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tv   A Cold War Family Reunion  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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is easier to get boys into school and. you know and also just because. you know more attention is being focused on boys and girls generally see india is a country that's through our living they are all saying that they are not. always saying that. as the top levels of the afghan government and the international community to deal with the findings of the anti corruption report the staff and the girls that's a little shy face more immediate issues. the first shift of the school day from six am to ten am it's almost over and while four hours might seem a little light on school times it may be a blessing in disguise because any longer on the girls may happen if the toilet. we have seven thousand go but both male and female students have to use the same
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time on such was a problem. we tell them during the summer lease do it before coming to school. have you ever gone to the toilet in your school yes i was seven years old or when to call and. it's a will but situation here. the biggest car would you. go to the bar. was. employed with this. or working conditions in most schools make it more difficult to attract female teachers yet they are desperately needed because many families still will not accept men teaching their daughters. we have only fifty four full time teachers including ansible and edwin starr so this is the
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problem and we don't have enough teachers and we have to take temporary stuff but because our school is far away many female teachers can't. far away is simply the outskirts of western kabul but it's too far for female teachers unfamiliar with the neighborhood or uncertain about it security it's a paradox principal akila cannot recruit enough women to teach at her school yet it's estimated that up to seventy five percent of teaching graduates are unemployed and most of them are women. at the syud jumma luden teaching college in a more affluent district of couple afghanistan's next generation of teachers is learning the best techniques to connect with their future students. at every one of
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these graduates knows a good education is not always enough to land a teaching job. type in my lemma say john one of them that i studied inside john lydon school and he graduated from class fourteen. i mean in dari and came second in the class the four of them then i tried looking for a good job. but this is a car a graduated three years ago from this college but she is still looking for work as several have gone and want to let me try our best to get jobs in the middle way but we cannot get anything. but there is another way which is illegal as my but i have never tried that. i try my best to do things. but it hasn't worked yet. of all the findings in the ad she corruption report the issue highlighted as most devastating was the poor quality of teachers throughout the country. jobs were
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given to those who could afford to pay a bribe not those who are best qualified it's hard to slap a percentage on this stuff but the majority of teachers that we spoke with suggested that teachers coming in recent years have to pay a year's salary and in france to be able to even get a teaching position what about your classmates who graduated with twenty of them have jobs are they in the same position as you are. as far as i know none of them have secured a future either and that's not the problem is that we have to have qualified teachers like you it's not about the number of the teacher it's about the quality of the teacher. we came across instances where you know. a religious school graduate was teaching you know physics in math to the students he didn't know and i think i'm sad about that subject i think what's happening now more and more sick kids are you know leaving school because their experiences is just so miserable and they're not learning it just doesn't prepare doesn't prefer children
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for work or for life. so what's the point. it's truly afternoon and the students and staff of stargate. have another major problem to deal with this is the courtyard of the star you show how the school where most of the girls take passes but this afternoon behind me there is a massive storm brewing and if the rain gets any heavier school is over for the day . do you think it's fair that boys always have classrooms and girls have to say. it's a problem because of the well you know walk down to the wall there to get the boys they have right but the girls. they don't have they have class but the girls don't have. for example my my brothers are not their boy they have class my sister
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i thing more than five years they stood an outside in front of this. and are there rain and they do those days that there was a van so they will not they will not teach you one they will like to study something they will come back home it's harder to learn. worse so they can not little knowledge under the rain the rain will come. as the sky gets darker and knowing some of the girls have up to an hour's walk to get. to you know weeks no longer. after just an hour and a half of lessons the girls are sent on their way to. afghanistan has never had so many students going to school even with the talk of security in some parts of afghanistan we still have the quantity you have.
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between seven and eight million students going to school i said we don't know the exact number but i think that's a significant number but i think the quality of education what is more important that. we have very poor quality education and that goes back to anything. is one of the major cause of having poor quality education. and you have to convince your dad to let you go to school or worse my father was also. he was not ok about going to school and therefore he was saying something not that you don't want the boys' school ideas no just saying that school is not good. for example biggest working in the home
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and cleaning washing like these things and i thought now he is a play i was thing for him that it's the world has changed and we should love knowledge. man was his father dad runs a small store around the corner from the family home. he and his wife have six children that is the oldest. this business is the sole source of income that has to provide for his family doesn't hold lucrative i have never been to school. i can't even understand a simple. afghan tradition dictates the eldest daughter should stay home to take care of the family. does not. mean
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and looks after her siblings before and after school. but she's also impressed her family with how hard she studies. i miss him for her. he's very intelligent he's now in grade eleven. the last few years he was number one it's cool and now she's number two did you encourage her. with yes it was with our encouragement a mother and father because she is now in grade eleven and number two in school. do you worry about your daughters when they walk off to school. the mage on yes i worry because the security has not been good for the last few years fairly this year the security is much worse and that's why we worry i mean we're going to talk even today there was a bomb blast. that blast was just two kilometers away
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targeting a voter registration center sixty people were killed. but it did not start madness from going to school a few hours later. to seeing your girls attend the last shift of the day from one to five pm. the community won't allow teenage boys and girls to mix so no boys are present during the afternoon shift. it's one of the few times the girls can use the buildings that were actually built for them always i don't think to myself and i know. this situation is not good you have to. just start changing the first your family were unable after that you can be successful to so for always i'm saying for myself i can i can think i can do they can believe . this thing.
