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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 161  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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ten but also the other central asian countries can we expect them to continue to do business with iran. absolutely i don't think they'll be any change i think russia china and india are all in favor of this as are the majority of the g. seven i think it's a really a six six versus one right now but you know i want to go back and touch upon a point that was made about the belton road initiative in order for india to come into its own it needs jobs and infrastructure and i think modi and she are putting together and realizing that they can work together and be far more powerful the fact is that they control forty five forty percent of the world's population and are the fastest growing a couple large economies in the world and together they could change the way that everything is done today previously we've always looked towards capital to make the
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rules but when the capital sixty percent of which is in europe and the united states has to make investments it has to choose places where the money can grow and that right now is india and china and i think you're going to see them cooperating out of mutual interests that does not mean that india will abandon its strategic security relationships with the united states but it does mean that they're going to make their own path as they go through this so you are much more positive then about the india china relationship going forward and also positive that all these countries will continue to do business with iran and instant. web what do you think are these countries going to risk facing us sanctions to do business with iran. possibly this is a very interesting issue it remains to be seen what what the issue of iran's membership is going to be a tele if they as your countries vote for iran's or for membership inclusion to the
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us your home observer status in the face of the establishment of u.s. actions against iran like the withdrawal from the comprehensive plan for action then. of course is going to be a vote against what the u.s. has been doing you know in trying to be a villain or in in a manner which or what turns established norms in not. you know respecting agreements to have been struck before and so that will be completely interesting and i think you might want to do that. if it's at all possible for us to govern eyes international support on the matter and for us to see the reinstitution of u.n. sanctions sanctions against iran mind you iran has failed to become a team full membership status or it has not met to the standards of that because of the fact that it was under u.n. sanctions until the signing of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with the us and so
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that has prevented iran from getting full membership and now that the sanctions are lifted there's been a window of opportunity for iran to get film and ship and now maybe the opportunity if the tide of international opinion does go into favor of the u.s. remains to be seen and perhaps a g. seven meeting maybe one of those vehicles to work that out to try and what it the trauma ministration to govern eyes in the national or whether that happens in other question but it may be that those attempts to prevent iran from getting in yes you will fully. and the subject have what do you think about india's prospects for continuing to do business with iran they of course have a very long standing relationship and we had from the indian foreign minister just days before the summit that no country can put pressure on them when it comes to doing business with other countries. bottom of the candidate it used to be americans i think you know if you don't lend india
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to do you aren't. because it's practical and the only influential and important player in the region. what i think is going to happen is that the american values. and they're all on my back to make exceptions on a case by case basis part of the. issues and so on. and i think. there's not much that the americans are going to gain by putting pressure on india . but i think. they've sort of exceeded lose or gain much out of it and i think that's what is going to be all or the general relationship with that honest answer i don't know if they'll pull. a gun on board you know the white house meetings that policy on iraq mr tang and i want you to expand on how you think china will proceed with iran because chinese companies have experienced u.s. sanctions you know which have driven them to bankruptcy china isn't bilateral trade
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talks with the u.s. these are all precious as it looks into investing further and iran surely. well the issue here is currently the u.s. which represents twenty four percent of the world's g.d.p. is at economic odds imposing sanctions or about to impose tariffs on sixty percent of the rest of the world now if you start thinking about that number it makes sense for those sixty percent to do just as was said at the g seven. he said well you know quite frankly we can go our own way in the u.s. can go it's this would be a massive challenge two dollars a trade dollar. to me and it could result in the helping europe also china it would set in place firmly this idea that this is a multilateral world this is not going to be dominated in future by one country in
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essence the united states by acting on its fears may have just increased accelerated the realization of them and thus on web while the united states has pulled out of this iran nuclear deal it is going into a summit with the north korean leader kim jong un which is of course going to be another very big issue at the. summit do you think that russia and china have been sidelined by what's going on between trump and kim jong un. well at least s. that we see at this point in time where they see themselves being of course all critical stakeholders one of the. members of the six party talks the six party arrangement devil feel that any resolution to the ongoing korean and korean nuclear crisis is going to have to involve them and certainly the few that we. are you know i would argue and other observers would argue and i think this is where you and the
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us may be arguing that this going to be a season for everything and right now what we need to focus on these the need to focus on dumbs of the trauma mr asian meeting now john young regime next week is a focus on a bilateral discussion and work up the things that pertain to the bilateral relationship or adversarial relationship as it stands and that subsequently there will be. sora for these other meetings in which the russians and chinese can be involved but the opposite has happened in the run up to the summit was seeing a range of developments where. we beijing and moscow all talk your sort of all trying to get their interests represented at the table at a table next week at the summit represented by north korea on the one side in terms of chinese interests possibly the russian interests and on the other side of the table the president trump coming into the meeting representing tokyo's and stores interest so we're going to be a bit of a. you know
