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western in floors at the door china was a buffer zone but is paying a heavy price to maintain the keim rejean or china wants to join the reconstruction work in north korea was this a stone the news that the summit is now back on has generated optimism that sanctions on north korea may ease and with that a boom in business and property prices have soared leading the local government to tighten regulations china recently resumed flights between beijing and pyongyang china may not be at the negotiation table but i'll be looking to make its presence felt. florence very joins us now live from beijing so with that in mind what sort of outcome do the chinese say they want to see from those singapore talks. and china will be watching those talks extremely closely and what china fears is possibly at closer ties between north and south korea which we've already seen in
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coming months because what they fear from that is that will push north korea closer to the u.s. which is a close ally of south korea if that happens china could possibly see that it loses even more influence over its neighbor and its traditional ally in north korea now and what could happen the best case scenario for china really is the withdrawal of u.s. military troops because there are there are talks there are there are reports that the u.s. and north korea in the upcoming summit could discuss formally ending the korean war that would all of us troops have a will still be a very long way away considering we've already got the u.s. defense secretary saying that any talks about u.s. troops on the korean peninsula will be part of a separate discussion and what china doesn't want to see and china is very keen to see how it is that you know north korea even though it's seen as a rogue state by many defying u.n. resolutions conducting this all tests what china doesn't want to see is
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a collapse of the north korean regime because then it would mean that refugees may overrun its borders and cross over into china so china is very clear it doesn't want it it wants to still be able to maintain its influence over north korea which it's seen itself losing over the past few years but it does still have some leverage for several reasons one is just the graphical proximity and the other is just the close and exit existing economic ties between these two countries you know we've seen in that story about cross border trade between these two countries but there they also jointly operate for hydro power plants if there are talks to build two more and there are talks even to build a free trade zone along the border with these two countries so china will be watching it very closely because if there is apiece. process then ultimately they want to see withdrawal of u.s. troops on the korean peninsula if that's not possible then they want to at least be able to be part of the we construction of of north korea north korea is the trouble
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between western allies in the g seven leaving very jean with the feeling that perhaps groups which it leads like the shanghai cooperation organization that has more of a chance to fill in the vacuum. that's right now the shanghai cooperation organization is made up of. eight countries in it was set up in two thousand and one it's led by china and russia they've recently included india and pakistan into the grouping with the addition of india now and this group has a lot more clout india being the fifth largest economy in the world and you've got china the second largest economy in the world in this group now the other countries that make up this membership are countries like to take a stand and kazakhstan so it's not an extremely powerful grouping in terms of having economic leverage and being being players on in the international arena so
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i'm not sure if it would be up to the challenge of filling in that void but it is increasingly clear that the u.s. may not be ready to be a leader in the international arena other countries may step up to fill that void or other organizations but what we are seeing though is china and russia are increasingly bready to step up and chip away at the existing international world order or florence lou there thanks for that. so i had an al-jazeera public anger in jordan as the cost of living continues to rise plus. we'll take you through stumbles biggest music festival show you how it's promoting musical education.
