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ok but that it would not dissuade her and other members of the european union from imposing their own retaliate tory tariffs on the united states the u.s. has recently announced it's going to impose tariffs of up to twenty five percent on european steel and al minium imports to the united states however there is still deep concern being expressed by president trumps domestic critics the g seven partners our closest allies in the world we share values we share interests we share security and for the president the united states to walk into that session and to essentially blow it up and disrespect our allies while embracing. russia. and giving benefits to china countries that are not our allies and in the case of russia indeed our declared adversary is very worrisome and very destructive the divined created by what was once a united g seven group clearly illustrated in
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a series of photos released not by the news media but by the white house itself rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington and trumpeters fired off an angry tweets about the funding of nato he said us at all eyes are benefiting from washington's contributions to nato while and enjoying an advantage on trade he wrote add to that the fact that the us pays close to the entire cost of nato protecting many of these same countries ripostes off on trade pay only a fraction of the costs and then loff the european union had a one hundred fifty one billion dollars surplus should pay much more for military. saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it comes after an early a pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union the e.u.'s foreign
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policy chief said brussels would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most difficult area of the world jordan a seen a wave of protests against a proposed tax hike. and is executive director of the arab center of washington he says the new aid packages will not end jordan's economic problems. in jordan as approaching forty billion and ninety percent of the g.d.p. of the country and. the interest rate alone is one point nine billion annually so when you put all this together you would basically assume that this is probably a band-aid being put to cover necessarily the more serious bleeding that the country is suffering from economically but with all due respect i don't think this is only an economic problem jordan is suffering really from
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a very serious political problem that seems to be ignored and swept under the rug economic difficulties have always been there and this is the fourth such crisis in the last six years and i'm sure it will come back again in the future but what is different what is new this time and what explains the intensity of the protest is the fact that jordan is having a hard time adjusting to a new political realities in the region. still ahead an hour just sirrah with days to go before women are allowed to drive in saudi arabia some will be behind bars instead of behind the wheel plus. there are even if you're anywhere that is. a song for freedom now the region in spain has its eyes on independence.
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hello there are a few pretty big storms in the u.s. and they've been used in the white tulle class but they are by no means gathered together making a bidding big impression this is a frontal system you can draw in there which means to the south it's probably warmer indeed overlay the temp sure you'll see it is twenty five plus from d.c. down to florida and back through texas and that warms the tongue the western side of the plain states as well as cold air coming in across the rockies where the two meet usually you get some pretty big showers that's the case and we've gone to monday here from the dakotas northward into canada and again eastern sides a dusting of big showers around in georgia it's cooled down with more persistent rain really as was the northern oblations back to the great lakes and through washington d.c. but i'm sort of scrubbing to find some to say about the u.s. a big nation is not what's going on to be honest this rather more action down here the want to clouds from panama through to mexico hard at least to tropical storms
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one of which will watch it goes towards baja but in the meantime we're just looking at daily shares of some great nature and i'm afraid guatemala is right in the heart of it you missed the darkest green them not one degrees but at least the amount of rain you probably need to watch. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to double up when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating. a breakthrough medical trials provide some much needed only to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence me being this is the least a hundred fold more effective patent. the cure revisited on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines north korean and u.s. delegates in singapore are putting the final touches to tuesday's historical summit to be the first ever talks between leaders of the two nations u.s. president dog trump hopes to secure a commitment for the fall denuclearize zation the korean peninsula. german chancellor says that you will respond in kind to us tabs on the european steel and . i'm going to merkel says she's disappointed the president dog trump withdrew from an agreement you'd already signed at the g. seven summit encounter. saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e.
