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adam a death in custody raises questions about french police and which i put to a former senior officer. said my feet oblique elated me crazy like you say but you put him a space about the appreciate it was a. day to free to. support we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to join the police or police and then this last week. it would also because. it was a very i look for in the main. it was every probably was so there's
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a mood should be shielded. so there's a bit communal that it was a very. back to the men's it me no it is it's a beauty. but is it. because it is a horse thank you so bushy nothing can we do a vision. no half off we can microbe. adam a trial raise death in custody is very high profile and the investigation is still ongoing. unrest on france above and states has been linked to the failing relationship between young people and the police for many as. in two thousand and five the worst rioting for forty years took place in the suburb of clichy sous bois when two teenagers way electrocuted at the power plant after
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running away and hiding from police who wanted to stop and search them. but. it took ten years and much legal wrangling for the case of the two teenagers even to reach the courts. but little seems to have changed in this rundown talib locked in place she said was no elevator intermittent electricity and angry graffiti after the two police officers accused of failing to help buena and ziad were cleared of any wrongdoing in may twenty fifteen. was born in france and was a child when the two thousand and five unrest took place. a macand i asked her if she felt safe in clichy sous bois.
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by example just one of them to one comes that if the psycho who got the almost say dysfunction i should have fun you're probably familiar with the city but i. don't think all over the globe. for them but for the problem of the level of your limbs a layer. you fold their all out salvation is on fire it's more softly saw you want some of that box and i am not going. to sit by your engine feeble it will come want give you. a bubble. so what the president. no you want. to pretend us has been so well done shows the fall. last in
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a mama he will. see evolves if. only this last one is old school. for me. the i am a fair so the one cup initiative by default impulse to acquire enough. of an. experiment to come toss the. same field on can only have one thing. on the indonesian muslim enough again except. one in the long island. to the northwest top sent through paris the last suburb. which shone as much on the rest in two thousand and five as clichy sous bois. a group of young men who've
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served prison center. says a now martial arts instructor and i went to our dante to meet them in. the shop because they see the sense with this you know when we don't know something oh. so good. and that i ask if yani if he was encouraging the kids to be violent look so good. so tell me to get real. instructional. and sort of a new movie. that's all going to spawn on those who are going to go for.
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the ball going home because. right now you know i'm all for the physic now from people who i want to hug want to see on the follicle the system you don't off this film oh if i feel that i do oh yes pretty good the phone really has little we think mark because they should. probably be falling off the hearing but it's just my problem we're going to try to if you don't take on now to talk to. him on top of this if. i soften it up i'll take physical take on that for him if you don't move the body. so that i'm not. going that they did this on set that i thought that today by gossip that is out. there if you have
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a book and then you see the scene. the budget to put up the film is i mean. it's a pot smoking sun ok so we had them on to about the sorts of the city the city's office of two cities with this one of your own sort of that is the mugsy and i suppose talk about our country of the business you know. we. thought it would spoil today why don't tell it all just to occupy memo not something that is you know there's a lot of us and quite a bit that put the uk us coverage on here and very nice obviously not only well there's always an obvious. but not far from the sports center build with government money those you know john say could not succeed it implied the same way . it wasn't difficult to find a drug dealer here. and i was very she had beaten philosophy one time. i was like oh shit i don't i mean
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there. are six of us here you have additional was more. because when you're on a. number. than the big deal. i can know you're not just going to take me he's accepted. behind the deal is the nation as a whole subculture in which young people like him simply don't have the same educational and social opportunities as the a white middle class counterparts what would you do for me in public for a peer to. peer i mean. so if you can stand around from five years tail on drawbridge and drug traffic in is impressive. but not far
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away when friends in our john tape you still feel completely marginalized from mainstream french society. machine someone. just. getting. closer to the fishermen. come see the moon up on one trip this was to be full blown your. pictures then they got to fix it to. ask you straight through it if you knew that your precautions the british on that
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postal signal what you like but i also think i think it was just just about cell phone didn't know you because i. knew some up on the hotel it could pop up on bob cups and so i looked in the looking up like you before me suppose sub sub was it produced or what was it like is to see the bottom but see what is you see. that look screams of a debacle school struggled through to get a good man i asked if any of the group had been arrested on a piece of the court in received news ltd put you going to come see me who can judge a new cold war they will see it is all they are viewing only. for your kind who lobbied us on a problem now for a function of a never get the money monkey to serve you in what your live. we thought it best leverage you to kill us for. new kiko myself really is not one.
