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no room to maneuver on key issues such as greatest of. various regions but one organizes except it may be along the campaign which is. different factors mean we're closing one chapter and beginning another we must base this new chapter on democratic values and the will of the people it's hard to see how government leaders in madrid would ever accept moves to carve up spain into independent states . but ask these basque demonstrators join together they chant the power in the future is in their hands. victorious spain. ahead on the. take.
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business updates. going places to get. the. odd. business updates. going places to get.
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the. odd. welcome back tens of thousands of women in britain have marched to celebrate the centenary of their right to vote the suffragette movement of women's groups campaigned for decades to overcome male prejudice and their struggles continue to report someone. a river of green one thousand voyage. the first letters of those colors used by the suffragette movement g w v signifying give women the vote one hundred years ago some british women finally got it and these women are remembering their struggle with a unique march in the u.k. to national capitals edgin brook cardiff belfast and here in london community
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groups have been working with professional artists to create some are you catching banners we commissioned a hundred artists each to work with a group that could be women imprisoned kids and schools. muslim women's federation salvo back sisters lots of different people you see behind me clean break her prison survivors of domestic violence so lots and lots of different organizations that we curated a particular artist to go into back to work with them to make a banner in a series of workshops they also explored the history of the suffragettes as well as the later fight for things like access to birth control so these women were extremely radical women who were prepared to act deeds not words and make decisions that perhaps nowadays might but it's a lot. many of the themes are obvious. others less so and adequate time apostate workshops make. coming up with these
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parents the teacher coming up with the. tendril idea well kids except that it defies description we're hoping to. i think if it's being spun because. the more she's also saw homemade efforts and some definitely too young to vote they belong to. women together doing something together. right to do something with my daughter. to take. the women marching who have come from all over england in the band as they've made highlight a whole range of issues but what they're all doing is looking back to the achievements of the softer jets looking forward to a more equal future. and they're hoping the younger generations will be as bold as those who came before the. zero.
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hour time for sports his foreign policy thank you so much we're now less than four days away from the world cup in russia and teams are making their final preparations one of the favorites belgium have their final warm up match later on monday head of the tournaments the belgians are third in the field for rankings and are packed with some of europe's finest attackers including at hazard romelu lukaku and kevin to bring in they face costa rica who their coach believes will be ideal preparation for the turnit belgium are in group g. along signed england and panama. is a really good team to play against because this is not the typical utopian side that you would think he's going to have stretches they're going to get is out of the conference room and will have to be tested tactically in a very different way that we've been tested in the previous two games so for me as a really good. test and a very very different one that will be going to be facing. sebastian vettel has claimed his fiftieth formula one victory and has taken the championship lead after
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winning the canadian prix the ferrari driver started on pole position and got away to a clean start but there was a big crash further down the field in new zealand or brandon hartley was taken to hospital for a scan after getting airborne when lance strolled drove in into the wall. that was hamilton finished back in fifth to hand vettel a one point lead and that was for all sandy. berger's really good way a good way to describe unbelievable i mean i said yesterday how much this place means for ferrari i think you know we see it from the moment we would touch stone we come here. to have a race like we have today is unbelievable fifty four i think after a long time a long strange that ferrari didn't win here i saw the people around and there was super happy so yeah i'm sure they would have or they had a blast and they will have a blast tonight. rafa nadal has won his eleventh french open title the spaniard needing just over two and
