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tv   Israeli Deportation  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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by the cost of government and foreign aid groups and the pig farm seems to be a catalyst bringing so now begun to get. worse until of course this brings us closer we can communicate with them and they can communicate with us because we work together. weeks later in early may serbs elected a new governor. the nationalist prime minister for students confronting the west over kosovo looking for another time. when the results came out in belgrade a surprising victory for pro western democrats led by president boris tadic which the democrats also reject the cost of an independence but getting serbia into the union is their priority. for the celebrations went on long into the night this results reduce tension across the board.
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sama in the village of but. the ruins of the houses destroyed in the war ugly reminders of what went wrong here not so long ago. but next to the new houses for the serbs who are trickling back. the cost of a government has helped build them it says it's committed to a multiethnic society where serbs are welcome. oh no more but there is a growing serb community and. and in june salvato and his family feel this ceremony they call this day spousal marking the ascension of christ in the orthodox calendar . by tradition the serbs gather at the site of a ruined orthodox church just as they did before the.
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pick me goes on all day. has plenty of drink and old folk songs of courtship and love a day that boarded the together and strengthened their feelings but but where they belong. in july news from belgrade resonated across europe the bosnian serb leader and war crimes suspect rather than carriage was courts after years in hiding this is how he disguised himself. there were protests against his arrest but they were contained maybe this was the final angry spasm of serbian nationalism. by the end of september salvo has reason to be satisfied the first crop of peppers since the serbs returned is a good one. and he's been led to a car by
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a nearby serbian monastery giving him the freedom to drive across cos of zero if he feels safe doing so. today he's going to the nearby town of cleanup. had been attacked by albanians even since the war with the money problems so far we've had no problems whatsoever neither with people nor with the police your thing is not of money however what you have are most of our license plates which helps to spot as i'm concerned with drive all the way to pristina if you want to. know when you cross over the drive. shopping in cleaver solve always treated politely by albanians but sums say they're worried about their safety in this town and they dare not go to bars. they're not all over the world they're in bourke of oh salvato film this delivery of free grain from the serbian government.
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it shows how belgrade tries to keep the loyalty of serbs who live in kosovo giving them aid the serbian government undermines cost of those independence. by big november it's kosovo's albanians who are part. of the very same prestigious streets where that celebrated nine months before they reject a plan from the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon which will allow serbia to retain power over parts of kosovo. but there's a deeper frustration here that independence has not changed their lives in the way that homes that cost of those government has let them down. there have been changes we are now independence with the constitution of we are making new laws the european standards donors have promised us one point two billion euros
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that's why people today are more optimistic and hopeful about the future certainly there will be difficulties but we will make progress. but like so many costs been albanians lucian his son did not yet see that progress. by the end of the year things are going badly at the peak farm donors have pulled out lose doubts it can survive. back home he looks after his own life stop and wonders how to find paid work optimism has turned so quickly to disillusionment. course. there's so much corruption you can't even imagine the top officials are taking everything for themselves opening up businesses like restaurants and petrol stations and we have been abandoned.
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and for the first time i sensed resentment from this family towards the serbs in the village itself scum of. reverse worthwhile goal for both of women for i can't blame the serbs they have nothing to do with this we mind our own business but the truth is that they have been held more than we have. they robbed hours they killed us they burned our homes and now they've come back and the authorities have built them new homes. they lived comfortably in the past and now we are left helpless no one comes to help asses. not that the serbs of finding life easy many still depend on social security and help from their neighbors but there's also a determination to stay on in cos of the two enormous who would go to those i
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don't know for it's been said look to me it means that it's ours and nobody else's my grandfather and my great grandfather were born here he slant has been our support two hundred years and nobody can take that away just like that. almost all boarded. up. this is the last bit of home video software sent to us it shows his neighbors gathered in his living room it's hard to know if there is a future for this community. and here's the last bill we received from the family enjoy that time together and for one night at least be getting back frustrated. at least. the declaration of independence.
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and life carried on pretty much as before in fact perhaps what is most striking is how much in common. they both mistrust politicians in distant citizens frustrated at slow economic development and corruption and perhaps above all a common desire to carry on living here peacefully on the land they consider their home. throughout the year and we saw that they did confrontation. but we also saw they live largely separate lines. with their own religion customs and language. to. one little village. like to change but maybe.