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in two thousand and nine the french national center for scientific research published a report called the police and minorities. it found that police identity checks in paris were based mainly on appearance and that unsurprisingly people look in blackall arab was searched far more often than those looking white. blacks it's sad when stopped and searched twice as often as whites but arabs were seven times more likely to be stopped than white people. these figures are not especially surprising but to look into them in more detail i talked to a former perry's chief of the police giudice that is criminal investigation. what would you choose young man you get into the. shoes of full
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sea seas to. doso let the whole show. pull the city of power to do good to high seas. org not eat poop or dead don't sue for delia also go to the mall talk who. does a good egg a player insults you mostly devotionals go reserve the pray you get a good. pm sort of dead to. motion media machine out of it you don't need you to id numbers may go good you. blow you off. and then the teacher. school will push if you want to.
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simply. because you'll be. measuring this is. france prohibits statistics based on ethnic origin so rightwing claims that more muslims and the servant poor going to jail are difficult to prove. i met an recruited by the ministry of justice to give voluntary religious guidance in prisons. almost weekly prison visits in suburban paris have enabled him to examine life
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there. and basically. i feel. i know. that they're human and then. one minute to join. and i have a whole c.s.u. . of feeds and apple could see it. and use my how do you email me. and you can see can and cannot be done when you somehow know you're going to work
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in a couple. coming up i meet a member of the national front whose ideas on a multi-ethnic society come very different from the people i've spoken to so far. but it's assisting the community can join all zoning sit in a futile victory if you're joining both and your magic resistance and. it's idiotic and second i vote for me while very vocal octomom a song we for expect elected children off. uncovering faulty forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without my knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimony is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john after two trees crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the
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only physical evidence that put really manning in that car this ystem with juvenile in jail on al-jazeera. in a first meeting between a sitting u.s. president since the birth of north korea supreme leader kim jong the bone comes face to face with president donald trump the world watches high stakes the plum a c. two of goods a global economic crisis al-jazeera will bring you live coverage of this historic moment for the korean peninsula and for international diplomacy the singapore summit on al-jazeera discover new developments in surgery i'm going to have it up when i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating money and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed don't. to cystic fibrosis so
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for us based on all of the evidence we have the virus is the stuff hundredfold wanted to consummate. the cure revisited its own. new yorkers are very receptive to. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera lives. this is our zero live from doha live from singapore the pilot base in singapore air force one and the president of the united states donald trump arriving in singapore ahead of that historic summit in singapore with the leader of north korea kim jong un who arrived in singapore several hours ago al-jazeera is white house
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correspondent kimberly how good is the all matal mark just a few feet away from the president and the dignitaries from singapore missing him kimberly. that's right the u.s. president has just descended down that stairway behind me from air force one arriving relatively on time considering presidential schedules rarely do so as you point out there are foreign dignitaries that are present but actually on this soil it's not foreign at all in fact it's singaporean dignitaries the foreign minister we know is present greeting the u.s. president he came down the stairs and followed by the chief of staff john kelly we believe there is a full contingent of the trump administration in terms of the high level team here to help the u.s. president prepare for that singapore summit to take place on tuesday not just the chief of staff but also the u.s. secretary of state mike pump. who is also on board the plane the press secretary