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a half hours for his straight sets win over and dominic team hold the underwear reports. thank you very much i don't like taim has been the only man to beat rafael nadal on clay in the last two years that beating him the roland garros is another matter completely the king of clay dropped just one sip throughout the tournament and wasn't to be challenged by the austrian i was after winning the first set six for the dar raced out to an early lead in the second set by dominating some thrilling rallies i. broke team in the third game of the third says before needing treatment for cramp in his left hand if you doubt me seven eight years ago that they will be here with with a duty as all having this that i feel with me again i will tell you that some think almost impossible. teams say for championship points before nidal prevailed. you
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sitting there was with the six four six three six two one means nidal is just the second person even after margaret thirty one eleven singles titles one grand slam form coming back and have the chance to win a month. for all months now especially he. is very emotional for me and on this visit it was a very special moment and received. you know that minute or two minutes of the of the crowd supporting or that feeling came that moment was difficult this guy was very much a home holds on to his number one ranking with the title also the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety two that the men's and women's top seeds of both won paul van to work out zero. doesn't johnson has reclaimed all stops spot just in time for the west open the american shot a four under sixty six in sunday's final round to win the st jude classic by six strokes johnson spent sixty four straight weeks as
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a world number one before falling to the back of the behind just moments from go by his. dominant performance in memphis makes him a favorite heading into the u.s. open which begins free to speak. for me you know play the way i did all we. play the way i did today knowing everything though that was on the line . you know gives me a lot of confidence going into next week you know i think it was a big windows a big save above myself you know are probably the website where handled it. let's go back to our top story now and football fans around the globe are getting ready for a feast of action from the world cup and many are collecting football sticks or stickers for an extra layer of fun but it is an expensive hobby leaving some fans to come up with a plan b. lee wellings explains. russia twenty eight provides the opportunity for one nation
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to fulfill its destiny and the opportunity for football fans to collect pictures of their heroes i'm fully phil sticker operatives for decades italian company penley have my days albums the big one comes out every four years a world cup tournament means plenty of transfer activity but it's an expensive hobby a british mathematician kinds putting an album can cost over a thousand dollars and alex and sean pratchett from oxford i wanted to fill an album but not spend the money they are known on social media as plainly cheap streitz. yeah this is where the magic doesn't happen. and they'll be drawing every single one of the six hundred ninety two stickers themselves so we need a good reason and a lot of people on twitter and things wanted to have another crack at it and the idea of doing it for charity to raise money for good causes so give us the motivation i think. to talk to our lives for another month and spend another world
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cup drawing rather than watching football but came up with this idea for the last world cup in brazil and completed their mission to years later they took on the euro twenty six thing to beijing their hometown and while this is a storm in a bit like a samurai by now the vice thousands for charity were getting a lot of love on social media but the five charity workers not all artists they don't actually write their own artwork there's a lot of like rescuing like i can't do this this is not going correctly can you please try and you know redeem whatever travesty you were halfway through. not my hand but sometimes i give a stick it to you and then i look at meeting of the news i. think and with it this time their main focus can't say on whether christiane i'm going out or has a lot sided mouth. for a line he doesn't have quite enough. the latest addition to their family album is baby knowing that this doesn't mean shann is on maternity leave which helps their
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world cup all bonanza once the prep is all in place a sticker can be jordan around fifteen minutes what's comically amateurish to alex jones it's pretty impressive to me what do you personally make of this do you know what do you think when we first began we kind of because it was this meant to be this anything that would amuse a few mates we didn't really give it any thought if we were going to start again all over again maybe we would. you know try to tick them off by using the word kony but i think it seems that they've taken a you know good humor panini haven't tried so we raise these replicas of artists which is as much in tribute to stick a collecting is fifteen s. they're increasing amounts of online fans are happy that for now at least they're stuck with their unusual hobby lee wellings al-jazeera oxford. and that's all your support for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's back to you ali thank you very much we'll see you later now one of hollywood's biggest stars use just two words to sum up his feelings for u.s.
