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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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al-jazeera washington before you go volcano in guatemala spewed out more lava forcing emergency teams to abandon the search for survivors and we come from the massive eruption rescuers say there's now little hope of finding anyone else alive at least one hundred ten people were killed in a further two hundred a missing miners sanchez has more from in guatemala. were in front of the morgue here in this we were family members here are waiting to hear news from the remains of their loved ones they are some of them have been here since monday a woman telling us she lost sixteen family members she has been able to recognize six but she still has ten more to go so it's a very difficult and sad process for these people now they say that no one from the government and no government agency has come here and tell them that they will be held to receive any help these of course are very poor people who have lost their
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loved ones who have lost their homes and their farms but they do want the government to help them they say that after a few days everyone will forget them of course the most important thing for them right now is to be able to find their missing family members and to and to be able to bury them for a time for a short break here and when we come back. this is a new. song for freedom another region and spain has its eyes on a chance for independence. and with days to go before women are allowed to drive in saudi arabia some will be behind bars and sort of behind the wheel or in the stings . i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle i always
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alison shot are still suffering from flooding no big surprise but it's been extensive recently because of the remains of the tropical storm they are no longer in evidence indeed the forecast even gives the seasonal rains a step back for a day and so hong kong looks strong there is rain to the west of grand dong and further west and when you get into vietnam otherwise china's looking for a couple of days rather quiet because the action may be to the south and to the east for example across the philippines it really has got where recently it was several hundred kilometers folding you can get the impression from the satellite picture i would repeat that in the forecast as well around the capital service lose all sense of that little cloud around but showers are well dotted including possibly still singing in singapore but they're more of a rarity than a regular r.t. the monsoon rain there has started to boost itself again in myanmar more especially down the western side of india ratnagiri is two hundred seventy one millimeters is a huge figure and it's not that unusual from mumbai science woods it's been like
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that i mean the forecast it may well continue west and get your notice i think around kolkata as well we could see some pretty big shots but really the focus is on the west in india or me and are. the weather sponsored by cattle i always say. the. territorial. social. and ethnic divisions. the daily reality piece in some of france's underprivileged communities. of just zero world here's a firsthand account from suburban president. paris . a divided city.
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welcome back time for a quick recap the top stories at this hour donald trump and kim jong un have arrived in singapore ahead of the first of the talks to a serving us president and the north korean leader hopes to secure a deal for the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. but german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tires on european steel and albania. says she was disappointed the president from withdrew from the deal that he'd already signed with the g. seven summit in canada. and new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala week after volcanic eruption killed at least one hundred ten people before i go volcano spewing out more hash of lava beds the teams have been forced to abandon their search for survivors. now fire has swept through
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a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed parliamentary election the prime minister. described the fire as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament had already demanded a nationwide recount of the votes now the recalls for the may elections to be rerun a. thick black smoke over the recent for districts in eastern baghdad iraq's ministry of interior say the fire started in a building used to store ballot boxes and electronic voting machines from the disputed parliamentary election a month ago iraq's parliament voted last week for a countrywide to manual recount of all ballots after allegations of voting fraud. one in piece of the fire was started deliberately and cooled on the government to better protect buildings where ballot boxes are being stalled. imagine three warehouses there are important but it's boxes and firefighters are inside trying to
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push out the fire earlier in the day and nine judges were appointed to oversee the manual recount of votes nationwide. the process is expected to take at least a couple of weeks. the government sacked senior members of the election commission which oversaw the vote counting prime minister hydrilla body has banned them from leaving the country and warned that anyone suspected of being involved in election fraud could face criminal charges iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel was praised for the lack of violence in the run up to and during polling day on may the twelfth but since then much has changed allegations of fraud leading to parliament's vote for a countrywide manual recounts of throwing the transparency of this election into doubt a fire at a building containing potential proof of how people voted will only make accusations of voter rigging even louder. baghdad nearly two hundred
