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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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despite the u.s. pulling out. of course our country cannot be both worried about iran nuclear program u.s. withdrawal from the comprehensive plan of action can further destabilize the situation. russia is in favor of consistent and unconditional implementation of the deal it was put in spoke at the shanghai cooperation organization or s.c.l. summit held in the eastern city of qingdao russia is one of the eight s e o members together these countries represent forty percent of the world's population and twenty percent of global g.d.p. should bajan well for germany and a power politics still persist in the world the growing cost for a more just and equitable international order must be heeded the mocker see international relations is an unstoppable trend of the times the aesir was formed
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seventeen years ago mainly to strengthen security cooperation but trade issues have become important to some s.c.l. members i involved in building infrastructure for china's belton road project dubbed as the new silk road to boost twenty first century economies in the coming few years. as your most likely will pick up more security considerations or geopolitical considerations and the corporation a model as your members involving the observer states in security all even for example moving into quasar military cooperation will not be impossible therefore as c.e.o. is expanding its mission is moving forward to deal better with the new challenges in the world. and as the u.s. is apparently becoming increasingly isolated from its allies because of trump's policies on tariffs and his readiness to withdraw from trade climate. the
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unity presented at the s e o is in stark contrast to the g. seven summit in canada where dog trump refused to endorse the final communique some analysts say the unified message from china also presents a challenge to the west in that world order florence al-jazeera beijing still ahead on the sounders their news hour. heavy fighting in the libyan city of downer as forces loyal to renegade general khalifa haftar close in. a big show of support for the democratic republic of congo's exiled opposition leader ahead of an election show jewel for december. in a sport sardinia base host to one of the closest finishes in the world rally championship history.
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the white house has stepped up its verbal attacks on justin trudeau with top advisers claiming the canadian prime minister quote stabbed us in the back at the g. seven summit true to avoided questions from waiting media in quebec for the trump labeled him weak and dishonest for comments made after the summit trader told reporters the us president's decision to invoke national security as a reason for his steel and aluminum trade tariffs was kind of insulting a point reiterated by his foreign minister on sunday. for me what is insulting and what i object very strongly is the illegal and unjustified impersonation of tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum. the freak the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians the closest and strongest ally the united states has have. my kind of joins us
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from washington so the fallout from this is continuing like well what else have they been saying in the us well it's quite extraordinary and what we've been seeing in the course of the day is president trump's advice is apparently competing to see who can be strongest in terms of criticizing the canadian prime minister larry kudlow the economics adviser to president accuse justin trudeau of but trail he would imply that justin trudeau had undermined president trump standing just before this all important summit in singapore peter navarro he was the trade advise the president trump went even further and this is what he had to say there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald trump and then tries this stab them in the back on the way out the door and that's what bad trace justin trudeau did with that stunt press
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conference that's what we dishonest justin trudeau did and that comes right from air force one i'll tell you this to my friends in canada that was one of the worst political miscalculations of the canadian leader in modern canadian history. but there are those within the u.s. who are deeply concerned about this ongoing war of words with canada the ongoing dispute over these trade tariffs one of them is a former national security adviser susan rice who says that the g seven allies are critical to the u.s. as national interests and she says that this dispute being fueled as she puts it by president trump and his advisers is deeply dangerous mike hanna thank you very much indeed a large fires broke out at a warehouse storing ballot boxes from last month's iraqi election apparently not been destroyed because of the blaze is not yet known but the country is preparing for a manual recount of around ten million votes following allegations of electoral fraud
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charge stratford has more from baghdad. thick black smoke over the reason for districts in eastern baghdad iraq's ministry of interior say the fire started in a building used to store ballot boxes and electronic voting machines from the disputed parliamentary election a month ago. iraq's parliament voted last week for a countrywide to manual recount of all ballots after allegations of voting fraud one in peace that the fire was started deliberately and called on the government to better protect buildings where ballot boxes are being stored and i imagine the brunt of this three warehouses there are important but it's boxes and firefighters are inside trying to put out the fire earlier in the day nine judges were appointed to oversee the manual recount of votes nationwide the process is expected to take at least a couple of weeks. the government sacked senior members of the election commission