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president donald trump on sunday thanks robert de niro took to the stage at the annual tony awards to honor the best of broadway but couldn't resist a dig at trump a c.b.s. t.v. censors believe the obscenity but deniro received a standing ovation from the audience at the anti deniro sentiment continued backstage with pay right tony kushner. i can't live near did that. i mean years ago it's rather the reverse it was going to hook up all the great from. the back it's impossible to keep up with the words in the seats where we can. talk about in our lives the ins the insanity and the terror of having them now admitting i'm not exaggerating it's a bit of a borderline psychotic narcissist in the world knows it's the hitler mistake this person should never have been a lot of you were near the seat of power and there are
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a lot of neurology in history unfortunately they never a world so hopefully the school and the world he ends up just much more news on our website at al jazeera dot com from me twenty back to go in our news our team thank you for watching richelle carey is with you next here on al-jazeera with more world news to stay with us. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel in the war and more than ninety percent of. those are if it is so why is there is almost zero point one per cent of the two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country
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in which they sought refuge talks out jazeera at this time for the free world cup two thousand and thirteen is nearly upon us and for the second time in four years vladimir putin is hosting one of the planet's biggest sporting events but can russia overcome the security fears and put on a great football policy for the world follow all the action on and off the pitch here on al-jazeera. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating river more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions can forcibly turned around by greek police acting infiltration with from texas the european union foreign agents and. this eighteen year old syrian was
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in a smugglers' boats with his young the system. the police came up to us and that but they told us you can cross they made us turn around the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they'd turn any refugees around think claimed their priority was human dignity. but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek governments of breaking international. the completely verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept the lines have been drawn for the historic summit between donald trump and.
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ever shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up united nations tries to negotiate a cease fire in yemen as the saudi military coalition prepares to take the port city of the data. more than six hundred migrants in limbo on a ship in the mediterranean with malta and italy refusing to allow it to dock. there are you i'm sure a right there a song for freedom another region in spain has its eyes on the chants for independence. the wait is almost over for tuesday's historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore and less than twenty four hours the two leaders will meet face to face for the first time circular secretary of state mike pompei o told reporters that talks between the two countries are moving rapidly and singapore he says the u.s. will only accept a deal that includes the complete to nuclear
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a station north korea white house correspondent was at that briefing tell us more for the secretary said. now that meeting wrapping up in just the last hour the u.s. secretary of state expressing the optimism that has been kind of a hallmark of the u.s. team since i arrived here in singapore the fact that there have been ongoing consultations negotiations back and forth the advance if you will between the north korean and u.s. teams that he believes is going very well working and progressing rapidly but there was also a question from reporters about how this is different from the decades before in the failed efforts of previous u.s. presidents to try and bring about agreement on denuclearize ation and even peace and the u.s. secretary of state was quite firm in his answer to that question believing that what is different this time is that there will be
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a verification and only once there is that verification of complete and irreversible denuclearize ation will there be relief from the tough financial sanctions that remain in place. we are hopeful the summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. so the u.s. secretary of state says that what the u.s. believes is that the meeting face to face meeting that we know will be a photo opportunity between the u.s. president and the north korean leader where they're interpreters will be present
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for the bilateral discussions that will take place after that that this will be an opportunity to set the trajectory that this will be the the precursor to other detailed and more substantial meetings the president the u.s. secretary of state says is fully prepared but there's also this recognition that in the eyes of the united states it's been pulled before and so they are reverting to a phrase often used by the former president ronald reagan trust but verify it is that verification that will be so necessary before any financial lifting of sanctions or incentives is offered to north korea all right carefully alkali for us and singapore can really thank you well the president has tweeted that there is excitement in the air and singapore and state media in north korea is showing people a different side of kim jong un as he meets leaders on the world stage has more from singapore. but in the final hours before the singapore summit president
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trump was on the move his motorcade heading to the official office of singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong. but the president was not in a talkative mood the prime minister is the host for tuesday's unprecedented meeting and so while so has a lot at stake. north korea's leader kim jong un who met the premier on sunday says he knows the whole world is watching him and so too are his people. the country strictly managed media was quick to release pictures of kim's arrival reporting that is isolated country would discuss a stablish ing a new relationship with the united states that's significant in some parts of singapore the security is high profile. but appeared to be absent in one of the places where it would have mattered u.s. and north korean officials were just told by the media as they left the hotel where