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thousand people have formed a human chain across spain's basque region calling for the right to decide on independence a country still reeling from the fails the session bid from the catalonia region in october but it's called pan hall reports now from the tortilla people hope the new central government in madrid with more sympathetic to their demands. nobody knows what. they have it sounds a little sweet to be a protest song yet it is a call to vote and be free. this demonstration in the basque region marks the start of a new bid for greater self rule or maybe even to break away from spain together. we've been calling for our rights for years and today is another chance to see that there's a significant percentage of citizens who want to vote and the site if you took. last month the armed separatists organization announced it was disbanding that
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gives peaceful campaign is the chance to draw a line between themselves now violent uprising which last decades. these are the last links in a human chain that stretches from here more than two hundred kilometers or one hundred twenty miles away right up to the border with france it wound along the highways and byways through one of the richest corners of spain the ne basque region already has wide ranging devolved powers over health education and even taxation but some like quantrill of scores who came with his grandson dream of having their own country when. there are steps to be taken first self-government and so fraught and then independent i'm not sure what that will look like but it needs to recognise our people's progress in history moment. sunday's event comes amid turbulent times the dispute over catalonia as attempt to declare
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independence from the rest of spain is far from over and earlier this month the central government in madrid was toppled by a corruption scandal the incoming socialist administration has known with giora teeth no room to maneuver on key issues such as greater sell through for spain various regions but but but organizers except it may be along the campaign on. different factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another it was based this new challenge on democratic values and the will of the people is seen in our status and often. it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept moves to carve up spain into independent states. but ask these basque demonstrators join together they chant the power in the future is in their hands. victorious spain. u.k.
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rights groups say saudi arabia has arrested two more activists who campaigned for the right for women to drive by also ronnie was arrested after publishing a letter of support for detained campaigner. nineteen activists have been arrested in the kingdom since the fifteenth of may. the saudi arabian traffic department releases a video showing women in riyadh receiving their driver's licenses it's been decades in the making with just two weeks before women are free to drive. but some women's rights activists will not be behind the wheel but behind bars have was the first to be arrested in a government crackdown began on the fifteenth of may. security forces then swept up blogger him and nuff john activist and professor as easy yusuf human rights lawyer abraham moved a mic and one of the kingdom's early feminists money and she took part in one thousand nine hundred campaign to lift the driving ban they could face up to twenty
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years in prison the saudi state news agency did confirm a wrists on the eighteenth of may saying seven suspects were charged as foreign agents reporting they did to violate the country's religious and national pillows and last week the saudi public prosecutor reported coordinated moves to undermine the security of the kingdom seventeen people who had been arrested to released. the government has not said what threat to security the activists pose but analysts say saudi leadership want to ensure the lifting of the driving ban a seen as a gift rather than a concession to domestic or international pressure they are telling the women in so that you should not ask for more including you know ending male guardianship this. is the right of women to issue their first or without merit console and so it's very alarming and we are very much. and about what's going on in saudi arabia.
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right now the kingdom is trying to modernize but it has come at the cost of a crackdown last year academics religious leaders and activists were detained while riyadh's ritz carlton hotel became a prison for some assad's wealthiest mean the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon promoting a more modern kingdom globally well neutering challenges at home challenge palace al jazeera saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it comes after an earlier pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union federica marini the e.u.'s foreign minister said the e.u. would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most heated and difficult area of the world the u.n. says a quarter of a million people are in extreme danger saudi led coalition forces prepared to take the yemeni port city of had data coalition planes and ships are attacking who three targets and u.a.e.