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a complex situation except i'm trying to get all that out but this is what we're seeing and some of us feel that this just increases the risks of derailing some of the constructive comes that need to be had from the summitry mr tang and i can see you wanted to comment. yeah i'm going to disagree with my colleague there i don't think there is there's an asymmetrical relationship right now the u.s. will not allow any kind of delay in denuclearization and north korea cannot afford for trust reasons to speed it up so i don't think much more constructive than a handshake could come out of any kind of meeting between these two i do agree that the rest of the countries are concerned that trump might try to do a cowboy and just say look as long as you can't send a missile to to washington it's ok this is something that has been very nervous about because no one can judge exactly where he's going to go or what he's about to
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do but this idea that you know we have to get above the looking at the trees and see the forest you're seeing a massive geo political shift here which is being accelerated by washington's fears by trump's actions his unreliability everybody is drifting more and more east not only for markets but for political leadership so at this point i think it's foolish to be talking about sidelined countries in the end this comes back to the six party talks because there's no other way to resolve it there are interests involved by all of these parties and this should be considered settled by consensus not by two cowboys sitting down and trying to figure out how they can do things gentlemen we don't have very long left in the show and i would like to ask a final question to all of you mr jacob let me begin with you is the sort of trumps i isolationist isolationism creation the conditions for a challenge to the sort of world order what the us at the top where we see more
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consensus rather than the sort of uni polo the kind of consensus that mr tang and speaking about. i don't know i think that's a question that we all want to get and that that. get a lot of flak for being you know irrational maybe. acting like a cowboy wacko you know what's up just don't change so quickly so suddenly. and you know the very fact that example leading up to your summit even come up with this i mean it's even taking place i think are sure that the u.s. is not what. the u.s. is and only. so then are you do. you what's up. the west is. going to be able to deal with the dangers or u.s. or driving as well that's what china is a very big star i would have to be. stronger than it
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actually does article bitch the strong web which i like to pick up on that before i get the last lead. you know i cannot i would like to have a word in here i mean just to connect look pointed down and made i'm not saying that russia and china are being sidelined i'm saying that the perceived to be sidelined that's not helpful clearly i agree with that point and that's where the discussion needs to be steered in the right direction but in terms of the u.s. of the of us behavior yes i think at the baseline of the summit i think what needs to be had is attention to building a report on the working relationship otherwise we will not have a long discussions this will be a one off but it seems time the u.s. clearly is also realizing the limits of coming up with an absolutist position that there will have to be some give and take and this is going to be a process to quote unquote president comes words having said that i think this idea of this principle realism that the james mattis talked about in the shangri-la dialogue is clearly hurting the u.s. because it's isolating itself it's losing
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a lot of friends and burning bridges and i agree to a point about the shift towards a more multilateral world in which we don't have to wait for the americans will seek permission to consume more because we can form our own region and blocks and this attack and i can imagine that you would agree with us to on web on that last point. yes i would you have three major countries india china and russia meeting in a meeting it's well choreographed and you have six very unhappy european. excuse me g seven members who are leaning towards. breaking away from the u.s. had anime. mr jacob didn't would do you have anything that you'd like to add to that. i think you know like i said. that if you shoot it almost at a much later and what they did going to lose i think the no doubt about it
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disagreements but it isn't those do not necessarily that the u.s. is going to be cut out picture or you see somebody that got out you know yes yes yes absolutely the captain's expected out but you know the same way that mr trump goes that the with that not only our process yeah you know the underling of the do go was this i think that the that so that when i get or at mr jacob thank you very much for that and thank you to all of our guests that is graham on the web and singapore on a tank and beijing and jab and jacob in new delhi and thank you to for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle us at a.j.
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and side story for me as a product and the whole team here i found out. still
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. slightly easier to be a writer for things. like. shopping still to. see if you like kids june nineteenth sixty seven sixty's they redrew the map of the middle east just made a record of. me and it was the greatest tragedy in the history of. al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are still felt today we tried everything to get our nation try to make a show. through different countries and it was clear that this was the goal of the
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war in june on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. hello again adrian for going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the stage is set the participants have begun to arrive for tuesday's historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un and singapore the north korean leader has met several singaporean leaders including prime minister at least to loom rather he thanked the prime minister for his help with organizing the summit saying that the
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entire world is watching early a large crowds gathered along the route to kim's hotel hoping to get a glimpse of him let's go live now to zero white house correspondent kelly how could who's at the pilot base in singapore where u.s. president donald trump is set to arrive when kimberly is the president's plane likely to land. oh we're told that he will come perhaps within the next half hour or maybe even shorter than that order past the hour we're told but these things rarely go exactly as they are scheduled so we're allowing for some flexibility but i can tell you you talked about the lining of the streets when the motorcade for the north korean leader came to singapore expect that there will be a similar type of reaction there is so much optimism from ordinary singaporeans here but also around the world of this historic moment that is upon the world the fact that never before has a u.s. president sitting u.s.
