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the world's population and make up about twenty percent of the world's g.d.p. so in terms of the economy and trade it's not a real heavyweight but it's not a lightweight either when it comes to the international arena because this is a grouping led by china and russia so it should come as no surprise that they've used this summit as a platform to push the idea of an alternative international order now and chinese president xi jinping alluded as much when he mentioned american had to many still existing but then said there were growing calls for a more just and equitable international order and what else have we heard coming out from the summit we've heard iranian president hassan rouhani whose country is not a member state but has observer status at the c.e.o. attacked the u.s. for what he said was unilateralism in pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and then we've also heard chinese president criticizing the u.s. for its policies on trade its protectionist policies on trade now many analysts
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regard the c.e.o. as a counterbalance as a counterweight to the existing groupings that are dominated by the u.s. and its allies and what we could see going forward in the years to come is perhaps the c.e.o. gaining importance and prominence in the international world order the u.s. president's arrival in singapore is being overshadowed by his early departure from the g. seven summit in canada after leaving early trump refused to support a g seven joint communique which found to come trade barriers francis warned that fits of anger cannot dictate international corporation john hendren reports from quebec city. the g. seven summit in canada began in crisis in ended in conflict u.s. president donald trump came late left early and ceded no ground is united states has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore i can gradually the leaders of other countries for so. crazily
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being able to make these trade deals that was so good for their country and so bad for the united states neither did the six other world leaders at the g. seven summit they were united in opposing trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum a move they say is likely to spark a trade war after the host of this summit canadian prime minister justin trudeau fired back i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that its kind of insulting but we also will not be pushed around. from air force one on his way to singapore to meet north korean leader kim jong sent off an angry tweet calling trudeau dishonest and weak all seven nations had papered over the trades bad signing an agreement the. free fair
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and mutually beneficial trade without defining it that agreement is now moot in another tweet from air force one revoked his signature saying quote based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our reps not to endorse the communique trudeau's office tweeted back quote the prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before both in public and in private conversations with the president. this picture captures the global tension and that was before the twitter war this year's g seventy is already going down is the g six plus one six members on one side and president trump on the other is a summit six of the members hoped would end by escalating a budding trade war that instead has ended up accelerating but it was trudeau who had the support of his fellow g. seven members where we disagree with allies on something it is right that we say so
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and and the issue openly and frankly we have done just that at this summit registry of deep disappointment at the unjustified decision by the u.s. to apply terrorists to e.u. steel and on the medium imports as the g seven leaders returned home they leave more divided than ever john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada. is an economist and head of the china economic policy research program at nottingham university he says that trumps increasing isolation from his allies is an opportunity for china's president xi jinping. i think the message is is clear just at the same time as we had the what they call it the failure of the g seven meeting in canada at the same time asia ease of playing a very important role of not just this weekend there but just sending the big signal that the big changes the big decisions are being made here not just the
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within this not hype of racial meeting but also the meeting with north korea while the waste that the g. seven that by the way does not include neither china nor russia is kind of straddling not just with the rest of the world of this start to struggle with each other agenda and so in a way just like we have seen in the last couple of years of this is a further if i may use the word triumph of force eugene being to be the people to all player in the region first of all sort of rising to a more important role within that within the world and so this is a very important and we have very positive it with asians also for the meeting in singapore. here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program emergency workers say there's now little hope of finding survivors in guatemala as the volcano there spews more mold some mud and plus. i'm andrew thomas in southeastern australia where the outbreak at the state government is using
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taxpayers' money to prop up the timber industry they say around here destroyed not just forests but the wildlife that relies on them. and sebastian vettel will stop the canadian grand prix in pole position but there's a name that surprisingly missing from the front of the grid the details later in sports. leaders from saudi arabia the united arab emirates and q eight a meeting in the saudi city of mecca to discuss possible help for jordan's struggling economy the european union's top foreign policy official traveled to jordan on saturdays and meet with king abdullah federica assured jordan of continued financial support saying that the e.u. would continue to invest in a key ally in the most heated and difficult area of the world with cash strapped jordan is struggling to get on top of its debt after taking a seven hundred twenty three million dollar loan from the international monetary
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fund and twenty sixteen it relies heavily on foreign aid but saudi arabia along with fellow gulf cooperation council members have not yet renewed their three point six billion dollar assistance program to jordan which expired last year and analysts say that saudi and amorality investors have stopped financing projects in jordan the government also blames its financial woes on instability in the region chiefly the war in neighboring syria which has stifled trade and pushed up prices and bears the burden of hosting some six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees jordan's complained about not getting enough international support joining us now live. from is somebody who suppressor of international studies at the university of jordan good to have you with us why is it that the gulf nations have not renewed this financial assistance program to jordan.