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which oversaw the vote counting. prime minister hydrilla body has banned them from leaving the country and warned that anyone suspected of being involved in election fraud could face criminal charges iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel was praised for the lack of violence in the run up to and during polling day on may the twelfth since then much has changed allegations of fraud leading to parliament's vote for a countrywide manual recounts of throwing the transparency of this election into doubt a fire at a building containing potential proof of how people voted will already make accusations of voter rigging even louder traffic al-jazeera baghdad and he seventeen people have been killed in syrian government asked strikes on a village in the rebel held province of idlib the northern province is meant to be one of the so-called deescalation zones activists say the truce was respected and
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they lived for months until friday when a government attack in zatanna killed forty four people sunday strike is said to be in retaliation for a rebel attack on towns loyal to president bashar assad the battle for control of a besieged city in eastern libya is intensifying downa is the last eastern city not held by forces loyal to renegade general holly for have to his troops a bombarding the coastal city from the east and west using machine guns and heavy artillery trying to oust armed groups some linked to al qaeda which of control down a few years the u.n. says it's worried about the safety of an estimated one hundred fifty thousand civilians living there or people are fleeing down in greater numbers than at any time since heavy fighting began two months ago three hundred families who feared revenge attacks if a city falls to have to us forces have been rescued by red crescent volunteers the aid group is appealing for safe corridors to be set up to move others to safety
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somewhat up to the head has more from the capital tripoli. the situation in the libyan eastern city of there is going from bad to worse as street battles and fights from one street to another and from one building to another go on between forces loyal to libya's really good general khalifa haftar and others loyal to the dead in a protection force that is that i've armored group defending the city against have to his forces now have those forces have been very we'll equipped and they have been supported by egyptian and in warplanes and local sources and say that egyptian and immorality warplanes have been targeted have been targeting civil areas inside the city of the net now the humanitarian situation is excessive abating and human suffering is increasing in the city especially with the siege it's taking its toll on people especially civilians in the city the city has been very short of
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everything including basic needs food medications and medical equipment and the red crescent members in the city of there now say that they have help but more than three hundred turmel is leaving the city activists from the city of there now say that they are planning to file a suit against the renegade general city for help to accusing his forces of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity and then especially after footage online have been secure lading online showing to have his forces lynching and mutilating a body of a rival fighter another flow of margined ashwini frager volcano in guatemala has forced emergency teams to abandon their search for survivors they say there's little hope of finding anyone else alive after last sunday's eruption killed at least one hundred ten people in two hundred more are still missing and thousands of homes have been destroyed and sanchez reports from inside the disaster zone.
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i. said this is one of more than one hundred thick tins of the mold for eruption. of boiling ash walks in fields were blown nearly two kilometers into the sky and much of it landed until they all said yes bill each she and many others didn't have time to escape the benefit of doubt there were two sons and two grandchildren died with her in total eleven family members died sis is may get to see her brother in law her body was one of the last to be recovered. it was the most of medical clinic irruption weatherman in decades nearly two hundred people remain missing more than twelve thousand others lost their homes. twenty one you will be better kin and her two children are adjusting to their new life in a shelter they flagged down a passing car and swing
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a blue leaving everything behind our door you both of my children cried in fear and i begged god to save them so many children have died survivors have been helped by teams of social workers and volunteers children are showing clear signs of stress we must persevere and i doubt they will in their drawings they showed rocks red water like love or trees without leaves i'm not a psychologist speak and tell they are traumatized there are twenty one shelters like this house and more than ten thousand survivors have been given food and water and medical care the expectation is that they'll be here for a while experts say the danger may not yet be over apart from the t.v. heavy rains may cause much light further putting at risk the lives of people in communities around the volcano. where it will continues to spew deadly clouds of. rocks and films experts say the volcano will calm down but it may take
