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tv   A Cold War Family Reunion  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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planted on a college in scaffold designed by professor ought to after just four weeks the cells will have multiplied to form a four square centimeter disk. the surgeon then makes a template of the lesion and uses that to harvest some perry all still tissue from the shin bone. this will be the cover used to hold the new cartilage in place so this is a model of someone's potentially regenerated cartilage but the beauty of it being the patient's own cells is that it's not rejected you don't need any medicine from the viewpoint i mean you know roger reaction hotel genus issue is a topic today this method has an almost ninety percent success rate and is considered a leading treatment fanie cartilage d. facts paul what are the limitations of this can it be done better we need the largest. that is invasive you
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see painful after surgery so less in this in technique is desire i have another new proceed you're using the magnetic. the goal is to devise a less invasive procedure much like their original idea of simply injecting the cartilage into the knee we inject so many serious. ten million answers we are teach in the knee joint you know you see the injectors you can't see if inject cells blindly into the fluid napsylate go all over and that makes scarring so you'd rather just close to where there is actually enjoying the right pinpoint targeting so how did you achieve that so i decided to use small i am particle. didn't do that.
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didn't come or stimson county public sites small i am part of the city actually stem cells and not the iron can fuck all this then they can be controlled the dying the action with the strong man bent my lord that so many in the with magnetic force . from here there's an injection. attaches to the defect here it's been channeled that way i can see very clearly by some sort of trick of nature the stem cells like to swallow on the articles which is this whole procedure hinges on that because then you can manipulate. that solution of stem cells with a magnetic field. so not having to cut open the knee in any way you can attach those themselves to just the area where the cottage is broken down the defect area how do you make them stay there is there
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a magnet on the skin just ten minutes from the outside of the ski you're really a minute then he physically they start to be the hero to the defective area it's amazing the bolotnaya this is a brand new. only here in hiroshima. japan is aiming to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine and scientists are researching possible treatments for previously incurable diseases such as liver cirrhosis retinal generation and even outsiders but a crucial hurdle for many stem cell therapies is positioning the cells within the body this is led some to call professor archie's magnetic breakthrough an important step forward in regenerative medicine in twenty fifteen this footage was shot by japanese television when professor archie performed the first ever magnetic cartilage restoration the patient was a semi professional tennis player and her cottage injury threatened to curtail her
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career. the procedure involves extracting some bone marrow to harvest stem cells after cultivation a few stem cells were injected and the magnets came out for the first time. a year on his back for a check up. and the. new . sport. in the home of the q. i didn't get it. i. can just come to us and. asked if i knew about i mean it's a bit like the bullet. in the. yeah . i go is ready for her. which will reveal whether her wound has healed
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following the magnetic knee regeneration procedure. first of all she's always been a scrub and here we go is reading. this . the payout that yes this was a complete idiot. that's very much noticeably better yes what he first injected it that huge defect of redness and now it's all white it's covered in cottage now. it takes almost into who he is when i can see this idea. and so i'm very.
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finished. at the moment professor all cheese technique is only optical to relatively young knee joints but he's already working on ways to adapt it for older patients suffering from also all flights of. seventeen years old i'd like to walk with my knee joint so and you can see it is a very very desirable. so i'd like to provide. you with the. china's disease is a parasitic illness that is found mainly in the poor rural regions of central and south america and it is estimated that in excess of ten million people are infected with the disease. i'm going to see and i'm in bolivia to meet a woman who may just have found a solution to this devastating disease. diseases caused by the parasite.
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which is carried by the triad to mean bug known locally as. when an infected by someone it leaves behind infected feces scratching the bite grabs the infected feces and. once in the body the parasites multiply and spread. the face of charges lasts approximately two months causing mild symptoms it then goes into remission and it can be decades later before the chronic stage begins where the parasite attacked the heart and it just of organs which can cause intestinal and cardiac disorders progressive destruction of the heart muscle can lead to heart failure and sudden death there is no vaccine. all are around when i was there. is an expert on the deadly vinci cure insect. that i meant they were in job.
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loss but it is. me that at this time of day we won't be getting the activity that. we had thus. argue were meaningless but it's on us. that's. he's big they say she's. going to go through this so i just take it so you see a lot of. me and. how many. things are in this house than. you're going to be in the. national guardsmen this is the meaning. one thousand yeah.
