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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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united in opposing trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum a move they say is likely to spark a trade war after the host of this summit canadian prime minister justin trudeau fired back i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that its kind of insulting but we also will not be pushed around. from air force one on his way to singapore to meet north korean leader kim jong sent off an angry tweet calling trudeau dishonest and weak all seven nations had papered over the trades bad signing an agreement that vaguely endorsed free fair and mutually beneficial trade without defining it that agreement is now moot in another tweet from air force one revoked his signature saying quote
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based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our reps not to endorse the communique trudeau's office tweeted back quote the prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before both in public and in private conversations with the president this picture captures the global tension and that was before the twitter war. already going down as the g six plus one six members on one side and president trump on the other. six of them members hope. escalating a budding trade war that instead has ended up accelerating. but it was trudeau who had the support of his fellow g. seven members where we disagree with you on something it is right that we say so and the issue openly and frankly. we have done just that at this summit registering our deep disappointment at the unjustified decision by the us to apply tariffs to
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e.u. steel and on the medium imports as the g seven leaders returned home they leave more divided than ever john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada lots more still ahead . you can pass and we'll play that's the word from nigeria's football players as they get ready for the world cup. hello welcome to another look at the international for coffee still got some very lively showers across central and western parts of your rule lots of clouds showing up still on the satellite picture that a pair of low pressure so fab a haze him play and there is of course the moisture which is driving some really thundery downpours some large hail and some very gusty winds as well further north
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it's a little quieter up tools in northeastern corner culled from here so it's on the chilly side moscow will struggle to get to around fifteen degrees celsius but come away from that and look at the warmth stockholm twenty seven celsius one into the twenty's across central pos maybe even touching thirty facade got to around twenty two in london on sunday showers scattered across a good parts of france northern there was a spy and poor schools and the schools could be affected over the next couple of days as monday's picture still some shabby rain around the central and western parts of france in particular falling back to around one thousand nine hundred s. in london should stay dry picking up to around thirty one the in vienna notice the temperatures do easily of a little the stockholm at this stage but it warms up in moscow by the which will be about twenty one degrees celsius out of the match in current highs here of forty degrees but another war wants to miss with a high of thirty seven. uncovering
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full d. forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipment's dirty just him or his being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry trial for treason crimes for which he's already served thirty church their evidence was the only physical evidence put really manning in that car this is with linda on al-jazeera. of a watching al-jazeera mine of our top stories this hour kim jong un has reportedly
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landed in singapore donald trump is currently on his way there for the summit of the north korean leader called the talks a one time shot at peace the top administration is hoping the summit will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program. has asked us representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven leaders in canada the us president changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister at a news conference. let's get more now on our top story in the lead up to the singapore summit some veteran diplomats in the u.s. are concerned the president isn't well enough prepared for the negotiations so he is likely to come out of that meeting room the strongest diplomatic editor james bays has been gauging expert opinion in singapore. the exclusive hotel where the summit will be held has already been placed in a close security zone singapore will be the venue for high stakes diplomacy which
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may go on for several days but it's arguable the fact this historic meeting is even taking place is a victory in itself for kim jong un his country is sort of meeting with the u.s. president for many years and he's achieved that goal without making any concrete commitment on denuclearization i think kim is a much canny or operator than we give him a lot of credit for certainly in the united states in other circles i think that he has got exposure to the outside world you know through his education in switzerland and i think that he's got advisors who understand the outside world pretty well even if they prefer to live in their relative isolation inside of north korea and i think that he is doing a great job at playing the united states in the fact that we're seen as volatile and risky right now in his interactions with the chinese and south korea those two countries a key to summit meetings now with south korea's president jay in the north korean
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leader and showing a different face to the world and smiling and prepared to negotiate and after reaching out diplomatically to the u.s. experts now believe it will be very hard to persuade north korea's main trading partner china to impose fresh sanctions if the summit is not a success i think it will be very difficult to return to the maximum pressure campaign of last year and early this year because north korea has indicated it's willing to negotiate to work towards denuclearization he's reached out to beijing and seoul and sort of got them on his side and so i think it will be very hard to get china to cooperate at least on the economic portion of the maximum pressure campaign much of course the pen's on what goes on around the negotiating table trump prides himself on the art of the deal but kim is the one who intimately knows the secrets of his country and its nuclear program. the world will be watching the