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sara sanders but it's the secretary of state that will be particularly useful in these preparations for the to see something given the fact that he has met with kim jong un the north korean leader with whom the u.s. president will be sitting down on tuesday and the u.s. president tweeting while he was on board air force one that he believes that this is a one time opportunity that he hopes will not be wasted and that he believes that the north korean leader recognizes there is a tremendous opportunity for peace and prosperity despite the hard work the hard work of course being denuclearize nation and the steps to getting there these aging will be some of the things that will be talked about on tuesday the for now this is the beginning the arrival of the u.s. president earlier in the day of course the north korean leader arriving here in singapore to much fascination the motorcade why is it went through the streets the spectators were gathering we expect that will be the same with the u.s. president as you see the presidential motorcade leaving now behind me to also wind
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the streets of the president's hotel as he goes to spend the night before he will meet with the singapore in prime minister on monday morning much like we saw the north korean leader doing today a lot of the diplomatic groundwork would have been done head of this summit. or will it of course the president renowned for playing pretty much from the hip pretty fast and loose so that he didn't need to do much preparation before this summit. it sort of take a sort of a wait and see attitude to how things were going until you could see kim jong un. and that wasn't a more honest reflection by donald trump who certainly does speak freely and then he has since dialed back from those comments essentially saying that he's been preparing for something like this is whole life. obviously literally he has not but
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figuratively he believes because of his business skills because of his efforts in negotiating real estate deals that he will be able to from the body language of kim jong il and from the words of the president saying the feel in the touch that he will know almost within the first minute of meeting the north korean leader on tuesday whether or not any of what has been discussed up to this point adrian is achievable whether or not there can be these measurable steps put in place because the process of denuclearize ation make takes many many years could span beyond the tribe presidency so that is where the hard work will be done when so many have accused the present challenge and saying is this just a photo opportunity is this going to give the north korean leader who has been accused of human rights abuses and has certainly has been accused by the united states who is experiencing very tough sanctions as a result of those accusations is either the united states simply a warning and according to him the first speech he's looking for in the world stage
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the u.s. president saying that's not the case that suggesting perhaps that there is a message in the photo opportunity and so this is certainly something that will be watched very carefully on tuesday north korea's leader met with singapore's prime minister not long after he arrived in singapore what's on the president trumps agenda ahead of this story summit to more. well the white house has been very careful and guarded about the calendar and i said looking around there seems to be a lot of opportunity so i want to make sure adrian that our viewers are missing anything i think it's a bit of excitement about what's happening to tell you the truth in terms of the schedule we know right now that there is the meeting schedule between the u.s. president the singer who are in prime minister we have a sense of what might be talked about from the readout of the one that occurred just hours ago between the north korean leader and the singapore and prime minister at istana and that is that again that i can't underscore it sounds almost cliche
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because we said it so many times but right now there is hope and there is optimism there is a recognition that there is an opportunity and so we saw that in the readout from the singapore and prime minister that in fact there is the believe that something can be achieved but it ends it's achieving the sense of security that's in the brick and have not felt for so long not just the singapore your prime minister is in this but of course she is so obvious when he was at the white house just a few days ago also expressing the hope that this. could be turned around in terms of the threats in recent years in the wrister population south korea as well there are so many issues but you have to remember right now what we're seeing on this tarmac behind me is the starting point now the second participant in the summit has arrived the north korean leader arriving just a few hours earlier here in singapore this is the starting point where the two leaders believe that then achieve these lofty goals of denuclearization knowing