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have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan follows a twenty three million dollars pledge from the e.u. seeing a wave of protests against planned hikes to its tax. fire has swept through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed parliamentary elections prime minister had that allowed bad. described as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament had already demanded a nationwide recount of votes now there are coals for the may election to be rerun . has more. thick black smoke over the reason for districts in eastern baghdad iraq's ministry of interior say the fire started in a building used to store ballot boxes and electronic voting machines from the disputed parliamentary election a month ago. iraq's parliament voted last week for
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a countrywide to manual recount of ballots after allegations of voting fraud one in peace at the fire was started deliberately and cooled on the government to better protect buildings where ballot boxes are being stalled. three warehouses there are important but it's boxes in the firefighters are inside trying to put out the fire earlier in the day nine judges were appointed to oversee the manual recount of votes nationwide the process is expected to take at least a couple of weeks the government sacked senior members of the election commission which oversaw the vote counting prime minister body has banned them from leaving the country and warned that anyone suspected of being involved in election fraud could face criminal charges iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel was praised for the lack of violence in the run up to and during polling day on may the twelfth but since then much has changed allegations of fraud leading to
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parliament's vote for a countrywide manual recounts of throwing the transparency of this election into doubt a fire at a building containing potential proof of how people voted will only make accusations of voter rigging even louder. baghdad. u.k. rights groups say saudi arabia has arrested two more activists who campaigned for the right for women to drive. ronnie was arrested after publishing a letter of support for detained campaign a no for general we nineteen activists have been arrested in the kingdom since the fifteenth of may charlotte ballasts reports. the saudi arabian traffic department releases a video showing women in riyadh receiving their driver's licenses it's been decades in the making with just two weeks before women are free to drive. but some women's rights activists will not be behind the wheel but behind bars. lou was the first to
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be arrested in a government crackdown began on the fifteenth of may. security forces then swept up blogger a man and activist and professor as easy use of human rights lawyer abraham moved a mic and one of the kingdom's early feminists money and she took part in one thousand nine hundred campaign to lift the driving ban they could face up to twenty years in prison the saudi state news agency did confirm arrests on the eighteenth of may saying seven suspects were charged as foreign agents reporting they did to violate the country's religious and national palace and last week the saudi public prosecutor reported coordinated moves to undermine the security of the kingdom seventeen people had been arrested eight were released. the government has not said what threat to security the activists pose but analysts say saudi leadership want to ensure the lifting of the driving ban a seen as a gift rather than
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a concession to domestic or international pressure they are telling the women in that your should not ask for more including you know ending male guardianship. that are out of women to issue their first or without merit console and so it's very alarming and we are very much concerned about what's going on in saudi arabia . right now the kingdom is trying to modernize but it has come at the cost of a crackdown last year academics religious leaders and activists were detained all riyadh's ritz carlton hotel became a prison for some assad's wealthiest mean the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon promoting a more modern kingdom globally well neutering challenges at home challenge bellus al jazeera. one of the faces of hong kong's independence movement has been jailed for six years over his role in one of the city's worst outbreaks of civil unrest
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twenty six year old edward long was charged with rioting and assaulting a police officer in two thousand and sixteen about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the protests against what activists saw as mainland chinese encroachment time. before you go volcano in guatemala spewed out more ash and lava forcing emergency teams to abandon the search for survivors one week on from the massive eruption rescuers say there's now little hope of finding anyone else alive at least one hundred ten people were killed and a further two hundred are still missing marianna sanchez has more from a squint dollar in guatemala. well we're in front of the morgue here in this queens family members here are waiting to hear news from the remains of their loved ones they are some of them have been here since monday a woman telling us that she lost sixteen family members she has been able to
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a recognized six but she still has ten more to go so it's a very difficult and sad process for these people now they say that no one from the government and no governmental agency has come here and tell them that they will be held to receive any help these of course are very poor people who have lost their loved ones who have lost their homes and their farms but they do want the government to help them they say that after a few days everyone will forget them of course the most important thing for them right now is to be able to find their missing family members and to and to be able to bury them. more than six hundred migrants are stuck on a rescue ship awaiting for either malta or all italy to take them in italy's threaten to close its ports to rescue ships malta doesn't accept the people who were saved this week has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with
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the operation off the libyan coast italy's new interior minister material salvaging campaign strongly against immigration in the election in march there the two hundred thousand people have formed a human chain across spain's basque region calling for the right to decide on independence the country is still reeling from the failed to session bid from the catalonia region in october but was carbone whole reports from victoria people hope the new central government in madrid will be more sympathetic to their demands. it sounds a little sweet to be a protest song yet it is a call to vote and before. this demonstration in the basque region marks the start of a new bid for greater self rule or maybe even to break away from spain together. we've been calling for our rights for years and today is another chance to see that
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there's a significant percentage of citizens who want to vote and this site is putin. last month the armed separatists organization it or announced it was disbanding that gives peaceful campaign is the chance to draw a line between themselves now violent uprising which lasted decades these are the last links in a human chain that stretches from here more than two hundred kilometers or one hundred twenty miles away right up to the border with france. it wound along the highways and byways through one of the richest corners of spain the ne basque region already has wide ranging devolved powers over health education and even taxation but some like scores who came with his grandson dream of having their own country when. there are steps to be taken first self-government and so fraught and then independent i'm not sure what that will look like but it needs to
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recognize people's rights sundays event comes amid turbulent times the dispute over catalonia is attempt to declare independence from the rest of spain is far from over and earlier this month the central government in madrid was toppled by a corruption scandal the incoming socialist administration has now with george no room to maneuver on key issues such as greater sell through for spain various regions but among but organizers except it may be along the campaign which is. different factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another we must base this new chapter on democratic values and the will of the people it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept moves to carve up spain into independent states. but ask these basque demonstrators join together they chant the power in the future is in their hands.