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diplomacy here in singapore in the coming hours and days could determine the future of the korean peninsula james al-jazeera singapore victor gao is the director of the china national association of international studies a think tank affiliated with the chinese ministry of foreign affairs and joins us live from beijing always good to see you victor gao so china's not there yet kim jong un has just flown to singapore in a chinese plane over chinese airspace quite a statement that they're still very much a player right well i think what matters is that mr kim president trump will meet this in itself is a very good development of course the taste of the pudding is in what they will come out with in result for the summit meeting as far as china is concerned china as be welcoming the summit meeting all along china has been promoting us and d p r
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k to sit down to talk with each other rather than threatening with each other against each other with weapons including nuclear weapons or for china it's a good development it's a good news for china and for the rest of the world we just hope the media will and in great results and what are those great results likely to be. what we do not know we do not know what will china like this great result of the need for china hand for the rest of the world. for china and for the region and for the world what matters most is peace and stability no more warmongering no more threatening with each other no war comparing which party has the larger pattern on his desk for example to press the world does not need the specter of nuclear war on the korean peninsula and i hope president don trump will
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calm down and really think it out and get us out of peace so if i'm going to jump through how many hans are we going war what little we know about these two leaders and the way they behave do you think they'll be able to pull it off or is there enough of a strength around them to push it further now i think what matters most is their first of all the denuclearization on the korean peninsula really need to have a timetable and need to be achieved sooner or later the sooner the better secondly the political system in the region the territorial integrity of d p r k need to be protected and with these two things intertwined with each other hopefully there will be mutually acceptable a result for both the united states and cared for all the other stakeholders in china definitely is a big stakeholder in the peace and stability on the korean peninsula it doesn't
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matter that much whether china is involved in the singapore summit or mot what matters most is that no one the united states or d.p. r. k. or any other country can disregard china's size matter weight significance as far as peace and stability on the korean peninsula is concerned all right victor thank you. yet another flurry of molten mud and rock has been released from the volcano in guatemala at least one hundred people died in last sunday's eruption with nearly two hundred missing emergency teams have given up hope of finding anyone else alive but on a sanchez reports. say this is one of more than one hundred victims of the eruption. boiling yeah she walks in fields were blown nearly two kilometers into the sky much of it landed including a serious bill each she and many others didn't have time to escape the barrier
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there was two sons and two grandchildren died with her in total eleven thirdly members died sissy's may go to see her brother in law her body was one of the last to be recovered. it was the most of medical clinic irruption weatherman in decades nearly two hundred people remain missing more than twelve thousand others lost their homes. twenty one year old madeline the letter king and her two children are adjusting to their new life in a shelter they flagged down a passing car and so little blue leaving everything behind our door you both of my children cried in fear and i begged god to save them so many children have died survivors have been helped by teams of social workers and volunteers children are showing clear signs of stress we must persevere. in their drawings they showed
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rocks red water like logs or trees without leaves i'm not a psychologist speaking tell they are traumatized there are twenty one shelters like this housing more than ten thousand survivors they're being given food and water and medical care the expectation is that they'll be here for a while experts say the danger may not yet be over apart from the. heavy rains. further putting at risk the lives of people in communities around the volcano. where the good team used to spew deadly clouds of. rocks and films experts say the volcano will calm down but it may take a few weeks before that happens. a lot and then go what their man. opposition supporters in democratic republic of congo have rallied in support of exiled opposition need. comes ahead of an election in december which could end president joseph kabila seventeen years in power khatami is seen as the leading
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opposition candidate in the vote and in monaghan reports. thousands gathered to hear the man they believe is the democratic republic of congo's best hope for change but moyes could tumbi hasn't set foot in the country for more than two years in this video message sent from exile he promised to unite the opposition and bring an end to the rule of longtime leader joseph dabo the movies that i believe dead people take this was a demonstration to everyone showing that moyes is alive and he's preoccupied with the situation of all congolese and also to say that we have a project which can properly resolve all these problems we want to transform the congo and restore was quite nice but also we want to unify the congolese people the support today about people is showing that we will overcome. the flip the d r c in two thousand and sixteen when prosecutors accused him of hiring foreign mercenaries one month later he was sentenced to three years in prison for real estate fraud he
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denies all the charges against him as promising to return for a presidential run. president joseph kabila has ruled that the r.c. for seventeen years his term in office officially ended in december twenty sixth dean but elections have been repeatedly delayed was brought forward protestors are accusing him of trying to hang on to power the constitution bars him from seeking a third term but could be still hasn't confirmed that he won't run again elections are now separate december but whoever emerges as leader will have major challenges to deal with more than a million people have been forced from their homes in eastern province as the military battles armed groups. the chaos has left nearly eight million people on the verge of starvation. the opposition are optimistic but there's still a great deal of uncertainty. the risk arrest to be returned home it's also still unknown it could be low will seek to hold on to power or if the election will be
