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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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the denuclearization they would like that to be in a common statement with the north koreans sources u.s. sources say the north koreans have said all sorts of things in some of these prepare a tree meetings and they've been somewhat inconsistent so it's not clear what has been hammered out in the meeting that took place in the ritz carlton hotel here from ten am and till mid day a meeting that has just ended but clearly that is going to be important ahead of the summit taking place on tuesday. all right james we're going to leave it here for now but we will come back to a little bit later once we see that meeting emerge for now james bays there. germany's chancellor angela merkel says the european union will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alimony and she says she's disappointed the president withdrew from an agreement he'd already signed at the g. seven summit in canada white house advisers accuse care of this prime minister of
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betraying the u.s. and the engaging in bad faith diplomacy president jordan has more. the canadian prime minister declined any further comment in the course of the day leaving it to his foreign minister to reiterate canada's position and the ongoing argument about trade tariffs the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians being closest and strongest ally the united states has have we can't post security threat to the united states on saturday donald trump went on twitter to say that he was pulling out of the g seven communique which he had just signed at the summit in canada on sunday his trade advisor peter navarro then he doubled down on the criticism of justin trudeau saying quote there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president trump and then tries to stab him on his way out the door meantime
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the german chancellor angela merkel said that she was both sobered and depressed to learn that the president had such a negative view of the g seven communique but that it would not dissuade her and other members of the european union from imposing their own we're telling a story tariffs on the united states the u.s. has recently announced it's going to impose tariffs of up to twenty five percent on european steel and alan minium imports to the united states. however there is still deep concern being expressed by president trumps domestic critics the g seven partners our closest allies in the world we share values we share interests we share security and for the president the united states to walk into that session and to essentially blow it up and disrespect our allies while embracing. russia. and giving benefits to china countries that are not our allies and in the
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case of russia indeed our declared adversary is very worrisome and very destructive the divine created by what was once a united g seven group clearly illustrated in a series of photos released not by the news media but by the white house itself rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington and trump has fired off an angry tweet about the funding of nato he said u.s. allies are benefiting from washington's contributions to nato while enjoying an advantage on trade he wrote to that the fact that the u.s. pays close to the entire cost of nato for tanks in many of these same countries that refer soft on trade they pay only a fraction of the cost and loff the european union had a one hundred fifty one billion dollars surplus should pay much more for military. still ahead of al jazeera with days to go before women are allowed to drive in
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saudi arabia some will be behind bars instead of behind the wheel plots. are you sure you need i think. a song for freedom another region in spain has its eyes on a chance for independence. and it is great fun in the streets. the weather sponsored by cattle i always had briefly a flood of plateau show in pakistan and then disappear i'm really talking about iran westwards rather clear skies now on that has reason to get some pretty high temperatures but the breeze is picked up too and i think the leads to a drop in temperature want to place is so relative but forty one in baghdad and twenty one in beirut just a few showers dotted around in turkey you'll notice but just
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a few in the southern girl cases too so not a huge amount of change the next day or so maybe is still a feeling of slightly less hot weather but that's not necessarily reflected for the science a hot shot mahler's been blowing down the gulf the full cost entire horrific such lead drop from a couple degrees on the last three but it's still forty five because it's much cooler in dubai and abu dhabi down below the forty mark but things don't change in the next day or so despite the breeze still blowing it's a harsher mile and we've got the cloud from the southwest monsoon showing itself on the coast of oman now and trying to really influence the weather in salalah which she will do in the next few days or suspect the whole of south africa should be enjoying beautiful open blue skies that's mostly true but you know surround the eastern cape the something of a secular nation which may well bring on morning low clouds and persistent fog the weather sponsored by cattle always.
