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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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trust's a song for freedom another region in spain has its eyes on a chance for independence and one of the while cops most exciting teams face that tricky tests with autonomy just days away details ahead in sports. and other world news the night of nations is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi and emirati coalition forces on yemen's main port fighting between coalition troops and iran back to the rebels intensified meowed data at the weekend the u.n. is warning that an attack on the city could cost up to a quarter of a million lives many of them children poll today course. as the u.n. lobbies to stop a saudi led coalition assault on the who the rebel held port city of what data regional rivalries do not matter for tens of thousands like the up to family their
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father ahmed is only worried about how to keep his six kids alive ahmed hasn't let them go to school since the worst up breaks of defeats in color were recorded in the world hit his city the u.n. says hold data has the largest number of sick people in yemen with more than seventy percent of its population specially children at risk of malnutrition learn what to think and case any of my children get sick they would have to stay here at home so i managed to borrow some money because i have almost nothing and the situation is difficult and life is not proper home for the of the family is a shanty made from sheets of corrugated iron and straw covered with plastic tarps and worn out blankets this situation in the port city has gone from bad to worse since the start of power struggle between the saudi backed and internationally recognized government and the iran back to the rebels. the who these took the capital of sanaa in two thousand and fourteen pushing the government into exile
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a year later they took the strategically important port city of hold data which has been the only source of relief supplies for millions. while the warring sides spent billions of dollars trying to take control of one of the region's poorest countries families like the up does struggle to find a few dollars a day for food the monistat and i make a living by writing a rented motion cycle there's no patrol now every day we need two dollars to be able to have food and water nearly nine million people are on the brink of starvation twenty two million out of the twenty eight million yemeni population are now in serious need of aid millions have been internally displaced and more than ten thousand people have already been killed now amid worries what an all out attack on his city will mean yemeni government forces announced they were moving in on the data last year but they backed off after significant international pressure
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the u.s. has once again lobbying the warring sides to negotiate a cease fire it warns any tack on the port would have a catastrophic impact. al-jazeera joining us now is lee's grandy who's the un humanitarian coordinator for yemen. in amman jordan thank you very much for your time a fear of an all out imminent offensive on who day that what would an attack on this port city mean for for the people in yemen and the humanitarian situation in the country. we estimate that if the assaulters seizure through data in fact takes place in a prolonged worst case we could be looking at mass casualties we are also very concerned that the people who are living in the data would be at serious risk from water borne diseases and of course from hunger already who is one of the hardest hit areas being any kind of a military assault is only going to make that situation worse and was the greatest
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of the conflict urgent steps to protect civilians and ensure that they have the assistance that they need in order to survive and i understand that more than seventy five percent of yemen's population relies on humanitarian aid which comes through who data is there a possibility to divert the aid operations there and perhaps aid workers even to another city or are you looking for perhaps of crow complete pullout of data and the rest of yemen well right now eighty percent of the basic supply. needs depend on come through data port it is disproportionately important in fact honestly it's the lifeline for the whole country assistance is coming in through the ports it comes into raiden assistance comes across borders from saudi arabia and oman as well but who data is the lifeline for the whole country that supplies will have a catastrophic impact on the millions of minis who depend on us in order to survive
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as you know is granted there are some who say you know and want to support the u.a.e. move because they see it as an opportunity to boost the saudi coalition's hands in peace and say say it may lead to a worsening humanitarian situation in the immediate but could ultimately lead to a cease fire and perhaps even peace in yemen what do you respond to that. the responsibility of humanitarians is to alert the people that are doing the fighting to alert the produce to the conflict of the impact the consequences of the actions that they take that's our job that's what humanitarians are quire to do and that's why we mourn the international community and why we're emphasizing that all of the parties to the conflict what the consequences of their actions could be everything has to be done under international humanitarian human rights law to protect innocent civilians that's why the u.n. is warning about the situation the human right now thank you for speaking to us and