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delayed once again. al-jazeera. the world cup kicks off on thursday in russia nigeria's football players are having to compete with the issues of pay impacting their performances during the last world cup in brazil the team became embroiled in a pay dispute i needed to support some port harcourt. nigeria super hugo's or training hard for the easiest world cup in russia. the focus is on winning in advancing in the biggest sporting event in the world i dispute over salaries and bonuses course to control during the last world cup in brazil four years ago. officials here say that was a turning point we sat down with the players of the cups in a new way the course and agree clearly what is their bonus for this what's present in the world cup already we agree on the money they're going to put up for it. really is no. one else with a workable and someone who has not been put aside officials say the players were
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paid two point eight million dollars for qualifying team officials say they want to avoid a repeat of what happened in a previous well crap in two thousand and fourteen when i didn't players to refuse to train ahead of their match the promise prompt payment allowance just this time a promise but officials are failed to keep in the past. some players say with a signed agreement their pay worries are put aside for now the focus is on the task at hand fighting their way out of a deal where they're considered the underdogs we like where we've been placed we don't want to be one of the favorites i think this will give the team a bit more motivation to prepare to try to prove that you know the critics the prove people wrong that we can actually do much better i do think we can do so. general the playing argentina. in iceland as a try to advance from the group stages many will be watching to see if indeed
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football of issues and players have learned lessons from twenty fourteen. i'll just point out. again the top stories on al-jazeera kim jong un has landed in singapore donald trump is currently on his way there for the summit with the north korean leader called the talks a one time shot at peace trump administration is hoping the summit will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program in no time disasters representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven leaders in canada the us president changed his mind following comments by kansas prime minister at a news conference. particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that for canadians who either themselves or
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whose parents or community members have stood shoulder to shoulder with american soldiers and far off lands and conflicts. from the first world war on words. that it's kind of insulting i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians are polite were reasonable but we also will not be pushed around yet another flood of molten mud an ash has been spewing from the volcano in guatemala at least a hundred people died in last sunday's eruption with nearly two hundred still missing emergency teams have given up hope of finding anyone else alive thousands have been left homeless. pope francis has called on oil company bosses to help the world convert to clean energy warning climate change risks global destruction the
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leader of the roman catholic church has been hosting chief executive some some of the largest energy companies at the vatican he urged them to collate a long term energy strategy saying the issue was fundamental to solving the world's most pressing problems he called little can of the most i encourage you having demonstrated the aptitude for innovation and improving the lives of many people that you would use those skills in the service of two great needs in today's world the care of the poor and the environment one hundred thousand government supporters in romania have marched against what they say are abuses by anti corruption prosecutors they're accused of having too much power and let's have a legally tap phones and i'm just really targeted officials suspected of fraud. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story. the first meeting between a sitting u.s.
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president since the birth of north korea supreme leader kim jong il comes to the face with the president from the world one stakes diplomacy goods a global crisis out is iraq we'll bring you live coverage of this historic moment for the korean peninsula and for international diplomacy the singapore summit on. shaping the world order china host the shanghai cooperation organization as g seven leaders canada russia is also a major player in the eurasia group of eight countries that include some of the largest populations on the planet so how much power does the organization wield this inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm elizabeth piron i'm at the top of mix messaging from donald trump from russia and china appears to be drawing ever closer in an anti u.s. ally and they're at the forefront of the two day shanghai cooperation organization eight countries seeking to expand economic and strategic links with some of their neighbors well president vladimir putin's already announced new trade and investment agreements with his chinese counterpart xi jinping is calling the russian leader his best friend florence louis reports from beijing. a friendship medal for russian president vladimir putin awarded for what china says is putin's outstanding contribution to china's development it's a sign of ever closer ties between the two men and the two countries both announced several business deals including a joint investment fund in projects in china and russia the closer relationship
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comes at a time when tensions with the u.s. have increased both the russians and chinese have been sidelined from tuesday's planned summit between trump and kim jong il despite that both are keen to show they retain influence over north korea. and i see. we talked about the korean peninsula issue russia and china both want to see the korean peninsula and north east in asia enjoy the peace we are happy to see that the current negotiation process between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. is in the framework of the roadmap initiated by russia and china in recent communications pyongyang confirmed to us it will carry out constructive corporation in the denuclearization. a closer lion's benefits both russia and china russia is accused of meddling in trump's election and faces sanctions for annexing crimea. chinese and american negotiators are trying to avoid a trade war and china has been criticized and challenged by the u.s.