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that it will take a long process but this is the beginning hard to believe many thanks dados is white house correspondent kimberly how could it be pilot base where air force one carrying president donald trump has just arrived in singapore ahead of tuesday's historic summit between the u.s. president on will trump and north korea's leader kim jong il and let's bring in say one cool who's the managing editor of korea exposé which has a strong focus on north korea he joins us now live from seoul listening to what kimberly was saying there and singapore you satisfied that this is anything more than just a photo opportunity for donald trump. absolutely i think first of all let's accept that yes donald trump is enjoying the moment he likes to have his photo op but it's certainly more than this because if you think about it this process really began about six months ago when north korea signaled to south korea that he was interested in some kind of engagement in peace and it's taken
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a very long time to have in many different steps but ultimately over time i think many people have come to accept that north korea is sincere about denuclearization it wants to stop being an international pariah and it seems that way be the moment has arrived to finally make the deal this is all happened very fast though in diplomatic terms in north korea going from pariah states to work to holding a summit with president donald trump of the united states the leader of the free world what do you make of the speed of it all. so i think one thing we need to remember north korea has always said it was not interested in using its nuclear arsenal to attack anyone it is for self defense and i think it took a very long time for people to buy into this statement and but after north korea had its new leader kim jong un coming to power many commentators and scholars have
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noted there has been a very distinct change in the tone we see in north korean state media there has been more emphasis on economic development about engaging with the world outside so there has been this momentum despite all the tension and the kind of angry rhetoric that was unfolding last year so that was the kind of backdrop that i think many people missed out on and we need now mr trump in place granted on conventional figure there is a certainly i think a change in the way the u.s. is also handling the most korean issue many people have knowledge that if the traditional washington establishment actually had been in charge of this whole situation perhaps we would not have come this far and we would not be having this on me so i think many factors simply fail to get there in place indeed so particular year what to say here for south korea and particularly its president to
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have taken. such a high risk possible gamble on this as the. absolutely the stakes cannot be higher for president mundine he made the. election promise that he's going to improve ties with north korea and he's going to try and bring peace to live in insular and in fact it looks as though that he's living up to his words but if things were to really fall apart at this stage i think he will certainly be held to account by the public and there is in fact a local election taking place here in south korea on wednesday just one day after the summit in singapore and his party has been benefiting immensely from what seems like a major success of this peace process but if things were to go in a rather unfortunate direction i think we might see some of that reflected in the poll numbers come wednesday morning or rather wednesday evening it's about donald
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trump not being part of the traditional washington establishment and therefore perhaps that's that's why this summit is going ahead it wouldn't have happened under the if that the usual people have been in charge and in washington but as as we know the trump the president of the trump the president trump tends to fire from the hip somewhat given his twitter comments the ones that he made while he was aboard air force one on his way to singapore on prime minister trudeau of canada an ally of the neighbor he called him dishonest and weak why should the leaders of both north i'm south korea trust anything that the man has to say. i think that is a good point but perhaps it's that on predictability that is actually appreciated by some people here in south korea if you want to listen to the conservatives they will argue that it is dead difficulty of predicting what mr trump will do or say is
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what has enabled this whole process to unfold and what is ultimately convince north korea to come to the negotiation table and if you want to look at the left side of the political spectrum here i think they will tell you maybe that's not entirely true but we cannot deny the fact that so far we have seeing us trying its traditional strategy of isolating and ignoring north korea and in imposing more sanctions and if that had continued could we really be in this place right now so you know where short consensus i think many south koreans appreciate the fact that trump is somewhat of an orthodox figure really good to talk to you sir for the moment many thanks did say when cool with in seoul troops arrival in singapore is being overshadowed by his early departure from the g seven summits in canada france has warned that fits of anger cannot dictate international cooperation john hendren reports now from quebec city the g.