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led troops are just ten kilometers to the south and moving in the traditional reports. as the u.n. lobbies to stop a saudi led coalition assault on the who the rebel held port city of what data regional rivalries do not matter for tens of thousands like the up to family their father ahmed is only worried about how to keep his six kids alive are met hasn't let them go to school since the worst outbreaks of defeats in color were recorded in the world hit his city the u.n. says hold data has the largest number of sick people in yemen with more than seventy percent of its population specially children at risk of malnutrition now when i think in case any of my children get sick they would have to stay here at home so i managed to borrow some money because i have almost nothing and the situation is difficult and life is not proper. home for the op the family is a shanty made from sheets of corrugated iron and straw covered with plastic tarps
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and worn out blankets this situation in the port city has gone from bad to worse since the start of power struggle between the saudi backed and internationally recognized government and iran back to the rebels the who took the capital of sanaa in two thousand and fourteen pushing the government into exile a year later they took the strategically important port city of what data which has been the only source of relief supplies for millions. while the warring sides spent billions of dollars trying to take control of one of the region's poorest countries families like the up does struggle to find a few dollars a day for food the monistat and i make a living by writing a rented motion cycle there's no patrol now every day we need two dollars to be able to have food and water nearly nine million people are on the brink of starvation twenty two million out of the twenty eight million yemeni population are
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now in serious need of aid millions have been internally displaced and more than ten thousand people have already been killed now ahmed worries what an all out attack on his city will mean yemeni government forces announced they were moving in on what data last year but they backed off after significant international pressure the u.n. is once again lobbying the warring sides to negotiate a cease fire it warns any tack on that port would have a catastrophic impact. al-jazeera agents president. has agreed with ethiopia's prime minister ahmed to resolve the redound dispute ethiopia's on the taking a full billion dollar hydroelectric project on the river which kyra threatens its war to security. the leaders say they'll work on an agreement to improve bilateral relations and increase investments in infrastructure. tens of thousands of people
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have marched in britain to celebrate a hundred years since the first woman won the right to vote the suffragette movement campaigned for decades for women's rights using protest and direct action . was. a river of green going to invite. the first letters of those colors used by the suffragette movement g w v signifying give women the vote one hundred years ago some british women finally got it and these women are remembering their struggle with a unique march in the u.k. to national capitals cardiff belfast and here in london community groups have been working with professional artists to create some are you catching banners we commissioned a hundred artists each to work with a group that could be women in prison kids and schools. muslim women's federation sisters lots of different people you see behind me clean break or a prison survivors of domestic violence so lots and lots of different organizations
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that we can rate a particular artist to go into back to work with them to make a banner in a series of workshops they also explored the history of the suffragettes as well as the later fight for things like access to birth control so these women were extremely radical women who were prepared to act deeds not words and make decisions that perhaps nowadays might like pretty long. many of the themes are obvious. others less so and adequate time to take workshops making the coming up with the parents the teacher coming up with the. idea kids except that it defies description we're hoping because i think if if things don't become surprise we call it controls the marches also saw homemade efforts and some definitely too young to vote came along to share. women together doing something together.
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right. to take. their women marching here have come from all over england in the band is they've made highlight a whole range of issues but what they're all doing is looking back to the achievements of the suffragettes and looking forward to a more equal future. and they're hoping the younger generations will be as bold as those who came before the. al-jazeera. stuff a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the stage is set for tuesday's historic summit in singapore between the leaders of the united states and north korea donald trump and kim jong un have both arrived and trump hopes to secure a deal for the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula but i didn't want to get into james bays as more from singapore we understand that ambassador kim song
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who is a u.s. former ambassador to south korea has been the goal of a proper ation work in the demilitarized zone between south and north korea is going to have meetings in the coming hours with the north koreans at their hotel i think trying to finalize some of the arrangement possibly to finalize some sort of communique that they could both sign up to the german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alimony i'm angela merkel says she was disappointed that president trump withdrew from an agreement that he'd already signed at the g. seven summit in canada new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala week after volcanic eruption that killed at least one hundred ten people the volcano is spewing out more action lava emergency teams have been forced to abandon their search for survivors. fire search through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed