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victorious spain. tens of thousands of people marched in britain to celebrate one hundred years since the first women won the right to vote and suffer get movement campaign for decades for women's democratic rights using protests and direct action but the barber reports. a river of green white and void. the first letters of those colors used by the suffragette movement g w v signifying give women the vote one hundred years ago some british women finally got it and these women are remembering their struggle with a unique march in the u.k. to national capitals cardiff belfast and here in london community groups have been working with professional artists to create some are you catching banners we commissioned a hundred artists each to work with a group that could be women imprisoned kids and schools. muslim women's federation
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sisters lots of different people you see behind me clean break her prison survivors of domestic violence so lots and lots of different organizations that we curated a particular artist to go into back to work with them to make a banner in a series of workshops they also explored the history of the suffragettes as well as the later fight for things like access to birth control some of these women were extremely radical women who were prepared to act deeds not words and make decisions that perhaps nowadays much like it's long. many of the themes are obvious . others less so and adequate time to take workshops making the coming up with the parents the teacher coming up with the . idea. that defies description we're hoping because i think if if things can be categorised quality controls the more
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she's also saw homemade efforts and some definitely too young to vote came along to . women together doing something to god i. am afraid to do something with my daughter. i mean to take. the women marching here have come from all over england and the banners they've made highlight a whole range of issues but what they're all doing is looking back to the achievements of the suffragettes and looking forward to a more equal future. and they're hoping the younger generations will be as bold as those who came before them. he says out of syria and these i had lines north korean and u.s. delegates in singapore putting the final touches to tuesday's historic summit it'll
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be the first ever talks between leaders of the two nations u.s. president donald trump hopes to secure a commitment for the full didn't you can arise ation of the korean peninsula saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan and follows a twenty three million dollars pledge from the e.u. the e.u. foreign policy chief said brussels would continue investing in an ally one of the faces of hong kong's independence movement has been jailed for six years twenty six year old edward long was charged with rising and assaulting a police officer in two thousand and sixteen about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the protests against activists saw as mainland chinese encroachments on. thursday headlines the news continues here now to syria after the cure revisited stay with us.
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al jazeera says it's swept every. for some trick of nature these stem cells and white swan are on. which this whole
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procedure is a bad joke like cupping but it's more sophisticated insight into what our team is sad by a born american like us relations. it doesn't matter that worldwide three hundred fifty million people are affected by genetic disorders closed by faulty d.n.a. these genetic defects can lead to a variety of conditions like cystic fibrosis which leads to conic i'd also cite along sections at the moment the system and here i am dr elizabeth healy in the u.k. to see how groundbreaking developments in gene therapy could one day transform the lives of people living with genetic disorders. that may l.l.s. but not marry bond on a is sixteen years old and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of one. american tell me from your perspective what is your day like living with cystic
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fibrosis. arum when i asked so i guess op take my interview rises office. and then harass again my next tears. and asked you i know you guys are failing. and they're nasty much as they are if i do spiral a.j. and they're going to go out and join fleeing for their help in me. and then often ask to do another nebulizer. and there are still more positives. and then yeah i will need space for city of about now so learn. an hour a night. and mary was first diagnosed doctors thought she would only live until the age before. i decided i was dazed and not ready until marriage or. unknown house
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turn around i thought i'd take them on occasion then of ok. there's never a day goes by either and talk to everybody forget the whole thing and i got up so i know it's always there. married to use me to the children to see if i produces no mark on this of ys if i me one of them there were no possible junk mail on one particular one to them so now it was a question isolating condition to hear yet because i was in a special when i was not a c.s. patient they're all right. so i only used to send or letters to each other or. because they couldn't me if they said they saw me fly now last night at the moment mary is not really understanding everything about c.f. she she does now know that it is live show me that she does know that it cannot be kids. but things could be about to change scientists have proven for the
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first time ever that an experimental technique called gene therapy can improve the health of those with cystic fibrosis i've come into central london to meet the doctors and the clinicians involved in the gene therapy trial and desisted fibrosis . resting back and. adding it. to stick fibrosis is as you know a genetically inherited disease parents who pass those copies on to their child and they have cystic fibrosis during the first year of life most babies will experience and lung problems and those relate to the buildup of sticky mucus within the airways and that sticky mucus attracts bacterial infections and the bacteria infections become chronic and they eventually cause quite significant lung scarring in the u.k. they're around ten thousand people with cystic fibrosis at the moment on a registry about one in twenty two of us is