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seven summit in canada began in crisis in ended in conflict u.s. president donald trump came late left early in ceded no ground as united states has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore i can gradually the leaders of other countries for so. crazily being able to make these trade deals that was so good for their country and so bad for the united states neither did the six other world leaders at the g. seven summit they were united in opposing trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum a move they say is likely to spark a trade war after trump left early the host of this summit canadian prime minister justin trudeau fired back i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take
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lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that it's kind of insulting but we also will not be pushed around. from air force one on his way to singapore to meet north korean leader kim jong sent off an angry tweet calling trudeau dishonest and weak all seven nations had papered over the trades bad signing an agreement that vaguely endorsed quote free fair and mutually beneficial trade without defining it that agreement is now moot in another tweet from air force one revoked his signature seeing quote based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our reps not to endorse the communique trudeau's office tweeted back quote the prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before both in public and in private conversations with the president this picture captures the global tension and that was before the twitter war this
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year's g seventy is already going down as the g six plus one six members on one side and president trump on the other. six of the members hope with escalating a budding trade war that instead has ended up accelerating. but it was trudeau who had the support of his fellow g seven members where we disagree with our allies on something it is right that we say so and the issue openly and frankly we have done just that at this summit registering our deep disappointment at the unjustified decision by the us to apply terrorists to e.u. steel and on the minium imports as the g seven leaders returned home they leave more divided than ever john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada. still to come here on al-jazeera. i'm andrew thomas in southeastern australia where there's outrage at the state government here is using taxpayers' money to prop up the
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timber industry by state logging around here destroys not just the forests of the wildlife that relies on. me as i want to. get but that's. when it snows and that. says they're not. for the moment of a cause and launches a protest at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs the sports story the industry. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans all just or there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to district join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. al jazeera. where ever you are. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of
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. the way and is. almost zero point one per cent of the two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sought refuge jazeera at this time. and again the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president all trump has arrived in singapore head of tuesday's. arik summit with north korea's leader kim jong il trump earlier called the talks a one time shot of peace is administration is hoping the summit will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his country's nuclear program. north
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korea's leader kim jong un touched down in singapore around five hours ago now he thanked singapore's prime minister lee hsien who newman for his help in organizing the talks saying that the entire world is watching. troops arrive and singapore is being overshadowed by his early departure from the g. seven summit in canada the leaders' summit ended in disarray with trump abruptly abruptly rejecting a joint statement by the g seven france has warned that fits of anger cannot dictate international cooperation. the battle for control of a besieged libyan city in the east of the country is intensifying machine guns and heavy artillery a pounding danna forces fighting for the renegade general khalifa haftar entering the coastal city from both the east and the west they're trying to oust militias some of whom linked to al qaeda which are controlled for years the largest number of refugees fleeing the city since the fighting escalated two months ago more than
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three hundred families who feared revenge attacks if the city falls to have task forces have been rescued by red crescent volunteers the aid groups appealing to safe corridors to be set up to move others to safety more now from al jazeera as mahmoud abbas head who's in tripoli. the situation in the libyan eastern city of there is going from bad to worse as street battles and fights from one street to another and from one building to another go on between forces loyal to libya's really good general khalifa haftar and others loyal to the dead in a protection force that is that i've been with the group defending the city against have his forces now have their forces have been very will equip and they have been supported by egyptian and warplanes and local sources and dirtiness say that egyptian and immorality warplanes have been targeted have been targeting civil areas inside the city of the net now the humanitarian situation is excessive
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abating and human suffering is increasing in the city especially with the siege it's taking its toll on people especially civilians in the city the city has been very short of everything including basic needs food medications and medical equipment and the red crescent members in the city of deadness say that they have help but more than three hundred temple is leaving the city activists from the city of deadness say that they are planning to file a suit against the renegade general city for hefted accusing his forces of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity and then especially after footage online have been secure lading online showing to have his forces lynching and mutilating a body of a rival fighter a female rights activist who's under arrest in saudi arabia for posting support on social media for another woman who was detained on wednesday and last international