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well manaus looks with hope to all that is possible principle akila continues to deal with the seemingly impossible so if it's just a judge. even after the boys have left school for the day they're still not enough classrooms for all the girls and at times not enough teachers are not yeah i was. more of what i'm isha i would. write about it but you have. all you got to be. for those working every day in afghanistan schools the strain is evident in the future uncertain. the responsibility of being a principal is too much to ask a lot of. they don't have copied and i don't think i can get them
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if i were just a teacher it would be better. whether the reforms recommended in the anti corruption report will help principle remains unclear but the fact that the report was commissioned and released at all may be seen as a sign of progress. we did have resistance from some of the ministry resisted. graft on other work in the last few years and you have record does not reflect as good but you have to. be clearly senator that this report is not about. the reaction to the report was swift with the president ghani himself promising to implement the recommendations but any improvements that result may be too late for a man. she's hoping to be at university after she finishes high school next year.
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after that i would get a job after that i have. a world of politics and i will supply eastern for the cares it's. not like it with me when i was a little bit other agree what this is a. thing that for against being a boxer. and saying no i want to stop life for they care so. it's estimated that more than sixty percent of afghanistan's girls are not in school so man lost his dream to provide a better future for them. and. but given the challenges that she and many of her classmates have faced just to go to school anything seems possible you
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never feel like it's. sometimes sometimes that's hard but again when i think something when i. again thing that is a war that about the world and thinking again i. ask you. for now decisions about girls' education still lie mainly with men who run the ministry and fathers who rule the home that may slowly evolving. manaus has convinced her father to let her go to university. where once he questioned whether she should study at all the debate now is whether she studies medicine or politics . but girls like manaus and her peers will have to keep fighting to change the future for themselves and for the next generation that stands girls when we're all happiest. when my father said. when for example my father say that
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yes you are my girl and i'm proud of is the hobbyist but i'm. told that a lot yes so. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic when i want to use me it's the women who cross the world for love and state for change a community. has a ring. on counting the cost jordan's economy is struggling to come look at why i.m.f.
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backed price hikes are proving the last straw for many people plus why the world's top poker grows one of the biggest share of the global chocolate market. counting the cost on i just see it. donald trump and kim jong un arrived in singapore ahead of their historic summit the u.s. president says it's a one time shot at peace. and aren't anuses al-jazeera live from london also coming up the fallout from the fractious g. seven summit the white house accuses the canadian prime minister of stabbing them in the back. more mountain ash at the frager volcano in guatemala emergency workers
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say there's little hope of finding survivors last. half. musical use of turkey but getting enough support from the government. you know the stage is now set for tuesday's historic summit in singapore the first between a leader from north korea and a sitting u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un have both arrived trying described it as a one time shot at peace and said they were in unknown territory from singapore diplomatic to james bays so in this report a moment of history the leader of north korea first and then the u.s. president several hours later arriving in the same city this summit is now
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effectively on the way the face to face meeting aimed at the nuclear crisis taking place on tuesday. kim jong un borrowed a plane from china to bring him here he's probably the least well traveled leader on earth in charge of his isolated nation for six years he had met no other foreign leader until this year he came to singapore with his own body guard unit and brought his own armored limousine on a cargo plane again supplied by china remarkably it's only nine months since president trump told the u.n. general assembly he was prepared to annihilate pyongyang diplomacy did finally kick in with north korea sending a delegation to south korea's winter olympics in february. a historic summit at the demilitarized zone between the two koreas was followed by a secret trip by then cia director mike pompei oh the first of two visits he made
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to pyongyang they pave the way for this summit in singapore trump briefly canceled this summit last month and he's repeatedly threatened to walk away if he doesn't believe the negotiations is serious a tough line but at the same time trump has been sending mixed messages to kim before he flew to singapore he was asked what he wanted to achieve at this historic summit but i had a minimum i do believe at least we'll have met each other we will have. seen each other hopefully we will have like each other and we'll start the process i would say that would be the minimal no do then for the north korean leader to commit to completely give up his nuclear capability but experts say that kim is also well aware that trump is unpredictable and that he's coming from another summit the g seven where he fell out with his closest allies a meeting where the optics are positive meaning trum gets a handshake with can from and it agreeing to some kind of nuclear the need nuclear
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deal would go a long way to mescaline for president from as much as it would for the. north korean state community so in in all likelihood i think the north koreans are. upbeat but they are careful with the same time as kim had a brief courtesy meeting with singapore's prime minister news emerged that he was planning to leave the city just five hours after his meeting with trump that suggests there will not be lengthy substantive talks but we shouldn't discount the idea that the north korean side may perhaps of lead those proposed timings as a negotiation tactic james ways al-jazeera singapore representatives from both sides are carrying out last minute preparations and meetings to ensure today's summit goes smoothly there's no guarantee of success emily how good has this update from singapore. the u.s.