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by once again we've still got some very big storms rattling across central parts of the u.s. you can see how they blow off in the heat of the day these are homegrown storms lots of peace around for many we have got to temperatures getting up up into the twenty's across a good part of north america touching thirty four thirty five celsius for dallas and also for denver going to the mid twenty's once again over towards the middle lanty states says that they see it around twenty five degrees as that cloud and right it will continue to track its way further east was edging towards the appalachians bright skies come back in across the heartland of schools in northwest we've got temperatures around fifteen celsius for seattle bits and pieces of cloud and rain rolling in b.c. also seeing some of that wet weather which was a slide into alberta all pushing a little further east which as we go on into monday night is cold enough for some snow over the high ground at this stage of the canadian rockies nineteen celsius there for d.c. by the states a little cooler a little west so once again showers may molly will continue down towards the south
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and those showers that we see in the deep south will be very very heavy in the lot of heavy rain to insua western parts of the caribbean a scattering of showers there for cuba over the next day with more breakdown pulls to central america. discover new developments in surgery. when i am in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating. a breakthrough medical trials provide some much needed only to cystic fibrosis sulfurous based on all the evidence be being mieris it least a hundred fold morning and then putting a knife in the cure revisited on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now donald trump has asked us representatives not so indorsed the joint communique on trade put out by the g seven leaders in canada all members had signed the deal but the u.s. president changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister. donald trump has left those talks and is on his way to singapore ahead of tuesday's landmark summit with north korea's leader the u.s. president says the meeting will be a one time shot for kim to end his nuclear program and achieve what he called peace prosperity. republican senator john mccain is criticized trump's decision not to sign the g seven statement the former presidential candidate says his house at the
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u.s. president several times since he entered the oval office and he tweeted quote to our allies bipartisan majorities of americans remain pro free trade pro globalization and supportive of alliances based on seventy years of shared values americans stand with you even if odd phrase isn't doesn't. leaders from saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait say they'll look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles they'll take part in a meeting on sunday in the sacred city of mecca the european union's top foreign policy official traveled to jordan on saturday to meet king abdullah the second so that we can agree any and the king discussed partnership between the kingdom and the union cash strapped jordan is struggling to get on top of its debt after taking a seven hundred twenty three million dollar loan from the international monetary
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fund in two thousand and sixteen it relies heavily on foreign aid saudi arabia along with fellow gulf cooperation council members have not yet renewed the three point six billion dollars distance program to jordan which expired last year as well as this analyst say saudi and amorality investors have stopped financing projects in jordan the government also blames its financial woes on instability in the region chiefly the war in neighboring syria stifled trade and pushed up prices and this the burden of hosting six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees jordan has complained about not getting enough international support. is the founder of the news website net he thinks part of the gulf funding issue may be that countries no longer want to contribute directly to jordan's budgets. well jordan has had their financial aid from many of the gulf countries including saudi arabia and
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qatar and other countries and most of that has dried up or has gone on to specific programs not helping the basic budget of the country there is different schools of thought on this issue there is one that says that the gulf countries wanted to support jordan programmatically rather than just a cash a infusion and they wanted to support programs like building schools and highways rather than just giving them money and there are some people who think that there is some kind of a political connection to the stopping of the direct support but i'm not sure what the reason is but the really the fact is that jordan is suffering because of this absence of financial aid in jordan has a lot of responsibility towards palestine towards the mosque it trains in and pay the salaries of the hundreds of guards at the lock some ask and that is seen as representing not only jordan but they slam a quarrel than they are trying to protect the third holiest mosque in islam so they
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feel that arab countries certainly have a responsibility towards jordan to keep it afloat saudi arabian state security has rested a second woman rights activist in the space of three days. ronnie was arrested for posting on social media her support for nor for general we who was detained on wednesday the arrests come in the same week saudi arabia issued its first driving licenses to women as part of a series of modernization reforms rescuers in guatemala say it's almost impossible to find any survivors following a volcanic eruption there a week ago around two hundred people are still unaccounted for their relatives have been trying to find them off to rescue teams suspended operations at least one hundred nine people have been confirmed dead in the mt forgo eruption. two more people have been killed that antigovernment protests in nicaragua both young men
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died from gunshot wounds rights groups accuse the government of using paramilitaries against the demonstrators protesters are demanding the resignation of president daniel ortega at least one hundred thirty seven have been killed in violence since mid april if its five a catholic church to mediate in the crisis has so far failed pope francis has called on oil company bosses to help the world convert to clean energy warning climate change risks destroying humanity the leader of the roman catholic church has been hosting leaders from some of the largest energy companies at the vatican chief executives to collate a long term global strategy he said the issue was fundamental to solving the world's most pressing problems. although generally most i encourage you haven't demonstrated the aptitude for innovation in improving the lives of many people that you would use those skills in the service of two great needs in today's world the
