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tv   The War In June  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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and economic affairs commentator he says the contrast between the g seven and the c.e.o.'s summit is staggering it's a tale of two summits the best of times and the worst of times on one side of the world it is the worst of times if a family fractured instead of showing unity their bickering amongst themselves instead of creating a trade group they are talking about trade wars on the other side. who can receive the medal of honor from. it seems like a love fest it's gearing up to be something very interesting and it is a definitely a counterpoint it is also perhaps the focus of a new initiative that will link up the c.e.o. with the belton road initiative it is really the g six versus one at this point is despite the nice things said by the italian side it is clear that the u.s. is isolating itself and that is where a lot of people are going to be looking at the differences between these two
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summits how they're approaching the world it's different in terms of its style and its substance and this is very important important as the world is wondering what the shape will be a lot of businesses are not putting their investments in because they're not certain of the future this is going to be really a big counterpoint. a one time shot of peace is how donald trump is describing what will be the first of a meeting between a serving u.s. president and the north korean head of state on cheese day trump has left the g seven talks in canada as we mentioned and is currently on his way to singapore where his summit with kim jong un will take place as it ministration is hoping the talks will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program. kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't
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have that opportunity again he's never going to be there again so i really believe that he's going to do something very positive for his people for himself his family . he's got an opportunity the likes of which i think almost if you look into history very few people have ever had he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great so it's a one time it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work out very well a lot about to get at james bays has more from singapore. you heard him say there was one shot at this summit and that kim had to make a decision here but in the same news conference he said this could just be an opening meeting in the start of a process and i think the north koreans will be pretty happy with what they've heard from president trump because he was asked directly what he wanted to achieve
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at this summit means he said had all sorts of things he wanted to achieve but then he made it clear his bottom line was simply to get on with the north korean leader to make sure that they had a very good first meeting so then they could start a process saying that in the first minutes he would know whether kim was someone he could do business with he said it's rather like when you meet someone for the first time you can decide in the first five seconds whether you like them or not remember though is coming already tired from what has been a difficult summit coming here jetlag he does have a few hours when he gets here he has basically monday as a quark day off before the summit on choose state but on the other side of the table you have a much younger man hoff his age who will be negotiating with him someone who knows intimately north korea the history of north korea who was bred to be the country's ruler and also knows the secrets of north korea's nuclear program because although
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trump will be given ideas about north korea's nuclear program it has been a secret and want to seems even the cia don't know everything. still ahead here on al-jazeera the taliban in afghanistan announces a three day ceasefire to mark the end of ramadan plus. i'm andrew thomas in southeastern australia where there's outrage of the state government here is using taxpayers' money to prop up the timber industry they say looking around here the straw is not just the forests of the wildlife that relies on the. sea and it's. the same in. the weather sponsored by cattle and. places say we have now got some quiet weather pushing into the southeast of china after a tropical cyclone of course a tropical storm that's in the process of pulling out of the way hong kong around
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thirty two degrees maybe thirty three was some rain for a time just around the eastern side of the country but that will ease off a firm ounce of plan he was to go through monday well clout the clout here over towards the southwest northern parts of vietnam the piece of big downpours here but the really big downpours they are going to be reserved for the philippines northern parts of the philippines in particular we already have some flooding in lose a look at this huge massive cloud here so being driven through on the southwest monsoon showers longer spells of rain fading out with the next tropical system which is out in the open waters of the northwest pacific dragging that very heavy rain across much of luzon not just for sunday monday looks like another wet one so widespread flooding is very likely to be a big problem here is that in the coming days what weather to across the good parts of thailand that's any case as we go on through the next few days and it joins up with the southwest monsoon yet this that one again that's pushing in across much of the by a single really heavy rain there into me and into the final feast of india with
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further heavy showers for a good part of the western dance the weather sponsored by cateye only. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria launch a surprise more against israel harder to zero primitive so to get into this situation our disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera.