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that was a year of fear and hope since independence back in two thousand and eight life has been tough for the young state with major players like russia china and crucially next door serbia refusing to recognize its independence but how have the villages. braved the winter snow to go back and find out. this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book in the depths of a cold winter a return to a place which i got to know well in two thousand and eight following. families who are neighbors. i've not been back since i've been treated know what's changed when i left this village ten years ago the family were apprehensive about their future even physically worried about their safety the albanians well they hoped that cos of those independence would be the answer to all their problems that it would help
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make them which one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams many of the old houses still lying ruins sad reminders of an ugly. but when i visited sappho and his wife lubyanka i found them in good spirits more relaxed more comfortable feeling more permanent in their presence. was the father the the net now more now when it gets a good call i'm sure to call the so you. know islam is with their hearts are more mature than them on their money or program is a million. doesn't appear to be the big number but there is not just said no. and yet this community is precarious several of the older people i met in two
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thousand and eight have died very few young half retirement nest egg to sail to see call. of paul or is the full story also bernie wanted to. rajan attract more to the woman and got richer more to say the story wasn't really good it's perceptible for it's simple this is how. nice it was a good deal to do or do not really. serbian cayle surrealism it can be like the. that was a look at it was an urgent realize that it even further notes that we're. more. and yet all is not well in back of the pick farming business that salva and his albanian neighbor louche worked on together collapsed albanian family moved into the property. away
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from here is not fear as in the past but a lack of jobs and those economic frustrations i felt very strongly on the albanian side to. loose seems happy to see me but he's still a small time farmer still wishing he could afford a tractor still hoping for regular paid employment. through third poor. for good because of those who were going to go he. didn't use it all the more. the music to mean that the pool was a total of. seven hundred dollars for him is a civil war thoughtful in the fifty's yourself if. you go from zero four to because my leaders when we're going to. the moral. lucian printers' family has grown they have ten grandchildren with the eleventh on the way to of their
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daughters live in western europe they depend on their remittances like so many families in kosovo. printer describes relations with the serbs exactly as she did ten years ago. up and. the person they. are if the immunity. we don't. you know what it is. all they can. do. the complaints i've heard here about corruption lack of jobs reflect what people across kosovo a feeling disappointment that independence has not transform people's lives. what i found is that in one sense the village of bourke over is working serbs and albanians live in peace but in other ways this village is not so exceptional after all it could have been a lot of cooperation for cos of a in fact the two communities lead parallel lives even as they share this land
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they live apart. well that's it for this week if you want to catch up with the rest of the films in the series you can find them on the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time good bye thanks a lot. a new series of rewind a care brainier people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries this show will continue. to known or used these things rewind continues with australia's last generation of recoveries from. is a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high list still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera.
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bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about. fluent in world news uncovering full d forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without my knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimony is being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john after trees crimes for which he's already served thirty two years their evidence was the only physical evidence that put really manning in that car this ystem with. an al-jazeera.
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carcinogen. underway. and. also coming up more than six hundred migrants in limbo on a ship in the mediterranean with malta and italy to allow it to dock. quarter of
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a million people in yemen or. the united nations forces to attack the port city. and a warehouse in baghdad ballot boxes and voting machines catches fire more controversy about iraq's disputed election. and it's less than twenty four hours into the historic summit in singapore between the u.s. and north korean leaders are they watching to see if. nuclearize the korean peninsula delegations from both sides are making final preparations before the meeting. has more. in the final hours before the single pool summit president trump. his motorcade heading to the official office of singapore's prime minister. but
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the president was not in a talkative mood the prime minister is the host for tuesday's unprecedented meeting and so also has a lot at stake. north korea's leader kim jong un who met the premier on sunday says he knows the whole world is watching him and so too are his people. the country strictly managed media was quick to release pictures of kim's arrival reporting that is isolated country would discuss a stablish ing a new relationship with the united states that's significant in some parts of singapore the security is high profile. but appeared to be absent in one of the places where it would have mattered u.s. and north korean officials were just told by the media as they left the hotel where they've been finalizing details for tuesday. trump wants to persuade the north korean leader to disarm a deal that eluded his predecessors. but that's
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a process that will eventually have to involve others says the leader of the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons here this could be a historic meeting and a beginning of a process towards nuclear disarmament and so it's definitely. has a huge possibility i think that's why it's so important that we don't just leave it up to these two men watching from afar and wishing they were here the leaders of three other countries with important stakes in this summit south korea's president mungy in japan's prime minister shinzo ave and president xi jinping of china china of course the north's closest ally and whatever happens here sheeting pay will be hoping it remains that way orderly tightly controlled singapore is playing host to the world's two most unpredictable leaders and that may mean that the only certainty here is the unexpected adrian brown al-jazeera singapore.