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a carrier of the mutated gene most of us won't realise and about one in two thousand babies are born with cystic fibrosis the genetic nature of this and other conditions mean that treatment has focused on managing the symptoms as best as possible but a new and experimental technique called gene therapy has sort replace the faulty gene with a functioning one this is the largest and the longest duration gene therapy trial using a liquid formulation for cystic fibrosis that has ever happened in the one hundred sixteen patients completed the protocol and took at least nine doses over the course of the year and it was in that group which was defined as being the group we were going to look at that we saw a significant impact on lung function at the end of the year. we can thank the patients and their families in earth because without patients like mary and her mother we just couldn't have completed this trial so we're really grateful. these results would not have been possible without the perseverance of scientists
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who spent years developing the genes and. we started this program and it's thought it would be very easy for patients to just in pair the gene research and if it gets to the right area into the right cells in the lung it turned out that was much more difficult so how are you getting these healthy new genes into the areas and learn to do the job of the some teaching. but the try that is just finished but actually using a very simple minded cure it's a had it lifted but we did this we used a chain and we mixed it with this. this form smaller complex that complex it is then inhale it into the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients the dose of gene therapy that the trial participants received does not terminate correct the faulty cystic fibrosis d.n.a. but scientists are working on finding a longer lasting solution clinical trial results have been very encouraging but they're not quite good enough to turn them into
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a treatment yet so we have plans for another trial where we get more there to some gene complexes and more frequently basically in addition to that we have to developed by arista just very very efficient in getting genes into the lungs do you think you see a virus might be more efficient than using the fatty possibly using them and we certainly think so based on all the evidence we have the virus is at least a hundred fold more effective writing very exciting you know. these success stories represent a huge step forward for people. matt did you notice any change just cheering take the course of the treatment i thought i had no marriage or a i didn't need well though charity more k. . well christian tradition was best so i prayed still coming up let's
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get a little lot done. and how does that make you feel when you submit cheating so mean that i make sure you get to know i could die die could do that and i know i can get the hype is that one day gene therapy will be approved for use and widely available to those with cystic fibrosis and holders people that are studying and working to get this drug to work even better than it did let's just hope and pray they can get it done and they can get the funding and if it doesn't come soon enough mary she's helped other faithful if it's not. the next generation of children born with cystic fibrosis in a city some are. going to do it again. i south korea how corny next week senior. sat reading the sermonize. alymer back again. things can stay there.
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by the age of eighty five nearly half of us will suffer from oxygen damage to the name which can lead to chronic pain and disability bouts because cottage unlike other tissues doesn't have its own blood supply so heals very slowly i'm dr dobson when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating on these. professor myths are all she. is one of the world's leading nice surgeons and a revered figure in the world of regenerative medicine.
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professor to be here. way ok thank you. jay tech is an enterprise focusing on tissue engineering and has spent over ten years commercializing professor archies research. sort of saying yeah. right nice to see you you're very welcome things are back. in one thousand one thousand for my dance on paper was published by swedish group the swedish team had developed a way of regenerating cottage in a lab and then re injecting it in liquid form directly into the knee however there was a weak point all with their need. in order
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to solve this problem started to use the very same scale for the. yes you can imagine that. the foot would be here coming up yes if that. meniscus has no blood supply or if injury is the. wrong we are blind to resect so what you can do with this regenerative medicine is to take the patient's own cotton sheets from the same joint yes all the chain the confidence is essential company i see it does she engineer the cuts. and that's why we're here yeah just half a gram of healthy cartilage is harvested it is then broken down with enzymes and then planted on a college in scaffold designed by professor ought to after just four weeks the cells will have multiplied to form a four square centimeter disc. the surgeon then makes
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a template of the lesion and uses that to harvest some peri all still tissue from the shin bone. this will be the cover used to hold the new cartilage in place so this is a model of someone's potentially regenerated cartilage but the beauty of it being the patient's own cells here is that it's not rejected you know the medicine is on the viewpoint i mean you know roger reaction. is a topic today this method has an almost ninety percent success rate and is considered a leading treatment fanie cartilage defects will what are the limitations of this can it be done better we need the largest in the shia. parties.


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