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stories generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different perspectives. the more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's plan the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. you're watching are just here at home to recap our headlines now north korean and u.s. delegates in singapore are putting the final touches to tuesday's historic summit u.s. president dog has juice meet singapore's prime minister and hopes to secure
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a commitment for the fall denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula. german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alimony and. she's disappointed the u.s. president withdrew from the g. seven summit communiqué. saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it comes after an earlier pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union the e.u. foreign policy chief said brussels would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most difficult area of the world jordan has seen a wave of protests against a proposed tax hike. u.k. rights groups say saudi arabia has arrested two more activist who campaigned for the right of women to drive a harley was arrested after publishing
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a letter of support for the campaign and offered. nineteen activists have been arrested in the kingdom since the fifteenth of may shall about us reports. the saudi arabian traffic department releases a video showing women in riyadh receiving their driver's licenses it's been decades in the making with just two weeks before women are free to drive. but some women's rights activists will not be behind the wheel but behind bars has lou was the first to be arrested in a government crackdown began on the fifteenth of may. security forces then swept up blogger eman and nuff john activist and professor azizi yusuf human rights lawyer abraham moved a mic and one of the kingdom's early feminists. she took part in in one thousand nine hundred campaign to lift the driving ban they could face up to twenty years in prison the saudi state news agency did confirm
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a wrists on the eighteenth of may saying seven suspects were charged as foreign agents reporting they did to violate the country's religious and national palace and last week the saudi public prosecutor reported coordinated moves to undermine the security of the kingdom seventeen people had been arrested eight were released . the government has not said what threat to security the activists pose but analysts say saudi leadership want to ensure the lifting of the driving ban a seen as a gift rather than a concession to domestic or international pressure they are telling the women in that your should not ask for more including you know ending male guardianship this . or that right of women to issue their first or their without merit console and the. it's very alarming and we are very much concerned about what's going on in saudi arabia. right now the kingdom is trying to modernize but it is come at the
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cost of a crackdown last year academics religious leaders and activists were detained well riyadh's ritz carlton hotel became a prison for some of sardi's wealthiest mean the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman promoting a more modern kingdom globally well neutering challenges at home charlotte dallas al-jazeera rescuers say there's little hope of finding anyone else alive after saw sunday's massive volcanic eruption in guatemala there is now growing public anger at the government with many saying it didn't do enough to warn people in time at least one hundred and ten dive thousands of homes were destroyed sanchez reports. pails of hot ash rescuers are digging a hole hoping they will find some clues for needles. this was the route to the lab a mexican rescuer point out to her but she's still confused this again is also the
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house was supposed to be there but this is beyond recognition i can't tell i can't remember. all this is needles he's looking for her bush friend and he's two sons mother three brothers and two nephews. they both terribly disappeared under tons of rocks and ashes of last week's volcano eruption here at the community of send me one of the hardest hit men and women are trying to recover the remains of at least two hundred poor what the balance were still missing. but the ground is still very hot over seventy degrees centigrade yet they go in slowly. this is the second floor of this house rescuers have to dig through what is still very hot ash and one week after the tragedy they're still finding bodies. remains they have found are carefully guarded for these rescuers
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a brief moment to celebrate but here at the borg in the town of his queen families are waiting to identify relatives. says she has buried her brother his wife and their six children already but still has to identify eight more joy and i will keep on until i see that i can't any more until there's nobody left until i realize there's nothing else that can be done what the balance like are angry at the government they say the government didn't do enough to evacuate them in time. we were used to the volcano this only happened up the hill and never happened down here we didn't know how it was so dangerous to live here for now victims say they trust these rescuers to help them find closure in the face of tragedy and they say they will keep on digging while keeping a close eye on the volcano which remains active but in
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a sun just. does what they. one of the faces of hong kong's independence movement has been jailed for six years twenty six year old edward long was charged with rioting and assaulting a police officer in two thousand and sixteen about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the protests against what activists saw as mainland chinese encroachments in hong kong. more than six hundred migrants are stuck on a rescue ship waiting for either malta or italy to take them in italy's threaten to close its ports to rescue ships if malta doesn't accept the people who were saved this week has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation of the libyan coast italy's new interior minister mathias ovine campaign strongly against immigration in the election in march. nearly two hundred thousand people are formed a human chain across spain's basque region calling for the right to decide on
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independence the country is still reeling from the failed to session bid from the catalonia region in october but as carpender whole reports from victoria people hope the new central government of madrid will be more sympathetic to their demands . it sounds a little sweet to be a protest song yet it is a call to vote because. this demonstration in the basque region marks the start of a new bid for greater self rule or maybe even to break away from spain together. we've been calling for our rights for years and today is another chance to see that there's a significant percentage of citizens who want to vote and this type of putin's. last month the armed separatists organization it or announced it was disbanding that gives peaceful campaign is the chance to draw