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care of the poor and the environment environmentalist in australia say they're appalled that taxpayers' money is being spent to bail out the logging industry they say decimates forests that are home to critically endangered wildlife hundred thomas reports from the central highlands of victoria state the aftermath of logging looks brutal in fact burning long ground helps regeneration those in the industry say they're committed to responsible logging we have a regime that i'm still balance the needs of conservation and the industry and regional economies and in communities but conservationists say the industry and the government that in part owns it has got the balance wrong propping up a declining industry wrote the job so the trees. well the owners of this mill said cuts to its wood supply would force it out of business the state government paid tens of millions of dollars to keep it going you can look at it as bailing after
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you can look at investing in a strong industry and a community that's had a rich heritage in supply in the till but timber that has built our towns. it's a heritage though that's been at the cost of forests and the creatures that rely on them in the two hundred years since european colonization most of southeastern australia as old as trees have been lost in victoria central highlands only about one percent of the mountain ash trees are more than a century old that matters because the oldest trees and the stumps of big dead ones developed hollow areas that animals like the now critically endangered leadbeater possums live in conservationists with night vision equipment look for them in areas about to be logged every sighting of their biggest possum that we get there's a two hundred made a protection buffer against logging all the old astri's and big dead ones are supposed to be off limits to this is an example of what's called
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a dead hollow bearing tree that has been protected all the younger living trees that would have stood all around it have been felled but it's been left alone environmentalist don't think anything like enough trees have been in this entire log area it's the only one that's been left standing there are completely burnt out stumps of similar trees nearby but researches say exclusion zones around individual animals and preserving just the very oldest trees does not go far enough they want large scale protection of middle age seventy or eighty year old trees too that is their next growth forest i've got another fifty years before they'll start becoming a whole logically mature we need some of those trees to be very or growth forest that would mean excluding much bigger areas from logging economically
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and politically that could hurt andrew thomas al-jazeera in australia as victoria's central highlands. turkey's biggest city is alive with the sound of music the forty six stumble music festival is playing host to more than five hundred classical artists sin of course all the boards. as well as some of the world's most renowned classical musicians young talent is taking to the stage all over stumble. including twenty two year old q nash has a large. but talent she says needs to be polished with practice. fingers paid the price and as is often with artists her rewards have little to do with money. some other art is expensive no one produces hops in turkey my instrument cost twenty thousand euros at least these are all beyond my parents' budget i am dependent on funds. it is much the same story with her fellow musicians
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the molester among the instrument i buy its case its bow all a very expensive for us considering the euro is very high in turkey it is a sin all mark being a musician is all about what's in your heart in a way but besides education you must have financial support. classical music is not as popular in turkey as many other countries private institutions and companies tend to fund artists and events through what are called social responsibility budgets. this festival lazers with sponsors to support young talent while ensuring their educational needs are met. pyrrhic the some not doing arts and music together pushes us to think collectively about the world's problems and act together i believe music has an indirect wishing for peace the soul of some concert tickets will help fourteen girls who are
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studying music approach with young female musicians friend i will play the maintenance of my cello and. i will buy new hay up from my bowl so it's a mazing camp for me these young stars are already known outside turkey but that's home it is difficult for classical musicians to make a name for themselves and the government doesn't have an incentive or scholarship for special arts students. but most of these girls agree they're promoting their country with their talents and the government should recognise that and provide more help seen on kosovo al-jazeera stumble. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just here and now donald trump has asked u.s. representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven
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leaders in canada all members had signed the deal of the us president changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister trump took to twitter to call justin trudeau weak and dishonest true does dismissed his critics saying he said nothing has been said before particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that for canadians who either themselves or whose parents are community members have stood shoulder to shoulder with american soldiers and far off lands and conflicts. from the first world war on words. that it's kind of insulting i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians are polite were reasonable but we also will not be pushed