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president sat down with the north korean leader there is a recognition that there is an historic opportunity and as you point out in fact there has just been a meeting this wrapped up between the singapore and prime minister and the north korean leader where there was an expression of hope and optimism and certainly is something that is being shared when you talk to just ordinary people on the street . all right kimberly what are the hopes then for the next few days is this anything more than a photo opportunity for the president. that's the challenge that adrian this is certainly is the challenge and one that the president himself the u.s. president is defending that this is simply a photo op but the argument that's being made by the white house is that there is a message within the photo opportunity not only will the two leaders be sitting down in front of the cameras but once those cameras go away we know that there will be what could be
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a rather lengthy even an all day bilateral meeting and in that that is where the hard work begins we know and we've been reporting here in al jazeera for some time that the issue of denuclearize ation the primary goal the end state one that the u.s. secretary of state who has met with the north korean leader says is something that is achievable that there is a willingness and a strategic shift that has been voiced those have to be articulated into concrete measurable steps and that's where these two leaders according to the u.s. president this is something he hopes will not be a one shot deal something he says he will know almost instantly but certainly this is something that they will have to work out carefully many things will break into were regular programming and come back to sit as the president is on the ground many thanks indeed white house correspondent kelly how could there in singapore france has warned that fits of anger kenneled dictates international cooperation that's off with donald trump abruptly rejected a joint statement by the g seven leaders summit ended in disarray with trump
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accusing canada's prime minister of weak and dishonest statements. the battle to eastern libya is intensifying forces fighting for renegade general khalifa haftar say that they will seize control of downa within days more than three hundred families have been rescued by red crescent volunteers the aid groups appealing to safe corridors to be set up to move others to safety a female rights activist is under arrest in saudi arabia for showing her support on social media for another woman detained on wednesday amnesty international says that ten activists have been arrested recently including at least seven women several pushed for the lifting of the ban on women drivers that's expected to happen on june twenty fourth when the first licenses been issued state media is accusing the activists of being foreign agents in yet another flow of molten mud and ash has been spewing from the foyer volcano in guatemala at least one hundred people died in last sunday's eruption with nearly two hundred missing emergency
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teams have given up hope of finding anyone else lives there is the headlines now it's time for al-jazeera world. paris a major european capital known for its cosine its art fashion famous landmarks
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and french culture. but behind the facade lies a complex multi-ethnic city full of contradictions. i am up to me and i've come to the aid of longs to try and discover what it means to be french especially on the sometimes troubled outskirts of the capital. in twenty fifteen former french prime minister manuel valdez spoke of utter at oriel social and ethnic apartheid in france. so what does this mean for the ethnically diverse communities in the sea take in this about us. so as a small town in the northern suburbs of paris. on the nineteenth of july twenty sixth seen them at trial ray was with his brother maggie planning to celebrate his
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twenty fourth birthday. and the police stopped bagi to question him a spot of an investigation but adam added in had his id with him panicked and ran away. with the media who. come to work you want a copy of crazy fuck you and the more they want. you can copy those on down focus on my list really don't tell me to be particularly quick to do it on down. to the pub well thought of before to click ok for them to convey the i don't know what i'm going to don't want. to see you don't have a lot. of a problem if you don't want to tell them what. you
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want copy you don't repeat the popular with the military most often don't. know because the people to me. didn't you keep your thoughts you just don't buy the here it was. it was on there was a quick read of. the movie could all be thought. in july twenty sixth seen the p.c.n. newspaper ran the official version of the story that adam had been suffering from a serious infection and he may have had a drug addiction and coated the local persecutor a saying that no violence had been used by the police. were. were. his family was concerned after he was taken to the police station so they inquired what was happening they were given conflicting reports but
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in fact. was already. said. i. was here. which is what i do. in media. happen enough even. if they're but you know but it if you. don't want to have faith then or take it get back to shift you don't. you have a few minutes. if. you do more for. few me. i asked my sister assets for our re why she had accused the police of
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hiding the real cause of his death and what evidence do you owe them of care and some kooky. problem. man a clue. if sometime in the contacting the company. hope of course he shall do good to look at it i'm up a bunch of dealing on them to treat. his own. home or. it's. in the palm or jack need to fix one car maybe.
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in may twenty seventeen the parisienne carried the results of a second autopsy that revealed that adam at trial ray had not died of the recurrence of a previous infection. the second autopsy found that the cause of his death had been suffocation. honestly is a shall no more indifferent question was on his own. bag. so you. want to. see. the.
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deaths in custody raises questions about french police in which i put to a former senior officer. i feel it doubly related miters a. reporter must face about the. border between. the two free to. suppose we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to join the police or police i don't. know. because. it was a very. limited was that.


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