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a line between themselves now violent uprising which lasted decades these are the last links in a human chain that stretches from here more than two hundred kilometers or one hundred twenty miles away right up to the border with france. it wound along the highways and byways through one of the richest corners of spain the ne basque region already has wide ranging devolved powers over health education and even taxation but some like quantrill of scores who came with his grandson dream of having their own country when. there are steps to be taken first self-government and so fraught and then independent i'm not sure what that will look like but it needs to recognise our people's rights sunday's event comes amid turbulent times the dispute over catalonia as attempt to declare independence from the rest of spain is far from over and earlier this month the central government in madrid was
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toppled by a corruption scandal the incoming socialist administration has known with giora no room to maneuver on key issues such as greater self rufous by various regions but but but organizers except it may be along the campaign with. different factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another we must base this new chapter on democratic values and the will of the people it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept moves to carve up spain into independent states . but ask these basque demonstrators join together they chant the power in the future is in their hands. victorious spain. tens of thousands of people marched in brooklyn to celebrate one hundred years since women won the right to vote suffragette movement campaigned for decades for
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women's democratic rights using protests and direct action and then barbara ford's . a river of green white and voyage. the first letters of those colors used by the suffragette movement g w v signifying give women the vote one hundred years ago some british women finally got it and these women are remembering their struggle with a unique march in the u.k. to national capitals edinburgh cardiff belfast and here in london community groups have been working with professional artists to create some are you catching banners we commissioned a hundred artists each to work with a group that could be women imprisoned kids and schools. muslim women's federation sisters lots of different people you see behind me clean break or a prison survivors of domestic violence so lots and lots of different organizations that we curated a particular artist to go into that very to work with them to make
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a banner in a series of workshops they also explored the history of the suffragettes as well as the later fight for things like access to birth control so these women were extremely radical women who were prepared to use deeds not words and make decisions that perhaps nowadays you might like gets along. many of the themes are obvious. others less so and had a great time to take workshops making the food coming up with the parents the teacher coming up with the. idea. is that the best thing it defies description we're hoping because i think if if things can become surprise we call it controls the marches also saw homemade efforts and some definitely too young to vote came along to. women together doing something together. and the right to do something with my daughter i'm going to take.
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the woman marching who have come from all over england and the banners they've made highlight a whole range of issues but what they're all doing is looking back to the achievements of the stuffer jets and looking forward to a more equal future. and they're hoping the younger generations will be as bold as those who came before them. this is our just here and these other top stories now north korean and u.s. delegates in singapore putting the final touches to tuesday's historic summit will be the first ever talks between leaders of the two nations u.s. president donald trump hopes to secure a commitment for the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula one of the faces of hong kong's independence movement has been jailed for six years twenty six year
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old edward long was charged with rioting and assaulting a police officer in two thousand and sixteen about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the protests against what activists saw as mainland chinese encroachment on. more than six hundred migrants is stuck on a rescue ship waiting for either malta or italy to take them in italy's threatened to close its ports to rescue ships if malta doesn't accept the people who were saved this week malta has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation off the libyan coast. fire has swept through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from the ranks disputed parliamentary election prime minister. described the fire as a plot against democracy parliament had demanded a manual recount the votes. the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after the listening post. al-jazeera. and. is it ever ethical for a journalist to fake his own life. even when i now know. this congress if. you like this i mean change it how can that change that it was. something that. a lot richard just heard in your at the listening post here are some of the stories we're tracking this week the bizarre spectacle of the reporter who faked his own death and what the story says about journalism in russia
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ukraine and beyond selective memories the persian language television channels that beam their way into iran from the us dubai and london uganda imposes a special tax on social media is the government in it for the money or the control . and the argentinean president provides cold comfort for his people and then feels the heat on social media. in more than eleven years of doing the listening post we've never covered a story quite like this one last week news spread of the murder of a russian dissident journalist our cuddy bob cenk oh shut and killed outside his apartment in kiev ukraine except as we all now know it never happened the killing had been staged his resurrection broadcast live at a press conference the following day that chancellor said he faked his own death as part of an operation led by the ukrainian security services to thwart a plot by moscow to kill him he said it was about survival for others though it was
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a mere stunt that undermined ukraine's credibility and could have serious consequences for other journalists down the road this story is also part of an ongoing media battle a larger geo political conflict between the western backed government in ukraine and moscow which says that the initial breathless coverage of the bad story is yet another example of how much of the international news media are intent on smearing the kremlin our starting point this week is kiev. shot back. or pointing between the ukrainian and the russians has already started this whole thing started off as a serious drama you know yet another journalist yet another kremlin critic allegedly killed in kiev in ukraine and then finally ended up being great you know stock up on popcorn and enjoy the show moment and it's a strange ukrainian television that is just. kind of i had been shot.