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i hope they hear your message nice grandy un humanitarian coordinator for yemen joining us there from amman thank you now winning the war against isaw in iraq destroyed entire cities including western mosul and ramadi at least ten billion dollars is needed to rebuild the capital of anbar province the largest in iraq but that's a fraction of the reconstruction bill nationwide john stratford reports. it's estimated that up to eighty percent of ramadi lies in ruins. around three hundred seventy five thousand people mostly sunni muslims used to live here before the capital of the province was seized by isis fighters. after months of fighting and repeated i saw counter-offensive the government announced victory in ramadi in february two thousand and sixteen. the most two and a half years later reconstruction has barely begun. iraqis who have returned since then to live amongst the rubble of the struggling to rebuild their lives coming out
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of the out of circuit. more than a thousand houses were flattened the rest are almost destroyed people are trying their best to rebuild their properties but they don't have enough money no government official has visited us and listen to our problems they just came briefly before elections and promised us the same promises but nothing happened. the iraqi government says large scale reconstruction across the country hasn't started yet because it doesn't have the money. almost ninety billion dollars is needed to rebuild after fifteen years of war and chaos since the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three but iraq's allies pledged only thirty billion as a donors conference in kuwait in february it's estimated that twenty two billion dollars is needed to rebuild province including ten billion for the mahdi.
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thousands of people live in camps on the outskirts of the city. we are asking the government to provide us with their missing documents so we can return home and leave the camp as you can see we are fasting despite lack of basic needs and services and we don't even have cold water to break our fast with. who than two million iraqis are forced to live in camps across iraq because their homes were destroyed analysts say one of the reasons the rise of eisel happened in cities like ramadi is because of years in the black from the shia led federal government they say cities like ramadi and mosul were what they described as incubators for extremist ideas to take root amongst a small percentage of the population iraq's sunnis suffered some of the worst atrocities on the eisel the united nations says failure to help iraq rebuild risks fueling resentment and possibly even violence again. baghdad.
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a diplomatic ra is brewing between italy and mali over six hundred migrants rescued off the coast of libya a charity boat picked the mostly african migrants including more than one hundred thirty children and seven pregnant women in a series of operations at the weekend italy's threaten to close its ports to rescue ships and wants to take the vessel instead of malta says it had nothing to do with the rescue operation the migrants from maine for now on the charity boat in the mediterranean sea. we said more than six hundred thousand migrants have reached italy by boat from africa in the past five years before he was elected in march italy's new interior minister met teo salvini promise to stop the flow of migrants into the country saying it's he would not be europe's refugee camp salvini
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has written on facebook about the stranded migrants saying mata takes in nobody fronts pushes people back at the border spain defenders front here with weapons from today it's the will also start to say no to human trafficking no to the business of illegal immigration. now the lack of government warnings about an erupting volcano in guatemala is causing growing anger rescuers have given up hope of finding any more survivors from the disaster which has killed at least one hundred ten people. report from one of the most devastated areas. pails of hot ash rescuers are digging a hole hoping they will find some clues for needles. this was the route to the lab of mexican rescuer points out to her but she still confused these are. the house was supposed to be there but this is beyond recognition i can't tell i can't
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remember. looking for her boyfriend and his two sons mother three brothers and two nephews. they both terribly disappeared under tons of rocks and gnashes of last week's volcano eruption here at the community of . one of the hardest hit men and women are trying to recover the remains of at least two hundred poor with the balance we're still missing. but the grown distil thirty hot over seventy degrees centigrade yet they go in slowly. well this is the second floor of this house rescuers have to dig through what is still very hot ash and one week after the tragedy they're still finding bodies. remains they have found are carefully guarded but here at the borg in the town of his queen families are waiting to identify relatives. says she has buried her brother his wife and