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parliamentary election the prime minister hyderabadi described the fire as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament and demanded a manual recount of the votes it's unclear what caused the blaze saudi arabia kuwait in the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it comes after an earlier pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union federica mcgreevey the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said the e.u. would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most heated and difficult area of the world italy has threatened to close its ports to rescue ships after malta refused to accept a ship that had picked up refugees from the mediterranean sea malta has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the rescue of the libyan coast picked up by the italian navy and a european humanitarian rescue boat more than six hundred thousand african migrants have reached its only by sea over the past five years but those were the headlines
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and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story station that's a watching by foot. is the drive to modernize serbia arabia taking a wrong turn more women activists top arrested days before the kingdom lifts a ban on female drivers as economic political and cultural reforms are implemented saudi leaders sending out mixed messages this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program today with me peter dolby female activist continue to be arrested in saudi arabia too in the past three days rights groups say mia was detained for a post on social media expressing support for abdul aziz. who's also been locked up citing security forces have arrested seventeen activists in the past month most of them women who've long campaigned for the right to drive a car that is about to happen in two weeks' time the first driving licenses have been astute before the kingdom lifts its controversial men only ban state media has accused the arrested activists that being foreign agents the saudi vision twenty thirty has a plan to reduce dependence on oil but reforms proposed by the crown prince mohammed bin salma are controversial in the religiously conservative kingdom dozens of members of the world family government ministers and business men were arrested in a purge against corruption most were released after giving up their assets or paying
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billions of dollars to the government been cell man's pledge to move some. to a more open and tolerant interpretation of islam the reforms affect education law and the courts traditionally controlled by the religious leaders in the country for the first time in history women are being allowed to drive and to attend sports events and almost forty year ban on cinemas and cultural events has ended in sell man plans to build the world's biggest sophron wealth fund as well as a five hundred billion dollars futuristic city called neon and a stake in the national oil company around coke is up for sale. ok there we are here we go let's bring in our guests from london we're joined by sami ham the editor in chief of international interest that's a current affairs analysis magazine with a focus on the middle east and from amman on skype data that mena regional
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consultant for equality now and also from london mamdouh selami an international oil economist welcome to you all sami handy if i can come to you first just explain to us for you why do you think women are being detained in this way in saudi arabia . i think what we have to understand is that the whole code allowing women to drive in saudi arabia was mainly a p.r. move it was not designed by muhammad in cement to be a sweeping revolutionary revolutionizing the saudi system however the problem in saudi arabia now is that because they've allowed the women to drive for mohammed bin so man suddenly the activists are asking for more they're asking for too much too quick to change something that muhammad instrument is not prepared to do and something that he perhaps cannot do because the pace of change if it is too quick it in if it invites a revolt it invites protests domestically from the richest authorities and even from the common people from the common population because we have to be aware of one thing in terms of how these reforms are being received and how liberalisation
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is being received it's being seen as a copy paste version of europe in that those advocates of liberalization are seeking to establish almost another acquires a european state in saudi arabia i say this because the european version of liberalization emerged in the aftermath of the bitter war with the church and as a result it relegated the religious influence to the personal and private sphere that our world the islamic world has no equivalent of this war this britta traumatic war that europe went through in other words islam in the arab world in the islamic world is considered akin to prosperity to glory to everything associated with the golden age so when one hundred been said a man is bringing a concepts from europe from america when it's being pushed by the u.s. by europeans by liberal activists there is a sort of reservation amongst arab society in general not just mohammed bin cement so even if mohammed been someone wants to implement these measures he's very wary that there will be a backlash you have to remember that arab society they are taught that it is the
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pious saladin who conquered jerusalem it is the pious it lucy know who was the father of medicine it was the pious about how madonna has early who inspired st thomas aquinas who inspired adam smith the father economics it was the pious and jabbered who established algebra in other words it's all to do with religion. so when one hundred percent man is talking about liberalization talking about moderate islam talking about a more tolerant islam these are rhetorical this is retired that is dominant in europe and in the us and it has been received with much reservation in the arab world so in terms of these activists have been arrested i think the key problem is this mohammed mr mann is basically saying to them don't get over excited i let you drive and i gave you the right to drive but you guys are pushing this case weight and way too fast and this big hysteria that you have you need to calm down so i need to teach you a lesson and put in prison for a bit ok later all the main issues here that we're going to discuss the next half hour or so do you know where these women are what sort of conditions they're living