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with these my friends i was overwhelmed with joy my sister had come from israel for a funeral and instead think god she just made it for his resurrection who was. that clearly was not just simply in the press conference that was an act of theater it was a political stunt we are relieved that our. is a lie but the faked death has the potential of tampering public outrage when journalists are killed and hurt in the line of duty. it was the story arc the twisted in turn after the morning on day one and the release on day two. came the ethical questions most of
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which centered around our comedy bob chowne close cooperation with the ukrainian security service the s.b.u. the s.b.u. stood alongside the journalist at the news conference saying it started working with that chunk over after it discovered a plot by russian intelligence agents to kill him and dozens of other russian dissidents in ukraine chunk oh agreed to sort of petition cooperate with the s.b.u. he said because there was no other way to save his own life and it's that relationship a reporter working with a spy agency that organizations like the committee to protect journalists based in new york take issue. takes quite a dim view of law enforcement and impersonating journalists now. basically acting as a police asset one clear down which is again to public trust
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for limited and for journalists his explanation and was that he didn't have a choice. but overall for the year. but. we're not in when bob jingle shows ourselves but there is very little evidence there are many authorities put forward that is convincing that this imminent threat life existed. but is it such a big tragedy for the word that our cut above turncoat spent twenty hours in hiding and survived what has that changed in the world yes russians failed to kill a journalist when we made it look like that succeeded and if somebody got frustrated because intelligence services safety and he didn't die i feel sorry for them. it was quite quite depressing to see the outburst from not just blood but also a certain number of his supporters who very much media framed it turns out well did you want to die well of course not and i don't think anyone is arguing that the
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point is this is not a live or die binary what's become the story is not the threat to journalists it has become the whole fake threat to journalists. our card was a former russian soldier whose time in the army he fought in both chechen wars led him to journalism and the coverage of military conflict his writings eventually grew critical of moscow's interventions in syria and ukraine he left russia last year because of death threats he said eventually settling in the ukrainian capital moscow and kiev have been at diplomatic a longer head since two thousand and fourteen after a coup led by forces favoring closer ties to the european union and nato toppled the ukrainian president viktor yushchenko overage who was pro russian and who had been democratically elected the subsequent war far in eastern ukraine a region with strong ties to moscow resulted in its an accession by russia
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effectively carving ukraine into so. as the fighting ended in eastern ukraine the bulk of the propaganda war between kiev and moscow has been waged through the media it is against that geo political backdrop that the back story has unfold this whole thing and michelle it can contain all the perfect ingredients for a great anti russian story and the ukrainian authorities in the media have been very successful sellers over a number of years. the focus on news of the. forces in the west has then very happy customers of that research the historical practices of the russians who typically almost genetically driven to co-opt penetrate to gain favor or whatever so when you get another chance
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presented itself they just couldn't miss the opportunity it was too sexy. to start with russian journalism doesn't exist at all it's propaganda media outlets even the ones that were once independent are all under the complete control of the government i worked there and left for that very reason so i know what i'm talking about there's no freedom of speech they may call it journalism but it isn't. me. however the ukrainian media have issues of their own in the reporters without borders press freedom index for two thousand and eighteen ukraine is ranked one hundred first of the one hundred eighty nine countries listed well ahead of russia at one hundred forty eight but still in the bottom half of the table the paris based n.g.o.s says media reforms after the two thousand and fourteen coup have helped but much more is needed to loosen the oligarchs tight grip on the media to encourage editorial independence just last month a ukrainian working for
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a russian news organization was jailed charged with high tree. another accused of being pro russia in his reporting recently fled the country. and has applied for asylum in austria journalists this kind of. in ukraine because some of them are what's happening in the east of ukraine with some criticism of ukraine handling the cough like propaganda should not be fought with propaganda or with. in both the chuckle case in ukraine and the recent screwball case in the u.k. in which a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned fingers were quickly pointed at moscow the problem in both cases has been evidence the lack of it and the tendency of news organizations in ukraine the u.k. and elsewhere to accept the word of local authorities and publish according that's
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not journalism it's the knockers and it plays right into the hands of the kremlin and the media apparatus it happens as it's suppose it's no longer necessary to source your story on anyone you just quote anonymous sources that you never name their names and i think that the western media have all of this art to perfection and this is something that a real journalist and real journalism to happen on one level listen is a conventional conflict before we jump in the side. on the other hand it's also an information conflict and the russians have sort of blown out this great cloud of conspiracy theories and it's really just always give me a sense of what we'll never know what's going on that's been one of the russian strengths is actually a capacity but create the sense where truth is unknowable the information war is every bit as important as the one on the ground.