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the pain and suffering caused by infection has a devastating impact on communities like the indictee of the two hundred fifty people that lived there are brum estimates that up to eighty percent of charges relate to. what has been the impact of childhood disease on your life and your families. do you have a chance disease you're so. thank. you. it's. me my dear. for the past fifteen years to people our military has been working in to libya using an insecticidal paint to rid its effect to communities of the bin to cook insect tell me about this is the paint you have developed to combat charges. but
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now it's more sophisticated. in other words a new paint is an advance on previous insecticidal paints because the insecticides are within microcaps which slowly released over two to four years containing the insecticides like this means that the concentration of chemicals can be lower and that several. different pesticides which don't work if they are mixed together can be used. ok so do i have to dress up like that yes ok let's turn this there's nothing i'd like to do more than put an overall on them thirty five degree heat.
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this is going to look. for the. angst that. they will try out and love this for. sure will some of them something some of this will is for those folks. and then just. ok. currently each home costs approximately two hundred us dollars to pay with the financial support coming from various organizations and private donors. in the last fifteen years p.r. and her team have treated six thousand homes in ninety three communities across the region which are home to twenty four thousand individuals incredibly the number of new cases of trans disease in these communities has dropped to almost zero. is
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because one inside oh yeah. yeah this is it already said this is. the house now the people. with the inside and outside painted the house will be clear of the insects within twenty four hours. following its success one thousand targets disease the pain is now being used to come back then the fever and malaria in communities and gone. bob rita lives in one of the first villages that people are treated in bolivia. can you. describe to me what your house was line before the painting was done. but it seems they were working on a way so whether lots of intrigue in your house save the body among.
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those saw me and then check us free you actually have you know you've asked me a lot of thought i. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead the ring one of these ninety six could be a new cure for the basis of a new cure for colors our inner illness or disability al-jazeera examines pyar meaning treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq revisited on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth dynamism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and ousts why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. thing as i want to finally we're going to ask you about that but that's the balls up on what i see more listeners that are not the set so is there not to do. a
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little double bunches of the china. in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping the industry. oh all over the. u.s. a north korean delegations arrive for talks says the historic summit between kim jong un and donald trump falls in place. of the u.s. president falls out of favor with allies meeting against nato is the e.u. threatens counter-measures.
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i'm sorry say dan this is al jazeera live from down also coming up digging in desperation the last ditch attempt to rescue people from the devastating guatemalan volcano. and a milestone moment women marched together in the u.k. to mark a hundred years since winning the rights of. going . in less than twenty four hours the u.s. president will meet with north korea's leader in a summit most people thought would not and could not ever happen both leaders have arrived in singapore and settled into separate hotels delegations from the u.s. and north korea are currently meeting to hammer out the final details ahead of the historic meeting it's the first ever get together by sitting leaders of both
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countries diplomatic editor james bays has more from singapore a moment of history the leader of north korea first and then the u.s. president several hours later arriving in the same city. this on off summit is now effectively underway the face to face meeting and diverting a nuclear crisis taking place on choose day kim jong un borrowed a plane from china to bring him here he's probably the least well traveled leader on earth in charge of his isolated nation for six years he had met no other foreign leader until this year he came to singapore with his own body guard unit and brought his own armored limousine on a cargo plane again supplied by china remarkably it's only nine months since president trump told the u.n. general assembly he was prepared to annihilate pyongyang diplomacy did finally kick
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in with north korea sending a delegation to south korea's winter olympics in february. a historic summit at the demilitarized zone between the two koreas was followed by a secret trip by then cia director mike pompei oh the first of two visits he made to pyongyang they paved the way for this summit in singapore trump briefly canceled this summit last month and he's repeatedly threatened to walk away if he doesn't believe the negotiations are serious a tough line but at the same time trump has been sending mixed messages to kim before he flew to singapore he was asked what he wanted to achieve at this historic summit but i had a minimum i do believe at least we'll have many each other we will have. seen each other hopefully we will have like each other and will start their process i would say that would be the minimal no demand then for the north korean leader to commit
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to completely give up his nuclear capability but experts say that kim is also well aware that trump is unpredictable and that he's coming from another summit the g seven where he fell out with his closest allies a meeting where the optics are positive meaning trum gets a handshake with can from and it was agreeing to some kind of nuclear the need nuclear deal would go a long way to mescaline for president from as much as it would for the chairman of the north korean state committee so in in all likelihood i think the north koreans are are are beat but they are careful with the same time. as kim had a brief courtesy meeting with singapore's prime minister news emerged that he was planning to leave the city just five hours after his meeting with trump that suggests there will not be lengthy substantial of talks but we shouldn't discount the idea that the north korean side may perhaps oblique those proposed timings as
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a negotiation tactic all right let's bring you in some latest pictures coming in from singapore we're looking at the motorcade of the u.s. president there was around heading we understand towards talks scheduled for today between the u.s. president donald trump and the prime minister of singapore earlier of course the prime minister of singapore met with the north korean leader that was on sunday so plenty of diplomacy and perhaps last minute diplomacy taking place to try and set the stage in the agenda for what will be a very historic summit between the leader of the united states and north korea. well as trump and came prepared to talk about nuclear disarmament in north korea
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world leaders in china trying to salvage the iran nuclear deal the u.s. president abandoned called the fatally flawed agreement last month at the shanghai cooperation organization summit around urged other participants of that deal to provide guarantees it would be up held florence the reports from beijing. a pledge of support for iran's nuclear deal russia iran promising to fully imagine that three year old agreements despite the u.s. pulling out. of course our country cannot be but worried about iran nuclear program u.s. withdrawal from the comprehensive plan of action can further destabilize the situation russia is in favor of consistent and unconditional implementation of the deal i put in spoke at the shanghai cooperation organization s e.u. summit held in the eastern city of qingdao russia is one of the eight s.