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for its increasingly aggressive moves in staking territorial claims in the south china sea the meeting between china and russia displays of friendship between and pretty are in the words of the russian president in the spirit of overarching strategic partnership a partnership between countries that the u.s. calls economic rivals the agreement signed on friday go a long way in strengthening that partnership florence. beijing. well the shanghai cooperation organization has eight members as and four observe the states as well as china and russia the other countries a cosmic star and kyrgyzstan to take a stand and back of front as well as the newest members india and pakistan as we mentioned north korea is a major concern so is the us withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal iran is one of the observer states and is seeking for membership for the organization and so as of ghana's farm president of ghana has called for more economic and security support
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from the s.c. and the shanghai organizations being seen as a platform for india and pakistan to engage with each other over their disputes including kashmir china's massive belton road construction project is also up for discussion the trade plan spans more than sixty countries in asia the middle east you have and africa boss india refuses to be a part of it well let's bring in our guests now from singapore by skype is graham on the web a research fellow at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies from beijing china tangan a china political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues and from new delhi by skype is job and jacob associate editor of china report very warm welcome to all of you mr tag and let me start with you there are a lot of important issues many of which are also being discussed at the g. seven summit in canada where there is a lot of discord because of u.s. president donald trump's trade policies how is that disunity being viewed in china
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. well quite frankly it's not just china it's around the world i mean you have a tale of two summits one is full of strife and discord strife between the members and twitter tirades and then also issues about trade on the other side you seem to have a very well organized well oiled gathering in china headed by china but part of this as c.e.o. grouping and for the first time pakistan and india there and it's going to be a very interesting event mr webb what do you all thought say you as optimistic as mr tang and could this be a basis for an alternative to the traditional willed order that's represented by the seven countries meeting in canada do you think. well perhaps that remains to be seen i still think that the shanghai cooperation organization still has
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a lot of things to work out taking into account the relationships within the organization between countries in particular china and india have only been able to forge closer ties of late has or hasn't always been the case the story of any seventeen between china and india was quite different until we saw the meetings between prime minister narendra modi and president presidency jean during the course of this year only of late and me india and pakistan also have outstanding issues with each other not least because of kashmir but also because of other issues as well that are outstanding the china pakistan economic record of for example is something that is a flaw on india's side and saw where as well as you it does have a lot of promise perhaps in some sort of alternative mechanism one could argue the same time this is still an organization that has it's all in attentions and you know and issues that have to be worked out in order for it to go in some sort of cohesive direction and make
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a contribution to regional order and little bit talking about all of the issues that you raised in more detail in the program that message take of what do you think of the sort of emerging proximity that fragged developing between these countries china russia and india is it a good start to work on some of the world's major issues right now and not just the ones between those countries. well russia and the leaders of the chinese media you know all well what they get now. and this they just should not be india and pakistan to be a c.e.o. well it's you know looks good right now in comparison to the seven right now because all trump is going on just. the issue of those countries or the next but all that he represents the commonality of values is much easier is much more broader vision than the us you know and you mentioned i think
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that it's about challenges that yes you know and to use the space being you know those that we're not looking at the c.e.o. or or you know pakistan who thought that we had i think it wants to eat scholars talk about that but eleven if you want to get you shouldn't this. so all this is not you know the indians are getting c.d.'s you know if you or other leaders organizations. you know you go into it. so perhaps there won't be much progress on the issue between india and pakistan but what about china's quaked one belt one road project that india has been opposed to because one of the one of the elements of the project is going through disputed the china pakistan economic corridor or do you think that we can expect any progress mr jacob on that