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what your knowledge is there are of the whole robin a reminder of our top stories donald trump has asked u.s. representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven leaders in canada all members had signed a deal but the u.s. president appears to have changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister at a news conference. donald trump has left those talks and is on his way to singapore ahead of tuesday's historic summit with kim jong un the north korean leader the u.s. president says the meeting will be a one time shot for kim to end his nuclear program and achieve what he called peace and prosperity. to the americas now where rescuers saying gotta moller say now it's almost impossible to find any survivors following a volcanic eruption there a week ago around two hundred people are still unaccounted for their relatives have been trying to find them after rescue teams are spending their operation at least one hundred nine people are being confirmed dead in the month for hugo eruption
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marilla sanchez is near the disaster zone. well governmental agencies and catholic groups have been coming here to the town. this is a center for relief supplies there are about twenty shelters around the area kaino here in two of them we visited one of them with a lot of women and children there they have they are receiving a blankets and food and clothes and water and so on but also very importantly many of these victims of the tragedy nearly one week ago are receiving psychological help inevitably when one person starts talking about what they live they start crying they are traumatized by these terrible events here in what they now there have been two explosions on friday two explosions that experts say are normal
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however the volcano continues its activity and it will take at least two and two and a half weeks for the mechanic to come down as the experts say in the meantime it is very dangerous still to go back to the villages that were that suffered the most and also experts are saying that the heavy rains could also caution mudslides. posing a risk to the communities around the volcano. saudi arabian state security has arrested a second women's rights activist in the space of three days. he was arrested for posting on social media her support for a new phone. he was detained on wednesday the arrests come in the same week the raby issued its first driving licenses to women as part of a series of modernization reforms. the taliban is
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in afghanistan has announced a three day ceasefire to mark the end of ramadan is the first such true since the group was toppled by the us led invasion in two thousand and one taliban fighters say they'll stop all offensive operations during the either of the holiday they thought this month except against foreign forces in follows a similar announcement by the afghan government just hours before the truce announcement taliban fighters killed at least seventeen police officers in the early morning raid hundred fifty fighters stormed a military checkpoint in herat province eight of them were killed by afghan army soldiers and in a second attack by the taliban at least twenty four police officers were killed in the northern couldn't do province government targeted several road checkpoints in the morning hours ahead of the cease fire agreement political and security analysts aboard card says cease fires like this are essential before the two parties can start long term peace negotiations. their desire to start a reconciliation process with the taliban has become top men so i need him out with
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a very open off a few months ago i bowed out offer to the taliban to start with negotiation again and then i'll bring back you know that this offer has come up from the funny government saying that this should be a cease fire and you know it cease fires that essential before you start and you are wrong the peace negotiations and we can see the ocean process but i still consider it is a very small kind of the c.p.m. we have yet to see negotiation process we start again. state department state. just for pakistani people and so i think people yesterday has been momentum and the minute that i live on to come up with that comes off and agree to lenny's three day off another thing i'd like to add which is significant about this first of all of the u.s. forces and the as well as for the u.s. side it being to my needs. there was no distinction made within the taliban about
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continuing the operation that seems to me next well and entirely by you you've been or we've had these kind of awful errors all our our kind of interventions from the us there or is draw a distinction between the i mean that which is on the list of terrorist organizations less as declared dead or stopped in isolation and usually that division is is whenever they're talking about but this time there's been a blanket kind of that awful of spiral of them being a cease fire against the taliban. so i don't hog responsibly it's going. there's a lot of momentum on restocking. with the taliban again. refugees in one of the world's longest times have been beamed around the world in a rare web streaming event they could cuba camp in kenya houses about one hundred eighty five thousand people from south sudan somalia ethiopia and other countries the organization arranges lectures around the world to try and change perceptions
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from a german was in the cocoon becomes for the event. it's been an extraordinary day here at the refugee camp here in north western kenya this is a refugee camp that houses around one hundred eighty five thousand refugees in this ted x. cacouna camp talk today this is something that's really been inspiring for a lot of the residents here the organizers are hoping with this event to showcase the positive impact that refugees that have had made not just in this camp not just in this country but all around the world now earlier i spoke with melissa fleming she's the chief u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson also one of the co-hosts of this event and i asked her how an event like this was going to help try to reshape the narrative around refugees and how refugees are perceived around the world most europeans or americans are astray and think that all the refugees are coming their way frankly most of them are in countries like kenya eighty five percent and yet they're invisible and we were hoping with this event today i can't we could really illuminate the camp but not