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under and what's the point do you know when they'll be released. well we don't really have any information about where these women have been now i mean in which prison they are we don't have information from saudi arabia and that is a complete sign them. from actually the government also about where they are and their why they have been arresting them and in addition eban the activists who are still outside the prison or who have not been arrested they are also afraid to reveal any information if they know. the situation is very much alarming and so i doubt if they are and maybe i i contradict or i am not truly supporting what my colleague has said a little bit about you know having all these developments in saudi arabia as it westernized. issues this is not quite true i mean i am living in jordan
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and i am all my life i have been i am and out of and palestinian and we have a we are witnessing so many amendments and so many developments in regard to the developments of and enhanced meant of women's rights in the region. so if you look at what's going on in tunisia and more typical in algeria even in jordan last year they have defeated. some parts there are some articles in the person or in that penal code where rape laws has been repeated in jordan an independent soul the women's movements in that region they are calling for or for for their rights for years by now it's not really a westernized. issue or it is more that women are aware that they are citizens and they need to be treated as citizens in their communities and then in their
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societies understood so i just wanted to come to this play. some boil those down and put them to monticello me remember sodomy if your m.b.a.'s if you're the crown prince and you have a reform program surely a reform program is a whole it's it's it's an entity you can't reform a little bit you've got to reform everything you've got to be more liberal you've got to be more outward looking and that's what we're talking about today i guess is a symptom of that as opposed to a cause of that. well let me start by saying that saudi arabia and its budget depend on the oil resources to the cure of ninety person and since a discovery of oil in saudi arabia and nine hundred thirty eight they have never diversify their economy now they're out of talking and they talked before about
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diversification so vision twenty thirty is another name for diet diversification. using reducing dependence on oil in their economy still i don't think that the reform programme covered by vision twenty thirty will achieve much i must admit it's a step in the right direction but i don't think it will at cheve budge add certainly not in the short tail for instance when the vision was launched what to sixty and. it included a close that said they need to create ten million jobs because unemployment among the young in saudi arabia and the saudi population is very young indeed they needed ten million million jobs before twenty twenty i don't
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think that will be at cheer when even it twenty years short of expelling expecting it's out of saudi arabia then you are talking about reforming the oil in the city the talk has been for the last more than fifty or sixty years and they have not achieved much they are still dependent on oil and they are still excessive in their spending of the oil wealth of saudi arabia ok to talk about. education and you find that their universe it is order more of them are not geared they'll produce people who are employer been in that one give her this century ok sammy handy let's put that point to you occurs to me that raising a voice is an offense but it's not being codify it as being something that we could that we could number that we could label because for example one of the women
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drivers her lawyer has been detained as well simply for talking about this in public so if you go public about the issue what's going on there. i think peter this is nothing new this has been the arab world for the last thirty forty fifty years i mean if you're talking to me as an arab this doesn't feel like anything strange this is what governments have been doing for ages this is doing it just across the border in most of the arab countries this thing these things take place as well i just want to mention peter in terms of the honorable guest who said that you know that is not the problem the westernization i'm not saying that i'm talking about the perception people are perceiving this as a westernization as mohammed said man trying to bring in western a zation and even if we talk about personal experiences living in jordan or the like we should be aware that there are some very important signs about the resistance to liberalization that is taking place in the arab world think about the elections after the arab spring in the first free and fair elections who dominated it was
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islamist leaning parties they're the ones who dominated the liberals were very very far behind look at the reaction to this turkish drama on netflix their list editorial which is taking the muslim world by storm why it doesn't have any special hollywood epic scenes it's only because the the the hero is somebody who believes his success comes from god or comes from his religion in other words this is there it's deeply rooted in society and the reason why i say this is because the implementation of liberalization as it's being advocated today is counter to what many people in the arab society want in other words it's coming in as you have to think about it why is liberalization in the arab world according to many arabs according to many muslims it is the result of a rabid colonial oppressor who came in and demolished and islamic empire that had deviated from islamic principles so in other words liberalization today is simply the victor imposing their own values on a people that i'm societies are saying look you have a ready made recipe for success it is in islam and islamic principles if we're talking about women's rights islam guarantees human rights pursuit in the framework