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and you know members together these countries represent forty percent of the world's population and twenty percent of global g.d.p. . well germany and a power politics still busies in the world the growing cost for a more just and equitable international order must. democracy international relations. stop all trend of the times the s.c.l. was formed seventeen years ago mainly to strengthen security cooperation but trade issues have become important to some s.c.l. members i involved in building infrastructure for china's belton road project dubbed as the new silk road to boost twenty first century economies in the coming years. as your most likely will pick up more security considerations or jewel political considerations and the corporation
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a model as your members involving the observer states in security or even for example moving into quasar military cooperation will not be impossible therefore as you know is expanding its mission is moving forward to deal better with the new challenges in the world and as the us is apparently becoming increasingly isolated from its allies because of troubles policies and tariffs and his readiness to withdraw from trade climate educating. the unity presented at the aesir is in stark contrast to the g. seven summit in canada where don trump refused to endorse the final communique some analysts say the unified message from china also presents a challenge to the west in that world order florence li al-jazeera beijing. china as leader of course is one member or one head of state that won't be present at that summit historic summit between the leader of the united states and north korea
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however china does have a lot of influence in that issue let's go back to our diplomatic editor james bays he's joining us now live from singapore and james we saw a few moments ago some latest pictures of the motorcade of the u.s. president heading towards around the standard meeting with singapore's prime minister no doubt there's some last minute diplomacy or mediation could we say taking place to try and set everything up for tomorrow's meeting. well yes this is the first time that we've seen either of the key leaders that we want to see kim or trump since their arrival pictures at the airport there's quite a lot going on as we speak in two locations one of them is the hotel just there the ritz carlton where a minute ago the meeting between the north korean delegation and the u.s. delegation broke up that was a prepare a tree meeting to try think to work out some of the details of of the parameters of
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a statement that perhaps could be made by the two leaders after their key summit meeting on choose day so that's what's been going on here the other key place and i believe we have live pictures is the a start of that means in malaya the palace that is the residents are on the base of both the president and the prime minister of singapore it is the prime minister promised to leave the president trump is coming to see he is in the building now i think you can see the pictures through that door and that looks to me the room with the table there where the working lunch it looks much like about banquet in fact is going to take place between the host prime minister and the visiting president to discuss the situation here is worth telling you that a similar courtesy visit was made by kim when he arrived here on sunday so this is the equivalent i think both sides here thanking singapore for its role in hosting
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this important summit sammy let's talk a little bit days about. the the final statement that they're trying to put the parameters as you mentioned of together there will be the last little word we heard from the u.s. president was simply a meeting in which perhaps he and kim get along sort of the bar for success is that want is that where we're heading. yes he described that as the minimum that he would want to get out of this he said that if he met him he could tell in just a minute whether they were going to get on he said he's very good at reading people but he did say that was just the minimum he'd like to achieve more than that and i think that is what they're lobbying pushing the north koreans on in the hotel just behind me the key phrase that the americans want is what's known as a c.v. and that's complete verifiable irreversible the denuclearization they would like
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that to be in a common statement with the north koreans sources u.s. sources say the north koreans have said all sorts of things in some of these prepare a tree meetings and they've been somewhat inconsistent so it's not clear what has been hammered out in the meeting that took place in the ritz carlton hotel here from ten am and till mid day a meeting that has just ended but clearly that is going to be important ahead of the summit taking place on tuesday. all right james we're going to leave it here for now but we will come back to a little bit later once we see that meeting emerge for now james bays there. germany's chancellor angela merkel says the european union will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alimony and she says she's disappointed the president withdrew from an agreement he'd already signed at the g. seven summit in canada wide.


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