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only that the extraordinary refugees and the talents and the ideas they have by putting them on as powerful a stage as the ted stage many of the speakers here today are refugees among them actors singers musicians poets there was one young woman in particular a twenty two year old refugee from south sudan her name is mary mark here she spoke with me and told me that she came back to this camp after she had left so that she could teach children here and why that was so important to her. i look at the population in the. especially the population of the most of them a hopeless. and seeing me as their teacher who is almost their peer will actually. two more want to push on to see that life is not about the come life it's something more ahead and that's what i want them to believe it and every time
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i'm in my class teaching them biology our business. i'm not just teaching business i'm teaching business. that will help everybody i've spoken with here today has told me they believe an event like this is extremely important not just because it counteracts negative stereotypes about refugees but also because it will inspire so many refugees around the world. the environmentalist's in australia say they're appalled that taxpayers' money is being spent to bail out the logging industry they say it decimates forests that are home to critically endangered wildlife under thomas reports from the central highlands of victoria state the aftermath of log looks brutal in fact burning long ground helps regeneration those in the industry say they're committed to responsible we have a regime that i'm still balance the needs of conservation and the industry and
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regional economies and and communities but conservationists say the industry and the government that in part owns it has got the balance wrong propping up a declining industry prioritising job site the trees when the owners of this mill said cuts to its would supply would force it out of business the state government paid tens of millions of dollars to keep it going you can look at us or you can look at investing in a strong industry and a community that's had a rich heritage in supplying the till but timber that has built our towns. it's a heritage though that's been at the cost of forests and the creatures that rely on them in the two hundred years since european colonization most of southeastern australia as old as trees have been lost in victoria central highlands only about one percent of the mountain ash trees are more than a century old that matters because the oldest trees and the stumps of big dead ones
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developed hollow areas that animals like the now critically endangered leadbeater possums live in conservationists with night vision equipment look for them in areas about to be logged every sighting on the web as possum that we get there's a two hundred made a protection buffer against logging all the oldest trees and big dead ones are supposed to be off limits to this is an example of what's called a dead hollow bearing tree that has been protected all the younger living trees that would have stood around it have been felt but it's been left alone environmentalist i don't think anything like enough trees have been in this entire log area it's the only one that's been left standing there are completely burnt out stumps of similar trees nearby but researches say exclusion zones around individual animals and preserving just the very oldest trees does not go far enough they want
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large scale protection of middle age seventy or eighty year old trees too that is their next old growth forest i've got another fifty years before they'll start becoming a whole logically mature we need some of those trees to be very or growth forest that would mean excluding much bigger areas from logging economically and politically that could hurt andrew thomas al-jazeera in australia as victoria's central highlands. your job is there arms the whole room and these are all top new stories donald trump u.s. representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade but by g seven leaders in canada all members that signed the deal but the u.s. president appears to have changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister i don't news conference trump took to twitter to call justin trudeau weak
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and dishonest trudeau has dismissed his critique saying he said nothing he hasn't said before while the u.s. president is known as way to singapore where his landmark summit with north korea's kim jong un will take place his administration is hoping the talks will begin a process that eventually leads kim ending its nuclear program donald trump has described it as a one time shot of peace kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again he's never going to be there again so i really believe that he's going to do something very positive for his people for himself his family. he's got an opportunity the likes of which i think almost if you look into history very few people have ever had he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great
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so it's a one time it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work at very well to more people being killed in antigovernment protests in nicaragua both young men died from gunshot wounds rights groups accuse the government of using paramilitaries against the demonstrators protesters are demanding the resignation of president daniel ortega. rescuers in guatemala say it's almost impossible to find any survivors following a volcanic eruption there a week ago around two hundred people are still unaccounted for their relatives have been trying to find them or the rescue teams suspended their operations at least one hundred nine people are being confirmed dead in the month we go eruption the taliban in afghanistan has announced a three day ceasefire to mark the end of ramadan the taliban fighters say that they'll stop all offensive operations during the either the muslim holiday later this month except against foreign forces it follows a similar announcement by the afghan government those were the headlines and back
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with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera its inside story. shaping the world order china host the shanghai cooperation organization as. canada russia is also a major player in the eurasian group of eight countries which include some of the largest populations on the planet so how much power does the organization wield this is the inside story.