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hugh we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong well this past week the british government cleared the way for rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox to acquire the rest of the european satellite broadcaster sky the shares it does not already own however there are certain conditions attached so what are the details why the condition is it is a little complicated richard but in summary hang kong britain's secretary of state for culture last tuesday gave the green light for murdoch to bid for all of sky t.v. but only if he sells the sky's twenty four hour news channel in britain sky news now and said that it would be likely the most effective remedy for public interest concerns and those concerns are about the murdoch family trust and the influence it already has over british public opinion and politics through its other media holdings namely newspapers the sun the times and the sunday times so murdoch will
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be happy with that decision but where does that leave disney and comcast both of which have been eyeing the company as well yes comcast has also been cleared by the u.k. government for sky there were no competition or public interest concerns found with them and comcast is currently out bidding fox for sky share is meanwhile disney is negotiating with murdoch for all of fox's entertainment holdings not includes the thirty nine percent of sky which fox already owns now this will likely mean a bidding war between com cost and disney who both see sky as a door into the european market you've also been following a story about social media use in uganda and government policy pertaining to it yes the government in uganda has passed a law which imposes a tax on social media uses so for next month anyone who wants to use platforms like facebook whatsapp or twitter on their mobile phones will have to pay the government two hundred shillings per day and that works out about five u.s.
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cents but bear in mind that for those on low incomes you use social media every day the tax could amount to two three percent or more of their income in a country. well look here live pictures coming in from singapore with us for i think you've gone from. singapore's prime minister leasing norm there entering into a working lunch this coming a day after the singaporean prime minister met with north korea's leader after kim journal arrived on scene to scramble over forces there a lot of excitement because. this comes just less than twenty four hours before the historic summit between. donald trump and kim jong un will be the first sitting leaders of both countries to meet with the goal of discussing north korea's nuclear program coming to some kind of understanding.
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it's bring in our correspondent in our senior diplomatic editor james bays he's watching all of this unfolding from singapore james take us through the sort of perhaps coordination that is going on the sort of role that the singaporean prime minister is playing as i said he just met yesterday with the north korean leader he's now sitting down with donald trump what sort of final mediation touches are we witnessing. well i think that if that is the big question it were that was he actually talking any substance to the two leaders when he spoke to them we can see president trump now speaking i'm not sure whether we can make out any of the words that president trump is saying right now sammy the press pool are only getting a short time i think in the room of this working lunch and it's now coming to an end and they're being taken out of the lunch
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a president trump with his top team there you saw the chief of staff kelly you saw mike pompei o who's been doing a lot of the diplomacy with north korea has been very much the point man for the administration made that secret visit to pyongyang as cia a director of the cia were really leading this at an early stage on behalf of the u.s. and then of course he was made the secretary of state and made a more formal visit to pyongyang you also saw next to him at the table on the american side john bolton the national security advisor someone who's been dealing with the north korean file for very very many years including his time as a senior official in george w. bush's administration and one and he's certainly an official who has dealt with north korea and feels that north korea in the past misled the united states so passing possibly among the administration one of the more skeptical voices about this process i think the main point of this lunch is to thank the singaporeans but
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it may well be that prime minister lee has a little bit of an insight having met kim just a few hours ago let's talk a little bit therefore you can about what the goal is what the bar for success might be james. well that i think is also the question because president trump was asked that very question when he spoke in quebec just before he left that difficult summit he had with the g seven and it seems that the president has changed his expectations of what he's going to get here remember he did once say that he wanted a historic deal to take place on the first meeting now he's talking about a process and he made it clear that he had a minimum which was simply to meet kim and get along with him and work out whether he was a man he could do business with and then start a series of further meetings i can tell you there has though been some diplomacy
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taking place in the last few hours just over there that tower block there is the ritz carlton hotel there some senior officials from north korea and the u.s. have been meeting to discuss what could be in a statement or declaration to come from choose days summit meeting and i know the u.s. of pushing for a specific form of words which is a form of words often used by people who specialize in the field of disarmament that's known as c.v. is complete various verifiable irreversible denuclearization and that phrase is actually one the u.s. would like to be in a statement if there is a statement at the end of this summit meeting but it's all very fluid at this stage the u.s. was for this summit meeting president trump briefly called it off just under three weeks ago and then it was back on again and obviously we really don't know what's
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going to come out of it because president trumps making it clear that it's really going to be down to his personal chemistry how this is going to play out now and so that's from the u.s. perspective they're looking for some kind of commitment towards what you mentioned there a cv ed what about the north koreans how much do we know about what they see as success from this summit. well i think some analysts would tell you they already feel they've got some success just having this meeting they've wanted to sit down with the u.s. leader for decades they've wanted recognition for their unusual system of government they want recognition as a nuclear power and they feel that sitting down face to face two delegations the u.s. and north korea that they are being treated equally by the united states clearly if they are going to do