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of islam doc a framework of liberal position which has an aura. of a country becoming liberal can a country like saudi arabia liberalized so. wolf unless it has a genuine liberal leadership because what sammy seems to be saying is that people are prepared to protest as and when they want to to get more liberal rights and yet they are gifted to them and taken away by people who are completely illiberal. yeah i think i mean not just for saudi arabia i think we need a time and i think change is becoming very slow i mean in the region but surely it would come i mean now i really believe that of course now i mean that isn't there is that any genuine. really will political will in saudi arabia so to speak about really liberating women and or saw granting women their rights
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as for example male guardianship system is there women they can't to travel abroad because they have to have the permission of that many guardian either their fathers their brothers their husbands whatever that i. to even study abroad they have to be accompanied by a male guardian so yes that odd am still we are living in a very harsh situations as women in that region but i think slowly but surely the. advancement and progress progress there. ments of women's position will be coming that is still a need but shortly you know as i mentioned we are witnessing lots of developments in other regions tunisia in in march two thousand this year
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i participated in a demonstration where women's groups human rights organizations political parties they are demanding for equal inheritance rights so this is this is there for us in that in that debris journey is quite inventive progressive step that women are kicking lead and you know asking for dead rights because i mean. we are living in a difference to is a different life you know women now are heading the seminaries you know women they are ram. sorry. sorry go ahead sam what was the point of the minority i'm saying the using the example of inheritance is a very very bad example only one person does not i think into account context of society the other roles in society it cannot be called progress and what sipsey has done here is appeal to an international audience a secular audience at the expense of a majority so many conservative society it is a tyranny of the minority what simpson is doing in tunisia but the rest of your
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points i mean i can agree with that woman's rights definitely there should be more i mean just one for one one point two seven in london how much of this you've already touched on this how much of this say when you look at the situation surrounding the company around co is about the country's ability to look outward instead of being in sooner and looking in on itself there are other countries in this region that are quite outward looking and they are or they have successfully diversified into other industries because they're playing a long game the game is as long as the game that saudi arabia is playing but saudi arabia still behaves as if it expects the rest of the world to come to riyadh as opposed to riyadh going to the rest of the world. well sooner or later they will need the words to deal with them and help them the diversification program you referred to is not going to achieve much shortly when you talk about saudi aramco which is the main source of
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income for saudi arabia they are talking about the i.p.o. which is the initial public offering of selling five per cent of saudi arabi cannot be productive assets of oil but different assets four hundred billion dollars that is not going to happen and i will tell you why because the saudis have valued the i.p.o. at more than hundred billion dollars that cannot be right because based on the proven reserves of oil they have. many organizations including ords three general and the world bank and many other analysts said that the value could be based on smaller proven reserves saudi arabia say's it has proven there's two hundred sixty eight billion barrels my research shows that
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that is between eighty and ninety billion and many other experts also agree with that so if you base the i.p.o. value on that smaller reserves i think the value of the i.p.o. is between fifty to seventy five billion still saudi arabia with their eyes is only prices now it does not have to sell at any percentage in the saudi aramco it doesn't need the money financially with the approval of oil prices that's why i say the i.p.o. is not going to happen. it will happen in their various records it is good says three it on adding value to your oil exports is stead of exporting oil as crude oil exported as a refined products more of petro chemicals saudi arabia could without the next two
9:40 am
or three years don't mean the petrochemical industry is in the world and become the major burger useta and the major export that for about a more they can use even five per cent of their oil revenue to expand food production that's an important part saudi arabia imports more of that thirty billion that is a year of food but here has got mostly coming from the case ok you keep point man do is clear then they are basically saying that they have had and they will continue to have an awful lot of money in the bank so they can absorb the hit souad to what degree is this a difficult course souad what one one question to you to what degree is this a difficult course for pin cell man to plot in as much as when there was the when there was the vogue magazine cover of a saudi princess posing in
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a car because she's got her driver's license so she will have her driver's license there was a backlash against that not against per se women driving but against the fact that n.b.s. has has opened up this pandora's box his critics might say of cosmetic changes but how easy is it for him to pass the clothes that pandora's box. well i am i had in a didn't see the ad that you are mentioning. about the princess of saudi arabia driving and the whole debate about that but i want to comment on what my colleague has just mentioned is that. yes i mean i don't agree with him that what i have mentioned about tunisia is there is a negative or a bad example because this is the just there just to show and indicate that women are you know asking for their rights in the in what country is to the extent that