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issue because this is such a key. plan for china so i think the position. the government position is that this. well i think that i don't think it is often so the opposition is still very strong but. you know they'll be a. part of the seals agenda. and i mean there's no running away from it. and the iraqis will have to find a way to deal with it and if you look at the record last year or even as late as early this year in europe will simply not sign on to anything that. what are you know all the forums you know it was an opportunity for conversations on the say. maybe. we. used to call it you know right some sort of project or
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measures like big eventually people from the it's ok so the way of knowing you know what it's. going to get back to started over other nations as well right so we will wait to see how much progress they can make on china's one belt one road project when india might not necessarily agree to some parts of that plan one things to tang and let me bring you in now one issue that these countries do seem to agree on is iran and the iran nuclear deal and not imposing sanctions against the country this is going to be iranian president hassan rouhani as that is his first foreign trip since the u.s. pulled out of that iran nuclear deal do you think that we can expect these countries not just china india and russia which make up you know three of the world's biggest economies three in the top ten but also the other central asian
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countries can we expect them to continue to do business with iran. absolutely i don't think they'll be any change i think russia china and india are all in favor of this as are the majority of the g. seven i think it's a really a six six versus one right now but you know i want to go back and touch upon a point that was made about the belton road initiative in order for india to come into its own it needs jobs and infrastructure and i think modi and she are putting together and realizing that they can work together and be far more powerful the fact is that they control forty five forty percent of the world's population they're the fastest growing a large economies in the world and together they could change the way that everything is done today previously we've always looked towards capital to make the
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rules but when the capital sixty percent of which is in europe and the united states has to make investments it has to choose places where the money can grow and that right now is india and china and i think you're going to see them cooperating out of mutual interests that does not mean that india will abandon its strategic security relationships with the united states but it does mean that they're going to make their own path as they go through this so you are much more positive then about the india china relationship going forward and also a positive that all these countries will continue to do business with iran and instant. web what do you think these countries going to risk facing u.s. sanctions to do business with iran. possibly this is a very interesting issue it remains to be seen what what the issue of iran's membership is going to be a telly if they as your countries vote for iran's or or for membership inclusion to
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the su or from observer status in the face of the establishment of u.s. actions against iran we'd like to withdraw from the comprehensive plan for action then. of course it's going to be a vote against what the u.s. has been doing you know in trying to be a villain or in a manner which or what turns established norms in not. you know respecting agreements to have been struck before and so that will be a completely interesting and i think you might want to do that. if it's at all possible for us to govern eyes international support on the matter and for us to see the reinstitution of u.n. sanctions sanctions against iran mind you iran has failed to become a team full membership status or it has not met to the standards of that because well the fact that it was on the u.n. sanctions until the signing of the twenty fifty nuclear deal with the u.s.
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and so that has prevented iran from getting full membership and now that the sanctions are lifted there's been a window of opportunity for iran to get film and ship and now maybe the opportunity if the tide of international opinion does go into favor of the u.s. remains to be seen and perhaps the g. seven meeting maybe one of those vehicles or what that up to try and but it the trauma ministration to govern eyes international support whether that happens in other question but it may be that those attempts to prevent iran from getting in yes you will fully. and the subject have what do you think about india's prospects for continuing to do business with iran they of course have a very long standing relationship and we had from the indian foreign minister just days before the summit that no country can put pressure on them when it comes to doing business with other countries. bottom of the candidate it used to be americans i think we are determined.