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their six children already but still has to identify more joyous me and i will keep on until i see that i can't any more until there's nobody left until i realize there's nothing else that can be done what the balance like ever. angry at the government this if the government didn't do enough to evacuate them in time. we were used to the volcano this only happened up the hill and never happened down here we didn't know how it was so dangerous to live here for victims see the trustees for rescuers to help them find closure in the face of tragedy they see they will keep on digging well keeping a close eye on the volcano which remains active but in the sun just so me. all right returning now to the diplomatic dispute brewing between italy and malta over six hundred migrants who were rescued off the coast of libya neva country want
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to take the men that speak to the maritime operations manager at s.o.s. maybe to annie is live from paris can you tell us first what's happening at the moment with these migrants have they been able to disembark from the boat. well today. we can provide food and medical assistance to those six hundred twenty nine people but this situation cannot run for a while because our ship is only eighty meters and we have some limitations specially for food and medical care. so just to clarify again are the migrants still on board the vessel they have in this and bought yeah we are still on board the vessel and we are standing by between multimeter under the instructions of the coordination center of rome that's the instructions from yesterday afternoon saw more than twenty four hours waiting for
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a place to disembark you know. what's the situation of the people on board you've spoken about six hundred twenty or so people are they medical concerns right now what is the current situation. well the rescue operations as been quite difficult on the night between solid and send because we had a lot of time to find them so they stay adrift at sea very very long and it was a critical rescue it means the people fall into the water they they have been burned by the few one person was in country and has been wrists they didn't know he's alive but he's still in a very critical medical situation so in general we also have pregnant women we have one hundred twenty miners so we have to involve them as soon as possible under international law whose responsibility is it to take them in
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well the situation legally is very clear the italian coast guards are being in charge of the rescue operations from the beginning and now they have the responsibility to find a place of safety where those people can be disembarked and can find no proper medical care. assistance but deny it and they have the right to deny it because they were not in charge so now it's purely the legal obligation of italy to find a solution and in general it's a moral obligation of iraq to provide assistance to those people in distress for now it's not willing to take the men thank you for speaking to us from. joining us there from paris. and a few moments while the wild weather went ahead on. trying to calm troubled waters ethiopia has reassuring message about water shortages on the nile river and. a dominant performance by the same back on top of the world.
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i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle. before the monsoon rains getting to india they're quite often some pretty vicious storms this one was a more wind. and there are doing and you can see trees down so temporary traffic disruption that these are rare and i suppose you could call them lucky because they cool things down but otherwise it's just a bit too wet and the rain really of course is no with the story when the monsoon comes in in stages it runs in runs back again currently is falling pretty heavily and even see the rough idea but more importantly as was is now got across to cox's bizarre to the southeast of bangladesh so it's over there refugee camps it's been
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a report already of one death from a landslide and you're not surprised when you look at the figures that the heaviest rains from the western side of the west in india the six hundred in four days roughly here but we've had three hundred forty or about cox's bazar in the last two days so this is a burst forward of the monsoon which in the big surprise it should be in about this position this is june the tenth fifty's and it was fairly quick it's really. now ahead of of course despite the occasional. showers there are pretty high temperatures were up to forty four in new delhi in the radius of course yet nowhere near. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the
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days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. uncovering full d. forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written without the knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimonies being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to time to retry trial for treason crimes for which he's already served thirty two their evidence was the only physical evidence put really manning in that car the system with linda on al-jazeera.
