisor a charm master and secretary of state rex tillerson who is saying don't reveal too much of your hand before you go into this crucial meeting and yet he's already said what he will say is acceptable to come out of this meeting without this dialogue between the u.s. and north korea ending and it's pretty clear he set a very low bar he's saying that all he wants is to get on with kim jong un he says
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within five minutes he'll work out the man and work out whether he's able to get on with him so the north koreans i think know that they don't have to make any major concessions having just listened to the president when they come here in singapore for these talks he did say there's only one shot at this but he said it will be a process probably not just a one off meeting with the north koreans so i think the north koreans they will be happy with those comments from president trump he was given the opportunity to talk about the situation in north korea he was asked specifically about the gulags in north korea and rather than restating the u.s. is long standing position on human rights condemning the human rights situation in north korea he dodged the question completely and said all raise are all issues and went on to say that he thought the outcome of this process of removing the nuclear
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threat of north korea if that's what he's manages to do will make north korea a tremendous country well i can tell you that human rights groups like human rights watch and amnesty international is would not describe north korea like that and james when he was asked specifically that whether there was a clear object. i thought it was quite interesting that there were two questions one was how do you feel about this historic encounter and the other while about what the clear objective was and he sort of fogged in with both thoughts as didn't he he talked about them talked up being quite confident and positive and whatever and then he when it came to the clear objective question he didn't really answer it he didn't lay it out he didn't explain what the u.s. his vision is of denuclearization and then basically said out of this first meeting he just wants to see the measure of the man and says it's like when you meet
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someone for the first time in the first five seconds you know where they're going to get no more not so it seems to me maybe i'm being a little glib here that all kim jong un needs to do is smile. absolutely and i suspect that are very conversation will the president would describe as being one of among the fake news organizations but the fact is we are trying to take apart the most powerful man in the world has said in order to try to ascertain exactly where he's going out we and it was just very confusing. yes i mean it's interesting that on trade as on north korea he blamed it all on his predecessors and particularly on president obama it's interesting that he said on north korea this should have been worked out fifteen twenty years ago well i don't know if he's looked back at the history but it is worth reminding our viewers of
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the year two thousand when secretary of state madeline albright went to north korea they were negotiating a serious deal president clinton was thinking about whether to actually go and visit kim's father to secure a deal and of course all of that fell about from a par with a new president george w. bush calling north korea the axis of evil and also north korea remaining on its commitment so it's not as though he's the first person that has tried diplomacy with north korea but clearly we're seeing him doing it in a very different way and i think it's worth remarking on to the fact martine that ahead of the g seven now at the end of the g seven he's had these long press conferences we haven't seen press conferences like this foreign events and about foreign events from president trump since he became president again i think that might be a reflection of the change of the top team around him indeed he was standing next
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to john bolton the new national security advisor wasn't he james james for now thank you very much indeed and as james was just saying james our diplomatic editor was just saying the president when he was asked a question about whether he was prepared to raise some of the human rights issues with regard to north korea the president has said quite casually that all things would be mentioned but north korea is regarded as one of the most repressive countries in the world and according to the u.n. around one hundred thousand political prisoners are detained in camps many foreigners are prevented from leaving that most people believe that human rights will not be on. table on that singapore summit when he reports there from the south korean capital seoul. in south korea there are many emotions about the changing relationship with north korea among small vocal nationalist groups there is suspicion about pyongyang's motives concerned even paranoid that south korea is
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about to be engulfed by communism away from the loud rallies there are those for whom the cross border and gauge went off as a glimmer of hope in what is often seemed a hopeless situation. it's hard to expect too much but we need to see how it goes if putting all if it's together in the hope there are no issues will be discussed in this summit with north korea those issues are abductions and other human rights abuses that victims and their families believe need to be on the agenda in singapore one inch holes father when one was on a plane in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine when it was hijacked by a north korean agent most of the passengers were eventually allowed to return to the south but when one who's now eighty one wasn't among them as well as abductions there are countless other human rights abuses that continue to take place in north korea including torture and public executions the united nations says the acts may amount to crimes against humanity words you probably won't hear used when donald trump meets kim jong il and some experts believe raising human rights in the first