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you know well this is confusing for damien's and we expected that no one would let jordan down but unfortunately over the last two years jordan has received no funds from from the gulf states and probably they have their own problem there bogged down in in regional conflicts cetera but. actually you know it's better to arrive late than never i mean at least they're coming back now to jordan suggesting to help jordan to get jordan out of its economic crisis and this is a statement about this in tragedy of jordan for regional stability i'm surprised the what i was trying to get out with that question is given jordan's geographical position as a buffer it's surprising that the patients haven't put it further up the list of priorities
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yeah that's what i'm saying that this is very surprising i mean over the years jordan has been helping the gulf states in. propping up their security they helped them in different files but also in the regional security do then is very important ally for the gulf to state but over the last few years you know the gulf states have their own perception their own perception of a threat they differ with jordan over some files and that's probably explains why they did not help jordan when jordan was in badly need for how to what extent to jordan's king have any bargaining power with the that the gulf states. i do believe so i mean he's is achieved a victory actually in jordan when he identified with his own people and picked the prime minister of jordan the outgoing one and the government jordan is badly need for our some economic help and and jordan's central lety in the region is widely
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acknowledged. so he's now in saudi arabia to meet. i mean the gulf leader there and i think he's he's going to talk to them from a position with strength do that could not be laid down again because if jordan descent into mayhem or an arche for god forbid begin to suffer so this is the message so it's not about we just need money from unfun from the gulf estate it's about the need to empower jordanians to be in a position to also to stand up to a new regional scheme that schemes that do not actually fit into the perception of regional security but politically jordan and saudi arabia don't exactly see eye to eye do that a lot of differences between them all absolutely i mean there are the first one hour the first file is the arab israeli conflict or the ultimate deal of this
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a lot of problems of differences between jordan and saudi arabia and secondly the position when it's come visit really the muslim brotherhood jordan is very amicable to. deal with them in a very positive constructive way why the saudis. declare that they are terrorist groups oh and also the war in yemen and jordan is now a part of it so there's a lot of probably anger on the part of the saudi but this is you know this pale when it compared to what's going to happen to them if jordan god forbid get into an anarchy and insecurity there so this is the message the message to the saudis to the gulf is that you know helping jordan is in their best interest professor good to talk to you but he sixty for being with us. at least fourteen people have been killed in government airstrikes on a village in the rebel held syrian province of idlib the northern province of idlib is meant to be one of the so-called deescalation and its activists say the truce
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was respected in the four months until friday when the government attack killed forty four people sunday's attack is said to be in retaliation for a rebel attack on towns loyal to president bashar al assad. yet another flow of molten mud and ash from the volcano in guatemala has forced emergency teams to abandon their search for survivors they've given up hope of finding anyone else alive following last sunday's eruption that killed at least one hundred people almost two hundred are missing thousands of homes have been destroyed others here as mariana sanchez reports now from the disaster zone. this is one of more than one hundred victims of the eruption. shmucks in fields were blown nearly two kilometers into the sky much of it landed including a serious bill each. didn't have time to escape the better but there were two
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sons and two grandchildren died with her. in total eleven family members died sissy's may get to see her brother in law her body was one of the last to be recovered. it was the most to medical clinic eruption what a man in decades literally two hundred people remain missing more than twelve thousand others lost their homes. twenty one you'll be better kin and her two children are adjusting to their new life in a shelter the flag down a passing car and blue leaving everything behind it is that hour you don't know you're both of my children cried in fear and i beg god to save them so many children have died survivors have been helped by teams of social workers and volunteers children are showing clear signs of stress we must persevere. in their drawings they showed rocks red water like love trees without leaves i'm not
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a psychologist speak and tell. there are twenty one shelters like this house and more than ten thousand survivors have been given food and water and medical care the expectation is that they'll be here for a while experts say the danger may not yet be over apart from the t.v. heavy rains may cause mudslides further putting at risk the lives of people in communities around the volcano. where it will continues to spew deadly clouds of. rocks and. experts say the volcano will calm down but it may take a few weeks before that happens. just see that a lot and then go what amanda. the battle for control of a besieged city in eastern libya is intensifying machine guns and heavy artillery pounding down our forces fighting the renegade general khalifa haftar entering the coastal city from both the east and the west they're trying to oust militias some