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well again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to pull out a reminder of our top stories the u.s. secretary of state my comp a.o. has told reporters that talks between the north korean leader kim jong un and us president barack donald trump rather a moving rapidly in singapore he said the u.s. will only accept a deal that includes the complete and very viable denuclearization of north korea. now the new zina did nations is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi an emirati coalition forces are yemen's main port city it's warning an attack on who data could result in mass casualties. food shortages and an increase in water borne diseases previous efforts to end a three year field and six hundred migrants are waiting for a place to go and it's here in montana refusing to take them in
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a charity both picked up mostly african migrants in a series of operations over the weekend if we threatened to close its ports to rescue ships and wants to take the vessel instead of malta says it had nothing to do with the rescue operation. returning to our top story and the upcoming summit between the north korean leader and u.s. president donald trump let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly hockett who was at that briefing of the u.s. secretary of state michael just a short while ago tell us about that the message via american delegation is sending ahead of a big meeting between trump and kim. i think there is a strong message of reassurance there had been some reporting that perhaps this u.s. delegation did not have the expertise that many had hoped would be in place and that is something that the u.s. secretary of state refuted quite wholeheartedly saying that they have not only the experts but that the talks as you pointed out just moments ago are moving very well
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rapidly in fact is the word that the u.s. secretary of state used and that they are progressing faster than expected the belief that there is enormous potential folly for the talks when the u.s. president sits down face to face with the north korean leader there is also a lot of optimism because this is a belief of the u.s. team that in fact things are different than they have been in the last six decades that what makes things different is that this time there is a commitment to make sure that north korea keeps its word and that there is verifiable and measurable steps in place. we are hopeful the summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat . the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed
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the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. what the u.s. secretary of state is saying and other words translation those very robust financial sanctions what the united states is often referred to as its maximum pressure campaign that remains in place until there is complete verifiable nuclear denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula so the u.s. laying out the steps believing that it is achievable but also saying that nothing will be lifted in terms of sanctions relief until that is verified even referring back to that very famous statement of the president ronald reagan trust but verify that is how this administration is approaching it believes it has the team in place not only is the u.s. secretary of state consulting on all of this in advance of the u.s.
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president meeting with the north korean leader but there is also the national security adviser john bolton and also his chief of staff john kelly in place thank you for that kimberly can really hawk it is our white house correspondent traveling with the u.s. president in singapore thank you very much for that kimberly. now they've been multiple explosions and bomb attacks across afghanistan a suicide bomber blew himself up in the capital kabul in front of the ministry of rural development killing twelve people and injuring at least thirty others earlier three suicide bombers to on the education department in the eastern city of jalalabad but security forces there say they managed to kill the attackers before they detonated their explosives and in a third incident including fifteen members of the afghan military were killed fighting the taliban let's speak to mushtaq rahim who's a political analyst and security specialist his via skype from afghanistan's capital kabul it was just a few days ago that the taliban and the afghan government agreed to
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a truce over the ied holiday at the end of the holy month of ramadan so why are we seeing a spike in violence now well as you nor there the president of iran and so on and the government authorities have been announcing that there are a number of groups operating you know one has been pursuing that when you have. a lot of saddam has reached an agreement or only with the taleban and they have many other groups who are creating you know what it's done and they're trying to impose themselves and be glad to be who look by what are not the problem bunch it was expected because the time did crucial amounts of this you spiral there to denounce it we're going to. try to get more tried to be more street be a presence on the outlying conflict part of the oh so who are these other groups are we talking about i saw here. they're going to groups one it's of course iceland the eastern afghanistan as you mentioned i'm going to have problems mainly due to
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the accident but it grecians are down but i still there because they have their strongholds and pot a nearby district of the city but even among taliban there are different groups going to be so you can make going to get a military. and then did it really just group that needs holding the taliban group together and then some elements against the cheating are working towards a peaceful settlement of the peace agreement so you cannot single out on the ice those were the un with infallible on you going to have stronger lives besides that there are other spoilers who are operating under different it's not very much known outside of his time so the spy lives have got to go back and mobilize more the political class in one week in order. to send a message across the hondas not into the word that d.c. spy it's going mark work and cannot have a contribution towards the settlement of the album gone so in your view can the