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president touching down here at the bar air force base here in singapore just hours after kim jong il in the north korean leader also arriving now with the arrival of these two leaders in place the work begins in preparation for that meeting that will take place on tuesday there have been teams here on the ground working feverish late not just to get the logistics in place but also to set the right tone for the table the u.s. president tweeting while he was on air force one that he believed that this was a one time opportunity he believes the north korean leader will not waste also saying that he believes that kim join the news ready to work towards peace and prosperity for his nation certainly this is something that the u.s. is offering as leverage towards achieving the goal of nuclear ideation something that has been very hard to define between the two sides but that gap closing but what will be difficult is the measurable steps so as a result there is going to be
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a lot of pressure on these two leaders to prove that this is more than just a photo opportunity but something that can be achievable starting with what the u.s. president calls a dialogue nuclear peace also top the agenda as central asian leaders but who a summit of the shanghai cooperation organization in china iranian president hassan rouhani used the meeting to criticize the u.s. again for withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal saying it's unilateral policies are a threat to all twenty fifteen agreement between iran and the world powers lifted international sanctions on tehran in return for restrictions on its nuclear activities. praised china and russia for their commitment to keeping the deal alive . yes you know. my country's in full compliance with the nuclear deal all the parties to the nuclear deal of responsible towards fulfilling all the obligations they have admitted in line with the agreement. of
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course our country can not to be but worried about iran nuclear program u.s. withdrawal from the comprehensive plan of action can further destabilize the situation is. russia is in favor of consistent and unconditional implementation of the deals with the white house has stepped up its verbal attacks on justin trudeau with top advisers claiming the canadian prime minister stabbed us in the back at the g. seven summit voided questions from waiting media in quebec donald trump labeled him weak and dishonest comments made after the summit today told reporters the u.s. president's decision to invade national security as a reason for his steel trade tariffs was kind of insulting and mike hanna joins us from washington might what else is being said by the u.s. first being quite an extraordinary course of a ben saul beginning when president tweeted while still on the tarmac in quebec
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city waiting to go to singapore snaking those statements there about the canadian prime minister being weak and dishonest well advised as to president trump doubled down on all of that in the course of the morning his there is economics adviser larry kudlow saying that this was a betrayal justin trudeau is comments this in reference to the summit in singapore is the implication that prime minister trudeau was undercutting president trump before the summit and his a trader buys that peter navarro went even further in his criticism this is what he had to say. there's a special place in the health for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald trump and then tries this stab them in the back on the way out the door and that's what bad face justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference that's what we dishonest justin trudeau did and that comes right from air force one and i'll tell you this to my friends in canada that was one of
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the worst political miscalculations of the canadian leader in modern canadian history. well it appears that all the trump advisors saw going out of their way of buying with each other to see the most strongest language in order to play safe and indeed pleasure president. mike hanna thank you very much indeed. now the flow of mont and ash. has forced emergency teams to abandon their search for survivors they say there's little hope of finding anyone else alive after last sunday's eruption killed at least one hundred ten people are an essential as reports from inside the disaster. said this is one of more than
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one hundred think tim's of the eruption. in fields nearly two kilometers into the sky much of it one didn't see this bill each. others didn't have time to escape but there were two sons and two grandchildren died with her. in total eleven members died sissy's may go to see her brother in law who body was one of the last to be recovered. it was the most of medical clinic irruption in what they managed in decades nearly two hundred people remain missing more than twelve thousand others lost their homes. twenty one year old model any better kin and her two children are adjusting to their new life in a shelter they flagged down a passing car and flew a blue leaving everything behind our door you both of my children cried in fear and i begged god to save them so many children have died survivors are being helped by
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teams of social workers and volunteers children are showing clear signs of stress we must persevere yet in their drawings they showed rocks red water like love our trees without leaves i'm not a psychologist speaking tell they are traumatized there are twenty one shelters like this house and more than ten thousand survivors have been given food and water and medical care the expectation is that they'll be here for a while experts say the danger may not yet be over apart from the volcano to vittie heavy rains may cause mudslides further putting at risk the lives of people in communities around the volcano. where who continues to spew deadly clouds of. rocks and films experts say the volcano will calm down but it may take a few weeks before that happens. just see that a lot and then go what the man. still ahead on al-jazeera.
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heavy fighting in the libyan city of down or as forces loyal to renegade general or have to close in class. i'm andrew thomas in southeastern australia where there's outrage that the state government here is using taxpayers' money to prop up the timber industry. around here destroys not just forests but the wildlife that relies on them. however we've still got a few showers into the middle east nothing much to speak of the usual it's lassie.


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