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of whom are linked to al qaida which are controlled down to for years. the largest number of refugees fleeing the city since fighting escalated two months ago more than eighteen hundred families who feared revenge attacks if the city falls to us forces have been rescued by red crescent volunteers the aid groups appealing to safe corridors to be set up to move others to safety border for about a serious. head who's in tripoli. the situation in the libyan eastern city of there is going from bad to worse as street battles and fights from one street to another and from one building to another go on between forces loyal to libya's really good general khalifa haftar and others loyal to the dead in a protection force that is that i've been with the group defending the city against have to his forces now have those forces have been very we'll equipped and they have been supported by egyptian and in warplanes and local sources and say that
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egyptian and immorality warplanes have been targeted have been targeting civil areas inside the city of the net now the humanitarian situation is excessive abating and human suffering is increasing in the city especially with the siege it's taking its toll on people especially civilians in the city the city has been very short of everything including basic needs food medications and medical equipment and the red crescent members in the city of there now say that they have help but more than three hundred tamil is leaving the city activists from the city of the say that they are planning to file a suit against the renegade general city for half the accusing his forces of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity and then especially after footage online have been secure lading online showing to have his forces lynching and mutilating a body of
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a rival fighter tens of thousands of people have united in the basque country to show their support for independence from spain they formed a human chain covering two hundred kilometers across the three capitals of the basque provinces campaign as a calling for a vote to allow them to decide on their regions political future campaign hall reports from victoria. with chants of it's in our hands the tales of thousands of people have turned out in spain's basque country to link hands and form a human chain their aim is to link the three main cities in this region right up to the border with france now their demand is straightforward they're calling for the chance to vote on their political future here in the basque country whether that means more self rule and devolve powers or even if it means independence i'm breaking away from the rest of spain now because of past nationalism is nothing new but sunday's event comes
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a month after the armed separatists group announced it was formally dissolving and that is allowing peaceful campaigners like these to step out of the shadow of that armed uprising it also comes at turbulent political times for spain as a nation don't forget that the calls for independence in a breakaway of the catalonia region that issue is not resolved yet and earlier this month the central government was toppled in a no confidence motion amid a political corruption scandal now sunday's event may not be the significant defining moment of basque nationalism but nevertheless it is an indication that there are very fresh calls here for political and territorial issues to be resolved you put your left foot in your left foot it's all looking a bit ropey according to mitchell just everson folks is a. absolutely pretty much spot on adrian and i suspect both of those feet will be
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getting pretty wet over the next few days actually monsoon rains about where they should be you can see right at the western gas loss of cloud showing up here a little further north you see the fair bit of cloud into new delhi as well we had some violent storms moving through here strong and gusty winds causing some damage further damage and also some pretty heavy rains. for cute measures the further south you go you can see the rain sticking just into the western gas on the other side of the bourbon go doesn't it too fantastic here either but ratnagiri two hundred seventy one millimeters of rain in twenty four hours a little further north up at the moment by hundred twelve millimeters a phrase should get about five hundred so it is a wet time five hundred for the entire month of june but that you can see is around twenty percent of their average monthly rainfall and this is what it looks like in mumbai further heavy downpours there is some flooding people still coming go we need the rain we expect the rain but the rain always causes chaos and further
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showers as we go on through the coming days and some more wet weather right the way from carol pushing up through kind of darker all the way up towards mumbai some heavy showers there into addition as well into the northeast of india big downpours too into the far north east of india good parts of bangladesh and we're also looking at flooding for a good parts of me and moderator ian. take a snorkel and flip as if i were you ever to many things still to come here on the news our demands for the return of the exiled opposition leader of the democratic republic of congo just months ahead of the presidential election plus. facing the music in istanbul why young musicians have to go abroad to play to their strengths. and you pay us we will play that's the word from nigeria's football players as they prepare for their world cup campaign.