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ceasefire hold if i as you say some groups and even within the taliban are against it given that the afghan government has said that any any who have if they were any attacks that he would retaliate are we likely to see. a policy at all or on the contrary and we're likely to see more violence over the eight holiday. whether. it's going some i think not a bomb or definitely to spec the announcement that they have made a cease fire will do that you need the it is the holiday it's even holidays at the end of month of ramadan but expecting that to stop that activity it did not happen actually what the expectation. did and my understanding is that it would prior to. more mobility in terms of being while and while and among the public and against the national maybe you should there it's not the ballot who will have a hold on the on context reduce the other group who so desperately didn't expect
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vision and bench light of the up one government has additional security measures live in the gaza strip in around the country to ensure that this species fire goes live thank you so much for speaking to us political analyst joining us a from kabul thank you for your time and the united nations is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian pavon so it's calling for a full investigation into government strikes on the area which is considered a deescalation zone under international on an international agreement more than sixty people have been killed during a heavy bombardment in the past three days two and a half million people live in it most of whom were displaced from elsewhere in syria during the seven year long war. protesters in ramallah are demanding the palestinian authority lift sanctions against gaza saying they heard both israelis and palestinians they want palestinian president mahmoud abbas to end salary cuts for officials demonstrators also demanding the consummation between the west bank
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and gaza strip gaza suffering from a shortage of basic goods then electricity after israel cut its power supply by almost half. jordan is getting two and a half billion dollars from saudi arabia kuwait and the united arab emirates following mass protests against tax rises the announcement was made at a meeting in mecca called by saudi arabia's king solomon the european union is also chipping in with twenty three million dollars jordan relies on foreign aid and has had a series of austerity measures imposed by the international monetary fund to reduce debt. we are here to support a company to share our own experience if needed and if useful. to provide advise if asked for but most of all to go into here to try to go and see that the good steps that are taken are financially and economically supported we are here not as a just of a gesture of of charity if you along with the expression but as an investment
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if the o.p.'s promising that building the largest dam in africa won't cause water shortages in egypt if you o.p.'s prime minister abbey are made has had two days of talks in cairo he says hydro electricity from the four billion dollar nile river dam is vital for ethiopia's development egypt which relies on the nile for virtually all of this fresh water and farm irrigation fears the dam will be a disaster. we have come a long way to achieve confidence and to enhance bilateral cooperation and we will continue sincere and honest efforts in order to overcome any mutual challenges at the forefront is to reach a final agreement over the remaining songs dams to secure egypt's use of water from the river nile which is indisputable because it is the only lifeline for egyptians and at the same time contributing to achieve ethiopia's development and prosperity . a human chain of around two hundred thousand people has been formed in the basque region of northern spain basques are calling for the right to decide whether or not
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to remain part of spain as campaign all reports the show of support may aggravate already terrible and political times in madrid. there already was or was. there it sounds a little sweet to be a protest song yet it is a call to vote and before. this demonstration in the basque region marks the start of a new bid for greater self rule or maybe even to break away from spain together. we've been calling for our rights for years and today is another chance to see that there's a significant percentage of citizens who want to vote and this site. last month the armed separatists organization announced it was disbanding that gives peaceful campaign is the chance to draw a line between themselves that violent uprising which lasted decades these are the last links in
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a human chain that stretches from here more than two hundred kilometers or one hundred twenty miles away right up to the border with france it wound along the highways and byways through one of the richest corners of spain the north-east basque region already has wide ranging devolved powers over health education and even taxation but some like goss who came with his grandson dream of having their own country when. there are steps to be taken first self-government and so for all and then independence i'm not sure what that will look but it needs to recognize people's rights some days event comes amid turbulent times the dispute over catalonia is attempt to declare independence from the rest of spain is far from over and earlier this month the central government in madrid was toppled by a corruption scandal the incoming socialist administration has known which already
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no room to maneuver on key issues such as greatest of. various regions but but but organizers except it may be along the campaign. different factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another we must base this new chapter on democratic values and the will of the people. it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept the. state. but. the power in the future is. for to take them into one championship.
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