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around. the u.s. president on his part is now on his way to singapore well here attend a landmark summit with north korea's kim jong un he said ministration is hoping the talks will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program donald trump has described it as a one time shot of peace. it's day two of us summit in shanghai leaders from india china russia and pakistan were among the attendees at the shanghai cooperation organization talks north korea and regional security dominated the agenda leaders from saudi the united arab emirates in kuwait say they'll look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles take part in the meeting on sunday in the sacred city of mecca the european union's top foreign policy official travel to jordan on saturday to meet king abdullah the second for the week and more greeny in the king discussed
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a strategic partnership it's counting the cost next stay with us. in the first meeting between a sitting u.s. president since the birth of north korea supreme leader kim jong un comes face to face with president donald trump the world watches high stakes diplomacy to avert a global nuclear crisis al-jazeera will bring you live coverage of this historic moment for the korean peninsula and for international diplomacy the singapore summit on al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics jordan's economy struggling to cope we'll look at the stress is proving the last straw for many people. also this week the airline
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business find out if it's clear skies ahead or turbulent times for global carrys twenty eighteen. plus why top coca growers are trying to grab a bigger slice of the chocolate market. people in the kingdom of jordan have been staging angry protests over the rising cost of living the king was forced to sack the prime minister and the government had to back down on a controversial tax hike on i.m.f. back planned to raise both income and business taxes is what triggered the protests and although that's now been scrapped those measures are just the latest in a string of reforms earlier this year red subsidies were cut and costs have risen for small businesses jordan received a seven hundred twenty three million dollars loan from the i.m.f. in two thousand and sixteen and the government has a three year plan in action to bring down debt levels and then there is the
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economic impact of hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighboring syria and iraq. jordan's debt amounts to around thirty seven billion dollars which is about ninety four percent of g.d.p. and according to official estimates eighteen and a half percent of the ten million population is unemployed despite being home to some of the world's most important historical sites like the agent city of petra jordan is resource poor it relies on aid and loans from its oil rich neighbors and the united states jordan has also been hit by conflicts in neighboring syria and iraq it's taken in around one point three million refugees from syria alone we're joining us now from the jordanian capital and man is dr joe more than any chairman of a mad stock exchange and a former deputy prime minister in one of the previous governments thanks very much for being with us so the jordanian government has pushed through these austerity measures for the better part of two years now and the effect of it for millions of
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jordanians is a higher cost of living and it's clear that there's a great deal of public anger there and it's not going away so what's to be done. well right now i think that we need after six years of austerity measures actually to look into the criticism and value it what had happened so the best way is to change the paradigm which we have been following so far to concentrate on fiscal policy and fiscal reform without effecting any development has actually proved that we have got neither one neither we succeeded in fiscal reform nor have we caused any growth tangible growth that would enable us to face that when problem of unemployment and poverty so therefore the best way is now to focus on pro people policies that would aim and focus on effect on
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creating economic growth creating projects tangibles. deliverables that people can identify with and feel that the government is working for them and it is a people's oriented approach but how do you do that these people a oriented policies as you say without adding to government debt which is what the government is is trying to reduce we need to. ask the international monetary fund for two years holiday that we should we should not increase taxes let even if. i were i need to borrow to invest not want to cover current expenditures all right just picking out way we have to do that just picking up on that point about the i.m.f. do you think that they would be amenable to that to to adjusting their policies extending the program you know in order to give some some sort of breathing space for the jordanian government and by extension the jordanian people. yes and i think
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that. just like any other international organization they are looking for success stories to tell the rest of the world we're not asking the i.m.f. to change its own model what we are asking them that instead of decreasing the debt g.d.p. ratio from ninety six percent to seventy seven percent by the end of two thousand and twenty one to make of that in two thousand and twenty three now that would be tenable if we really begin to create good off if we grow the denominator which is the g.d.p. is going to grow and therefore the percentage of if we manage to maintain deficit as it is then we can cause a decrease a percentage of the crease in this issue and so this is the only approach you have to do and that requires a very strong effort on the part of the jordanian government part of the job in the
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people and the private sector and you have to engage the whole population because this is how you create synergy in the society you restore the spirit people are over exhausted from taxes and they cannot take it anymore but if you really address them feel that you are in prophetic with them they will begin to respond to your policies otherwise we would continue to do the same using the same ingredients using the same process and hoping to end up with a different dish that is not going to happen he talked earlier there about what you refer to as external challenges there is of course the ongoing war in syria which has been going on since since twenty eleven. and the and the refugee. problem that's resulted from that jordan has taken a huge amount of syrian refugees how much of a drain has that been on its economy well it has been a big drain on the economy of course increase in population usually causes it causes a decrease in increases. in g.d.p.