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a deal that could involve them in some way giving up their nuclear capability or at least putting it under inspection then they are going to want to make sure that they are not then going to be toppled that i think is why at an earlier stage you had the wobble when john bolton the national security adviser to the u.s. brought up the idea of the libya model he was referring to the way that libya which had an early stage nuclear program got rid of that program after negotiations with the u.s. and the u.k. but i think the north koreans took something quite different from the libya model they took that gadhafi gave up his weapons and ended up a few years later being got rid of by his people and they would say probably with a little help from the u.s. and nato so that's why i think they were very unhappy about the idea of this little libya model they will want some security guarantees it's not clear exactly how you
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can write these things down on paper though and particularly all see that the united states under donald trump has torn up the iran deal so if you did do a deal with donald trump this administration what's to stop a future u.s. administration deciding they don't like the deal anymore and reverting to our policy of regime change all right our senior diplomatic editor there james bays thanks for that. take you through some news from elsewhere in the world and fire swept through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed parliamentary elections the prime minister described the fire as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament had already demanded a nationwide recount votes now there are calls for the may elections to be rerun
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charles trafford has more. thick black smoke over the result for districts in eastern baghdad iraq's ministry of interior say the fire started in a building used to store ballot boxes and electronic voting machines from the disputed parliamentary election a month ago. iraq's parliament voted last week for a countrywide to manual recount of all ballots after allegations of voting fraud. one in peace it was started deliberately and called on the government to better protect buildings where ballot boxes are being stalled. imagine this three warehouses there are important but it's boxes and firefighters are inside the fire earlier in the day nine judges were appointed to oversee the manual recount of votes nationwide the process is expected to take at least a couple of weeks. the government sanct senior members of the election commission which oversaw the vote counting prime minister has banned them from leaving the
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country and warned that anyone suspected of being involved in election fraud could face criminal charges iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel was praised for the lack of violence in the run up to and during polling day on may the twelfth but since then much has changed allegations of fraud leading to parliament's vote for a countrywide manual recounts of throwing the transparency of this election into doubt a fire at a building containing potential proof of how people voted will only make accusations of voter rigging even louder. opposition supporters in the democratic republic of congo declared their backing for. the exiled opposition leader is seen as the main rival to president joseph kabila his seventeen years in power could end in the presidential election jus in december one thousand nine
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hundred forty s. i. thousands gathered to hear the man they believe is the democratic republic of congo's best hope for change but moyes could tumbi hasn't set foot in the country for more than two years in this video message sent from exile he promised to unite the opposition and bring an end to the rule of longtime leader joseph. oh. if this was a demonstration to everyone showing that moyes is alive and is preoccupied with the situation of all congolese and also to say that we have a project which can properly resolve all these problems we want to transform the congo to restore its greatness but also we want to unify the congolese people to support today about people showing that we will overcome them. could be fled the d.r. c. in two thousand and sixteen when prosecutors accused him of hiring foreign mercenaries one month later he was sentenced to three years in prison for real estate fraud he denies all the charges against him as promising to return for
1:45 pm
a presidential run. president joseph kabila has ruled that the r.c. for seventeen years his term in office officially ended in december twenty sixth team but elections have been repeatedly delayed was at war protesters are accusing him of trying to hang on to power the constitution bars him from seeking a third term but could be still hasn't confirmed that he won't run again elections are now set for december but whoever emerges as leader will have major challenges to deal with more than a million people have been forced from their homes in eastern province as the military battles armed groups the chaos has left nearly eight million people on the verge of starvation. the opposition are optimistic but there's still a great deal of uncertainty. will risk arrest to be returned home it's also still unknown it could be low will seek to hold on to power or if the election will be delayed once again. how does iraq. egypt's president of the fatah has
1:46 pm
sisi has agreed with ethiopia is fry minister ahmed to resolve the nile river dam dispute. is on the sttng a four billion dollar hydroelectric project on the river which cairo fears threatens its will to security. i'll be back in just a few moments with more news here on al-jazeera so stay with us in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone one of the nice needs girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera i mean this is different whether someone is paying for some of this very thread but that's part of me trying i think it's how you approach an individual an effort it is a certain way of doing it you can't just barge in and get a story and fly out. a new series of rewind
1:47 pm
a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in the liver i was the first of no zero like and the others through the green one continues with kosovo but year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera and as i want to finally we're going to ask about that but that's the balls about what i see more listeners that are not so is there not. a lot of the double of our cousins to bunches of the china at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping the industry use.