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right. new rules spanning six continents across the do. i'll just here is correspondents live and bring the story state. of. the. letters. were at the mercy of the camp for palestinian but
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i'll just zero food in world news. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera this new u.s. president donald trump has arrived in singapore for tuesday's historic summit with north korea's leader kim jong un trump earlier called the talks a one time shot of peace is administration is hoping the summit will begin a process that eventually leads to pyongyang ending its nuclear program. korea's leader kim jong un touched on it saying a for around five and a half hours ago now he thanked singaporean prime minister lee hsien loong for his
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help in organizing the talks saying that the entire world is watching. trump's arrival in singapore is being overshadowed by his early departure from the g. seven summit in canada the leaders' summit ended in disarray with trump rejecting a joint statement by the g seven francis warned that fits of anger cannot dictate international cooperation. well north korea's closest ally china hasn't been invited to take part in the singapore site but as florence louis reports now beijing's influence over proceedings is pretty obvious. welcome to dandong city on the chinese border with north korea here you get a sense of china's relationship with its neighbor a large part of it to even by trade chinese goods flow across the border although international sanctions have slow this down somewhat china has long been a close ally of north korea siding with the north in the korean war in one nine hundred fifty and then providing it with political and economic backing since. in
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recent years though north korea's pursuit of nuclear arms it's celebrated under its young leader kim jong un has strained relations but it's in both countries interest to preserve the alliance especially when it comes to dealing with the world's superpower the united states. china uses north korea as a poll to tell the u.s. if you press me on the trip war i can exert more influence on north korea as for north korea it goes say to the u.s. it's not just me negotiating with you i have china supporting me so you can be too harsh on me and need to take things out of my own pace many analysts say the upcoming summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong would not be taking place if not for china's backing in announcing that the summit would take place on tuesday trumpet mentioned chinese president xi jinping whom he said had helped out
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quite a bit with this but only a week before that he had blamed china for north korea's hostile attitude which had led him to cancel the meeting last month or in early may kim met president xi in the chinese city of dalin and trump suggested that kim's attitude changed after that meeting but with the summit now back on many will be looking to see what china gets out of it. what thing is. china doesn't want western in floors at the door china was a buffer zone but is paying a heavy price to maintain the keim rejean china wants to join the reconstruction work in north korea was this is. the news that the summit is now back on has generated optimism that sanctions on north korea may ease and with that a boom in business and property prices have soared leading the local government to
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tighten regulations at china recently resumed flights between beijing and. china may not be at the negotiation table but i'll be looking to make its presence felt florence al-jazeera beijing. police in spain have arrested twenty four people on suspicion of involvement in a child pornography ring they're accused of possessing and distributing pornographic images of children online there were arrests in several parts of spain the suspects include citizens from britain ghana pakistan and ecuador a women's rights activist is under arrest in saudi arabia for showing her support on social media for another woman who was detained on wednesday amnesty international says that ten activists have been arrested recently including at least seven women several of them have been advocating the lifting of the ban lifting the ban on women drivers that's due to happen on june twenty fourth and the first licenses have already been issued state media is accusing the activists of
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being foreign agents will have a. team is a research of human rights watch she says there is real concern for the safety of saudi female activists. crackdown on women's rights activists and freedom of expression in saudi arabia has been widening both in scope and severity and it is honestly pretty perplexing given that the former you know the so they're meant to have ground m.v.s. kind of the imam and some man is one of of them for him and modernization but so far what we've seen are limited social reforms when it comes to more people wanting to speak out to you know dare to dream about having a say in their own futures we're seeing that. the man is completely controlling the merits of he alone gets credit for for these minimum forms he alone gets to the side when he wants to give to these minimum forms to people or not but no one is
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able to speak out it appears as if it's you know a clear and clear calculated move to shut down all activism inside the country i mean how could this be you know this couldn't look like reform this modernization when you have you know women currently behind bars who have called for the same things that you know from one of the things that he's about to introduce the right to drive this month you know you've got families who are afraid to speak out about the plight of their of their sons and daughters in jail today you know because of fear of prison retaliation and other activists insights i mean it catches on and there is you because they're afraid that they might the next opposition supporters of the democratic republic of congo have shown backing for maurice could be the exiled opposition leader is seen as the main rival to president joseph kabila his seventeen years in power could well end in the presidential election that's due in december from the more reports. thousands gathered here the man they
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believe is the democratic republic of congo's best hope for change but moyes could be hasn't set foot in the country for more than two years in this video message sent. from exile he promised to unite the opposition and bring an end to the rule of longtime leader joseph dabo two movies that i believe don't have all this was a demonstration to everyone showing that moyes is alive and he's preoccupied with the situation of all congolese and also to say that we have a project which can properly resolve all these problems we want to transform the congo and restore was quite nice but also we want to unify the congolese people the support that i have at people is showing that we will overcome. lead the d r c in two thousand and sixteen when prosecutors accused him of hiring foreign mercenaries one month later he was sentenced to three years in prison for real estate fraud he denies all the charges against him as promising to return for a presidential run. president joseph kabila has ruled that the r.c.