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a few weeks before that happens. a lot and then go what their man. opposition supporters in the democratic republic of congo have declared that backing a movie's cut to me and the exiled opposition leader is seen as the main rival to president joseph kabila his seventeen years in power could end in the presidential election june december fintan monahan reports. thousands gathered to hear the man they believe is the democratic republic of congo's best hope for change but moyes could tumbi hasn't set foot in the country for more than two years in this video message sent from exile he promised to unite the opposition and bring an end to the rule of longtime leader joseph dabo two movies that i believe that this was a demonstration to everyone showing that moyes is alive and he's preoccupied with the situation of all congolese and also to say that we have
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a project which can properly resolve all these problems we want to transform the congo and restore was quite nice but also we want to unify the congolese people the support today about people is showing that we will overcome. the fled the d r c in two thousand and sixteen when prosecutors accused him of hiring foreign mercenaries one month later he was sentenced to three years in prison for real estate fraud he denies all the charges against him as promising to return for a presidential run president joseph kabila has ruled that the r.c. for seventeen years his term in office officially ended in december twenty sixth dean but elections have been repeatedly delayed was brought in the protesters are accusing him of trying to hang on to power the constitution bars him from seeking a third term but could be still hasn't confirmed that he won't run again elections are now separate december but whoever emerges as leader will have major challenges to deal with more than a million people have been forced from their homes in eastern province as the
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military battles armed groups. the chaos has left nearly eight million people on the verge of starvation. the opposition are optimistic but there's still a great deal of uncertainty. will risk arrest to be returned home it's also still unknown it could be low will seek to hold on to power or if the election will be delayed once again. al-jazeera. and watching the news hour live from london still ahead hands across the basque country demonstrators form a two hundred kilometer chain to demand an independence fete from spain. a vibrant colors of a separate movement to fill britain's streets as a mob is hundred years since women won the right to vote. and later in sports you pay us and we will play the word for nigeria's football players as they get ready for the world cup.
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hello we've still got a few showers into the middle east nothing much to speak of so west per usual is lossy for say hossam tricorder russia. just spilling out of the black sea they are heading towards the caspian sea driving across georgia armenia azerbaijan wanted to shower was also a possibility into the fall north of iran as we go on through the next couple of days so it's a very similar picture to what we've seen over the past few days russia was to a possibility just around the high ground of the himalayan plash eastern parts of afghanistan because he wanted to shout shows disperse their way up a little further north woods into too many stan and he's let me go but i shall is just around northern parts of iran pushing over towards the black sea fine and dry there across eastern saw the med this is the place to be twenty celsius in by road
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or just on the side so another one the forward baghdad forty one celsius could be hotter still to the full kuwait city some more big downpours coming in here. really is hot across the right in peninsula but temperatures pick back a little forty three forty four celsius here in qatar over the next couple of days with a high of forty three further south is generally try but a little more cloud down to the gulf of aden. uncovering full d. forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimony is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john alford for these crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car the system with joe
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biden jammed on al-jazeera. and. killed ten men from many members and bonding time hunted in. the wall as possible the people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia . and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand and you know and i finally in iraq on al-jazeera. no top stories. u.s.
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president donald trump has arrived in singapore head of tuesday's historic summit with north korean leader kim jong. un touched down a few hours earlier and paid a courtesy call singapore's prime minister. a top white house adviser has accused the canadian prime minister of trying to have donald trump in the back of the g. seven summit but justin trudeau criticized the u.s. tariffs on steel and. another flow of modern ash from the four. mala as forced emergency teams to abandon their search for survivors a week after it first erupted killing at least one hundred ten people. in a two hundred thousand people have lined roads across the basque region calling for the right to decide whether they remain part of spain as a whole reports the event may bring new impetus to the basque nationalist movement and aggravate an already turbulent political scene in madrid.