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they've been finalizing details for tuesday. trump wants to persuade the north korean leader to disarm a deal that eluded his predecessors. but that's a process that will eventually have to involve others says the leader of the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. this could be a historic meeting a beginning of a process towards nuclear disarmament and so it's definitely. has a huge possibility i think that's why it's so important that we don't just leave it up to these two men watching from afar and wishing they were here the leaders of three other countries with important stakes in this summit south korea's president in japan's prime minister shinzo ave and president xi jinping of china china of course the north's closest ally and whatever happens here she will be hoping it remains that way orderly tightly controlled singapore is playing host to the
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world's two most unpredictable leaders and that may mean that the only certainty here is the unexpected adrian brown al jazeera singapore. there were multiple explosions and bomb attacks across afghanistan a suicide bomber blew himself up in the capital kabul in front of the ministry of rule development killing twelve people and injuring at least thirty others earlier three suicide bombers stormed the education department in the eastern city of jalalabad but security forces there say they managed to kill the attackers before they detonated their devices and in a third incident could use fifteen members of the afghan military were killed fighting the taliban the united nations is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi amerada coalition forces on yemen's main port fighting between coalition troops and iran back to the rebels intensified near her data over the weekend and the u.n. is warning that an attack on the city could cost up to a quarter of
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a million lives many of them children and reports. as the u.n. lobbies to stop a saudi led coalition assault on the who the rebel held port city of hold data regional rivalries do not matter for tens of thousands like the family. their father ahmed is only worried about how to keep his six kids alive ahmed hasn't let them go to school since the worst outbreaks of defeats in color were recorded in the world hit his city the u.n. says ho data has the largest number of sick people in yemen with more than seventy percent of its population specially children at risk of malnutrition now in what i think now in case any of my children get sick they would have to stay here at home to my manage to borrow some money because i have almost nothing and the situation is difficult and life is not proper home for the op the family is a shanty made from sheets of corrugated iron and straw covered with plastic tarps
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and worn out blankets this situation in the port city has gone from bad to worse since the start of the power struggle between the saudi backed and internationally recognized government and the iran backed with the rebels who these took the capital of sanaa in two thousand and fourteen pushing the government into exile a year later they took the strategically important port city of what data which has been the only source of relief supplies for millions. while the warring sides spent billions of dollars trying to take control of one of the region's poorest countries families like the up does struggle to find a few dollars a day for food the monastery and i make a living by writing a rented moshe cycle there's no patrol now every day we need two dollars to be able to have food and water nearly nine million people are on the brink of starvation twenty two million out of the twenty eight million yemeni population are now in
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serious need of aid millions have been internally displaced and more than ten thousand people have already been killed. now ahmed worries what an all out attack on his city will mean yemeni government forces announced they were moving in on a hot day the last year but they backed off after significant international pressure the u.s. has once again lobbying the warring sides to negotiate a cease fire it warns any tack on the port would have a catastrophic impact culture dirge al-jazeera place crown day as the un humanitarian coordinator for yemen to set a military assault on her data could have devastating consequences we have to make if the assault or a seizure of who did in fact takes place in a prolonged worst case we could be looking at mass casualties we are also very concerned that the people who are living in the data would be at serious risk from
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water borne diseases and of course from hunger already who data is one of the hardest hit areas the aim and any kind of a military assault is only going to make that situation worse and worse the parties to the conflict take urgent steps to protect civilians and ensure that they have the assistance that they need in order to survive right now eighty percent of the basic supplies that these depend on come through day to port it is disproportionately important in fact honestly it's the lifeline for the whole country assistance is coming in through the ports it comes into raiden assistance comes across borders from saudi arabia and from oman as well but who data is the lifeline for the whole country any cutoff of supplies will have a catastrophic impact on the millions of yemenis who depend on us in order to survive. still ahead on al-jazeera frustration in iraq people living in destroyed cities plead for rebuilding to began trying to calm a troubled waters ethiopia has
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a reassuring message about water shortages on the nile river. didn't quite become a typhoon but it came a tropical storm and you see very obviously on satellite pictures a cold there which means it's grazed home should give a lot of heavy rain and strong winds to tokyo but basically eastern honshu need to carry on living up to either went data or cardio on tuesday which means at least behind sunshine given that tokyo's in the shelter from the west in the wind it's a nice warm twenty seven. figures out for the korean peninsula where the more clouds are bright day and slightly warmer in beijing as such to. see as well now in southern china it's the wet season we've had a day off haven't seen
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a tropical storm go through a tropical depression but the rains coming back again up through hong kong in landlocked.


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