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of the program of the peron i'm at the top of mixed messages from russia and china appears to be drawing ever closer in an anti us alliance they're at the forefront of the two day shanghai cooperation organization eight countries seeking to expand economic and strategic links with some of their neighbors well president vladimir putin's already announced new trade and investment agreements with his chinese counterpart xi jinping is calling the russian leader his best friend reports from beijing. a friendship medal for russian president vladimir putin awarded for what china says is putin's outstanding contribution to china's development it's a sign of ever closer ties between the two men and the two countries both announced several business deals including a joint investment fund in projects in china and russia the closer relationship
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comes at a time when tensions with the u.s. have increased both the russians and chinese have been sidelined from tuesday's planned summit between trump and kim jong il despite that both are keen to show they retain influence over north korea. but i see. we've talked about the korean peninsula issue russia and china both want to see the korean peninsula and north east in asia enjoy the peace we are happy to see that the current negotiation process between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. is in the framework of the roadmap initiated by russia and china in recent communications pyongyang confirmed to us it will carry out constructive corporation in the denuclearization. a closer law its benefits both russia and china russia is accused of meddling in trumps election and faces sanctions for annexing crimea. chinese and american negotiators are trying to avoid a trade war and china has been criticized and challenged by the u.s.
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for its increasingly aggressive moves in staking territorial claims in the south china sea the meeting between china and russia displays of friendship between she and put it all in the words of the russian president in the spirit of overarching strategic partnership a partnership between countries that the u.s. calls economic rivals the agreement signed on friday go a long way in strengthening that partnership florence. beijing. well the shanghai cooperation organization has eight members as and four observe the states as well as china and russia the other countries a cousin started kyrgyzstan to take a stand and is back of fun as well as the newest members india and pakistan as we mentioned north korea is a major concern so is the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal iran is one of the observer states and are seeking for membership for the organization and so as of ghana stand president of ghana has called for more economic and security support from the s.c.
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and the shanghai organizations being seen as a platform for india and pakistan to engage with each other over their disputes including kashmir china's massive belton road construction project is also up for discussion the trade plan spans more than sixty countries in asia the middle east you have and africa boss india refuses to be a part of it well let's bring in our guests now from singapore by skype is graham on the web a research fellow at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies from beijing on the tangan a china political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues and from new delhi by skype is job and jacob associate editor of china report very warm welcome to all of you mr tag and let me start with you there are a lot of important issues many of which are also being discussed at the g. seven summit in canada where there is a lot of discord because of u.s. president donald trump's trade policies how is that disunity being viewed in china
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. well quite frankly it's not just china it's around the world i mean you have a tale of two summits one is full of strife and discord strife between the members and twitter tirades and then also issues about trade on the other side you seem to have a very well organized well oiled gathering in china headed by china but part of this as c.e.o. grouping and for the first time pakistan and india there and it's going to be a very interesting event mr webb what do you all thought say you as optimistic as mr tang and could this be a basis for an alternative to the traditional willed order that's represented by the seven countries meeting in canada do you think. well perhaps that remains to be seen i still think that the shanghai cooperation organization still has
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a lot of things to work out taking into account the relationships within the organization between countries in particular china and india have only been able to forge closer ties of late has or hasn't always been the case the story of any seventeen between china and india was quite different until we saw the meetings between prime minister narendra modi and president presidency changing at a cost of this year only of late and me india and pakistan also have outstanding issues with each other not least because of kashmir but also because of other issues as well that are outstanding the china pakistan economic record of for example is something that is a flaw on india's side and saw where as well as you it does have a lot of promise perhaps in some sort of alternative mechanism one could argue the same time this is still an organization that has its all in attentions and you know and issues that have to be worked out in order for it to go in some sort of cohesive direction and make
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a contribution to regional order and little bit talking about all of the issues that you raised in more detail in the program that message take of what do you think of the sort of emerging proximity that frat developing between these countries china russia and india is it a good start to work on some of the world's major issues right now and not just the ones between those countries. well russians believe that the chinese media you know . what they get now. and this they just should not be india and pakistan to be a c.e.o. well yes you know looks good right now in comparison to the seven right now because all trump is going on just better and brighter. but on the issue of nice but all that he represents the commonality of values is much evil or is much more broader vision than the se oh and you mention that it's about