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it sounds a little sweet to be a protest song yet it is a call to vote and before. this demonstration in the basque region marks the start of a new bid for greater self or maybe even to break away from spain together. we've been calling for our rights for years and today is another chance to see that there's a significant percentage of citizens who want to vote and this site where putin. last month the armed separatists organization it or announced it was disbanding that gives peaceful campaigners the chance to draw a line between themselves that violent uprising which lasted decades these are the last links in a human chain that stretches from here more than two hundred kilometers or one hundred twenty miles away right up to the border with france. it wound along the highways and byways through one of the richest corners of spain the ne basque
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region already has wide ranging devolved powers over health education and even taxation but some like quantrill of course who came with his grandson dream of having their own country when. there are steps to be taken first self-government and so fraught and then independent i'm not sure what that will look like but it needs to recognise our people's progress an issue moment. sunday's event comes amid turbulent times the dispute over catalonia as attempt to declare independence from the rest of spain is far from over and earlier this month the central government in madrid was toppled by a corruption scandal the incoming socialist administration has no majority and no room to maneuver on key issues such as greater self rule for space various regions but but but organizers except it may be along the campaign. different
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factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another you must base this new chapter on democratic values and the will of the people is seen in our. it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept moves to carve up spain into independent states. but ask these basque demonstrators join together they chant the power in the future is in their hands pen or al-jazeera vittoria spain. police in spain have arrested twenty four people believed to be involved in a child pornography ring they're accused of possessing and distributing images of children online arrests took place across spain from madrid to barcelona and the canary islands the suspects come from britain garner pakistan and ecuador. tens of thousands of women in britain have marched together to create
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a living artwork to celebrate a hundred years since they won the right to vote the suffragette movement campaigned for decades for women's democratic rights using protest and direct action and sunday's event was a reminder of modern day struggles to its name boller reports. a river of green white and violets. the first letters of those colors used by the suffragette movement g w v signifying give women the vote one hundred years ago some british women finally got it and these women are remembering their struggle with a unique march in the you case national capitals edinburgh cardiff belfast and here in london community groups have been working with professional artists to create some are you catching bonus we commissioned a hundred artists each to work with a group that could be women in prison kids and schools. muslim women's federations our whole back sisters lots of different people you see behind me clean break her
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prison survivors of domestic violence so lots and lots of different organizations that we can rate a particular artist to go into back to work with them to make a banner in a series of workshops they also explored the history of the suffragettes as well as the later fight for things like access to birth control to these women were extremely radical women who were prepared to act deeds not words and make decisions that perhaps nowadays might like pretty long. many of the themes are obvious was. others less so and adequate time to take workshops making the food coming up with the slogan parents the teacher coming up with the shit they tend to idea well kids except that well that's the thing it defies description we're hoping because i think if if things don't become surprise we call it controls. the march is also so homemade efforts and some
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definitely too young to vote they belong to. the women together doing something together. and the right to do something with my daughter. but if you take. the women marching who have come from all over england then the plan is they've made highlight a whole range of issues but what they're all doing is looking back to the achievements of the softer jets and looking forward to a more equal future. and they're hoping the younger generations will be as bold as those who came before them. barbara al-jazeera. italy's interior ministry has threatened to close its ports to rescue ships if moulton doesn't taken almost six hundred migrants saved by a french charity this week walter has brushed off the request saying it has nothing to do with the rescue almost six hundred thousand african migrants have reached italy if i see over the past five years new interior minister moto so many campaign
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strongly against immigration in the recent parliamentary elections. u.k. human rights groups say saudi arabia has arrested two more women's rights activists who had campaigned for the right to drive by as iran a published a letter of support for detained campaign a new phone jiraiya and was then herself seized just hours later nineteen activists have been arrested in the kingdom since the fifteenth of may show at best report. the saudi arabian traffic department releases a video showing women in riyadh receiving their driver's licenses it's been decades in the making with just two weeks before women are free to drive. but some women's rights activists will not be behind the wheel but behind bars has was the first to be arrested in a government crackdown began on the fifteenth of may. security forces then swept up blogger eman and nuff john activist and professor azizi yusuf human rights
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lawyer abraham moved a mic and one of the kingdom's early feminists money and she took part in one thousand nine hundred campaign to lift the driving ban they could face up to twenty years in prison the saudi state news agency did confirm a wrists on the eighteenth of may saying seven suspects were charged as foreign agents reporting they did to violate the country's religious and national palace and last week the saudi public prosecutor reported coordinated moves to undermine the security of the kingdom seventeen people had been arrested to released. the government has not said what threat to security the activists pose but analysts say saudi leadership want to ensure the lifting of the driving ban a seen as a gift rather than a concession to domestic or international pressure they are telling the women in that you should not ask for more including you know ending male guardianship this.