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it might according to some interpretations it might contradict islam and the shoddy are so this is one one aspect of that i mean if we want to concentrate on women driving in so deborah i don't think it is just the issue of women. you know just calling for the driving they have been activists for years you know calling for ending male guardianship system which controls every aspect of their life i think we have i mean that i as women in the region and elsewhere to be treated as citizens in the country we have lots lots of discrimination in the low end in that implementation of the laws and in a what cultures all do we have good sometimes good to additions and cultures where women should be respected and you know and even islam you know they provide women with the respect and so on but still i mean discrimination is there and we need to
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change the attitudes of people you know by working with the communities i really believe that it is a long process is slow process but we have to dig and continue women in that egypt has been working for years and still discrimination is there ok we are heading towards the end of it for a gram. very very quickly so one more point to sami hamdi in london what is it about the leadership that the appear to be tone deaf to the nuances that other countries are expecting them to apply when it comes to this process of becoming more liberal and opening up i think of the liberals don't give saudi a break i mean you have to think about there's a lack of are there like explain again there's a lack of understanding as to just how deeply embedded these religious influences are i mean what you want to have been some men to do to go banging down every single door and telling everybody it's time to be liberal this is a if he wants to implement it as to be a process but also his western allies don't help him at all by forcing him into
9:44 am
a position to be pro israel and israel palestine cause i mean the biggest problem is this in the muslim world there is a very stark comparison to mohammed in some in the region that is ed again and again is unashamedly muslim he got he rebuked angela merkel probably publicly for using the term islamist terrorism he opposed transparent and he's defying washington you compare that to mohamed bin so man who is going to washington and pleading to be king or mohammed busied in the u.a.e. justifying trying to travel that there is a very there is a dichotomy now in the region and many people prefer to ganz approach because it's more islamist the western allies are telling one of insulin you need to be quicker one of us alone is sitting there in his chair thinking ok if i go i want to put the last point of the program to sound i mean allies were in london as well in thirty seconds mamdouh because we are out of time if these women who've been detained praised the government and thanked them for the right to drive as opposed to pay praise the campaigners who they might see got them the right to drive would not be
9:45 am
under tension. well around that event and some of that question and addict way i would say that we will not see and hear the forms of the god of the roman or any of it forms in saudi arabia in the short that i would venture to say rudin see it even in twenty five years you have to separate the aspects of religion from running a company a modern country and that cannot be any coincide in saudi any bia in my lifetime if not fair that to be on ok we must leave it there thank you all so much for your time today thanks to all our guests from london sunday hamdi who joined us from the british capital in amman we had suitable data and also in london we had mom to me and thank you too for your company here on inside story you can see the show again of course anytime via the website al-jazeera dot com and for more discussion that's
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why our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or you can tweet me i'm at peace and don't be one or you can find the program on twitter at the inside story from the piece it will be and everyone on the team here in doha thanks for watching put it all again for the usual time tomorrow. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protestants had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage because now there's an extremely hot assad regime but everyone
9:47 am
striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of posset torrie other regions history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to have it up to what i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon my unerring new techniques in regenerating on days and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed own says to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all of the evidence behind the virus at least stop hundredfold more effective than trying to. make the cure revisit its own al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides uncovering fold the forensic analysis by the f.b.i.
9:48 am
more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipments dirty just or more is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john after trees crimes for which he's already served thirty church their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car the system with. on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here at al-jazeera the stage is set for tuesday's historic summit in singapore between the leaders of the united states and north korea donald trump and kim jong un have both arrived from post to secure a deal for the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. our diplomatic editor james bays has more from singapore and we know from the north korean news agency
9:49 am
that they put out a statement saying they want a permanent and europe durable peacekeeping mechanism for the korean peninsula and did nuclear as ation of the korean peninsula but of course that devil is going to be in the detail and they might have different definitions of that so the talks on tuesday are going to be key but it's still worth stressing how important it is that we've got here the fact that for the first time since almost seventy years ago the birth of north korea these two leaders are in the same city the german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alimony i'm an american says she was disappointed that president trump withdrew from an agreement that he'd already signed at the g. seven summit in canada white house advisers accuse canada's prime minister of engaging in bad faith diplomacy. new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala a week after a volcanic eruption killed at least one hundred ten people the frager volcano spewing out more ash and lava emergency teams have been forced to abandon their