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meeting may be too sensitive japan's government disagrees and has been pushing for the issue of abductions to be discussed north korea admitted kidnapping thirteen japanese in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's to train is spies some have been returned but japan's government suspects there may be hundreds still in north korea there are other nationalities too like this woman seen in the background of a photo taken on a north korean beach family members believe it's a no chip pan joy a thai woman who disappeared from macau in one nine hundred seventy eight's. i have a lot of hope that south korea japan. in the u.s. who push the north korean abduction issue i will be able to meet soon at this stage the new diplomatic face of north korea is largely viewed as positive but for many it will mean nothing if the people they've been waiting decades to see aren't allowed to come home again hey al jazeera soul the king of jordan is due in mecca
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on sunday hoping for financial support from the leaders of saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. propose income tax rise triggered some of the largest protests by jordanians in years the government's now shelved that idea but it still faces the tricky task of balancing popular demand with the need to reduce the national debt and curb inflation refugees in one of the world's largest camps have been beamed around the world in a rare web streaming event to tell their stories the cooma camp in kenya houses people from south sudan somalia ethiopia as well as other countries the ted x. organization arranges lectures around the world to try to change perceptions. the co-founder of the animation giant pixar is to leave the company by the end of the year john lasseter has been on six month leave of absence over what he called missteps which included giving unwanted hugs that made female employees
11:43 pm
uncomfortable lasater was the creative mind behind the company's top hits of toy story frozen and finding nemo will take on a consulting role for pictures parent company disney until the end of the year the sydney opera house is one of the world's best known buildings and steve sukar les better knows it better than anyone else he helped build it after emigrating from greece in one hundred sixty eight and now he's heading for retirement after a lifetime of looking after this australian icon. my name is that scholars and i'm going in my twenty's of the sydney opera house i arrived in australia nine hundred sixty four i was an eighteen years song and i come to work quite a past five every morning for the last fifty years i was in love with the opera was ninety six the heat i started on these beautiful build the the icon of the abstractly i come from
11:44 pm
a small island south of greece my face up when i started here you were seeing the drama theatre when they finished that i start on the scaffolding we had the lot of greeks a lot italians from ireland i made my wife and we met in one nine hundred sixty eight the same year i started here of course we got the opera hair so i was in love with the opera. three quote of the billy sea on the water on the sea in the material they put that time there was no last for long i saw of the congo to be to suffer with the cancer and thereby homes to change the colony and i remember my grandmother the used to do the floor with a casting saw her i said to my wife get me a packet of baking soda and i have a little called the congress girl sliced so then i thought i was thinking
11:45 pm
a bill that brought us my grandmother used to have it i q a was brahms cubes they get their a reg we're the only boy. i make assemble they was very impress you come to work not to pass your time you come to two you join me in the beautiful build the peace card to put in my mind i'm going to leave the job i'm seventy three no i've got three grand charles. you know when it came for me in that i. wish we find that i people to continue to protect the ability gently with the love because i love disability i thought long and finally for me today three more crew members arrived at the international space station on
11:46 pm
a six month mission their first job will be to install cameras and wallace communications gear to help improve the safety of future docking but that's it for me for now coming up in just a minute or two is the news grid with darian advocated. a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from body to now of course huge distance rewind continues with australia's last generation of recovery from. is a really important issue suicide rights do or mine very high was still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you wherever you are. in a first meeting between a sitting u.s. president since the birth of north korea supreme leader kim jong un comes face to face with president don't trump the world watches holly stakes diplomacy two of goods a global economic crisis al-jazeera will bring you live coverage of this historic moment for the korean peninsula and for international diplomacy the singapore summit on. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different
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angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am done. with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm terry in obligato welcome to the news grid bound together by sarod values and beliefs and that's how the u.s. president describes the g. seven summit in canada but there have been more differences than agreements over
11:49 pm
there trade tariffs disputes and calls to readmit russell also on the grid he says he's on a mission of peace and he feels confident donald trump is due to take off within this hour for his much anticipated summit with north korea's leader and we'll be live in singapore and web streaming from one of the world's largest refugee camps their stories of survival and inspiration are being around the globe. but from kenya. and ice tributes and condoned it says for instance that every t. shirt and johnny and feeble insane people attend social media to put the spotlight on mental health following. the latest on bonds and you can get them to actually read your initial intent to warn me out of their facebook page. you're with the newsgroup where i live on air we're streaming online through youtube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com the u.s.