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for seventeen years his term in office officially ended in december twenty sixth team but elections have been repeatedly delayed was a drop out of the protesters are accusing him of trying to hang on to power the constitution bars him from seeking a third term but could be still hasn't confirmed that he won't run again elections are now separate december but whoever emerges as leader will have major challenges to deal with more than a million people have been forced from their homes in eastern province as the military battles armed groups the chaos has left nearly eight million people on the verge of starvation. the opposition are optimistic but there's still a great deal of uncertainty. will risk arrest to be returned home it's also still unknown it could be a will seek to hold on to power or if the election will be delayed once again since monohan al-jazeera and foreign mentalists in australia say that that
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a poll that taxpayers' money is being spent to bail out belonging industry is under thomas reports now from victoria law this are accused of destroying forest habitats of endangered wildlife. the aftermath of law looks brutal in fact burning low ground helps regeneration those in the industry say they're committed to responsible logging we have a right in that i'm still balance the needs of conservation and the industry and regional economies and and communities but conservationists say the industry and the government that's in part owns it has got the balance wrong propping up a declining industry prioritising jobs are the trees when the owners of this mill said cuts to its would supply would force it out of business the state government paid tens of millions of dollars to keep it going you can look at it as bailing after you can look at investing in a strong industry and a community that's had
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a rich heritage in supplying the till but that has built our towns. it's a heritage though it's been at the cost of forests and the creatures that rely on them in the two hundred years since european colonization most of southeastern australia as old as trees have been lost in victoria central highlands only about one percent of the mountain ash trees are more than a century old that matters because the oldest trees on the stumps of big dead ones developed hollow areas that animals like the now critically endangered leadbeater possums live in conservationists with night vision equipment look for them in areas about to be logged every sighting of their babies possum that we get there's a two hundred made a protection buffer against logging all the oldest trees and big dead ones as opposed to be off limits to this is an example of what's called a dead hollow bearing tree that has been protected all the younger living trees
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that would have stood all around it have been felled but it's been left alone environmentalist don't think anything like enough trees have been in this entire log area it's the only one that's been left standing there are completely burnt out stumps of similar trees nearby but researches say exclusion zones around individual animals and preserving just the very oldest trees does not go far enough they want large scale protection of middle age seventy or eighty year old trees too that is their next old growth forest i've got another fifty years before they start becoming an ecologically mature we need some of those trees to be very or growth forest that would mean excluding much bigger areas from logging economically and politically that could hurt andrew thomas al-jazeera in australia as victoria central highlands. back now to our top story this news out of the
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summit in singapore which many will be hoping will ease tensions with an. nuclear north korea among those is a korean born canadian clergyman and humanitarian worker who was released from a labor camp in north korea last here after nearly one thousand days in captivity. my name is he pastor at the korean light presbyterian church near toronto. i went to north korea one hundred fifty times to help starving people during the famine. we fed more than ten thousand i was so well known to the north korean government i didn't even need a visa i wasn't suspicious when they asked me to come to a meeting one day i just went. home in pyongyang i was arrested in the court i found out they objected to a speech i made.


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