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to do our end. because it's practically the only and influential and important player in the region. what i think is going to happen to be american values. and they're all on my back to make exceptions on a case by case basis part of the you know. and i think. there's not much that the americans are going to gain by putting pressure on india . but i think. we've sort of exceeded lose or gain much out of it and i think that's what is going to be all or the general relationship with that honest answer i don't know if they'll pull. a gun on board you know the white house meetings that policy on iraq mr chang and i want you to expand on how you think china will proceed with iran because chinese companies have experienced u.s. sanctions you know which have driven them to bankruptcy china isn't bilateral trade
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talks with the u.s. these are all precious as it looks into investing further in iran surely. well the issue here is currently the u.s. which represents twenty four percent of the world's g.d.p. is at economic odds imposing sanctions or about to impose tariffs on sixty percent of the rest of the world now if you start thinking about that number it makes sense for those sixty percent to do just as was said at the g seven. he said well you know quite frankly we can go our own way in the u.s. can go it's this would be a massive challenge two dollars a trade dollar. to me and it could result in helping europe also in china it would set in place firmly this idea that this is a multilateral world this is not going to be dominated in future by one country in
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essence the united states by acting on its fears may have just increased in accelerated the realization of them and this on the web while the united states has pulled out of this iran nuclear deal it is going into a summit with the north korean leader kim jong un which is of course going to be another very big issue at the. summit do you think that russia and china have been sidelined at all by what's going on between trump and kim jong un. well at least as do we see at this point in time they see themselves being of course critical stakeholders one of the. members of the six party talks the six party arrangement devil feel that any resolution to the ongoing korean and korean nuclear crisis is going to have to involve them and certainly the few that we. are you know i would argue and other observers would argue and i think this is where
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you and the u.s. may be arguing that this going to be a season for everything and right now what we need to focus on these the need to focus on dumbs of the trauma mr asian meeting now john young regime next week is to focus on a bilateral discussion and work on things that pertain to that bilateral relationship or adversarial relationship as it stands and that subsequently there will be. sora for these other meetings in which the russians and chinese can be involved but the opposite has happened in the in the run up to the summit was seeing a range of developments where. we beijing and moscow all talk your saul are all trying to get their interests represented at the table at the table next week at the summit represented by north korea on the one side in terms of chinese interests possibly the russian interests and on the other side of the table in terms of president trump coming into the meeting representing tokyo's and stores interest so we're going to be a bit of a. you know
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a complex situation except i'm trying to get all that out but this is what we're seeing and some of us feel that this just increases the risks of your ailing some of the constructive comes that need to be had from the summitry mr tang and i can see you wanted to comment. yeah i'm going to disagree with my colleague there i don't think there is there's an asymmetrical relationship right now the u.s. will not allow any kind of delay in denuclearization and north korea cannot afford for trust reasons to speed it up so i don't think much more constructive than a handshake could come out of any kind of meeting between these two i do agree that the rest of the countries are concerned that trump might try to do a cowboy and just say look as long as you can't send a missile to to washington it's ok this is something that has been very nervous about because no one can judge exactly where he's going to go or what he's about to
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do but this idea that you know we have to get above the looking at the trees and see the forest you're seeing a massive geo political shift here which is being accelerated by washington's fears by trump's actions his unreliability everybody is drifting more and more east not only for markets but for political leadership so at this point i think it's foolish to be talking about sidelined countries in the end this comes back to the six party talks because there's no other way to resolve it there are interests involved by all of these parties and this should be considered settled by consensus not by two cowboys sitting down and trying to figure out how they can do things gentlemen we don't have very long left in the show and i would like to ask a final question to all of you mr jacob let me begin with you is the sort of trumps i isolationist isolationism the creation of the conditions for a challenge to the sort of world order and what the us at the top where we see more
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consensus rather than the sort of uni polo the kind of consensus that mr tang and speaking about. i don't know i think that's a question that we want to get out of that that. get a lot of flak for being you know irrational maybe. acting like a cowboy wacko you know what's up just don't change so quickly so suddenly. and you know the very fact that example leading up to your summit even come up with this i mean it's even taking i think are shows that the u.s. is not what. the u.s. is and only. so then are you do. you what's up. the west is. going to be able to deal with the changes or us are driving as well that's what china is a very big star i would have to the. business are stronger than it
4:43 pm
actually says article bitch the strong web but i like to pick up on that before i get the last lead. you know i cannot i would like to have a word in here i mean just to come back to a point of dumbest thing and made i'm not saying that russia and china are being sidelined i'm saying that to perceive to be sidelined that's not helpful clearly i agree with that point and that's where the discussion needs to be steered in the right direction but in terms of the u.s. of the of us behavior yes i think at the baseline of the summit i think what needs to be had is attention to building ripon a working relationship otherwise we will not have a long discussions this will be a one off but it seems time the u.s. clearly is also realizing the limits of coming up with an absolutist position that there will have to be some give and take a decision to be a process to quote unquote president comes words having said that i think this idea of this principle realism that james mattis talked about in the shangri-la dialogue is clearly hurting the u.s. because it's isolating itself it's losing
4:44 pm
a lot of friends and burning bridges and i agree to a point about the shift towards a more multilateral world in which we don't have to wait for the americans will seek permission to consume more because we can form our own region and blocks and this attack and i can imagine that you would agree with us to on web on that last point. yes i would you have three major countries india china and russia meeting in a meeting it's well choreographed and you have six very unhappy european. excuse me g seven members who are leaning towards. breaking away from the u.s. ahead anime. mr jacob didn't would do you have anything that you'd like to add to that. i think you know like i said. if there is future almost and a much later and what they did commonality of values i think you know the analog
4:45 pm
signals but if the signals do not necessarily. the u.s. is going to be cut out of each other or are you six hundred one out by now against us yes absolutely that one happens expect iraq but you know the same way that mr crump calls that the with that not only our process yeah you know the underling of the result was this i think you know when i get or at mr jacob thank you very much for that and thank you to all of our guests that is graham on the web and singapore on a tank and beijing and job and jacob in new delhi and thank you to for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle us at a.j.