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woman to issue that first or without made console. no it's very alarming and we are very much concerned about what's going on in saudi arabia. right now the kingdom is trying to modernize but it has come at the cost of a crackdown last year academics religious leaders and activists were detained all riyadh's ritz carlton hotel became a prison for some assad's wealthiest mean the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman promoting a more modern kingdom globally well neutering challenges at home charlotte dallas al-jazeera leaders from saudi arabia the u.a.e. and kuwait to meeting in mecca to discuss possible help for jordan struggling economy european union's foreign policy chief and a committee any met jordan's king abdullah on saturday jordan is facing rising public debt partially caused by an influx of refugees fleeing syria or hassan baris
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a professor of international studies at the university of jordan he spoke to others here about why jordan has been facing economic difficulties and what they hope to achieve at the meeting in mecca. this is confusing for damien's and we expected that no one would let jordan down but unfortunately over the last two years jordan has received no funds from from the gulf he stated probably they are they have their own problem they're bogged down in in regional conflicts it's cetera but. actually you know it's better to arrive late than never i mean actually they're coming back now to jordan and they are suggesting to help jordan to get jordan out of its economic crisis and this is a statement about this in tragedy of jordan for regional stability jordan has been helping the gulf states in. propping up their security help them in different files but also in the regional security do then is very important ally for the gulf states but over the last few years you know the gulf states have their own
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perception their own perception of a threat they differ i was jordan over some files and that's probably explains why they did not help jordan when jordan was in badly need for help and jordan's central it in the region is widely acknowledged. so he's now in saudi arabia to meet. i mean the gulf illegal there and i think he's he's going to talk to them from a position of strength do that could not be laid down again because if jordan descent into mayhem or an arche for god forbid begin to suffer so this is the message so it's not about we just need money from unfun from the gulf estate it's about the need to empower jordanians to be in a position to also stand up to a new regional scheme that schemes that do not actually fit into the perception of regional security. environmentalists in the australian state of victoria are skiis government to reconsider its bailout of the logging industry and involves more of
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a furtive million dollars of taxpayers' money as andrew thomas reports from victoria's central highlands loggers are accused of destroying forest habitats of endangered wildlife the aftermath of the logging looks brutal in fact burning long ground helps regeneration those in the industry say they're committed to responsible logging we have a regime that i'm still balance the needs of conservation and the industry and regional economies and and communities but conservationists say the industry and the government that in part owns it has got the balance wrong propping up a declining industry prioritising jobs are the trees where the owners of this mill said cuts to its would supply would force it out of business the state government paid tens of millions of dollars to keep it going you can look at it as bailing after you can look at investing in a strong industry and a community that's had
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a rich heritage in supplying the till but timber that has built our towns. it's a heritage though that's been at the cost of forests and the creatures that rely on them in the two hundred years since european colonization most of southeastern australia as old as trees have been lost in victoria central highlands only about one percent of the mountain ash trees are more than a century old that matters because the oldest trees and the stumps of big dead ones developed hollow areas that animals like the now critically endangered leadbeater possums live in conservationists with night vision equipment look for them in areas about to be logged every sighting of the web as possum that we get there's a two hundred made a protection buffer against logging all the oldest trees and big dead ones are supposed to be off limits to this is an example of what's called a dead hollow bearing tree that has been protected all the younger living trees
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that would have stood all around it have been felled but it's been left alone environmentalist though don't think anything like enough trees have been in this entire log area it's the only one that's been left standing there are completely burnt out stumps of similar trees nearby but researches say exclusion zones around individual animals and preserving just the very oldest trees does not go far enough they want large scale protection of middle age seventy or eighty year old trees too that is their next old growth forest i've got another fifty years before they start becoming a whole logically mature we need some of those trees to be very or growth forest that would mean excluding much bigger areas from logging economically and politically that could hurt andrew thomas al-jazeera in australia as.


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