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says that ten activists have been arrested recently including at least seven women several pushed for the lifting of the baron on women drivers that will happen on june twenty fourth and the first licenses been issued state media's accused activists of being foreign agents. yet another flow of molten mud and ash from the volcano in guatemala has forced emergency teams to abandon their search for survivors they've given up hope of finding anyone else alive after last sunday's eruption killed at least one hundred people daily two hundred a missing thousands of homes have been destroyed marianna sanchez reports from the disaster zone. the. city had none this is one of more than one hundred victims of the eruption. boiling yes walks in fields were blown nearly two kilometers into the sky much of it landed including c.d.'s believes she and many
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others didn't have time to escape the barrier but there were two sons and two grandchildren died with her. in total eleven family members died sissy's may get to see her brother in law her body was one of the last to be recovered. it was the most of medical clinic irruption weatherman in decades nearly two hundred people remain missing more than twelve thousand others lost their homes. twenty one you will be better kin and her two children are adjusting to their new life in a shelter they flagged down a passing car and blew leaving everything behind our ego you both of my children cried in fear and i begged god to save them so many children have died survivors have been helped by teams of social workers and volunteers children are showing clear signs of stress we must persevere yet in their drawings they
9:42 pm
showed rocks red water like love or trees without leaves i'm not a psychologist speak and tell they are traumatized there are twenty one shelters like this house and more than ten thousand survivors have been given food and water and medical care the expectation is that they'll be here for a while experts say the danger may not yet be over apart from the t.v. heavy rains. further putting at risk the lives of people in communities around the volcano. where the good team used to spew deadly clouds of. rocks and films experts say the volcano will calm down but it may take a few weeks before that happens. a lot and then go what amanda. environmentalist in australia say that they're appalled the taxpayers' money is being spent to bail out the logging industry as a thomas report style from victoria. the aftermath of law
9:43 pm
looks brutal in fact burning to ground helps regeneration those in the industry say they're committed to responsible logging we have a regime that i'm still balance the needs of conservation and the industry and regional economies and and communities but conservationists say the industry and the government that in part owns it has got the balance wrong propping up a declining industry prioritising jobs are the trees but the owners of this mill said cuts to its would supply would force it out of business the state government paid tens of millions of dollars to keep it going you can look at it as bailing after you can look at investing in a strong industry and a community that's had a rich heritage in supplying the till but that has built our towns. it's a heritage though it's been at the cost of forests and the creatures that rely on them in the two hundred years since european colonization most of southeastern
9:44 pm
australia as old as trees have been lost in victoria central highlands only about one percent of the mountain ash trees are more than a century old that matters because the oldest trees and the stumps of big dead ones developed hollow areas that animals like the now critically endangered led beaches possums live in conservationists with night vision equipment look for them in areas about to be logged every sighting of the web as possible but we get there's a two hundred made a protection buffer against logging all the oldest trees and big dead ones are supposed to be off limits to this is an example of what's called a dead hollow bearing tree that has been protected all the younger living trees that would have stood all around it have been felled but it's been left alone environmentalist don't think anything like enough trees have been in this entire log area it's the only one that's been left standing there are completely burned
9:45 pm
out stumps of similar trees nearby but researches say exclusion zones around individual animals and preserving just the very oldest trees does not go far enough they want large scale protection of middle age seventy or eighty year old trees too that is their next old growth forest i've got another fifty years before they start becoming a whole logically mature we need some of those trees to be very or growth forest that would mean excluding much bigger areas from logging economically and politically that could hurt andrew thomas al-jazeera in australia as victoria's central highlands. the main news this hour is that a little over half an hour ago u.s. president donald trump arrives in singapore for tuesday's historic summit with north korea's leader kim jong il and trump has called the talks a one time shot at peace his administration is hoping that the summit will begin
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a process that eventually leads to north korea ending its nuclear program north korea's leader kim jong un touched down in singapore around five hours ago now headed more or less straight away for a meeting with singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong i'll be back with with all the day's top stories in just a few moments i'll see them. i phone. me. sponsored by cattle i always got some pretty wet weather just around the river plate's