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standards that use your and use the base being of those that we're not looking at the c.e.o. . or home or you know pakistan without which we have i think a lot of time he thought let's talk about that but eleven if you want to get you should in this particular matter. so all this is not you know that the indians are getting c.d.'s or are the leaders organizations. you know. so perhaps there won't be much progress on the issue between india and pakistan but what about china's quaked one belt one road project that india has been opposed to because of one of the one of the elements of the project is going through disputed the china pakistan economic corridor or do you think that we can expect any progress mr jacob on that issue because this is such
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a key. plan for china so i think the government position. the government position is that this. well i think that it is up there so the opposition is still very strong but. you know they'll be a. part of the seals agenda. and i mean there's no running away from it. and the iraqis will have to find a way to deal with it and if you look at the record last year or even as late as early this year in europe will simply not sign on to anything that. what are you know on the forums you know as an opportunity for conversations on the say. maybe. if you solve it you're right some sort of project or it measures big eventually
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people from the us ok so the way of knowing you know what it's. going to get back to started or other nations that rise so we will wait to see how much progress they can make on china's one belt one road project when india might not necessarily agree to some parts of that plan one things to tang and let me bring you in now one issue that these countries do seem to agree on is iran and the iran nuclear deal and not imposing sanctions against the country this is going to be iranian president hassan rouhani as that is his first foreign trip since the u.s. pulled out of that iran nuclear deal do you think that we can expect these countries not just china india and russia which make up you know three of the world's biggest economies three in the top ten but also the other central asian
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countries can we expect them to continue to do business with iran. absolutely i don't think they'll be any change i think russia china and india are all in favor of this as are the majority of the g. seven i think it's a really a six six versus one right now but you know i want to go back and touch upon a point that was made about the belton road initiative in order for india to come into its own it needs jobs and infrastructure and i think modi and she are putting together and realizing that they can work together and be far more powerful the fact is that they control forty five forty percent of the world's population and are the fastest growing a couple large economies in the world and together they could change the way that everything is done today previously we've always looked towards capital to make the
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rules but when the capital sixty percent of which is in europe and the united states has to make investments it has to choose places where the money can grow and that right now is india and china and i think you're going to see them cooperating out of mutual interests that does not mean that india will abandon its strategic security relationships with the united states but it does mean that they're going to make their own path as they go through this so you are much more positive then about the india china relationship going forward and also positive that all these countries will continue to do business with iran and instant. web what do you think these countries going to risk facing u.s. sanctions to do business with iran. possibly this is a very interesting issue it remains to be seen what what the issue of iran's membership is going to be a telly if they as your countries vote for iran's or or for membership inclusion to
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the su or from the status quo in the face of the establishment of u.s. actions against iran we'd like to withdraw from the comprehensive plan for action then. of course it's going to be a vote against what the u.s. has been doing you know in trying to be a villain or in the manner which or what turns established norms in not. you know respecting agreements to have been struck before and so that would be a completely interesting and i think you might want to do that. if it's at all possible for us to govern eyes international support on the matter and for for us to see the reinstitution of u.n. sanctions sanctions against iran mind you iran has failed to become a team full membership status or it has not met to the standards of that because of the fact that it was under u.n. sanctions until the signing of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with the u.s.
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and so that has prevented iran from getting full membership and now that the sanctions are lifted there's been a window of opportunity for iran to get film in the ship and now maybe the opportunity if the tide of international opinion does go into favor of the u.s. remains to be seen and perhaps the g. seven meeting may be one of those vehicles to work that out to try and what it the trauma ministration to govern eyes in the national or whether that happens in other question but it may be that the terms to prevent iran from getting in yes you will fully. and the subject have what do you think about india's prospects for continuing to do business with iran they of course have a very long standing relationship and we had from the indian foreign minister just days before the summit that no country can put pressure on them when it comes to doing business with other countries. indian part of the candidate it used to be americans i think we are very determined.