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president donald trump is leaving the g. seven summit in canada earlier than other leaders before leaving for singapore he told journalists he's going on a mission of peace referring to his meeting with the north korean leader is scheduled for tuesday well the u.s. and its old allies were on a collision course on a number of issues even before that g. seven summit began and say it remains to be seen whether they'll find common ground before it closes here's a breakdown of the key sticking points before heading to canada the u.s. president donald trump fired off a provocative proposition the g seven should again become the g eight by allowing russia back into the fold the suggestion is opposed by all members except for italy its new populist prime minister rushed to express his support for vladimir putin's return but even before that tension had already been see the ng over trade u.s. tariffs and steel and many m imports took effect last week canada mexico and the
11:51 pm
e.u. are putting in place their own retaliates ory measures then there is the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal donald trump announced the move last month to the dismay of partners in europe and beyond who are left scrambling to keep that agreement in place and finally there is trump stance on climate change a key issue on the group's agenda he's withdrawn the u.s. from the paris climate accord and his attendance of a g seven session on. the issue was in question well into the last minutes john hendren covering the story for us joining us from quebec city as we're saying ten seconds and disagreements on display john but just a few moments ago donald trump came out and gave quite a long press conference was the takeaway message. as he came in late he's leaving early and he gave no ground whatsoever president trump hijacked this meeting twice first before it ever happened when he raised those tariffs and that made it issue number one for the other members of the g.
11:52 pm
seven and the second time when he held back news conference we were just talking about and in that news conference he said relations with the other countries were ten better than ever before he also went on to say that their number one priority he would reject he is not going to remove the tariffs in fact he pushed further and said that canada and the european union by name. were just practicing unfair trade against the united states and he went on to say the u.s. has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore he politely said he did not blame the other leaders in the room but that he blamed previous american presidents brock obama among them but he gave no ground whatsoever on that he said he'd like to see a world without tariffs and subsidies but meanwhile he has raised tariffs europe canada and mexico have all retaliated and so far a budding trade war has begun it's nothing like the optimistic world he's been
11:53 pm
talking about nevertheless donald trump leaves here early with his business still undone there's still going to talk about climate change and about clean business practices nevertheless he is gone and this is all anyone is going to talk about from this g seven. we tackled a variety of issues and opportunities facing our nation's. at the top of the list was the issue of trade very important subject because the united states has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore we had extremely productive discussions on the need to have fair and reciprocal meaning the same people can charge us two hundred seventy percent and we charge them nothing that doesn't work anymore i made a lot of statements having to do with clarity we want and expect other nations to provide fair market access to american exports and that we will take whatever steps
11:54 pm
are necessary to protect american industry and workers from unfair foreign trading practices of which really there are many but we're getting them straight and slowly but surely well as you're saying john trump is leaving early what does that mean for the final communique do we expect the united the u.s. to sign on so it's. it seems very unlikely that trump will sign on to that communique after all he's got minutes to go before leaving if he hasn't left already was scheduled to have left by now but i don't really think it matters whether the u.s. signs on to that statement at this point because there is such a show of disunity here you've got people calling it the g six plus one everybody against the united states who doubtful that there will be a statement but it probably doesn't matter because the one thing people are going to remember from this conference is that trade was issue number one and they did not unite on that issue. all right john hendren giving us the update from quebec
11:55 pm
city john thank you let's now speak. she's the director of accountability of the g. seven research group of the university of toronto she's joining us via skype from quebec city get to talk to you on al-jazeera on the newsgroup so if we just look at what trump said a few moments ago specifically on trade he said there should be no tariffs there should be no barriers that's the way it should be and no subsidies what do you make of that statement and how do you think that is going to go down with the other members. well i think that was. that was commentary that was to be expected before trump arrived here he was already poking the leaders so to speak in the eye by tweeting sentiments around that ongoing trade dispute even before he arrived here in charlotte was so that sentiment was expected and that's how it's gone down here but i think on the other hand we knew going into these discussions