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bowl. president donald trump heads to singapore for his meeting with north korea's kim jong un who's already landed. there jane mrs al-jazeera live from doha also coming up china has been hosting its own summit the shanghai cooperation organization where russian president vladimir putin said he's moving to willing to meet champ once washington is ready plus
4:49 pm
canadians polite were reasonable but we also will not be pushed around canada in response to attacks by donald trump after he rejected the g seven summits concluding statement on twitter. nearly two hundred people are missing after guatemala's volcanic eruption but emergency workers say there's little hope of finding survivors. north korean president kim jong un has landed in singapore ahead of a summit with the u.s. president donald trump the two leaders are to meet there on choose day to discuss denuclearization plans for north korea among other things earlier trump left the g seven talks in canada for singapore calling his meeting with the north korean leader a one time shot at peace trump administration is hoping the summit will begin a process that eventually leads to an end to pyongyang's nuclear program. but
4:50 pm
china's been hosting its own summit the shanghai cooperation organization flown slowly in beijing we'll have more on what's been said there but first let's begin with adrian brown in singapore so kim jong un has landed what do we know of his arrival and the expectations for today. well here arrived here at about two thirty six local time after a long flight from pyongyang and he arrived shane not on an airliner from his own country but one from china air china seven four seven that in itself is significant because it demonstrates that china still has influence over the north korean leader and of course china canal just least we have played a significant role in ensuring that this summit takes place here in singapore now after you arrived kim jong un was greeted by singapore's foreign minister and then his twenty vehicle motorcade made its way from the airport into the city center to
4:51 pm
the st regis hotel which will be his base during his few days here in singapore and i think it's fair to say that. the the singaporean people who lined the streets to watch that motorcade have really never seen anything quite like this before kim jong un of course has only ever made two international flights since becoming leader of north korea the previous occasion was when he flew to the northeastern city of darlie and in may to meet president xi jinping and now of course he's arrived here in singapore and of course this is only the third country that he's visited since becoming north korean leader the other countries being china and of course south korea now singapore of course has a lot invested in this summit it wants this to be a success because if it is singapore will bask in the diplomatic limelight now president donald trump is due to arrive here in about three hours time he's flying in on air force one and then of course both leaders are due to have bilateral
4:52 pm
meetings with singapore's president kim jong un prime minister i'm sorry kim jong un will have that on sunday later on sunday and president from will meet the singaporean prime minister on monday so a lot happening in the next few hours and days before that key summit on tuesday and of course we still don't really have a clear idea as to exactly what is on the table before he left canada president from said that this was kim jong un's last shot as he said but he also said that he would know if he was going to get on with kim jong un within a minute of meeting him but then added you know he was coming to singapore as part of the mission for peace so you know a lot is riding on this summit you know we don't know what's going to be said as i as i said earlier but i think it's fair to assume that we could possibly see the outlines of the deal an agreement to formally end the korean war remember we have
4:53 pm
had no peace treaty what we have is an armistice that stops the the shooting as it were. and there too what has really been the world's longest ever cease fire that could change here in singapore and of course that would be an extremely historic moment because you know north korea and the united states remain you know sworn enemies that could change in the next seventy two hours thank you for that adrian brown will as we mentioned china's been hosting the shanghai cooperation organization summit let's go over to france lawyer who's in beijing and we just wondering about what came out of the summit and the fact that putin has said that he is ready to meet trump when trump is ready. that's right and the russian president vladimir putin has said he's ready to meet with trump face to face and remember these remarks come just as trump had said at the g seven meeting or had suggested that really perhaps it was time to allow
4:54 pm
russia back into the g. seven group a remark that won him no friends no favors with the rest of the g. seven members it angered british prime minister to reason may who had accused russia of poisoning a russian a former russian spy and his daughter on british spell that incident also caused the trumpet ministration to expel some russian officials from the u.s. and if you remember russia was kicked out of the g seven grouping after it annexed crimea in two thousand and fourteen and now you have putin saying that he's ready to meet donald trump face to face just off donald trump suggested that russia should be allowed back into the g. seven grouping so we could perhaps see maybe a flaw in the relationship that russia has with the other western countries perhaps a relaxation of sanctions but it really is too early to tell but it certainly shows
