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tv   500 000 Euros  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2018 11:56pm-12:01am +03

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betrayed the united states those same kind of dynamics is the concern here in singapore that something as fragile and his as so grand and important in terms of achievements as denuclearization could be just completely broken and fallen apart because we have two very combustible personalities going into the room let me tell you about that room very quickly what's going to happen there will be on tuesday the photo opportunity and then the two leaders will be meeting together alone with their interpreters that's going to be the critical moment whether or not they move beyond that towards working with one another and their supporting teams so that is what everyone is holding their breath for right now there are very sort of the logistical things leading up to that but it's that moment on tuesday that everyone is waiting very cautiously optimistic to me how kids in singapore we will be talking to her a lot in the next few days looking forward to it kimberly thank you you can get in touch with us as well contact details coming up on screen for you now hashtag a.j.
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news great already hearing from plenty of you online certainly on the facebook live streamed on or in australia or said come wait for the reality t.v. show to continue in singapore on the edge of my seat and that is that feeling of unpredictability and you don't exactly know where any of this will go robin has said to mad men making a deal will it really affect the rest of the world well mad men that's a choice of words you can take but i think yes it probably will it fit the rest of the world that number there plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four and on is the what's happened telegram number the hashtag is a.j. newsgroup on twitter and on facebook. now while it force one made its usual grand entrance you saw that a bit early there was a little bit of mid-air smoke and mirrors needed to get kim jong il in to singapore and i just want to show that to you on the flight right at twenty four this is a scheduled flight china airlines flight one two two which flies from pyongyang to beijing so what it does is it makes the trip and then it stops flight one to two
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that scheduled flight from pyongyang to beijing stop now bear with me a moment i have to do a little bit of clicking here because we have to go and find another flight here and that is a one six zero and it's disappeared would you believe it's disappeared off the flight right. right well that's not going to work is it so we'll just have to come back to me and say what i was trying to show based the fact that that flight ca one six actually picked up from exactly with the a one two two finished in midair effectively so the flight number was changed midair we think to well security reasons to maybe keep a little bit of mystery as to where kim jong un exactly was at the time but this point and james bay is made the point as well that it was a china airlines flight it wasn't a north korean presidential plane it was china airlines which provided that flight i'm sorry i couldn't show you that but apparently that one flight has expired on the flight data so leave that teaches me i should prepare a little bit better well i saw it earlier so i know it you saw it so good is all right people are talking about that flight along with as you can imagine
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a barrage of other things as well including hash tag trump kim some it's one of the leading conversations at the moment it's been used in several languages tens of thousands of tweets have been sent so far and counting but it's come all pointed out if you go to his twitter page the hash tag is mainly being used by journalists who are at the summit but they're only able to share pictures of singapore's skyline other sites online include the cannons at fort solo so they were used in world war two in singapore now it's important here because this time around the. stuffed with flowers for the summit as a sign of peace a gesture of peace also making the rounds online are trump in kim impersonators an australian comedian known for impersonating northern north korean leader kim jong un said he was detained by singapore's authorities on friday before being let into the country the duo have been seen walking around town but some tourists actually thought these guys were the real deal we don't believe that it will be on you or
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your us president not going to be able to get us a great group there no we've no security they're. going to like you and i don't know if you will approach or not. i don't think they understood what was happening while trump he's leaving another trending on twitter storm behind after his visit to canada for the g. seven summit on saturday you've probably seen this picture you saw it in james bays packages package just a little bit earlier the world leaders here discussing trade tariffs what's interesting though is this is not the only version of this situation that we're seeing online white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders she released the first photo from inside that room in the u.s. version of this picture we see donald trump in the center there surrounded by the world leaders people seem to be paying attention to him while he's talking about ten minutes later though the french president's office responded with.


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