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diplomatic editor james is in singapore for this historic summit so james will kim jong un be able to spin this as a win no matter what actually happened simply by the fact that he is being treated this way in this format in this environment and having this meeting with the u.s. president. yeah he's been treated treated here in singapore with his delegation the same as the u.s. delegation there are two parties in the go see a chanson i think he will be very happy about the fact that for the first time there is a meeting between the leader of north korea and the leader of the united states something the north koreans have been seeking for a very long time they got close to it at the very end of the clinton administration there was talk of bill clinton having a meeting in pyongyang never actually happened the time ran out and that two
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speeches election in the year two thousand but they are getting something they've wanted for some considerable time i think the trumpet ministration are well aware that this is something that the north koreans wanted and they are wanting something in return and it's not clear at this stage whether they're going to get the meetings taking place here in singapore today between the north korean delegation and high level officials from the u.s. delegation trying to work out a form of words for some sort of statement or declaration and certainly the u.s. wants a complete commitment from the north korean side to deviate just dismantling the nuclear program it's not clear whether the north koreans are going to agree to that at this meeting so yes there are talks about the talks as you're saying certain language that both sides want to agree to it but less be honest donald trump is
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extremely unpredictable and that's putting it mildly obviously he he signed the communique at the summit he just left and then tweeted a change of mind a little while later how does that play into what the expectations might might be for should be for this. well there are very various ways you can you can view that so one of them is that president trump would not want to attend two failed summits and head back to washington with what would be seen as a second failure the other way you can see it's what happened at the g. seven with him prepared not to sign the final declaration is possibly sending a message to the north korean side you can't take him for granted even though he is said that he really wants to get the measure of kim and see if he's a man he can do business with and that would be enough for a first summit so
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a lot riding on this important very historic meeting taking place on tuesday deeding you all be there james spaceflight for us in singapore chains thank you fallout continues from the weekend's tce seven summit in canada which ended in acrimony between the u.s. and its main western allies germany's chancellor merkel says the european union will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and aluminum he also expressed disappointment that president donald trump withdrew from an agreement he had already signed at the summit and white house advisers accuse canada's prime minister of betraying the us and engaging in bad faith diplomacy hasn't or didn't has more. the canadian prime minister declined any further comment in the course of the day leaving it to his foreign minister to reiterate canada's position and the ongoing argument about trade tariffs the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians being closest and strongest ally the
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united states has halves we can't post security threat to the united states on saturday donald trump went on twitter to say that he was pulling out of the g seven communique which he had just signed at the summit in canada on sunday his trade advisor peter navarro then he doubled down on the criticism of justin trudeau saying quote there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president trump and then tries to stab him on his way out the door meantime the german chancellor angela merkel said that she was both sobered and depressed to learn that the president had such a negative view of the g seven communique but that it would not dissuade her and other members of the european union from imposing their own retaliate tory tariffs on the united states the u.s. has recently announced it's going to impose tariffs of up to twenty five percent on european steel and allen minium imports to the united states. however there is
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still deep concern being expressed by president trumps domestic critics the g seven partners our closest allies in the world we share values we share interests we share security and for the president the united states to walk into that session and to essentially blow it up and disrespect our allies while embracing. russia. and giving benefits to china countries that are not our allies and in the case of russia indeed our declared adversary is very worrisome and very destructive the divined created by what was once a united g seven group clearly illustrated in a series of photos released not by the news media but by the white house itself rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington as trump and him prepare to talk about nuclear disarmament and north korea world leaders met in china to salvage the iran nuclear
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deal the us president abandoned what he called a fatally flawed agreement last month at the shanghai cooperation organization summit iran called on other participants in the deal to provide guarantees it would be upheld lawrence louis reports in beijing. you don't draw a pledge of support for iran's nuclear deal russia iran promising to fully implemented this three year old agreement and despite the u.s. pulling out. of course our country cannot be both worried about the iran nuclear program u.s. withdrawal from the comprehensive plan of action can further destabilize the situation russia is in favor of consistent and unconditional implementation of the deal i put in spoke at the shanghai cooperation organization or s.c.l. summit held in the eastern city of qingdao russia is one of the eight s. and you know members together these countries represent forty percent of the
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world's population and twenty percent of global g.d.p. . bajan well for germany and a power politics still persists in the world the growing cost for a more just and equitable international order must be here that democracy international relations is an unstoppable trend of the times the aesir was formed seventeen years ago mainly to strengthen security cooperation but trade issues have become important to some s.c.l. members i involved in building infrastructure for china's belt and road project dubbed as the new silk road to boost twenty first century economies in the coming few years as your most likely will pick up more security considerations or geopolitical considerations and the corporation a model as your members involving the observer states in security all even for example moving into quasar military cooperation will not be impossible therefore as
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c.e.o. is expanding its mission is moving forward to deal better with the new challenges in the world. and as the u.s. is apparently becoming increasingly isolated from its allies because of trump's policies and tariffs and his readiness to withdraw from trade climate. the unity presented at the c.e.o. is in stark contrast to the g. seven summit in canada where dog trump refused to endorse the final communique some analysts say the unified message from china also presents a challenge to the west in that. florence al jazeera beijing one of the leaders of hong kong's independence movement has been sentenced to six years in jail twenty seven was convicted of rioting in a two thousand and sixteen overnight protests that turned violent to other demonstrators were also jail for taking part in the protests.


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