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that goes without saying but then cruising g.d.p. was no way commensurate with the increase in the in the population on average a jordanian has been has been suffering from a decrease in his better kept a income every year over the last six years of this is a burden some people are asking when is there any hope therefore you know at this if i look at it from this welfare point you can see that the joy joined in a people who have been paying in terms of decreased income that's coming their way secondly you know they have been facing increasing levels of cost of living. because refugees are crowding out the market they are causing demands on the basic necessities and many jordanians find that they have to go and seek some of the services that are usually provided by government go like education and health care
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and so on go and seek it in the private sector which causes them to pay higher. prices that would impact their budgets as well so therefore we reach this stage where many jordanian budget families budgets have been actually strained and they are asking now the question. is it my budget or is it the government's budget and now we need to enhance people's budgets so that they can spend more they can feel more relaxed and they will that will to my ticket indeed in due time to the increase in government revenues could speak you talk to joe it and any joining us from a man. thank you has another country that is in need of i.m.f. cash is anjan teena its agreed a bigger than expected fifty billion dollars financing deal the government there are for the i.m.f. help to stop its economy from sliding it's a crisis the currency is seen steep for as versus the dollar and inflation is
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running at twenty eight percent and many arjun tines are opposed to i.m.f. help they still blame it for the country's economic collapse and debt default back in two thousand and one while uncivil this from the national university of general saw me end tobe blames argentina's current problems on bad government policies we're going back to the i.m.f. because of an economic crisis essentially generated by the policies of the mockery administration since they assumed in december of two thousand and fifteen argentina is main issue is the foreign exchange constraint to what economists call the foreign exchange constraint i.e. the lack of. foreign exchange or dollars as they say here. to meet its external needs be a trade to be its tourism be its debt service and so.
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the way the arjun tang government has gone about solving that problem under market he has been a very dramatic increase in public debt all right still to come on counting the cost a summit in singapore find out what north korea wants on the economic front when trump meets kim. prefers fighters and footballers topped the list of sports money makers over the last twelve months i'm talking about forbes annual ranking of the world's top one hundred highest paid athletes freud mayweather leads the list the now retired american boxer heads the pack for the four. time in seven years earning two hundred eighty five million dollars footballers' leno messi and cristiano ronaldo round out the top three basketball is one game that's more likely to make you rich forty n.b.a. players made the list this year led by le bron james more than any other sport
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there were no women on this year's list for the first time since two thousand and ten tennis star serena williams was the only female athlete last year and those who are listed and a total of three point eight billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen now i phone maker apple have acknowledged what many have been saying for a while now its products have become too addictive so in recognition of that it's announced plans to launch new features designed to help you use your phone less but at the same time apple is also designing even more new features to keep you staring at your screen. a major policy shift for africa's fastest growing economy ethiopia's new prime minister wants to loosen the government's reins so in future state run telecoms power and aviation sectors can attract private money analysts are welcoming the move for now on ethiopian airlines africa's largest carrier longer be off limits to foreign and domestic investors and we could be seeing some
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higher airfares in the not too distant future that's because rising fuel prices are hitting airline profits around the world aviation trade body i.r. this week cut its profit outlook for twenty eight hundred jet fuel prices have surged more than fifty percent over the past year it said trade tensions also pose a risk for global carriers a year ago a blockade by four arab countries and qatar banned its flag carriers jets from their skies and its many heavy losses for the airline andrew thomas met with qatar airways c.e.o. akbar in back in sydney this time last year just before the blockade was announced catarrh airways was flying in every sense of the word your profits were up you're expanding new routes then the blockade and it's been a different story since how much has that blockade affected you and ellen do you think that could have ever stopped flying we are still flying we are still expanding. and that impact us that the.


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