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a lot of clouds showing up on the satellite picture at the moment and like cloud is slowly but surely going to make its way further east with so it stretches from the other side of the addys actually all the way they go fair bit of rain around and some snow over the high ground as our next massive cloud pushing towards of want to sarah's and that will ease its way further north which in these as we go on through the next few days for the remainder of sunday it's an awfully pretty separate sixteen celsius and want to say it was not so bad but the wet weather not too far away run eleven celsius here and falling by the time we come to monday santiago will struggle to get around seven degrees fifteen celsius in this day showers long spells of rain continuing splashes showers the across the western side of the amazon and the wettest weather pushing a little further north was right the way up into west central america then some very heavy downpours into central america actually lots of clouds showing up on the satellite picture but a couple of tropical storms to the west of mexico there staying out in the open
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waters but this is a letter and but no problems there as far as those two a concern but a lot longer spells of right across a good parts of central america more breakdown post for guatemala the weather. always. been on the. this is al jazeera. i'm adrian finighan this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. president on the trump lands in singapore ahead of his summit with north korea's leader. kim jong un arrived in the city meeting the host country's prime minister
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will be live in singapore with full coverage of events before tuesday's historic u.s. north korea summit plus. canadians are polite or reasonable but we also will not be pushed around canada's lead us to. a strong tweets to describe him as dishonest and weak or retracting the us from the agreed g. seven summit communiqué. and another woman's rights activist is arrested in saudi arabia just two weeks before within a given the right to drive in the kingdom. the participants have now arrived in singapore for tuesday's historic summit between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea kim jong un arrived a few hours ago chang airport where he was greeted by singapore's foreign minister later kim thanked prime minister lee hsien loong for his help in organizing the
9:50 pm
summit saying that the entire world was watching and within the last u.s. president donald trump landed in singapore he's described the summit as a one time shot at peace let's go live now to the pile of base in singapore where donald trump arrived as we said within the last thirty minutes white house correspondent kelly hellcat is there so kimberly the stage is set. stages that as you can see you can still hear the hum of air force one behind me that's how recently the u.s. president arrived it was a very quick motorcade through the streets of singapore we now know the u.s. president is in his hotel the shangri-la where he will be until there is focus on another hotel and that is the one the capello hotel where the u.s. president on tuesday will sit down with the north korean leader kim jong un on the island of sentosa here in singapore that is the focus now that is what the world
9:51 pm
has been watching and waiting for for so many days and weeks the summit the singapore summit that was on that it was off back on and the pace in which there has been preparation to get to this point has been feverish we know that there's been some twenty million dollars spent on security but it is the substance of this meeting that will matter so much there has been such a challenge adrian when it comes to trying to define denuclearize ation the end state the u.s. is looking for and move beyond this just being a photo opportunity something that many have argued is something that the north korean leader is craving the u.s. president defending that saying that this will be a photo opportunity with a message a message of moving poor the challenge being those concrete steps towards the years long process of denuclearization of the korean peninsula the diplomatic groundwork would have done would have been go ahead of the president's arrival in singapore. i
9:52 pm
mean it's president's president from start to shoot from the hip business. it certainly is and so that work is going to continue we know that there are teams on both sides that are working and coordinating back and forth adrian even as we speak we know a little bit more about that meeting on tuesday what it might look like there is the photo opportunity but then there is the private bilateral world just interpreters will be present we are told. and beyond that that could go on for some time as you point out donald trump unpredictable the kid north korean leader very unpredictable anything could happen in those moments but there is hope that it will progress and that the the sort of deescalation that we have seen in recent months from the fire and fury in the insults that were traded back and forth between the two leaders almost a year ago to the now war that both leaders tend to describe in their letters back and forth in recent weeks to one another that that is what will be conveyed but you
9:53 pm
have to remember some of this statements made by the u.s. president he has said repeatedly the united states will not be played like a fiddle that means that as you point out at the start of the segment the president believes this is a one shot deal and he will have the opportunity to decide very quickly whether or not he believes the north korean leader is sincere about achieving the goals the united states says they must and will only accept to believe anything so white house correspondent kelly whole life in singapore with some veteran diplomats in the u.s. are concerned that the president isn't well enough prepared for the negotiations so who's likely to come out of that meeting room the strongest diplomatic it's a james pays suspend gauging expert opinion in singapore. the exclusive hotel where the summit will be held has already been placed in a close security zone singapore will be the venue for high stakes diplomacy which may go on for several days but it's arguable the fact this historic meeting is even
9:54 pm