9:50 am
search for survivors sanchez moore from a school in guatemala. well we're in front of the morgue here in this queens were family members here are waiting to hear news from the remains of their loved ones they are some of them have been here since monday a woman telling us that she lost sixteen family members she has been able to recognize six but she still has ten more to go so it's a very difficult and sad process for these people now they say that no one from the government and no governmental agency has come here and tell them that they will be held to receive any help these of course are very poor people who have lost their loved ones who have lost their homes and their farms but they do want the government to help them they say that after a few days everyone will forget them of course the most important thing for them
9:51 am
right now is to be able to find their missing family members and to and to be able to bury them saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it follows an earlier pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union frederica the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said the e.u. would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most heated and difficult area of the world we are here to support a company to share our own experience if needed and if useful. to provide advise if asked for but most of all to guarantee or to try to guarantee that the good steps that are taken are financially and economically supported we are here not as a just of gesture of of charity if you allow me the expression but as an investment . more than six hundred migrants are stuck on a rescue ship waiting for either malta or italy to take them in italy's threaten to
9:52 am
close its ports to rescue ships if malta doesn't accept the people who were saved this week both has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation off the libyan coast thousands of protesters have rallied in romania as capital book arrest to support investigations into corruption at least twenty eight mayors senators and hundreds of public servants have been prosecuted in the past year the demonstrators were responding to a much larger rally on saturday against the investigation of. fire sort through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed parliamentary election the prime minister hyderabadi described the fire as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament had demanded a manual recount of the votes it's unclear what caused the blaze protesters in ramallah demanding the palestinian authority lift sanctions against gaza saying they hurt both israelis and palestinians have called on the president mahmoud abbas to end salary cuts for officials well those are the headlines at the news continues
9:53 am
on al-jazeera after al-jazeera workstations and so watching by fam. paris a major european capital known for its cuisine its art fashion famous landmarks
9:54 am
and french culture. but behind the facade lies a complex multi ethnic city full of contradictions. i am up to me and i've come to the aid of longs to try and discover what it means to be french especially on the sometimes troubled outskirts of the capital. in twenty fifteen former french prime minister manuel biled spoke of the tourette oriel social and ethnic apartheid in france. so what does this mean for the ethnically diverse communities in the sea take in this abouts. boom also as a small town in the northern suburbs of paris. on the nineteenth of july twenty sixth seen them at trial ray was with his brother maggie planning to celebrate his
9:55 am
twenty fourth bad day. and the police stop bagi to question him a spot of an investigation but adam added in had his id with him panicked and ran away. with only the food off the roof you can just walk if you want coffee crazy for two. years the more they walk the far you can remove. a couple of those on down focus on my list really don't tell me to far be clear on don't. the republic thought of before the click of the father took a very few of them are some way off i don't want. sitting only a long comma. over how do you know what comes out on.
9:56 am
your coffee is all ricky for you to pop your the military uniform you know is all i'm not ok come up with out of the main pot odds been acutely conscious just over the here it was the stuff with you it was on i was acquitted of i'm not on the movie crew will be talking. in july twenty sixth seen the p.c.n. newspaper ran the official version of the story that adam had been suffering from a serious infection and he may have had a drug addiction and coated the local persecutor a saying that no violence had been used by the police. were. his family was concerned after it was taken to the police station so they inquired what was happening they were given conflicting reports but in fact. was already
9:57 am
dead. in here. when i do the math in a death of the book the. money that view. happen enough to even practice change and if they are but you know but if it if you. don't want it but if they're not going to shift you don't. you have a few men. if i was going up. to the morphine after. i asked after my sister asked us for our re why she had accused the police of
9:58 am
hiding the real cause of his death and what evidence she had like do you look at them of care and some kooky at a picture of the seven point one. some problem. man it grew. it some time in the contacted the company f. course the hope was he shall do good to look at them up a patch of the lawn them to treat. his own. home or. it's. in the palm or jack knew the fix would have.
9:59 am
been made twenty seventeen parisyan carried the results of a second autopsy that revealed that adam at trial ray had not died of the recurrence of a previous infection. the second autopsy found that the cause of his death had been suffocation. on s.u.v.s i shall know more indifferent question was on his own. bag. so you. want to.
10:00 am
raise deaths in custody raises questions about french police and which i put to a former senior officer. but he later admitted he's a. reporter most crazy about the. border between. the two free to. report we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to call the police or police they don't. know. because. it was a very. sort of limit.


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