1:48 pm
territorial. social. and ethnic divisions. the daily reality piece in some of france's underprivileged communities. just zero world here's a firsthand account from suburban president. paris . a divided city. trump made singapore's prime minister as the final details of a historic summit with kim jong un fall into place but the u.s. president falls out of favor with allies tweeting against nato as the e.u. threatens counter measures.
1:49 pm
i'm sam is a than this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up digging in desperation a last ditch attempt to rescue people from the devastating watermelon volcano. and a milestone moment women march together in the u.k. to mark a hundred years since winning the right to vote. in less than twenty four hours the u.s. president will meet the north korean leader in a summit most people thought would not and could not ever happen donald trump is currently meeting lee loon the prime minister of singapore with things where the historic summit will take place delegations from the u.s. and north korea are working out the final details of the meeting which will be the first ever by sitting leaders of both countries. a moment of history
1:50 pm
the leader of north korea first and then the u.s. president several hours later arriving in the same city this all of summit is now effectively under way the face to face meeting angered diverting a nuclear crisis taking place on choose day kim jong borrowed a plane from china to bring him here he's probably the least well traveled leader on earth in charge of his isolated nation for six years he had met no other foreign leader until this year. he came to singapore with his own body guard unit and brought his own armored limousine on a cargo plane again supplied by china remarkably it's only nine months since president trump told the u.n. general assembly he was prepared to annihilate pyongyang diplomacy did finally kick in with north korea sending a delegation to south korea's winter olympics in february. a historic summit at the
1:51 pm
demilitarized zone between the two koreas was followed by a secret trip by then cia director mike pompei oh the first of two visits he made to pyongyang they paved the way for this summit in singapore trump briefly canceled this summit last month and he has repeatedly threatened to walk away if he doesn't believe the negotiations are serious a tough line but at the same time trump has been sending mixed messages to kim before he flew to singapore he was asked what he wanted to achieve at this historic summit but i had a minimum i do believe at least we'll have met each other we will have. seen each other hopefully we will have liked each other and will start their process i would say that would be the minimal no demand then for the north korean leader to commit to completely give up his nuclear capability but experts say that kim is also well
1:52 pm
aware that trump is unpredictable and that he's coming from another summit the g seven where he fell out with his closest allies a meeting where the optics are positive meaning trum gets a handshake with can from and it agreeing to some kind of nuclear the need nuclear deal would go a long way to mescaline for president from as much as it would for the. north korean state community so in in all likelihood i think the north koreans are. a bit but they are careful with the same type. as kim had a brief courtesy meeting with singapore's prime minister news emerged that he was planning to leave the city just five hours after his meeting with trump that suggests there will not be lengthy substantial of talks but we shouldn't discount the idea that the north korean side may perhaps of those proposed timings as a negotiation tactic. serious diplomatic character james
1:53 pm
pays joins us now live from singapore also james there we saw some pictures of donald trump meeting with the singapore prime minister sort of last minute touches of being put on to the storage event. well the only news out of that meeting in the a star that's the palace of both the president and the prime minister but it's the prime minister that president trump is visiting and currently having lunch with is the president trump said just a few words. around the table the reporters to the side of the room were able to hear and it was quite hard to hear him but i think when he spoke about the summit he said i think things can work out very nicely so the u.s. president still in a pretty upbeat mood and it's interesting that he's almost certainly already had a report from the state department because his secretary of state might pompei i was there sitting next to him about talks of the been going on in the last couple
1:54 pm
of hours taking place in that tower block just behind me the ritz carlton hotel that's where the north korean and u.s. delegation senior officials from both sides have been talking about what could be in a possible statement or declaration in the summit which takes place on tuesday i think both sides pushing for different language in in that's a declaration but i think it's pretty clear to this is not going to be a deal this won't be the end of it what we're going to get in in the declaration is the start of a process of sort of setting out aims for this process but certainly not a nuclear deal now what has to happen for things to quote work out nicely from the perspective of the u.s. . well we know what president trump said when he was in canada and he said it was about getting to know kim and getting to see