taking place is a victory in itself for kim jong un his country is sort of meeting with the u.s. president for many years and he's achieved that goal without making any concrete commitment on denuclearization i think kim is a much canny or operator than we give him a lot of credit for certainly in the united states in other circles i think that he has got exposure to the outside world you know through his education in switzerland and i think that he's got advisors who understand the outside world pretty well even if they prefer to live in their relative isolation inside of north korea and i think that he is doing a great job at playing the united states in the fact that we're seen as volatile and risky right now in his interactions with the chinese and south korea those two countries a key to summit meetings now with south korea's president jay in the north korean leader has shown a different face to the world smiling and prepared to negotiate and after reaching
9:55 pm
out diplomatically to the u.s. experts now believe it will be very hard to persuade north korea's main trading partner china to impose fresh sanctions if the summit is not a success i think it would be very difficult to return to the maximum pressure campaign of last year and early this year because north korea has indicated it's willing to negotiate to work towards denuclearization he's reached out to beijing and seoul and sort of got them on his side and so i think it'll be very hard to get china to cooperate at least on the economic portion of the maximum pressure campaign much of course the pens on what goes on around the negotiating table trump prides himself on the art of the deal but kim is the one who intimately knows the secrets of his country and its nuclear program. the world will be watching the diplomacy here in singapore in the coming hours and days could determine the future
9:56 pm
of the korean peninsula james plays out zira singapore say one co is the managing editor of korea exposé which has a strong focus on north korea he joins us once again now from seoul. is this anything more than a photo opportunity for donald trump or is it perhaps the beginning of of what's going to be a long drawn out diplomatic process well it certainly is a photo op for mr trump i don't think there's any question that he's very much enjoying this but at the same time it is certainly much more than if you think about it this whole process really begin some six months ago or when north korea signal to south korea that it's willing to participate in the olympics here and since then we have seen a tremendous effort being made to bring the two sides together and i think the south korean government certainly has played a big role in this as well we've also seen over the last several years how kim jong un may be interested in pursuing
9:57 pm
a different direction for his country there has been more focus on economic development in state one media so all that kind of comes together to really create these very historic moment which will play out on tuesday what's at stake here not just for north korea but for south korea and its president. absolutely i don't think there's any question that the president losing of south korea has certainly staked his career on this he made it his campaign blitz when he was running for his office that he wants to improve ties with north korea and also he wants to bring about peace on the peninsula and i think to some extent he's certainly seen has having contributed significantly to what is happening today as we have seen with the temporary cancellation of the singapore some eight late last month he really had an effect on credibility his reputation here and if the summit on tuesday is not going to go well it will also have an impact on the local election that's going
9:58 pm
to be held here in south korea on wednesday one of those negotiated in singapore on tuesday why should north korea trump trust president trump in any way shape or shape or form given his rather erratic behavior. i think that's a very valid point. and north korea did make it clear through this south korean president after their second son made late last month north korea they're not entirely sure if they can be really accept the u.s. guarantee of bridging security is sincere and they would certainly try to find a way to have in the joint statement a concrete guarantee that it would be difficult to reverse in south korea though many people say that it is actually donald trump on predictability or his. way of dealing that has made it possible to have this summit in the first place
9:59 pm
it's not necessarily that he seen as a master strategist baad certainly he's departed from the traditional policy line that has been adopted by the washington establishment and had those people been in charge of dealing with north korea people in south korea say that we would not be having this summit and certainly the peace process would not have been gone at all so good to talk to you as always many thanks indeed to the managing editor there of korea exposé live in seoul well china may well be on the sidelines of this summit but beijing's influence on pyongyang is pretty obvious it was a chinese airline that carried kim to singapore meanwhile china's president xi jinping has been hosting a meeting with central asian neighbors and russia's president vladimir putin's florence that he reports from beijing. the eight member states of the shanghai cooperation organization together represent about forty percent of the world's
10:00 pm
population and make up about twenty percent of the world's g.d.p. so in terms of the economy and trade it's not a real heavyweight but it's not a lightweight either when it comes to the international arena because this is a grouping led by china and russia so it should come as no surprise that the views this summit as a platform to push the idea of an alternative international order now and chinese president xi jinping alluded as much when he mentioned american one germany still existing but then said there were growing calls for a more just and equitable international order and what else have we heard coming out from the summit we've heard iranian president hassan rouhani whose country is not a member state but has observer status at the a c o attacked the u.s. for what he said was unilateralism in pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and then we've also heard chinese president criticizing the u.s. for its policies on trade its protectionist policies on trade.


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