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to do our end. because it's practically the only influential and important player in the region. what i think is going to happen to be american values. and they're all on my back willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis part of the. issues and so on. and i think. there's not much that the americans are going to gain by putting pressure on india . but i think. we've sort of exceeded lose or gain much out of it and i think that's what is going to be all or the general relationship with it honest and i don't know if they'll pull. a gun on board you know the white house meetings that policy on iraq mr chang and i want you to expand on how you think china will proceed with iran because chinese companies have experienced u.s. sanctions you know which have driven them to bankruptcy china isn't bilateral trade
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talks with the u.s. these are all precious as it looks into investing further in iran surely. well the issue here is currently the us which represents twenty four percent of the world's g.d.p. is at economic odds imposing sanctions or about to impose tariffs on sixty percent of the rest of the world now if you start thinking about that number it makes sense for those sixty percent to do just as was said at the g seven. he said well you know quite frankly we can go our own way in the u.s. can go it's this would be a massive challenge two dollars a trade dollar. to me and it could result in helping europe also china it would set in place firmly this idea that this is a multilateral world this is not going to be dominated in future by one country in
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essence the united states by acting on its fears may have just increased in accelerated the realization of them and this on the web while the united states has pulled out of this iran nuclear deal it is going into a summit with the north korean leader kim jong un which is of course going to be another very big issue at the. summit do you think that russia and china have been sidelined by what's going on between trump and kim jong un. well at least s. that we see at this point in time where they see themselves being of course critical stakeholders one of the. members of the six party talks the six party arrangement devil feel that any resolution to the ongoing korean or north korean nuclear crisis is going to have to involve them and certainly the few that we. are you know i would argue and other observers of our view and i think this is where
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you and the u.s. may be arguing that this going to be a season for everything and right now what we need to focus on the need to focus on dumbs of the trauma ministration meeting now young young regime next week is a focus on a bilateral discussion and work on things that pertain to that bilateral relationship or adversarial relationship as it stands and that subsequently there will be. sora for these other meetings in which the russians and chinese can be involved but the opposite has happened india in the run up to the summit was seeing a range of developments where where we are beijing and moscow all talk your sort of all trying to get their interests represented at the table at the table next week at the summit represented by north korea on the one side in terms of chinese interests possibly the russian interests and on the other side of the table the president trump coming into the meeting representing tokyo's and stores interests we're going to be a bit of a. you know
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a complex situation except i'm trying to get all that out but this is what we're seeing and some of us feel that this just increases the risks of derailing some of the constructive comes that need to be had from the summitry mr tang and i could see you wanted to comment. yeah i'm going to disagree with my colleague there i don't think there is there's an asymmetrical relationship right now the u.s. will not allow any kind of delay in denuclearization and north korea cannot afford for trust reasons to speed it up so i don't think much more constructive than a handshake could come out of any kind of meeting between these two i do agree that the rest of the countries are concerned that trump might try to do a cowboy and just say look as long as you can't send a missile to to washington it's ok this is something that has been very nervous about because no one can judge exactly where he's going to go or what he's about to
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do but this idea that you know we have to get above the looking at the trees and see the forest you're seeing a massive geo political shift here which is being accelerated by washington's fears by trump's actions his unreliability everybody is drifting more and more east not only for markets but for political leadership so at this point i think it's foolish to be talking about sidelined countries in the end this comes back to the six party talks because there's no other way to resolve it there are interests involved by all of these parties and this should be considered settled by consensus not by two cowboys sitting down and trying to figure out how they can do things gentlemen we don't have very long left in the show and i would like to ask a final question to all of you mr jacob let me begin with you is the sort of trumps i isolationist isolationism the creation of the conditions for a challenge to this sort of world order what the u.s. at the top where we see more consensus rather than the sort of you need the kind of