11:56 pm
that discussions around trade were going to be extremely difficult and there was concern that it was going to drag down consensus on all the other issues on the agenda but i think that hasn't really happened i mean what we saw with yes tough negotiations definitely yesterday on trade. there was no shift on the issue of aluminum and steel tariffs leaders had it coming out of those discussions. in quite a cordial manner and i think there was an element of respect between them that we didn't really expect going into these discussions so i think overall even though there was a there wasn't a major shift in policy i think the feel and the mood was more optimistic then than we expected going into those discussions all right we'll have to leave it there we thank you very much for speaking to us from quebec city l.a. good to speak with you thank you well the team at inside story took an in-depth look at the g. seven summit and what's at stake as the u.s. president finds himself virtually isolated according to some on the iran nuclear deal for example on climate change this as
11:57 pm
a trade war looms as we're saying america's allies threatening retaliation against trump's trade tariffs had to al-jazeera dot com click on shows and there you'll find inside story. we are also on facebook at facebook dot com al-jazeera where on twitter our handle is at a.j. english just use the has tag a.j. news grid and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine already getting comments on our facebook feed here très are asking can the e.u. really stand to the u.s. and why has it so far sown no sign of retaliation well moving on to some of the other comments that trump made and within the hour as we're saying donald trump he's leaving canada he's flying off to singapore for his much awaited summit with the north korean leader kim jong il and that's scheduled for tuesday james bays are in the story for us james joining us from singapore you are listening to what donald trump to say in in canada james on the north korean leader just to break it
11:58 pm
down for us tell us tell us what he what he said. well it was interesting to have such freewheeling comments coming from the president of the united states such forthcoming comments heads of tense diplomatic negotiation that is going to take place here in singapore something so important for the u.s. normally you'd expect diplomats not to say and i think it is something like that in the u.s. president to be very guarded but it's clear that president trump wanted to talk about the forthcoming summit and he was very upbeat. be leaving for singapore i'll be on a mission of peace and we will carry in really in my heart we're going to be carrying the hearts of millions of people people from all over the world we have to get denuclearization we have to get something going we
11:59 pm
really think that north korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time. and we appreciate everything that's going on and we appreciate the working together with north korea they're really working very well with us but james what he also said was that the singapore a summit is a one time shot for north korea's leader kim jong il and so i guess a lot of people wondering well if it doesn't go well what happens then. yeah he's saying it's one shot with one breath and saying that kim has this one chance but then saying it could be the sort of a process a long running process and it was interesting that he sidestepped the question about north korea's gulags and you heard there talking about how north korea could be a tremendous country i don't think many human rights groups would say that was the case of north korea and then i think you got to the key points when he was asked
12:00 am
about what he hoped to achieve in this meeting and how he thought it would play out and he said that is bottom line for the meeting and i think quite unusual that a president would admit this was just that the two men got on that he got the measure of the man and he didn't need any commitments from this first summit so i think that is something the north koreans will welcome he said that in the first minutes he would be able to tell what he thought of supreme leader kim you said it's like when you meet someone for the first time you can tell whether you like them in the first five seconds he said it would be similar to that so the president clearly is going to look to their personal chemistry and that is going to decide i think the success of this first summit but that seemed to conflict with the one shot comment that he also made and we know that both leaders are going to be arriving on sunday there are scheduled meeting meant to take place on tuesday just
12:01 am
talk us through what we expect and what sort of preparations are being put in place in singapore where you are.


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