1:55 pm
whether he was a man he could do business with and he made it clear that he thought he could do that in one minute he'd get the measure of the man and that's all it was going to take he said that he's had a lifetime of doing this sort of negotiation and then many would say a business deal is very different from a complex negotiations about something like nuclear weapons but president champ is very confident in his own ability so we'll have to see if that is enough the fact the two men can just smile at each other shake hands and trust each other or whether they'll actually get a form of language that goes much further than that a pledge by the north koreans to completely dismantle their nuclear program and on the u.s. side some sort of security guarantee for north korea that if they do that the u.s. isn't then going to take hostile action against north korea. this is a very historic meeting leaders of two countries with reputations for being
1:56 pm
unpredictable both of them have weapons and nuclear weapons. just bring us through what's at stake in terms of sheer personality here. well it's a terribly high stakes meeting that is taking place because you just have to rewind to last year and even towards the end of last year there was a situation where both sides were talking about war and we're not just talking about a conflict we're talking about a conflict with two sides that potentially have nuclear weapons and could use nuclear weapons this is been a most amazing turnaround in fortunes to this point the fact that this diplomacy has gone so fast it's not though gone in a straight line there have been wobbles there could be wobbles again and you know in the end it gets down to whether the north koreans really are prepared to give up
1:57 pm
their nuclear weaponry in a way that satisfies the u.s. so you know we've got to a very important moment but that isn't saying that this couldn't suddenly go the other way. we have to wait and see thanks so much james pace. now as trump and kim prepare to talk about nuclear disarmament in north korea or world leaders in china trying to salvage the iran nuclear deal the u.s. president abandoned what he called the fatally flawed agreement last month of the shanghai cooperation organization summit iran is urging other participants of that deal to provide guarantees it will be up held for a slow reports from beijing. you don't draw a pledge of support for iran's nuclear deal in russia iran has extended promising to fully implemented this three year old agreements despite the u.s. pulling out. of course our country cannot be both worried about the iran nuclear
1:58 pm
program u.s. withdrawal from the comprehensive plan of action can further destabilize the situation russia is in favor of consistent and unconditional implementation of the deal i put in spoke at the shanghai cooperation organization or s.c.l. summit held in the eastern city of qingdao russia is one of the eight s e o members together these countries represent forty percent of the world's population and twenty percent of global g.d.p. . bajan well are germany and a power politics still busies in the world the growing cost for a more just and equitable international order must be here that democracy in international relations is an unstoppable trend of the times the aesir was formed seventeen years ago mainly to strengthen security cooperation but trade issues have become important to some s.c.l.
1:59 pm
members i involved in building infrastructure for china's belton road project dubbed as the new silk road to boost twenty first century economies in the coming few years as your most likely will pick up more security considerations or geopolitical considerations and the corporation a model as your members involving the observer states in security or even for example into quasar military cooperation will not be impossible therefore as c.e.o. is expanding its mission is moving forward to deal better with the new challenges in the world. and as the u.s. is apparently becoming increasingly isolated from its allies because of trump's policies and tariffs and his readiness to withdraw from trade climate. the unity presented at the c.e.o. is in stark contrast to the g. seven summit in canada where don trump refused to endorse the final communique some
2:00 pm
analysts say the unified message from china also presents a challenge to the west in that world order florence al-jazeera. germany's chancellor angela merkel says the european union will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and alum indium and she says she's disappointed the president withdrew from the g. seven summit communiqué white house advisers accuse canada's prime minister of betraying the us and gauging in bad faith diplomacy rosen in jordan has more the canadian prime minister declined any further comment in the course of the day leaving it to his foreign minister to reiterate canada's position in the ongoing argument about trade tariffs the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians the closest and strongest ally.


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