9:42 am
consensus that mr tang and speaking about. i don't know i think that's a question that we want to get out of that that. get a lot of flak for being you know irrational maybe. acting like a cowboy wacko you know what's up just don't shoot you so big leaves are suddenly. and you know the biggest fact that example leading up to your summit even got to this i mean the most i think are sure that the u.s. is not what. the u.s. is and only. so then are you do. you what's up. the west is. going to be able to deal with the dangers or u.s. israeli as well that's what china is a very big star i would have to the. business of stronger than it
9:43 am
actually does article bitch the strong web but i like to pick up on that before i get in the city again the last lead. now i can no i would like to have a word in here i mean just to come back to the point of mr duncan made i'm not saying that russia and china are being sidelined i'm saying that they're perceived to be sidelined that's not helpful clearly i agree with that point and that's where the discussion needs to be steered in the right direction but in terms of the u.s. of the of us behavior yes i think at the baseline of the summit i think what needs to be had is attention to building a reporter working relationship otherwise you will not have a long discussions this will be a one off but it seems time the u.s. clearly is also realizing the limits of coming up with an absolutist position that there will have to be some give and take a decision to be a process to quote unquote president comes words having said that i think this idea of this principle realism that the james mattis talks about in the shangri-la dialogue is clearly hurting the u.s. because it's isolating itself it's losing
9:44 am
a lot of friends and burning bridges and i agree to a point about the shift towards a more multilateral world in which we don't have to wait for the americans will seek permission to consume more because we can form our own region and blocks and this attack and i can imagine that you would agree with us to on web on that last point. yes i would you have three major countries india china and russia meeting in a meeting it's well choreographed and you have six very unhappy european. excuse me g seven members who are leaning towards. breaking away from the u.s. had anime. mistake of didn't would do you have anything that you'd like to add to that. i think you know like i said. that if you shoot it almost at a much later and what they did i'm going to lose i think the no doubt about it
9:45 am
disagreements but it isn't those do not necessarily that the u.s. is going to be cut out picture or you see somebody that one out you know against us yes absolutely that one happens to expect to get out but you know the same way that mr trump goes that even with that not only our process yeah you know the underling of the do go was this i think that you that saw that and when i get or at mr jacobs thank you very much for that and thank you to all of our guests that is graham on the web and singapore on a tank and beijing and job and jacob in new delhi and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle us at a.j.
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and side story for me as a product and the whole team here i found out. a new series of rewind a pair brainier people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the both of us. and the others through the green one continues with kosovo and year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of one decade on i've come back to find out what
9:47 am
happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the earth. is everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous to get fang here painting this i alone but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with a substance issue running out i think they can pick up on the beach the
9:48 am
product move on plastic waste fries on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this new yorkers are very receptive to see because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. you're watching algis there i'm still robin and these are all top news stories donald trump has asked us representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade by g seven leaders in canada all members had signed the deal but the us president appears to have changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister as a dues conference took to twitter to call justin trudeau weak and dishonest trudeau
9:49 am
has dismissed his critique saying he's just said nothing that he hasn't said before john hundred has the latest from quebec city the g seven it seems to be in crisis the group of seven of the wealthiest countries in the world met here in canada despite a dispute over tariffs u.s. tariffs instituted by president donald trump that with unresolved here the group had hoped to paper over that disagreement with a statement in which they all agreed on a set of principles and some vague language saying they'd agreed on free fair and mutually beneficial trade even though they didn't define what that was and after they left. donald trump tweeted this based on justin that's justin trudeau those false statements at his news conference in the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our u.s.