4:55 pm
how trump is willing to just go ahead and do his own thing and ignore what the rest of his allies want ok and what about comments made by. the iranian leader criticizing the u.s. over its stance of its nuclear program. that's right now iran is not a member state of the shanghai cooperation organization but it is a it does have observer status and its president hassan rouhani is in china his first overseas trip since the iran nuclear deal since the u.s. because drew from the iran nuclear deal he took the opportunity to chris. besides the u.s. for withdrawing from that deal this is a deal that eases sanctions on iran in exchange for restrictions on iran's nuclear facilities beijing as well as russia and other european countries had criticized the u.s. from withdrawing from that deal and now you've got hasan rouhani using this platform
4:56 pm
to again criticize u.s. unilateralism and not only that praising russia and china for their efforts in maintaining in trying to maintain the deal so we've also got we've also heard the chinese president xi jinping say at the summit on sunday suggesting that american hegemony. while it is still the order of the day that they are growing calls for a more just and equitable international order to what we could be seeing is china leading a new alliances forging new alliances to challenge the existing world order led by the united states' rights thank you for that florence laurie. will be annual g. seven summit ended with an escalating rar between the u.s. and china we're going to get back to that a little bit later on this bring in michelle get out see here is an economist and the head of the china economic policy research program at university joins us on
4:57 pm
skype from shanghai very good to have you with us so we've got this summit hosted by china kim jong un has just landed in singapore after taken a flight on a chinese plane over space what sort of message do you think is coming from china here. well i think the mason is clear just at the same time as we have the what they call it the failure of the g seven meeting in canada at the same time asia playing a very important role of not just this weekend but just sending the big signal that the big changes the big decisions are being made here not just the within this not hype of racial meeting but also the meeting with north korea while the way that the g. seven that by the way does not include neither china or russia these kind of straddling not just with the rest of the world of this start to struggle with each other agenda and so in
4:58 pm
a way just like we have seen in the last couple of years the disease of further if i may use the word triumph of force e.g. being to be the people to all player in the region first of all sort of rising to a more important role within that within the world and so this is a very important and we have very positive it with asians also for the meeting in singapore if this is china showing its power and its clout i'm just wondering what china wants to get out of this meeting now between kim jong un and donald trump where would they like to see it headed. i think it's a win win for all let's say for parties north and south korea china the united states russia even and all the old asia we here in asia we hope and almost believe that these will be the beginning like you mention in your report of their own over a new era of peace in in asia the situation out in the step of lies in china what
4:59 pm
this china wants and china wants to play this one scene greece it's soft power in the eyes of the western observers that is not a threat that it's not their problem but the a solution to the problem and even the simple gesture of using air china airplane you suggest of coming to help china objective is to tell the world that we are not creating a problem we are here to solve them and so far so good and if they get what they want i should imagine it's economically beneficial for all. of course of course it's beneficial for all let's not forget china has a strong interest in that what they call it the new silk road initiative but also closer ties with russia let's not forget that china has now declared to be an arctic power and so the north arctic rule to for shipping is going to be open over the next a few years not quite yet that will take some times of but china now will
5:00 pm
be closer in their relationship with russia for investment in the northern siberia and at the same time countries in europe or even the one i come from i come from italy we are looking at a closer relationship with russia perhaps a real discussion and maybe lifting the sanctions against the russia and again china is again being seen as a people to role in helping. getting closer relationship such as i want soft power economic ties and the opportunity to expand its inmates meant to see you know peaceful investment into first of all central asia ok can i get out say thank you while that g. seven summit that we touched on ended with an escalating round between the u.s. and.


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