9:50 am
representatives not to endorse the communique as we look at tariffs on automobiles flooding the u.s. market and he a lab rated on what he didn't like about justin trudeau statements in his press conference after president trump had left for singapore for his summit on with north korean leader kim jong. trump tweets further prime minister justin trudeau of canada acted so meek and mild during our g seven meetings only to give a news conference after i left saying that quote u.s. tariffs were kind of insulting and he will not be pushed around very dishonest and weak trump said our tariffs are in response to his of two hundred seventy percent on dairy so the g. seven summit is over and six of those members seem to be very far apart from one other member of. the u.s. president is now on his way to singapore where his landmark summit with north korea's kim jong un will take place his administration is hoping the talks will
9:51 am
begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program donald trump has described it as a one time shot of peace kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again he's never going to be there again so i really believe that he's going to do something very positive for his people for himself his family. he's got an opportunity the likes of which i think almost if you look into history very few people have ever had he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great so it's a one time it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work at very well to more people being killed in the anti-government protests in nicaragua both young men died from gunshot wounds rights groups accuse the government of using paramilitaries against
9:52 am
the demonstrators protesters are demanding the resignation of president daniel ortega at least one hundred thirty seven have been killed in violence since mid april. and rescuers in guatemala say it's almost impossible to find any survivors following a volcanic eruption there a week ago around two hundred people are still unaccounted for their relatives are been trying to find them after rescue teams suspended their operation at least one hundred nine people have been confirmed dead in the month way go eruption leaders from saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait say they're look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles they'll take part in the meeting on sunday in the holy city of mecca the european union's top foreign policy official travel to jordan on saturday to meet king abdullah the second fredricka mughal rini and the king discussed a strategic partnership between the kingdom and the union those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera its sports stoping the
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endless chase to stay with us here on al-jazeera. by the way you into. the yes clip of it but that's the balls of the board not us get. to find out the poor or not the new. just some resistance dancers. which never thought of the set says their last and
9:54 am
david sort of supported. the double that of a cousin to punches a pitch up the butt out of. a boat just that all know is that all of the. children are. about the only thing i. just noticed particular to you. but as you can produce at least. the story in peace kitchen fire when they meet the keanu. cook with its most authentic the. nothing about some of apollo's want to know about as well as thaw certain use the same facts to leg it you want to. pick your shining. your boy gave
9:55 am
the shining he wanted. but for the death of god we're going to consult man would not want to smoke this night you could see us he shall see me i have which now point she q four. point five four hundred four you really are step out of our box but it's about your mind not to your voice you'll use the part of us is a whistle blower heroine of the fight against doping despite the risks she had the courage to report an organized cheating system in russian athletics. causing one of the world's biggest sports scandals questioning the presence of russia in international competitions. and ask the question about doping in the russian federation. is not on the ice while never. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level. never has the
9:56 am
pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great to. get something to solve and it picked up this issue through spotty. cycling football power sports injury and sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work. till armitage but certainly it's also going to aid in a good many galaxies most of the sticky key values if you have to shift. the styles of high performance sports can spend up to one hundred thousand euros a year on state of the out treatments that are often still under development. the extreme growth of the sports business is gendered a lucrative black market in doping with an estimated thirty billion euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport demands that it was picked up to measure it given that he was picked at the measure of the
9:57 am
vote to succeed that he believes about the costs of whatever the less it by is on the best of us get on the christmas but even voters that. sponsors and sports federations a partly responsible. for the video poker player as well as a. miser put out. some leaders benefit financially from having to athletes and cover up the cheating to ensure participation in international meetings such as organising that's damage stuff that's a bowler pushed you on top of a culture it wasn't in a world that values prefer. moments in competition so highly are the proponents of green sports fighting a losing battle. it's
9:58 am
rare to find out leads willing to talk about doping. where starting instigation that things parts could i talk to no i'm sorry i have no comment to make nothing to say about that difficult to just what you perceive to find only to say was b.s. but the shop money for doping and it was up and. you know and she hunted him out in force by the militias she had you know nobody will talk about this please stop calling every day we can't say anything but. the subject is to boo. over control of that as you said you know that certain things about in fact i'm always. up. for. this young man is the first to agree to address the subject area but already you know. a quarter. twenty two year old quentin beagle
9:59 am
a hammer thrower tested positive from anabolic steroids at the european championships in germany in two thousand and fourteen. time to go a can you said what was on the bodies all filmed in latin with a long i don't do you want to have like. video as you hold it is that if you have a look at you are going to look back at the responses and of course i mean on the. mystery. results of the problem why more for sports gets what i thought nearly made . his coach rafael peel lanty was indicted for inciting doping. sissies of course. remember we're all just sentiment in the sixth day or misses the point of forgive for she said hobbled us to pawtucket off if you don't see it when you're up to put up or for the. kids to school the rest of us or not.
10:00 am
at eighteen going to big all became junior champion of europe at nineteen he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirties his career seemed to begin well. i don't know maybe the. comparable more. city they do all. the. you know stuff and there are bodies on priscilla system to the more traditional on the open your the new normal bunkers of a good next from this unit on times you never know what all called a possible beat up through this certainly they. do or.
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good news or they do. i'm sure to new york. or just something.


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